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god ok so like obviously in a modern au even kingdomhearts would be a research scientist who is really passionate about his field but due to the nature of academia is required to teach classes sometimes and simultaneously loves and hates it. professor even (you can use his first name but DON’T leave off the title, he worked hard for that you know) is the easiest teacher to get to like you, he responds so well to flattery and politeness, but you’re kidding yourself if you think that will spare you from his legendary harsh marking. he gives good feedback though. he starts off every class very formally but can and will get distracted by tangents at literally any time

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For Fathers’ Day, a lovely reissue from Mountaineers Books of a classic biography. The Starship and the Canoe, by Kenneth Brower, tells the fascinating story of world-renowned scientist Freeman Dyson and his son George who went out into the wild to live in a treehouse and to explore the Northwest coast in a giant kayak of his own design. The new edition includes a new introduction by Neal Stephenson.

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The Phoenix Project Chapter 10 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Incredible moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much!! 💖


It took almost three hours for the doctors to clear all the burnt remnants of Steve’s gloves and boots from his damaged skin, soaking and re-soaking his hands and feet in a solution that smelled remarkably like oranges, for some strange reason. Steve had experienced minor burns in the past, while cooking or when he’d stayed outside in the sun for a bit too long, but they hadn’t been anything like this. While the doctors worked it was all he could do to keep from whimpering, biting his bottom lip so hard that Tony had to work it loose from his teeth, warning him that he was going to draw blood if he didn’t let go. Fluids and pain medicine flowed into two separate intravenous lines in his arms, but since none of the medical staff were aware of Steve’s increased metabolic requirements the medicine barely was able to take the edge off the pain, prompting Tony at one point to demand that one of the nurses increase his dosage.

Finally, after the ophthalmologist announced that Steve’s damaged eyes would require him being grounded for three days and his hands and feet were smeared with burn cream and wrapped in thick bandages, he was discharged out to the waiting room, where he and Tony found Sam Wilson pacing back and forth.

“Cap!” Sam said as Tony wheeled Steve in, feeling more foolish than he had in years with his four useless limbs and dark glasses. “You’re gonna be okay?”

“Yeah. This all looks a lot worse than it is,” Steve said. “Any news on Bucky?”

Sam’s lower lip started to shake, his dark eyes filling with tears. “He’s—he’s in surgery right now,” he whispered. “The docs… well… they think that he might—that he’s probably gonna lose his arm. That beam, whatever the hell it was, it blasted right through his aircraft and—and it got—it got his whole left side, but his arm took the brunt, so… they said that they’ll know more once they get in there and see the full extent of the damage, but… right now it’s not looking too good.”

“Gods, Captain,” Tony said, once again reading Steve’s thoughts perfectly. “I’m so sorry. That’s… well… that’s rough.”

“Sam,” Steve finally forced past the knot in his throat. He felt so sickened that he probably would’ve vomited had he had anything in his stomach. Bucky had wanted to be a pilot his entire life, ever since Steve had known him, and the thought of him losing one of his limbs, of never being able to fly ever again, it was—it was—

“I am so, so sorry. I should’ve—I should’ve gotten to him faster, I should’ve—”

“Babe, you can’t go blaming yourself,” Tony protested. “There’s nothing more that you could’ve done—”

“He’s right, Steve,” Sam said firmly. “The doctors told me that he wasn’t even breathing when his aircraft landed, so if you hadn’t gotten him out when you did there’s no telling what could’ve happened. He could’ve been left with brain damage, or—or—” Sam broke off, swiping at his nose. “He’s still alive, and that’s all that matters.”

He’s still alive, Steve thought, the words echoing inside his mind. He’s still alive. He’s not dead.

He’ll just be disabled for the rest of his life, but at least—

The full chapter will post on Monday, June 1st 😊

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