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Pairing: Daddy!Eomer x reader

Word Count: 1652

Warnings: mention of small injury, fluff

Summary: Requested by @asraime. just Eomer and his daughter spending time together and getting into slight mischief.

A/N: Okay, I know I lied that Bones will be up today, but I wanted to write for another Karl Urban character. he does them all sooo well, and Eomer is one of my favorites from him. 

If anyone could call Eomer, they would realize he had many titles. He was a nephew, a cousin, a lord of the mark, the third marshal, a king, a husband, and lastly, a father. He was a father to not just one, but two.

A son.

And a daughter to spoil.

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I saw your collar ask and I just 😃😃😃 ok, so my Dom actually “proposed” to me with a collar. (No, we’re not married but it was the first time I entered into a dom/sub relationship and he wanted to make it special) this collar is the simplest thing, could easily blend with any outfit and many people don’t even notice it because they think it’s a choker, but despite its simplicity it has a huge meaning and makes me feel safe/loved everyday. I’m sorry asdfghjkl I just got excited 😌

-flails- THATS SO CUTE IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU?! asdfghjkl my soul… how I thought I lost you…

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an anon date idea: theres a hill covered in wildflowers (and also “weeds” but ppl that dont like dandelions are lame, so who cares what they think) overlooking a lake, a few minutes drive out of town. the water is always calm there, and theres plenty of waterfowl and turtles thatll spend time wading in the shallows, so long as you keep your distance and avoid scaring them. we could throw down a blanket and just observe nature for a while. maybe eat a small meal.

This sounds so lovely and romantic. It’s honestly one of the dates I’ve always wanted to go on. I’ll bring the sandwiches and water!

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Does anyone else miss Flik’s Fun Fair, or? 🐜🐞🐛🦋


(Seriously, this place was so gorgeous all day and all night, and didn’t get the respect and love it deserved 💔😭🥀)

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