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musicallibrarian93 · 34 minutes ago
Imagine being in Velaris and you see Cassian, Lord of bloodshed, one of the most famed warriors in history and Nesta, Lady death, the person who killed the king of Hybern and has so much power the high lord is scared, having an argument about being mates in the middle of the street.
I really wouldn’t know if I’d be scared, in awe or breaking the popcorn out to watch.
Tumblr media
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simp-for-manon · an hour ago
Imagine Nesta teaching Nyx how to dance
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simp-for-manon · an hour ago
Elain not belonging in the Night Court is not a bad thing
Elain has said that she has always wanted to travel the world
I don’t think Elain would be very happy when she finds out that Rhys and Feyre having been using her to manipulate people
Azriel clearly doesn’t want to let Elain do anything dangerous and she obviously is starting to loathe being coddled
there has been quite a bit of foreshadowing of her potentially leaving the Night Court such as the court of nightmares scene in acosf
Elain leaving the Night Court doesn’t mean she won’t frequently visit the Night Court
Not everyone has to belong in the Night Court, personally I want to learn more about the other courts
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fromevertonow · an hour ago
Foreshadowing in The Assassin’s Blade
“The girl’s eyes flashed to hers. They were ringed with gold—stunning. Even with the bruises, the girl was alluring. Like wildfire, or a summer storm swept in off the Gulf of Oro.”
The Assassin and the Healer, chap. 4, p. 101
“Staying, running away to another land, avoiding her fate... she wouldn’t do that. She couldn’t be like Yrene, a living reminder of loss and shoved-aside dreams.”
The Assassin and the Healer, chap. 4, p. 107
“There was such irony, she realized, in them working together—the assassin and the healer. Two opposite sides of the coin.”
The Assassin and the Healer, chap. 4, p. 107
“Celaena hadn’t realized she was crying until she took a deep breath. Saying that she was sorry didn’t feel adequate. She knew what this sort of loss was like, and words didn’t do anything at all.”
The Assassin and the Desert, chap. 6, p. 181 (After Ansel’s story)
“Ansel needed to be here to learn all that these assassin‘s could teach, because Ansel wanted to do something with her life. Ansel had a purpose. And Celaena...”
The Assassin and the Desert, chap. 7, p. 184
“She looked to the open window, to the world beyond. For the first time in a long while she heard the song of a northern wind calling her home. And she was not afraid.”
The Assassin and the Desert, chap. 12, p. 225
“Of all the people in the world, only Arobynn knew the absolute truth.”
The Assassin and the Underworld, chap. 1, p. 233
“Tell me something, Celaena: do you trust Sam?”
“What sort of a question is that?”
“Arobynn casually slid his hands into the pockets of his silver tunic. “Have you told him the truth about where you came from? I have a feeling that’s something he’d like to know. Perhaps before he dedicated his life to you.””
The Assassin and the Empire, chap. 4, p. 374
“Celaena let him kiss her until she’d again forgotten the darn burden that would always haunt her.”
The Assassin and the Empire, chap. 4, p. 378
“She could have faced torture, endured the violations she could practically see in Farran’s eyes, but if she went to the king... She shoved the thought away, refusing to follow its path.”
The Assassin and the Empire, chap. 10, p. 414
“Every bite tasted like ash.”
The Assassin and the Empire, chap. 11, p. 420
“Footsteps suddenly thudded toward her from the table, and she heard the sound of weapons being angled. She recognized the footsteps before the king even reached her chair.”
The Assassin and the Empire, chap. 12, p. 424
“[The king] had already destroyed so much of Erilea—destroyed parts of her without even knowing it.”
The Assassin and the Empire, chap. 12, p. 424
“The breeze grew into a wind, and she closed her eyes, letting it sweep away the ashes of that dead world—of that dead girl.”
The Assassin and the Empire, chap. Beginning, p. 434
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musicallibrarian93 · an hour ago
Can someone please tell me how one creates master lists for fan fictions on tumblr?
