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someone tell me the name of that coffee kid from encanto or drop suggestions bc im going feral 🤡🤡🤡
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Pairing - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings - A lot of sadness, Mentions of death (Ig that’s it, let me know if I should add more)
Summary - When you find Bucky buying flowers, you assume he has found someone. What you find later is even worse. 
Tumblr media
"Thor, I swear to god, I haven't eaten your pop tarts." You stated to Thor as others stifled their laugh. For the third time this month, Thor's favorite pop tarts had gone missing and it didn't take a mastermind to figure out that it was just Loki. Everyone knew that except for Thor and they wanted to see how long it took for him to figure it out. Sam and Clint had even placed bets about it. 
 As Thor kept interrogating everybody while they sat on the breakfast table, Bucky walked in and you noticed instantly that something was wrong. 
 Since Bucky joined the team 6 months ago, he preferred keeping to himself. He didn't talk much but now atleast he had begun joining everybody for meals and sometimes even for movie nights. He now talked at times and began opening up to the team, specially you but today, something felt different. 
He was avoiding everybody's gaze as he quietly sat in the corner. A moment later, he looked up and his ocean blue eyes met yours. You silently asked him if he was okay and he just shook his head, indicating he was when you knew he was far from it. You cared about Bucky, a lot. But you knew it wasn't really your place to ask him about it. As much as you wanted to be there for him now, it was clear he needed some space today. 
 Your thoughts were confirmed as 10 minutes later, Bucky whispered something in Steve's ear, who was sitting right beside him. Steve gave him a slightly confused look but nodded his head and Bucky walked out of the hall towards the lift, out of the tower.
 "Y/n, did you visit that man? That.. Mr Spencer?" Tony's words brought you out of your thoughts as you looked away from the lift.
 "Umm, what?" You asked dumbfounded. 
 "I asked if you went to meet that Mr Spencer about the damage to his shop?" Tony explained himself.
 "Oh, about that. I was about to go after breakfast." In the last mission of the Avengers, one of the opponent guys had sneaked into the little restaurant owned by an old man named Mr Spencer which led to a combat inside his shop which did it some damage. And now, just like usual, you were being sent to look over the damage control. It had always been you, since you joined the team 2 years ago. Tony and Steve said it was because everybody took a liking towards you as soon as they met you because of your cheerful personality.
 After breakfast ended and Thor had still not figured out who ate his pop tarts, Clint won the bet and Sam kept grumbling over how stupid Thor was being.
 You excused yourself, put on your shoes and went out for some 'damage control'. You were on your way when you noticed the weather changing a little. Clouds had started covering up the sky. This could meet one of two things - Either it was going to rain or Thor was getting frustrated about his pop tarts. You sincerely hoped it was the first one because thankfully, you did have an umbrella with you. 
 Your thoughts went back to the events of the morning, and Bucky's changed demeanour. Nat always said you had a habit of thinking too much at times, specially when it came to Bucky. But you couldn't help it, he was your friend, or atleast that's what you told yourself. 
 You noticed your favorite flower shop as you turned round a corner and as if on cue, you found Bucky standing at it's entrance staring keenly at the flowers. To say that you were surprised would be an understatement. Bucky was never interested in flowers. He always said they were too colourful for him. 
 You almost raised a hand to call out to him when he picked up a bunch of daisies and handed a currency note to the lady who owned the shop. Without giving the lady or the shop another glance, he went on his way  opposite to the direction you were standing in, clutching the flowers as if his life dependent on it. 
 A lump formed in your throat. Bucky had bought flowers for somebody. He had found someone special, someone worth giving those daisies to. Maybe that's why he had appeared so uneasy that morning. He was nervous. That confused look from Steve, leaving the compiund quietly, it all made sense. 
 You were happy for him. Bucky was one of the best people you had ever met and he deserved love. But even though you wouldn't admit it on your grave, seeing Bucky buying flowers for somebody made you upset. You didn't know why, or maybe you did but you just didn't want to even think about it. Putting all these thoughts aside, you focused on the job at hand and continued on your way to Mr Spencer's restaurant.
 .❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。  .❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。  .❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。  .❀。• *₊°。 ❀°。
 "Let me know if you need help with anything else." You smiled at the old man and waved his grand daughter a goodbye. 
 It was an easy job to do. Even though SHIELD had already sent them the money for the damage, many people still created a fuss about it. But Mr Spencer was a great man. In about his 60s, he lived with his daughter and granddaughter, and it seems like the Avengers had once saved his 4 year old granddaughter's life. So, he even tried to refuse to take the money from SHIELD but you insisted. 
 Walking out of the little restaurant, you realised it had started drizzling and anytime now, the rain would get heavy. Refusing to open your umbrella yet, and deciding to enjoy the little rain for as long as you could, you kept walking. About 10 minutes into the walk, you realised you had taken a different, longer route to be able to enjoy the rain and now you had to walk outside a cemetry.
 You shook your head down. refused to look that side and decided to keep walking, but to your luck, the rain got heavy and you had to stop to open your umbrella. As if on instinct, you took a side look into the cemetery and saw that a man was standing there, looking down at a grave, completely unbothered by the rain.
 On looking clearly, you saw a metalic arm peeking from beneath his jacket. Your mouth fell open as you realised it was Bucky. Without a second thought, you walked into the cemetery as quietly as you could towards where he was standing. 
 Bucky bent down on his knees and placed the bunch of daisies slowly on the grave. He stayed on his knees as if trying to talk to the person on the other side. He didn't notice you entering and coming towards him. But when you brought the umbrella over his head, and he realised he wasn't drenching in rain anymore, he looked up to be met by your e/c eyes. 
 Relief ran through Bucky as he realised it was just you. As much as he wanted to be alone right now, he would never refuse your warm presence.
