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alex hirsch going rogue… king shit
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Will you keep it down? | Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Jungkook attend the same university and have been neighbors for 3 months now. It drives you crazy that he plays loud music at 2AM, and it drives him crazy that you barely acknowledge his presence.
Pairing: Jungkook x Female!Reader; Black!Reader
Words: 2.6K
Genre: enemies to lovers, student!jungkook, student!reader, fluff, mention of smut, angst? (in the form of bickering back and forth).
Authors note: Hi hi! This is the first fic I’ve ever written so if it’s bad I’m sorry. Also it is unedited so if there's grammar / spelling mistakes I'm sorry again! Also this is catered toward the reader being Black but I hope it can be enjoyed by everyone. Thank you for reading! Feedback is appreciated ok love u bye!
Even though you were studying in your room, his knocks were so loud you nearly jumped out of your skin. You had expected a reaction, but not a full-on explosion.
You and Jungkook have been apartment neighbors for about three months now, and a constant problem is that he blares his music hella loud late at night. Of course he’s a music major so he listens to music a lot, but at this point you don’t care. It doesn’t even seem like he’s working on composition homework anyway, just being an asshole with no regard for his neighbors peace. Now don’t get yourself wrong, you're not just some uptight bitch who complains about everything. Well, you do have several pet peeves but over the years of going to school in Korea you’ve picked and chosen your battles very wisely. In most cases you let things slide. You wouldn’t care at all about someone playing the music loudly, but it is 2 AM, and while you’re up studying you know a lot of your other neighbors are trying to sleep.
You tiptoe toward your front door and twist the knob slowly. You only open the door wide enough to be able to see his face. It’s not that you’re scared that you’re in danger or anything, and you rarely back down from people giving you a hard time. But you were tired, wearing a big ass t- shirt and short shorts (your regular sleep attire), and it was late at night. So if anything was going to pop off you felt pretty vulnerable. Even though you’re the same age, he towers over you and you find his size kinda intimidating.
As usual, you have to crane your neck to see his face, and your view of him is limited by the narrowness in which
you opened the door.
“Can I help you, lil boy?”
From what you can see of him, right away you can tell that he is pissed. Dawning his usual attire of a black sweatshirt with the hood up, black sweats, and stomp a hoe boots, he stood extremely close to your apartment door with his arms crossed. His usually wide, puppy dog eyes are now pressed in narrow slits. His normally pouty lips are formed in a hard line, and his jaw is so clenched you could carve an ice sculpture with his jawline.
"Who the hell do you think you are? You called the cops on me? Are you INSANE???" Jungkook shouts.
Obviously he's mad, and despite the amount of times you've gone back and forth he's never raised your voice at you. The old you would have screamed back at him, but over time you've tried to respond to anger with calmness. Also, you were a little scared because this mf is kind of big.
"I already told you if you keep blaring your music at 2AM, I was going to do something about it!" You respond in a hushed whisper, slightly concerned that your elderly neighbors will be even more disturbed by the noise. "I've told you this a million times, and you barely do anything about it. If anything, it's gotten worse like you're doing it on purpose. People are trying to sleep and I'm trying to study, why is this so hard for you to understand?"
He sucks his teeth. "You're such a little snitch. And I've already told YOU that YOU can't tell me what to do."
"I know I can't...but they can," you nod toward the exit, referring to the police officers that most likely just left out that way with a tiny smirk growing on your face.
If it was possible, he clenched his jaw even harder and you think that he's going to pop a blood vessel. He pushes his way into your apartment, which sends you stumbling back and you grab the door handle to regain your balance. This causes you to close the door shut.
"Hey! What the hell do you think you're-"
He steps right up to you and leans down into your face.
"Who the fuck do you think you are, seriously??? Why are you such an annoying little brat? Just because you're a nerd with no friends who gets no play doesn't mean you can take your bitterness out on me.”
You have to laugh in his face at this point because hello??? First of all, who is he talking to? Second of all, you have told him a BUNCH of times to turn his music down late at night. You didn't think that was too much to ask. As far as you were concerned, being aware of your noise level when you live in an apartment is the universal bare minimum for being a human being.
"ME? Who do you think YOU are? Actually let me tell you. You're an entitled little rich boy who thinks he runs the world. I don't give a fuck about how popular you are on campus, how many people fall at your feet to be around you, and how many hoes you have, you cant talk to ME like that. And how are you going to try and tell me about myself when it's too much of a task for you to be a decent neighbor? I've never done anything to blatantly bother you, so why can you just.." You started to panic because usually when you raise your voice out of anger, your voice cracks and tears threaten to pool out of your eyes, but you tried to get a grip and not back down..."why can you just be nice to me so we can live in peace? Is that too hard for you???"
He looked kind of taken aback by your question. Being nice to you? It never crossed his mind. Also, you kind of had a point. When the semester started and you both moved in on the same day, you would shoot him a small, friendly smile in passing but you never seemed interested in getting to know him. He always wondered why that was. It's not that he had a problem talking with girls, since all he had to do was breathe and girls would come flocking around him, but you would flat out ignore him. Even at all the major parties at the beginning of the year and on Thursday nights when students take over the clubs in the city, you'd barely even acknowledge him. He KNEW that you had seen him too, since you would make eye contact, but you acted like he was just another guy at the club.
And he'd be lying if he said you weren't fine. You had thick thighs, a beautiful face, nice curves, and always wore outfits that hugged you in the right places. He always wondered what it would feel like to wrap his arms around your body and press it against his own. He would constantly sneak peaks of you throughout the night at the club, but something stirred in him when he saw that you were chatting up other guys. Was he...jealous? Jealous that you were so eager to pay attention to these dudes who, in his opinion, were decent looking but they were nowhere near his level, and you never even gave him a second thought? One night he even saw you leaving with a man he knew through mutual friends, and he had to physically stop himself from breaking the glass he was holding, because that guy, while objectively handsome, was nothing compared to him. Jungkook wasn't blatantly cocky, but he let his talent, charm, and looks speak for themselves. He was THEE Jeon Jungkook, and nothing ever really bothered him....except you.
Was he....interested in you? Nah, that can't be it. You were some random chick who happened to be his neighbor, who also is one of the only girls he's met that doesn't give two fucks about even having small talk with him, and that infuriated him for some reason. So the first time you came knocking on his door in an adorable pink satin pajama set with a matching bonnet complaining about his loud music, he knew the game he had to play.
He's still standing over you, centimeters away from you face, but you notice that his eyes soften a little and so does his jaw. He unclenches the fists he was holding crossed against his chest
You continue, “I don't care what you do, and I'm DEFINITELY trying to run your messy ass life. Believe me," you scoff, "you don't have enough money to pay me to do that. But when your dickhole behavior fucks with MY life is when it's a problem. And it's BEEN a problem."
He rolls his eyes. "Whatever, little girl, maybe I should call you little mouse now, since now I know that you'll go squeaking to the cops now, don't fuck with me or my music again.”
Without moving your head you look him up and down with a confused expression. "Am I supposed to be scared of you? No seriously, you look like you cry during Disney movies while wearing footie pajamas, and now here you are throwing a fit because I forced you to stop bothering the entire wing with your music?"
Girl...what are you saying??? This man just barged into YOUR place, is in your face, and is strong enough to pick you up and throw you, and you’re insulting him? But you figured if he's going to be rude, you'll throw it right back because you're tired of his bullshit.
Whatever softness he was feeling for a fleeting moment immediately left, and annoyance once again washed over. He straightens up a bit and puts on that annoying confident smirk he wears when he thinks he's won arguments between you two.
"You should be nicer to me, all it will take is for me to tweet one thing about you, and you'll be the most hated person on campus."
At this point, any suspicions that you had about him annoying you on purpose were confirmed. You've concluded that this mf is a bully and you, small and shy but not one to take mess, will put him in his place to-motherfucking-night.
You take a step toward him, now crossing your arms tightly against your chest, but he doesn't even move a hair backwards.
"Clearly you need a rude awakening so here it is. I don't know what type of people you've dealt with all your life, always saying yes to you, letting you boss them around and taking whatever bullshit you dish out, but let me tell you I am not the one. Never have been and never will be. Unlike the other fools around here who cream their pants at the mention of your name, I don't care about who you are. You'll respect ME and MY peace as long as we're neighbors, you get me?"
Now y/n, you have never so boldly stood up to someone, where did that come from, babes? You've tried to not let this entitled little boy get to you this whole time, but with him standing in front of you in the middle of your apartment with that extremely annoying, yet handsome, smirk on his face, and after all the crap he's said tonight, he had you all the way fucked up.
After you said that, he just laughed and looked away. Now you’re standing there fuming and confused...was there a joke you missed? You were being dead serious!
"Something funny?" you ask, narrowing your eyes.
"Nothing, just thinking about how I want to face fuck that annoying little mouth of yours so you finally shut up.”
Your jaw almost dropped to the floor. You've never had a guy say something so blatantly rude and vulgar literally inches away from your face. But again, you weren't going to back down.
"Oh really?" Scoffing and tilting your head to the side a bit while narrowing your eyes even more, "I'd very much like to do the same. Maybe then you'll learn your place."
"Oh please, princess, you probably blanch when someone around you even mentions the word sex." He chuckles and leans down close toward your face again and cocks his head to the side, scrunching his nose and in a pouty voice said, "you're fooling no one, but keep trying, maybe you'll get there.”
You're even more annoyed than you were before, if that was even possible. But if he wanted to play this game, you might as well go there with him. It's true, you were a bit more prudent than more, but it pissed you off that he could tell. Regardless, you do know some things to say that could have him leaving with his tail between his legs.
You pouted your lips and in a babying tone said, “Aww sweetheart you have no idea. You think you're big and bad but like I said, you probably cry watching Disney movies. The same way you'd be crying, begging me to let you cum down my throat as I mercilessly toy with your cock for hours.”
Now it's his turn to go pale. Y/n, his stuck up neighbor who has barely even spared him five seconds of her time just threatened to edge him into submission? He has to pinch himself because he must be dreaming....
“Well I-“
“But I don't even think we’d make it that far, hun” you continue, “because in order to humble your egotistical, disrespectful ass, I'm gonna have to ride your face until you suffocate. And when the paramedics come and I have to explain how you died, I won't even hesitate to tell them that you were a punk ass loser who LITERALLY drowned in my pussy!”
You don’t know who this person speaking is, but it is not you. All of the pent up hostility you’ve held towards him just flooded out of you and you couldn’t stop the words from coming out. To be honest you shocked yourself, but you still stood there with your arms crossed and your face unfaltering, just waiting for him to say something smart back.
He stared at you silently, eyes wider than you’ve seen before and his mouth hung slightly open. He wasn’t expecting you to respond with so much fire, but now he wouldn’t be able to sleep until the image you painted came true. His brain said fuck it, and his lips crashed down onto yours. The kiss is sloppy but passionate, and you swore you heard him quietly whimper.
When he feels you starting to kiss back, he smirks into the kiss. Your lips are moving against each other in tandem, and all thoughts about how much you despise the prick fades away. As you uncrossed your arms and placed them on his chest, you could feel his heart beating wildly. Was he as nervous as you were this whole time? You wonder. You knew he was a player, so he was experienced. But the thought that you made him nervous gave you a tiny confidence boost. His hands slowly slide up the sides of your body to sneak behind your back, to pull you further into his chest. As much as your brain was telling you to resist him and push him away, you couldn't help but fall victim to how soft his lips felt against yours. Suddenly you feel airborne as he swiftly reaches down behind your thighs and picks you up. You instinctively gasp but he doesn’t miss a beat, simply biting your lower lip and locking your lips together again.