I’m completley technology inept but I wanna post some of my fics on tumble as well as AO3 x
Any help would be greatly appreciated x
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lord-of-perranth · 2 hours ago
sjm couples that we didn’t get to see fall in love that i would read a whole romance book about:
vivane and kallias
helion and the lady of the autumn court
gavriel and aedion’s mother
thesan and his peregryn guard (i’m such a sucker for a good guard trope)
juniper and fury
rowan and lyria (i love rowaelin with all of my heart, but i would read a five book series about rowan’s past)
mor and andromache
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cinaja · 2 hours ago
"At least he's got a good job," Bryce said to Dainka, who crossed her slender arms - arms that hid ferocious strength - and gave her a look. A look that said, Yeah, one that Reid's daddy gave him.
Ah, yes. Well, I guess that really sets him apart from Danika, who got her job by virtue of being shifter royalty and is working for her grandfather, right? Seriously, the absolute irony of Danika making fun of someone for getting money/jobs from their relatives...
Also, unless shifter anatomy is different from human one, "slender arms" will likely mean that she isn't unusually strong? Stronger than a human, okay, but not strong for her own species.
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foreignincentive22 · 2 hours ago
about acofs do you know what helps you face depression and anxiety? and the individual feels including somewhere, not just offering a shoulder to vent but making the person feel part of a group, accepted and important in the life of another people
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sjmsstuff · 2 hours ago
Light And Dark
Chapter 5
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4
Warnings: same as always x
A/N: Here ya go folks! I rewrote this chapter twice and I still kind of hate it but it is what it is, enjoy!
Her first kiss. Gwyn kept her back pressed against the cool wood of the door. It was several seconds before she felt Azriel’s presence moving back down the hall.
She let out a long breath, and clapped a hand to her mouth to stifle the giggle that seemed to be forcing its way out.
Her first kiss and it was Azriel.
The shadowsinger, the big bad Illyrian spymaster.
It was the powerful male who cut people down without hesitation. The one who others whispered about.
The one who had held her so softly in the morning light. The one who had taken her hand so hesitantly as they walked through the halls...
The one she had to see for training tomorrow morning.
Nesta and Cassian would probably be missing, presumably still in bed. Emerie would be absent too if her friends smudged lipstick was anything to go by.
It was funny, Gwyn didn’t remember Emerie wearing lipstick earlier in the night, but when she came back after disappearing for two hours, Gwyn had politely pointed out the smudged crimson on her lips. A crimson that suited a ruffled blonde who entered the hall minutes later.
Gwyn couldn’t blame Mor, Emerie had looked fabulous in an orange gown tonight, wings gleaming, and hair braided with her Valkyrie ribbon. The blonde didn’t stand a chance.
Neither did Emerie apparently, as she disappeared with the Morrigan minutes before Gwyn herself had left the gathering.
Nesta too had been striking in a midnight gown. She had gotten ready in her own rooms. And if the the smug male air around Cassian was anything to go by, she had had to get ready a second time as well.
Gwyn was truly happy for her friends. Even if her only comforts were smutty novels, thoughts of scarred hands and her own fingers.
Alone with Azriel tomorrow. Maybe he’d pretend nothing happened. Maybe she should pretend nothing happened.
It was only earlier tonight she had been furious with him for ignoring her. It was embarrassment that truly fueled her anger, but the point remained that he had ignored her for three days.
It was Nesta’s idea to dance with another male tonight. Jurian was the first to offer, but when she looked up from her dance with the human, Azriel was simply in conversation with Rhysand.
So she drank and danced on. Only when he had slipped into a quiet hallway did she decide to follow him.
He was leaning against the wall when she rounded the corner. He had immediately uncrossed his arms, tucking his hands behind his back, under those magnificent wings.
Then she had taken his hidden hand and they had walked until her doorway. Then she had kissed him and everything seemed to fit into place.
Fit so perfectly that Gwyn had to flee before she decided to discover how other things would fit.
Morning dawned cold and grey. Gwyn slid into her leathers, ignoring the headache pounding through her temples. The other priestesses were attending an early morning mass, their own celebration of Starfall. Which meant it was only Azriel who stood in the early morning light.
The shadows clambered over his shoulders to reach out to her. She waved at one and could have sworn it waved back.
Azriel was fumbling with the handle of a sword, he quickly turned his back to her and Gwyn walked over to begin her stretches.
She began her own drills as Azriel ran through his. It had been about an hour and neither had said a word.
It was getting too awkward.
“Would you like to spar?” Her question cut through the chilly air like a sharp blade through paper.
Azriel started where he stood slicing at an invisible foe. “Of course.”