 He turned back towards the grave and you looked over towards the gravestone and read the words inscribed on them.                                                                                           Winnifred Barnes                 
                            1 September 1895  -    12 February 1969                                                            Treasured by everyone who knew her 
Small tears welled your eyes as realisation struck you. It was 12 February, the death anniversary of Winnifred Barnes, Bucky's mother!!
 You stood there shocked, holding the umbrella over the both of yours heads. When Bucky stood up. You now noticed that there were many more flowers on the grave. Many of which had dried. But they were all daisies.
 You looked at Bucky who was trying his best to hold back his tears. You slowly reached for his hand, which turned out to be his metal one and gave it a light squeeze.
 Bucky looked at you and tried to curl up his lips into a thankful smile as much as he could.
 After standing there for what could have been hours or just mere seconds, Bucky whispered, "I just wish I could be there for her. If I could be with her in her last times. She wouldn't have to go through everything alone."
 "I bet she was a very strong woman, Bucky." 
 "She was. I jush wish I could tell her that I kept my promise. That I did come back from the war as I had promised her."
 "She knows, Bucky. She does. Wherever she is, I bet she is looking at you right now and is very proud of you."
 Bucky gave a humourless chuckle. "For what? For killing so many people?"
 "Nope. Surviving what others couldn't have endured for a single day. Maybe just because you had promised your mother that one day you will be back home." 
 Bucky looked at you as if searching for any indication that you were just trying to make him feel better and was weaving out lies. But you looked back at him with as much sincerity and honesty. 
 Bucky looked back at the grave and stood there for some time before whispering to you, "Let's head back. It doesn't look like the rain is going to stop anytime soon."
 You just nodded your head as the both of you made your way out of the cemetry under the umbrella, which was thankfully big enough to protect the both of you from the rain which had gotten worse. 
 After almost half of the walk went in comfortable silence, Bucky said, "She loved daisies. They were her favorite. That's one thing I remember." 
 "Daisies. Innocence." Bucky looked at you and frowned at you in confusion. So, you explained yourself, "Daisies resemble innocence. Also, they are tougher than they look. Just like - " 
 "Just like mothers." Bucky completed and his lips curled up in a small smile as if that simple statement explained his whole life to him and he had completed a puzzle he had been trying to figure out for years.
 "I will never understand how simple flowers can depict so much." Bucky said as if making a statement to himself. 
 "Well, that's the thing. Flowers are never simple." When Bucky looked at you as if waiting for you to explain yourself. "Remember how Thor had this bunch of Irises that he kept in his room? It was because they depict royalty. But then Loki destroyed them because they also depict wisdom and according to him, Thor doesn't have any." 
 Bucky gave a small smile once again and you felt warmth and happiness. But it was just because you were glad to be there for him on this tough day, right?
 "How do you know so much about flowers?" Bucky asked. 
 "Well, I always thought that if I wasn't an Avenger and so caught up in "saving the world", I would have had a flower shop of my own." You spoke it so quietly as if you were telling him a secret, Maybe you were, nobody else knew about this dream of yours not even Nat, whom you called your best friend. 
 "It would suit you." Bucky whispered quitely as if you weren't supposed to hear it. 
 You walked like that for some time. The rains had almost stopped now and had gotten back to slight drizzling. You were about to reach the compound when suddenly, Bucky stopped. 
 "Just stay here for a minute." He said as he turned away. 
 "But Buck-" You tried to stop him but he was already gone. 
 You stood there for about 5 minutes when you saw Bucky turning round the corner and walking towards where you were standing. He had his hands behind his back and he came and stood some feet away from you. 
 "Bucky, are you o-" But before you could finish your sentence, he brought his hands front and your mouth fell open as you realised he was holding a bunch of flowers. On looking closely, you concluded they were bluebells. 
You looked up to him and couldn't help but notice how the blue bells matched with his ocean blue eyes. You took those bluebells from him with a smile and brought them towards you. You knew what they meant and that's what made this even more special.
 Bluebells. They resemble kindness. Given to show somebody how grateful you are to have them in your life.
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Toman gc with gn!reader
tw: strong language and suggestive themes ig.
Draken: I used to be a simple man, I knew only the 7 colours of the rainbow. Then one day, she took me with her to buy lipstick.
Takemitchi: tell me about it! There's cherry red, purple (??) , glossy, etc etc.
Y/N: I am extremely pleased to see how mitchy reckons "glossy" is a colour
Baji: lmaoooo even I know better
Chifuyu: Bless Hina chan 🛐
Mikey: no wait I wanna know what Baji thinks glossy is
Baji: you think I'll make a fool out of myself huh :/
Baji: well joke's on you! Ik what it is!!
Baji: it's liquid candy girls apply on their lips so that they can snack discretely. Yk cuz they're girls.
Mitsuya: omg..... 😧
Kazutora: dude you're so off :/
Mikey: lmfaoo I was expecting something like this
Chifuyu: well atleast he spelled 'discretely' correct.
Pah: ...not to be gross but am I the only one who thinks candy you can lick off your lips is a fun idea?
Peh: I can see your point! You're a genius Pah!!
Smiley: oh~ tell me more about your unique ideas of fun pah ~ 😏
Mitsuya: NO
Y/N: YK there was this scene in this anime kissXsis!!!
Hakkai: I don't like the sound of that name 😶
Angry: is it any good? If it has a lickable lip candy (?) it's probably comedy right?
Y/N: oh it's really good~ ;))
Y/N: it's about these twin sisters who live with their step bro
Y/N: 🤐
Smiley: mannn and it was just getting to the good part :/
Kazutora: I remember watching that with them. They forced me.
Y/N: ilyt<3
Kazutora: dw mitsuya I'm not saying anything. Angry and Hakkai, you two shouldn't look it up either.
