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Wait...wait...wait...what??...Dorin blush??

Dorin crossed his arms, mouth immediately lowering to a familiar scowl, “Don’t be an idiot.  I don’t blush, and even if I did no one would believe you.” 

You smirk, “Right.  My apologizes.” You step closer, a plan forming in your mind.  

He is too busy not meeting your eyes to notice, “It’s an easy mistake to make.  I understand-” You’ve leaned upwards without warning, pressing a chaste kiss to the corner of his lips.  One hand slipping around his neck, other resting on his chest.  His steel-colored eyes have widened and just as you expected-

A beautiful blush that creeped up from his neck and onto his face.  You move the hand from his chest to his cheekbone, following the reddened skin.  When you meet his eyes, he whispers his next words, “This proves nothing.”

Remember when I said soft would make Dorin melt?  

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Will we get the chance to express our jealousy to maeve? I mean, she is married, that would drive some people crazy

I’m planning on allowing the MC to have a whole host of responses (jealousy included).

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How would the ROs react to the MC asking them to hold something for them. When they hold out their hand, MC then proceeds to lace their fingers together, giving them a sly smile

Assuming Crushing here:

The Mage: They look at your hands for a long moment.  Then they look up in your eyes, when you don’t give any indication of dropping their hand they bring you closer.

The Royal: Their face would be red but they’d still insist that they can hold whatever you needed them too.  As if they understood, but wanted to offer you an out.

Alistair: He’d nod seriously, “An important object indeed.  I will make sure to never let go.”

Maeve: Her brows would be raised, and an exasperated smile would leave her mouth, “Very well then.”

The Healer: They’d laugh and use the hand you gave them to pull you into their lap, putting their arms around you so that you couldn’t leave.

Dorin: He wouldn’t be able to meet your eyes, staring straight ahead with red cheeks as he tightly gripped your hands.

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Dear author, I miss the Mage so much, words can't even describe what I am feeling. Please keep them safe and tell them that they are loved. I am eternally grateful to you for giving them to us. -A humble tiny elf.

Still eyes watch the distant horizon.  You are so far.  Too far.  How are they supposed to keep you safe when you can only talk to them in dreams?  They wish they could capture the continent for you.  You’d be safe if you had no reason to leave.  But instead they wait, and wish.

They miss you too anon! 

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But what if MC loved horses and ride them, would the mage bear with it?¨MC can always be found on the stables, invites him along to their long rides. Hahaha, a test of love for both parts.

They would for the MC.  But if the MC is less formal, or just generally expects them to tell their opinions then you can bet that they’ll be complaining.  

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With each ask I fall more and more in love with Alistair, is difficult to still want to romance the mage (the first who picked my attention). He is too much, exactly my type of lover, love his personality.

These asks always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I’m glad that people love my good boi.  (And Alistair would be immensely pleased with himself that he’s gotten someone who genuinely loves him).

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I can’t believe Chise interrupted Ange as she was about to say she had a lovING GIRLFRIEND AND HOW DARE SHE SAY SHE CAN’T GET S O M E

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Warnings: Mentions of violence, crimes, physical fights

Word Count: 2,832

Author’s Note: This is the first story I’ve really worked on and it’s still not quite as smooth as I wanted it to be 😅 If you have any feedback or comments feel free to tell me :) I hope you enjoy reading~


Strategic Planning and Directed Espionage is a private organization that catches criminals too powerful to be caught by regular law enforcement. Their agents go undercover to gather sufficient evidence to lock up even those with the most expensive lawyers. Agent Rivers is currently their best field agent, and one particular crime syndicate is starting to figure that out. Lately their missions haven’t been running smoothly and it’s happened too often to simply be accidents. Someone is trying to eliminate S.P.A.D.E., starting with Agent Rivers.


(I arranged the moodboard but only the middle photo is mine. Credits to the original owners of the other photos.)

Katie had left an hour ago—she was in charge of training the new agents in people-reading skills—and Natasha was alone in browsing through the files. She was making a list of the people involved in putting together the jury when someone approached her desk, “Are these the Cell Air files?” Lucas asked.

“Yes,” she replied, “Mainly about the evidence found and the people in the jury.” She noticed that she was tapping her pen on the desk and stopped herself.

“They have to be checked again, right?” Lucas picked up the folder on the top of the stack and opened it.

“Yeah,” Natasha answered curtly and looked back at her computer screen.

She looked up again when she noticed Lucas had picked up most of the folders from the stack.

“What are you doing?” she asked him.

“Checking,” Lucas held up the folders and left.