He replaced his sword on the rack and Gwyn quickly cast her own blade aside.
She had been suggesting sparring with steel but Azriel clearly wanted hand to hand combat.
They entered the small circle on the ground from opposite sides. A few feet away from him but she could’ve sworn she heard his heartbeat.
A blush was high across his cheekbones, probably from exertion, and it deepened as their eyes met.
Gwyn moved first, a feint, then a strike low to the abdomen. Azriel saw the move coming and his wings flared as he stepped out to dodge. Another strike but it glanced off his chest.
It was Gwyn’s turn to duck as a swing came next, then she was in close, fists ready to strike and the world tilted.
Gwyn slammed into the hard earth and rolled. She swept Azriels feet from under him, then swung herself over his hips.
Face to face, him pinned beneath her, hands bracketed in scarred hands. He didn’t even fight, just stared up at her. Breathing each other in. Feeling every inch of where they touched.
“Well done.” Azriel’s voice was oddly rough.
Gwyn unfroze and jumped up reaching out a hand to help him up. This had the fortunate side affect of placing them face to face while both horizontal.
Or rather face to chest as he was significantly taller than her.
Gwyn was being an idiot. He hadn’t said a word about the incident last night and she was still furious at him for… something. Her memory seemed to be impaired by his proximity.
Taking initiative, Gwyn stepped backwards, turned swiftly and snatched back up her blade from where she had left it. This occupied her hands so they would not find their way into his hair.
“With steel this time?” Gwyn’s voice sounded strained to her own ears, but Azriel seemed not to notice as he strode to retrieve his own weapon.
He fumbled slightly with the hilt again. If anything Gwyn would suppose he seemed nervous.
That was extremely unlikely. They’d sparred hundreds of times and he’d been to wars and back. Perhaps his shadows had whispered some dangerous information to him that he was still in shock over.
He seemed to gather himself, then marched resolutely over to her. She readied her stance but he didn’t even raise his sword.
Azriel merely stood in front of her and opened his mouth.
Then closed it again.
Then opened it again.
This time he managed words. “I understand that you were tipsy last night, and that you may not even remember, but we kissed. You kissed me. By your door. Of your room.”
Gods was he embarrassed?
“I just thought,” He hurried on, “I’d let you know that should you want me to completely forget that happened, I will forget. Well maybe not forget but I swear I will never mention it again, and should-“
“Azriel,” Gwyn gripped his arm, “I was aware of my actions last night. I apologise if I put you in an uncomfortable situation-“
“No!” Azriel exclaimed, “No, not at all, I wasn’t uncomfortable, I just didn’t want to put you in an awkward position.”
He was blushing and that somehow emboldened her. Perhaps it was the hangover and leftover lowered inhibitions.
“Azriel, you can put me in any position you would like.”
His head snapped up, eyes darkening.
He stepped closer.
They were almost nose to nose.
“You, Gwyneth Berdara, are dangerous.”
She smiled softly.
His gaze dipped to her mouth.
His hand reached towards her cheek.
It drew back.
A noise behind her on the stairs.
Azriel’s eyes flicked over her shoulder and he stepped away.
“Azriel, Gwyn. I hope we’re not interrupting anything.”
Gwyn spun to see Nesta and Emerie climbing up the stairs.
“We can come back… if you…”
“No,” Azriel’s voice was low as he pushed past her, “I’m leaving now anyway” He turned back at the top of the stairs, “Goodbye Gwyn” Gwyn was close to punching her friends.
All malice washed away however, when Azriel had disappeared into the darkness of the house and the other Valkyries descended into fits of giggles.
Nesta was the first to surface, “Gwyn! What the fuck were you two doing up here?”
“Sparring,” came the indignant response. “Just training and drills!”
“Oh I’m sure,” drawled Emerie, “That’s why I can smell the arousal hanging thicker than cream in this air.”
Nesta snorted, “Must have been some very interesting drills.”
A/N: ooooo it’s heating up. Someone guide the two of them, they’re helpless.