Draken: we went way off topic.
Draken: Baji, "glossy" is kinda of a texture of lipstick. Like shiny.
Draken: what you just described is lipgloss and it's not edible.
Mikey: wdym it's not??? 😟
Baji: oh please it has all those strawberry and mango flavours
Draken: it's just scented and it doesn't even taste like that...
Baji: did you taste to confirm? 🤨
Draken: ....
Mikey: c'mon ken-chin ik you were curious!
Draken: ... I did.
Mucho: it's your sister you're talking about.
Mikey: Sister who's trying to woo my bestfriend. I don't see your point 🤨
Angry: damn I almost forgot uncle was in this gc too
Mucho: I'm the same age as you guys 🙁
Y/N: aight grandpa let's get you to bed.
Draken: I applied it on my fingertips, thankyou very much.
Pah: yk you should make a move soon. I mean, yeah she loves you but it's not good making a girl wait.
Chifuyu: pah's book of love advice ✍️✍️
Takemitchi: How about gifting her something that caught her eye during your shopping trip!
Draken: Actually... I was thinking of it. But I can't really decide what would suit her.
Mikey: wow ken-chin. How incompetent. 😒
Draken: SHUT UP! it's just that... everything looks good on her..
Baji: SIMP
Mitsuya: aye Draken not bad eh 😏
Kazutora: "Area man is a tsundere but also a simp."
Sanzu: Nude would look good on Emma.
Mikey: AYO?!?
Hakkai: That was uncalled for Sanzu-kun.
Angry: you shouldn't say something like that about someone's sister :( also she's draken-kun's soon to be girlfriend.
Takemitchi: oh no! It's finally happening! Armageddon!!! 😭😭🙏
Y/N: guys.... I think he's talking about nude lipstick. It refers to natural colours.
Sanzu: thankyou, the only sane person here.
Y/N: Anytime bby ❤️ ;))
Sanzu: I take that back
Sanzu: Don't talk to me. You're creepy.
Y/N: D:
Y/N: Toraaaaa he's bullying me!!!
Kazutora: good. You deserve it.
Y/N: 😭😭😭😭
Y/N: friendship ended with Tora, Sanzu is my new bestfriend now
Hakkai: didn't you say he was bullying you????
Y/N: yeah but enemies to lovers yk
Sanzu: I have a katana and I'm not afraid of using it.
Y/N: now now pretty boy calm down
Y/N: tell me more about what kind of lipstick will suit Emma.
Draken: before that, Mikey, Baji, Hakkai and Angry.
Hakkai: Sorry for jumping to conclusions Sanzu-kun.
Angry: Yeah I'm sorry too.
Mikey: I'm sorry for the mistake I've done. It was childish and impulsive and I can see how it has inconvenienced everyone. I sincerely apologise and promise that such mistake and the likes will never be repeated again.
Baji: I'm sorry for the mistake I've done. It was childish and impulsive and I can see how it has inconvenienced everyone. I sincerely apologise and promise that such mistake and the likes will never be repeated again.
Takemitchi: ....how is it the exact same thing?
Mikey: oh yk, the usual.
Mikey: we get into trouble all the time and have to write apologies. But then it sounds insincere. So we asked shin-nii to help us.
Baji: and then we copied it to our clipboard.
Y/N: damn shin-nii sure knows some big words. That's an adult for ya.
Mikey: oh no he just took it from the internet.
Mitsuya: :)
Mitsuya: I just went to our dms to read old texts. I hadn't noticed it then. Every single apology is this exact thing :)
Mitsuya: Don't you think that's even more insincere?
Mitsuya: what are you going to do now? 😊
Mikey: ....
Baji: ....
Mitsuya: write an apology rn. A 100 word apology letter. Don't you dare text it. I want it by tonight. And no copying from the internet.
Baji: sir yes sir!
Mikey: hey I'm your president yk. You can't order me around.
Mitsuya: I'll tell Emma to close off your dorayaki supply for a week and even Draken won't tend to you.
Mikey: I'll do it.
Mitsuya: I need to have a talk with shinichiro-nii too.
Smiley: so everyone's done apologising to sanzu?
Smiley: lmao I'm not sorry 🤪
Mucho: you didn't even say anything.
Smiley: but I thought of it.
Sanzu: oh really wanna go huh you fucking clown.
Smiley: That's what I'm talKING ABOUT!! BRING IT ON SCAR FACE!
Angry: Aniki No!
Y/N: the park in front of fuyu's appartment. 4pm.
Y/N: Tora, you coming? 🍿
Tora: do you even have to ask? 🍿
Hakkai: Taka-chan's going to be busy with Mikey-kun and Baji-kun. Wanna come, mitchy?
Takemitchi: I don't think it's a good idea.
Mikey: I knew it. My Mitchy won't leave me behind 🥺
Takemitchi: yk what Hakkai, let's go.
Baji: LMAO
Chifuyu: Baji-san you too have the letter so you can't come.
Mucho: ig I'll have to be there to keep an eye.
Draken: NO. STOP.
Lmao help what was this even?!? 😭😭
I just started it on a whim but ended up really enjoying it.
If you're interested you can send asks..? PLEASE SEND ASKS I'D LOVE THAT. Hope you enjoyed reading this ^^
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diedbutterflies69 · 8 months ago
Will you stay?- Bang Chan imagine.