Natasha didn’t know if Lucas was even allowed to see those files, and being in charge of the case she knew that she should ask him and confirm if he had been granted access, but the thought of speaking with him alone made her hesitate. She didn’t even know how she’s supposed to give him private training lessons.

She glimpsed Katie’s red hair down the hall and knew that she only had seconds before those green eyes of hers did their x-ray vision magic on her. Katie was as good at reading people’s facial expressions as much as Natasha was good at predicting attacks, making it near impossible to lie to her. Which means Katie knew how affected Natasha was by Lucas being back; she’d just been kind enough not to mention it.

“Didn’t you have more of those?” Katie asked when she reached Natasha’s desk, pointing to the noticeably smaller stack of folders.

“Lucas took them,” Natasha answered evenly.  

“That’s what he was carrying?” Katie asked surprised, pointing to the hallway where she just saw Lucas. “He is good with patterns,” she considered, “Maybe he’ll find something.”

“Maybe,” Natasha tried to maintain an impassive expression.  

There was a pause where Natasha could almost feel Katie’s eyes reading data off her face, “Nate told me that Lucas asked Miss Morgan if he could help on this case.”

“And Lucas didn’t think to inform me of that before he snatched my folders,” Natasha was making an effort to focus on the aspects of the case, because otherwise it would sink in that Lucas had been trying to get close to her ever since he came back, and she didn’t want to deal with that yet. She didn’t want to admit that despite not being able to relax while he’s in the room, she was glad he’s back.

Katie smiled, “So are you guys friends again?” she pointed her pen at Natasha and to the direction where Lucas went.

Natasha took a moment to answer, “Does it matter?”

“To you? Definitely,” Katie replied, with that familiar smug look on her face that said she could read you like an open book.

Natasha looked away from her and turned her eyes to the computer screen again even though she couldn’t understand what was on there anymore. “Make yourself useful and read these instead of my face,” she pushed the remaining folders towards Katie.

Katie chuckled and pulled up a chair, opening a folder, “This must be a big one if Miss Morgan had Lucas and Nate helping now too.”

Natasha frowned, “Even Nate’s in this case?” They didn’t usually have so many agents just to reinvestigate a case.

Katie nodded, “Him and Lucas just got assigned today, so now there are five of us including Rob.” Her phone suddenly rang, “Ah, speak of the Robert,” she said looking at the screen. “Agent Lee speaking,” she answered. Her face turned serious as she listened to Rob, “When?”  

Natasha looked at her when she heard the concern in her voice. “Got it, I’ll tell her. Thanks, Rob,” Katie hung up. “It’s Benjamin Young,” she said to Natasha.

“What happened?” Natasha felt uneasy. Rob was in charge of bringing in Benjamin Young for questioning; the warrant was just approved this morning and he had gone to get Young.  

“Rob didn’t find him,” Katie said worriedly, “He disappeared.”  

“Young’s gone,” Natasha said immediately after barging into Miss Morgan’s office. “According to intel, he left the country but we don’t know where he’s planning to go.”

Miss Morgan held up a hand, she was at her desk listening to someone on the telephone, “Thank you for letting us know, I will get back to you at the soonest possible time,” she put down the phone and looked at Natasha. “That was our headquarters in Anglona, Prince Lorenzo Vaughn is announcing his engagement to Princess Karissa Livingston next month. Important members of both royal families will be in attendance, as well as their ambassadors.”

Prince Lorenzo was heir to the throne of Anglona, and they had been strengthening their alliance with Caspontia for years, so it’s no surprise that they would seal that alliance with a marriage, but Natasha didn’t understand why Miss Morgan thought it relevant to bring up now.

“Ma’am,” Natasha began, “Benjamin Young has fled the country, we don’t know where he is,” she repeated as politely as she could manage.

“And two days ago, Anglona’s ambassador resigned; his replacement is on his way now, from this country,” Miss Morgan was waiting for her to understand.

“Benjamin Young,” Natasha understood.

“Nothing’s certain yet,” Miss Morgan clasped her hands on the desk. “Our agents in the palace have confirmed that an Adrian Davenport would be the one replacing the previous ambassador. We don’t know what he looks like, but they will send us photos when Davenport arrives.”

Natasha could only think of one reason why the Anglona headquarters would be telling them all this, “They need our help, don’t they?” she realized with dread. Their divisions only contacted each other for help on exceptionally difficult cases; keeping one country in check was hard enough. “And why do they think Adrian Davenport is Benjamin Young?”

Miss Morgan gestured to one of the chairs in front of her desk, “Have a seat, Agent Rivers.”