Tag list: @bookstantrash @perseusannabeth @champanheandluxxury @sayosdreams @booksloverforlife @princessofmerchants @princessofmerchants-reads @azrielsshadowsdanceforgwyn @illyrian-valkyrie @lovelywordsandwine @thron3ofbooks @velaaaris @gwynkyrie @acourtofmidnightsnacks @simpforfictionalmenandwomen @bittermuire @mirubyai @velvetrays @tealnymph24 @dealingdifferentdevils @siyeoncruella @spookylightkidranch @cantkeepmyeyesoffofyou-x @claukiki @maja2801 @madie2200 @zaffydee @allisonmb2017
Let me know if you want to be added or removed from the tag list for this fic or my writing in general x
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foreignincentive22 · 2 hours ago
inner cycler are not all that you characterize not at various times they are quite hypocritical
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dfendyrr · 2 hours ago
Cassian, smiling creepily: Wanna hear some dark humour?
Nesta: [raises brows]
Cassian, turning the lights off: Knock knock...
Nesta: Turn the damn lights back on.
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vxlarhys-insta · 3 hours ago
Lorcan: How did you find me?
Aelin: I just listened for the sound of complete and utter betrayal and followed that.
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alexisdreamland · 4 hours ago
A Court of Silver Flames
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Rating: 3/5 stars
There will be major spoilers in this review. Please don’t read it if you don’t want spoilers. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.
I have so many thoughts and feelings about this book and about Nesta. This entire review will mostly be my thoughts and feelings. It’s definitely not objective.
This book was good, but it’s not one of my favorites. It just didn’t reel me in and take over my mind like every other SJM book I’ve read has. But I do feel like SJM’s writing has improved. I thought Nesta’s arc and development was great. I loved seeing her heal. I’m glad that she found a way to do it. I don’t dislike her anymore. But I still don’t like her. I really really tried to like her. She’s just not a character I vibe with. I was rooting for Nesta. Even though I don’t like her, and never have, I really was rooting for her going into this book. I wanted her to heal and find happiness. Like I said I don’t hate her, she’s just not a character I particularly like.
SJM added a lot to the world building that I felt was missing from the other books so that was cool. But the plot with the queen just didn’t really flow right. And it made no sense really why Baron was involved. It was cool but I just didn’t get it. At the end it seemed very rushed. The plot just didn’t really progress throughout most of the book. It was just there, and they weren’t doing anything about it. Then it just started actually happening in the end. I liked Cassian and Nesta. Previously I wasn’t sure, but I think they’re good together. They’re not one of my top ships, but I enjoyed seeing them develop. I think we all expected them to be mates, so that wasn't really a shock. I don't particularly like smut but if it's there it doesn't bother me. Plus it's New Adult not YA, so I knew to expect it. And there was a lot there. Like wow. Azriel playing chaperone was golden, but I think we can all agree he failed. Also, the extra Az chapter was interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I do know I don't ship Azriel and Elain. Elain seemed to have a little bit of personality on this book whenever she was there. That was nice. I really liked Gwyn. She’s probably going to be one of my favorites if she keeps appearing in future books. (Honestly she probably already is.) I also really liked Emerie. They’re both very good characters. Their friendship with Nesta was nice as well. They found ways to heal together which was what really made their friendship nice. Plus a shared love of romance novels was a bonus. I enjoyed the training scenes also which I typically don't love. “I cannot survive without reading.” I related to this quote on so many levels so I had to put it here. I’ve seen a lot of people saying how they don’t like how much Rhys and Feyre were in the book. But I loved it. It made the book even better for me (but I love them and the rest of the IC.) It makes sense though. Yes, the book was about Cassian and Nesta, but Rhys and Feyre mean a lot to Cassian. Even if Nesta wanted nothing to do with them, they’re still Cassian’s family. They’re always going to be a part of his story. Plus, a potential war was brewing. They're the High Lord and High Lady. How could they not get involved in that? I still love the Inner Circle. I always have. That hasn’t changed. Mor was gone most of the time and I kind of missed her. I also want the full story about what happened with her and Eris because I’m confused about it. She doesn't really talk about and Eris said she knows the truth but no one else does. So I'm confused but I want to hear from Mor what happened. I guessed that Feyre was pregnant at the beginning. The moment they talked about the shield hiding her scent, I knew. Or at least hoped. That did not stop me from losing it when they finally told everyone. The reactions were amazing. I got emotional. They were all so happy. However, we were robbed of Mors' reaction. "We’re going to be