Contains: friends to lovers au. , Divorce, smut, fluff, blindfolding, oral sex, explicit sexual stuff etc . Minors don't interact.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Never once on your life, you thought you could get your shit together and laugh genuinely at the worst in world. falling out of love is worse but it's even more worse if it's your it's not you who fell out of love. Married at 22 and the honeymoon phase hardly lasted for a year and by the age of 26 got yourself labelled as a woman who sabotaged her own marriage in thirst of money. Your ex husband was bitter about your success even before you got married. He thought as a woman, you just did bare minimum and got yourself a high positioned rank by sleeping with one of the rich rags. You tried hard enough to hold on to that rotten red string , but he had the scissors and just cut you off. You weren't willing to sacrifice your career just because of his Immature mindset, yes you loved him, but can't a women love her own hard achieved success more? That's the question you wished to ask everyone who pointed there fingers at you. After divorce you didn't feel pain just numbness. Your self-hatred coming more stronger than ever, even hating the job, you tried Saving since years, getting life on track seemed impossible and at the end just quitted. Moved out of the city just to move back to your home town, the root of your real pain. It wasn't really a town but rather a more flashy city, expensive shits which you were unable to afford in childhood but now it wasn't any big deal. Earth is round and sometimes precious people find you all by themselves. Your highschool friend, the only friend you had throughout your lifetime because of your anti social tactics.
Bang Chan, the social butterfly who almost knew every single student in whole school, he was the hottest guy you ever saw in your life and also the kindest. You had crush on him even before you both were friends, he was your senior,used to help you with those shitty math sums, crack jokes every now and then and scolded you whenever you procrastinated. He came to congratulate you even on your graduation day, even though there were many more students whom he met you were still glad atleast someone bought you a beautiful bouquet of tulips and bellflower. The last time you saw him was before you moved out in search of cheap collages without informing him, as you thought you were just one of many friends he had and won't ever notice someone like you existed.
But god, how much wrong you were.
You met Chan after almost 9 years in convince store and his reaction was almost priceless , like finding treasure. He was now more handsome, beautiful and god-like even after all this years his style of dressing didn't Changed much, he still looked like Kim Kardashian at 2021 met Gala. nevertheless his smile still had those healing properties with his Cresent moon eyes. He was absolutely stunning.
The first sentence he spoke after confirming your identity was 'I missed you' and then tons of lectures and questions . Knowing how narrow-minded you were he gasped dramatically. Cheesiest ways of saying how could I forget my best friend and so on. That day was probably the best day of your life and maybe even the day after years you really smiled. You both exchanged numbers and addresses and his home was just 10 minutes away from yours. Destiny indeed.
Now it's been over 7 months since you met Chan again and he never made you felt like you were just one of his 109 friends. Chan made you feel special, after knowing what kind of disaster you faced he was even more supporting of you, you both used to spend weekend together watching variety of shows and movies going to stargazing, best friend goals. After many years you knew even if Chan had many people to confide with he never really did. He was alone, just a night owl obsessed with work. You were happy. And he was happy too. Being just friends was enough for you, but not for him . He was slowly trying to find courage to confess his love to you. He liked you fuck from highschool days. He found you once randomly staring at him across the room and when you suddenly disappeared all his fantasies were scattered, he knew your dreams and was willing to help you with your every step. knowing how messed up your household was from your neighbours he felt guilty for not being able to give you happiness. He loved you, but was helded by his own insecurities.
Not anymore though, he wasn't the same coward who just stared at the love of his life from distance. Being the extra human he was, he bought you one of the most expensive restaurant of the whole country, man was loaded. After driving for almost 5 hours you both finally reached there .
Now a nervous Chan sitting infront of you. You being oblivious to the fact that he has a beautiful diamond ring and a confession to make. Chan handed you the menu card and every single dish had an extraordinary name, without much thought you placed the order.
"atleast tell me now, why are we here?" You asked the man infront of you who was behaving extra weird today, he looked sick and was occassionally asking you random questions.
"No reason, I was in mood for long drives and... You know have a nice meal" Chan said fidgeting with his fingers he was acting like a flustered high school guy it was clearly indicating that he was lying but you didn't really care, Chan was weird sometimes.
"Sounds fake, but okay. By the way you aren't sick right?" You asked Chan out of pure concern as he was sweating profusely even in an cold AC room.
"I am fine, just feeling a little hot. Don't worry", Chan said it was more like he was convincing himself that he was fine and shouldn't worry. He wasn't a teenager but a human with responsibilities who once again fell for someone out of his league, he used to think that and he still sees you as a literal goddess. While he was lost deep in his thoughts, the waiter came with food , and this was his opportunity to shoot his arrow. You both started eating and talked like being in paradise.
"did you liked anyone in highschool?", Chan asked you out of blue making you almost choke on food. The only person whom you liked throughout your highschool days was the guy sitting infront of you and you didn't really remembered much guys and the best answer was probably saying a lie with little truth.
"no one lol", you answered trying to sound chilled but since highschool crush topic was out you weren't able to keep your curiosity with yourself.
"What about you, liked someone?", You asked trying to sound nonchalant and not desperate and bitter.
This was the Exactly the conversation that Chan planned in his mind. And here started his way to either heaven or pit of rejection.
"I loved someone", Chan said and you this time you really choked from the depth of your heart, you thought Chan was anti romantic type of guy as he never talked about of his female friends with you or bragged about his non existent dating life. Trying again to not sound jealous or bitter you spoke again.
" Who was that lucky bit-- I mean girl yes girl? Who was she?", You asked, almost letting out the bitch loudly. You weren't sure but you saw Chan smiling cheekily, he was really getting old acting weird more and more everyday.
"Well... Someone from our school",Chan said and you swear you didn't made a disgusting face showing pure jealousy. The best human in your life and your first ever crush had crush on somebody, you didn't knew why you were feeling so fucking bitter but you weren't able to handle the curiosity anymore.
"Tell me her damn name", you asked Chan in a frustrating tone not being able to keep jealousy to yourself.
"Why you being angry", Chan asked followed by his small laugh.
"I am angry, just the food was a little spicy you answer me now, her name?", You answered Chan with your defenses up and still sticking with your previous question.
