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#Robbie is like a kid sometimes
villain-number-one · a month ago
“It--it’s Mother’s Day?” Robbie leaps from his orange fuzzy chair, and looks at the calendar. He stares at the date in horror. “I forgot!” He begins thinking of what he could get his mom, if anything. She practically had everything, so gift giving was never easy. “I know! I’ll go visit.... after I whip up a card!”
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robbyykeene · 4 months ago
I also just think it does such a disservice to Miguel as a character. And I feel like this fandom especially needs to recognize that Johnny and Miguel are the center of this show and honestly the most interesting part (in my opinion lol but that’s cause I relate to Miguel as a person of color way more than the other catchers on this show) BUT that doesn’t mean that their storylines need to always be linked together. Johnny can learn to heal and not put that on Miguel (or his mother) to do that for him, and he can repair his relationship with Robby while not sacrificing his relationship with Miguel and Carmen. And there’s so many interesting things the writers could explore with Miguel - he’s this kid who’s mother sacrificed so much to raise him, he’s a low income brown kid going to a school with predominantly wealthy white people. I want more about Miguel’s journey being explored and not using him as a prop to better serve Johnny’s growth. Like Robby and Miguel have so much in common too - wouldn’t it be interesting to explore that and how their rivalry could actually end the cycle of harm that Kreese has inflicted on Daniel and Johnny (and by the extension the entire valley as he keeps amassing all these child soldiers). I really do love this show and like so many of the characters but I keep feeling like there’s so many missed opportunities. As a poor kid of color who was bussed to a rich school, you can’t tell me that kids like Robby, Miguel, and Tory wouldn’t have had more to connect on together than these rich kids lol. And it would be so interesting to see that play out instead of the same misscommunications of Robby or Miguel walking in on something without all the details.
#i once again have nothing constructive to ass because this is so so so on point#so im just going to ramble in the tags and YES about exploring the part of Miguel who’s an immigrant and all those unique difficulties#i moved to the US in high school from the middle east so its not exactly the same thing.#but immigrating is hard. having to learn to speak english is hard. having to constantly code switch is hard#getting used to the differences in culture is hard!!#and i know miguel probably moved to the US when he was born or very very young. but growing up in a family that is culturally different from#everyone around you and experiencing rscism and xenophobia#these are all such complex things to navigate through as a kid. and they have such a great opportunity to showcase that with miguel#like i was that kid who went to a rich person school but was the odd one out. and you really really feel it. and they kind of showed that#in season 1 on the golf n stuff date which i loved#but theres so much more to talk about.#and like. i dont want them to turn miguel into the token brown kid obviously. I actually really like how the show incorporates his culture#and doesn’t shy away from him being latino while simultaneously letting him being a fully developed character#with personality and nuance and complexity while still being latino and not just completely erasing that aspect of him#i think they actually do so so so kuch better than so many other shows in that regard#but yeah sometimes i just feel like there are other avenues that could be explored. like him and robby and tory ultimately having way more#in common than any other characters. and hopefully theyll explore that later on???#none of this is coherent but thats why its in the tags so!
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I will ramble about Nate now,,
-Pretty angsty teen boy -about 15-16 -Calls Tony “Anthony” instead of dad when he’s mad. Literally doesn’t do this to anyone else. -Lowkey sounds like Robbie from Gravity Falls (Either that or Steven universe future Steven) -Rocket boots/feet and laser canon forearms babey!!!!!!!!!! -Tina’s his favorite because she lets him get away with a bunch of shit, but not shit that’s too bad -gets really defensive about the two dots in between his eyes. They make more sense when you ask him for the time but still. -Really fascinated with space yo -He’s working to be an intern at NASA, maybe even work there someday -Despite half of each of his limbs being holograms, he can still feel pain on them. (I.e: Other kids think they can just take his forearm with ease because hologram they can’t touch but... they can’t and... keep trying until it comes off.) -Yeah other kids aren’t too nice to him but he gets by (and they literally rip off his limbs sometimes so like 😁)
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margie-hours · 3 days ago
Can i ask hcs for a survivor reader who think of antonio as a parental figure? The reader also having trust issues so how does he feel that reader trust him alot?
I heard actual paganini loved his son dearly and it made my heart melt.
parental figure antonio hcs (gn reader)
Tumblr media
hello there! sorry again for the long wait for all of these asks guys. I promise I'm going to try to do them, they're all very lovely. apologies again for the long hiatus, and I hope these hcs are alright, this prompt is cute!
at first, antonio is surprised, annoyed, and intrigued by your behavior all at once
toni doesn't know how to react to you trailing behind him sometimes, especially during matches.
he isn't used to being treated like a father figure at the manor honestly, so when you came up to him asking him for advice, help, etc he's kind of surprised but also flattered
toni is intrigued about the fact that you came to him for advice, but he also finds it endearing when you approach him to ask him something you would ask your father.
when you're in a match and he isn't the hunter, don't be surprised to find out he was spectating the match with your friends who hadn't joined you.
after the match, he will help you patch up as best as he can, and either expect some casual fatherly praise with some shoulder pats if you did well or nagging and wags of his finger if you did something wrong
"but there's always room for improvement" so get ready for nagging
he definitely gives you secrets to how to beat the other hunters. and he 100% calls you his kid to the others
he knows you have trust issues, so he tries to be there for you as much as possible, though the manor separation makes it hard.
he talks about you a lot to the other hunters. one time you overheard him telling xie and joseph how proud he was of you for managing to juke luchino so many times (luchino didn't appreciate this)
he probably fusses over you if he sees you not dressed for the weather or something
"at least put a scarf on, I won't have you catching a cold before a match."
sometimes he acts like he doesn't really care, but he secretly does. he might say he doesn't care if you finish your dinner, but he will stop by your room to give you an after dinner snack with some dessert he baked on the side and remind you to eat the food first.
knowing you put a lot of trust in him makes him nervous that he might let you down, but he does his best to be there and be the best father figure.
he also feels honored in a way that someone would put all their trust into someone such as himself. he puts out a front that he is great, but he doesn't feel that way all the time and knowing someone loves him and trusts him makes his heart swell
affection isn't super common from antonio, so if you're getting it, that means you're very special to him.
