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byulsie · 2 years ago
I want creative mode minecraft friends but my social anxiety is too strong also I suck at building
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catboydiceroll · a year ago
I swear it'll be like a year into the future and I remember "Two b's? How??" or "Markiplier is gone?? How??" and start bursting out with laughter shdhsjdhsj
fkjhkfhf the editors meming enhances the videos so much jdhfkdjh Iconic
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fitzrains · 6 months ago
Bro I just finished the new taz episode??? why did travis go “you know what’ll be a cool way to wrap this up? hard drugs” shdhsjdhsj
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kinda-clouded-mind · a year ago
Shdhsjdhsj thank youuuu I wish we were better friends too):
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sambergscott · 2 years ago
“dear congress it’s leslie again” shdhsjdhsjs
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starrdustkitten · a year ago
My laptop just crashed so I think that's my cue to go to bed shdhsjdhsj
Night!! 💜💜 ily 💛
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