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#Rosebird parent au

Blake: *rushing through the campus* Weiss! Yang! Ruby! Where are you?!

Adam: *stepping in front of Blake* If it isnt the traitor.

Blake: *stopping and hesitating* Adam…

Adam: You hurt me Blake. You never should’ve left.

Blake: *taking a step back, holding her weapon out* Go away.

Adam: *smirking and walking forward, putting his hand on his sword* And leave you alone? I dont think I will.


Yang: *tearing through grimm, eyes glowing with maidenly power* Blake! Weiss! Where are you?

Blake: *screaming in pain not too far away from Yang*

Yang: *rushing to where she heard the scream, stopping when she saw Adam standing over Blake* Get away from her!

Adam: *pulling his sword out of Blake’s side* Make me.

Yang: *rushing to Adam, releasing fire with each punch*

Adam: *blocking each strike with his sword, powering himself up, waiting for an opening*

Yang: *pushing back and sending a fireball at Adam*

Adam: *using his semblance to slice through the fireball, hitting Yang*

Yang: *falling back and losing her balance slightly, aura breaking*

Adam: *looking at Yang, mask cracked from heat of the fire, holding his side where the fireball hit* I’ll make her pay for leaving me!

Yang: *glaring and making her move to strike at Adam again*

Adam: *rushing forward and using his semblance again, slicing Yang’s arm off*

Yang: *falling to the ground, wincing*

Adam: *turning around and sighing* And here I thought you’d make a better plaything.

Blake: *getting up slightly and grabbing Yang* Leave… her alone…

Adam: *lifting his sword in the air* Then you leave me with no choice.

[Adam strikes down at Blake, his sword going through a shadow clone. He sighed as he looked over to his left, watching Blake run off with Yang]

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Ruby: *making her way onto campus, the school overwhelmed by grimm* What happened?

Coco: *fighting her way through grimm* About time you showed up Red!

Ruby: *getting her knives out and throwing them at the grimm* Why are there so many grimm?

Coco: Didn’t you hear the speech after that girl died?

Ruby: No, I didnt.

Coco: Well, someone isnt happy with the schools. We’re helping people evacuate and then we’re leaving!

Ruby: *nodding and rushing forward* Then I need to get to my team!

Coco: Good luck!


Nora: *hesitating as she walked over to the machine* Shouldn’t we be up there helping?

Ozpin: You will be. But first, you must get these powers. It’ll help us turn the tides.

Nora: *looking at the young woman in the machine* That’s the current fall maiden, isnt it?

Ozpin: *nodding* And she’s dying. Please, get inside so we can start the process.

Nora: *slowly stepping into the machine* This… isnt going to hurt, is it?

Ozpin: *closing the door and sighing* I cant promise that.

[As the machine started up, Nora screamed in pain as the aura and powers transferred to her, eyes glowing as the maiden power started awakening inside her]


Cinder: *watching the grimm fill the campus, feeling a slight tug inside her* Well, that’s odd.

Emerald: Is there something wrong?

Cinder: Not sure. I think my powers are trying to tell me something.

Emerald: Like what?

Cinder: *looking in the direction she was feeling pulled to, seeing Beacon tower* I think I may have found the half Im missing.

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Summer: *sitting down at a cafe, listening to the tv* Sounds like another fight is starting.

Ruby: *looking over* Sun Wukong versus… Penny of Atlas. Well, this wont last long.

Summer: Oh? Why’s that?

Ruby: Im not sure Sun actually knows how to fight. At least, I haven’t seen him fight yet.

Summer: You should have more faith in yoir friends.

Ruby: *sighing* He's… not actually a friend. Just know him through Weiss’s boyfriend.

Summer: And Weiss?

Ruby: What about her?

Summer: Is she still giving you trouble?

Ruby: *shaking her head* No, we’ve figured things out. We’re not best friends, but she doesn’t hate me.

Summer: That’s great to hear.

