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#Ruby Rose

Ruby: And now, here’s Blake with the cute ending!

Blake, covered in blood and holding a knife: I thought you said cult ending

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Alright, I wanna talk about Ruby and Yang.

When it comes down to it, Ruby and Yang each represent a half of Team STRQ and I think that foreshadows coming events in the series.

Ruby is an amalgam of Summer and Qrow, the fighting style of Qrow with the mentality of Summer with a dash of Qrow.

Yang is an amalgam of Raven and Tai, the fighting style of Tai (probably, we’ll have to see) and the mentality of Raven with a dash of Tai.

Ruby’s in this fight to the end. As soon as she found out what the fight was and what the stakes were, that was it she’ll give her life for the possibility of making everyone else’s lives better.

Yang on the other hand is questioning whether the cause is worth it. She was in it at first but now? Now it’s up in the air.

It only makes sense for Yang to follow in both her parents footsteps and leave the fight.

Yang is going to leave, try and help people where she can… thats the Tai in her, and Ruby is going to try and bring her back. Ruby will succeed, but its gonna be tough, as it should.

I suppose the real question is,where will Blake fall?

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can you guys tell yet that silver eye imagery makes me lose my mind or do i need to keep drawing ruby going apeshit 200 times

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Some designs. The second one is an edit of one of the defaults so they’re more Ruby’s colors lol.

i don’t think I’m gonna attempt her outfits myself (I’ve downloaded ones others have done tho).

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14.  “I can’t do this on my own.”

(ooohhh good old lancaster)

She’s scared. It has been some time since she felt this way. /This/ scared. Her hands struggle to stay steady. Ruby grips her weapon tight, her knuckles turning as white as snow. She takes a breath, trying to put on a brave face. But it does little to help. A hand is placed on her shoulder with a reassuring squeeze. Ruby flicks her silver eyes up and finds dark blue ones staring back at her. 

“Hey. You okay?” Jaune asks. 

Ruby thinks of the mission at hand. A large, dangerous Grimm has been spotted and is closing in on a village. It is far from the run-of-the-mill Beowolf. This thing is a threat, top of the class of dangerous things. There are not many hunters at the moment and much of this has fallen just onto Ruby’s lap. 

“I can’t do this on my own,” Ruby whispers. 

“That’s why I am here,” Jaune tells her. “I always got your back. We have faced worse, haven’t we?”

Ruby chuckles a little. “Yeah. We have. Thanks, Jaune.”

“Of course. Now let’s go kick some Grimm butt.”

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Six minutes of pure and pasionate lancaster love

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Jade Curses Finale

Yang walks into the kitchen and sees Ruby sitting on a stool by herself in the corner

Yang: Uh…What are you doing?

Ruby: I don’t want to talk about it!

Yang: But-

Ruby: *Calls out to the living room* Can I go now? This is boring!

Jade: *Runs into the kitchen* No!

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Oscar: *makes a bad pun for the first time*

Jaune (tearfully): so proud, my son

Nora: ayyy

Ren: *rolls his eyes a bit but in a caring way*

Weiss: how dare you

Blake: *nods in silent approval*

Yang (tearfully): so proud *mentally plans a better pun*

Ruby: *actually laughing at the bad pun*

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We wish you luck on your journey through the rabbit hole.

Want to learn more or join her?


♡ Mod Hatter

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Ruby: *yawning and leaning against a tree* Finally, some peace and qui-

Weiss: Oh no you dont! *using a glyph to move Ruby* We still need to hunt for food. 

Ruby: And we can after we rest. We’ve stayed up all night from the rain and the grimm. We can rest now, hunt later. 

Weiss: And if we dont hunt now, we might not find any food later. 

Ruby: Then you can hunt and I’m going to rest. 

Weiss: *rolling her eyes and muttering under her breath* If I wanted a pet, I would’ve paid for one. 

Ruby: *frowning* I heard that. 

Weiss: *walking off* Good. Because that’s all you’re proving you’re useful as! 

Ruby: *putting her hand on her weapon, taking a deep breath* Hold it together Ruby, you still need her. Can’t kill her yet. 


Yang: *hearing her scroll ring* I need to go check a few things. 

Blake: *finishing building a fire* Dont take too long.

Yang: *nodding and heading out of hearshot, answering her scroll* Auntie Summer.

Summer: Yang, glad you’re answering. How’s Ruby. I havent heard from her for awhile. 

Yang: *hesitating* She’s.. Great. No problems at all. 

Summer: May I talk to her? I’m worried about her. 

Yang: You… cant do that right now. 

Summer: And why not? 