he usually sticks to words or actions to convey his feelings rather than physical affection, but for you, he will give you hugs occasionally or even high fives (he learned it from robbie)
his hugs are mostly for comfort. if he sees you're having a bad day or looking sad, he will come in with the dad hugs. they're awkward, and his limbs are very long and he is probably a lot taller than you, but he is happy to be there for you :)
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Get to know you - 15, 26, 40
15. Personality description: Ok, so a lot of people, when they first meet me, describe me as very shy, quiet and awkward, which is probably the first impression I give. It takes me a long time to open up and be comfortable and confident around new people, probably because I have trouble reading social clues and interpreting people’s way of communication. And that often comes across as shy, introverted or -worse- cold and uninterested. (I am working on it, I swear.) But once I’ve gotten past that stage I’m pretty fun company, I think. I’m very curious and open-minded; I’ll try out pretty much anything out of curiosity (unless I perceive it as a danger), I like music, concerts, festivals, clubs etc. but I also like travelling, learning new things, museums, just chilling with good music and a drink and/or shisha etc. I’m very much a fan of trying to have as good a time as possible! (Which often surprises people who don’t know me that well, because they clock me as the shy, quiet type who spends all their time reading and doing Sophisticated Stuff™️ and then I’m like “Oh I’m going to a heavy metal festival on my days off/I’m doing my motorbike license/We bought a beerpong table and are throwing a themed party/My friends and I turned Eurovision into a drinking game/I’m dyeing my hair electric blue” and I can just see people’s brain short-circuit for a moment.) And I also try to be optimistic! It’s difficult sometimes because my brain doesn’t always want to be; I feel it leans more towards pessimism and cynicism sometimes, but I always do my best to make the best out of everything life throws at me. Success varies, but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? 😊
26. Idols? Hmm, kinda at a loss there right now tbh. There are a few people I admire, like my former uni course leader, who is a well-known conference interpreter who’s interpreted in all kinds of situations - a famous murder trial, Scottish Parliament, giant international conferences etc. I still admire her, but I don’t really strive to be like her anymore (which is what idols are about, aren’t they? not entirely sure about that), because my mental health and freelancing don’t go together well and I’m changing jobs now anyway. And I’m past idolising celebrities; they’ve always disappointed me so far. Most notable example: When I was a kid I wanted to be a writer and was a big fan of J. K. R*wling. Now I feel nothing but pure hatred for her, because she’s a transphobic shithead.
40. Favourite memory: Oh I have a lot of memories I like! I can’t decide so I’m just gonna go for my favourite one from the last two years: At the end of summer 2020, when private parties were legally allowed where I live, my sister and I hosted an Oktoberfest-Party (the original Oktoberfest was cancelled and we’re Bavarian and we have needs ok) and, just like “tradition” commands, we were all outside in the garden at midnight, when the beer tents at Oktoberfest normally close, singing “Angels” by Robbie Williams (the “traditional” closing song of Oktoberfest). We were all fairly drunk and really feeling the song and the mood, and we all had this one moment of togetherness after half a year of barely seeing and talking to each other and a short break of the global pandemic that would resume in full force again like 6 weeks later. It was truly one of those moments in which you realise that you don’t know what you have until you lose it and then, when you get just a glimpse of it back, you realise how much it meant to you.
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kingsansa · 5 days ago
headcanon for baby Robbie in PP, please?
He’s just the best kid ever.
Catelyn maintains that he’s actually the easiest baby she’s ever had to take care of and she has five kids, so that’s kind of insulting.
He love, love, loves his mama.
Sansa can’t get in the shower without him trying to climb in, seriously. Jon fell asleep one time and he ended up in the tub.
Speaking of falling asleep he likes to watch the Star Wars movies to go to sleep. This is Jon’s fault btw because he was too busy to find batteries for his nightlight and just left the TV on
Most of his friends are adults, and they’re all Jon’s teammates
His first birthday party actually just consists of adults
Speaking of adults, even though he’s barely talking, Jon converses with him like he’s an actual adult. Sometimes he forgets he isn’t one
Catelyn is Nana and Lyanna is Gran
He loves music
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virarosea · 14 days ago
How is Felicia as a caretaker? Is she responsible? Does she ever lose her temper? How does her attitude toward being a parent essentially effect her brother?
[ @withinycu | ask me anything! | always accepting ]
Felicia is not a perfect caretaker by any means, but she does right by her little brother and puts him first. They very much have a typical close younger brother / older sister relationship, with the caveat of Felicia also being his legal guardian. Robbie is a well-behaved kid for the most part, so he doesn't cause much trouble. She keeps a strict (and fair) curfew for him, she helps him with his schoolwork and encourages him to keep his grades up, she supports the hobbies he picks up wholeheartedly, she rarely misses any extracurricular functions that are important to him, she makes sure he eats well, and in general takes very good care of him.
When they do clash, Felicia is careful not to lose her temper. I mean, she's pretty hot-headed so you can see it bubbling underneath, but she holds her tongue for her brother. She knows that kids are fragile and she's very careful not to say anything that she'll regret later when he pushes her buttons, as any kid will do from time to time.
Felicia doesn't see herself as a parent in any capacity, even if she fulfills that type of role for her brother. She has been confused for Robbie's mother on occasion, and it unnerves her every time it happens. There's a lot of emotions wrapped up in her discomfort with the idea of being seen as a parent. She doesn't like the idea that she's stepped into her mother's shoes, because she feels she could never replace what her mother was to both herself and to Robbie; the idea places all these subconscious expectations on her that she doesn't feel she can live up to. She doesn't feel like she's good enough to be a mother in general. It's easier for her to see herself as a quirky older sister because the label leaves more room for mistakes. And it's sad that she thinks this, because Felicia LOVES kids, and I think that she would be a fantastic mother. She's already doing a great job with Robbie, even if she has trouble recognizing this. She sees herself as barely hanging on, just barely getting things right, and this self-imposed feeling that she's always on the verge of failure (even when she isn't) holds her back.
I think the worst thing she does as Robbie's caretaker is pick up the mantle of the Black Cat. Robbie is the best-kept secret that she has, not even her Boys know about Robbie, but involving herself in such a tumultuous, dangerous profession puts him at risk; maybe not directly, but the kid has lost so much, and losing her on top of everything else could devastate his life. Sure, she has a good support system set up so that her leaving doesn't disrupt him. When she's gone, Robbie stays with Mr. Chen (who runs the restaurant downstairs) and his son Leo and basically nothing about his routine has to change, but that doesn't change the fact that at any moment his sister, the person he loves and depends on the most in life, can be taken from him.
The sad thing is that sometimes she wonders if Robbie would be better off without her. That maybe she should just disappear before she inadvertently drags him into her shit and ruins his life. She can't recognize how important she is to him, she has trouble seeing herself as important to anyone, but what keeps her from giving leeway to these thoughts is the fact that she loves her brother too much to leave him, even though sometimes it may feel like Robbie would be better off if she did. She needs the Black Cat, but Robbie needs her, and she is forever pulled between the two.
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thecoloradonews · 18 days ago
Children’s Hospital Colorado Says Mental Health In The State Has Reached Emergency Levels
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(CBS4) – As Colorado heads in the right direction in the pandemic, there are new calls for more mental health help for young people. Children’s Hospital Colorado is calling it a “state of emergency.”
The statistics tell a rough story. Among other things, Children’s says suicide is the number one cause of death in Colorado for children 10 and up. Behavioral health visits to its hospitals and clinics are up 72% over 2019. In addition to rising rates of suicide and self-harm, there are increases in substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and depression.
“I feel like we really haven’t gotten the memo,” said licensed clinical social worker Heather Aberg. Eberg heads Resilience 1220, an organization bringing free counseling to children and teenagers who live in the foothills west of Denver.
“Prior to the pandemic we were having a lot of issues,” she notes. And with the pandemic, they’ve only gotten worse. Anxiety went up, she says, because of the loss of control and the lack of access to activities like sports or dance that give children outlets.
“I guess I kind of took for granted how much I needed school to function and to see people,” said 17-year-old Jordyn Timmens, a recent graduate. She tried to put the hard times into words in a 12 page essay she titled “Being a Senior During the Pandemic.” In doing it, she interviewed other students and found many very lonely. Jordyn lost contact with her friends for months last year as the pandemic got going.
