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“Are you sure about this Oz?”

Ozpin turned his head to meet Qrows gaze before turning back to the metal door.

“We need answers as to what happen qrow” Ozpin spoke to him as a ding came signaling they were on the 2nd floor.

“Their ain’t no guarantee he will answer you Oz” Qrow said as the elevator reached the 1st floor.

“Oh I’m sure he will talk” Ozpin said in confidence as soon the elevator reached to ground floor. The elevator doors opened up revealing Ironwood.

“Is he ready?” Asked Ozpin to which James just nodded as a stark tension was in the air. The trio walked forward to a lone room. No other doors were present, just two Atleasian guards on watch. The general gave them a nod and two guards walked away.

“You have ten minutes with him Oz whatever information you need to get…get it now” James said as he outstretched his right hand to a scanner, deadbolts unlocked and soon the door slowly crept open.

The cell was dimly lit but Ozpin could make out gold color eyes staring at him.

Ozpin walked in slowly cane in hand. Qrow not too far behind him as the door closed.

“My…my too what do I owe this pleasure?” Said the voice smoothly as Ozpin moved closer.

“I want to talk with you…to finally get some answers” Ozpin spoke and the voice in the darkness just chuckled.

“Answers?…is that so…someone of your age…should have all the answers by now” said the to which Ozpin continued.

“I think I do have the answers I want but I need to validate it and you…are the only one right now who can answer it…” Ozpin told him before holding up his cane as a make shift light in front of him. Black long hair, a scar across his chest, a tail with out its stinger and golden evil eyes.

“Tyrian Callows”

“So delighted to see you again Ozpin” Tyrian spoke with glee “as you can see I’m a bit tied up at the moment” he chuckled as tried moving around but was heavily constricted by the chains across his body.

“So tell me…you fly all the way to an Atlas maximum security prison..just to see if I could validate some…answers you already had?” Tyrian said as Ozpin who just looked on with a neutral expression.

“Whats in it for me hm?” Tyrian giggled which agitated Qrow.

“Your lucky to still be breathing aft-”

“Oh hello Qrow…its been so long since we last seen each other…remember?” That shut Qrow up as Ozpin just held out his hand in a motion for Qrow to stand down.

“I need you to tell me what happened during your last encounter with Ruby Rose” Ozpin said and Qrows breath hitched. Tyrian just looked at Ozpin for a second. Not a word was said. A visible tension in the air.

“I simply told her the truth”.

“What truth?” Ozpin countered back.

“Simply the only truth that mattered” Tyrian fired back to which Ozpin sighed getting tired of these One Way answers but Qrow…

“You killed Jaune Arc, her soon to be fiance and she comes to bring you to justice and when we get their she is unconscious and you; half-way to death…what truth is their to tell!” Qrow said to him to which Tyrian just chuckled as Qrow just narrowed his eyes.

“That gets funnier every time I hear it…” Tyrian said softly before looking at Ozpin.

“Hey ozzy you know how you like to ask ‘Whats your favorite fairy tale’ well lemme ask you this?” Ozpin raised his eyebrow but let Tyrian speak.

“Whats your favorite Nursery Rhyme ?” Silence.

“Oh come on humor me…I might just indulge a little more” Tyrain said playfully a big twisted smile on his face.

Ozpin breathed through his nose and gripped his cane tightly.

“Wise Old Owl” He said and Tyrian again proceeded to laugh.

“Sorry…thats just a bit funny coming from you…oooh do you want to know mine?…Humpty Dumpty!” He chuckled and soon Ozpin lost a little patience.

“Enough! What. Happened. Between you and her. Now!” Slamming his cane Illuminated the whole cell as Tyrian looked on unfazed.

“Its as I said…I told her the truth…” Turning his head to the side he began to recollect that day in Vale.

“A year after that day she had finally tracked me down, I was with a group of people they were so wonderful! Loyal followers to my goddess”

“We knew about that group..we’ve kept tabs on them ever since the whole Rebirth incident in Vacuo” Qrow stated having calmed down just a tiny bit.

“Yes yes and I take it you know exactly what happened to them?” Tyrian said to which qrow didn’t speak but ozpin did.

“They were all murdered brutally”

Tyrain just smiled.

“By who?”

