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lilkikayart · 8 months ago
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Here is the little au idea I’ve been toying with hahah I remember mentioning this with someone way back when I still had the blog rebel-wars-in-the-stars, but essentially it was making Space Aladdin a reality lol.  I never put much thought into it though, I just knew I’d make Kanan Jasmin 😂 and Ezra Aladdin.  So through these “concept doodles” (?) I just tried drawing them? Not sure if I’ll fully stick to their Disney designs or stray away later? I plan to do a proper picture some other time, but this was fun! Can I just say though that I’m really proud of my Zeb 😂 I went from sketching real quick break down of  Rajah and tried to fit Zeb’s face into it. Also I’m kinda obsessed with Princess Kanan 💖💖💖💖 I included separate images of the doodles as well if you don’t like my messy page. I really need to rewatch Aladdin though cause I don’t remember much XDDD 
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jellyaibo · a month ago
(Hoo boy, I'm kinda anxious about writing this but here I go,) Hey so um, I've been seeing your art for a while now, (really good stuff by the way!) and I just wanted to say I love your interpretation of X! I love when people make a weirdass freak who is just as fucked up as four, I hate when people try like infantilize him and shit, and make him a "Sweet innocent baby boy who has done would NEVER hurt anybody and has done NOTHING wrong uwu" like, not only are you wrong you are also a coward-
HI YES OMG i am so glad u like my X sm omg......
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gogogy · a month ago
i thought ur tags in the last rb said "dreams ass" and i was like idk what prompted this but so true
DHFGHDJ i love how down you were to just go with the flow
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silver-snow · a year ago
I’ve been commenting on more fics recently and I don’t know I always enjoy getting responses back or just knowing I might have made an author’s day cause it sure as hell would’ve made mine if someone commented on my fic
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kigozula · a year ago
These songs drive me crazy and make me think so bad of Sokkla...*-*
Phineas & Ferb: What Might Have Been "...I could have been your girlfriend I could have been your fella. We might have been an item, they could have called us Phinabella (Sokkazula) I could've held the door for you, I would've shared my umbrella You could've held my hair back, when I was sick with salmonella... We could've been together..."
Calum Scott, Leona Lewis: You Are The Reason "...if I could turn back the clock, I'd made sure the light defeated the dark. I'd spent every hour of every day keeping you safe...I'd climb every mountain and swim every ocean, just to be with you...cause I need you to see that you are the reason... "
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When You Sleep Together
Dream SMP x Reader
I've got some wholesome moments for you guys because y'all deserve to be loved :) sorry if some of these are cheesy
Rubbing his eyes sleepily as he stared at the chat of his stream, Clay sighed quietly to himself. He was longing for the sweet embrace of his comfy bed-sheets. As much as he loved his chat, he loved you and his bed more.
Blinking away the sleep, he shook his head to wake himself up. When he stopped himself from falling into his sleep-zombie stupor, he began to speak energetically to the stream once again.
Just as he was about to say something, the sound of his door opening made him stop. When he saw you peeking your head into his room, he muted his mic." Everything okay?" He asked, concern swirling in his deep-green eyes.
Your eyes narrowed a little from the brightness of his monitor," You're... still streaming?" You muttered tiredly, running a hand through your messy hair," It's 4 am... You need to come to bed before you die." You stated bluntly.
Chuckling lightly, Clay smiled at you," That's a bit of an exaggeration, dont ya think?" He grinned out before turning to his monitor," I just need to finish this building first and then I'll come to bed." He reassured.
Pouting at him, you walked over to him in his gaming chair. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind and leaned your head in the crook of his neck. He stiffened up for a second but leaned into your touch, which told you just how tired he really was.
You brought your lips close to his ear," The bed's lonely without you..." You tried your best to sound cute before giving into your sluggish thoughts," and it's lowkey freezing without you next to me. You don't want me to die of hypothermia, right?"
Wheezing a little, he shook his head," Alright, alright. You've convinced me."
"Epic victory royale for me."
"Never say that again."