“All of my friends ditched me. I didn’t see anybody,” she said.
The problem started early in the pandemic.
“Nobody was certain what was going on, everyone was scared … and we wanted to see each other but then we didn’t know what COVID was.”
“There was tears daily from them because of how depressed they were, with them not being able to socially interact with their friends and be around the people that they care about,” said mother Charity Timmens about Jordyn and her sister Liberty.
“It is just hard to make friends,” says Liberty, an 11-year-old middle school student.
“I’m a people pleaser, that’s my big thing. And I’ve always been scared of people not liking me.”
Those are the same words many might expect from kids, even under normal circumstances. But the isolation of the pandemic and social media combined to often make things worse.
“There’s a lot of movement and passion generated through social media,” said Aberg. “The flip side of course is that these kids … are still measuring their insides to someone else’s postings and that’s detrimental on so many levels.”
When communication went online rather than in-person, there was more of what was already causing issues before COVID.
“Really that was a source that I personally and professionally believe made it so much worse.”
And children do watch their parents’ behavior, she notes, and see how they cope with stress.
“So much bullying, judgement. Very divided country through the political this and that … We know there’s a lot to be afraid of but adults’ fear is penetrating us and really doubling that.”
Aberg formed a youth advisory panel and asked, what would they want adults to know?
“We are hurting, we’re afraid, you’re afraid and you need to give us some space.”
Charity Timmens understands that young people trying to escape the negativity can get suicidal.
“These kids are running away from it and they think their only outlet is killing themselves.”
Jordyn made it through the pandemic by holding down a job that put her in regular contact with people. In some of the worst of it, Jordyn put her words to paper.
“I had never felt so lonely in my life. That was awful. I wrote a lot of poems about it. They’re very sad to look at now.”
She had help from her mother and father, but worries many young people do not. But knows many who did not do well.
“I had a friend who went to a mental hospital because of how lonely she was. She’s an only child.  She’s doing much better now,” said Jordyn.
Getting help, she hopes, will not carry stigma.
“I suggest therapy to everybody. You don’t even need to think that something is wrong with you to need it sometimes. You just need to talk to somebody,” she said.
There is help.
Try Robbie’s Hope, a Colorado based organization that can help parents learn what to do and can link young people who can help each other.
Help is available free of charge for young people in the mountain communities in the foothills west of Denver at Resilience 1220.
Aberg says to talk to children who may be suicidal and ask direct questions about whether they have considered it. If they tell you they have a plan, it is important to get help right away by calling 911, heading to an emergency room or a mental health crisis clinic.
[NDN/ccn/comedia Links]
By: CBS Denver Title: Children’s Hospital Colorado Says Mental Health In The State Has Reached Emergency Levels Sourced From: Published Date: Thu, 27 May 2021 15:20:19 +0000
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Horrific story of the week:
check over here
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wayhaughtprompts · 18 days ago
Wayhaught has playtime with their kid. Whatever toys or games the kids like. Maximum softness.
Ok so I feel like Wayhaught want a lot of kids like they just want a big family
so actually they ended up having twins the first time around, Robbie and Riley
they wanted to keep the R name tradition since Rachel is their first kid
anyways let's say the twins are like toddlers and Waverly is pregnant with another child
the twins favorite thing to do is color and play with blocks and those toy instruments
everything Wayhaught try to have family night and play with the twins
also I feel like Wayhaught are nots of TV and iPads, like they want to engage with their kids
and of course Waverly researched best toys and activities for their kids
so the twins have a lot art supplies and toys to help promote learning
literally it's so cute bc Waverly would sing a song or something as their kids would play the instruments
while Nicole would probably paint and doodle with them
ok I feel like their twins also love tackling Nicole and sitting on top of her
and trying to wrestle her bc it's funny
Nicole lets them win but her long arms can hold them both as she tickles them
also i feel like the twins both have a favorite parent and it's funny bc if the other one is being held or near the favorite parent the other would be jealous
this happens sometimes during play time and they would babble at each other
which Wayhaught thinks it hella cute that their babies try to talk to each other
ok lbr the house is littered with toys and books bc Wayhaught want to promote learning to their kids
and they spend so much time playing and reading with them
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thorniest-rose · 18 days ago
I don’t know why I wrote this today when I should be working on my other WIPs, but here’s a scene from my “divorced Lawrusso with kids” fic if I ever get round to writing it properly. Because I guess I didn’t get enough tragedy or angst from my last fic...
Daniel takes them out for lunch at a diner across town. He thinks it'll be nice, the kids always liked it here. Instead they sit in silence, a storm brewing between them. 
He tries to draw them into conversation, but it's no use. Robby, so like Johnny when he's upset, stabs his fries into his ketchup, mouth pulled into a sullen knot. Across the table, Sam stirs her milkshake morosely, chin in her hand. Daniel wants to remind her not to put her elbows on the table, but he lets it slide.
He takes a sip of his coffee and says, "We haven't been here in awhile, have we? It hasn’t changed that much. I wonder if they still make that amazing key lime pie.”
"I liked it more when we came here with Dad," Sam replies, voice flat. "He used to get that huge cheeseburger and let me eat the pickles."
Robby's jaw clenches. "Shut up about Dad," he says. 
That snaps Sam out of her stupor. She looks up from her milkshake, blue eyes blazing. "Why? So you can go on pretending he doesn't exist?"
Daniel sets his coffee down, quickly thinking of ways he can steer the conversation into safer territory. Sam and Robby didn't fight often, but when they did it had the potential to go nuclear, especially since Daniel had asked Johnny to move out.
"Let's not fight," he says. "We can enjoy lunch and then walk over to the mall, how about that? Maybe we can even go watch a movie.”
Sam and Robby continue to shoot daggers at each other.
"He's the one who pretends we don't exist," Robby says. 
"That's not true!"
Robby squares his shoulders, leaning across the table. "Yes it is and you know it. Dad doesn't give a shit about us. If he did, he wouldn’t have bailed today.”
"Shut up," Sam says, voice rising to a pitch that has the family at the table next to them glancing over quizzically. 
Daniel puts his hand on Robby’s forearm. It’s meant to be a gentle, diffusing touch, but it just makes Robby tense even more. That was another thing he had in common with Johnny. He hated feeling caged in. 
Not that Daniel wasn’t angry himself. He was fucking livid. But he wasn’t going to let Johnny ruin their day more than he already had. 
"Robby, stop it. Your dad loves you. He just has a lot going on right now. Something must have come up this morning, but he’ll make it up to you.”
"Yeah," Robby says, upper lip curling up cruelly as he stares at Sam. "I guess he's too busy being a fucking loser."
That's the trigger point. Daniel’s about to snap, to say that’s enough, but before he has the chance, Sam surges up, her chair skidding behind her with an ugly squeak.
"And what would you know!" she says, so loud half the diner halts and turns to look at them. "You never talk to him, you never even want to spend time with him! All you do is say horrible things to him. You both treat him like he’s garbage. And now he thinks we don't want to see him, but I do! I want to see him and I can't, because no one will let me! So why don’t you just shut up about him for once!”
She starts crying then, and it’s not the small, hiccupping tears Daniel heard from her room sometimes, but a sob that made her entire body tremble violently. 