“Maybe we should test that scenario of yours, and if it comes true, that wouldn’t be the worst way for me to go” he says, doing that annoying but soul-crushingly handsome smirk he likes to wear as he carries you off to your bedroom.
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I've finally watched finished all 2 seasons of diary of a future president and I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS SO IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS SCROLL AWAY
Ok first and foremost, BOBBY IN SEASON 2!!! I DID NOT THINK I COULD LOVE THIS BOY ANYMORE THAN I DID IN SEASON 1 *BUT THEN SEASON 2 HAPPENED* I love his journey with his sexuality so freaking much, I sobbed when he came out to Elena and subsequently teared up everytime he came out to someone else. Simply putting it, I love him and I will protect this precious bean with my life.
AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE LOVE TRIANGLE FOR A SECOND??? I'm gonna need cartero stans and cjbobby stans to come on here and tell me why their ship is superior because I CAN'T DECIDE THEY'RE BOTH SO DAMN CUTE!!! Like I went into season 2 being a full-blown cartero stan AND THEN *CJ* CAME INTO THE PICTURE. And just as I was settling into the cjbobby ship bcs they cute cute, S2EP10 HAPPENED. LIKE HELLO? THE FRENCH RESTAURANT "DATE"? THE LOOK BACK? Clearly Liam isn't just an ally, and cartero is looking very much endgame rn, but I don't wanna jinx anyth, and as much as I love cartero I have a soft spot for cjbobby now so pls lemme know what u think.
Oh and of course, we can't forget THE CJBOBBY KISS. Idc if ur a cartero shipper, THAT SHIT WAS CUTE, TOP TIER DISNEY KISS. I will be obsessing over that for days tyvm.
Now let's talk about dear Elena. I love her, and I love her storyline this season. The way it shows how she's growing up, transitioning into teenagehood. I definitely saw abit of my 13 year old self in her, I could really relate to some of the mistakes she made. She's just growing so much as a character, and we love to see it. Also, her frn grp? Girl bosses, absolute girl bosses.
Can I just say that I called Elena and Emilio? As soon as I saw Emilio I KNEW it was gonna be a thing, shipped it right from the start baby. I've never been a big fan of Joey anyway, just didn't get a good vibe from him. Thank god they're not canon. My theory is that next season, Emilio and Elena will both be student reps, and will have to work together which would totally set up their romantic storyline really well.
Gabi and Sam. I love Gabi and Sam. They have such a healthy relationship, full of communication and love. It's the kind of relationship I'd want to have one day. I love how Sam had just been trying to find his space in the family, and finally found it. And not to mention how cool the kids were about it. No toxicity or anything, just love in a healthy household.
Where did Claude go? Like, there was an explanation for Ziggy's departure at least, but Claude was there for an episode or two and poof he's just gone? And especially since the show put so much emphasis on how close Sasha and Claude were, it's a bit strange how he just dipped, even if it's stated that they are still together.
Yeah, I think that about covers everything. I did not expect to love this show as much as I did, but here I am. FINGERS CROSSED FOR A SEASON 3! Now it's time to drown myself in fanfiction while we await the renewal.
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❝ chemistry ❞ o.st
Tumblr media
synopsis → osaki shotaro moving to town means trips to the dance studio, boba dates, and the perpetual teasing of lee donghyuck. 
pairing → shotaro, reader
requested? → yes! based off @onlyjihoons​​’s shipping game answer ♡
word count → 5.5k (this was supposed to be 1k.... goodbye.)
a/n → i enjoy writing texting scenes WAY too much ;; tbh this is like 50% texts im cryign but i had to convey how much i love 00 line .... and also how firmly i believe in lee donghyuck devil supremacy. as always, feedback is greatly appreciated and enjoy! 
if someone were to ask you how you felt about your friends, you would without any hesitation, answer that you loved them to death. of course, if you were being completely honest, you would also have to add that you experienced the urge to strangle them from time to time. that might earn you a couple odd stares but you’re sure people would be more understanding if they knew who was in your inner circle to begin with.
for starters, there was lee jeno — tall, handsome, and the textbook definition of a gentleman. then, na jaemin, who you would consider to be the yin to jeno’s yang. an extremely energetic guy and, in your book, a total freak of nature ever since you found out that he inhales four shots of espresso on the daily. liu yangyang was a more recent addition to your group but, being as quick-witted as he was, he quickly fit right in. he also had a habit of going on somewhat aggressive rants in german which renjun found to be extremely amusing. speaking of, huang renjun was another one of your close friends — the shortest of the group, actually. (and, much to renjun’s dismay, that’s exactly how donghyuck liked to introduce him to people.) he was the type of guy you could trust to keep everyone in check which consequently made you mildly terrified of him.
however, it could never compare to the perpetual fear you have of lee donghyuck. 
of course, you love him to pieces but sometimes you really wish he didn’t find so much joy in, well, making everyone miserable. you couldn’t deny it was funny to watch him tease and taunt your other friends. you still remember him purposefully messing up renjun’s game at the local arcade just when he was about to reach his high score — and also the way renjun had tackled him to the floor right then and there, resulting in the six of you being banned from the place. or, that time he offered to pay for everyone’s starbucks orders only to tell the barista that jaemin’s name was ben dover. (to no one’s surprise, yangyang had found that joke particularly hilarious.) you can also clearly recall how hard you had laughed in both of those situations.
but, donghyuck never let anyone laugh for too long.
according to him it was ’only fair’ to make sure each of his friends was at the receiving end of his gags. so, despite laughing at his latest victim’s expense, each of you knew that donghyuck would make sure you were in the same position sooner or later.
you definitely weren’t expecting it to be your turn one dull friday evening.
things are going slow for you as you sit at your desk, typing away on your laptop. school has been out for hours and your professors have decided to be saints and leave you little homework for the weekend. beside you, your phone dings, alerting you of the new text message in your group chat.
[4:23 pm] hyuck: i’m bored 🥺
[4:23 pm] you: plz never use that emoji again
[4:24 pm] nana: it’s misleading dude
[4:25 pm] yangx2: yeah like when have u ever made a face that isn’t this 😈
[4:25 pm] renjun: donghyuck is the devil = confirmed
[4:25 pm] nana: CALLED IT
[4:26 pm] hyuck: u guys are literally so evil
jeno laughed at “u guys are literally so evil”
[4:27 pm] jeno: look who’s talking lol
[4:27 pm] you: dangg u know it’s bad when lee jeno disses u
[4:28 pm] jeno: ...ngl it kinda feels like ur shading me rn
[4:28 pm] you: u would be correct :)
[4:29 pm] hyuck: um HELLO can u guys go back to paying attention to me???
[4:29 pm] renjun: what do u want, diva?
[4:29 pm] hyuck: i just wanna spend some quality time with my best friends ;(
renjun disliked “i just wanna spend some quality time with my best friends ;(”
yangx2 disliked “i just wanna spend some quality time with my best friends ;(”
you disliked “i just wanna spend some quality time with my best friends ;(”
nana disliked “i just wanna spend some quality time with my best friends ;(”
jeno disliked “i just wanna spend some quality time with my best friends ;(”
[4:30 pm] hyuck: OH COME ON
[4:30 pm] yangx2: i think what u meant to say is that u wanna make one of us very miserable today, right?
[4:30 pm] hyuck: .....no comment
nana renamed the group chat “hyuck hate club”
[4:31 pm] hyuck: ok i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now
[4:31 pm] jeno: well now u know what it’s like to be friends with u
[4:31 pm] you: so true king omg ur on a roll
[4:32 pm] hyuck: hmm okay so either jeno or y/n is gonna be today’s target, got it
[4:32 pm] hyuck: anyway can u guys come down to the dance studio now??
[4:32 pm] you: what makes u think i would go anywhere near u when i know ur plotting ur revenge on me as we speak
[4:32 pm] hyuck: because maybe i’ll have mercy on u and just terrorize jeno instead
[4:33 pm] you: good enough for me! thnx bestie, see u soon!!
[4:33 pm] jeno: HEY
nana laughed at “good enough for me! thnx bestie, see u soon!!”
[4:34 pm] yangx2: u literally cannot trust anyone in this friend group
[4:34 pm] renjun: ikr isn’t it great???
you might have been slightly out of your mind to willingly go see donghyuck knowing you had teased him in your group chat earlier. although, if there was a slight chance he would show you mercy if you did hang out with him, you were going to take it.
the studio was where you had first met donghyuck, along with the rest of your friends due to the dance classes you attended. after bumping into each in between classes and during practice, you began to get well acquainted. turns out, the six of you actually got along incredibly well and after a while, you began to share routines and tips, even choreographing together from time to time. obviously, this led to the infamous group chat being formed and lots of time spent outside the studio as well.
but, none of you had lost that love for dancing. in fact, forming your little clique had only made it grow. as you opened the front doors of the building you had made so many memories in, you wondered if donghyuck wanted your insight on a certain routine or needed some help choreographing. of course, there was also the possibility that he really was just bored and wanted you to suffer with him.
what you did not expect, however, was to see him caught up in conversation with another person. you couldn’t clearly see them with donghyuck in the way; all you knew for certain was that your best friend’s mouth was moving a mile a minute. you tentatively tiptoe into the room, hoping to not intrude on their discussion. but, at hearing the doors creak open, donghyuck puts his rant on pause to enthusiastically wave you over.
you sigh, putting your belongings down and approaching the pair. as you near, you notice that hyuck has a huge smile — no, smirk — on his face. you internally curse yourself for believing that he would ever pass up an opportunity to torment you, especially in front of a stranger.
“this is a very dear friend of mine,” you hear him introduce to his acquaintance. “her name is y/n. she dances, too.”
“oh, that’s really cool!”
the stranger’s unusually cheery tone prompts you to finally peek behind donghyuck and put a face to the voice.
and what a face he has.
“this is shotaro,” donghyuck informs you. “he’s new to town and quite the dancer. caught him in the middle of a routine.”
your knees almost wobble as you take in the stranger — shotaro’s — kind eyes that almost sparkle. (you aren’t sure if it’s because of the fluorescent lights of the studio or just part of his charm.) his lips are curved up into a friendly smile that makes you feel slightly giddy. his hair falls into his face almost perfectly, not a strand out of place and you’re uncertain as to how that’s even possible since, as donghyuck had said, he was dancing. not to mention, there’s not a bead of sweat on his face. did this guy come straight out of a disney movie or something?
“excuse her,” donghyuck chuckles. “good looking people tend to make her freeze up. don’t worry, this happened when she met me, too.”
you offer your friend a glare and an elbow to the side and you swear you hear shotaro chuckle. you turn to him instead, putting on a welcoming smile.
“my bad, i just—”
“got lost in his eyes?”
you pinch the bridge of your nose. “donghyuck, please don’t make me have to attack you in front of our guest.”
more giggles escape shotaro. (you swear it’s the prettiest thing you’ve ever heard.) you curiously tilt your head at him.