Groaning in defeat, you closed your laptop after saving your assignment in frustration. Rubbing your eyes tiredly, you glanced at your phone and turned it on to check the time.
2:30 a.m
"Oh f-" you already knew you were gonna get shit from Nick as soon as you stepped foot into your shared bedroom.
Quickly packing your college material away, you raced upstairs quickly and made a bee-line to your bedroom. You opened the door quietly, smirking slightly when you heard the light snores coming from your boyfriend.
He was hugging a pillow close to himself, wrapped snugly within the comfy blankets. He looked like he was in heaven.
If anything, that only made you more tired.
You tiptoe to the bed and slowly crawled into the bed, trying your best to stop the groan of satisfaction from escaping your lips as soon as the blankets consumed you. You stared at Nick's peaceful face for a second before scooting closer to him for more heat.
The pillow beneath your head was so fluffy and comfortable that you were almost instantly consumed in dream-land, not before Nick stopped you.
"Did your bitchass finally give up on that dumb assignment." He muttered tiredly, replacing the pillow he was cuddling with you.
"I have to finish it tomorrow, dumbass..." You grunted out, your eyebrow slanting downwards slightly.
"Nah, fuck you. You're staying in bed with me tomorrow." He denied your statement instantly, pulling you ever closer.
"You make a good argument, I retract my statement..."
"Fuck yea-" You stopped your celebrating quickly as soon as you remembered that your boyfriend was literally sleeping behind you.
You had been editing a video all night, and despite his begging and whining, you just wouldnt go to bed with George. So he decided that he'd stay with you in the living room, refusing to go to bed without you.
You had protested against that, claiming that he needed his beauty sleep, which he had taken great offense to. So he sat behind you, wrapping his arms around you and placing his head in the crook of your neck, whining that he wasnt going to move until you came to bed with him.
You took this as a challenge," Aight bet." And continued to edit whilst your boyfriend was hugging you from behind.
About 10 minutes into editing, you heard George's familiar snores. You knew that he'd fall asleep quick anyways, sleeping is sort of his thing.
But now, you'd finally finished your editing and want to actually go to bed. Sighing at this dilemma and obvious karma, you closed your laptop after sending the video to Dream.
You leaned into George's heat, making him stir a little." George..." you whispered to him.
There was a lazy hum in response.
"Let's go to bed..." You muttered to him.
"....You lost that opportunity about 2 hours ago." He replied back stubbornly," It's expired."
"Oh, come on." You groaned out," If I stay in bed with you tomorrow as well, will you let us go to bed?"
He was silent.
"... Deal."
"Great, let's go, let's go."
🎶💛Wilbur Soot💛🎶
"Alright, bed time. C'mon." Wilbur spoke up suddenly, making you jump from your place at your monitor.
"Wait wha-" You were interrupted as Wilbur wrapped his arms around your waist, squeezing you close to him. Your back pressed into his chest as he got you to stand up from your desk." Will, what are you-?"
"You've been editing all day. I need attention and affection." He muttered, a pout on his lips." So can we got to sleep please?" He sent you a slight grin.
"Will, this'll only take a couple of minutes." You sighed out with furrowed eyebrows.
His grin dropped," You said that an hour ago."
Your eyes widened at his words," I did?"
"You did."
"Shit." You rubbed your eyes, letting out another sigh," Jeez, I'm sorry Will... I'm an asshole." You muttered.
"Hmm.... hmmmmm thinking.... You could come to bed to sleep with me to make up for being an asshole?" He teased.
You narrowed your eyes at him playfully," you're not supposed to agree."
Laughing slightly, he wrapped his arms around you tighter," in all seriousness.... As sleepdeprived as I am, I don't want you following in my footsteps. So can we go to bed, please? I really need you in my arms right now."
You were taken aback by his confession but you could only give into his charms after he sent you a soft-eyed smile." Oh, alright."
"Thank fuck. Jesus, please never make me wait as long as you did tonight again."
"Can we go to bed now?" You whined as Eret finally finished streaming." Jeez, it's like you love your chat more than me."
