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mai stii cand ne plimbam seara prin centrul Bucureștiului?

mai stii cum stateam intinse in iarba si ne filmam si ne luam in brate?

mai stii cand m ai prins in baie si m ai sarutat pe frunte? cand mi ai zis “cand saruti pe cineva pe frunte inseamana ca o sa ai grija de el”?

mai stii cand eram in statie si imi asteptam tramvaiul in seara aia? mai stii cum te apropiai prea mult de fata mea, parca obligându ma sa fac ceva?

mai stii cand ploua afara si ne am ascuns sub un balcon?

mai stii cand dansam in baie, pline de fericire?

mai stii cand….

mai stii cand m ai mintit ca simtim la fel?

eu imi amintesc, sper ca si tu.

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Most people: Malleus a powerful ancient fae, he is very intimidating.

Me: He’s so cute oh my god I wanna squish his cheeks and kiss his face and hold his hand and- *I am forcibly removed from Night Raven College*

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As if Mal wasn’t freaking tall enough he LITERALLY FLOATS in fights I’m gonna scream;;;; My fae boyfriend refuses to stand for five minutes guys, what am I gonna do with him?????

Also he doesn’t even hold his broomstick in gym class, it just floats there and he will NOT hold it gvhgvhgfgfghvgfhgfgfhgv


Also one more thing; this adorable face


“It’s not like I want to go with you to class or anything, b-baka!”

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