Natasha sat; she didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“When you told me that Young is both in the Redwood Grove and Cell Air cases, I had a feeling that we must proceed with a sense of urgency,” Miss Morgan explained. “I sent the Anglona headquarters Young’s profile and asked if they knew anything about him. I wasn’t expecting any significant results, I just wanted to be sure,” she typed something on her laptop. “But less than 24 hours later, they had sent back this,” she turned her laptop to face Natasha.

It was the profile of an arms dealer named Tomas Fry based in Anglona, it said he had died three years ago in a police chase. The picture was of a man with a thick beard, but there was no mistaking it.

“He faked his death three years ago in Anglona,” Natasha said, reading over the profile.

“And now Adrian Davenport is on his way to that same country, having bought his plane ticket using the same bank account where Benjamin Young receives his shares from Redwood Grove,” Miss Morgan said.

“If he was in a hurry to leave the country, he might not have had time to cover his tracks,” Natasha was trying to picture it in her mind, trying to think like the enemy. “But why would Tomas Fry return to Anglona after his efforts to escape it?” she looked at Miss Morgan.

“That’s what we need to find out,” Miss Morgan replied, “and why your team needs to attend that engagement party. The agents at Anglona are in charge of keeping the royal family safe; your team’s task is to capture Tomas Fry.”

Natasha wasn’t surprised, they had often worked together with the agents at Anglona. “Which agents would be on my team?” she asked.

“I thought it best that the team be composed of the agents already working on the Cell Air case, you’re the ones who know the most about Tomas Fry as Benjamin Young,” Miss Morgan answered, “And S.P.A.D.E. Anglona has requested the presence of Agent Knight. Apart from you, he’s the one they are most acquainted with because of his stay there for the past year. They want to be surrounded with people they can trust; I fear this Tomas Fry is making them anxious, and I can hardly blame them,” Miss Morgan said.  


Natasha was preparing notes for their mission next month when Lucas set down a stack of folders on her desk.

“Records on Tomas Fry, Benjamin Young, and William Robinson, the previous ambassador of Anglona,” Lucas announced.

“I thought you preferred analyzing digital files?” she asked, looking up from her notes.

“But it’s easier for you to look at printed copies so you can examine multiple pages at once. And if I wanna help you, I should get used to it too,” Lucas said.

“I didn’t ask for your help,” she said, more bluntly than she had intended.

“And I didn’t ask for your permission,” Lucas replied simply and went back to his own desk in the next department, carrying half of the folders he just brought.  

Natasha wasn’t sure whether to feel offended or impressed. She decided to not show any emotion since Katie was just a few feet away sitting at her own desk, and they’ve been friends for long enough that she could tell Katie was about to say something.

“He’s really trying,” commented Katie.

I knew it, Natasha thought wearily. “Good,” Natasha said without looking at her, “That’s his job as an analyst.”

“You know what I mean.”

“I don’t care what you mean.”

“You know I can tell you’re lying, right?”

“I will kick you off this case,” Natasha finally looked at Katie to glare at her.

“For being good at what I do?” Katie had the nerve to smile, “Good luck finding someone better than me for interrogation.”

“Why are you being like this?” Natasha was getting annoyed and turned her chair to face Katie.

“Why are you being like this?” she shot back, the smirk still on her face. “Lucas is clearly making an effort to patch things up and you’re being colder than this Frappuccino,” she took a sip of her beverage.

“Because I don’t know what his intentions are,” Natasha said, almost gritting her teeth. “Maybe you can tell me, since you’re so bloody good at what you do.”

“I can’t read minds, Natasha. But from what I see, Lucas is genuinely trying to be better,” Katie said in a more serious tone. “He’s taking the field training seriously, working as analyst on multiple cases, and just now he talked back to you even with your scary face on,” she pointed at Natasha with her metal straw. “Which I might add takes a special kind of bravery,” Katie leaned back in her chair.

“He left, Katie,” Natasha said in a calmer voice. Katie fell silent. “He left and practically stopped talking to me for almost two years,” Natasha continued. “And now he’s back and acting as if nothing happened. How do I know he’s not just gonna leave again when our bosses…” her voice caught in her throat; she took a breath and looked down at her desk.

“Miss Morgan isn’t like that,” Katie said gently, “you of all people should know. And maybe Lucas did come back to try to fix things. You know, with you.”

“How would I know what he’s trying to do?” Natasha said quietly, remembering the times she felt in the dark because Lucas didn’t exactly explain things.  “It’s not like he ever says anything.”  

“Maybe you should ask him,” Katie said slowly.

Natasha looked at her.