Eret laughed deeply at your words and shook their head," You know that's not trueee~" he sang out cutely." You have my heart, [Y/N], don't worry."
You couldn't stop the stop the soft smile from replacing your pout, your eyes softening at her." Aww.... Ali, you're so sweet to me... and you're super cheesy." You awed out, finding their response to be genuinely adorable.
" Ali? Sheesh, and you call me cheesy. Look in the mirror, love." He teased, finally turning his monitor off and making their way over to you. She towered over you, you've always compared them to a big friendly giant who loves to cuddle.
Sending her a teasing grin and a suggestive eyebrow raise, you spread your arms open for him to hug you," Bed time?"
They grinned slightly and wrapped their arms around you securely, squeezing you tightly against his chest in a loving hug." Bed time..."
"Were you really waiting that long?" She teased, getting your messy head of [H/C] hair." Aww, if I had known that, I would've ended earlier."
You hit him playfully," You suck, loser."
"Love you too, dear."
(This one's a bit long lol.)
You let out a another yawn as you shivered lightly in the cold of the snowy area you and Techno lived in.
Your boyfriend had gone to the nether a couple of hours ago to collect wither skulls for 'decoration' but you already knew what he was scheming inside that chaotic head of his.
You've been waiting for about 5 hours in the freezing cold. Of course you've made yourself useful around the house, tending to the farm and gathering more materials overall.
Tommy helped here and there, but he was mostly gathering materials for himself.
Now you were beginning to worry for your boyfriend, he's been gone for so long.
So you decided to sit at the doorstep, a blanket wrapped around yourself and a hot cup of cocoa, refusing to fall asleep until you found out that Techno was okay.
Tommy had sat with you for an hour or so before he retired to his bed, stating," Techno's being a bitch. Not worth the time waiting for him." And then he left.
You had laughed at the teen's grumpiness towards Techno, but you didnt agree with him.
Techno was worth waiting for.
He always will be.
Taking another sip from your cocoa, you leaned your head against the door, blinking so that you're eyes wouldnt close due to fatigue and tiredness.
The steaming hot cocoa in your hands reminded you of the warm bed you share with Techno. How the fire would crackle and the smell of burning wood and berries filled the home. The blankets were huge and warm and would just consume you and Techno. How he stays up at night to read some history book and tell you about greek mythology.
"Fuck I miss him..." You muttered, your teeth chattering whic prompted you to wrap your blankets closer around you.
"Miss who?"
You jumped at the familiar voice, making you drop your hot cocoa. You looked up at the owner and your lip twitched a little," You're an asshole."
Techno raised an eyebrow down at you, taking off his pig mask to talk to you properly." HEH? What have I done??" He mumbled, silently outraged.
"Do you know how long I've been waiting here?? 5 hours, Techno!! I'm surprised I havent gotten hypothermia yet!" You exclaimed, standing from your spot on the doorstep," You even made me spill my cocoa!!"
Pouting like a child, your boyfriend narrowed his red eyes at you," How is the fact you spilled your cocoa my fault?"
You gave him a,' bitch, really?' Look and it made him reconsider his words.
"Oh wait a minute, I guess that is kinda my fault, huh? Ehhhh, its fiiiiine." He waved a hand dismissively and walked passed you to get into the house, throwing his red Cape off and then placing his items into a chest." So... you missed me, eh? I mean... I would too if I were you but... y'know."
You knew he was fishing for affection or gratitude, but you knew better than that. You were still angry at him.
"Wow, quite the ego on you." You rolled your eyes," and who said it was you that I was missing?"
Techno didnt look at you, he continued placing his items in his chest," Well.... who else would you miss?" He questioned carefully.
He turned to you, staring before shrugging," Yeah, that's pretty valid. I miss him too."
You groaned at his stubborn nature and sat down in a chair, rubbing your temples," You're such a pain." You muttered.
Techno froze at your words, finally sensing your distress. When he had finished putting his items away, he turned to your brooding form, a light frown upon his face. He walked over to you and gulped, his eyebrows furrowing with frustration. He really really wasnt one for comforting others, hes always found it hard to do so. That's what social anxiety does to you.
