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#Rooster Teeth

Glynda: I feel like I’ve lost brain cells after those little brats made a mockery of my entire career

Cinder: Look on the bright side, you’re not the first genius to do something dumb

Glynda: Are you saying teaching is dumb? I thought I’d be enriching their lives, they’re enriching my vocabulary. Do you know what a “Dirty Sanchez” is?

Cinder: I’m not saying teaching is dumb but your big ideas about educating the next generation and all that horse shit about instilling a love of learning… definitely

Glynda: I went to university for this! I’m not dumb!

Cinder: You know who else was really smart but did something dumb?

Glynda: who then?

Cinder: Thomas Edison! He electrocuted an elephant. Actually that’s pretty fuckin smart tbh. You should definitely electrocute that smart mouth Jupiter Vasilias as a warning, he’s got a bunch of little brothers and a sister and you’ll end up having to teach them all at some point.

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