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msmoonfire · a year ago
rune reading made easy
Here’s why you should get your own rune set and how to use it. Yes, Minor Arcana can suffice just fine for very short term, practical predictions... But what about daily life in detail?  Runes are the most accurate and quickest way to gain control of your everyday life right from the smallest things. 
They can be drawn on their own or featured in Tarot readings and other divination forms: a single rune can clarify the meaning of a card more effectively than any other tool at your disposal. 
The ancient who conceived futhark alphabets have assigned simple and concrete meanings to each figure: that’s why they’re easy to understand. By combining them together, one could be able to create more advanced phrases.  Runes should be kept inside a dark/opaque bag or box that won’t allow anybody to see them from outside.  Runic readings should take place in the morning, as they will warn you about what to watch during that specific day.
1. Shake the sachet and draw one rune at a time blindly. 
2. Once you pick the runic symbol, read its straight-forward meaning and keep it in mind without trying to metaphorically interpret it. 
3. If you want, you can carry the rune with you in a safe pocket or in your bag; it helps you stay aware and the rune stone/coin itself protects you in some way.
4. Keep in mind the meaning of the rune religiously: it is warning you about specific objects, events or people.
E.G. (happened to me last month lol):
I wake up in a super good mood, have breakfast and pick one rune from my sachet. This rune is raidō. I decide that “ok whatever lets just go out, take the family car and drive to this event, the sun is shining today”. I get out of the parking lot, all was fine, no crashes, no crazy noises... but after 6 minutes of driving my car had a flat tire.  And I was shocked in the middle of nowhere waiting for help.
The rune was basically trying to tell me “hey yo, check your tires before you jump in the car ‘cause yesterday somebody slashed them or maybe a family member accidentally drove onto something pointy and hard”.
I call dad to seek some kind of comfort and he goes “yes, I was expecting that to happen...” and explains how something may have pierced the left tire on the rear (the one gone flat, I got chills) on the way back home from the countryside. 
In this case, I should’ve checked the state of the car beforehand and/or ask a family member if all was ok with the car. A simple thing, which I just overlooked despite a super specific raidō showing  up in my quick 1-rune morning reading.
That’s only a small example of how runes can prevent you from getting into trouble on a daily basis.
So lovelies, please give em a try if you feel weak or lost in general. These beautiful symbols will guide you through. ♡
ᚠ fehu - wealth, cattle ᚢ ūruz - auroch, wild animal ᚦ þurisaz - the god Thor, giant ᚨ ansuz - The god Odin, ancestors, insight ᚱ raidō - ride, journey, cartwheel, wheel ᚲ kaunaz - fire, ulcer, torch ᚷ gebō - gift, interaction ᚹ wunjō - joy, pleasure ᚺ hagalaz - hail stone, precipitation ᚾ naudiz - need, necessity ᛁ īsaz - ice, cold, blocks ᛃ jēra - year, season, harvest ᛇ eiwaz - yew, tree ᛈ peorþ - dice cup, mystery  ᛉalgiz - elk, protection, shielding  ᛊ sōwilō - Sun ᛏ tīwaz - the god Tyr, creator, male things ᛒ berkana - birth, mother, beginning, female things ᛖ ehwaz - horse, transportation ᛗ mannaz - man, human being ᛚ laguz - water, lake  ᛜ ᛝ ingwaz - the god Yngvi, young person, fertility ᛟ ōþila - home, heritage, estate, possession ᛞ dagaz - day, daylight Hope this post was helpful and inspiring for you!
Stay tuned for more... Loads of love, 
xx @msmoonfire 
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hedendom · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gorgeous wooden Norse god figurines carved from linwood with runic inscriptions by Triumpho
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Tumblr media
A four-spoked graphical galdr, depicting the four winds. The depiction is made to aid in remembering and understanding the significance of the winds, as they are used in some folk magic traditions of Trolddomskunst.
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Historians: “Unfortunately, we don’t have many written sources and texts from old germanic cultures.”
