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threadcountart · 17 hours ago
The final fight of EXU Calamity really was the Ring of Brass playing hot potato, except the hot potato is Hope and the players are bleeding out and getting struck down the more they play, just barely doing what they can before passing on, ensuring the remaining players have a chance to do what they need to do to keep Hope in the air.
Zerxus defending the group, purposely taking blows before the sun rises and he is no longer himself.
Nydas making sure he “doesn’t miss” when he goes down
Patia releasing a nineth level Wish from her body as she falls
Cerrit diving in with the Natural 20 against Vespin Chloras
Loquatius’s readied Healing Word just in time as something that would have killed Laerryn hits her
Laerryn finishing the spell just in time and ensuring (with Nydas’s inspiration) that Cerrit makes it out to find his family.
Hell, even Vespin Chloras in that brief moment of clarity, buying Avalir more time through Zerxus. And Callum Staffwright and Orwyn too. The desperation and determination throughout the finale is just so heart wrenching.
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cant-say-tomorrow-day · 2 days ago
In episode 3, after Zerxus absolutely obliterated Mylas Fren, Brennan said, "if you're a warrior of status in a city full of wizards, then you've gotta be a damn good warrior." (IK that's not the exact quote, someone can correct me if they want to <3).
I keep going back to this, because it's not just a testimony to Zerxus' ability. It also distinguishes him from the rest of this city, this city that he thinks is beneath him. It reminds us that he's an outsider here who has somehow managed to stay afloat.
However, I didn't realize until ep 4, until Zerxus failed to redeem Asmodeus, until he looked upon the Betrayer God with pity, until he condemned himself to the hells — that this quip from Brennan was also warning us just how much hubris Zerxus really had.
To be an outsider, who has found a way to rise in the flying city of hubris, must be a man of hubris himself. Zerxus always looked down on the city because he thought himself above the politics, the performance of it all. But in looking down — perhaps in pity — he never realized how similar he really was. He was an outsider, yes: because his ambition was greater than any wizard that called Avalir their home.
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julandran · 2 days ago
not just mostly dead
Patia: (over group communication) Hello, yes, Brass Ring? Brass Ring? We accidentally killed the magister.
Laerryn: (growling) It wasn't an accident.
Loquatius: (concerned) Which magister?
Patia: Cormorant.
Nydas: Wait, were you able to speak to him?
Loquatius: Yeah, get meaningful information, intel out of him?
Patia: That's what Zerxus is for. Zerxus?
Zerxus: (warily) Did you *kill* him or just knock him unconscious?
Patia: No, he's dead.
Zerxus: (groaning) Oookaaay. Here we go.
Laerryn: (impatiently) Look, I can cast Mending on his… chest…
Patia: I've tried that once. It doesn't work.
Exandria Unlimited; Calamity — ep.2 "Bitterness and Dread" (youtu.be/cLhXA_Hl6LM)
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yawarrior · 20 hours ago
The Crown Keepers. The Ring of Brass. The EXU crews be havin some good ass names. Real solid branding love that for them
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melancholic-frog · 2 days ago
i’m not even exaggerating when i say that i believe exu: calamity is the best storytelling i’ve ever seen. i don’t mean just in critical role, or d&d, i mean overall including all possible media. i just absolutely adore it, i can’t even express with words how much it blew me away, absolutely nothing can beat it
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astridbecks · 9 days ago
the power of friendship will [checks notes] somewhat mitigate the effects of the apocalypse
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tobyjamessharp · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
"And though Calamity is here, because of you it will not be here forever."
Gonna be thinking about Calamity for a very long time my friends. 
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sunflowervc · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
The Ring of Brass and the soon to be the Saviors of Avalir… right? …right??
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sapph0sfriend · 21 days ago
You are a level 14 abjuration wizard with 142 hit points and are responsible for making sure the technology that keeps your floating city in the air works. You are secretly fucking with said technology so you can transport your floating city to other planes. You believe that gods are not special and have said so out loud. Your changeling ex husband is the face of the city’s news and he is insufferable but also you kept his last name and still actively wear perfume that smells like the flowers at your wedding. You also have accidentally almost oneshotted a man with a high level fireball. Every day Laerryn Coramar-Seelie wakes up.
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role-for-gnomieness · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Does Nydas know I love him?
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pitviperofdoom · 23 days ago
Oh my god. Oh my god.
Like I know it’s been said already that the Real Villain Of This Brennan-DM’d Campagin Is Late Stage Capitalism Yet Again but I am genuinely BOWLED OVER by how poorly thought out the Astral Leywright Interdimensional Funtimes plan is.