He placed a hand on your head, petting it lightly and awkwardly." Look.... I'm sorry."
You froze at his words and slowly looked up at him, an expectant look upon your face.
Techno took his hand from your head, prompting to cross his arms instead," I know that you were worried, I shouldve taken that into consideration. But ya need to understand that I'm strong, [Y/N]. You dont need to worry for my safety at all, I can handle myself."
You frowned a little before sighing," You know I worry because I love you." You stated simply, looking down at your shoes.
The male's cheeks heated up a little and he nodded," 'course..." he grumbled bashfully.
Lips twitching into a slight smile, you stood from your chair and grabbed both of his hands gently, intertwining his fingers with yours." Well... I'm glad you're safe... I missed you a lot."
Techno's face only reddened even further as he completely avoided eye contact with you, his palms growing sweaty but refusing to let go of your smaller and softer hands." U-uh... wanna know another reason why you shouldnt worry about me dyin'?" He's trying his best to hide the fact he was embarrassed.
You grinned slightly and leaned a little closer to him," Yeah. Tell me."
He looked deeply into your eyes, his face still flushed. He leaned a little closer to your face, his ruby-red eyes swirling with an emotion you couldnt quite put your finger on.
Your eyes flicker down to his lips as he began to speak, his hot breath hitting your own lips.
"Because Technoblade never dies."
You pulled yourself from him instantly," You just ruined the romantic moment. AGAIN." You stated simply.
He huffed out a laugh at your exclaim," Aww c'mon it was funny! Please tell me I'm funny--"
"You're not funny. I'm going to bed, bye." You then walked away from him, Techno trailed behind you with a shit-eating grin on his lips.
"You know I still have 3 canon lives left as well, right?"
"I am now choosing to no longer understand english." You replied simply.
"Ok, nerd."
"The fuck are you up so late for." It was more of a statement than a question.
You looked up at your floating boyfriend in all of his blue sweater and ram-horned glory." You're up late too, dumbass." You shot back, downing another cup of coffee.
"[Y/N]... I'm a fuckin' ghost. You think I need sleep? Use your head woman." He insulted as he floated behind you, peeking over your shoulder to see what you were up too.
You seemed to be writing something in a book, he couldnt really read it though so he leaned onto your back, leaning his chin on your shoulder. His eyes skimmed over the words and he scowled a little.
"What the hell are you s'posed to be writing." He grumbled out.
"It's just a book for the different materials Alex told me to gather." You stated simply, leaning your head against his slightly.
"Good idea. Knowin' you, your dumbass would probably forget." He hummed out," But why waste your time on this when you could be sleeping."
Frowning with furrowed eyebrows, you continued to write in the book," I mean... its Alex. I dont wanna let the guy down, he's the vice president."
"Eh... Whose Alex again? He the one with the flatty patty?"
You buried your face in your hands, holding in a laugh." You're an idiot..." You muttered out, trying to contain your laughter.
"Takes one to know one asshole." Schlatt responded, floating away from you and to your bed. He lay on top of it comfortably," OoOoOoh~ look at how comfortable this fuckin' bed looks [Y/N]~ mm yes, comfy comfy, yes very comfy."
Smiling a little, you turned to him and raised an eyebrow," You sure its comfy?"
He was silent for a moment before he nodded," trust me. You know what they call me?"
You rolled your eyes, sighing slightly,"... what do they call you..."
"The bed master."
"You fucking-" You're sentence cut off as you broke out into a laugh. Schlatt couldnt stop the slight smile from crossing over his lips at successfully cheering you up.
"This is a very comfy bed. You should try it out with me, right now." It was more of a threat than a suggestion.
"How can I trust you though?..."
"Maybe if you try the bed out for yourself you can decide whether it's comfy or not, fuckin' moron."
You stared at him with a deadpan expression before giving in," you make a valid point. You win this argument." Standing from the table, you walked over to your bed and flopped onto it next to Schlatt.
He stared down at you expectantly;" Well? Was I right or was I right?"