Ruby: *staring at the tv in shock* Y-yeah…

Summer: *hearing grimm sirens* Ruby? What’s going on?

Ruby: Sun… He killed Penny…

Summer: *getting up and heading outside* Go back to Beacon.

Ruby: Im coming with-

Summer: I’ll be fine. Besides, they’ll need all the help they can get at Beacon. Lots of civilians to evacuate.

Ruby: *sighing and starting to rush out the door*

Summer: And Ruby?

Ruby: Yeah, mom?

Summer: After today… I think it’ll be time to tell you everything.

Ruby: *smiling* You better.

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Ruby: *walking around the Vytal Festival* This sucks.

Summer: *using her cane, sticking close to Ruby* You know, things will get better. It’ll take time, but they will.

Ruby: I know, but I was really hoping to watch one of my friends make it to the finals.

Summer: We can still watch them.

Ruby: It wont be the same.

Summer: Then why dont we go into town and have a day just for us?

Ruby: *thinking for a moment* Can we go to that cafe I like?

Summer: Of course. And you can invite Nora.

Ruby: *pulling out her scroll* I’ll see if she wants to join. She said she had to talk to Ozpin though.

Summer: *frowning* I dont trust him.

Ruby: Are you ever going to tell me why?

Summer: When you’re older.


Yang: *sighing as a portal opened up near her* Leave me alone.

Raven: *stepping through* You’re my daughter-

Yang: And all you’ve done is ask me to hide. Ozpin wants to help me-

Raven: He wants to use you.

Yang: *frowning* You keep telling me and Ruby that but you never tell us why.

Raven: *sighing* Because all he does is use people. He used me and your mother against Salem and I dont want him using you or Ruby.

Yang: Why didn’t you just tell us about her? We can stop-

Raven: No. You cant.

Yang: What do you mean-

Raven: *sighing* Salem… she’s immortal and she cannot die. Summer and I found that out through one of her agents. And I fear she has someone here too.

Yang: *getting up* Then I’ll find them.

Raven: And then what? All you’re doing is delaying-

Yang: *walking off* Then I continue to fight. If I die doing my duty, I die as a huntress.

Raven: *sighing* That’s not a life worth living…

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Raven: *walking into Ozpin’s office* You have to do something! You’ve been compromised-

Ozpin: I know and I already have Glynda on it to see what’s going on.

Raven: You need to stop the tournament!

Ozpin: *looking up from his desk* No.

Raven: The students are at risk-

Ozpin: And if I stop now, Salem will still push forward. If you’d continue helping me, you’d understand we are out of time.

Raven: *frowning* You’re going to risk the students on the idea that we dont have time? You’re going to risk my daughters-

Ozpin: Yang is already aware of the situation. And Ruby will as well as soon as she-

Raven: No! I refuse to let you use her like her mother!

Ozpin: And that’s not your choice.

Raven: She’s my daughter!

Nora: *slowly walking in* Professor? If this is a bad time-

Ozpin: *smiling* Miss Rose-Branwen was just leaving.

Raven: *glaring and making a portal* Dont trust him kid.

Nora: *watching Raven leave* I… I thought more about the offer. Im ready to accept.

Ozpin: *nodding and standing up* Then let’s get you ready.

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Ruby: *pulling her parents to their seats* Come on! We’re going to miss it!

Summer: *chuckling a bit* Calm down sweetie.

Ruby: I just dont want to miss Nora’s fight.

Raven: About Nora-

Ruby: I know you both are worried, but I promise, she’s kind and smart and sweet-

Summer: Ruby. We… understand we may have been a bit… judgemental.

Raven: And if you really do like her, then we’ll try to be a bit more open about it. Starting with dinner after the tournament.

Ruby: *eyes lighting up* You mean it?

Summer: *nodding and feeling for her seat before sitting down* We do. Now please relax. The fight will start soon.

Ruby: *sitting down, practically vibrating in her chair*

Summer: *leaning over to Raven* She gets it from you.

Raven: And her stubbornness from you.