“sorry, it’s just that, you guys are too funny,” he admits with a sheepish smile.
you mirror his grin, slightly relieved he was amused instead of weirded out. “yeah, well, just wait ’til you meet the rest of us. it’s like a circus show, you’ll love it.”
“hello, clowns!”
“speak of the devil,” donghyuck murmurs, watching as yangyang and renjun enter, followed by jeno and jaemin.
“woah, who’s the cutie?” yangyang asks renjun, in what you presume he thinks is a whisper. however, yangyang has never spoken quietly a day in his life. renjun simply shrugs at his question.
having clearly heard the compliment, a faint blush creeps onto shotaro’s cheeks.
“guys, this is shotaro,” donghyuck answers, tugging the sandy blonde forward.
he gives a somewhat shy wave. “hi, y/n’s friends.”
jaemin erupts into laughter. “uh oh, looks like he likes y/n more than hyuck.”
“don’t blame him,” jeno mutters.
shotaro’s forehead creases, face suddenly twisted in worry. “oh, i’m sorry, was i not supposed to say that?”
“oh no, don’t worry,” donghyuck denies, quickly. “i’m sure y/n doesn’t mind at all, right?”
if you could crawl into a hole to avoid the embarrassment, you would. of course, donghyuck was 100% right; you really didn’t mind shotaro calling the group that if it meant you could hear him say your name over and over again. in fact, his sweet voice could probably make the dictionary sound like the most addictive song. but, donghyuck had no right putting you on the spot like that.
jeno suddenly speaks, catching on to your flustered state and donghyuck’s evil grin. “so, it’s y/n’s turn today? sweet, i’m off the hook!”
shotaro furrows his brows slightly. “huh?”
“oh, it’s just an inside joke,” jeno says, smile reaching all the way up to his eyes.
you wish you could strangle him right then and there for finding amusement at your expense but the last thing you want is for shotaro to think you’re some sort of psychopath. (although, with a friend group like this, you’re definitely beginning to think that’s where you’re headed.)
“got it,” shotaro responds, breaking out into a grin himself. “you guys seem like a really close bunch!”
“the closest,” donghyuck corrects, overly sweet, as he wraps an arm around you. (you resist the urge to shove him off.) “you’ll fit right in!”
you believed that the torture was over the day donghyuck introduced shotaro to your group. you would probably just see him from time to time and the studio (hopefully without hyuck around) and it would all be downhill from there, right? the latest notification on your phone alerts you that you are absolutely wrong.
hyuck has added one (1) user to the group chat
[1:05 pm] hyuck: welcome shotaro!!
[1:06 pm] unknown: oh hey guys! :]
the emoticon almost makes your heart beat right out of your chest. you roll your eyes in frustration at how easily affected you were by this guy. seriously, why did everything he do have to be so cute? regardless, you quickly add his number to your contacts.
[1:06 pm] hyuck: why don’t we do a little roll call so shotaro can save ur numbers to his phone
[1:07 pm] yangx2: YANGYANG
[1:07 pm] yangx2: HA I WAS FIRST
[1:07 pm] jeno: ...
[1:08 pm] jeno: anyway this is jeno :)
[1:08 pm] nana: jaemin present!
[1:08 pm] renjun: hi shotaro, this is renjun
[1:10 pm] shotaro: haha cool thanks a lot, i just saved all ur numbers!
[1:10 pm] shotaro: but quick question, is y/n in this group chat? :0
you almost drop your phone at reading shotaro’s message although you’re unsure why. he just typed your name, get it together, you urge yourself.
[1:11 pm] you: heyy shotaro! i’m right here :)
[1:11 pm] shotaro: oh yayy! i’m so glad ^^
hyuck disliked “oh yayy! i’m so glad ^^”
[1:12 pm] hyuck: shotaro plz return my love what does she have that i don’t T-T
[1:12 pm] nana: a heart
[1:12 pm] yangx2: a brain
[1:12 pm] jeno: a conscience
[1:12 pm] renjun: a functioning moral compass
[1:13 pm] hyuck: wtf
[1:13 pm] shotaro: ahahaha it’s like i’m watching a comedy
[1:14 pm] you: told u it’s a circus
[1:14 pm] you: i say get out while u still can
[1:14 pm] shotaro: whaatt and leave u behind? no way!
nana renamed the group chat “shotaro x y/n supremacists”
[1:15 pm] jeno: my thoughts exactly
[1:15 pm] renjun: took the words right out of my mouth
you cringe at your friends’ blunt behavior, praying shotaro didn’t find their antics to be too strange.
[1:16 pm] shotaro: 😳
[1:16 pm] nana: aww someone’s shy
[1:17 pm] renjun: he wouldn’t last a day in itzy
[1:17 pm] yangx2: HELPP
you shake your head, laughing silently to yourself as you mute the group chat and place your phone back down. although, moments later, you receive a direct message. you presume it’s one of the boys trying to rope you back into the chat but the moment you see the contact name, you’re forced to do a double take.
[1:21 pm] shotaro: i hope i’m not bothering u but i just wanted to make sure ur okay .. you kinda went quiet in the gc :>
[1:21 pm] shotaro: it’s shotaro from the dance studio btw!
you can’t help but find the fact that he seriously thought you wouldn’t remember him adorable. how could you ever forget a face like his?
[1:22 pm] you: that’s so kind! i’m okay, i promise. i’ve just had to put up with those dorks for way too long, sometimes i just ignore them haha
[1:22 pm] shotaro: lol yeah they do seem like a handful! but i look forward to getting to know them better!!
[1:23 pm] shotaro: and u too ofc~~
it takes all your willpower not to spam dozens of heart emojis in an attempt to show shotaro just how he has reduced you to a lovesick fool. instead, your response is short and sweet.
[1:23 pm] you: right back at u, taro! ♡
“okay, take five,” donghyuck pants, pausing the music blaring from the speakers.
you gladly obey, wiping away the light sweat you had worked up from the latest routine you and hyuck were constructing.
you both belonged to the same dance class and frequently paired together for partnered projects. the rest of your friends attended different classes, which you constantly joked was for the best since there was no way one dance instructor could possibly handle the six of you together.
“how do you feel?” donghyuck asks you, running a hand through his tousled hair.
“the choreo’s great, i’m proud of what we got so far,” you reply. “of course, i would be happier if i didn’t have to get so up close and personal with you.”
donghyuck scoffs at your joke. “i can’t do anything about that. the teacher said the whole concept of the routine is supposed to be is intimate.”
you fake a gag, failing to contain a laugh when hyuck playfully shoves you in offense.
“i’m sorry i can’t be shotaro,” he adds, a smirk forming on his lips.
you roll your eyes. “oh, very funny.”
“c’mon, you’re acting like you wouldn’t kill to have him as your partner, especially with choreo as spicy as this.”
“well, it would beat being paired with you,” you remark, picking up your water bottle and taking a swig.
“hm, then looks like today might be your lucky day,” donghyuck replies, eyes trained somewhere behind you.
you follow his gaze, nearly choking on your water as soon as you catch sight of shotaro entering the studio. he meets your eyes, plucking out his earbuds and offering you a small wave.
“oh, hey guys!” he exclaims, cheerfully.
“hey ’taro,” you greet, rather quickly, earning you a knowing glance from your partner.
“’taro?” hyuck repeats, amused, as he folds his arms over his chest. “you guys are already on cute nickname basis?”
shotaro giggles, eyes squinting adorably as he does so. “it is a pretty adorable nickname, right? she’s the only one who calls me that!”
your heart beats faster when you see how oddly excited that seems to make him. did he somehow find it endearing?
“seems like the two of you are becoming quite close, hm?” continues hyuck.
shotaro nods enthusiastically before glancing at you tentatively, as if to check for confirmation.
“yeah, you could say that.”
your agreement causes yet another smile to grace shotaro’s lips — this time he seems relieved. you briefly wonder if the kid ever stops flashing those pearly whites of his. you certainly hope so, or else your heart may never catch a break.  
“well, since you’re comfortable enough with each other,” donghyuck begins, flashing you a grin.
you’re not even sure what he’s gonna say but you already feel the need to put an end to it. after all, nothing good has ever come of donghyuck’s mischievous grins. you subtly purse your lips and narrow your eyes in an attempt to get him to stop whatever chaos he’s planning to ensue.
nevertheless, he proceeds. “maybe you could help me out with this choreography?”
you want to facepalm at donghyuck’s lame excuse of a lie. however, on the other hand, shotaro’s face lights up in delight.
“you’re working on choreo? what for?” he inquires, curiously.
“for our dance class,” hyuck explains, motioning towards you. “i have a couple ideas so i was thinking you two could maybe try out some steps i’m planning to include. you know, to help me... visualize.”
“that sounds awesome,” shotaro responds, oblivious to your friend’s untruths. “i would love to help you guys out.”
“great!” donghyuck claps his hands together. “just a heads up, the theme of the routine is intimacy, so i wanna see all that charm of yours, shotaro. it’ll, uh, help me choreograph.”
you cringe at the obvious fib. meanwhile, it’s as if a switch has gone off in shotaro’s mind. his smile fades and his eyebrows knit together. “hold on, i-intimacy? does that mean—”
“that you’ll have to get a bit touchy-feely with her? yeah,” donghyuck interjects, innocently.
“y’know... i’ve really been wanting to dance with her.” he faces you, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. “just never thought it would be like this.”
you offer him an apologetic smile. “i know, it might be a bit... uncomfortable. you can back out if you’d like. i promise hyuck and i won’t mind.”
shotaro’s head shakes, vigorously. “no, of course not!” he must realize how quick he was to deny your offer, making him suspiciously eager to be close to you as he immediately adds, “i mean, it’s good practice.”
you suppress a giggle. “sure thing. hyuck, should we get started now?”
the boy in question dramatically picks at his nails, acting as if he had been waiting on you both for hours. “if you guys are done flirting, then, yeah.”
you roll your eyes, shooting shotaro a mildly annoyed stare. he grins, finding it to be equally amusing as it is endearing. (what can he say, the faint pout that appeared on your face was cute.)
“shotaro, how about you get in position right behind her.”
shotaro obeys, making sure to leave a significant amount of space between the two of you. however, donghyuck doesn’t seem to approve.
“closer!” he commands. “the concept is intimacy, not social distancing!”
shotaro shuffles forward, pressing his front into your back. you can’t help but notice how firmly toned his chest is. curse his dancers body, you think.
“okay, now, lemme see your hands on her waist!”
you feel the breath of shotaro’s shaky exhale on the back of your neck as he obeys, sliding apprehensive hands around your midsection. there’s silence on donghyuck’s end and through the mirror you watch him observe the two of you, no doubt acting way more pensive than he truly is. you know he’s just prolonging your flustered state by keeping you in this intimate position with the younger boy.
although, shotaro himself might know it too, considering the fact that he begins to rub comforting circles into your sides that he’s currently gripping, as per donghyuck’s request, in an attempt to calm you down. you nearly melt right then and there. at the same time, you hope he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
donghyuck calls out your name, successfully startling you and putting an end to the peaceful atmosphere. “why don’t you go ahead and lean on his shoulder. just lay your head back nice and easy— good, very good! look at that chemistry!”
if you’re being sincere, reclining on shotaro feels way more natural and enjoyable than it should. he steadily holds you in place, almost as if he secretly wishes to never let go. you wouldn’t be completely opposed to the idea either.