You moved around on the bed a little, and sighed," .....It feels like I'm lying on a fucking cloud...." you gave up.
Schlatt shot you a shit-eating grin," Right?? The bed master strikes once again." Then his smile dropped," Dont ever fuckin' question me again."
He turned a little in the bed and threw an arm over you, pulling you close to him. You stared up at him with a confused gaze, which made him roll his eyes." Gonna help you sleep." He grunted out.
"Ahhh... Okay." You snuggled a little closer to him." Thank you for existing, Schlatt."
"At least one of us are happy I exist." He deadpanned.
"Hey Schlatt? Did you fall from heaven, cause you look like you fell- wait I messed that up."you silently cursed to yourself.
"You fucking loser."
"Lemme try again... Did you fall from heaven? Cause you look like an angel."
"... That makes no fucking sense. Are you comparing me to Satan then? He was the angel that fell from heaven." He looked slightly offended." I'll have you know that I am a devoted Catholic-"
You deadpanned when he wouldnt accept the pick-up line and gave up,"... You're hot." you stated bluntly.
"I know. Goodnight."
"Fuuuuck... I'm so fucking tired chat." Alex laughed out slightly, trying his best to contain another yawn. His chat instantly began to complain to him, telling him to hurry up and end the stream then. " aww... you all care so much for me." He fake cried." I dont deserve you guys."
Likywastaken: GO SLEEP ASSHOLE
He snorted at the comment," Wow, are y'all hitting on me orrr? Hit me up." He joked teasingly, a slight grin upon his lips.
The familiar sound of,' Me perdonas' came through his headset, indicating he had received a donation.
Duh_Itz_y/n has donated $4.20
Go the fuck to bed you bitch <3
His eyes lit up at your familiar twitch name and he chuckled lightly." Y/N, my love, you have such a way with words." He stated sarcastically, ignoring how his chat started spamming your name." Thanks for the dono but you literally can just call me on discord, fucking idiot."
And just like that, his discord went off, it made him jump in his gaming chair. He covered it up with a cough and answered the call," Hola hermosa."
"Did you just fucking jump when I called you?"
He sputtered," The fuck??? No. You're tripping."
"YOU DID. You're such a pussy boy."
"Yes, I am a pussy boy because I attract all the puss-"
"Stop talking." You interrupted," Why arent you asleep Alex? I don't know if you knew this buuut, 2 am is usually the time when people should be sleeping." You stated, snarky and teasing.
"If you wanted to get me alone you shouldve just said so, babe." He stated simply, you could hear the shit-eating grin in his voice.
He heard you laugh from the other side, making his heart flutter in his chest." I wish I was there but Mexico is like hours away." You muttered.
"Why are you awake? You've been going off to me but it's late where you are too."
"It's cause I was watching your shitass stream. I'm such a dedicated girlfriend, arent I? I just love you so much." You laughed out.
"Aww, you're such a simp for me..." Alex pressed a hand to his cheek embarrassingly, mocking that he was flustered." Should I just end the stream now then. I wanna talk to you now."
"Now you're the one wanting to get me alone Hmm?"
"Yeah, at least I can admit it. Looks like you're the pussy here." He spat your words right back at you.
"End the stream."
"Yes ma'am."
"Pfft, and you say you arent a fucking bottom." You teased.
"Y/N, I am still strEAMING-"
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feeplings · 2 days ago
I love your Katara sooo much you don’t understand but Zuko with glasses SOOO TRUEEE!!!
Hello, Zuko here.👋
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jokes aside though thank you so much for sending me messages like these, they keep me going 🥺I have some ZK art sleeping in my drafts so hopefully I can share them soon!
