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might start a new art series. its basically going to be me and ripley in horror game situations (ive been watching quite a few horror games recently, including some I watched years ago). dunno why I want to draw this, I just kinda do

I am still going to be doing goosebumps art (trust me dudes, im going to be drawing goosebumps stuff for a VERY long time (I have so many plot ideas for the characters its unbelievable, and I want to draw every single one of them).

ill be doing the same thing I always do with the new drawing idea, ill add it to my randomiser (its how I decide what to draw next, from my comics, to the monster drawings. I put it on this online spinning wheel and draw whatever it stops on)

I might also post little screen shots of the second main comic I have on here (unless you guys want me to start the whole comic. its up to you guys)

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