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#Rwby sugar rush

Nora: *quickly changing out of her costume* Gotta get out of this before she sees…

Ruby: *opening the door, holding a bat* Who’s there?

Nora: *using her web shooters to close the closet door to hide her spidergirl costume* I-its just me babe. 

Ruby: *lowering the bat* I thought you were going to be out.

Nora: *walking over and kissing her* I was. And I just got back. But… I left my key here and didnt realize you were home.

Ruby: *smiling and kissing back* You dork. Of course you’d forget that. So… how did you get back into the apartment?

Nora: I… climbed in through the window. 

Ruby: We really need to make sure you quit forgetting your keys. That’s the fifth time this month. 

Nora: I know… I just had to get out quickly to get pictures of that Spidergirl person. Oz really wants to get to the bottom of who she is and why she’s here.

Ruby: Why does he care? Not like he’s going to do anything besides call her a menace.

Nora: He’ll… move on eventually. But, what do you say we go out and have a date at the museum? Just the two of us.

Ruby: On one condition. You dont ditch me again.

Nora: *smiling* Dont worry. I promise I wont.

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Rarepair week Day 2: sugar rush music

Ruby: *practicing on her guitar*

Nora: *smiling a bit* Were you ever in a band?

Ruby: *shaking her head* No. Wanted to be, but I never really had a chance to.

Nora: We could try to make one now.

Ruby: *stopping* You think we could make a band? At our age?

Nora: *shrugging* Why not?

Ruby: Dontcha think its a bit late for that?

Nora: Nah, we could easily do it.

Ruby: *thinking for a moment* As much fun as it would be, I think I’ll settle for playing for fun.

Nora: Mind playing me a song?

Ruby: *smiling and starting to play*

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Rarepair week: Day 1 Sugar Rush Roommates

Ruby: *walking into the apartment* Nora?

Nora: *hanging down from the ceiling* Yeah?

Ruby: W-why are you hanging from the ceiling?

Nora: Watched Spiderman today while you were at work.

Ruby: *still confused* And that means-

Nora: *pulling Ruby in for a kiss*

Ruby: *blushing*

Nora: *falling from the ceiling* That’s off the bucket list.

Ruby: *flustered* I… but that…

Nora: *grinning and walking off* What other fun things to surprise you with?

Ruby: *still blushing* N-Nora! You cant just walk away after that! Nora!

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blake wakes up every day at 5 to go for a morning run. sometimes she meets up with ruby and nora!

weiss wakes up after blake has gotten home and showered (about 7:30) and they make coffee/tea and breakfast

once breakfast is just about ready, one of them will go to wake up their oldest three (a pair of twins, 8 year olds named Yuki and Shion, and an 11 year old named Bianca). after breakfast they take them to primary school.

after they come home, they wake up their youngest (a 2 year old named Ash) and prepare breakfast for him.

weiss will retreat to her office to do video calls with the SDC board while blake gets ash ready for daycare. blake will step in to show weiss they’re ready to go and will wave ash’s little hands, then kiss weiss and head out.

when blake comes home she’ll knock to let weiss know they’re home and then go make lunch. they eat together in weiss’ office!

on weekends they take the kids to a nearby park to play (where they might meet up with ruby and nora’s kids >:3) and do movie nights!

sometimes when weiss is having a particularly rough week, blake will pull her into a shower with them and wash her hair <3 <3

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