Vikings, angrily crying and graffitting every flat surface in the Mediterranean they can get a chisel on: “WE’RE TRYING! OUR BEST!”
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archerinventive · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Recently made a new cover for my round shield for reasons that will soon be revealed. :)
I warn you now it didn't stay unmarred very long. lol 🛡️
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witch-magic · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As a pagan, I think it’s very important to know ancient alphabets. Not just to write curses or spells, but to communicate with the gods through runic symbols. Because I am a norse pagan, I mostly master futhark runes (runic alphabet), but I know a bit of Oghams, the old celtic alphabet. Here they are, feel free to learn them, and trust me: it really helps! Another thing: the oghams are to be written vertically, on a single line.
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oreamnosoddities · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The rune of harvest, fertility, and the turning wheel. This rune is symbolic of success, an abundant year, and the cycles of nature and life. This piece was handmade by yours truly. I love having ideas in my head that I can bring to light exactly how I saw them while brainstorming.
Hope you all are having a great solstice!
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ofwitchesandwolves · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Y’all asked for it so y’all gonna get it! I’mma start off with the barebones essentials and work my way to basic definitions. Sit down on something comfy and get yourself your warm beverage of choice and maybe grab a notebook because here goes.
What are runes?
Runic alphabets have been around since about 150 AD and used as a writing system by a lot of Germanic languages. These systems were eventually phased out, slowly but surely, with the progressive Christianisation that started around 700-1100 AD. The three most commonly known (and used?) Are the Elder Futhark, the Younger Futhark and Futhorc.
Runes aren’t, themselves, broadly meant for divination, thought there are a few passages in the Eddas that mention Odin “finding” and using them.
Alright, so which alphabet should I use?
Whichever one you want! I prefer using the Elder Futhark, because it’s the first alphabet I learned and got familiar with, but that doesn’t at all stop you from using the Younger Futhark or Futhorc. I’d heavily suggest making sure you read up on the differences in each alphabet though; Ansuz, for example, won’t look the same, mean the same or even be called the same from one alphabet to another. 
Familiarize yourself with each of them if you want/can, and choose based on your own preferences and criteria. Always work with what feels best for you!
But I’m not really familiar with Germanic traditions / I’m a baby witch, should or can I use runes for divination?
This is the concept that got my goat real good the first time. You do not, in any way, shape or form, need to be experienced to cast runes. This is a notion that is outdated and perpetuated by gatekeepers and exclusionists. No one gives a flying flip how long you’ve been practicing witchcraft, or if you even practice at all!
Divination should be seen as a tool to further yourself and/or your craft. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with other activities, practices or beliefs. I was 15 when I started learning about runes (dear god that was literally over ten years ago) and I had no idea what I was doing back then. I read up as much as I could about the system I was wanting to use and, once I was comfortable with it, I started doing small readings.
It shouldn’t matter how new or familiar you are to divination, rune casting or Germanic traditions. If rune casting feels right to you, you are more than free to use whatever divination method feels right to you.
What should I do before I start a reading?
As a Norse Pagan, I usually invoke my patron deities (Baldr and Loki, in this case), as well as Odin and Freyja, sometimes Gullveig/Heiðr because reasons. I have no idea whether or not this has any actual bearing on the reading itself, as mine were as accurate before I converted as they are now.
Making sure you’re in a quiet and/or comfortable space is also a good idea, even if that just means popping in some earphones and listening to something that makes you focus and feel calm.
This is also a good time to mention that cleansing your runes (stone, bone, wood or otherwise) is a very good idea. I typically do this with candles, incense, a bowl of water and a point of quartz for each element. I don’t do this nearly as often as I probably should, since most people suggest cleansing them after each reading... but, whatever, being lax with that hasn’t bitten me in the ass so far. So if you’re a spoonie, don’t worry: cleanse your runes when you feel they need to be cleansed, and that’s it.
Alright, I think I’m ready; how do I start reading?
Let me start by saying that the bullshit about never reading yourself? It’s just that. Bullshit. Do readings on yourself if you want to. Who the hell is going to stop you. Do whatever you want.