I mean
Leaving off the fact that we the audience know the apocalypse is kicking off in like two hours, just imagine if Vespin Chloras and the Calamity hadn’t/weren’t going to happen and this unhinged scheme actually got to play out.
It’s bad enough that the “heroes” of this miniseries are a literal oligarchy of six privileged dickheads running an entire government with no public oversight or accountability, but this plan was cooked up by literally three of them. Three people! On their own! Have decided it’s a great idea to shift their entire city-state to other planes of reality!
I know they said the purpose of Avalir was exploration and research and knowledge but! This is not a research station! This is a city! You know! A place where civilians and kids live! Even if the world wasn't about to end, what were they going to do when people started objecting to relocating their kids and families to other dimensions that may or may not even be HOSPITABLE to life from the Prime Material Plane!
They have no idea what’s out there! They’re doing this BECAUSE they have no idea what’s out there! And they’re just going to shift their floating mountain city-state full of kids and civilians into literal parts unknown!
It's like if the Royal Society circa 1800 pointed to the city of London and said "guess what everybody, every single one of you is relocating to an exotic foreign locale! which exotic foreign locale? fuck if i know, we just spun a globe and picked at random! here’s hoping we don't wind up at the bottom of the ocean!"
Jesus H fucking Christ the hubris on these people is glorious and even without Betrayer Gods gunning for humanity’s ass it’s still so clear that this could only ever end in tragedy.
I’m crying. I’m laughing. These people are fundamentally awful and selfish. i love them so much. I’m going to fiddle while they burn.
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notstinglesstoo · 16 days ago
I'm just - it was a reasonable response.
Destroying the thing that is stopping you from achieving your life's work is a reasonable response.
Destroying the thing that is hurting your best friend and your husband is a reasonable response.
Destroying the thing that is keeping your friend trapped in what could only be agony - even if he's not in pain is a reasonable response.
Destroying the thing that is taking energy, that was put there without your consent, which you haven't been allowed to learn about, which you don't know the purpose of only that it is taking. It's taking. It is hurting you. And your city.
Something that is this well guarded, that there are this many secrets around, that no one will let you get close to must be for someone else's gain and your loss. It must be evil. The druids must have some power, something their working on, they want to stop you, they want to stop progress.
It's a reasonable response.
And your reasonable response to your pain and your dreams and your love - is the end of the world.
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gorgynei · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the Ring of Brass as Onion headlines, because i still cant stop thinking about that episode and i need to do something with my life
Tumblr media
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criticalsorcery · 9 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
endless torment
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i-is-v-tired · 8 days ago
EXU Calamity memes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lenacopperleaf · 9 days ago
Look, like halfway through I mentioned in the tags of a post that there was so much love and devotion that these characters had . That it mattered but it wasn’t going to be enough.
And it wasn’t. Not fully. The city was still destroyed, the calamity still started, and Domunas still became the shattered teeth.
But it ended up mattering so much more than I thought it would. More people stayed loyal to the ring of brass than betrayed it. The ring of brass stayed loyal to each other and that saved so many people from the cities and kept the ring of gold from only taking care of themselves. And it mattered. In those three rounds, that love and loyalty and devotion mattered. It mattered in how they protected Laerryn and how they fought for one another and how they died for one another. It’s what got Cerrit back to his family when all he thought he’d get was a look out the window.
It mattered. The story mattered. The love and care and loyalty mattered. Yes there was a lot of hubris and selfishness at times. Yes there were moments where the very being of these characters put them on a collision path straight towards the biggest brightest red “calamity start” button but they were able to shift it *just* enough to give Exandria a chance to fight again another day. And they were able to do that because of how much they stuck together and their friendship and their love for the people of a city that was full of dreamers. Dreamers and their new dreams that would grow from the rubble of defeated primordials and a seemingly permanent ash cloud. Dreamers who would wield newly created Vestiges of Divergence and fight alongside *gods*.
In two centuries these dreamers would be left in a ruin of a world where gods were now locked behind a divine gate, magic had changed forever, and records of the past two centuries would no longer exist. Only Vasselheim would truly be left standing and the druids of the Gau Drashari wouldn’t even fully remember their history. But there would still be hope and loyalty and dreamers. Because the ring of brass started fighting back while they had precious few hours and because others continued that fight when they no longer could, Exandria was able to continue and all was not lost.