Nora: *sitting in her dorm with her team and Ironwood* I… I dont know what happened…

Ironwood: I’m sorry, but the four of you are disqualified. We can’t risk this happening again.

Jaune: She would never do that on purpose!

Ironwood: You saw the same footage that I did. Neon was down on the ground and Nora broke her hip. The only reason I’m not arresting her is because she’s never done anything like this before. At this point, it just seems like a case of battle fatigue.

Ren: *pulling Nora close* We umm… We will make sure to keep Nora out of further trouble.

Ironwood: That’s all I ask.

Ruby: *walking into the dorm as Ironwood leaves* Nora?

Nora: *looking up to Ruby, smiling weakly* Ruby….

Ruby: *walking over and hugging Nora* I know that wasnt you.

Nora: I’m glad you trust me.

Pyrrha: We should give those two some privacy.

Jaune: *nodding and walking out of the dorm with Ren*

Nora: I.. I thought I saw Neon attack… I dont understand what happened.

Ruby: I know. And it’s okay. We’ll figure out what’s going on.

Nora: *nodding* Thank you…

Ruby: *smiling and pulling out the toy Nora had won her earlier* I think you could use this for now.

Nora: *smiling softly* Stay with me a while longer?

Ruby: *cuddling Nora* Anything for you.

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Ruby: So, who's your team putting through for round two?
Nora: Jaune decided to put me and Pyrrha in. Let the power houses do the work.
Ruby: Still no faith in himself?
Nora: *starting up a game of whack-a-mole* You know him. He thinks he doesn't belong here.
Ruby: *watching Nora* Do any of us though?
Nora: *grinning* You do.
Ruby: *blushing* I-I got lucky. Besides, Im still nearly failing all of my classes.
Nora: But you're passing.
Ruby: Thanks to Weiss.
Nora: *finishing up and collecting the prize* You two finally getting along?
Ruby: Sorta… although, it's helped that she's been dating Neptune.
Nora: A match made in heaven.
Ruby: Still cant believe the two are together like that.
Nora: *shrugging* Maybe he's rich?
Ruby: *laughing* Has to be.
Nora: *handing a stuffed toy sloth to Ruby* For you.
Ruby: *smiling and holding the toy close* You didnt have to.
Nora: But, you're my girlfriend. So, I wanted to.
Ruby: *kissing Nora* You should get ready for the next round.
Nora: Just as long as you watch the fight.
Ruby: I wouldn't miss it. You'll do great.
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Raven: *walking out of a portal* Ozpin! We need to talk!

Ozpin: *sighing* Raven, you’re supposed to be on house-

Summer: *stepping through behind Raven* She’s with me. But she’s right, we need to talk.

Ozpin: Very well, what about?

Raven: I think the breach was started by our enemies-

Ozpin: Im aware.

Raven: *hesitating* Then why aren’t you-

Ozpin: I have everything under control. You and Summer may no longer be my eyes and ears, but I have other hunters in the field. And besides, we have two maidens helping defend-

Summer: *glaring* Oz! I swear if you promised Ruby-

Ozpin: *holding up his hand* Dont worry, your daughter isn’t a maiden. But for now, relax and enjoy the tournament.

Raven: Dont you think its-

Summer: *putting a hand on Raven* Love, we should go.

Raven: Fine.

Ozpin: *watching Summer and Raven leave* Alright Salem, your move.

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Nora: Are you sure you’re okay?

Ruby: Im fine.

Nora: *sighing* You have a broken arm.

Ruby: *looking at her cast* And it’ll be better in a couple weeks. Just in time for the tournament.

Nora: You gave me a scare.

Ruby: I know. But Im fine. Promise.

Nora: *kissing Ruby* I know.

Raven: *clearing her throat*

Ruby: *wincing* H-hey mom.

Raven: Can we talk? Alone?

Ruby: *sighing* See you after classes?

Nora: *nodding and walking off*

Raven: What exactly happened out there?