Chan in response got a little serious now,you thought he was being childish now, he wasn't a kid who was given a dare to name out his crush yet he was acting like one.
"You won't leave me right, I mean after I answer your question?", Chan asked you and you didn't knew what to say in response you were now a little sus about him.
"fine don't answer, keep secrets", you said and continued eating. The next thing Chan said made you now choke and die on food.
"I loved you and I still love you" Chan said looking down at the table head hanging down like his teenage self just confessed he watched porn infront of his parents. You were shocked, frozen and the your heartbeat 10x faster, you didn't knew how to react and tried to find humor in this extraordinary situation.
"Chan, you kidding right?", You asked Chan with a nervous smile on your face. Chan looked up at you , his eyes trying to find yours but you avoided the eye contact.
"I am serious, I liked you from HighSchool times, I saw you for the first time in library when you were looking at me, I swear you were so beautiful and even now after all this years after seeing you I can't, I can't help but fall for you all over again, sorry"
Chan confessed, his voice filled with sincerity and vulnerability his sentences were scattered here and there and incomplete explanation but still you understood everything he really poured his heart to you, you felt like crying even if you both weren't such stupid cowards back then, then today you won't have turned out a divorced women and Chan a guy who grew out lonely even if he had a world for him.
"What should I say Chan?", You asked Chan you were sounding like a girl whose bf told her to breakup even if the situation was exact opposite. Even if you love Chan , you didn't think about him reciprocating same feelings back to you. You were beyond insecure with your love emotions. One thing was sure you won't be able to love Chan without being a bundle on him. Your emotion Baggage was too big and you didn't want Chan to get his heart too with your stupid emotions.
"I love you and I will be really really good to you. Please try staying with me I will try really hard to earn space in your heart, please?" His confession was like literally begging. You weren't able to believe if he was real or not, if it was a dream that will end as soon as cruel morning comes, this felt like fantasy. Chan was a amazing man, he had everything money ,honour ,beauty a nice heart. He was like a character written by women so perfect so delicate yet strong, and he loves you this fact was enough for to lose your mind. but you thought you were a taint to his beauty, you were a character full of inferior complexes and a person too easy to dislike thats what illusion you made about yourself. A random extra in her own story.
"I will pay the bill, let's talk later", you said and walked away immediately to pay the bill leaving a clueless and disheartened human behind. Chan was able to see how you stopped yourself from saying love you too and throwing yourself in his arms. He wasn't same from HighSchool a guy who gets overwhelmed by his own emotions and gets unable to see others. He knew you had atleast a small space for him in your heart and to make a big room for himself he had to throw out all your insecurities and self hatred. He followed you like a lost puppy and he wanted to pay for food but you already did and now you were already out of restaurant searching for his car to get back.
Chan sitted beside you, without doing anything silence and awkward air surrounding you both.
"start the car", you said breaking down the silence, you were extremely worthless and trash as you made the only one person whom you love feel like nothing.
"Just answer me, will you try dating me please", Chan said his voice again passing draggers into your heart. Trying to form any logical explanation you spoke again.
"I am not looking for relationship right now, see Chan you are amazing, but I can't make you happy now and did you forgot that I am divorced, please understand" you said expressing your real insecurities and fear, fear of not being able to keep a man happy.
"you don't want relationship because you divorced that fucking trash of a man?", Chan asked he was getting frustrated you thought but he just wanted to make you happy and not deny what your heart wants.
"my mind isn't stable, I might just irritate you everytime with my mood, you will will get tired of me and leave me -- I don't want to be alone again I will die if you leave me", you confessed tears threatening to fall out of your eyes there wasn't any doubt that you loved Chan he filled the void in you in just months made you happy but you didn't wanted to just take and take and give nothing in return. Chan's hand found yours interlocking your fingers with so much delicateness that you might cry.
"you think so low of me, just stay by my side I will make you so happy that you will hardly get time to think about your past, trust me", Chan said his fingers slightly lifting your chin up to look into your eyes, you looked in his eyes filled with so much care and this was your last straw before breaking down in his arms.
"I love you, I love you so fuckin much, you were my first love my only friend, my everything, please-- please love me", you confessed tightening your arms around Chan, his scent making you feel safe and like home, his one caressing your hair and other wiping away the tears. Even though the scene was more like a dramatic clique scene whatever emotions you both felt was unexplainable.
"So you my girlfriend now hmm?"Chan asked you for first time in night his voice containing pure happiness and excitement.
"I have a sexy boyfriend", you said smiling from ear to ear against Chan's chest. The label boyfriend making your heart flutter, you didn't knew happiness like this can even exist.
"My love", Chan said his voice sweeter than honey, suddenly the night was more starry."now can we go home?" You asked Chan finally breaking the hug, reality hitted you now Home was 3- 4 hours away.
"I made a reservation in hotel, we gonna spend night there", Chan casually said making your heart jump out of your chest.
"pervert, you planned everything seriously", you said dramatically and giving him a playful digusting look.
"I booked two rooms", Chan said now starting the engine making you feel embarrassed. "Who is pervert now~" Chan said in air teasing you more.
The rest of the ride you both talked about anything and everything. Confessing how you used to find ways to always be in each others vision etc. Both of you finding a new thirsty side of each other. Nothing felt uncomfortable, it was happiness those inhumane laughs crazy tricks you both used to pull everything was heaven. After some time you both reached infront of a gaint hotel , it looked expensive af but regardless Chan knew how to waste money and you were tired of lecturing him about savings.
"let's go", Chan said removing your seatbelt and getting out of car to open the door for ya. He was being so cheesy gentleman and you were enjoying every minute.