Daniel reaches out for her - to hold her, comfort her, he doesn't know what can make any of this better - but she jerks away, her face in her hands.
Robby doesn't say anything else. His mouth knots up again, and he turns to stare out the window, face pale.
A waitress makes her way over to ask if they’re okay. Daniel says yes, that they would be leaving soon. What else was there to say. How could he explain that the three of them had splintered. That since Johnny had left they were a ruin of a family, its debris forming around the empty shape he’d left behind. He can’t say that, so he doesn’t. Instead he puts an arm around Sam and wipes her face with a napkin, and the three of them finish their lunch in a still, bruised silence.
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klaravanwoodersenxxx · 22 days ago
le intro
Tumblr media
I saw [KLARA VAN WOODERSEN] at a coffee shop in [MANHATTAN] today. I forgot how much [SHE/HER] looks like [KEIRA KNIGHTLEY]. They are a [THIRTY-TWO] year old [ACTRESS] who’s been in NYC for [FIVE YEARS] now. Every time we run into each other, they are always [GENEROUS AND DUTIFUL] but I’ve heard people say they can also be [VULNERABLE AND TIMID]. [ME AND MY HUSBAND BY MITISKI] reminds me of them every time it comes on the radio. — [lyss, she/her, 18, pst]
- Klara was born on January 23rd, 1989 to George and Lily Van Woodersen in Los Angeles, California. 
- Her father is an English-Dutch marketing businessman from London and her mom is a literature professor from San Francisco. Her parents met at a party hosted by lily’s co-worker. 
- Klara resided in California till she was six and moved to London, England because of her father’s changes in marketing agency. He became a junior associate of a U.K-based marketing agency at 30, then a senior associate at 36 and now he’s the owner/ceo of it now. 
- Klara had a lisp and other speech impediments growing up, and was bullied for it. It took a toll on her self-esteem and sometimes she wouldn’t speak at all in school, even if asked to by the teacher. Her early personality was timid, shy and anxious. After receiving speech therapy till the age of thirteen, she just got interested in acting and public speaking out of nowhere. She started watching more movies and all of these law shows. Her mother encouraged and supported her acting interests as she stayed focused in academics in case she ended up changing minds. 
- Klara begged her parents to pay for acting classes and she started going to sessions. Her instructors liked her a lot and thought she had a lot of passion to prove herself successful. After receiving acting training and singing lessons while doing theatre at school, she began to audition for small tv roles at 16. she was rejected a few times, but her luck finally hit when she was chosen to play Miriam in a UK teen drama ( similar to skins, she played an “effy” kind of character) it really jumpstarted her career and she gained national attention  after a few months of the show’s release. afterwards, she gain some confidence and started doing modeling for fashion/beauty brand. 
- klara who was once seen as the nerdy, geeky, introverted theatre girl was now the popular “it” girl at school and in the industry. it completely baffled her because she thought this would never happen. about 17-18, she started receiving attention from guys and got into bad relationships because she was inexperienced and naive. a lot of the guys she used to be with were controlling or jealous of the attention she got. klara later moved to los angeles, california that year to study drama at UCLA and audition for roles there. 
- while in LA, she managed to get small roles in b-list movies and modeled for indie trendy brands such as american apparel and urban outfitters. she was one of those tumblr picturesque girls in her early 20s. she resided in LA for about 3-4 years, got her degree and moved into a new apartment in the WeHo area. her parent’s wealth supported her through this a lot. 
- after graduating, she got an agent who helped her out a lot and saw potential in her. thanks to the help of her agents and the connections she had, klara was booked to play roles in a-list dramas and comedy movies. she played roles similar to margot robbie’s character in wolf of wall-street, ana de armas’ character in blade runner, and much more on. it was the prime of her career. she got endorsed by chanel. during this time, she met her current husband in an oscar afterparty and began dating him a few months after. 
- flash forward to now, she has one 2-year old son and is living in a penthouse in manhattan. she’s not as popular as she used to be in the hollywood world, and doesn’t get booked movies as much as she used to because she isn’t considered to be “young” to hollywood standards anymore despite the fact that your 30s arent that super old. she’s sort of taking the extra time off to settle down and look after the kids when she’s not working full-time. right now she’s a regular on a 1960s netflix drama show she’s been on for 3 years. she plays a politican’s wife and writer on the show. 
fun facts 
1. she’s a terrible driver, failed her test 3 times. 
2. favorite candy is chocolate
3. on her free time, she writes or goes to the spa. 
4. she has 2 younger siblings. 
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askservais · 26 days ago
Hi this mun here.
Y'all are gonna listen to me go off about Dadvais or else you get the water gun because I have an exam tommorow but brain is going brrr Dadvais and this fandom does not give me enough dadvais content.
Like everything else I have to do it my goddam self 🔫
Why am I weirdly aggressive about this?
*aggressive shrugging*
Anyway Dadvais.
(Warning. Intense rambling. Very intense rambling. I have thoughts and this is Dadvais propoganda. Also like. Brief implication of abuse near the end.)
(Also its like 1am aaa)
Anyway Gamers.
Right we commonly accepted that Servais is cat dad.
Which is good. Good content.
I am also just saying, Servais is the kinda of person who adopts 50 kids and denies they're his kids. He's tsundere dad.
But he's also really fucking soft. He really likes kids. They adore his magic tricks and the man loves magic, absolutely try me the best way to instantly bond with Servais is talk magic.
This is not to say he is a competent dad. He's more of 'I'm trying oh god I left Tracy at the market' dad.
Y'all have seen his diary this man has one braincell for magic only. Also professor of literature. Servais. Servais my beloved. Why did you think this was a good idea. Servais.
He adopts like. *does the math* most of the survivors.
And his favourite is Emma. Probably.
Look the whole reason Dadvais exists is because of me developing 'Forever in the manor' (forever in the concept phase would be better name. Do plan to do the first 'canon' fic after Winters last snow-) and plot stuff happens.
In which Emma has two hands so she can have two hands. If you have a problem with this. I will fight you in the tesco's parking lot/j
I am just saying early manor days when it's just the free characters and Servais the two bond.
And maybe they garden together.
And bake a cake.
Yes I am referencing my fic 'A cake's respite' that fic is early days dad Servais. Servais stayed in that Kitchen when he wanted to drink because he wants to make Emma happy.
Also what intensified dadvais was a discord rp where I, the official magician of the server, had no braincells and just instinctively made him go dad mode.
Also minor tangent i know the fandom characterises Servais most of the time as grumpy old man, which like. He is to an extent but can I please have more chaotic Servais. Like. Y'all have seen his tome accessory right. He's a little bit of a goofball and I would love to see more of it.
Sometimes y'all kinda make him a little too mean. Which I know stems from most people disliking him but even ones who do like him just... yeah.
Then again I'm no Servais expert. I'm trying to get his personality as accurate as possible so if I'm wrong feel free to correct me. I've messed up on character before and its my policy of keeping characters as Canon accurate as possible even if I don't like them because other people do.
Speaking of Canon, time to go the opposite direction and talk about the dadvais au. Yes I have a goddam dadvais au the self indulgency never fucking stops.
It is also a work in progress because god has cursed me for my hubris but I will spit in his face and steal his wallet.
