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politishaun · 16 days ago
masondenverr: Senator in Hell with Demon Receptionist!
they’re backkkk!
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liberaljane · a month ago
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Tumblr media
Abortion rights are under attack, and it's time to fight back.
If you think this is just about Texas or ‘red’ states, you’re wrong. Attacks on abortion anywhere are a threat to our rights everywhere. Today Texas’ SB8 takes effect. This dangerous and extreme law bans abortion as early as six weeks (way before most people even know they’re pregnant) and includes an unprecedent provision that allows private individuals - including anti-abortion protestors - to file lawsuits enforcing the bans. There’s even a monetary reward - up to $10,000 - for successful lawsuits. There have been over 90 abortion restrictions enacted this year alone - more than any year since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. It’s time to raise the alarm - keep #bansoffourbodies. What can you do? Follow and donate to: West Fund, @BuckleBunniesFundTX (Instagram & Twitter), Jane's Due Process, The Bridge Collective ATX, Fund Texas Choice, @LaFronteraFund (on Twitter), Texas Equal Access Fund - TEA Fund, The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity, Clinic Access Support Network & The Afiya Center.Sending love and access to all Texans.
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saywhat-politics · a month ago
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fantastic-nonsense · a month ago
re: Texas I think the worst thing (next to the law itself and everything related to that, of course) is there's all these women pouring out their trauma on social media right now, begging for men and women who don't care to listen to them about how awful this law is and how much it's going to hurt people
it's the fact that they feel the necessity to air their trauma in public because they think it MIGHT shift a few hearts and minds instead of sharing it because they're actually ready to talk about it. it's really humbling but I'm so incredibly angry and sad that they feel like they need to do it
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"this is why they show up to vote every goddamn time while y'all wait to fall in love."
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acidtripper666 · a month ago
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Y'all remember this
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protectyourdarlings · a month ago
You may actually be able to get an abortion in Texas… thanks to Satan. 😈
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ohnoitsthebat · a month ago
Sad & disgusting that Texas banned abortion.
Republicans/Conservatives are okay with that, yet they get mad about vaccine mandates and mask mandates. Is it "my body, my choice" or is it not? If "my body, my choice" is your excuse when it comes to vaccines and wearing masks, then it should extend to abortions as well, should it not? I have yet to hear a valid argument about this.
Fuck the Supreme Court. I can only hope this is somehow overturned in the future.
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In Texas its again in 2021.
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politishaun · a month ago
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President Hillary Clinton would’ve had three Supreme Court appointees and the Democratic Party would control the Court 6-3 today. If Texas still tried to pass SB8 it would’ve been struck drown yesterday.
Some of you need to apologize to Hillary Clinton, to her supporters, and to the country.
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rapeculturerealities · 19 days ago
District Judge blocks Texas abortion ban in rebuke to Supreme Court.
On Wednesday night, U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman blocked S.B. 8, Texas’ six-week abortion ban, which sought to evade judicial review by empowering bounty hunters to sue abortion providers and anyone who “abets” them. Pitman’s 113-page opinion is a rebuke to the Supreme Court’s one-paragraph, back-of-the envelope order refusing to halt the law on Sept. 1, after it had already gone into effect.
Pitman, who heard lengthy oral arguments in this case last Friday, painstakingly explains why federal courts must prohibit the Texas judiciary from entertaining suits by anti-abortion vigilantes. In so doing, he answers the many “complex and novel” questions that SCOTUS found too befuddling to address last month when it declined to enjoin the law.
Pitman also illuminates the rolling crisis for remain in dire need of abortion care, depicting the harrowing consequences of the ban over the last five weeks. Higher courts may well reverse Pitman’s decision, but they will have a difficult time pointing to a flaw in his meticulous and fact-based opinion.
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lez-exclude-men · a month ago
I don't have enough words for how enraged I am. An absolutely cruel heartbeat bill goes into effect this week in my state, and allows for fucking bounty hunting.
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profeminist · 15 days ago
"Foes of Texas’ strict abortion ban are taking aim at companies that donated money to the bill’s sponsors, hoping consumers will pressure corporate America to join the fight against a surge of restrictions.
The television and digital ads begun this past week by the groups Corporate Accountability Action and American Bridge 21st Century, the Democratic Party’s opposition research arm, highlight AT&T’s contributions to Texas Republican lawmakers. There are plans to expand the campaign to Florida, where a similar abortion proposal has been introduced.
The ads in Texas aim at AT&T, which Corporate Accountability Action found donated more than $645,000 over the past two years to nearly 22 lawmakers who sponsored the measure. The Dallas-based telecom company also donated thousands to Democratic lawmakers.
