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Yoonmin writing prompt—

The king and queen of Busan were forcing their daughter, park chaeyoung, to marry prince min yoongi the future king of Daegu. However, soon after the news were spread, park chaeyoung disappeared never to be seen again, leaving the forced marriage behind.

The king and queen did not want to cancel the marriage; it was a sign of peace between the kingdoms. They forced the person that looked similar enough to chaeyoung to marry the prince of Daegu. They chose their one and only son, park jimin to pretend to be the princess.

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I cried all day yesterday. And last night. And this morning. Any little progress I thought I was making in these past 6 days is utterly diminished.

All I could think was, “why doesn’t she want me?” It’s repeated probably a million times over the past hours. I cried so hard I thought I’d die. This feeling, I don’t know how this shit is so normalized. This hurts bad. Why doesn’t she want me, why wasn’t my love enough, why couldn’t she see how much I loved her, why didn’t she care to see. This hurts but now I’m getting angry. Why is she not reaching out to me? Why feed me false hope? Why lie? Why lead me on? We had been together for 3 years, I expected more. I guess that’s my own fault. She always said I should have zero expectations.

I suppose that means she had zero expectations for me too. Everything I did was a step above what she expected. So she didn’t care to let it go. She didn’t need it and never did. I got caught in the crossfire of her attempt to heal herself and got fried. Hard.

Lesson Learned.

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Cowboy!Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) x Mutant!OC

Descriptions:   Old westAU In about 1900 Germany, Kurt has heard stories about the wild west and dreamt about being a cowboy for a long time. When he’s brought over to America and sent to live with Logan he’s excited, until he learns what hard work a ranch actually is. Logan knows a woman will set him straight from his shenanigans, and brings one back. Kurt hopes for love, but they can’t seem to get along.

A/n- I watched the (1964) western movie “Mail Order Bride” and thought it would be hilarious to make a story and stick our favorite blue fuzzy man in! Also… He’s kind of a whiny brat in the beginning… because that’s where he had to be to have character growth! lol. 



Kurt laid in the back of the wagon, looking up at the night sky as they traveled toward the new place he would be living. 

New York. 

It was a large city in America, but he was hoping that it still had some of its western charm. 

A lot of books about the west had recently come to Germany for him to read, stories of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, wild outlaws, good lawmen, genteel ladies… 

He smiled as the thought came to mind that he may meet one of them. 

The smile turned to a frown, however, when he looked at the three fingered hand he lifted up to look at against the sky. 

Not only three fingered, but blue in the light, and invisible in the dark, except to his yellow-eyed night vision. 

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~The Mutant Side of the Tracks~

I’ve had this idea in my head for maybe a year and a half now, but I was never able to make myself sit down and write it because I didn’t feel quite inspired enough yet, and I didn’t want to force it and have it turn out to be hot garbage, so I’ve waited. 


Yes, I am finally ready to write this bad boy and it will not be like my other fan fictions. It won’t even be reader insert oriented. I’m going to be a bit selfish and insert my OCs: Jen, Carol, and June. I’ll also be featuring @shllshckd2-0​‘s amazing OC, Aurora, in it as well. 

@shllshckd2-0​‘s “Popularity Contest” also inspired me to to mix in my University AU into Mutant Side of the Tracks. My college years will be coming to an end soon, as I only have one year left (only one class each semester now), and then an internship before I’m completely done. It’s a little sad for me though since I’ve enjoyed college years. SO I’m also going to mix in a few of my fun experiences into the fic as well. 

Another important thing that has inspired me to write this fic are the recent events going on. Y'all know what events I’m talking about. I don’t even think I have to explain that much. 

This series won’t be like any of my others. You guys should know how I write by now. My writing is usually pretty fluffy and romantic, and occasionally cliche. I’m feeling more than ready to write something deeper with more angst and drama and love triangles galore. Yes, there will be a mighty love triangle. Not only that, but there will also be plenty of angst, jealousy, parties, smut, drugs, alcohol, self harm, peer pressure, and pregnancy. If I know a chapter is going to contain any of that, then I will type the trigger warnings at the very top of the fic in bold letters. If you are triggered by anything in my writing, then you don’t have to read it. My feelings won’t be hurt and I’ll completely understand. 