To summarise the Dadvais au.
William and Orpheus are street kids who investigate Servais for the death of his mentor John but end up adopted by him instead, beginning the start of Servais's child army.
This au gives me much serotonin aside from the Dadvais serotonin because canonically in this au Servais has no violence rights but Robbie, a toddler in this au, does.
I feel like this is an appropriate moment to inform everyone that unfortunately your mun is a chaotic goblin. I am so sorry.
Anyway, I am going to focus on one section of the dadvais au because I need to not make this a ten page essay.
So we're going to focus upon the point Servais decides to adopt Murro. Also canon ages do not apply in this au because by the time I had discovered Kevin's canon age I had an idea and got too attached so *yeets canon ages out window*.
So Au. Murro is 15-16. Servais is in his 20's. Orpheus and William are around..12. Still working on ages. At this point Naib has been adopted and is around 14. I think. I need to do thing called 'keep track of my characters ages.'
So onto what happens. I feel it is very important to establish the fact that Naib steals Murro from the Circus (its explained why in au) with a little help from Mike (~10) and Joker (16-17).
Unfortunately Sergi tries to stop them and Naib and him fight. Which Naib totally would have won but he didn't. Rip. So he gets caught by Sergi who takes him to Bernard.
Murro heads to Servais' place on Naib's advice and sneaks in with Orpheus' and William's help. The two try to hide him and his boar but fail miserably.
Servais quickly discovers him, recognises him from the circus and questions why he's here, and where is Naib.
And ever quickly discovers what Naib had done.
Which very much terrifies our Magician dad because well, Naib is in some very hot water that Servais is doing his best to keep him safe despite it. So him being trapped at Hullabaloo is.... extra bad.
In a panic he almost tries to force Murro to come with him back to the circus, before he realised he can't.
He can't let Murro go back.
On one level its on the basic moral level. Bernard is a dick and no child deserves to be in a cage and treated like that.
On another. Its because of John. His mentor.
Servais has a guilty conscience.
His actions put blood on his hands.
He can't do it again.
Naib returns, having managed to escape with the secret help of Natalie. He may or may not threaten Servais to keep Murro, which is unnecessary, as Servais has already decided.
He tells the kids to stay home or else. Then leaves.
Going straight to talk to Bernard.
Bernard is pissed, and Servais apologises for Naib's actions, then makes an offer.
He will buy Murro from Bernard.
Murro was just an act to Bernard after all. And he puts down a very generous sum. Reminding Bernard Murro's act was losing popularity. Better to cash in now then lose cash on a dying act.
Bernard is hesitant.
Servais raises his price.
Bernard wants that price. But that price for Murro only. The boar has to be paid separately.
Servais clenches his jaw.
He leaves the tent at the dead of night. He exchanges a glance with a Mike hiding amongst the equipment.
He leaves and heads home.
Where the kids are anxiously waiting. Murro unsure of whats going to happen to him. Naib prepared to fight Servais to keep Murro. William prepared to play back up with Orpheus trying to reason with them and find a different solution.
When Servais comes home the kids are waiting for him. They wait for him to speak. Or try to. Before Servais can say anything everyone except Murro immediately start yelling/pleading for Servais to keep Murro.
Which Servais tells them to stop. Reassuring them Murro won't have to leave.
He's sorted everything out. Murro doesn't have to go back.
He rubs his temples and sighs. Telling Naib, Orpheus and William to set up the guest bed for Murro.
They'll sort this all out in the morning.
Servais waits from them to leave before leaning against the wall. He covers his eyes with his hand.
He needs a drink.
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TKK/ CK Survey
Tagged by @rip1009 <3 Luff you tons thank you for tagging me :-)
It's the year 2021 and you're obsessed with The Karate Kid. How are you feeling?:
Excited! Been years since I saw the movies and the TV show just awoke my excitement about these even more. While I was watching the TV Show Cobra Kai I really wanted to join and be like them :-)
Did you grow up with TKK or are you new to the series?:
Ive seen the movies before but did not pay too much attention. The TV show awoke my interest. And after I watched the TV show I watched all TKK movies back to back, now It made more sense.
We gotta do the basics.
Favourite character:
Johnny but not when he is weak. I like John Kreese he is like BAM! haha The hippy girl Moon makes me smile, she is like in lalaland haha. I am more into the Cobra Kai badass team than the softies ones.
Favourite ship:
I havent think about this but..lets see... Johnny and Larusso hahah funny they are opposite but they love each other.
Underrated character: 
Hmmm I am not sure about this one. I like Robby, the kid went thought alot but I still see he is softie. Perhaps I would like to know more about the original Cobra Kai people.
Underrated ship (don’t say therapy):
Not sure. Sorry I haven't think of the actually ships on this TV show :P
Wax on Wax off or Sweep the Leg?:
Sweep the leg ...Kick ass, no regrets :P Life sometimes can be survival mode...
Which of Daniel’s dumb little outfits is your favourite?:
The bomber jacket and these tight short pants and flip flops. I know he is tall or seems tall but really the jeans need to be that short? might as well wear shorts lol
Character from the films you most want to return, who’s not Terry Silver:
The original Cobra Kai team
Scene that lives in your head rent-free:
Bloody knuckles. Training hard. Cobra Kai Dojo with either Johnny or John as senseis. That special training between Terri and Miguel.
Will Anthony LaRusso ever be relevant?:
I dont think so. He will always be wax on wax off type of guy haha
You live in The Valley and are forced into the karate gang war. Which dojo do you join?:
Cobra Kai !! no doubt!!
What’s your training montage song?:
Rock songs, metal, anything hard that will make me train hard and leave it all there.
It’s the crossover event of the century! Which TV show are you combining with Cobra Kai for an hour-long Saturday night special: Cobra Kai, Vikings, Shadow and Bone...
@rip1009 This was fun! first time writing about Cobra Kai. Sorry I am a little rust on ships and so on these characters. But love the bad guys.
Here is my Cobra Kai hoodie :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thejacksmit · 27 days ago
First Take: Peter Rabbit 2- welcome back to the big screen experience
SYNOPSIS: Thomas and Bea are now married and living with Peter and his rabbit family. Bored of life in the garden, Peter goes to the big city, where he meets shady characters and ends up creating chaos for the whole family.
Deep breath folks. Popcorn is in the air, foyers are being vigorously scrubbed down, general managers are back in the office, and recliners have been prepared: at long last, cinemas are back open in line with step 3 of England’s roadmap. And unlike last time, a high concept espionage film is not the one to lead the charge - instead, a film with one of Britain’s most beloved characters has the honour of kicking things off. In 2018, Will Gluck’s live action take on Beatrix Potter’s most famous creation won over families across the world, and now it finally has a sequel following a full year of delays. Has it been worth the wait? For some audiences, yes. But for a lot of casual cinemagoers... yeah, there’s some issues.
Gluck is on writer/director duties once again as he co-writes the script with Patrick Burleigh, and with a runtime of 93 minutes, there is a lot of potential with the story, but it just feels too clunky for a family film- blending elements of the heist genre with the tried and tested conventions of a kids movie, something which isn’t helped by the overall pacing. Sometimes it works, namely the final act, other times it doesn’t. On cinematography duties is Peter Menzies Jr, and returning to score the film is Dominic Lewis, who does a passable job.