“alright, last thing, guys! y/n, how about you hook your arm around shotaro’s neck?”
you do so, fingers brushing softly against his jaw. he shivers beneath your touch, erupting into giggles when you shoot him an odd stare.
“i’m ticklish,” he confesses, in a whisper.
you can’t help but smile widely. “is that so? hm, i might have to exploit that information sooner or later.”
“as long as donghyuck doesn’t find out,” he replies.
his comment certainly gets a chuckle out of you. “did you finally realize how evil he is?”
“if the torture he’s putting you through right now is anything to go by, then absolutely.”
“only a matter of time before it’s your turn,” you reply. you lean into his ear to add, “by the way, this is anything but torture for me.”
“hey! no whispering!” donghyuck reprimands.
for the first time, shotaro goes against the older boy’s orders to whisper back, “it’s mutual. if anything, i think this is the best thing i’ve done since i moved here.”
your heart melts at the sincere admission. you stare at shotaro in what you’re sure is a very obvious case of heart eyes. you’re taken aback to find that he, too, returns the lovesick look. perhaps he was immersing himself a bit too much in the intimacy concept...
“stop! pause! cut!”
you and shotaro (reluctantly) untangle yourselves from each other to face a seemingly unhappy donghyuck.
“can you guys please just focus on my instructions without falling in love with each other?” he pleads. “i mean, you haven’t even gotten out of the starting position yet.” he groans, exasperated. “actually, you know what, just take five.”
[2:03 pm] hyuck: good morning
[2:03 pm] nana: it’s 2 o clock in the afternoon but ok
[2:03 pm] hyuck: i just woke up, therefore it’s morning
[2:03 pm] shotaro: good morning :3 did u sleep well?
[2:04 pm] hyuck: i slept a wonderful 27 hours, thnx for asking!
[2:04 pm] yangx2: ?????? THERES NOT EVEN 27 HOURS IN A DAY IM SCREAMING
[2:05 pm] renjun: i was just gonna ignore him but i am genuinely concerned now
[2:05 pm] shotaro: woww,, well at least you’re well rested now! :]
[2:04 pm] nana: shotaro, i am begging u not to encourage him
[2:04 pm] you: all it takes is one (1) supportive person and he becomes an unstoppable force of evil
[2:04 pm] shotaro: o_0
[2:05 pm] jeno: besides ur like the only other person here with common sense besides myself and maybe renjun. i can’t lose u to donghyuck :(
[2:05 pm] renjun: ykw i’m not even gonna argue with that
[2:05 pm] yangx2: yeah shotaro is a good guy™
[2:06 pm] hyuck: i hate u guys and ur goldfish attention spans
[2:06 pm] you: sigh what do you need hyuck?
[2:06 pm] hyuck: i want boba :(
[2:07 pm] you: that actually sounds really good but idk if it’s worth being around u
[2:07 pm] hyuck: i’ll pretend like u didn’t just say that <3 what if i paid?
[2:07 pm] you: ....
[2:08 pm] renjun: ikr it’s making me super uncomfortable rn
[2:08 pm] hyuck: can’t i do something nice for my friends? :/
[2:08 pm] jeno: no
[2:09 pm] nana: nope
[2:09 pm] yangx2: nah
[2:09 pm] renjun: absolutely not
[2:09 pm] you: never seen it happen before so no
[2:10 pm] hyuck: u guys are so fake :( shotaro do u wanna hang out with me? if u say no i’ll scream :)
[2:11 pm] shotaro: yeah i guess i could :]
[2:11 pm] renjun: oh this just got interesting.. i guess i could tag along
[2:11 pm] yangx2: me too, i gotta be there to record whatever happens
[2:12 pm] nana: i’m in
[2:12 pm] jeno: same
[2:12 pm] you: hhhhh okay fine.. only to ensure taro’s safety
[2:13 pm] shotaro: (^з^)-︎♡
due to the fact that you believed donghyuck was going to try and officially initiate shotaro into your friend group with one of his infamous pranks, you decided to head to the boba shop. you hoped that if you showed up, you would be able to prevent whatever mayhem he had planned or at the very least, provide some damage control.
you pushed open the door to the quaint building, the bell dinging to announce your arrival. your eyes immediately lock onto the table in the far back since it was where you and your friends always sat — you had practically claimed it. you expect to see all the chairs filled but, to your surprise, only one person occupies the space.
osaki shotaro.
he beams, probably relieved to finally have some company in the otherwise empty shop. (after all, you weren’t sure how long he had been sitting there all alone.) nevertheless, you allow yourself to wonder — just for a second —  if maybe he was just that ecstatic to see you. the way he enthusiastically waves you over seems to be in favor of that theory. it’s almost confirmed when you reach he table and he pats the chair beside him.
you let out a soft laugh. “the whole table’s empty, ‘taro.”
“i know,” he admits. “i just really want you to sit next to me.”
you swear you could break down in tears simply from the way he’s looking at you; like you’re all he needs. it’s pure adoration.  you wonder if that’s how you look at him too. you can’t help but ask yourself if he, too, notices your longing stares.
you decide that you would be a monster if you denied shotaro his wish, so, you internally prepare yourself to sit next to possibly the sweetest boy you’ve ever known. yet, that proves to be difficult as said boy stands up to pull out your chair like the gentleman he is. you shoot him a grateful smile, mentally dethroning jeno as the most well-mannered person you know and passing the crown on to shotaro.
“so, how long have you been waiting for?” you ask, resting your elbow on the table and leaning into your palm to stare attentively at the boy to your right.
“actually, i only got here a couple minutes before you. we did agree to meet up here a quarter before three, right?” he asks, slightly confused.
you nod in confirmation. “honestly, i think we got set up.”
shotaro tilts his head. “really? why would they do that?”
“might have something to do with our ‘chemistry’,” you explain, quoting donghyuck.
the japanese boy’s mouth falls agape, as he comes to the realization. “oh, so they literally set us up.”
“mhm,” you agree, smiling ever so slightly.
shotaro must be paying closer attention than you thought because he picks up on your grin. “what’s with the smile?”
you shrug, feigning uncertainty. “i guess i just don’t feel so bad about being set up if it’s with a certain cutie i know.”
“oh?” he raises a brow, cheeks growing as he too mirrors your lovestruck look. “should i be worried about this guy?”
“certainly not,” you reassure him. “i’ve only got eyes for one.”
you see a faded tint of pink rush to his cheeks and you find it adorable how your confession flusters him. you can’t help but caress the supple skin as gently as possible. shotaro leans into your touch, his own hand coming up to cup your own, almost as if he were holding you in place. after a couple moments of basking in the intimate moment, you retract your hand.
“maybe we should try and get hyuck to include that in the choreo, huh?” you suggest, a teasing smile on your lips.
shotaro chuckles, “sounds good to me. i might even ask if i can fill his position, too. if not, i just might get jealous.”
you playfully shove him and he raises his hands in surrender. you chuckle, grabbing one of the menus that litter the table, planning to offer shotaro some help choosing an item from the list that is surely unfamiliar to him but it seems something outside the window behind you has caught his focus instead.
“looks like we have an audience.”
you take a deep breath at his words, preparing yourself for whatever it is you’re going to see upon turning around. when you finally do, all you manage to catch is five heads ducking beneath the windowsill, in a weak attempt to not get caught.
“of course,” you nearly laugh. “they’re so predictable.”
shotaro seems to find the situation humorous as well, if his amused tone is anything to go by. “to be honest, we should be thanking them. they got us together.”
“oh, so we’re together now?” you inquire, raising a brow.
“w-well, i mean, if you want to. i-i definitely want to.”
“no need for stuttering,” you reassure him, reaching over to stroke that one ticklish spot on his neck. “to quote a very wise — and handsome — young man, ‘it’s mutual.’”
he smiles at his own words being recited to him. “i don’t know about you, but i think we should seal the deal.”
“interesting. how do you suppose we do that?” you ask with faux curiosity. you certainly had some ideas of your own.
“maybe... a kiss?” shotaro leans forward, eyes closed expectantly as he taps his cheek. you resist the urge to pinch his lovely, round baby cheeks. he peeks one eye open to add, “for the audience, of course.”
you giggle, completely and utterly love-struck by the boy before you. in fact, you are so enamored by him that you decide to go the extra mile and press a sweet, chaste peck to his lips.
it seems as if he himself didn’t expect it as his eyes snap open, hand coming up to cup his lips in shock. when he finally uncovers his mouth, you see there’s a dazed, giddy grin on his face that let’s you know the smooch was very welcome pleasant surprise.
your phones simultaneously go off, alerting you of incoming messages. it’s a given that it’s none other than the group chat.
[3:15 pm] nana: that smooch was romcom worthy i’m so impressed right now
[3:15 pm] jeno: shotaro is living proof that being a gentleman has its perks! everyone in this gc should take notes!
[3:16 pm] yangx2: attachment: 1 video
[3:16 pm] renjun: can we get boba now?
[3:16 pm] renjun: oh wait my bad, congrats to the new couple :-)
[3:16 pm] renjun: to celebrate they should pay for everyone’s drinks.. just a thought
[3:17 pm] hyuck: ur welcome, y/n and shotaro ;)
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whorehour · a year ago
SIDE NOTE: This was requested but while writing it i accidenly lost the ask beacuse im really dumb:( anyways i hope u like it maureen and im really sorry:((
sypnosis: a one-shot in which yeonjun struggles with buying the reader the perfect birthday present and in the midst of reliving some old memories, they create new ones.  2K WORDS
TW// mild use of vulgur language // very soft fluff
it was 2am when u heard something tick against your bedroom window. you tried to ignore but, it just kept getting louder. as you drew open the curtains you were met with the face of your beloved best friend, choi yeonjun.
"morning sleeping beauty" "its 2am" "the early bird catches the worm" he remarked as he climbed into your room and jumped onto your bed. you want to be mad at him from disturbing your precious sleep but, the truth is that this wasn't something new. it was quite normal for yeonjun to show up at your place at the strangest of times without any warning but that doesnt mean you weren't confused. 
"what's all this about yeonjun" you weren't exactly pleased with this spontaneous visit you valued your sleep and yeonjun knew that. "whats this?" you asked as he shoves a crumbled up piece of paper in you face. "this my dear is your wishlist from when you were 8" "how did you get that?" "we made them together on your 8th birthday, here look you wrote that these are the things you want to acomolish in ten years" the memories of your 8th birthday came flooding back. your mum had invited your friends over for a party and after everyone had left you and yeonjun stayed outside in your backyard colouring. then, yeonjun suggest you make a wishlist list of all the things you wanted to accomplish together before your 18th birthday
"i cant believe you still have this" "of course i still have it, i keep everything that's precious to me." "so you snuk into my room at 2am just to show me this?" "yep!" he smiled clearly very proud of himself. he leaned his head against your beds headboard, his eyes sparkling brighter than any star in the sky. you had to admit that your best friend was indeed beautiful which is why you can't understand why he hasn't gotten a girlfriend yet. not that it bothered you, in fact it would’ve bothered you even more if he did. you've always had a little crush on yeonjun but you never even dared to reveal your true feelings for the sake of the friendship. 
"hello? earth to y/n?" "oh sorry... thank you i love it, really" yeonjun mirrored your smile and with a playful glint in his eyes, he stood up and went back to the window and looked at you as if he was expecting you to follow him.