uncles" Killed me. Ok and I have to talk about this scene because I got very upset reading it. So much that I had to stop reading for a few minutes before I could keep going. But I haven’t seen anyone else talking about it. It’s the scene where Nesta was fighting with Amren and then tells Feyre her baby will probably kill her. It was just so cruel and so wrong. Feyre should have already known about this. I won’t deny that. Rhys should have already told her. But that’s not why Nesta said it. It wasn’t because Feyre deserved to know. Nesta had already agreed with the rest of them to keep it a secret. She knew how to cut Feyre so it would hurt her the most. And that’s what she did. There’s no other way to put it. That was something no one deserved to have thrown in their face and used as ammunition in a fight. I get that Nesta was upset, but that doesn’t excuse it. Yes, Feyre should have already known, but that doesn’t make what Nesta did any better. It was wrong. Yes, Nesta realizes she fucked up. And how badly she hurt Feyre. This just was one scene I was stuck on for a while. It was just messed up. That wasn’t something that Nesta should have ever even considered using to hurt Feyre. It was cruel. This is probably not going to be a popular opinion. But Nesta, Emerie, and Gwyn being able to beat Illyrian warriors, who have trained their entire lives for the rite, seemed unrealistic. I know they trained with Cassian but still. They trained for a few months and were able to beat people who trained their whole lives. Don’t get me wrong the scenes were cool and I love seeing misogynistic men getting their asses kicked. Idk it just seemed a little weird. I mean Rhys, Az, and Cass hardly made it through. They say it was a massacre. Cass even said he would subject Mor to it, even though she’s just as good of a warrior and she's supposed to be super powerful(speaking of what is Mor's power? I've never understood.). But they only saw other people a couple of times. Also, what happened to that one guy that hid in the cave with Nesta and Emerie at the beginning? Ok so those last few chapters. I was a wreck. I love Feyre, and I was so happy about the baby because they were all so happy. And I thought that they were about to lose them and Rhys. I was a mess. I don't get how Fae can't survive a Cesarean. But I've also never really been able to pinpoint the timeframe SJM has set for ACOTAR and how developed the world is. It just doesn't make sense that a fae with advanced healing abilities wouldn't be able to make it though that. Plus the healers were able to basically rebuild Cassian's wings, so it doesn't make sense why they could do something like that but not a C-section. I also don't know a lot about childbirth anyways, so I might just not understand. It doesn't matter though because Nesta saved them. The end with Nesta and Feyre was great. It was a nice moment. I think they both need eachother more than they realize. The scene with Rhys and Nesta was good also. I do think there’s still a lot to unpack with Nesta and Feyre though. They really need to have a serious long talk. Because things aren’t just going to be magically fixed. There’s a lot of hurt there. I thought the book was good. It’s not one of my favorites. I don’t know what it was. All of SJM’s other books hooked me and took over my brain immediately. This one never really did that except in the last few chapters and not really even in those. I didn’t love this book, but overall I did enjoy it.
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vidalinav · 4 hours ago
I’ve been seeing a lot more “I don’t want to read this series anymore” posts. Yikes. Did SJM fuck up that bad or just the fandom itself? 
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city-of-sjm · 4 hours ago
I gotta question but........
It’s a spoiler for Kingdom of Ash
Continue at your own risk
Okay, when the thirteen did there sad thing, did it destroy everything ie: 100k moarth soldiers, witch towers and moarth witches 
Or did moarth retreat
Also Kingdom of Ash is just pain, like 100,000,000 times worse than Empire of Storms
(Excuse my spelling I’m listening though a audible)
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cinaja · 6 hours ago
Tw: nswf
Tumblr media
The emphasis on the sex is very weird, I think. Obviously, opinions on that can differ, but I'd say it is hardly the most important thing in a serious relationship, and it is definitely not a problem if partners need to communicate about what they want, especially in the beginning of a relationship. The idea being presented here is,,, not exactly good, I'd say.
In general, I'm not fond at all of the way Bryce's relationship with Reid is written. Sure, the thing with the phone is shitty, but honestly, the way Bryce talks about him is at least as bad. Beyond "he's hot", I haven't heard a single kind word about him from her - in fact, she really only seems to date him because she found no one better at the time and has a weird thing for dating human men even though she doesn't like them. She certainly doesn't seem to like him, and it does make me wonder if she ever communicated it to him in any way. It's just... Reid is, of course, very shitty (because sjm hates humans), but I think in that specific relationship, Bryce really is no better.