Tumblr media
Leading the live action cast like last time is Rose Byrne and Domnhall Gleeson, who once again do a great job bringing this film to life considering the amount of CG characters in this film - voiced by Margot Robbie, Elizabeth Debicki, Sia alongside new cast members Lennie James and Hayley Atwell- but this is of course James Corden’s vehicle. Might explain how self referential this film becomes- ripping into the commercial side of these characters during a film about a beloved British great is not a great idea at the best of times. 
It may be called The Runaway in some territories, but at times, this film feels far from a runaway. Following up the 2018 original was no mean feat, and unfortunately that’s where this film struggles- as a standalone, it would work, but not as a sequel.
RATING: 3.5/5
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fourthofgoodbye · a month ago
The Upshaws (Netflix)
Tumblr media
The Upshaws (Netflix)
Logline: A working-class family in Indiana struggles to make it work and make it right without the blueprint to do it.
Dru's Decision: CARRY | ***
Multicamera sitcoms can be tricky. Two of the best in the last five years - CBS’ Mom + Netflix/Pop’s One Day At A Time - dug deeper than the simple low-hanging-fruit comedic rhythms + broadly-drawn archetypes. Netflix’s newest The Upshaws contains some nice undercurrents amidst the steady laughs. A Black woman facing an advanced degree wall at work, a couple’s marriage slowly deteriorating because of enabling behaviors, an intriguing blended family tree with two kids with different mothers born in the same year. The most compelling kid story is the older kids trying to explain their interconnectedness to the youngest. There is perhaps a bit more substance than expected for a sitcom with jokes comparing a woman to Godzilla + a bandaid in a dessert. The sitcom wife/mom also notably avoids more trope traps than this kind of character usually can. Broadcast-unfriendly profanity does pop up frequently, so it looks like a traditional family sitcom but is a bit more adult. Mostly it’s a joy to see sitcom veterans volley + spike jokes with ease, and another Black family on TV.
Mike Epps is a good lead as Bennie, a caring dad with follow-through issues, who makes the emotional moments stick too. Khali Spraggins’ socially-ambitious daughter Aaliyah, Diamond Lyons’ cool brother Kelvin, and Journey Christine’s youngest but not overly precocious Maya, but perhaps most compelling is Jermelle Simon’s Bernard Jr., the oldest Upshaw kid who holds a secret. Page Kennedy’s friend Duck gets some of the silliest jokes with his prison humor, same with Bennie’s friends Michel Estime’s Tony + Leonard Earl Howze’s Davis. Gabrielle Dennis, a frequent MVP of HBO’s stellar A Black Lady Sketch Show, makes Kelvin’s mother Tasha work. Best of all are series co-creator Wanda Sykes’ Lucretia + Kim Fields’ Regina. Lucretia is a sarcasm punchline who also sometimes takes an unexpected turn with her lines, something Sykes absolutely nails pretty much every time, while Regina gets to be joyful, messy, and horny in her non-homemaker job + rollercoaster relationship with Bennie. 
The fourth episode ("Big Plans," ***) puts Regina in a sad state when her job hunt doesn't pan out, leading to a revealing set of trivia nights, while Bennie's friends make him concerned about his relationship with Regina. The pilot ("Birthday B.S.," ***) set up everything okay, with a classic sitcom setup, good familial tension, and not trying to be too try-hard. The second episode ("The Hook-Up," ***) pushed Bennie to address his sex issues with Regina with a romantic evening out that doesn't go as planned, while Aaliyah + Kelvin get babysat by Lucretia. The third episode ("Joy Ride," ***) found Kelvin putting Bennie in a bad position with a customer, while Regina faces frustration at work and Duck tests the Upshaws' patience.
The sitcom does have a familiar set-up: do-less dad, care-more mom, and sometimes plays into those stereotypes. Regina can be the disapproving sitcom wife, while Tasha feels like a straightforward ridiculous baby mama at times. Bennie is also particularly hateful towards Lucretia, who endures no less than a million insults in the first four episodes from him. Some of the situations can also feel a little trite: an unplanned birthday, not being able to pay a restaurant bill because of false pretenses. Some of Bennie’s come-ons are really cheesy (one about coffee comes to mind) and I’m personally LOL-crying about the nerd/trivia shaming. The Upshaws is a Black family sitcom with hints of a deceptively-deep core featuring some sitcom vets + promising storylines. Despite some mileage-may-vary sitcom tropes, things are looking up(shaw).
Team: Mark Alton Brown (writer), Robbie Countryman (director), Jonathan Emerson (writer), Mike Epps (ep), Sheldon Epps (director), Regina Y. Hicks (creator, ep, writer), Page Hurwitz (ep), Niles Kirchner (ep), Annie Levine (writer), Mitchell Marchand (writer), Wanda Sykes (creator, ep, writer), Ken Whittingham (director, ep)
Series Regulars: Mike Epps as Bennie Upshaw, Kim Fields as Regina Upshaw, Diamond Lyons as Kelvin, Khali Spraggins as Aaliyah, Wanda Sykes as Lucretia Turner
Production Company(s)/Studio(s): Push It Productions
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ourwillowcreekroyals · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Britechester - 6 pm
Robbie: I can’t belive that waiter thought Lottie was my girlfriend! Horrible, horrible thought!
David *laugh*: I’m saving this days for ever in my mind!
Olivia: Well, this could have easily been mistaken as a double date!
Robbie: The whole campus knows who your boyfriend is! There are pictures of my sister and I all around the internet! I’m pretty sure they know we are siblings!
Charlotte: Oh, stop it already! 
David: I wonder if Robb would ever have a smile on his face!
Robbie: I can’t punch one into yours!
Charlotte: So annoying!! Thank god you are not living with me anymore!
Olivia: Next topic, please! So Lottie, how’s Brandon doing at Foxbury?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Charlotte: He’s doing fine. I see him almost three times a week 
Olivia: That’s really good! Although you two could see each other more often since you are so close
Charlotte: Yeah, but school is taking most of our time
Olivia: Well, like I said, at least you are close!
David: We’ll be close! Soon!
Olivia: Yeah, in a year! I really can’t wait to be here and go to uni!
Robbie: Oh, you are so cute! Enjoy that feeling while you can, my child!
Olivia: Just because you hate it doesn’t mean I will!
Robbie: Just wait until you see the amount of course you’ll have to take and you’ll change your mind!
David: Just let her be already! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Olivia: Don’t worry, hon! He won’t kill my excitement!
David: Thank god! The least I need now is you not wanting to come here at all!
Charlotte: But you are going to Foxbury, right?
Olivia: Yes, we are lucky is only 20 minutes away from Britechester!
David: We’ll probably move to a new place in the middle
Robbie: Excuse me what?! What about the penthouse?!
David: Papa is selling it next year. Margie wants to go to the Simanated States for college, so she’s going to need a place to stay. With the money we’ll get from the penthouse we’ll have enough to buy a small apartement here and another one for Margie
Robbie: So I guess I’ll be homeless next year!
Charlotte: You can move back to granny’s apartment
Robbie: Never! God! I’m loosing my batchelor spot!
David: Yours?