"what are you doing?" "read number 6" "mc donalds at 2am? really?? now??" "its 2am isn't it? hurry up birthday girl, im hungry" you blinked twice in confusion trying to process all that was happening. you ignorantly thought that the wishlist was the gift paying no attention to its contents, but of course there was always something more when it had to do with yeonjun. 
"are you sure this is legal?" "probably not...hey, dont give me that look this was your idea" you and yeonjun were currently at an abandoned apartment building ready to check number 9 off the wishlist, having a picnic on the roof of an abandoned building under the stars. you had to admit, this birthday present was becoming quite scary, but the thought of getting caught doing something this stupid with your best friend was more than exciting. you finally reached the top floor and opened the door which lead to the roof. the apartment building its self was about 12 stories high so, you were quite high up.
"the views so pretty" "yeah... beautiful" you didn't notice how yeonjun was looking at you with so much love in his eyes. to him you were the most beautiful and precious thing and seeing the way your eyes twinkled with happiness made his heart skip a beat. if it weren't for your impatient whines to set everything up and start eating, he would've told you how he felt right then and there, but everything happens for a reason. 
an hour later and you were both laying under the stars talking and laughing and sometimes not saying a word, the silence was never awkward between you two, in fact you found so much comfort in each others company that sometimes no words were needed.
"did you feel that?" "feel what?" "its raining" "what!? hurry grab the stuff lets-" you were starting to stand up when yoenjun pulled you back down. he reached inside his jean pockets and pulled out the whish list. "number 2" he said nonchalantly. number two was special to both of you. it was something you always wanted to do but never had the chance because your parents would scold you, over time you had forgotten about it...until now. yeonjun stood up and extended his hands to help you get up. he pulled you in close and started swaying from side to side.
"there's no music" you mumbled and right on que, he started humming your favourite song. it was a magical moment, just like you had dreamed about when you were eight. it felt like a movie scene and you didnt want it to end. yeonjun held you close as you rested your head against his chest and whispered and it was at that moment you both realised how deeply in love you were with each other.
"you know, when i was eight years old i considered myself a great artist. however, today...not so much” "come y/n its the last thing on the list we have to do it" "alright fine, open the paint bucket" number 10 was very... ambitious. you wanted to paint a disney castle on one of your bedroom walls. sure the idea was cute, but it would've been cuter if it was done by a professional and not by two teenagers who can barely draw stick figures. but alas, yeonjun insisted to stick to the list and so, here you both where, ready to (ruin) paint over your white bedroom wall. 
"ready y/n?" "nope" "good"
"THATS SO NOT A CASTLE" "WHAT DO MEAN ITS PERFECT" "lets just paint over it yeonjun"  "no. we're leaving it as it is. its got character. you clearly dont understand art." "oh really? do you understand this" as the last word rolled off of your tongue, you painted a nice blue line across yeonjuns arm. he laughed for a second, then got serious and started running after you with a paint brush drenched in white paint. your bedroom filled with laughter and screams as yeonjun picked you up and pinned against the wall. he was so dangerously close to your face that you could feel his breath fan over your lips. you didn't move nor did you want to. yeonjun however, inching closer and closer until you could feel his soft pink lips on yours. the kiss was soft and short after two seconds he pulled back with wide eyes an apology already prepared, but you didnt give him any time to say a word, instead you wrapped your arms around his neck tightly and drew him into a deeper kiss. yeonjun finally relaxed and melted in your embraced as he kissed you back with so much love and passion. his hands snaked around your waist and pulled you closer if that was even possible. you could feel his tongue poke against your lips asking for permission and you willingly let him in. as your tongues battled for danced around in each other’s mouths, yeonjun wrapped his hands around your thighs and lifted you up. you wrapped your legs around his waist as he walked towards the bed where he laid you down softly. 
"you sure this is ok?" he whispered above you.
"more than ok...please, dont stop again" that was enough for yeonjun to strip off his shirt and go back to kissing you. his lips travelled down towards your jaw and down to your neck. he started to kiss all over your neck.until he found your sweet spot. the sound of your breathless moans cause yeonjuns pants to tighten as he littered hickies all over your neck. he pulled back to admire his work and his eyes travelled upwards to find a bright smile on his face. yeonjun felt his heart flutter as the sight and leaned in again to place a chaste kiss on your lips before pulling your top over your head. 
"you're so beautiful" he whispered as his littered kisses all over your chest and stomach. his kisses kept getting lower and lower untill he reached the waistband of your sweats. "may i?" he asked to which you eagerly nodded. he removed your sweatpants dangerously slow which cause you to whine in impatience, earning a breathless laugh from the man above you. you were getting impatient by how slow things were moving so you flipped yeonjun over and sat on his lap. his reaction was priceless, eyes wide and mouth opened ever so slightly he looked like a deer in headlights. he watched eagerly as you reached behind your back to remove your bra and tossed it wherever. 
the sight in fornt of yeonjun was enough for him to buck his hips upwards. his hands travelled towards your chest as you bent down to kiss him again while grinding on him. yeonjun couldn't help but moan, he flipped you over again and stripped himself of his pants and boxers. "like what you see?" yeonjun laughed at your wandering eyes. you didnt respond instead pulled him into another deep kiss but this time it was sloppier. yeonjuns hands slid down and removed your underwear, his lips never leaving yours. you could feel him lining himself into your entrance and gripped his arms which caused yeonjun to pull away from the kiss.  “dont worry, i got you... i wont hurt you i promise” you trusted yeonjun with your life and you couldn't feel safer with him, but you were still nervous. he pushed inside of you and you winced and the streched. yeonjun didn't move a muscle he was so scared of hurting that he waited for your command before he started moving his hips. he kissed your lips to distract you from the pain
"i love you" he whispered "i love you too"yeonjun buried his head into your neck and soon, the pain turned into pleasure and you started moaning in yeonjuns ears."f-faster" you moaned out. yeonjun didnt hesitate to buck his hips forward at a faster rate. he sat up and lifted your legs over his shoulders and moaned at the feeling of your warm walls wrapped tightly around his length. the view of yeonjun moaning and bitimg his lips as his hear stuck to hia forehead due to the sweat, had you moaning and cleanching around him
"fuck- stop that or ill- fuck" he continued to pound into you not caring how loud the two of you were being. yeonjun looked at you and could tell by the way your face was twisting and how you were tightening around him that you were close."come with me baby" his growled in your ear. his voice alone was enough to send you over the edge as you came on his dick. the feeling of your walls pulsing around him caused him to pull out and come on your stomach. the view of yeonjun moaning as he came on you was breathtaking. daringly, you scooped up his cum from your stomach and placed your digits in your mouth, sucking every finger while keeping eye contact with yeonjun. yeonjun moaned at the sight and scooped up the remaining cum and shoved his fingers into your mouth and watched in awe as you sucked his fingers clean. after he pulled his fingers out he leaned in and kissed you once again, tasting himself on your tongue. 
he pulled himself back and laid beside you as you both started up at the ceiling, trying to process all that just happened. "well, that wasn't on the list" you laughed and yeonjun joined in as he pulled you closer. you rested your head against his chest and wrapped your arms around his figure after pulling the covers over both of you. yeonjun kissed the top of your head lovingly and whispered "i love you" “i love you too...we still need to paint over that castle by the way." "ssshhh dont ruin the moment"
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flustered2easilee · a year ago
T-word ajvsjdbhfjcjhdbfjfhf But Oh Well
Let's call this one Left On Read
This story has an alternate ending, you are currently reading the version where you are the ler.
You and your bestie were going to have a sleepover later, but in the meantime you two were texting non stop... well.. more like they were texting you nonstop.
My Other Half: Ahh I can't wait to come over its been forever!
My Other Half: You better have Disney+ because we are watching...
My Other Half: Drumroll pleaseeeeee
My Other Half: *drumroll*
My Other Half: HAMILTON!!!
My Other Half: Do you want me to bring any candy or snacks?
My Other Half: Oh wait, you already are a snac-
My Other Half: Uhh hello?
My Other Half: Why aren't you responding?!
My Other Half: Do you hate me?
My Other Half: Ok fine I'm sorry that I called you a snackkk 😢
My Other Half: We can watch I different musical if you wanttt
My Other Half: Respond Please
My Other Half: HELLO?!?
My Other Half: Fine. Be like that.
You didn't pay any mind to their last text, they were just faking being mad, right?
*knock knock*
You eagerly get up from your couch and open the door.
"Bff/n!" You exclaim, offering a hug.
They glare at you and walk right past your warm gesture.
"Uhh, bff/n?" You say, starting to feel bad for leaving them on read.
They sit down on the couch, arms crossed and angry expression on their face. You offer them their favorite snack for forgiveness.
"Look bff/n, I'm sorry for leaving you on read. I thought you were just faking being sad! Let me make it up to you, I'm putting Hamilton on the TV and you can have all of your favorite snack. Just please forgive me!"
"hmph." they grumpily reply, turning their face away from you.
"Cmon bff/n, you can't be mad forever." you say, poking their side. This seems to have caught them off guard, as they let out a small squeal and flinch away.
"Oh?" You say, poking them again, the same reaction occurring as a rosy blush appears on their face. You immediately pin them down on the couch, arms above their head and all that.
"U-uh, y/n, what are you dOHOHOING?!" They ask as you squeeze their side.
"Well, I had to get the grumpies out somehow. Now, will you accept my apology or not?" You say teasingly.
"Ok ok I WIHIHIHILL AHH Y-Y/N STAHAHAHAP!!" Your bff screams as you start tasing their ribs.
"What was that? I couldn't hear over all your laughing!" you tease, taking the arm pinning them down off of them and having it join forces with the other hand. They immediately slam their arms down to their sides, only trapping your hands on their ticklish flesh.
"GEHEHET YOUR STUHUHUHUPID HANDS OFF OF MEHEHEHEHEE!" They yell, clearly going into hysterics.
"Ok first off, YOU'RE the one trapping my hands there, so they just HAVE to tickle you! Second, you just called my hands stupid. Now that my friend deserves punishment." You taunt, starting to make your way up to their armpits.
"Not where?"
"ok you're practically begging for it at this point~" You say, starting to elbow their hips while squeezing at their sides with greater intensity as time passes.
"Y'know, you could've just avoided this whole situation if you just accepted my apology" you say, knowing full well you didn't even give them the chance to accept it.
"OKAHAHAY I- I ACCEPT YOUR APHOHOHOLOGYY!! JUHUHUST PLEASE STAHAHAP!" They scream. Saying their face was Tomato Red would be an understatement.
You finally stop and offer them some water as they catch their breath.
"Alright, let's watch some HAMILTON!"
(Look I'm a big fan of the musical don't judge 😅)
Alrighty! Another T-word fantasy done!
DONT FORGET: if you have a scenario you would like to see written out feel free to DM me or put it in my asks!
There are more of these out there! Click here to read.
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alphabees-writes · 2 years ago
Glee - S1 E1 (Pilot)
Is it a smart idea to rewatch glee again? No.
Am I going to do it anyway? You bet your sweet bippy I am!
Am I going to liveblog my garbage monkey brain thoughts along the way even though nobody asked for it? Hell yeah.
Here goes!