Ruby: I stumbled across Torchwick and his goons. It was an accident. The ground gave and I fell-

Raven: And you weren’t looking for that kind of trouble?

Ruby: Not… entirely…

Raven: *sighing* You cant keep doing this.

Ruby: Its to help Blake-

Raven: I dont want to hear another word. You all were reckless. Leaving Oobleck. Crashing a train through the wall. You and Blake were lucky. Things could’ve been much worse.

Ruby: I know, but you dont understand-

Raven: No, I do understand. But right now, I dont want to hear about you and your team getting mixed up in this anymore. You’re all just huntresses in training. Leave the heroics to the professionals. You still have a lot to learn.

Ruby: *sighing* Yes mama…

Raven: *hugging Ruby* I want you to be able to graduate. Which means you have to live, okay?

Ruby: I’ll make sure to be safer.

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Ruby: *following Zwei* Just hurry up. Im supposed to be on watch for my team.

Zwei: *rushing behind a pole*

Ruby: *taking a few steps forward* Dont go too fa-

[A sinkhole opens under Ruby]

Ruby: *falling down into a tunnel*

Torchwick: *frowning* Of course little red is here.

Ruby: *hesitating* I just… took.a wrong step is all. Didn’t mean to drop down.

Torchwick: I dont have time for this. Neo, dispose of her.

Ruby: W-wait lets not get to hasty.

Neo: *walking closer, parasol at the ready*

Torchwick: *walking off* And make it quick. If she’s here, the others might not be too far behind.


Weiss: *waking up to Zwei barking* What’s wrong?

Blake: *moving slightly* Ruby, calm.the mutt, please…

Weiss: *looking around* Ruby’s not here.

Blake: *shooting up* Shit! We have to find her!

Zwei: *starting to walk off*

Weiss: *grabbing her weapon* Seems like Zwei wants us to follow.

Blake: *sighing* Then let’s hurry. Yang will kill us if anything happens to her.

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Raven: *stepping out of the portal* Ozpin! Dont you dare try to guilt Yang into following you.

Ozpin: I have done no such thing.

Raven: *glaring and storming to him* I will protect my daughter-

Yang: Mom… stop…

Raven: *hesitating* Yang, you dont-

Yang: No, I understand what’s going on. Ozpin explained everything to me. I… Im going to let him train me how to better use my powers. So I can defend everyone and be a great huntress.

Ozpin: *nodding* She made this choice on her own. No, tell me, why would you hide the spring maiden like this? 

Raven: *glaring and drawing her sword* You know exactly why! You and your shadow war have sacrificed enough people!

Yang: Mom, please stop-

Raven: *pointing her sword at Ozpin’s throat* And I will do everything I can to keep my family out of your-

Yang: *eyes glowing red as power emanated from them* I said stop! *a fireball leaves Yang’s hand, hitting Raven square in the chest*

Raven: *stumbling back and catching herself*

Yang: *panting heavily* I need… someone to train me. Ozpin will be my best option since you and mom never want me using these. Just let me make this choice.

Raven: *looking at Yang sadly* R-right. It’s your choice…

Yang: Thank you.

Raven: I'll… see you after?

Yang: *nodding* After classes.

Raven: *walking through the portal and closing it*

Ozpin: *putting a hand on Yang’s shoulder* You made the right choice.

Yang: Thank you, sir.

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Raven: *pacing back and forth*

Summer: *sighing* Want to talk about what’s on your mind?

Raven: I’m worried about our daughters.

Summer: They can handle themselves.

Raven: But what if-

Summer: *getting up and putting a hand on Raven’s shoulder* Ruby will be fine.

Raven: This is the first time she’s lived in a dorm.

Summer: I know. But I trust her. She can take care of herself.

Raven :But what if her team doesnt approve-

Summer: They dont have to. She’s happy with who she is. And she has Yang to help her.

Raven: Maybe we should-

Summer: Love, please relax. Everything will be fine. I bet Ozpin will be able to handle it.