On that note, there are a few ways to cast runes, though these probably aren’t close to being the only ones: 
Intuitively choosing the stones Lay the runes down on a flat surface and let your hand hover over them and pick out the ones that feel right. You can either pick them in order of the spread you’re using, or place the runes where you feel they belong on the spread.
Throwing the stones Make sure you have a large flat surface to work with (preferably the floor honestly) where you won’t drop, scatter or lose a rune. You can use a mat underneath, and read the stones that fall on the corresponding positions in the spread or circle. (You can find many of these with a quick google search, or make your own mat!) Otherwise, you can take the first stones you see facing up and lay those out according to your spread.
Picking them blindly Either you or the person you’re reading pull stones blinding out of a pouch, bag or other container, and lay them out according to the spread you’re using. Pretty straightforward.
If you can think of another method, literally nothing is stopping you from using that instead. The runes are acting as a universal translator for whatever it is you’re tapping into. They’re just a tool to receive a message. How you choose to receive that message is completely up to you!
So I’ve got my runes laid out, now what?
Now comes the fun part. I can only really give you a good run-down of the Elder Futhark, and though it’s a good starting point, I would highly advise you do your own research on whatever alphabet you want to use. Wikipedia is a great place to start, but don’t stop there: look at several different websites and lists and compare. Combine and condense the information for yourself, and get to learn the definitions and meanings for yourself!
ᚠ Fehu • catle wealth, money, hard work paying off, can represent spiritual wealth reversed: effort gone to waste, natural and/or financial loss, greed
ᚢ Uruz • ox physical strength and speed, great energy, courage, masculine reversed: physical weakness, illness, violence, misdirected aggression
ᚦ Thurisaz • thor reactive, destructive and/or defensive force, tendency towards change reversed: dangerous compulsions, betrayal and malice, lies, spite
ᚨ Ansuz • of the Æsir  revelations, intuition, signs and signals, wisdom, power of words/names reversed: misunderstandings, delusions and vanity
ᚱ Raido • chariot physical/spiritual journeys, transition, seeing the bigger picture reversed: crisis, maybe due to stagnation, unwanted disruption
ᚲ Kaunan • torch creativity and inspiration, power of transformation, power of life reversed: instability, lack of creativity, false hope revealed, disillusionment
ᚷ Gebo • gift gifts in the form of sacrifice or generosity, contracts, partnerships reversed/opposed: greed, isolation and dependence, over-sacrifice
ᚹ Wunjo • joy comfort, pleasure, companionship, possibility of going over the top reversed: sorrow and alienation, growing distance, raging frenzy
ᚺ Hagalaz • hail wrath of nature, destruction for the sake of creation, natural order reversed: natural disasters, powerlessness, suffering
ᚾ Naudiz • need strength/growth from hardships, survival, determination reversed: deprivation and emotional starvation, constraints/restraints
ᛁ Isaz • ice challenges and frustration, psychological block, anticipation reversed/opposed: can oppose other runes with malice and treachery 
ᛃ Jera • good year hard work is fruitful, peace, happiness and relief, breaking the cycle reversed: sudden setbacks and bad timing
ᛈ Pertho • vagina secrets, mysteries, undiscovered abilities, choosing your own path reversed: stagnation, isolation and loneliness
ᛇ E/ihwaz • yew tree strength, stability, endurance, trustworthiness, your goal is realistic reversed: confusion, dissatisfaction and weakness of the mind
ᛉ Algiz • elk shield, the instinct to protect yourself/others, connection to the gods reversed: hidden dangers, loss of link to the divine, turning away
ᛊ Suwilo • the sun success and goals achieved, you have the power you need to succeed reversed/opposed: deception, false goals, gullibility, divine wrath
ᛏ Tiwaz • tyr honour and leadership, authority, success in competitions reversed: artistic block, over-analysis and sacrifice, imbalance/conflict
ᛒ Berkana • birch tree fertility in a broad sense, personal/physical growth, new beginnings reversed: family/relationship issues, anxiety over loved ones, abandon
ᛖ Ehwaz • horse steady and gradual progress, teamwork/loyalty, relationships reversed: reckless haste and its consequences, restlessness
ᛗ Mannaz • mankind the self, the human race, your attitude toward others and vice-versa, social awareness, altruism reversed: mortality, self-deception, cunning and manipulation
ᛚ Laguz • water literal/metaphorical flow, imagination, the unknown, chance of loss reversed: confusion/uncertainty, may be making the wrong choice
ᛝ Ingwaz • probably freyr warmth and love in general, tying loose ends, relief, freedom to move reversed: moving without change, fruitless effort, helpelessness
ᛞ Dagaz • dawn breakthroughs and clarity, security, power to change and grow, the ideal reversed/opposed: endings and coming round full circle
ᛟ Othila • inheritance ancestral property, what is most important, spiritual heritage and safety reversed: slavery, homelessness, bad karma, what one is unwillingly bound to
Phew! What a list. These are just brief descriptions and meanings that I’ve been able to compile and condense over the years.