Robbie: You know what I mean! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Charlotte: Whatever, Robb! We should get going. The movie starts in a few minutes
David: I’ll get this one, guys
Charlotte: You paid last time!
David: Yes, but Liv and I invited you, so I’m paying
Robbie: Let the Prince pay, Lottie! 
Charlotte: Next time is on us!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Olivia *to Robbie*: No, I’m not moving with your sister next year!!
Charlotte: So... Next year you two are living together then. Big step!
David: Well, we had been dating for almost three years already, so I guess we’ll be fine
Charlotte: Three years! It seems like yesterday that you introduce her to us
David: Yeah, it’s crazy, isn’t it?
Charlotte: A little... I like having her around. It’s nice to have another woman in the group
David *laughs*: Took you long enough to accept her 
Charlotte: I know! I was so stupid back then 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
David: Well, we didn’t give you a chance to adapt to her being around
Charlotte: Don’t try to find an excuse to my behaviour! You know I was wrong
David: We were kids, Lottie. This is a fresh start for all of us
Charlotte: Except for Robb. He’ll never change!
David: I hope so! 
Charlotte: Why are you friends with us, Davy? We are... well we are a pain!
David *laughs*: Yes, you are a pain, but you also treat me like a normal boy. You don’t care about the titles and the palaces... Well, maybe Robb does sometimes, but I know he’ll want to live with me even in a tiny apartment and with no titles
Charlotte: Yeah, that’s true
David: It’s good to have good friends who doesn’t care about all that 
Charlotte: I guess you are right... Even if they look like Robbie
David *laughs*: Even if they look like Robbie!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lokiedokiee-fanfic · a month ago
Caught (Loki x reader)(pt.23)
Prompt from Madie_Laufeyson: While y/n and Loki are sharing the room maybe one of them has like an intense nightmare or something and they talk about and can relate to each other and stuff, and it’s like a major bonding moment for them.
A/N: hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates, my uni work is ramping up and i've got so much to do ahhh. here's a new chapter, i hope you enjoy<3 (also please keep sending prompts! i'm sorry if i don't get round to replying to all of them but i love reading them all!)
Word count: 1.5k
Dinner is awful.
You spend the whole time either trying not to listen to Amber almost obscenely openly flirting with Loki or worrying about the fact that you have to share a room with him tonight. Would it have been better or worse if he’d decided to share with Amber?
Worse. Definitely worse.
You eat quickly and finish before Loki and Amber. Not wanting to have to sit and wait for them to finish (Amber’s barely touched her food, she’s so busy talking) you stand up and announce that you’re going to turn in early.
They barely acknowledge you as you leave.
You’re halfway across the lobby when you hear quick footsteps behind you, and then someone calls your name.
“Agent Y/L/N!”
You turn to see Maya, one of the recruits who you’d suggested to Polly, hurrying towards you.
“Hey.” you greet her with a smile.
“Hi. I just wanted to say… about earlier-” she trails off and looks at you as though waiting for you to interrupt her.
“What about earlier?” you ask, faking a confused look. You have a feeling you know what she’s about to say.
“Thank you for letting me get one over on you, but… I don’t need special treatment. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful-”
This time you do interrupt her.
“I didn’t give you special treatment.” you tell her firmly.
“Come on, I’m nowhere near as good as Henry and Ffion. They couldn’t take you down.” Maya scoffs.
“Maybe you need to have a bit more faith in yourself. You’ve got real potential.” you tell her. She looks pleased at that, even if she tries to hide it.
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” you smile, and she nods and turns back to the dining room.
When you get up to your room you stand and look at the bed for a few moments before getting into your pyjamas. Loki can take the sofa; if he’d wanted the bed he should have been quicker to get to the room, you think to yourself.
You settle into bed and grab the book you’d brought with you to read, trying to get lost in it, but it’s difficult. After about half an hour you hear Amber’s laugh (a sound you’ve very quickly grown to despise) nearing your door, and drop the book on to your bedside table, switching the light off swiftly.
Pretending to sleep will be easier than the predictably awkward small talk that will ensue otherwise. You lie down quietly, close your eyes and concentrate on making your breaths deep and even.
Amber and Loki talk outside her door for five minutes (you can’t quite make out what they’re saying, which is probably for the best), before her door opens and closes. Seconds later the door to your room does the same.
Loki stands still for just long enough for you to start feeling uncomfortable. What’s he doing?
“Do you really think you can trick me into thinking you’re asleep?”
You’re facing away from him, so you allow yourself to smile.
“Maybe I just don’t wanna talk to you.” you counter, your voice muffled by the duvet.
“Why ever not?” he asks, moving across the room. You hear him kick his shoes off and undo his jacket.
“’M tired.” you mumble, fighting to keep your heartrate under control as you listen to the sounds of him undressing. Why could Fury have not just remembered to book an extra room?
“Right. And you’re taking the bed are you?”
“I was here first.”
“That’s me.”
He’s silent as he finishes doing whatever it is he’s doing (you fight the urge to look), and then the sofa creaks as he lies back on it. Silence for three seconds, and then…
“This is the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever had the displeasure of reclining on.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry Your Majesty.” you say sarcastically, propping yourself up on one elbow to grab a pillow and throw it at him. You get a glimpse of skin as you toss the pillow in his direction; his chest and half an arm propped behind his head, illuminated by the dull light coming through the window.
You lie back down again quickly.
“Thanks a lot.” Loki replies, equally as sarcastically.
The silence after that is long enough that you actually start to drift off. You hadn’t been lying when you’d said that you were tired.
“Goodnight.” Loki says suddenly.
“Night.” you mumble, already half asleep.
You dream about them. Of course you do.
Jasmine Jones. Rachel Lloyd. Mark Cox. Robbie Marshall. The ones you hadn’t been able to save.
You dream about the roar in your ears as the building had started to collapse. The sounds of their desperate shouts in your earpiece as they’d tried to find each other and get out before it was too late.
The silence when they didn’t.
You dream about sprinting flat out back into the collapsing building. You dream about the burning, screaming pain in your muscles as you’d tried to use your powers to hold up the debris which crashed around your head as you cried out for Jas and Rachel.
You dream about being pulled from the building by strangers. Being held back as you tried to get back into the wreckage and find your friends. Watching as they pulled Jas out from the rubble…
You sit bolt upright, gasping for air, clutching at the duvet. Tears are running down your face; your chest feels tight, too tight…
“Y/N, Y/N-”
Loki has you by the shoulders. You grab his arm instinctively, you need to hold on to something.
“Breathe. Just breathe.”
You’re shaking; you can feel Loki’s eyes on you.
You close your eyes, embarrassment already setting in. Why did it have to be tonight? You try to take deep breaths with your eyes shut, but then you see Jas again. Your eyes fly open and loud sob escapes you; you instantly press a hand to your mouth.
“It’s okay.” Loki tells you quietly.
You look up and realise that you’re still clutching his arm. You let go of him quickly. He shifts away from you slightly.
“Sorry. Fuck, sorry.” you say, your voice constricted as you wipe the tears from your face hastily. This is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened. Ever.
“Don’t be sorry. Nightmares are… they’re not fun.” Loki tells you, looking at his hands.
“… you have them too?” you ask, your voice shaking. You clasp your hands together in an attempt to get them to stop trembling. Loki nods.