Ozpin: I cannot move Weiss from your team.

Ruby: And why not?

Ozpin: As a huntress, you arent always going to work with people who agree with you. You’ll need to learn how to work together despite your differences.

Ruby: *rolling her eyes* This is less about our differences and more that I dont feel comfortable around her.

Ozpin: *taking a sip from his mug* You both chose to be partners.

Ruby: *glaring* So what exactly am I supposed to do?

Ozpin: You could start by talking with her. That’s usually how people settle disagreements.

Ruby: *sighing and getting up* Why did I even bother?

Ozpin: *watching Ruby walk off* She really is like her mother.

Glynda: Dont remind me. I dont want to deal with another rule breaker.

Ozpin: I was talking about Summer.

Glynda: *giving a deadpan look* Me too.

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Weiss: *bursting into the dorm* Ruby! There you are!

Ruby: *looking up from her comic* You’re smiling. You never smile.

Weiss: *quickly frowning* I’ll have you know I do smile. But, you and I need to go out to Vale today.

Ruby: I’d rather not.

Weiss: It’s important.

Ruby: *sighing* You ditched us for a week after freaking out about me, insulted me in front of our friends… why should I go with you?

Weiss: I think I know something that can help us.

Ruby: *looking skeptical* Help us how, exactly?

Weiss: I scheduled you a therapy session so we can get to the root of this problem-

Ruby: *frowning and getting up* Alright, that’s it. Im done.

Weiss: Done pretending to be a girl?

Ruby: Done with you. I dont know why I thought you’d finally accept me, but clearly you wont. So Im going to Ozpin to see if I can get you off this team.

Weiss: *frowning* You need to quit-

Ruby: *pushing Weiss up against the wall* No, you need to stop this! We are supposed to be a team, but all you care about is insulting me and claim Im some sort of threat to you. If you hate me that much, then leave me alone.

Weiss: Hmph.

Ruby: *pulling away from Weiss and walking out of the dorm*

Weiss: *sitting down to do homework* Not like Ozpin’s going to do anything about it…

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Weiss: Thank you guys for letting me be here for now.

Pyrrha: *nodding* Sure. What’s going on anyway?

Weiss: I’m just not… comfortable being around Ruby.

Jaune: What’s wrong with Ruby? She seems nice enough.

Weiss: First off, he’s pretending to be a girl.

Nora: *frowning* You probably shouldn’t out someone like that.

Weiss: Why? Not like it matters. Born a boy, always a boy.

Nora: *glaring* You know, I dont like that kind of mindset.

Weiss: It’s not my fault he’s a fre-

Nora: Because I’m in the same boat as Ruby, Weiss!

Weiss: *hesitating* So.. you’re a boy-

Nora: Girl. I’m a girl. Just like you. And Ruby.

Jaune: *starting to feel uncomfortable* W-Weiss, maybe it’s time you leave..

Weiss: *getting up and leaving* Fine. I didnt want to be here anyway.

Nora: Fucking bigot…

Pyrrha: *pulling Nora close* Sorry about that.

Nora: *sighing* Its… fine… I didnt want to out myself just yet.

Jaune: We should go find Ruby and cheer her up. I cant imagine how she feels right now.

Pyrrha: *nodding* She could use a couple friends.

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Yang: *walking into the library* Weiss!

Weiss: *sighing and putting her book down* What now you-

Yang: *picking Weiss up* We are going to have a chat.

Weiss: *pounding on Yang’s back* Put me down, you brute!

Yang: Not until we have a much needed talk about my sister.

Weiss: *sighing* You mean your bro-

Yang: *eyes going red* Call her my brother one more time and you wont ever have to worry about grades again. Got it?

Weiss: *shutting up and nodding*

Yang: Good. *dropping Weiss into a chair* Now, Ruby is our teammate. I dont care if you dont like her, you both need to get along.

Weiss: Why should I? Ruby’s just a creep for pretending-

Yang: Because if you dont, then I’ll have to get Ozpin involved. And I know you would rather we dont.