But, what does “opposed” mean?
I see where you’re coming from. As a baby diviner, I, also, was confused by this. But let me explain how I’ve come to understand it! 
Sometimes, if you’re doing a set spread, you’ll have a spot for things like, “what will oppose you”, or “what you need to avoid”. Things like that. If, say, a rune like Suwilo was found in something like that, you’d want to try and keep a sharp mind to avoid deceptions or letting yourself be too gullible.
When runes don’t have a reversed form, their position in your spread will usually determine what they mean. (Though really this is true for literally any rune.)
Anything else I should know?
The best advice I can ever give anyone is to always do what you feel is right. If you find yourself wondering, “Should I do this? Is this right?” If you question yourself at all, you should probably not to the thing and go with something else.
It’s also important to mention that the names I have for the runes may not be the ones that you’ve learned to know them by; a lot of runes can go by different names depending on who you ask and where you look. Do your research, and know the runes by the names you feel are best! (And preferably historically accurate.)
As always, if you have any questions regarding runes and how to read them, please ask me! My ask box is literally always open and almost always empty.
ᚺᛖᛁᛚᛚ ∙ ᛟᚲ ∙ ᛋᛇᛚᛚ
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lunariagold · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
ᛗ Mannaz
2018 is drawing to an end and so am I. Finishing up a set of runes featuring stones and plants for the new year. First is Mannaz: Humanity, intellect and the self. Iris and amethyst. 
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hexiverse-blog · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
An example of how to place protective runes in your home in a stylish manner.
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st-jinx-art · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
The Elder Futhark: TIWAZ
I’ve finally finished something lol. feels like it’s been a while.
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corgiteatime · a year ago
Tumblr media
Runic D2
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abstractedkat · a year ago
Tumblr media
My 6th cypher in the series! This one is heavily inspired by runic alphabets and trees and I love the look of it ✖✖✖
| #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 |
Like my sigils and cyphers? Consider tipping me through my ko-fi!
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lunariagold · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
ᛏ Tiwaz
2018 is drawing to an end and so am I. Finishing up a set of runes featuring stones and plants for the new year. Back on track with Tiwaz: Motivation, sacrifice, leadership, justice. Wolfsbane and ruby crystals.
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highpriestofmorrigan · 3 years ago
Tiwaz uruz gebo dagaz
enhance male qualities and increase testosterone.
Tumblr media
for all my trans men out there
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lunariagold · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
you have changed
if you love the egg
love the bird Bind rune - mannaz, hagalaz and tiwaz (also forming eihwaz and dagaz); acceptance of change in self and others
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ignisobscura · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
"I am creative and motivated"
Like to charge this sigil, reblog to activate and get that creative energy flowing!
I used the elder futhark to create this sigil because I like the angular shapes of the runic alphabet. I also included the element symbol for air, which I associate with creativity and inspiration.
Please don’t remove my caption or url, I worked very hard on this and deserve full credit for my art!
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