Tumblr media
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technothefruit · 2 months ago
Tbf where i think the majority of the internet has failed with body (or i guess appearance?) positivity is that instead of centering it on "your face and body will not play a role in how i treat you. I will give you your due respect regardless of how you look" and instead centered it on "oh dont worry people will still find you fuckable/hot even if some people do consider you too unattractive (Idk about respecting you tho)"
So what the people being like "dont worry ranboo we're sure youre handsome" are failing to understand is that their comments are not helping, its not reassuring at all!! Stop bringing his looks into this and just say that you'll still treat him with respect and be his fan even if he doesnt look how you expect him to!!!!
trueeeeEEEE TRUEEE!!!!!!!!!
ppl have made 'body positivity' into 'dont worry youre pretty!!! someone will find you attractive!!' rather than 'your body and your appearance isnt indictive of your worth as a person and you deserve love regardless' and we really fuckin see it w this shit
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gnfof · 4 months ago
i feel like it has to be said; karl jacobs sucks at orgasm control. of course he loves when you beg but he feels so bad seeing you all desperate for that one thing then taking it away from you. even if it is something as small as an orgasm. to him you deserve the world, so when he sees you pout in disappointment he can’t help but give you what you want. along with this sir karl jacobs has a huge praise kink (giving and receiving), accompanied by worshipping your body like a temple.
moral of the story, karl is a sub and deserves the world
trueee just imagine karl's hands all over you and he's trying something new so he's like, "don't cum yet, okay baby? wait til- wait til i say," and you nod. he doesn't stop touching you, and you know he loves your noises so you let them all out for him, vocalizing every reaction caused by him and what he's doing. it isn't long before you're close- and your whimpers become more insistent, desperate. "karl- mm- please-? can i, can i-" you say in an attempt to ask for permission. "just a little while longer- you're doing so well, honey, so good," he praises and you bite at your bottom lip, trying to hold the high in. "please- i can't, i can't- i wanna cum, please please please-" you babble, and he softens at your begging; a murmured "okay baby" is all you need before your orgasm crashes into you, your lips falling open and eyes rolling back.
pls don't get me started on calling karl a good boy
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Bloodbag and vampy would do this but you already know it would be vampys idea dnbsban
He’d also just love sending her money for small things like lunch or a coffee because he knows she’ll only accept so much from him, but gifting is his most prevalent love language since he didn’t have the means to do that for his loved ones back when he was alive.
Have you had lunch today?
No, I’m don’t really have an appetite right now. I’ve cycled through all the meals at the cafe and if I have to eat another chicken wrap, I’ll vomit.
Do me a favor, yeah?
[ Attachment: $20 ]
Go down the street to Pueblos and get yourself that burrito platter you like. And some dulce de leche ice cream so I can live vicariously through you.
Harry, how many times have I told you that I don’t like you spending money on me?
And how many times have I told you that I do it because I care about you and enjoy giving you gifts?
Sorry, what was that?
FINE. And thank you. I guess.
You’re welcome, doll. x
Gotta be honest, sending you money makes my dick hard.
And there it is.
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xobabyalina · 6 months ago
Imagine sakuna genuinely in love with you and like he tells u that ur like a royals now.
So after he tells you this you ask “Can I have my own throne if I’m a queen?” then sakuna goes to his throne and sits you on top of him and grabs your hands and wrap them around his neck and rubs you against his growing member and then he says “This is your throne, isn’t it?”
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alltoolewin · a month ago
Invisible string- lando norris
Another part of my collab with the talented @f00tball-imagines .
"Right missus... lets get this sorted out, so we can get out of here" lando laughs, gently pushing you inside his packed basement.
After 2 years of dating, you both decided that it was time you took the nexr jump in your relationship. Hence you and lando was currently im your old basement, which was hordered with old toys, clothes and family treasures.
Grabbing your boxes and bin bags, you and lando started to sort out all the stuff you've been throwimg down there for the past 5 years.
"FOUND THE JACKPOT" Lando suddenly yelled behind the tower of old magazines, hand popping out holding your old photoalbum.
"Hey hey.. nooo lando give me it" you laughed as you charged at him, wrestling him to one of the old bean bags.
"Let me look" lando giggled, pulling you to a more comfortable position on his lap.
"Fine" you huffed grabbing the book from his hand before opening it to first page. Both of you flipping through the pages, laughing at old pictures of you as a child with ice cream all over you or you running round in just your diaper.
