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#Rwby ruby rose

Ruby: *getting out of the lake and shaking herself dry*

Blake: *moving out of the water’s path* You know that’s why we have towels, right?

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment* Y-yeah, right… sorry about that.

Blake: Maybe we should have dad-

Ruby: Blake, I’m fine. Maybe this is a side effect from the ritual?

Blake: That’s what Im worried about.

Ruby: We can worry about it later. For now, we should get our bags packed and get ready to see my dad. And Yang.

Blake: *nodding* Right. And hopefully your dad takes you being a faunus well.

Ruby: Once he sees how happy I am with you, he’ll be supportive. I promise. And Yang will back us up on this.

Blake: *smiling and kissing Ruby* Alright, I trust you.

Ruby: *pulling away after the kiss and heading back to the house* Race you there!

Blake: You’re on!

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Ruby: *defeating a pack of beowolves, panting* F-finished… 

Qrow: *smiling and ruffling Ruby’s hair* You did good. Soon you might be just as good as your mother.

Ruby: *sighing* You always say that…

Qrow: And I mean it. One day, you might just be like her.

Ruby: Right…


Ruby: Dad, Im heading out for training. 

Tai: Dont be out for too long.

Ruby: Im just going to deal with some grimm nearing the forest edge.

Tai: Just like your mother used to. You know, she used to clear those grimm in minutes.

Ruby: *groaning* Yeah yeah…


Ozpin: *watching the footage of Ruby stopping a robbery* And where did you learn to fight like this?

Ruby: Oh, my uncle taught me.

Ozpin: Reminds me a lot about-

Ruby: *sighing* “Reminds you of Summer Rose”… can we quit mentioning my mother?

Ozpin: *looking at Ruby curiously* I was going to say of a dusty old Qrow. 

Ruby: Oh…

Ozpin: However, I do believe Summer would’ve handled this a lot better.

Ruby: Of course you do…

Ozpin: Which is why I’d like to offer you a place at Beacon to train under me. 

Ruby: I… what?

Ozpin: *smiling warmly* All you need is a bit of mentoring and you can become a greater huntress than Summer ever was.

Ruby: I… I’d like that.

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Ruby: *relaxing in the sun next to a secluded lake* This place is beautiful.

Blake: *changing into her swimsuit* I’m glad you like it. I was worried you wouldn’t.

Ruby: Why wouldn’t I? Its nice and secluded. Away from the town. Only problem with it is that it’s the second most beautiful thing I’ve seen today.

Blake: And what’s the first?

Ruby: *sitting up* You.

Blake: *giggling* You should join me in the water.

Ruby: *changing out of her clothes and into her swimsuit* Sure thing.

Blake: *jumping into the water and sighing* Any thoughts where we should live?

Ruby: *using her foot to scratch behind her ear* Well, we could move here. We’d be close to your family.

Blake: *hesitating as she watched Ruby* A-are you feeling okay?

Ruby: *stretching before jumping into the water* Never felt better.

Blake: Are you sure? Nothing feels… off?

Ruby: *kissing Blake* Dont worry, I feel great.

Blake: If you’re sure…

Ruby: *playfully splashing Blake and diving underwater*

Blake: Hey! I’ll get you for that!

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Ruby: *making her way onto campus, the school overwhelmed by grimm* What happened?

Coco: *fighting her way through grimm* About time you showed up Red!

Ruby: *getting her knives out and throwing them at the grimm* Why are there so many grimm?

Coco: Didn’t you hear the speech after that girl died?

Ruby: No, I didnt.

Coco: Well, someone isnt happy with the schools. We’re helping people evacuate and then we’re leaving!

Ruby: *nodding and rushing forward* Then I need to get to my team!

Coco: Good luck!


Nora: *hesitating as she walked over to the machine* Shouldn’t we be up there helping?

Ozpin: You will be. But first, you must get these powers. It’ll help us turn the tides.

Nora: *looking at the young woman in the machine* That’s the current fall maiden, isnt it?