“Just an idea,” Katie shrugged and straightened up the things on her desk.

Two hours later, Natasha was briefing her team in the meeting room about their next mission. Nate and Lucas were sitting beside each other on one side of the table, Katie was across from Nate and Rob was beside her.

“The engagement party would take place at the Vaughn Royal Palace on July 22nd,” she was standing in front of a whiteboard with the printed profiles of Tomas Fry’s different identities. Several photos of Anglona—specifically areas surrounding the palace—were also on the board along with pictures of the important attendees.

“Intel has confirmed that Adrian Davenport is the man we know as Benjamin Young,” she pointed to the picture that S.P.A.D.E. Anglona sent, it showed a man in a formal suit shaking hands with Prince Lorenzo Vaughn.

“He didn’t even try to disguise himself,” Rob said, “but he must know we’d be looking for him.”

“Yes,” Natasha said, “Which is why we can’t rule out the possibility that he wants us to find him. You’re the one who’s been interviewing people for the Cell Air case,” she said to Rob, “It’s possible he knows what you look like.”

“I can’t be seen in the palace,” Rob nodded, “So I won’t be at the Front and I won’t be a Runner,” he guessed.

“You would be Surveillance,” Natasha pointed at the picture of the palace, “Your base would be this tower on the north side. The agents there are in charge of Scouting the palace, and they would secure that tower. Lucas and Nate would be the Runners, and Katie and I would be at the Front.”

“Nice, I love being a Runner,” Nate turned to Katie, “And we did a good job last time with Carmichael too.”

“That we did,” Katie replied and they high-fived across the table.

Runners are mainly the ones who chase after the targets if they try to escape; they are also reinforcements if there is a combat situation. Nate and Katie make a good team because of Nate’s Prediction and Katie’s people-reading skills, a target would have to try very hard to escape them. Lucas knew it too.

“Why don’t I switch places with Katie?” Lucas suggested, “Nate is more used to working with her, and Katie can run a lot faster than I can.”

Natasha lightly shook her head, “It would be your first time on the field, it’s too dangerous to put you at the Front,” she didn’t mention that she’s not sure how much she could concentrate if Lucas were to be by her side for most of the mission. “And don’t worry about the physical requirements of being a Runner, I’d be training you, remember?” even though she still wasn’t entirely comfortable with that thought, she wasn’t dreading it as much.

Lucas blinked, “Yeah, okay.” He cleared his throat and pointed at the other photos on the board, “So who are those people?”

Natasha turned to the board, “Members of the royal families,” she pointed at a particular one, “These are Princess Karissa Livingston’s parents, they would be accompanying her along with their envoy,” she moved to the next photo, “Nadine Turner,” she faced them again.

“Our agents there have coordinated with the Livingstons and they were warned of the possible threat that Fry might bring. They agreed to cooperate on the condition that we keep things unknown from the public and have the situation under control throughout the entire party,” Natasha said.

“Didn’t they warn the Vaughns too?” Katie asked.

“Tomas Fry might have spies in the palace,” Natasha replied, “And we don’t know what Fry has told the royal family and why they trust him to be their ambassador,” she sat down at the head of the table. “It would also be easier to find out what Fry is planning to do if the Vaughns are unaware of it. They’re not agents like us; they might not be able to effectively pretend to trust Fry if they knew who he really is. In this case it’s important to let Fry think that we still have no idea where he is.”

Natasha leaned forward in her chair and rested her elbows on the table, “The Livingstons have agreed that Prince Lorenzo’s safety should be a priority, as well as Princess Karissa’s. The Princess would not be arriving at the palace at the scheduled time, instead she would be at a safehouse nearby protected by the royal guards. Her and Prince Lorenzo had never seen each other before, so the Prince would not know the difference whether it’s the Princess he meets in the morning or a S.P.A.D.E. agent.”

“Wait,” Katie frowned, “They’re getting married even though they’ve never met before?”

“Yes,” Natasha nodded, “The purpose of their marriage is to seal the alliance between their countries, meeting each other beforehand didn’t seem necessary for their families,” she shrugged.

“Politics, man,” Nate shook his head disapprovingly.

“You said you and Katie would be at the Front,” Lucas said suddenly, “You mean…”

“Yes,” Natasha said again, “I would be impersonating Princess Karissa Livingston.”

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I made waaaaaayy too many memes so here ya go amigos. I may even make more later :D

Also, please don’t take these too seriously. I do like some of the movies listed here, this was just for laughs!!

See Part 2 HERE

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F*CK YOU!!!!






F*CK YOU!!!!!

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