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What if… What if Jason and Cassandra (Savage) both escape the Light, the Shadows etc and the crime scene in general to ultimately switch side together? Like, imagine after that having a Red Hood and the Outlaws story arc in later seasons (I’m saying that bcoz season 4 is already set to be LOSH centric so…) w Cassandra being an Outlaw and possibly… Arsenal with them? I would honestly die ngl

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All I ask for, all I ask for, is for one Batfam or Jayroy fic that doesn’t demonize Oliver. It’s all I’m asking for please, just one fic! Oliver loves his kids, he loves Roy so so much and Roy loves him back and I wish batfam fandom would stop characterizing Oliver and Roy’s relationship based on one comic arc. They love each other and Roy forgave Oliver a long time ago in the comic canon and they moved past all that onto a better relationship! Just because you aren’t a Green Arrow fan and don’t read those comics doesn’t mean you have to base their relationship and other character’s opinions off of the one arc you know!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again Oliver Queen loves his kids which means he loves Roy Harper, and Roy Harper loves Oliver Queen as his father.

Oliver and Roy don’t hate each other and they never did! They fought, and Oliver did a shity thing, but they always loved each other!

Oliver Queen is not the evil man a lot of the batfam fandom make him out to be, and making him look bad does not make Bruce look good because Bruce has done much worse things to his kids that he never apologized for where the majority of the time Oliver apologizes when he messes up! Please, for the sake of my sanity, just let Oliver be a good person in Batfam and Jayroy fics, the dynamic of Roy hating Oliver and Oliver being a bad dad isn’t entertaining done this many times.

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Okay I’m a horrible person but liiiiike

I’m thinking of a JayRoy AU where Roy is captured and sold to like shady scientists experimenting with the metagene like in Young Justice and he’s obviously tortured and experimented on and loses his arm (but not because he’s cloned cause honestly that shit was weird, like I get why they did it and they played it off well but it’s just too weird for me to think of there being three different Roys lmao)

Anyway I’m just thinking now, I wonder what kind of metahuman powers Roy might get if the experiments were successful? I bet it’d be something he’d have a lot of difficulty controlling or tapping into. Or would the experiments fail, because I also kinda like the idea of the non-metahuman DC heroes all biologically missing the metagene, and Roy is left broken and traumatized, likely discarded or brainwashed into compliance as part of whatever group is behind the whole thing?

And of course Jason comes to bust his ass out of there, but either way you cut it really Roy isn’t the same person he was before and he’s got a long way to recovery, which I’m sure is marked with setbacks like relapsing.

This is a story that needs a lot more plotting than I am mentally capable of at the moment but it is definitely piqueing my interest

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Can somebody help me find Wally West centric fanfiction, I can’t find much because a lot of them are Robin/Dick Grayson centric and as much as I love him, I really want Wally West centric fanfic

It can have birdflash, Roy/Wally, Conner/Wally, Kaldur/wally (these could be romantic or friendship) not a big fan of Spitfire (wally/artemis) romantically but it could have it as long as they stay friends or whatever

I also really like the Barry and Wally stories, where Barry is very protective and whatnot

I also like the ones where the young justice group are protective of Wally, for multiple reasons

I’m sorry if this sounds annoying or mean but I didn’t mean to, If y’all could tell me some good fanfic that are centered around Wally, I be very thankful, also, sorry If I repeated myself to much

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aka the teen titans gc that no one, especially not robin, asked for.


boywonder: robin
hornblower: herald
boywonder2: speedy
guitarsolo: jericho
sunshine: starfire
bbyflash: kid flash
baymax: cyborg

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Dick : Baby Shark doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. Baby Shark doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

Jason: *glares* Don’t make shoot you.

Dick: Jeez, Jason. Sorry for having very eclectic tastes.

Jason: That’s not having eclectic tastes, Grayson. That’s having no taste at all.


Roy: Trust me, you’ll get used to it. He’s been roasting me for years.

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any ship with jason in it is great because he canonically went to heaven when he died which means that you know whoever he’s dating is the one who went to super hell for being gay. jayroy is great in particular because it means that wally sent one of his childhood best friends to super hell :)

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