Ozpin just glared at him

“Ruby Rose”

“Yes yes…miss Rose is quite the killer when motivated hmm?…I see some of myself in her…hey Qrow you sure she isn’t my twin” that was the last straw for qrow as he pulled out his sword and was about to lash out…

“Qrow control yourself…as annoying and frustrating it is…we must let him speak” Ozpin said to which Qrow whose eyes were red did nothing to go forward. Tyrian smirked.

“How rude…any who…after Ruby turned her sights to me…it was clear, to me anyways, that she would kill me and reunite me with my goddess” He said with a sick joy.

“But then she comes and says something along the lines of "the man I love, the man that you killed, would rather you rot in a cell then be given release”“ Tyrian just shakes his head

"I couldn’t believe it she wasn’t going to kill me AND she was placing his death on me!” Tyrian said dramatically.

“Wait…what do you mean 'pin his death’ on you? You killed him!” Qrow said as Ozpin just narrowed his eyes, mind racing at what Tyrian was saying.

Tyrian just laughed again.

“Its always so funny to hear it!” He said and looked back to the group.

“I made a promise on the night my Salem was defeated that no matter how or when Ruby Rose would suffer” He said maliciously “ She took away the person who meant the most to me…it was only fair she lose the same” He said to them.

“ I wanted her to feel the ever lasting agony and pain but I knew I was no match for her much less the both of them” Ozpin raised an eyebrow to his words.

“So I went back to the old castle…I needed a plan something but…nothing could form…” trailing off the insidious smile came back to his face.

“Until I came across Watts laboratory..” The way be said it brought a cold chill up their spines.

“While the lab was destroyed…I was able to find in it; some of old Watts notes…prototype drugs to be exact…drugs that…were ready to be developed but…never were” he told them as Ozpin reached into his jacket and pulled out a vial.

“I take it this is the experimental drug?” Ozpin asked and all Tyrian did was chuckle at seeing the vial.

“I see…what did this drug do Tyrian” Ozpin pressed on but soon Tyrians chuckled went to full blown laughter. Qrow had by this time really had enough, at the notion of his little rose being drugged, he flew by Ozpin and proceeded to give a right hand to Tyrian’s face in an attempt to finally shut him up…

And it shut him up it did but not for long..

“ You should have seen the look on her face when I told her the truth…the stark look of horror, the beautiful agony & contempt” as if mocking him he stuck his tongue out at Qrow before looking at Ozpin again.

“Inside that vial was an experimental hallucinogen that for 15 seconds the recipient would see opposite of what was actually their” he said to them with glee.

“On THAT day I coated my stinger with the drug…and all I needed was a distraction” he said and Qrow just took a step back as he was now piecing together what he was saying.

“And that little kid showing up was all the distraction I needed to hit her and boom!” He told them with a heavy emphasis on the boom.

“So when the The Knight boy, had me in a corner…all primed up and ready to end me” He said as the unhinged man voice started to elate out of joy.

“What do you think Miss Rose saw in those fifteen seconds hmm?” Ozpin and Qrow were in silence the latter unable to process that…

“And by your the look on your faces…I can already tell…you know exactly what she saw…” a pause.

“…and what she did” He giggled at the last part.

“The look of shock on that boys face will be second best thing to be in my memory…” he trailed off seeing as how Qrow was on his knees now all at the knowledge.

“First belongs to Miss Rose face of absolute pure terror and horror at the realization that…”

“Tyrian Callows didn’t kill Jaune Arc…”

“Ruby Rose killed Jaune Arc”

His laughter came back in full force and Ozpin right then and their wanted to end his life but knew he could not. There was still something he needed to know.

“ I was able to escape that day…but ever-since then…your little niece has been tracking me down and leaving a body count to boot” he told Qrow who just looked at him in rage.

“But thats not even the best part!” He spoke like it was some sort of revelation.

“When she finally caught up to me she told me that she was going to make me face justice” he mocked the justice part.

“Said that I would pay for killing all those people in vacuo, in atlas and most importantly Jaune” Qrow and Ozpins eyes widened as Tyrian chuckled.

“Ah I see your catching on!” He told them before continuing.

“I looked at her confused but I looked into those cursed silver eyes and I finally pieced it together…”

“she had forgotten no no not forgotten! She repressed those memories!” He laughed and Qrow and Ozpin could only look at each other in horror as to this truth.

“On That day someone new was born or more like reborn! ” Qrow was done listening and got up from the cell floor and walked out he needed to go see his family.