Yang: *lying through her teeth* Because… she and her partner… are off having a… girls day. Just them. 

Summer: *not believing a word from Yang* So she’ll be back later tonight, right? 

Yang: Y-yeah, of course. 

Summer: Then I’ll just call back then. 

Yang: *sighing as Summer hung up* That was close. 

Blake: *coming up from behind Yang* You really think lying to Summer is a good idea? 

Yang: Do you want to be the one to tell her that Weiss Schnee is on our team? 

Blake: Okay, good point. But you know she’s not going to believe anything you just said, right? 

Yang: That’s why we have to make sure Weiss and Ruby get along after this. Because if they dont, I dont want to be the one that has to explain why we’re down a teammate. 

Blake: Are you really that worried about losing Ruby? 

Yang: *walking back to the camp* I’m only worried about Ruby getting arrested for murder. 

Blake: *laughing a bit* I’m not sure anyone would miss Weiss that much. 

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Okay y’all,, as much as I’m on the bumbleby train to the end (toot toot) I think we’re all missing a huge, far worse angst bomb here if the whole ‘Blake thinks Yang is dead’ thing comes to pass.




Ruby’s already lost her mother- in fact she spent a large portion of her life thus far believing that she’d been killed by grimm-

What the fuck do you think Ruby is going to feel if she thinks her sister got blown to smithereens inside an enemy-infested whale grimm in what is essentially a suicide mission?

As well as, of course, her other friends.

But god… that is going to be so heartbreaking to watch.

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They even do impressions of the characters and rwby and nora are just laughing

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Gods, Monsters, and a Girl Wielding a Scythe - Chapter 3 - Lord_Byron_Mudkippington - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
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Ruby sighed as they walked back to the mansion, holding red lilies in her hands. “Are you sure this is going to work? The last time we were here, I was nearly killed.” 

“We’ll be fine this time. The younger one said his sister likes these kinds of flowers, so this should calm her down. And this time, we arent going to intrude. We’re going to get invited in.” Penny smiled and sat a vase of white roses down before knocking on the door. “And then, she cant be upset.” 

“And how do you suppose we’ll be invited in?” 

The door opened as a breeze picked up, almost like the mansion was inviting the two in. Penny smiled and picked up the vase. “Like this.” 

Ruby shook her head and followed Penny inside. The inside was… darker than it had been before. Windows that were open previously had now been shut. Glass littered the hallways from shattered mirrors, even some of the furniture had been broken. Ruby sat her vase of lilies down on one of the few intact tables. “Alright, so, how is this going to work?” 

Penny sat her roses down and looked around the room, not seeing any ghostly activity. “I’m… not sure right now. But we’ll need to wait. See if we can get someone to-”

A crash came from the far side of the room as one of the paintings fell, the frame shattering. A breeze picked up inside, trying to bring the room to freezing temperatures. A ghostly wail started to fill the air as Weiss made her move. 

Penny looked around, trying to find where Weiss was going. “We dont mean you any harm right now. We brought you flowers. As a gift. To apologize for what happened last time.” 

Ruby listened as the room went silent. She looked around, starting to get a little terrified. “So.. what now?” 

“Now, we wait.” Penny backed up from the flowers, keeping Ruby close. She waited for the first sign of Weiss to appear. 

Weiss slowly materialized near the roses, picking one up. “I havent seen these flowers for decades. How did you know?” 

Penny made her eyes flash, watching Weiss. “Your… brother told us about them. Said they were your favorite.” 

Ruby took a step back as Weiss seemed to appear before her. She wasnt sure what Penny had done, but now, the late heiress was floating before her, holding one of the roses. “I’m… sorry we trespassed last time. We didnt know you were still here. Well… we didnt have any proof.” 

Weiss paused as she heard Ruby, looking over to her. “Your voice… you sound just like she did.” 


The ghostly heiress moved to Ruby, walking around her, looking for something. “Someone I knew a very long time ago. That doesnt matter though. That was another lifetime.” 

“You could tell us. Maybe we can help you.” 

Weiss smirked as a thought came through her mind. “Just to make sure we’re clear, you want to help me? Is that right?” 


“Perfect.” Weiss put a hand on Ruby’s shoulder, seamlessly entering the girl. 

Penny’s eyes widened as she was helpless to watch. Never before had she witnessed a ghost acting like this before. “Get out of her.” 

“I dont think so.” Weiss smiled as she looked over her new body, getting used to the sensations she hadnt felt in so many years. “She offered to help me, and so I’m going to make sure she does. Otherwise, I can make sure that she and I spend a very long eternity together.” 

