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#Rivers of London

JOMP Book Photo Challenge || January 14 || Least Relatable Character:
The Faceless Man from Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

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I Have been thinking about the Rivers of London RPG hopefully coming from Chaosium Sometime this year, Specifically I have been thinking about the magic system, I think we can all agree that that is the most important part of any Rivers of London RPG, How is Magic Going to work.

Now I’m not In any way associated with Chaosium so I cant say what they are going to do, only what I hope and think they will do. I’m hoping we get some sort of constructed spell casting (like Mage: the awakening/ascension or ars magica) and not just a big spell list (DnD etc), given I cant Imagic a player character not wanting to come up with their own spells having some decent rules for doing so would be great, so how would I go about this.

So given we know this is going to be BRP based, I am going to assume that spell casting will revolve around a single skill, or possibly a tradition skill (such that you could have a separate rating in Newtonian magic and whatever the super sword fighting magic that Guleed uses is called), this will have a rating of 1 to 99 though I guess you could have a rating that goes above 99, but a roll will always be a percentile role so having a rating over 99 would just counteract penalties, Now as to those penalties I can imagine there might be a flat one based on the order of the spell (so like first order no penaly 2nd 10% 3rd 20% 4th 30% etc) and then Penalties based on the situation of the casting, sure in the ideal situation of sitting in the lab firing fireballs at a target dummy casting wont be too hard, but things might be a little different if you’re in a burning building fight some faceless gitwizard throwing fireballs right back at you. Finally there might be a penalty for ad hoc casting if thats possible at all.

I figure practitioners might also have a pool of magic points which possibly have to be spent to cast (or at least cast without risking thaumaturgical degradation), and/or to counteract penalties. staffs and staves etc may act as an external Reservoir of said magic points.

As to forms I think they will be a binary yes you know them or know you don’t, maybe a something a bit more complex of minor penalty/no penalty/minor bonus, of course if you don’t know a form at all you cant use it in a spell, possibly similar for spells you have formally learned and practices in a lab.

on top of all this we would need good descriptions of the different forms and how they perform in different order spells, and a list of already worked out spells would be helpful.
I might be missing some important stuff, though I’ve just read false values it’s been a while since I’ve read any of the others, might be time for a reread.

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Reading ‘Broken Homes’ for the first time. I already know a lot of spoilers and Lesley just suggested they should be carrying tasers…

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Some days are harder than others.

Because anon asked for “something angsty in RoL “bc I love my boys” “ (thats not how you show love but im not judging)

[2 out of 4] Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

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‘And how is Beverley?’ asked Nightingale.

‘She’s glowing,’ I said, ‘but don’t change the subject.’

Nightingale shook his head. ‘Peter, I don’t want you to think I don’t appreciate the efforts you’ve gone to to reach out to the, uh, wider community.’

‘Thank you,’ I said, politely ignoring the way he’d said the C-word. After all, it was the product of lack of use rather than any disdain for the concept; the fact that he was entertaining me right now was proof of that.

‘I’m just not sure that my competencies extend to social media maven.’

‘We all have to start somewhere,’ I said gamely. ‘It’s good to learn new skills. Helps us to teach things to others, in turn.’

Nightingale arched an eyebrow at me.

‘Yes, well,’ I said. ‘Shall we go back over these again? What do you remember?’

Nightingale sighed. ‘That one with the bird is for text updates,’ he said, pointing at the blue-and-white icon. ‘Oh – where has it gone?’

‘You’ve, uh, deleted it from the home screen,’ I said. ‘Hang on, I just have to drag it up from the rest of the apps again…’ I handed the smartphone back to him. ‘Ok. Try and post something…’

He successfully found the icon to start a new Tweet. I was further encouraged when he began to type – albeit a little slowly, with just the one finger. Then-

‘It’s gone,’ said Nightingale, frowning. ‘I was typing, then it vanished…’

I retrieved the smartphone from him and studied our Twitter feed. I read the most recent entry:


‘I was trying to say hello,’ said Nightingale.

‘I think you sent it a little prematurely,’ I said, deleting it.

‘It’s the screen,’ said Nightingale with a small sigh. ‘I’m awful at typing with nothing solid to type against. My fingers slip. But I suppose it’s just practice.’

‘Maybe we can employ Molly to be our social media officer while I’m on paternity leave,’ I mused. ‘After all, she’s got a lot of experience.’

Nightingale smiled. ‘I don’t think so,’ he said. ‘She has so few things that are hers, and that aren’t connected to the Folly. I’m sure she’d be wonderful at it, but I can’t help but feel it would be an imposition in some way.’

He’s deceptively thoughtful, my boss. It’s understated, but I’m reminded of it on occasion, and his protectiveness of Molly in that moment was moving – or perhaps fatherhood is making me sentimental. I sidestepped the thought, adding, ‘There’s always Abigail…’

Nightingale gave me a look.