Wow. The first frame of this entire show is literally of a woman who looks like she’s about 10 years above the natural lifespan of a Cheerio. Then again, I’m sure Sue’s not above holding back her best recruits for multiple years because Ohio high schools are apparently just Like That™
I also never notice this opening song was a remix of Keep Me Hangin On, wow. That’s actually kind of interesting foreshadowing of sorts, like, kind of smart. I’m glad I’m watching the part of Glee that was kind of smart.
This scene also doesn’t feature any of the Unholy Trinity as far as I can see. Are they a JV squad? Am I putting too much thought into this?
Sign #1 That Mr Schuester Is An Asshole: Really, my guy? Driving around with your muffler dragging on the ground so bad it’s making sparks? That’s not very Road Safety of you. Fuck off. 
Sign #2 That Mr Schuester Is An Asshole: Wow, there’s going to be a lot of these, huh? Anyway, anybody with working eyes would clearly see how scared Kurt is right now. “Making some new friends Kurt?” Fuck off. 
KURT. FIRST SIGHTING OF THE BOY. What a delight. But also, not a delight, because he’s being bullied and he deserves better. Look at his outfit. Iconic from day fucking one. 
Finn, you’re a himbo. What’re you doing with these assholes?
Puck’s first line in the whole series is “It’s hammer time!” What a fucking dork? Who made this boy popular. 
I paused while they were tossing Kurt in the dumpster and, wow, got the most hilarious frame where the guy who isn’t Puck is getting a meticulously polished boot to the face. Netflix let me take screenshots, you coward.
The first shot of Quinn... My wlw bones are shaking.
Why would they use that photo for Lillian Adler...? WHO WAS BORN IN 1937, MIGHT I ADD. THAT’S NOT A REAL YEAR. 
It’s weird to see Mr Schue actually speaking competent Spanish. Why did they veto that later? The ONE likeable thing about him was his competence as a school teacher, and they really threw it out the window huh?
WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO THE MEMBERS OF SANDY RYERSON’S GLEE CLUB??? This kid seems to really like singing. Also, welcome to the beginning of Ryerson being annoying as all hell.
Oh my gosh, the background choir stuff. This show really had style back in the day!!!
R A C H E L B E R R Y Y O U R M A K E U P ! ! !
Ken Tanaka walked so incels could run.
Jane Lynch you beauty. You absolutely impeccable beauty. 
“Since when are cheerleaders performers?” Uh... Emma...? I get that Sue’s going ham on her budget but, like, be nice to the students? They perform their butts off!
Sue really just BRAGGED about having an iPhone. I was 9 when this came out. Why do I feel old...
Sign #3 That Mr Schuester Is An Asshole: He hears his coworker, presumably of several years, just got fired and doesn’t even ask why. He just jumps on the glee club like a frog on hot asphalt. 
He really wants to Make The Glee Club Great Again, huh? 
MySpace was really a thing, huh? And why does this grown-ass male teacher know so much about the students having them?
I know nothing about actual American schools, but I do know that they sure as shit don’t work like this. Why does a club have to win EVERY competition to be considered an asset?
Mr Shoe really lying awake at night half-naked next to his wife thinking about the glee club already? Yeah sounds about right. Also, of course you’d think up Nude Erections for a name, you asshole. Put some clothes on.
Brad the piano player was really here from day ONE... Icon.
Cellophane, Mr Cellophane... Yes Kurt bby you killed it. 
Chris Colfer looks so YOUNG here!!! 
The hair fix... I C O N I C !
Tina really wrote her stutter down, huh? And nobody ever saw through it? Amazing. 
The goth Tina look, too... Perfect... Never change...
Say what you want about Rachel Berry being generally insufferable, but I really fucking feel it when she sings On My Own. The monologue kind of kills The Drama of it, but they really solidly established her character by layering them. She really is a gold star right now.
The first-ever on-screen slushie!
The way she walks down that hall. My God you can just see how terrible she is to be around.
Never forget Rachel staring at photos of her with two men who turned out to not be her dads. Who are they? What are their stories? We’ll never know.
God, I love this stupid scene of Quinn, Santana, and a bunch of Cheerios cartoonishly typing hate comments on Rachel’s MySpace video and laughing like knock-off Disney villains. 
I like watching season 1 Artie because season 1 Artie was a good character. Mostly. And he KILLED Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Boat. Rachel wasn’t asking for a male lead who could keep up with her vocally, she was being straight up ableist and that’s a fact. I love Cory, but Kevin McHale was always a better singer.
Mercedes picking up and spinning Rachel for this little routine is something I never really appreciated before, it’s cute even though they don’t like each other yet!
I really don’t get why Rachel says they suck. Yeah, sure, she’s gunning for a solo, but the vocals were solid there. The choreo was just a little janky, possibly because it’s their first EVER rehearsal?
“There is NOTHING ironic about show choir!” Incredible.
How long did it take Mr Shoe to find Rachel out on the bleachers? Did he search the whole school first?
I never understood Rachel quitting so soon. How long was she in the old glee club for? Surely they were never popular either?
Ah, the first “My hands are tied” for the series. Mr Figgins is a garbage principal. 
Not going to advise the principal against referring to Artie as a cripple, William Shoestir? Alright. 
How did the Schuester marriage last as long as it has? Do Will and Terri’s insufferable personalities just cancel one another out?
Sandy Ryerson really just openly brags about cheating the system for medical marijuana and dealing it? 
Matt Morrison 100% has lip fillers. Nobody’s smile curls like that naturally.
“Terri and I are trying to get pregnant” What a weird way to phrase it. What is it, a race? Who’s going to get knocked up first!
A FIFTH OF BEETHOVEN, HOW I’VE MISSED YOU... The sound design of this show at this point is just... *Chef hand kiss*
“What you’re doing right now is called blurring the lines” Oh just wait until season 4, Sue... Just you wait.
WHY is Mr Schuester so ridiculously sweaty? I didn’t need to think about that?
EVERYONE on the football team is 30.
Hearing Cory sing this always makes me emotional. What a talent!
Sign #4 That Mr Schuester Is An Asshole: I don’t think I need to say why using the weed to blackmail Finn is a shitty thing to do, do I?
“I’ll pee in a cup! ...I’ll pee...” I love Cory’s delivery. 
PRIORITY #1: HELP THE KIDS Oh season 1... I love you so.
Mr Schue you WISH you were anything like Finn Hudson. You never will be.
Ah... Finn’s first monologue. He’s such a sweetheart. AND SO IS CAROLE. Carole is a queen I will stan forever. YOU THROW THAT MILK BB!!!
All Finn wants to do is make his mom proud. What a sweetheart. Mr Schue you do NOT deserve him.
These POV shots really enhance things, why the fuck did they stop using them?
Subtly having Kurt look at Finn in the same shot as Rachel was a nice touch indeed!
Terri’s a straight up hoarder, huh? Like a raccoon but instead of collecting edible garbage, it’s monogrammed garbage.
Surely you can’t just... BECOME an accountant, right? You need some serious qualifications for that right?
Also say what you want about how insufferable Terri is but her actress is ridiculously talented and absolutely steals every scene she’s in.
Now the background choir is doing Soul Bossa Nova and I am L I V I N G why didn’t they keep that motif!!! It was so ICONIC!
I don’t need my prostate removed. RIP Carole Hudson but I’m different :/
NO MEANS NO, KEN! TAKE THE L AND MOVE ON! Way to take out the fact that a girl won’t date you on everybody else around you! Toxic bastard. The absolute stench of melodrama on this bastard is noxious.
I was going to ask why Rachel didn’t know about Finn and Quinn if they’d already been together for 4 months, but then I remembered gossiping requires friends...
“Terri rides me. Hard. And I’ve always appreciated it!” Why don’t we talk about how this line sounds more. Why doesn’t Emma bat an eye at it oh my god
HERE COMES VOCAL ADRENALINE!!! And Jesse St. James is nowhere to be seen. How convenient. Also, they’re all 30. I’m sensing a pattern.
Sorry VA, all songs popularised my Amy Winehouse legally belong to Santana Lopez
Puck, if you were stupid enough to fall for the prostate excuse, that’s on you. Or maybe it’s on the education system...
You can do better that Mr Schue, kids. Don’t mourn him.
Ok, what the fuck is this scene where he’s filling out the job app to become an accountant? There’s a dude in the row in front off him just throwing crisps around? What is this place?? Why are you here sir??? 
“Accounting is sexy” shut up you horrible married man
The Cheerios sure did have straight ponytails for like, one episode, huh?
Finn is such a good boy. He doesn’t know it yet, but he is, and saving Artie from that portapotty is his first step to figuring it out.
This shot of Finn just wheeling Artie out of there... Ugh. My HEART.
Pee balloons. Nailing the lawn furniture to the roof. Finn, you’re better than that!!! Stop your dudebros. 
They really had Artie be a guitar player, and a pretty good one at that, but they never mentioned it again? Artie had such potential SMH. (Also, Netflix subtitles are telling me it’s Arty, but I categorically refuse to spell it that way.)
Whyyyyy didn’t he go to KURT for the costumes as well? Look at his outfit, Finn. He clearly wants in on that job. 
Will Schuester really is just desperately clinging to his glory days in high school. I’d feel bad for him if he wasn’t such a creep about it. 
Emma, meaningfully: Do you know who that is? That’s you, Will... [FRANTIC DISCO MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND]
I find it hilarious how the audio of Don’t Stop Believin’ just DOES NOT match the characters except for the solos... Also wow, autotune city. Am I awful for genuinely not liking this cover? 
I like watching them perform it though. Kurt’s adorable little shimmy... Rachel and Tina smiling at each other like that... Everybody having a blast... I’m here for it
Ok the way Rachel and Finn look at each other here is making me FEEL
I know Puck’s about to join anyway but WHY is he there watching... Just to have a mysterious bad boy moment? Lol you dramatic bastard
Please let them win nationals without you, Will.
So, yeah! There’s that! Those are my thoughts and feelings, basic though they may be. Episode one is fantastic, the kids are fantastic, and William Schuester can suck a toe. 
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tragedybabee · 4 years ago
Obsession {Part 2}
Writer- @myhellyourstories
Requested- Anonymous
Request- Hello!! Can I please request a Harry Hook imagine with a female reader as Mal's younger sister who Harry has an obsession with and he just loves her but she doesn't like him back and he maybe kidnaps her? Anything you want in the story though! Thank you!!
Disclaimer- I do not own any of the Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney's Descendants. All I own is my story.
Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader
Summary- Mal's plan doesn't work out very well, (Y/N)'s and Harry's past is revealed.
Warning(s)- Kidnapping, Cursing, Hating Uma, Talking about abuse.
Words- 2178
A/N- I've decided to make a part 3 or maybe even a miniseries, idk which one yet.
Tumblr media
Approaching the restaurant's doors, Mal made a hard stop before leaning in close to you. "Stay behind me." She whispered. You nodded, showing her you understand. She pushed the doors open, gaining the attention of the ones inside. "I'm bacckk." She said, her voice reminding you of when your mother's when she came to Auradon. Uma looked Mal up and down. "Loser party of... two! It's nice to see you (Y/N). How your pretty pink roses doing?" She mocked. You were just about to strangle her little neck before Mal pulled you back. She moved you to the wall right next to the door, said she'll hand this, and walked over to Uma. You watched them argue till somebody came into your peripheral vision. Looking up, you saw Gil smiling at you. You've always had liked Gil, he was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he tried. 