Ozpin: *nodding* And she’s dying. Please, get inside so we can start the process.

Nora: *slowly stepping into the machine* This… isnt going to hurt, is it?

Ozpin: *closing the door and sighing* I cant promise that.

[As the machine started up, Nora screamed in pain as the aura and powers transferred to her, eyes glowing as the maiden power started awakening inside her]


Cinder: *watching the grimm fill the campus, feeling a slight tug inside her* Well, that’s odd.

Emerald: Is there something wrong?

Cinder: Not sure. I think my powers are trying to tell me something.

Emerald: Like what?

Cinder: *looking in the direction she was feeling pulled to, seeing Beacon tower* I think I may have found the half Im missing.

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Ruby: That was reckless!

Yang: So? You would’ve done it too!

Ruby: Not the point. 

Yang: Then what is? Ozpin liked what I could do and now I can go to Beacon with you!

Ruby: Y-yeah, but what you  did was dangerous. You’re my little sister-

Yang: I’m taller than you.

Ruby: *sighing* Yang…

Yang: I know…

Ruby: *hugging Yang* I just dont know what I would’ve done if you had gotten hurt. 

Yang: I know. But I’m fine. And now I’m one step closer to being able to find mom.

Ruby: *nodding* I know.

Yang: *pulling away from Ruby and getting ready to pack* This will be great!

Ruby: *chuckling a bit as she watched Yang* Not much of a kid anymore, are you?

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Blake: *sitting down* What do you mean we need to leave?

“Ruby”: You and the blonde need to leave.

Blake: Okay, but why?

“Ruby”: I… dont have all the answers for that…

Blake: But you know something.

“Ruby”: Kind of. I know my sisters and I have been revived to make things… slightly easier for Mother.

Blake: And who is your mother?

“Ruby”: *taking a sip of tea* Salem.

Blake: ….what’s going to happen to Weiss?

“Ruby”: *sighing* Your Weiss isnt around anymore.

Blake: I dont understand.

“Ruby”: Mother… fused her soul and my sister’s to make them one being. She’s done the same to my other sisters. There’s the red headed girl with green eyes, and the other one looked like Weiss but older.

Blake: Winter…

“Ruby”: But I suggest you leave. Get as far away from here as possible.

Blake: I… I cant…

“Ruby”: And what else can you do? Try to stop her?

Blake: *standing up and walking into another room*

“Ruby”: *watching Blake* Y-you cant be serious. You’re going to try to stop my mother? She’ll kill you!

Blake: Wont be the first time I’ve tried.

“Ruby”: And what exactly is your plan? Walk right up into the front door and try to fight her?

Blake: *walking back into the room, carrying some rope* Not exactly.

“Ruby”: *hesitating* I dont like this plan…

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Answered previously, but…

1) goth

2) love wearing black and red

3) like seriously, Im not very much like Ruby. That’s really about it

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FrosenSteel week2020 non-au day 1: “Beacon days” or more like Bacon days?

Here you go, @frosensteel I offer you, and all the people who are interested in the ship, this drawing.

Have a nice day!

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Ruby: *waking up, feeling a bit lightheaded*
Blake: *immediately pulling Ruby into a hug* Oh thank the gods you’re okay!
Ruby: *hugging Blake back* Of course I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong.
Blake: You passed out after the ritual was interrupted. No one has ever done that before.
Ruby: I guess I was just a bit tired. You know, long day and nerves. Stuff like that.
Blake: I hope so…
Ruby: *standing up and stretching, a small lump pressing against her robe above her butt*
Blake: *smiling* Looks like the ritual worked though.
Ruby: *moving the robe and looking in the mirror, seeing a small tail* Guess it did.
Blake: Which now means you get to be my wife.
Ruby: *kissing Blake* We really should pick a wedding date then.
Blake: After we announce it to your family. I’m sure this will be a shock to them.
Ruby: Probably. But… they’ll understand.
Blake: *pulling away from Ruby and walking out of the room* You should get changed. I have a place I want to show you today.
Ruby: *grabbing her regular gear* Dont need to tell me twice.
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Ruby: *walking into a small tent where Ghira was waiting for her* Alright. I’m ready.