‘I’m joking,’ I said. ‘She’s legally too young to be employed by the Met, anyway.’

‘Joking aside,’ said Nightingale, ‘Abigail has, in fact, offered to help me with any technical queries I might have in your absence. I shan’t be offloading responsibility for the accounts, but I’m sure the moral support and coaching she’s offered will be invaluable.’

‘Yes,’ I said. ‘That’s… good.’ I couldn’t help feeling a certain amount of suspicion, but then, it’s an occupational hazard, and a bad habit Beverley is trying to get me to shake. So I said nothing, and we moved on.

‘So, the pink one – that’s for photographs?’

One month later…

Movement. Something was shaking the bed. It was… confusing. While my sleep-fogged brain was cycling through questions like ‘is that an explosion?’ and ‘how big can earthquakes get in the UK?’ and ‘is the grab-bag ready?’, my consciousness eventually surfaced and I came to the realisation that the shaking was Beverley, next to me in bed.

I was very quickly awake.

‘Are you okay?’

She turned over, and I was relieved, and not a little confused, to realise that she was laughing – an honest-to-goodness full-body fit of hysterics.

‘Oh, Peter, I’m sorry!’ she said, tears rolling down her cheeks. ‘It’s just… I’ve just fed her, and I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I was checking my feeds, and…’ she collapsed into laughter again, and thrust her phone screen in my face.

It was painfully bright in the darkness of the room, but once my eyes adjusted to the glare I could see…

I watched the TikTok video, then watched it again, but still couldn’t quite take in what I was seeing. ‘Is that…’


‘But what’s he…’

‘Some weird dance from the twenties, apparently,’ she said, wiping her eyes.

There were thousands of hits, and the counter was climbing as I watched.

‘He’s become a proper legend,’ said Bev. ‘Look how many followers he has. It’s boosting the Folly’s Twitter account, too, look…’

I looked, and it had. Considerably. I watched the video again, and sighed.

‘Remind me to have a discussion with Abigail tomorrow,’ I said. ‘Otherwise I’m going to wake up and think I’ve dreamt this.’

My last thought as I drifted back to sleep was to be impressed. When Nightingale says he’ll do something, he never gives it anything less than his all.

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I’ve been thinking about Tobias Winter a lot this morning. I really want more Tobi canon content

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Watched Bridgerton, didn’t really care for it, but now I have a new top contender for a Peter Grant fancast.

Meet Regé-Jean Page.


Originally posted by perioddramasource


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He’s quite a bit hotter than I imagine Peter, but adaptations tend to add a few levels of hotness to the mains anyway, and I’m sure he can look suitably dorky in a hi-vis PC Plod jacket anyway.

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…for the first time in a while. And since I’m always better at it when I have a prompt or request in mind, I guess I could solicit prompts?

Feel free to hit me up if you have anything you’d like to see. I’ll respond with something (could be a drabble, could be something longer) depending on where inspiration and whimsy take me. Totally fine if you want to stay anonymous, and don’t feel like we need to be mutuals or long-term besties to ask, if you just happen across this on a tag! In fact, consider it a request!

Please throw plot bunnies and/or requests in my general direction?

Have included most likely fandoms in tags, but for clarity - and while I’ll *attempt* absolutely anything if I have a vague idea of the IP - best results will probably be if it’s something I’m at least passingly familiar with, to wit:

  • Rivers of London (natch)
  • Star Wars - particularly TCW, Rebels, The Mandalorian (I’m familiar with the OG trilogy and the prequels and sequels, plus the standalone films, less so with Legends/EU/the games)
  • Warhammer 40k (including HH-era), particularly dig Gaunt’s Ghosts but it’s all fair game
  • Red Dwarf
  • Laundry Files (although am a couple of books behind so the less timeline-specific the better)
  • seaQuest DSV/2032 (I don’t even know if there is any interest here, but it used to be a thing and I used to be a marine scientist so could be fun I guess)
  • Discworld
  • HP (anything based around the original series of books/films, not seen Fantastic Beasts)
  • MCU (fluency level: kind of GCSE/tourist-level but I’ll give it a go)
  • His Dark Materials
  • The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper (left-field offering, but probably the series I’ve read most often, so…)
  • LOTR
  • Gideon the Ninth (have thus far only read the first book in the Locked Tomb Trilogy, hence specificity here)
  • I feel there should be more things on this list. Not sure what’s missing.

That’s… all weirdly specific, but if you’re game you are welcome to ignore the list, throw a curveball and watch me take an uncoordinated swing at it. You monster ;)

(Previous fics here on AO3, pretty much all Rivers of London so far, because Tiny Fandom is the best fandom, and the first I was really tempted to write for, back before I became a demi-cryptid.)

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We walk along the river
Under the London Eye
It’s seen a million lovers
It’s watching us tonight

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