"Hey Gil. What's up?" You asked, trying to ease awkward tension. He laughed and grabbed your arm. Not enough to hurt you, but enough to make sure you wouldn't be going anywhere. "(Y/N).... Harry has been just dying to see you again. I think I'll take you to him." He spoke, his voice strangely menacing. Before you could get a word out, Gil pulled you outside and around to the back of the building. "Gil what the fuck man!" You yelled at him, trying your best to pull away from his tight grip. None of your attempts worked, you finally stopped fighting him once you saw Harry leaning again the wall. You let out a hard breath. "Gil, please. Please don't do this." You silently begged. Mal should be here soon, right? She had to have seen Gil grab you, right? You prayed that see did.
Gil placed you in the arms of Harry and started walking away. "Thank you, Gil." Harry grinned. You began fighting again, pushing Harry away and even hitting him, but nothing worked. "Let go of me, Hook!" You struggled against him, but he wouldn't let go. "It's great to see you to, little witch. Now we'd better get goin' before your big sis notices you aren't with her." He said, using that horrible pet name he gave you as kids. He threw you over his shoulder and started walking towards the docks. You started punching his back, telling him to put you down. Once you could barely see the building anymore, you screamed out for your sister. "MAL!"
Harry boarded his ship with you still kicking and screaming. He started going below deck where the cells are held. Finally putting you done on a shitty mattress, he grabbed some shackles and placed them on your hands. You started violently yanking on the old, rusty chains. "Now be a good little witch and stay down here till I come back down to see you. And don't even think that your magic can get you out." He held up your spell book. "Because I have your little book!"
Your eyes widened. How the hell did he get that?! He grinned at you, then slowly moved over to you, kissing your forehead. "I'll be back soon. I have to go gut a king, then we can start living our own happily ever after!" He got up and walked away, slamming the door behind him. Your hands moved up to your forehead, viciously trying to rubbing the kiss off your skin. You started yanking on the chains once again, hoping for just one hand to go free. Your hope soon left, and you placed you hands in your lap. Your (E/C) eyes started turning a dark glowing green. Seething, you screamed. "Son of a bitch!" 
You knew if you got angry enough, you could tear down this entire ship easily. So why now are you hesitant? Of course, Ben may be on the ship and you would never in danger him. But you had a feeling that it wasn't really the real reason. It couldn't be Harry, why should you care about what happens to him? He's only been doing things like this to you since childhood. But then again that might be the reason why. He's been with you since childhood, you even considered him to be a good friend. He was alway there for you when you were bullied for being to kind for a daughter of Maleficent. Did you love him? No. You couldn't even say you liked him anymore. But maybe if he changed his insane ways for winning you over, you two could at least be friends, right?
What made you dislike him now is his persona. Your not talking about his insane side, no that's been there forever. Your talking about his own loyalty to Uma, you hated that sea bitch. No, you definitely weren't jealous. It just since Harry started hanging out with her, she's basically made him into a mindless slave, only there to do her bidding. She was a coward who couldn't do anything for herself. All the things you told and taught Harry, she wiped away. That alone made you mad enough to destroy the ship.
Oh, if Uma only know what you and Mal were capable of... She would never have fucked with you both.
In all honesty, you felt compassion for Harry. He was raised by a father who didn't love him, much like your mother, but he also abused him. That's how you first met Harry, after one unfortunate day.
You the young age of ten, were walking along the Isle's dock. Taking in the beautiful sight of the sea and the island across from it. Whilst walking and softly singing to yourself, you heard someone crying close to you. You knew that it could be a trap, but your heart got the best of you, so you started walking towards the crying. Just a little while ahead of you was a boy, he looked around your age, maybe a year or two older. You quietly walked forward and spoke. "Hello, are you ok?"
The boy immediately turned to you, when you saw him, your heart stopped for a moment. He had dark hair and crystal blue eyes that looked like they held the sea inside them. You started walking closer towards him, sitting yourself right next to him. His tear swollen eyes never once leaving you for a moment. He didn't answer your question or even say anything at all. You decided to introduce yourself to him. "My name is (Y/N), daughter of Maleficent. What's your name?" His eyes slightly widened at the mention of your mother's name. But he still didn't answer you. You thought that maybe he was just afraid of you. "Don't worry, I'm not like my mother. I won't do anything to you." Nope, he still won't talk... You turned your face to the ocean before you.
You felt his eyes on you, so you turned and looked at him. This made him quickly turn his face away, exposing his cheek to you. You gasped when you saw a red hand mark covering almost all of his cheek. "Who did that to you?" You asked as you moved your hand over to his face. This action made him flinch back, making you flinch as well. In shock you said. "I would never hurt you. I just wanted to see." He paused a moment, but sure enough moved back to his spot. You moved you hand back to his cheek, this time him letting you do it. You gently placed your hand on the red hand mark. It was still burning up, meaning this just happened. You started to graze your thumb over the irritated skin slowly. He must of liked your touch, because he slowly started melting into your hand. His face moved with your hand when you tried to take it back. He clearly wanted your touch, so you let you hand stay on his face.
"What's your name?" You asked once more, hoping he would answer you this time. "H-Harry H-H-Hook." He stuttered out to you. You smiled at him warmly. He was just a very shy boy. "It's very nice to meet you Harry. Now that we're friends, would you please tell me what happened to you." He nodded, more tears threatening to fall from his eyes. To comfort him like your sister does to you, you started to play with his dark hair.
"My f-father Captain Hook d-did this. I messed u-up one of his orders a-and he h-hit me. I ran to my o-older sister and s-she told me I was w-worthless." He spoke, still crying.
You gasped, trying to hold back tears of your own. "Is that the first time your father hurt you?" You asked, praying that it was. He shook his head, pulling up his sleeves revealing fresh bruises and scars. Now this made you start crying. How could someone do this to their own son? Villain or not, this is so wrong. You pulled him into your arms, embracing him not to tightly, not wanting to hurt him more. Almost immediately he wrap his arms around you, crying on your shoulder.
Ever since that day, he's followed you around, like he was your shadow. Though you did try and teach him how to stand alone and to be confident in himself. But he still never really talked much, till your teenage year when all those lessons payed off when he started threatening and hurting those close to you. That's what started it all.
Now not only doesn't Harry still have a horrible father, but a horrible leader. Uma made him forget all the things you taught him, like being an individual or to not let people walk all over him. Now he's her pet... That fact made you crazy.
You heard noises up above you, guessing it was Mal and the gang, you sprung up. Luckily for you, these chains were quite long, not long enough to get to the door, but enough to stand up. You looked through one of the cracks to see your sister and Uma arguing. Also you saw Ben and Harry on the plank, Harry slowly walking Ben closer to the edge. After awhile of watching, all hell broke loose. Mal must have given Uma a fake wand, haha clever girl.
You yelled out to Mal, who managed to get the drop on Uma during their fight. "Mal! Mal, I'm done here!" She twirled around in your direction. "Yes, I'm here!" You called out once more. She raced over to where you were looking out. "(Y/N)?! I've looked everywhere for you! Are you hurt?" She asked, worry laced in her voice. "No, I'm not hurt." She nodded, looking over her shoulder. "Don't worry I'm gonna get you out of here-" "Mal, we have to go now!" Carlos yelled, cutting Mal off. "Mal, go! Don't worry about me, I can handle Harry." She shook her head. "I will not leave you!" She yelled. "You have to! Take Ben and go! Just do me a favor." Hesitate, she nodded and you whispered your request.
Mal, Ben, and the gang ran through the tunnels to the car that would take them back to Auradon. Soon after, Uma followed their trace and you didn't see her again after that. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, you quickly turned around and sat back down on the mattress. "Come in, I guess..." You muttered, knowing who it was. Harry then walked in, soaking wet. You got up, as he took your shackles off and then grabbing your hand. He was leading you off the ship and to somewhere you didn't know. "Where are you taking me?" You asked, trying to keep up with him. "My place, lass." He replied, holding your hand tighter so you wouldn't run away. "Good, you need to change out of those wet clothes, or you will get sick." You spoke. "What happened anyways? Did you fall?"
"Nothing happened." He quickly replied. "I saw you talking to Mal, what did you say to her?" He asked, changing the subject. He was clearly embarrassed about whatever happened to him, so you let it go. "Nothing important." He looked at you, his face serious. "Tell me." He said lowly, giving you chills. But you weren't going to back down to him anymore. No, you were sick and tired of him ruling your life. "I told you. It. Was. Nothing!" You growled out. He let it go, finally.
When at his place, he dragged you up stairs and dropped you on his bed. "I'm going to change now. If I hear this bed make one noise, I'll chain you to it." He said, getting the point across. "Gosh ok! I won't try to leave." You said, laying back onto his bed. He stared at you for a moment before going into the next room. "I love you." He spoke, but you didn't reply.
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Mixup (E. Schuyler x Reader)
a/n: this one this one gets a little steamy ;) but not completely
requests: Hi there! Prompt: Eliza being best friends and also head over-heels in love with the reader, and the hamilsquad knows this so they try to make Eliza jealous so she finally confesses her love.
Hello, can I ask for a drabble sentence but you make it a fic instead of a short drabble.. only if you want of course. The sentence is “Hold still”... the pairing is eliza x reader.
word count: 1,976 words
"Do you think I should go on a date with that guy?" You ask as you pop a pretzel in your mouth.
Peggy turned to you, "I don't know (Y/N) that's completely your choi-YES!" She interrupted herself as she got first place on mario kart.
"Personally," Angelica started as she stole a pretzel from you.
She rolled her eyes, "Personally I think you should go. You haven't been on a date in forever." She groaned as she tossed her head back.
You nodded and turned around to look at your best friend out of the three sisters.
"Eliza how 'bout you?" You asked with a smile.
She was spacing out, not hearing a word you said as she stared at you.
"Eliza?" You sung.
She snapped her head up and blushed, "Y-yeah (Y/N) sure!"
In truth Eliza had no idea what you and her sisters were talking about, she just didn't want to get caught staring at your gorgeous face.
Your head tilted to the side at her answer.
"You really think I should go out with that guy?"
Her eyes widened, "Um what?"
You giggled and opened your mouth to repeat what you said when you were interrupted by a text.
hey i was wondering if you wanted to go out friday night..?
"Oh never mind, Eliza. I'm just gonna go on a date with someone."
You looked up and saw Angelica and Peggy grinning brightly at you while was just Eliza weakly smiling.
"You ok 'Liza?" You asked concerned.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine! I just realized we have a dinner with our father tonight and we really should be going!" She stammered as she quickly grabbed her sisters and starting walking out the door.
Peggy started complaining about wanting to finish her game while Angelica was grinning madly at Eliza.
"Oh! Well let me walk you ou-"
"No need for that (Y/N)! Have fun on your date!" And with that she closed the door.
You closed your open mouth and slowly sat on your couch, thinking how odd your best friend was acting.
In all honestly you've had the largest crush on her ever since you became friends, but you always thought she had a thing for Alexander Hamilton, the writer who went to school with all of you.  They've been good friends but lately they have started hanging out together more and whenever you asked them what they were talking about, they would blush and stammer out an excuse.
So you kept your mouth shut about your crush on Eliza.