Ghira: *nodding and motioning for her to sit* Then we’ll start the ritual. 

Ruby: *sitting down in the center of the tent* So… what do we need to do?

Ghira: *starting some incense* This will be a meditation ritual. It’s meant to open up your soul to who you truly would be as a faunus. For now, I need you to take deep breaths and find your center.

Ruby: *closing her eyes and taking deep breaths* 

Ghira: *smiling, watching as the smoke from the incense started to circle around Ruby* Good, just like that. 

Ruby: *relaxing a bit, taking in the smell of the incense*

Ghira: *sitting down in front of Ruby, grabbing a few flowers, berries, and fruits to make a paste* Once you are relaxed, let your mind and soul open and show you who you are.

Ruby: *nodding, still taking deep breaths* Right.

Ghira: *taking the paste and putting markings on Ruby’s face* 

[The paste on Ruby’s face starts to glow as the smoke from the incense mixed with it]

Ruby: I… I think I can see it.

Ghira: Good. Now, continue to follow your inner self-

Ruby: *jumping as a sudden crack of thunder came from above her*

Ghira: *sighing as he watched the paste stop glowing and the smoke from the incense clear* We’ll need to start again.

Ruby: Sorry about that…

Ghira: It’s alright. You should go inside and rest up. 

Ruby: *nodding and standing up, immediately passing out*

Ghira: *picking Ruby up and taking her inside* That isnt supposed to happen.

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Ruby: *groaning and sitting down* That’s the last of them…

Qrow: *panting and leaning against his weapon* So… many… grimm…

Jacques: And this is the last of the dust mines I need assistance with.

Ruby: Then that means we can start going-

Jacques: Your team can. I need you to stay here, Miss Rose.

Raven: *glaring* Oh no, we are NOT letting her out of our sight!

Tai: *nodding* She’s our team leader. She gets to come home with us.

Ruby: Jacques, I dont know what exactly it is you want from me, but I’m not interested.

Jacques: *frowning* You cant-

Qrow: Back off bud, she said no.

Jacques: *walking off to the airship* We’ll see about that.

Raven: Let’s find another way back to Beacon. I’m sure another airship will take us around.

Ruby: That’s a good plan.


Summer: *going through a small lockbox* Come on dad… you had to have something…

Yang: *laying back onto her bed* So… you never did tell us about that thing you did.

Summer: *sighing* I said we weren’t-

Blake: You did but… we’re your team. You should be able to trust us. Which reminds me…

Yang: *sitting up as Blake took off her bow* You’re a faunus?

Blake: *nodding* Y-yeah…

Summer: First, I’m offended you’d even hid that from us. And second, why hide that? I know not everywhere is okay with faunus, but you shouldn’t have to hide from us.

Blake: *putting her bow back on* I want people to know me for me. Not because I’m a faunus.

Summer: *pulling an old scroll out of the lock box* I definitely understand that.

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Rubes: *rushing into class, hair a mess* Oh thank gods Im not late!

Yang: You were close. Had a good night I assume.

Rubes: *blushing hard* I-I dont know what you mean.

Blake: *smirking* We saw you leave with Apollo.

Rubes: It's… Cinder today. Guess he's… she? Apollo is feeling feminine and going by Cinder today.

Weis: Either way, I hope you had fun.

Yang: And were safe.

Rubes: Dont worry, I know how to handle myself.

Yang: *grabbing books out of his bag* Just making sure. Last thing we need is dad worrying about both of us.

Rubes: I know.

Blake: *looking over Rubes* You know your shirt is inside out, right?

Weis: *giggling a bit* You got up late too, huh? Now we know you had fun.

Rubes: *groaning and slumping* Alright, Im ready for today to be over…

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Guess who’s making another White Rose animatic??



Imma save the WR parts for the full version so have Ruby being stressed.

Don’t worry, I’ll get rid of the watermark in the finish product.

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