“Sometimes. Usually when I’m sleeping deeply, which isn’t often anymore.”
He’s trying to take your mind off of it. He knows exactly what to do. You’re so grateful for him in this moment.
“Why not?” you ask, drawing your knees to your chest.
“l only sleep deeply when I’ve overexerted myself, physically or magically.” he tells you.
“And you haven’t had cause to use magic.” you say.
“Correct.” he replies. You deem it safe to close your eyes again and rest your forehead against your knees.
“Are you okay?” Loki asks you. He sounds truly worried about you; your heart does a small sort of bellyflop.
“Yeah. It was just…” you trail off.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Loki invites you.
“I- uh. It was just the same as usual.” you tell him in a sort of hoarse whisper.
“The undercover mission?”
You nod, looking up at him and then to the window, resting your chin on your knees.
“The base we were staying in was targeted by some other organisation, we still don’t know who. They messed with the foundations and planted a bomb. Four of my closest friends died in there. Jas… she was only five years older than me. I couldn’t save them. I barely saved myself after I tried to get to them.”
“I’m sorry.” Loki says, after a long pause.
“We’d been working it for so long, that case. Planning it for months. It was the organisation that gave me my powers, the one that my parents were part of. I engineered the whole thing, found out who they were and where they were hiding. There were innocent people in there, being tested on like I was. Kids, even younger than I was. We only managed to get three out before… well.” you tell him, unable to stop now you’d started.
There’s a long, long silence. Finally your heartbeat returns to normal.
“Sorry. I don’t know why I’m… I don’t really talk about it to anyone.” you say, suddenly embarrassed again.
“Stop apologising.” Loki says simply.
Tiredness takes you again quickly, but this time you’re less eager to succumb to it.
“I’ll…” Loki says after a few minutes, gesturing back towards the sofa and making to stand up.
“Stay.” you say. You’d been going to add, ‘if you want’, but something stops you. It had sounded more like a question anyway.
Loki looks back at you, opens his mouth, closes it again, and then slowly lies back on the left side of the bed. You do the same, getting under the duvet.
It doesn’t feel awkward. It feels right.
You fall back asleep easily with him lying next to you.
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Chapter 24
Tag list: @theacadominique @frostedgiant @unearthlydreams @sherlockmarvelharrypotter @hhaydenn @curiousershipper
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What’s next for Allison Janney?
If she had her way, Allison Janney would spend a lot more time at her L.A. home with her dogs.“So, you like being home, you’re a homebody?” asked correspondent Tracy Smith.“I love it,” she replied. เล่นบาคาร่า สล็อต But it was a rare moment of quiet in a career that has been anything but. You might remember Janney as press secretary C.J. Cregg on TV’s “The West Wing.” But for the past eight years she’s been the mom in “Mom,” the hit comedy on CBS … and she was as surprised as anyone when she learned this season would be her last.“Yeah, it was a shock,” she said. “I have my own theories, but I’ve been told not to express them. But listen, eight years is a great long run for a show.”Her character, Bonnie Plunkett, is a woman recovering from addiction, and her show’s become something of a beacon to others who struggle with addiction issues in real life.Smith said, “This show has had a deep effect on people.”เกมยิงปลาออนไลน์ “Yeah, you know, it’s one thing to be part of a show that entertains, which in and of itself is a wonderful thing,” Janney said. “But to also have an impact on people who are in recovery, or people who have loved ones or family members who are going through it, to make recovery a more approachable option.”To watch a trailer for the series finale of “Mom,” which airs Thursday, May 13, click on the video player below:The final episode of “Mom” will air later this week, and that makes her kind of uneasy. “I hate change,” she said. “It makes me … I get afraid – I always have – to let something go and not know what’s next. I think the biggest thing I need to learn how to say is no.” “You’re not good at saying no?” asked Smith.“I’m not. I’m terrible at saying no.”ซื้อฟรีสปินBut look what can happen when Allison Janney says yes: In 2017’s “I, Tonya,” she was so convincing as Tonya Harding’s mother, Lavonda, it looked like the role had been written for her, which in fact it was, by her good friend, screenwriter Steven Rogers. But at the time, Janney was overbooked.  “I was telling Steven, ‘Honey, you may have to make this movie without me, because I don’t think it’s gonna work.'”In the end, she made it work…From “I, Tonya,” with Margot Robbie, and language not suited to “Sunday Morning”:And it paid off big, with an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.“I love that I have an Oscar,” Janney said. “I never thought it was gonna be possible for me. Truly, at a certain point I just sort of gave up on that dream.”“So, where do you keep these things?” asked Smith.“Well, the Oscar’s moved around, depending on who’s coming over! Well, I should have put it just, you know, back there.”“Just subtly, yes.”“Why didn’t I think of that?”Wherever her statue is, it’s dedicated to her brother, Hal Janney, who lost his own battle with addiction ten years ago. But his big sister says she still calls him now and again.  “My favorite time to talk to him was when I was in the car driving someplace, so I always think of him when I’m in the car,” Janney said. “And I still have his phone number, and I dial it.”“You dial his phone number? can you hear his voice?”“No. It’s not there. I just dial it.”“What does that do?”“I just – I just miss his sense of humor, really.”Like most other shows, “Mom” shut down last year when the pandemic closed the studio, but the time off turned out to be a blessing in disguise: seems Janney’s own mom, in Dayton, Ohio, needed her. So, she moved back home for a while, during the beginning of the pandemic.“My mother had gotten a diagnosis of cancer,” Janney said. “And so, I flew back to see her. And I’m forever grateful for that, even though it was incredibly difficult and heartbreaking and really hard. Ultimately she lost her battle and she died in October of 2020. I wasn’t there with her at the very end, which breaks my heart, but so, so glad I was there to …”As sad as last year was, it actually gave Janney a chance to finally do something she’d long wanted to do:  cut her hair.“And I said, ‘Let’s do it. Let’s cut it.’ And to be able to run my hands through my hair and have it just be my hair is just, it feels so great. It was pretty funny, though, when I came to show up for our first ‘Mom’ episode in October, when we started in 2020.  And the producers were like, ‘Wwhat have you done? Bonnie can’t – how are we gonna explain this?’ I’m like, ‘You guys, I’ve been wearing a wig since season one!’ None of them knew that I had been wearing a wig. So, you know, now all of America knows that I was wearing a wig!”The new ‘do is proof Allison Janney is always up for something different. She’ll make her debut as an action hero sometime soon, but not today. “I gotta protect myself a little, ’cause I’m tired,” she said. “It’s been a long run of back-to-back things, and I do need to take some time for myself.”What does that mean? “I don’t know. What does it mean? I think it means, like, going off on a, you know, one of those meditation journeys or someplace where you go where you’re not allowed to talk for a week.”Smith asked, “Does that appeal to you?”“Yes! I have no idea, but I’d like to be open to whatever else might be out there for me. Maybe … I’m not gonna say it!”“Oh, come on. Where were you going with that?”“I was like, ‘Maybe marriage and kids.’ At 61, what the hell? It’s not too late for marriage and kids. Somebody else’s kids, you know?”“You could totally do that?”“And so, after that, then maybe a meditation retreat. We’ll see!”
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