You looked down at the unanswered text and bit your lip. Angelica was right, you haven't been on a date in the longest time because of your infatuation.
You took a deep breath.
But you needed to get over her, she clearly didn't like you.
You opens up the messaging app and quickly typed a reply.
"Eliza what the hell was that?" Angelica asked as they sat in the car.
"I'm so stupid!" She mumbled as she held her face in her hands.
Angelica chuckled and reached over to hug her sister, "It wasn't that bad..."
Peggy piped up from the back seat, "No, it was pretty bad and pretty obvious."
Angelica shushed her while Eliza groaned.
"She's never gonna like me..." Eliza said sadly as Angelica started up the car.
Her sisters looked sympathetically at her before driving off.
They were almost home when Eliza spoke up, "Can you drop me off at Alex's? I need to talk to him."
Alex and Eliza were both leaning on each other surrounded by empty cartons of ice cream when Eliza felt her phone vibrate.
It turned out that both Eliza and Alex's crushes were going on dates and they decided to "mourn" by watching disney movies and cryi- i mean talking about their feelings.
Alex stood up and walked into the kitchen to get more ice cream while Eliza read the text.
From: Angie hey (y/n) needs some help with doing her makeup for her date and i'm really busy! can u go do it pls???
Eliza furrowed her eyebrows and wondered why (Y/N) didn't ask her first.  She replied with a simple yes and grabbed her keys.  Before walking out the door she yelled goodbye to Alex and made her way out the door.
She opened the door to your apartment with her spare key and looked around to see if you were anywhere.  You weren't to be seen so she figured that you were most likely in your bedroom getting ready.
She opened the door your bedroom to see it was empty and put her stuff down while looking around, wondering where you were before finally she heard music from your bathroom door.
Eliza gently pushed it open and saw that you were only wearing leggings and a bra while doing your makeup.
"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed as she slammed the door close.
You jumped at the sudden sound which accidentally made you create a huge smear on your face from your lipstick.
You opened the door to see Eliza blushing while holding her face.
"Eliza what are you doing here?" She giggled. "And you don't have to be so embarrassed! You just scared me a bit."
Eliza was silent and peeked through her fingers.  She squeaked again when she saw you were still topless.
You rolled your eyes, "Eliza it's ok."
You reached out and slowly plucked her fingers from her red face, "There you go, 'Liza."
She blushed even harder at the nickname and looked down at her feet as she felt butterflies spur in her stomach.
"I-I'm sorry for barging in, but I came over as soon as Angelica texted me that you needed me to help you get ready." She replied softly.
You tilted your head to the side and furrowed your eyebrows.
"'Liza I never texted Angie."
Eliza's eyes widened as this and her mind starting running a mile a minute as to why her sister would text her something wrong.
You shrugged and led Eliza in, telling her that it was ok and she can still help you.
"Can you do my makeup then? It's bit messed up," you asked as Eliza giggled when you pointed to you Joker-like smear on your face. "You do makeup so much better than me."
She nodded and looked at all of your supplies while you wiped off your previous work.
Eliza always loved doing your makeup, not only did it give her an excuse to touch your face, but you guys always had fun while doing it.  This time was a bit different as you are going on a date, which saddened her.
She started with foundation and moved onto your eyeshadow, deciding to do a nice smokey eye with winged eyeliner.  She contoured your face, put highlighter and blush on, and lined your eyebrows.  The last thing she needed to do was you lipstick.
"What color do you want, (Y/N)?" She asked
"Red, I wanna look good." You said with a wink.
Eliza blushed and quickly grabbed your red lipstick.
"Ok (Y/N), hold still..." She whispered as she knelt towards you to get closer to your lips.
Eliza was used to doing other people's makeup, so she quickly and efficiently put on your lipstick perfectly.  However, this gave her an excuse to be close to you and stare at your lips. (without looking like a total weirdo) She kept going swiping the redness over and over on your lips, mesmerized at how beautiful you looked.  It didn't take too long for you to figure out what she was doing.
"'Liza?" You said as you tried not to move you lips to much in fear of smearing the lipstick on your face again. "What are you doing?"
Eliza quickly pulled away, with her face as red as your lips, "Um, well, I think you're done! Let me just grab my stuff so you can finish getting ready for your date!" She ran out and sat on your bed while grabbing her phone and purse.
You could tell she was forcing a smile as she talked to you and you finally realized why your best friend had been acting so weird causing you grin widely.
Eliza froze up as she heard your voice take a different turn than your normal. She gulped and looked up to see you leaning against your bathroom door, still in your bra and tight-fitting leggings.
"Do you have to leave?" You pouted and looked at her with big eyes.
She nodded, not able to trust her voice, and looked everywhere around the room besides your gorgeous body.  But out of the corner of her eye she saw you slowly make your way over to her, swaying your hips more than usual. At this she shut her eyes, determined to make a fool of herself if you were just messing around with her.
You were messing with her, but not in the way she was thinking. You were determined to tease her beyond repair.
You silently walked to the edge of the bed where she was sitting and straddled her lap. You felt her tense up as she shot her eyes opened. She blushed when she realized she was eye level with your chest.
"(Y-Y/N)?" She whispered softly. "What are you doing?"
You ignored her question and reached to grab her arms and wrapped them around you. You heard her gasp quietly and your smirked mischievously. You leaned down to whisper in her ear.
"Do you want to give me a reason for me not to go on my date in 30 minutes?" You asked, sultry.
Eliza had been trying so hard to keep it together for so long ever since she started harboring feelings for you, but this pushed her over the edge.
She reached up and grabbed your hair to push your ruby red lips onto hers.  You groaned into her mouth and cupped her face. The two of you kissed passionately, finally able to savor the other's lips.
"You have no idea," she said in between kisses. "How long I've wanted to do this."
You grinned and kissed her harder. You slipped your tongue into her mouth and started grinding onto her.  This time she groaned into your mouth and she reached up to unclasp your bra before you heard your phone ring.
You cursed and grabbed it, "Hello?"
Eliza started nibbling at your neck and you rolled your eyes back.
"H-hi John! O-oh you have to cancel the d-date?"
Eliza started biting harder when she realized who it was. You wanted to stop her but it felt too good.
"N-no i-it's completely fine with me! B-bye John!" You quickly hung up and slammed your lips onto Eliza's.
Things were getting heated again until Eliza's phone went off. Both of you groaned but giggled afterwards. You slid off of Eliza and cuddled up to her side when she answered.
"Hey Alex what's up?"
"Wait what?!"
"Wait did he say who he was going out with?"
"Oh my god!" Eliza started laughing and you looked at her confused. "I gotta go Alex, I'm busy too."
She turned to you and grinned, "That was Alex."
"No shit it was Alex!" You rolled your eyes. "What did he want? And why did he make you laugh." You grumbled the last sentence.
"The guy you were suppose to go on the date with is Alex's crush and they just got together after a little mixup when Angelica texted Alex he needed help getting ready. Sound familiar?"
You gaped at her when you realized Angelica had been playing match maker, "That sly little bitch!"
Eliza laughed, "I'm not too mad," she pecked your nose. "Because I got together with my crush too."
You blushed and kissed her again.
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totallynotelisutton-blog · 4 years ago
aloha ! my name is mali’a . you can call me mellie , though . i’m a cis female ( y’know trash/her/she/all that jazz ) livin’ in the eastern time zone . im a typical musical theatre kid , i draw , and i run a couple more rp blogs on here! all my rp blogs have been from walking dead , undertale , disney , etc. if u ever wanna check me out . . .  winkwink . let me know ! because i’d love to link you one of my indie blogs .
my activity ! ok ok so like . i’m here a lot . like a lot a lot . it’s kind of unhealthy but THATS OKA Y . however ??? i live in a household where my mom sometimes goes batshit and i have to help her out . otherwise , i’m here a lot . enough to run a million faquin blogs jesus chr i s t
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ELIJAH SUTTON  - the occulist horror fan . hey there demons, it’s me  .   .   . ya boi .
it’s not weird . okay ? it’s not ! unusual , fine , how much he stalks appreciates the work of the team , but it’s not weird . with that established, elijah had grown to develop a sense of … unappreciation . a sense of that within his household, within his peers. something he’d never talk about, really . no. that’s not happening . but, that unappreciation ends up being the thing that allows him watch all those horror movies, imitate them and go running off into nightfall with hopes of finding ghostly abandoned buildings. stupid, really, and will probably be the death of him, but passions, right ?!
conditions: ptsd , social anxiety , adhd, insomnia / hypersomnia. emotional stability: 6/10. labels / tropes: the occulist horror fan, adorkable, broken tears , failure knight, sherlockscan , ascended fanboy, what a nerd, sidekick, unlucky everydude, your mom ! , geeky turn on, positive traits: caring , resourceful , enthusiastic. negative traits: awkward , insecure , impulsive zodiac sign: virgo. mbti: enfp enneagram: the enthusiast , the helper. temperament: sanguine. hogwarts: gryffindor. alignment: chaotic good. element: earth. PARA. only a single visit to this abandoned hospital and he found a pentagram . a pentagram . he ponders this with added elation to each step as he scrolls through photos taken  .  deserted bouncy balls , blood stains  ,  a morgue . —– okay , it was empty but , it was a morgue . successful   !     ❛   jackpot   !  ❜  elijah discovers it near impossible to conceal the developing smile on pale features , flushing and ecstatic .  oh   ,   the mysterybusters had to  —–   had to love this . the phone is now pressed into his back pocket as he looks onto the same tall fence he entered from . he jumps . fail . try again . he leaps and calloused palms support lithe weight as he draws himself around it’s top . there’s a noisy huff as the thick edge presses to his gut and y e e s h he should’ve trained for this . just as he begins to lower himself , however , there’s a shout interrupts him . 
Tumblr media
full halt . uh oh . panic wipes his features and he hangs (  pathetically )  from a graffitied fence  . tattered converse hadn’t quite met cement when he heard the alarming shout at his rear  .  a messy stumble and  ——  wow he was bad at this —–  he lands onto his backside  .  ow .  okay  —-  like ow ,  ow .  elijah now stands  ,  fabulously graceless  ,  onto wobbling legs and hands can’t quite find where to rest  .  folded neat at his front  ,  his pockets  ,  before they settle to rub at his neck .    ❛  woah  , hello !  hey there ,  uh  ——  officer  !  ❜   maybe the location of choice would be better hidden  ,  secluded and maybe he shouldn’t have visited said location of choice in broad daylight .     ❛   how’s it , you know , hanging ?! i – i gotta say : nice uniform , really nice   !   very  .   .   .   ❜       a pause . a long pause . there’s an awkward gesture of his hand over the policeman’s self .  ❛   ——— police-y  .   ❜      the officer standing to his front stands like a wall . elijah watches the rise of his brow . what do you think you’re doing ?        ❛   i  wasn’t doing anything  ,  actually  !  like  ,  wow  ——-  didn’t even think about doing anything  .  just admiring this  ,  uh  ,  barricade ,  you know ?  some pretty impressive stuff  ! ❜         his hand pats  ,  a hard smack to the steel  ,  tall blockade .  the sound comes louder than he intended  ,  wincing and curling away at the noise  . clearly his lie was a bust . the expression he offers as he glances to the other is even harder smacked than the steel with guilt . ❛   .   .   .  i can explain  ?  ❜
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