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threadcountart · 19 days ago
I really love that the character art for the Ring of Brass is in the style of stained glass windows (edit: probably mosaics now that I think about it) and not the usual illustration of them. It makes our first introduction to these characters not their real faces but instead what looks like an artist’s depiction of historic figures. We don’t get to see them. They were gone before we even knew them because history has already happened. They’re already people who were alive and thriving before they ended, one way or another. And and, not only are they from the past, they’re from a past time so far removed from and unknown to current Exandria because that world was utterly destroyed, and I think the stained glass style really drives that part home.
Sure we have fanart but so far, our only official look at the Ring of Brass is a depiction that isn’t even them, just an approximation of them.
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utilitycaster · 7 days ago
you tend to have very interesting opinions about the intersection of character build mechanics and narrative in dnd- what are your thoughts on the builds of the brass ring?
They are all extremely good. I'll go through each PC although we don't have all the details on Patia's build:
Nydas has an incredibly cool build that explains his history, fits with his current state, and makes him particularly deadly in battle. His first few levels are in sorcerer, which explains how he was able to rise to his position (this was used as a device for Saccharina in D20's A Crown of Candy too and is in my opinion one of the best reasons to play a sorcerer), but he then gained the bardic skills to be a fighter and a leader. His connection to dragons fits his role in the Golden Scythe and his sword proficiencies and various forms of expertise make sense for a pirate-mage. Even his metamagic choices fit perfectly; he is both exceptionally quick to act and a very forceful, hard-to-defy person.
Patia is hard to pin down because we don't have any subclass features nor many feats, and she's otherwise a straightforward wizard build, but her spells paint a picture of a noncombatant, primarily interested in defense and obtaining information. The fact that many of these spells may be from her orb of power (and the ambiguity of whether this was standard at the time or something she had herself created) is also very cool.
Zerxus is a similarly very straightforward build and in many ways very classic paladin but the choice of redemption - a primarily defensive/deflecting build - and the degree to which he commits to that - as well as his incredibly powerful magical items - is a fantastic choice. I think it does a lot for story and worldbuilding to have the characters with divine powers be given the most powerful items and pivotal roles within the city while also having them be locked out from positions of true decision-making power. Inspiring leader was also a fun and fascinating contrast because on the one hand it complements both standard paladin abilities and specifically Oath of Redemption's focus on talking through problems rather than smiting first, but contrasts with Zerxus's incredibly serious and even somewhat bitter personality.
Loquatius, like Nydas, has a primarily bardic build with a few levels of another charisma caster, granting him some highly specific offensive capabilities bards lack but unlike Nydas, he is largely a support and utility character. The archfey subclass doesn't actually end up doing a whole lot mechanically, particularly since he's already a fey being, but it does put his choice to decline Elmenore's portal in a new light given that it's implied she's not just his queen, but the source of some of his powers. And, of course, eloquence is the perfect bard subclass for someone who is head of the state-run media and who in the end feels guilt over the damage his incredible powers of deception wrought.
Laerryn is by far the most min-maxed/optimized for combat: her high constitution, the tough feat, and her subclass are all designed to permit her to tank despite being a wizard. Eldritch Adept not only gives her additional armor as a cantrip; it also provides her with a way to game the system and recharge her arcane ward as Mage Armor is abjurative. It's a very cool choice, as well, to have her narratively be dedicated to something we often think of as conjuration or transmutative (planar magic/moving the leylines); to have her be the destroyer of some of the most powerful abjurative magic that ever was in that pursuit; and to then have her use that other skill set ultimately for a protective purpose in the end. The all-purpose tool is also very fitting and narratively earned in her role as someone who works on the infrastructure of the city. I also happen to just love the idea of using abjuration to refer to someone who is in charge of preventative maintenance rather than reactive shielding.
Cerrit has both a relatively simple build - martial, comparative restraint with the magical items - and a highly specialized one that tells the story of what the Eyes of Avalir are and how this non-magical group succeeds in a city of mages. Cerrit is built to be the anti-mage. He is incredibly good at seeing through quite frankly everything (expertise in insight, perception, and investigation); he is able to evade a number of magical effects and, failing that, outrun a lot of mages (150 ft in a turn of pure movement gets you out of range of the vast majority of spells); and the choice to have observant and mage slayer - and therefore to be a mostly melee rogue - means it's difficult for wizards to get around him. Inquisitive rogue also grants you the ability to get sneak attack without allies and to see through illusions. It creates, in effect, a character who will be in opposition of what we know to be the hallmarks of the age of arcanum, which makes his survival narratively very fitting.
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breathalyzerfail · 23 days ago
Damn, it’s looking more and more like the real Calamity was the friends we made along the way.
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artistantlers · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Keeper of Secrets
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