“And what do you want help with?” 

Weiss shrugged and started walking out of the mansion. “I’m not sure yet. But, it’ll come to me eventually. For now, I want to see the world and how it’s changed since I last left this manor. I’m sure you understand.” 

Penny frowned, following the heiress who now inhabited her friend’s body. “You cant just stay inside of her! You have to leave!” 

“No.” Weiss stopped and turned around, smiling at Penny. “But, if you think you can get me out without hurting your friend, you’re more than welcome to try. In the meantime, if you dont want anyone to think you’re crazy, you might as well accept that I am this “Ruby” now.” 

Penny sighed, feeling defeated. Weiss was right, there wasnt much she could do right now without hurting Ruby, and any more discussion like that would make her seem a bit… off. “Then will you at least tell me why you’re so interested in Ruby now? Who does she look like to you?” 

Weiss smiled and started heading back into town, eager to learn about all the changes over the decade. “My lover, of course. And who knows, maybe I can get her to be mine once again.” 

Penny slowly followed Weiss, trailing a bit behind. “This… is going to be quite the adventure…” 

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Cinder: *walking out of the tent* Thank you for your cooperation, Raven. We’ll expect you and the maiden at Haven when we’re ready.

Raven: Do not make me regret this.

Cinder: Dont worry, you wont.

Ruby: *getting up from sitting over on a log* I take it things went well?

Cinder: *nodding and motioning Ruby to leave* They’ll meet us there when we’re ready. For now, they have a few raids they need to take care of. And dont worry, its nothing we need to bother with. They’re after a few smuggling ships. Especially since Atlas has started pulling men out of Mistral.

Ruby: *following Cinder out of the camp* So, what’s the plan now?

Cinder: We make our way to Haven Academy and talk to the headmaster there. Let him know that there are some people we cannot trust who will make their way over.

Ruby: *starting to feel a bit nervous* And so we’ll need to prepare for a fight, wont we?

Cinder: *smiling and taking Ruby’s hand* I promise, my rose, you’ll be fine. I wont let anything happen to you.

Ruby: *lacing her fingers with Cinder’s* Thank you.

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Ruby sighed as she washed her arm for the eighth time today. Most days, she’d find doodles on her arm that she never drew. Mostly innocent things like flowers, bubbles, once she woke up with a few notes on her arms and hands. But today, this was different. Today, the art that she woke up with wasnt washing off. She sighed as she looked at the symbol on her arm, not quite understanding who or what it belonged to. She groaned and fell back onto her bed, starting to get a bit upset. 

Yang knocked on Ruby’s door, slowly opening it. “Rubes, you ready to go yet? It’s not every day our teammates get married.” 

“I’m… I’m not sure I can go.” Ruby covered her arm with a blanket so Yang wouldnt see. “I… think I’m sick.” 

“You were just fine a few minutes ago. Dont tell me you’re jealous.” 

“I’m not jealous! I couldnt be happier for them!” 

“Alright, then why dont you want to come this time?” 

Ruby sighed and moved the blanket a bit, showing the new piece of “art” on her arm. “This is why…”

Yang hesitated for a moment. “I didnt realize you had gotten a tattoo.” 

“I didnt. I… I think my soulmate did.” 

“Your soulmate?” 

“Yes, my soulmate.” Ruby sighed and sat up. “Doodles have been showing up all over me for a while. Usually just on my hands and arms, and easy to wash off. But this… this one is different. It wont go away and I’m pretty sure I’ve burned my skin while trying to wash it off.” 

Yang nodded and started heading out of Ruby’s room. “Tell you what, finish getting dressed and then I’ll help you cover it up. I think I have some foundation that’ll work for you.” 

Ruby nodded and started getting dressed, hesitating for a moment when she saw a marker sitting on her nightstand. She quickly grabbed it and wrote a small note on her arm, hoping that maybe she could get a quick answer. My name is Ruby. What’s yours? She sat the marker down, waiting a couple minutes for an answer. She sighed and started getting ready again for her teammate’s wedding. “This is stupid. Of course I’m not going to get an answer. I doubt anyone knows I’m their soulmate.”  She finished getting dressed and went to head to Yang’s room, not noticing a new message appearing on her arm with just a simple word. 


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Hey if I were to make an interactive RWBY story, would y’all rather I-

Write it out as a fanfic (on AO3)


Draw it out as a comic? (I’d post on tumblr and insta)

The story is gonna be about “if you were in Oscar’s position” so it’s kinda a self insert thing? It’s where you’re the host for Ozpin, and you get to make choices along the way of the show.

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