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Bring on the trap!
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mollusksauce · 14 hours ago
Something that did not make sense for a while was the purpose of the prison and why it was built. We were given a lot of contradicting information by different people.
It was confirmed by Dream and Punz that it was for Dream, but Dream and Sam said it was meant for Tommy.
Punz confirmed that the disc finale was staged and that Dream was put in the prison on purpose.
Although it was confirmed to have been built for Dream, that does not make complete sense. We were told by Sam that he changed the plans halfway through to make them less humane. We see the evidence of this with the fact that Sam had already built a courtyard. If Dream built the prison for himself, why would he make the conditions less humane?
Sam said these changes were made because the prison was meant for Tommy. Dream also said that although the prison was originally meant for someone else, it was now meant for Tommy.
The prison also noticeably includes Tommy's triggers. The small black box, the lava, and having to get rid of his items.
The best conclusion of all of this evidence is that the prison was always meant for Dream and Tommy to get trapped in there together.
None of the visits to the prison were done without a reason. Sapnap, Ranboo, Techno, and Bad all played some role in helping him complete his plan. Bad got the prison blueprints, Ranboo helped deliver them, and Techno broke him out. Sapnap gave a smilyface message to Ranboo, sending him into enderwalk. Dream also acted a certain way to try to get sympathy from the people who visited him. This was done on purpose, with clear planning on how they would help him complete his plan.
This makes it clear that getting Tommy to visit the prison, and having enderwalk set off tnt, trapping Tommy inside, was not just done by Dream on a whim just because he could. It was always the plan. The prison was built to be just like exile, as Dream said to Tommy when he was in the prison. It was another way to get Tommy alone.
This is why the prison was built with Tommy's triggers. It was to put him in the headspace of exile.
Something else to consider is the timeline of when things happened. Exile started December 4th. The prison started being built December 6th. Tommy escaped exile December 16th. The prison was finished January 7th.
Tommy escaped exile about in the middle of when the prison was being built. If a major role of the prison was to keep Dream and Tommy inside together, Tommy escaping exile was probably what made Dream change the design to make it more secure.
Dream wasn't initially intending to kill Tommy. We know this because Sam said Dream didn't even want books in the new prison design. When Tommy started standing up to Dream in the prison, and said he didn't believe the revive book worked, that is when Dream killed him. Having control over Tommy is one of the most important things to Dream.
The one thing Dream miscalculated about the prison was Sam and Tommy's relationship. He did not know how guilty Sam would be over trapping Tommy in the prison with Dream.
He expected Sam to follow the rules of the prison. Dream made the prison rules so that the person would get stuck in the cell if there was a security issue. He expected Sam to keep Tommy in the cell until the security issue was figured out. He was counting on Sam not being able to figure out what the security issue was.
Tommy being removed from the cell after he was revived was never part of the plan. Tommy was always intended to be in the prison with Dream.
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Going out of character for a moment, but i find it funny that this is like what the majority of malons interactions with @seagull-dream-girl​ and @skywardzeldass​ are like
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santosfashionsims · 13 hours ago
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Lia had a Photoshoot and Interview with Simculturestories ( on instagram )
Credits for the Interview pages go to Simculturestories
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do-ray-egon · 2 days ago
Good morning Egon, this might get buried in your mailbox but I've noticed a few things on your boys uniforms that I wanted to ask about if it's okay with you. The tube and the elbow pads. Do you need them? What are their purposes?
The elbow pads are for their intended purpose of protecting our elbows, nothing particularly interesting. You wouldn’t believe how many times you accidentally hit your ulnar nerve on the pack when reaching back for something. We may end up needing knee pads in the future, since we do need to get on the ground from time to time. It’s not especially painful, but it’s certainly not comfortable either. Might as well.
The tube was a joke that got a bit out of hand.
Venkman made an offhand snarky comment when we were discussing the designs for the suits, and I quote: “Well, gee Ray, what if we see something so absolutely terrifying that I just piss my pants? We have to have a safeguard for that.” Keep in mind, this was said with 0% sincerity, even though Peter is, in fact, the most ‘chicken’ out of all of us.
Ray took it seriously. He showed me the sketches of the suits the next day, and there was the piss tube in all its glory.
I just let him do it, because A) I didn’t have the heart to curb his enthusiasm, B) it was the funniest shit I had ever seen, C) most people would not know/ask what its intended purpose was, and D) one day, of one of us ever actually needs it, I refuse to eat crow.
Peter was so upset that Ray thought he’d genuinely piss himself from fear that he wouldn’t speak to him for a solid two days. Well, Janine didn’t know what had happened and asked me “Why’s Venkman so pissed?” After composing myself, I filled her in. She laughed so hard and for so long that Venkman wouldn’t speak to her either.
I just told him to be grateful that it was on all of our suits, and not just his. Having just one suit like that would raise more questions.
(ADDENDUM: Peter threatened me with bodily harm if I ever told Winston what the origin of the tube was. I’d like to see him try.)
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Help me make my tabletop streams more accessible with captions!
One more reminder that I'm on the hunt for the best way to caption tabletop actual play streams. I've made a survey here that I'd like at least 9 more people to fill out so I have some good data on people's preferences.
There's also space to tell me about any apps/websites/extensions that you use if you wouldn't mind sharing. Thank you to everyone who's already filled it out, I've had some really good, thought provoking feedback all around :)
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"Don’t look at me, I want you to watch that video, as long as it makes you hot and wet... by InMyHandsAudio
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Send in 🐮and your muse will find my muse in a cow print bikini!
Or! Send in 🤠 and my muse will find your muse in a cow print bikini!
(Be sure to specify for multi-muse blogs!)
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🍇What the...🍇
🍇what the heck just happened here? I just left from the trial and see the door broken while guards are laying on the floor? How the heck did this happened?🍇
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violetqtmpro · 2 days ago
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Hello Friday 💋
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do-ray-egon · a day ago
who came up with your cool little logo?
A good friend of ours named Michael Gross designed it– he’s a friend of a friend who went to Pratt over in Brooklyn.
Just as we were starting our business, Ray and Peter met up with him to pitch ideas over lunch. Well, Ray to pitch the ideas, and Peter to rein him in a bit. They all agreed that less was more– it didn’t need anything abstract or conceptual, and it had to adequately explain what we do without any text. Ray vouched for the idea of a pseudo-mascot approach, which Michael thought was a fun idea to work with, and after many, many drafts, he came up with what we have now. It’s simple, it’s readable, it’s memorable, it’s scalable, it’s consistent, it’s versatile, and most of all, it just works. All the things a good logo needs.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Among several qualities, I especially admire its use of line. It has varying weights, but it’s used in a subtle, tasteful way, like brushstrokes on a hand-lettered sign. The design certainly wouldn’t look as good with a single-weight line– it would be too ‘corporate,’ and we’re not even close. I also admire the balance of how he chose to depict our ghost– it’s not overly cartoonish or cutesy. It’s a pictogram more than it is a mascot, so it’s businesslike, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The design also lends itself well to interpretation, and I’ve seen many fantastic homemade versions from people who admire our work and want to start their own regional fan branches of Ghostbusters.
Ray also gave the ghost a name: Mooglie. No clue where he got it from, but it fits.
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joose-box · 2 days ago
c!Tubbo is so strong to still be the tiniest thread of a good person despite honestly earning the right to a villain arc. He is barely keeping it together so the fact he's keeping it together AT ALL IS ADMIRABLE.
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livinthefuture3000 · a year ago
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Creepy, future-aesthetic food from livinthefuture 👁
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It takes all sorts to get a tabletop game together
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