"Hold up" lando says grabbing your wrist from turning the page "what's this?" Pointing at an picture of you when you were around 13, sat in the middle of a beach with a small pot of ice cream.
"Ahhh i use to go there all the time! Its brighton beach! My nan use to live there. We visited her every summer after i finished for school"
You smiled, memories of the good old days flooding your thoughts.
"Shut up" lando whispered, grabbing the picture and holding it up, squinting at the image closely.
"Whats up" you laughed, watching your confused boyfriend stare at a random picture, not knowing what all the fuss was about.
"I use to work there!" He gasped, looking up to find you with a mirror image of his confused expression.
"You worked at andys ice cream shop! In Brighton!!! No wayyy" you laughed at the new information your boyfriend just told you, after 2 years of dating.
"Yeahhhhhh! When was that picture took?" He asked, turning round the picture to find 'july 7th 2013'
"Ahhh i literally left a week before that picture" he screamed shutting the photo album, throwing it to the side gently before pulling you down with him laughing.
"If that doesn't prove we are destined to be together! I don't know what does" lando laughed.
And it was trueee! All this time you didnt know that you both were so close to meeting 8 years ago!!! Its true that soulmates were destined to find together and thank god lando was yours...
I feel as though i have to give alittle bit of credit to one of my favourite girlies everrrrrr @the-place-to-sparkle for blessing me with this image which helped me in the process of writing this! Love you 😝
Tumblr media
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oceanic-panic-panic · a month ago
I fear the scale of getting English translation my biggest fear for all danmei. On one hand, MXTX, other authors who got their books/lit translated gets their bucks out of it. The other hand? Cishet white people bitching and disrespecting Chinese audience culture. Even before the English translation racism and all that is already prevalent here 🥴 next will be the racist white cishet who are racist against Asian people, especially Chinese (from the land of USA). They will spread their USA propaganda and have all the bad takes and smear the books of MXTX. MXTX being NYT best seller means THIS EXACT RISK. Westerners. Please Priest fandom or other danmei fandom I love for English translation but will the westerners be able to handle it? Will we able to handle them? I don’t think so. Twitter MDZS is already a mess, we don’t need more white people and their stupidity.
Trueee but at this point I'm out of sight, out of mind. Fjdjdj cuz now I'm also tired trying to change the minds of already racist and suggestibly trigger-happy people and as someone from Indonesia thats also Chinese I think I've already stomached much from western takes in general lmaooo that I'm numb at this point.
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fairestwriting · 5 months ago
Yo! Love your writing!
I was wondering if I could get some Cater and Trey (separate!) headcanons with a s/o who is like super duper patient and just always giving him gifts and compliments and the whole shebang??
I just love them so much but I don't see enough content about them 😭💔
so trueee heres some love to our dear heartslabyul third years
+ if you like my writing, you can buy me a ko-fi to support me!
Cater Diamond
You’re so sweet to him, of course he’ll want to be sweet to you too! Cater is naturally a very affectionate boyfriend, something taken up to eleven when you give him so many reasons to just be giddy with love all the time.
Clings to you so much honestly. Draping himself over you, leaning his head on your shoulder, giving you hugs as every greeting, you name it. He just loves you so much and he knows you love him so much too, he needs to make sure you’re aware of it.
And, that’s something he doesn’t really talk about, but... he appreciates all the patience. He has trouble living outside of his usual cheerful persona, but knowing that you’re someone so understanding really makes him feel at ease.
Trey Clover
He’s surprised he’s the one who’s being spoiled for once, not really sure how to react to it since he’s usually playing the caretaker role.
But Trey finds that he really enjoys it. You make him feel so appreciated, constantly letting him know how wonderful you think he is and how much you care about him. He’ll be giving you as much love as he can back, in words, affection and in, sometimes, meticulously decorated cupcakes he made just for you.
Getting gifts always flusters him a bit, though. He’s just really not used to it! He gets this pretty bashful smile on his face as he tells you that you shouldn’t have, brimming with excitement as he opens the box.
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