"room 42 and 43" Chan said to the receptionist and she handed two keys to him. Thanking her then getting on elevator, you were a little disappointed that you weren't sharing room with Chan, yes you were pervert and total simp for Chan, he was too hot and your sexual drive was getting higher each passing second. The elevator doors opened and you got off. Chan handed you the room key and softly kissed your forehead, both you wished it was your lips.
"if you want anything, just knock okay?" Chan said in his lovely tone, I want you you internally screamed, nevertheless you gave him a nod and got inside that expensive room .
Starring at the ceiling while lying on the bed your mind was full of Chan, you knew he wasn't probably sleeping and was wasting time in watching random shit on internet and you were hungry, hungry for Chan, it wasn't your fault that Chan was so hot. Trying to fall asleep and fidgeting here to there you finally decided to knock on Chan's room door. A danger zone. You noticed how the door flunged open in less than few seconds.
"Hi" you said scratching back of your head and trying to think what next to say.
"Hi..?"Chan said being confused.
"there is cockroach in my room, let me stay with you" you said a clear white lie. Taking impulsive action were never good for you.Chan sighed before opening the door fully and signalling you to come. This was your happiest day ever.
"whY you lying", Chan asked you as you plopped yourself on sofa besides bed. He asked the sentence in a sarcastic way.
"Do you you wanna kiss me?", You asked Chan with a straight serious face catching him off-guard, you didn't wanted to waste more time, you wanted to do everything with Chan, yes fucking on first day of dating was a little too early but you fantasized about this gorgeous man since ages, in your eyes he looked total dom but his reaction to your question was making you doubt your thoughts.
"Are you sure", Chan asked you clearing his throat.
"Are you virgin?"you asked Chan, he was being too nervous.
"Obviously not"Chan answered you in duh tone, rolling his eyes. And it was getting awkward.
"The cockroach must have gone by now I should go, bye", you blabbered and got up ready to leave, you were about to open the door but Chan grabbed your hand and before you knew anything his hands were on your cheeks cupping them softly and his lips so close to yours, Chan's eyes were looking straight in your orbs , your heartbeat stronger than ever.
"Can I?", Chan asked your consent his thumb softly brushing against your lower lip. This man had totally made you insane, something stirred inside you. Chan was perfect he was everything you wished. You gave him a small nod and slowly his lips touched against yours, you wanted to cry, his lips felt so good, he didn't rushed his movements everything was happening in slow motion, he holded you with such a vulnerability like he was afraid that you will go, your hand reached his head, fingers moving through his soft locks. You felt his tongue inside your mouth , you felt a electricity run down your body when the kiss deepened.
We kiss again. The next kiss is the kind that breaks open the sky. It steals my breath and gives it back. It shows me that every other kiss I’ve had in my life has been wrong.
Breaking the kiss Reluctantly in need of air, Chan rested his forehead against yours. He was hot almost like burning, sweating.
"Why are you so nervous, Chan?", You asked Chan hugging him tightly clinging like the last leaf to the tree.
"I am scared, I just love you", He said engulfing you in his arms. And you Finally felt, what real love feels like.
"Love you too", you replied softly.
"Do you wanna continue..?"Chan asked you his tone little less scared.
"Off course", you said looking at him with smile, something inside you told it was okay to let out your freaky side infront of Chan. Chan smiled back and suddenly turned you around , the large bed infront of you.
"Lie down there",Chan whispered in your ears , his low register sending shivers down your spine. This was exactly how you pictured Chan to be, your inner submissive almost died. You followed Chan's word and laid on your back on the bed, now you were feeling like a virgin. His eyes roaming through the room in search of something.
"Are you okay with being blindfolded?", Chan asked you as he came back with the tie he wore today and was rolling it slightly in his palms, and you swear you never saw a man so hot in your entire life. Getting blindfolded was one of your unfulfilled kinks.
"ye- yes", you replied your tone filled with thrill and excitement. Chan came back to you standing near you, his hand softly cupped your cheeks , before bringing the tie to use it in sinistrous way tonight. The cloth felt strange to your eyes, his cologne smell hitting you and Chan caught your shy smile, His heart felt so fluffy. Tieing a comfortable knot Chan sat on bed near your waist. His hands slowly crept near your stomach leaving a direct lingering touch on the sensitive skin, eventually going upwards while giving a little squeeze to add stimulation, his hands reached your boobs, you didn't wore bra, and he wasn't surprised maybe your nipples perked up enough to get noticed, his middle and index finger Rolling your sensitive bundle of nerves, the blindfold making his every touch more intense, your breath was heavy you let out a suprised moan when Chan gropped your right boob in an erotic way, this sole action increasing your wetness down there you were getting impatient. You moaned his name a little loudly when his lips came in contact with your sensitive neck, sucking in a painful way, inorder to leave a hickey.
"Should I touch you here", Chan asked you as his hand reached to your area where you needed him to the most, hands going directly inside your panties ,but not touching he was a teaser.
"yes please", you moaned almost breathlessly too tired of intense foreplay. You just wanted Chan to rip off your clothes and fuck you till sunrise. Getting satisfaction with your answer Chan finally removed every clothing of your lower body, leaving you completely bare, all at his mercy. His finger moved up and down on your opening , the wetness making Chan easily slip his one finger deep inside you.
" my baby is so wet, because of who?", Chan asked you as his finger was moving slowly inside of you and thumb rubbing circles on the bundle of nerves.
"because of.. you", you admitted without any hesitation trying to grind yourself on his hand, begging for more.
"Good", Chan said and without saying anything he added another finger inside you moving a little faster inside your cunt, rubbing your walls with a little pressure, scissoring them inside you painfully and making way for a third finger too and by then you were a complete moaning mess, his fingers were pleasure yet torture the blindfold making your senses weak. Mind full of whatever Cham was giving you. Your legs were shaking sign of your orgasm approaching you, by one hand Chan holded your thighs tightly to their place fingers now moving more faster to make you reach the peak of pleasure.