“Oh I’m pretty sure you also have the flashdrive to Ozpin…I got it just for her.. our one year ANNIVERSARY!” Ozpin turned his back on the mad man having gotten all the validation he needed. He must get back to vale. If what Tyrian said was true…Miss Rose could…

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…”

Stopping before reaching the cell door. Tyrian sang.

“Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…”

Gritting his teeth in anger trying not to let this psychopath get the better of him.

“All the king’s horse’s & all the king’s men…”

Ozpin walked out of the cell not wanting to stay any longer, James looking at Ozpin wondering if he get the information he needed, before finally closing and locking the mad man away.

Couldn’t put Ruby together again

His laughter could still be heard from even the from outside the prison.

Well…my contribution for October. Just in time for Halloween!

Do I continue it or just leave it as is?

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Aliens (1986)

1) Raven Branwen as Ellen Ripley (reasoning: warrior leader and also because of who I have Yang cast as) 

2) Taiyang Xiao Long as Corporal Dwayne Hicks (reasoning: Raven’s love interest and being an all-around good guy) 

3) Whitley Schnee as Carter Burke (reasoning: let’s say that the Schnee Dust Company replaces the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. In that case, it made sense that Whitley took the role of the slimy corporate exec) 

4) Penny Polendina as Bishop (reasoning: android assistant) 

5) Yang Xiao Long as Rebecca “Newt” Jordan (reasoning: Raven’s daughter. Although in this AU, Yang would be Raven’s daughter-figure) 

6) Cardin Winchester as Pvt. Hudson (reasoning: the arrogant, douchebag bully) 

7) Peter Port as Lt. Gorman (reasoning: I was thinking who among the adults could be an incompetent commanding officer and for some reason, Port kept coming to mind) 

8) Winter Schnee as Pvt. Vasquez (reasoning: badass female soldier who hates incompetence) 

9) James Ironwood as Capt. Apone (reasoning: the competent military officer)

10) Clover Ebi, Caroline Cordovin, Vine Zeki, Harriet Bree, Elm Ederne, Marrow Amin and one extra Atlas soldier as Drake, Frost, Ferro, Spunkmeyer, Dietrich, Crowe, and Wierzbowski aka the marines who get wiped out by the Grimm-Xenomorphs in the first ambush (reasoning: Atlas soldiers under Ironwood’s command) 

11) The Grimm take the place of the Aliens/Xenomorphs


Scarface (1983)

1) Adam Taurus as Tony Montana / Scarface (reasoning: minority facing discrimination, power-hungry asshole who becomes a violent leader / EDIT: Oh, I just realized, the name ‘Scarface’ could also reference the branding on his face)

2) Ilia Amitola as Manny Ray (reasoning: member of the White Fang. Also, I have Ilia as Manny mainly because of who I have Blake cast as)

3) Neopolitan as Elvira (reasoning: to keep with the themes of human-faunus relations, Elvira had to be a human character. Also, Neo is a crazy criminal, so she fit the role)

4) Blake Belladonna as Gina Montana (reasoning: one, to reference Adam’s unhealthy obsession with Blake and Blake’s initial fascination of Adam. Two, since Manny and Gina get together and Ilia has a canon crush on Blake)

5) Roman Torchwick as Frank Lopez (reasoning: Roman’s connection to Neo and Roman being a criminal mastermind) 

6) Jacques Schnee as Alejandro Sosa (reasoning: the big-name supplier, just switch cocaine with dust. Also, since Adam is the main protagonist, it made sense to have the Schnees as the main villains) 

7) Klein Sieben as the shotgun-wielding assassin who kills Tony (reasoning: works for the Schnee family) 


The Breakfast Club (1985) 

1) Cardin Winchester as John Bender (The Criminal) - reasoning: the asshole bully who harasses everyone

2) Weiss Schnee as Claire Standish (The Princess) - reasoning: the snobbish girl who thinks she’s all that 

3) Sun Wukong as Andrew Clark (The Athlete) - reasoning: this was a surprisingly hard role to fill in. Eventually, I just went with the character who I thought fit the mold of the “stock high school athlete”, which was Sun.  

4) Ruby Rose as Brian Johnson (The Brain) - reasoning: the goodie-two-shoes nerd who has trouble socializing with people

5) Blake Belladonna as Allison Reynolds (The Basket Case) - reasoning: the shy, introverted goth (well, closest to goth) girl who is seen as an outcast 

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@frosensteel Week Day 1: Fantasy/Medieval AU

“Not still thinking of escaping, princess?”