Weiss: *narrowing her eyes* And why do you think I wont?

Yang: Because then you’d be forced to go home and deal with your father.

Weiss: *frowning*

Yang: I have no problems protecting Ruby. But you hurt her. Normally, anyone that hurts her would have a few broken bones right now. Since we are supposed to be teammates, I’m letting you off with a warning. Hurt her again and I will make sure you regret it.

Weiss: *looking away* Fine. But I’m not changing in front of Ruby.

Yang: No one is asking you to. I’m just asking that you get to know her and understand that no matter how she looks, she is a girl.

Weiss: Crossdressing isnt going to change that.

Yang: *walking away from Weiss* Like I said, consider this your last warning.

Weiss: *sighing and pulling out her scroll* Maybe I can fix this situation my way…

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Yang: *seeing a wilting flower and sighing* Poor little thing.

Ruby: *sighing* You’re going to do what I think you are, arnt you?

Yang: *making sure no one else was around* Im being careful.

Ruby: You know mom said not to do this on campus.

Yang: *eyes glowing and touching the flower* Y-yeah, but if I can help with these, dont you think I should?

Ruby: *watching the flower revitalize* Okay, thats just unfair. You know what I’d say.

Yang: *smirking* See? You’d agree.

Ruby: Yes, but what if Ozpin finds out? Or our team?

Yang: *shrugging as her eyes quit glowing* We’ll figure things out.

Ruby: You still need to be careful. You know what mom-

Yang: *rolling her eyes* Yeah, yeah, “being a maiden is a large responsibility. People will be after you” blah blah blah. She said the same about your eyes.

Ruby: And mom’s blind because of hers.

Yang: *sighing* I know. But we’ll be fine. I promise.

Ruby: *sighing* I know. I just… want us to be careful.

Yang: *smiling and walking off* We should get to class. Dont need Weiss yelling at us for slacking off again.

Ruby: *giggling* Well, she certainly has a stick she needs removed from her-

Yang: Ruby!

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Raven: *hesitating* Something doesn’t feel right.

Tai: What do you mean?

Raven: *grabbing her sword* I… I dont know. It’s just a feeling.

Tai: Do what you need to. I’ll stay with the kids.

Raven: *opening a portal with her semblance* Thanks.

Tai: *watching Raven walk through* Please be safe.

Raven: *entering a field* Summer?

Summer: *voice strained* R-Raven?

Raven: *rushing over to Summer* Summer! What happened?

Summer: *laying on the ground, covering her eyes with on arm* S-Salem has a new assassin.

Raven: *picking Summer up* It’ll be okay.

Summer: *hesitating* I… I cant see…

Raven: *sighing* Let’s get you to the doctor.

Summer: *holding close to Raven* Im sorry….

Raven: *walking through the portal with Summer* It’s okay. You’ll be fine.

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Raven: *dialing Summer’s scroll again* Please answer….
Summer: *walking into the house* I’m back-
Raven: Summer! Thank gods you’re alright.
Summer: Sorry for worrying you Rae. Things didn’t go as planned.
Raven: *hugging Summer* You weren’t back when you said you’d be and you never answered your scroll.
Summer: *sighing and pulling out a smashed scroll* Ran into eome trouble with a goliath.
Raven: *pulling away and finishing making lunch* Im glad you’re safe.
Summer: *watching Yang and Ruby curiously* I thought it was Tai’s turn to watch Yang.
Raven: He… had to leave.
Summer: *hearing the sadness to Raven’s voice* What’s going on?
Raven: *sighing* Qrow left to go back to the badit tribe. Tai went after him.
Summer: I should go-
Raven: Please dont.
Summer: *hesitating* But Qrow-
Raven: He’ll be fine. Right now though, we have a daughter to take care of.
Summer: *nodding* Right. Tai will bring him back.
Raven: Come help me finish making lunch for the kids?
Summer: *smiling and heading to the kitchen* Yes dear.

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