"Chan.. I--I-I-- wanna cum please", you moaned your little squeaks and begs almost making Chan's cock cum right inside boxers. With some final thrust of his fingers, you cummed the hardest you could imagine, squeaky sounds coming as Chan was fingering you through your orgasm, you almost crying from overstimulation. Moaning his name like a chant.
"you did well",Chan praised you finally removing his fingers from you leaving you empty, but it won't have last wrong. Chan removed your blindfold , the bright lights hurting your eyes, you adjusted your vision and the image of Chan sucking his wet fingers coated with your liquid came directly in front of your eyes. Letting out a helpless whine.
Chan plopped himself on knees on either side of your thighs, finally letting his cock out, leaking with precum, and he was big, thick , you didn't thought he could get even hotter.
"Ready baby?", Chan asked you as he fully undressed himself as well as removing your top, your mind hazey . The scene which you pictured since highschool finally happening.
"yes", you replied Chan, he came down to kiss you passionately and slowly entering inside you. You moaned painfully, tears pulling your vision, it was a painful pleasure. Chan kissed away your tears and hand interlocking with yours after finally being fully inside you he started to move at slow pace.
"you feel so good Chan", almost screaming from pleasure, your whines were fuel to Chan's ego and he increased the pace. Body slapping sound filling the room, his groans were most sexy thing you ever heard. Again and again his tip hitting your deepest spots.
"I am close", you moaned out breathlessly, pleasure becaming too much to handle .you released around his cock, reaching the peak second time at night.
After giving a few more thrusts Chan cummed at your stomach, he was still sane enough to not curse you with kids while being lost in pleasure."I love you", he said as he settled beside you hugging you tightly. This was heaven.
"love you too", you said , your voice a little hoarse.
"by the way I forgot that I bought a ring to propose you", Chan said, realisation hitting him, that he forgot to say the long ass paragraph that he was supposed to say while sitting on one knee. You smiled at his guilty face.
"don't worry, propose me after having shower", you said heart filled with pure joy and happiness . Happiness of knowing that You love someone who will always love you back.
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spikesbimbo · a year ago
Girls need love
Tumblr media
Paring: Aran ojiro x f!reader
Summary: having a big mouth sometimes works out.
Tags: fwb to lovers, frenemies tsumu, big bro suna, use of weed, tw: pregnancy scare, soft freaky dom aran, use of word bunny and every other pet name, gives himself a handjob with your hands, daddy kink, cunt slapping (with his dick), oral sex, creampie, squirting,  hurt/comfort <3 , unrequited love
wc: 4.5k words of filthy, tooth rotting smut.
a/n: thank you @explvrer for proofreading!! —part of the Love Club Love Collab !!!!!!!
18+ Minors DNI
Tumblr media
The pink and orange was reflected as you looked out the window . The clouds looking like they came out of a painting along with the man next to you. The smoke coming from the back of the car to you as you inhaled the comforting scent, hearing tsumu and suna arguing over who got it next.
Your gaze turned to him. Eyes lingering on his hands gripping the wheel, his arm taking up all the space on the console as you wanted to so desperately hold onto his hand, so warm and comforting as the dirty thoughts rushed into your head.
You softly shook your head, suna tapping you on the shoulder asking you if you wanted a puff, shaking your head again before tsumu said “you should've drove so aran could smoke.” 
“Ay, shut it.” Suna replied, slapping him on the back of his head, as you heard him groan and apologize.
“It's fine, we still got the whole night.” his warm gentle voice let out. The way you pouted “don’t wanna drive.” when you all went out, looking up at him with your puppy dog eyes, immediately saying “ok”.
You took your place in the passenger seat, as usual, grabbing the aux with tsumu quickly whining “fuck no!” because you always played some indie love songs while he was tryna listen to travis scott. 
“What?… Valentine's day is tomorrow, lemme get in the mood. Don't you have a girlfriend, you should understand.” which successfully shut him up for the time remaining. 
It was obvious he doted on you, but they just put it to the back of their head because they did it too. But suna knew what was up, even letting it slip to samu, saying that the way your eyes lit up around him and the way he held you close definitely meant y’all were atleast fucking.
Which was right. 
And he confirmed it when he walked into the same bathroom that he ‘saw’ your legs wrapped around his friend through the crack.
Mumbling out an “oops” as he was about to close the door before he saw you crying, his big brother side coming out as he decided to open the door fully, sitting next to you. 
He understood what was going on as you let it all out while he waited with you, luckily finding out that the test was negative as you finally calmed down, and he kept his word keeping it a secret.
Your eyes turned form the darkening sky to him. His vision was on the road as pulled onto the exit to drop them off. His cool eyes, so formal, contrasting his appearance. The heat in your body rising as your eyes never left him.
Thinking about how it started after one night when you were a little tipsy, seeing girls all over him as they took his precious, well-needed attention from you. Your tiny brain grasping how attractive he was from this perspective as a man and not a ‘friend’ while you watched his teeth shine though his smile 
Admiring his glowing skin under the dimmed lights and his tall big frame towering over yours was all you needed to get on your tiptoes and put your lips on his, the taste of the chapstick being engraved in you memory. It not taking long for his hands to wrap around your waist, picking you up and taking you to the guest room leaving you bedridden for the next day.
Fortunately it wasn't uncomfortable the next morning as you put it in your head, “its only awkward if you make it” . Waking up with a headache, recognizing the bed as his from the times you studied here in highschool. The sheets holding you back as you were borderline tucked in, finally freeing yourself letting them fall off, being stark naked in his room already feeling the pain grown in your tummy.
You just sat on the edge of his bed, holding the sheet to your chest warming your cold body waiting for him to come back. And on queue he walked in, only in his grey sweatpants hugging him just right, trying not to ogle him as he walked up to you, stroking your forehead before handing you an advil.