Weiss rolls her eyes at the jeering bandit. Must her captors act so immature? You’d think the Princess of Atlas would be used to dealing with miscreants on a daily basis, but this lot is taking the cake. “Not until my knights arrive. Then I’ll break free.”

The bandit, a greasy man she didn’t bother to learn the name of, laughs at her. She leans aside to miss the glob of spit that flings in her direction. “That so? I bet your knights have already been slaughtered by our scouts.”

“I was taken hostage by you brutes several hours ago and not far from Mantle. They’ll be here any minute.” She cocks her head, smiling simply as if she said the most obvious thing in the world.

The bandit laughs again and rises to his feet, drawing his knife. “We’ll see how smug you are when–”


The sudden sound of commotion reaches their ears and the ground trembles underneath. The man gapes and rushes to the door of her cell room. Weiss’s smirk grows wider. Perfect timing. “We’ll see how smug I am when…?”

A rather crude swear gets lobbed at her, not that Weiss cares, and then the man rushes out the door. Weiss reclines in her cell and counts in her head. Sixty… fifty-nine… fifty-eight…

She counts all the way down to twenty-seven until the cell room door slams open, rattling on its hinges. Earlier than expected. Not bad. In rush two knights, one dressed in leather armor and a billowing red cape, and the other head to toe in plate and chain mail with a green emblem on her chest.

“Princess!” Ruby and Penny say in unison.

“How many times do I have to tell you, Weiss is fine when it’s just the three of us.” Despite her haughty demeanor, she can’t hide the genuine warmth in her voice. Being guarded by two of the best knights Remnant has to offer is pleasant, but the fact that they’re as cute as they are…. Truly the gods blessed her.

Penny winks at her and approaches the cell bars. “I brought fire dust. Could you please stand back so I can perform a lock pick by force?”

“That shouldn’t be necessary,” Weiss says, getting to her feet and dusting herself off. “Did you bring Myrtenaster?”

“Right here!” Ruby swishes aside her cape and reveals the rapier hanging off her belt. She draws it and holds the handle for Weiss to pluck between the bars.

“Thank you.” With her sword back in hand, she points at the lock on the door. A white snowflake rune blossoms at the tip of the blade, then the ice dust within shoots free. It encases the lock, and one quick swipe shatters it to pieces. The cell swings open.

Weiss strides out looking quite pleased with herself. “I did I say I’ll break free. But your assistance is appreciated,” she says to both her knights.

“You know you couldn’t have done it without us,” Ruby smirks.

She purses her lips into a pout. “Of course I could have! I’m not a dainty little princess like these bandits believed.

Penny shakes her head. “That may be true, but the last time you were held for ransom we found you in a tower that the kidnapper’s had forgotten to lock.”

“It was a reasonable thing to assume!” She stamps her foot. “Can we just get out of her already? I’ve had enough dirt floors for a lifetime.”

Her knights look at her then each other and break into a fit of giggles. It takes an effort to not join them, but Weiss keeps it contained behind a smile. Ruby and Penny take Weiss’s arms, one each, and lead the way.

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1) Penny Polendina is the T-800 (so we get evil!Penny for the first movie and normal Penny in the second) 

2) Summer Rose is Sarah Connor (for Ruby to be John)

3) Qrow Branwen is Kyle Reese (going for the fan theory that Qrow is Ruby’s biological father. Don’t care if it’s not true, I like it) 

4) James Ironwood and Winter Schnee are the two detectives from the first movie who tried to help Sarah (authority figures) 

5) Kali and Ghira Belladonna are Sarah’s friends, Matt and Ginger (since this movie is focused on the adult characters, I wanted to use another parent duo for Sarah’s friends) 

6) Bart Oobleck is Dr. Silberman (it’s mainly because he’s a scientist) 

7) Ruby Rose is John Connor (main character of the series) 

8) Jaune Arc is the T-1000 (this is to put a twist on his ‘good guy’ persona in the actual series. The T-1000 gained trust because he was dressed as a cop, Jaune-1000 gains trust because…he’s Jaune)

9) Pietro Polendina is Miles Dyson (Penny’s father)

10) Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai are John’s foster parents who get axed off by the T-1000 (they’re assholes, so I chose asshole characters for the part) 

11) Skynet is renamed Salem 

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