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comicsiswild · 2 months ago
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All-New, All-Different Avengers (2015) #8
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alirhi · 2 months ago
I am so with you on blocking out the haters. They are so nasty and disgusting with their comments about Seb and Ale. And the amount of times that they’re like “omg he’s so sick of her” when they’re LITERALLY MAKING OUT in the park like tf?
right? and then you've got the jealous conspiracy bitches going "oh, that's just for show!" 🙄 cognitive bias is ridiculous. people will do anything to cling to whatever stupid idea they've let get stuck in their head.
why are humans so against just letting other humans live their gd lives?
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valleydean · 6 months ago
yes, the idea that known heller leonard cohen wrote “hallelujah” about destiel 24 years before lazarus rising premiered is great, but let us not forget that he also wrote “treaty” about season 15 deancas 4 years before that season aired.
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barryallenis · 9 months ago
I’m not having fun but I’m sure grant was
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patchhes · 8 months ago
they're being so manipulative and gross i hate this
they just keep talking over him and are being so disrespectful and twisting his words to make him sound bad.... like [redacted] and her friends need to just stfu
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hereos · 8 months ago
my best friend mailed me a copy of red, white and royal blue and i blew through a third last night and wow i love the dumbass energy from the main character. he’s all like “no i’m straight so that kiss didn’t mean anything. i mean me and my high school bff used to make out and jerk each other off but like. in a straight way”
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sadnessicanterase · a year ago
Michael saying that Alex evolved past him in the emotional development is the most valid thing he said in the whole season.
Honestly, I didn’t expect that level of self-awareness from him.
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tech-swiftie · 2 years ago
this guy from my (very christian) university came out at the lip sync battle to YNTCD and it is ICONIC. @taylorswift
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geeneelee · 2 years ago
Weird things to think about: Crowley was originally written to seem like a stylish adult in the prime of his life... in 1990. Book Crowley is culturally analogous to boomers. For a lot of us, our parents’ generation. Good Omens was written when Queen was recent.
Crowley likes gardening, taking care of his car, listening to The Velvet Underground and Queen, and drinking nice wines while complaining about work. He’s got your parents’ hobbies.
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