I’ll be making a pretty hefty post today with info about the fic where I’ll be listing every character, what their major is, and so on. So stay tuned!


Originally posted by zechs

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Part 2: The Girl with a Brave Heart

You had been writing math equations all over the walls (with Mr. Yoshimura’s permission of course), just lost in your own world full of numbers, when they came.

There was one thing that you hated being, and it was useless. When you saw Kaneki being tossed around like a rag doll by like large, terrifying ghoul, you were caught between whimpering and giving yourself away, or protecting Kaneki to the best of your ability.

You decided to go with the latter.

“(Y/N)! What are you–” Kaneki couldn’t finish as you stepped in front of his bloody form, the smell of the blood overwhelming you, but you ignored it as you shielded Kaneki.

The ghoul raised an amused eyebrow. “What’s this?” he asked. “A human? Well then, what are you going to do little girl?”

You didn’t answer. Instead you stared hard up at him.

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”


Part 1: The Girl with an Unquiet Mind

It was hard not being normal, but you were able to live with it.

After all, being different just means you got to be normal with them. Them being the ghouls of Anteiku.

Unlike many people, you were aware of the existence of ghouls from a young age, especially after you saw one hunt a human. You weren’t frightened at all, which would cause people to question your sanity, but for some reason you didn’t care.

Ghouls couldn’t eat anything else. They were like wildlife and even humans, who always have to hunt in order to survive. Heck, you hated eating animals, but you did it anyway because you needed to eat.

The same could be said for ghouls.

Speaking of ghouls, you had encountered one after you came across her hunting. Of course, she almost killed you, but when she realized you weren’t doing anything except staring at her, she seemed confused, but you couldn’t tell. Facial expressions and body language were not your specialty anyway, though you were able to read a little to get by.

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I’m only 6 episodes in, but I too am just as much a thirsty and yearning gay who’s in love with the Demon Queen as Malori is. Who cares if you’re the top mage with advanced stats at the academy? If you can’t steal melt the Beautiful, Hot as Hell, no pun intended Villain’s cold and cruel heart than what’s the point of being the “Savior” of the world? You’re meant to be out there looking for a wife and making all of your wife’s subordinates befriend you despite being Evil Bosses because they think you’re nice, kind, cute, and find amusement in seeing Their Majesty unexpectedly flustered.

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Olá pessoal, tudo bem??
Eu estou muito feliz, e por isso a publicação de hoje é diferente!!

Por Você ganhou seu primeiro concurso lá no Wattpad, o Escritores de Ouro 2020 @apequenaliteraria 💞 e não poderia deixar de compartilhar com vocês esse momento que é nosso, que somos apaixonados por essa história!! 😊

No perfil da @apequenaliteraria
está disponível uma outra entrevista, exclusiva como premiação do concurso, vão lá conferir, tem mais curiosidades sobre mim e a escrita desse livro.

Eu avisei que haveria uma surpresa ainda essa semana, então fiquem atentos lá no Wattpad nesse fim de semana, que de repente, eu posso liberar alguma coisa do novo livro, Por Nós 🐺, então não esquece de me seguir lá também, para não perder nadinha.

Muito obrigada a Deus, pela inspiração e a todos vocês pelo constante incentivo, beijocas!! 😘

Por Você, link na biografia
#PorVocê #Livro #Romance #Fantasia #Aventura #Wattpad #WattpadBrasil #Concurso #Prêmio #Entrevista #SeloDeOuro (em Feira de Santana)

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honestly why am i single?? like you honestly have no idea how much i would spoil my partner if i had one!! cute coffee shop dates??? fun and interesting museum tours?? shitty homemade candle-lit dinners??? gigs?? walks in the park?? blanket forts?? outdoor fire nights with smores??? cottagecore-esque picnics?? like they’d all be yours!!!!! because i love you!!!!! 

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Please, don’t plagiarize my work. 🖤

 fluff, language 

If you would like to be added to the tag list so you don’t miss a chapter, just let me know!

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