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vidalinav · 6 hours ago
Just me complaining again...
If this was Nesta’s healing arc, I really would have liked to know what her redemption arc would have looked like... as in If SJM had just taken the notion that she had to be healed out and the goal was purely to change the characters’ and readers’ opinions of Nesta. Because to me it seemed that that was a lot of the confusion of this book. That it was suppose to be a healing arc, where Nesta gained a lot of character development, but at the same time she couldn’t get away from redeeming her because many fans and the characters as she wrote had an already formed an opinion of Nesta that needed to be changed. 
But unfortunately, she set that up IN ACOSF. The confusion of does Nesta have to be redeemed? To me, we have many instances pre-ACOSAF of Nesta “redeeming” herself and so ACOSAF introduced the healing aspect being necessary, because of the introduction of trauma and the overwhelming instance of power, where there of course were many consequences to her being in pain. She’d need character development to get out of what this book set up. 
ACOSF however introduced the question of redemption, because instead of Nesta’s narrative being entirely based on what was set up in ACOSAF, it started immediately with what the characters’ opinions of Nesta were, which... were not even as bad in their own POVs. And of course, you can argue time, like a good amount of time has passed from ACOFAS to ACOSF but... you can also argue against this because Nesta’s need for healing is very much not emphasized in the text. We don’t get her drinking problems, her sleeping around problems, the overwhelming power crushing her. We get a nightmare and a few weeks of Nesta resisting training and easy as pie. Character development will happen whether there’s a goal to heal or not, but if the goal was to heal then... there should be something to heal from. That drastic rock-bottom. SJM said in an interview that Nesta was the lowest she’d ever been in the beginning of ACOSF, but I am not convinced and part of the job of a writer is to convince. I’d say that’s most of the job as a writer. To convince the reader that this world exists, that Nesta needed healing, that she needed redemption, that she was at rock bottom, that she’s as bad as they say she is, that she’s not as bad as they say and they’re perspective is misconstrued. And I don’t feel that SJM knew what she was trying to convince the reader from how this book was a bit all over the place or not fleshed out enough. 
Was this suppose to be a healing arc with an emphasis on character development and internal dialogue or was this suppose to be a redemption arc, which probably has more of an emphasis on what the characters does which would alludes more to plot? But both the redemption and the healing fall short, because this book is too short to have both with two POVs, and a large set up for future things that don’t matter to the narrative at the time. She made it too complicated and therefore the narratives lacked complexity. 
This is why I will never say it reads like fanfiction, because fanfiction always has a clear goal. If it’s a one-shot, it wraps it up. If it’s fluff, it’s meant to be fluff. If it’s smut, it’s just smut. If it’s a multi chapter, you can clearly see where it’s going, because writers have the luxury of seeing comments, not committing to specific ideas, changing chapters, moving on with the idea fresh from the previous chapter. It’s making the story as you go, even if it’s fairly planned, so if the goal changes it doesn’t seem far off from what is already established. 
Ideally, that’s how a novel should probably be. If the goal is to tell a good story, then a good story is told. If the goal is to build a fantasy world, then the fantasy world is built. If the goal is suppose to lead to a specific ending, then all of the parts in between need to lead up to that ending. Of course there can be more than one goal, but... how many did ACOSF have? 
1. Establishing the plot for later books (x2, x3) 2. Introducing characters for later books 2. Character development (x2) 3. fixing this relationship (x2, x3) 4. Building this relationship (romance, friendship) 5. Smut 6. Learning more about the world 7. having these particular things happen... and so on and so forth. 
I think that’s why I feel that even though we have 800 pages, virtually nothing happened, because the two main goals were not fulfilled. We can argue whether or not Nesta is healed because the text doesn’t concretely have evidence that that is true. We also can’t say relationships are fixed and opinions are changed because we also don’t know if that’s true. Is she redeemed? We can assume, but... we don’t know really. So (shrugs). 
But yeah, I totally understand why people tend to be very on either this side or that side with regards to everything in this book, because clarity was definitely not to goal. 
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aquafaith · 6 hours ago
Did... did I honestly just witness an Anti Nesta use the tag "Nesta stans are anti mental health"? Anti Nestas love invalidating her PTSD and ignoring the way the people around her gaslight her, but sure, the people who point it out are "anti mental health".
Tumblr media
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