In Florida, the group is criticizing corporations such as Walt Disney for its $262,000 in donations to among the more than two dozen lawmakers who sponsored proposed abortion restrictions over the past two years. NBC Universal gave $83,500 to those legislators, and some $88,000 in Texas, CAA found."
Read the full piece here
Texas’s Six-Week Abortion Ban Is Back On After An Appeals Court Paused A Judge’s Injunction
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authorkims · 5 months ago
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I know not every pregnancy is easy, not every pregnancy is safe, and every woman's circumstances is different.
Unlike pregnancy, Passing Judgement is easy. It requires no buy-in, no _actual support_ of the women or their families or the difficult choices that need to be made. However, playing Pontius Pilate doesn't actually help anyone or make anything better.
Reproductive Healthcare isn't just about the things you approve of, it is about what is needed. It involves support and ease of access and _ACCURATE_ education about all options, including termination of pregnancy.
You don't have to like it, but that doesn't make it any less necessary. ~ KS
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And so I'm clear, this is my stand:
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Trigger Warning:
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Surprisingly little information on I am curious. #FollowTheMoney
EXCEPT! GOD BLESS #GrendelsLaw... This may kill #TexasSB8!
If you are interested in more honest information from reputable sources on this topic, please search my feed for the keyword "abortion". Tumblr limits how many links I can put in any post, and there is a lot of good stuff to know.
I do not believe in stigmatizing a person for knowing their needs and their life better than I do. I know that not every pregnacy is easy or safe. That not everyone is ready to be/should be a parent.
I do believe that regardless of what circumstances brings a person to this decision, they should be treated with dignity, honesty, and proper, safe, legal care. ~ Kim S.
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As of September 1st 2021, Texas has enacted a ban on providing abortions to ANYONE (regardless of age or in cases of rape or incest) past 6 weeks, which is before many people even know they are pregnant. Minors are required to have parental permission to access any abortion. Citizens are encouraged to inform on and SUE any people, including providers, friends/family, or reproductive health organizations, that perform or aid in receiving an abortion, for a minimum of $10,000. This is a major crisis for the most vulnerable people in Texas and they NEED YOUR HELP. Please donate to any of these organizations, or reference them if you or a loved one need safe abortion access. I personally have donated to Planned Parenthood and Fund Texas Choice today. If you are able, set up a small monthly payment! Those consistent donations are the bread and butter of these organizations!
To help people in Texas get transportation and lodging when seeking an abortion:
Reblog if you can, but I encourage anyone who can to be an agent of change and DONATE OR VOLUNTEER!
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Tumblr media
I think we can conclude that Lyft is pissed about Texas’ SB8 (as they should be)
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idhren · a month ago
Out of curiosity: did the Texas legislature also pass any massive increase in funding to their judicial system to handle all of these frivolous SB8 lawsuits? How is that going to even work with the current pandemic-exasperated backlog?
so. many. backlogs.
“When COVID hit, it pretty quickly ended all trials," Bunin said, meaning that "for a year, there were [virtually] no trials at all."                            
are they actually trying to crash their legal system?
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"Laws never prevent abortion. They never have, and they never will. All they prevent is safe abortion."
-diana whitten
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politishaun · 19 days ago
A federal judge on Wednesday ordered Texas to suspend the most restrictive abortion law in the U.S., which since September has banned most abortions in the nation’s second-most populous state.
The order by U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman is the first legal blow to the Texas law known as Senate Bill 8, which until now had withstood a wave of early challenges. In the weeks since the restrictions took effect, Texas abortion providers say the impact has been “exactly what we feared.”
But even with the law on hold, abortion services in Texas may not instantly resume because doctors still fear that they could be sued without a more permanent legal decision.
Texas officials are likely to seek a swift reversal from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which previously allowed the restrictions to take effect.
The law, signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in May, prohibits abortions once cardiac activity is detected, which is usually around six weeks, before some women even know they are pregnant. To enforce the law, Texas deputized private citizens to file lawsuits against violators, and has entitled them to at least $10,000 in damages if successful.
The lawsuit was brought by the Biden administration, which has said the restrictions were enacted in defiance of the U.S. Constitution.
The Biden administration argued that Texas has waged an attack on a woman’s constitutional right to abortion. The GOP-engineered restrictions were signed into law by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott in May and took effect Sept. 1.
“A state may not ban abortions at six weeks. Texas knew this, but it wanted a six-week ban anyway, so the state resorted to an unprecedented scheme of vigilante justice that was designed to scare abortion providers and others who might help women exercise their constitutional rights,” Justice Department attorney Brian Netter told the federal court Friday.
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