“You okay?”  He asked, wondering if he was talking about your physical or emotional state.
You let out a forced giggle, “yeah”, trying to lighten the mood as you tired to calm your nerves.
The words “wanna do this again?” slipped past your lips, not realizing you would regret this, falling for him quicker than any other man you've been with. Not knowing just the sight of him would make your knees weak and tremble, not knowing the pain of never being able to take it further.
Not knowing that you’d be crying over him every time you left. Always being a reminder that you were just a ‘plaything’ and he could cut you off at a moment’s notice.
He grinned back, lips turning up as he leaned on his hands to get closer to you “Well... you on birth control?” 
You all got out of his car, chatting a little before they left getting on the train. The words “love you” leaving his lips, voicing it in a friendly way after saying goodbye, and even though it wasnt directed at just you still made your heart race.
You had no claim over him besides the marks you left, the indent being printed skin deep as your nails dug in his flesh. The only remains of the nights you’ve spent together. Waving goodbye as he walked back to you, just you two alone now, the way you wanted it. 
“You wanna spend the rest of the day with me princess?” Already knowing the answer from the way you were squirming under his touch as he smirked, bending down into your ear, his hand resting on your side.
You leaned in for a kiss before quickly pulling away, dragging him to the car with a giddy smile on your face. Wanting him to feel as neglected as you were right now; so what if you havent got rawed for three days, it was a long time when you had someone like him doing it.
“Missed you daddy” you mumbled into his ear, your tone of voice changing to soft and sweet just around him as he started the car, longing to be touched as you clung onto his rough hands that were so soft on you.
His lips hovering over yours, dragging them in as his breath touched yours. “Missed you too baby”. His grip on your hand got tighter, bringing it down to his crotch. “Look what you did to me pretty girl. You know what you're doing with that little pout on your face.”
Your smile was the brightest it had been all day, hearts in your eyes as he drove back to his place, his hand covering yours on your thigh, fingers reaching far past yours as you felt them gripping you, inching closer and closer to your needy little cunt.
Not wasting any time getting inside as you started stripping the instant he closed the door behind him. Throwing off the heavy sweater keeping you warm, pushing him down on his bed as you moved your body, feeling it up in the pretty lingerie you wore just for today. 
“I know you love to show off.” he muttered as you bent over, shaking your ass is his face while he was leaning back admiring his view. “But c'mere sweet girl.”
You did as you were told and almost skipped up to him, wrapping your arms around him. Holding his face in your chest as he started placing wet open mouthed kisses on every inch of skin he saw. 
“jiro, please.” you whined out after your neck was sore from all the attention it was getting, wanting to direct it somewhere else. 
“you want daddy’s dick that bad, princess?”
Just the lewd tease of his voice had your pussy clenching, no shame left in your body as you reached out for him, your newly done nails gently grabbing onto the collar of his shirt. Grip tight as ever, your body so tense from trying to hold self back.
“So impatient baby, you got me for the rest of the night, m’not going anywhere.” He chuckled at your greedy little hands making their way up his shirt. Your lips met his again as his hands gripped onto your ass, sliding his fingers under your panties.
“Wanna make you feel good.” you whispered into his mouth, heart racing as his hands made their way up to your lower back, leaning into him. “Wanna make you cum.” He stopped his hands where they were, his clear eyes meeting yours, face having no shame in sight.
“fuck, baby.” he groaned, his tounge sliding into you mouth, your lips getting more angry at his biting while you palms were running down his to his cock. Your tiny hands wrapping around it though his boxers, running through his head if you knew how filthy you looked right now.
You pulled them down, whimpering at the sight of it already so hard, wrapping your hand around his cock as much as you could, the precum acting as lube. Using both your hands as you started moving them, looking straight at his face to see if you were doing a good job.
“Fuck, you're such a good girl.” he said, his hands resting on your back as you puckerd you lips letting spit fall onto his fat head, knowing he loved how slopy you got him. His breath choking as you moved one of your hands down, caressing his balls. “my good girl.” 
Your wrist getting heavier with each stroke, trying so hard to keep it going because his moans were so heavenly. And the way his cock was throbbing and twitching against your palm only made you grow slicker. Wanting to do your best to prove that you could take care of him, that you were the only one he needed.
“stay there, s’okay i got you.” His hand wrapped around yours, engulfing it completely as he started using yours, moving it up and down, his eyelashes fluttering as he could barely keep them open as you count help but stare, wondering what did you do to deserve a man like him.
His groans weren’t helping your situation too while he was guiding your hands faster as you could tell he was getting closer, squeezing your palm a little tighter with all the drive you had left until he came, thick white ropes being spread onto both your hands. 
Your thighs clenched around his, almost coming with him as a little whine escaped. Eyes rolling back as you grinded against him, leading his big hand up to your mouth, sucking it in as you licked around his dirty fingers. “Fuck youre so wet”
You adjusted yourself, now laying on the bed as you were trying to calm down, leaving you legs open as you twithced under his gaze. “Was thinkin bout you daddy... couldn't help it”
He groaned as his hand moved toward your ankles, holding them up in the air with his strong arms as he rubbed your swollen nub with his free one. Your cries and moans being music to his ears  whiel your pretty body was bouncing under him as his fingers worked their way up into your cunt, you walls pliant around him as you let him abuse your clit, unconsciously letting out lewd sounds.
Your voice is cut as he lets go of them, diving his head right back in kissing your clit. Fucking his fingers back into you, angling them to hit your g spot, the rule in the back of his head that he had to make you come more than him taking over. 
You should be embarrassed how he has you legs spread open with the sound of your wetness, but you aren't, empty of every thought except of him making you feel good.
He knows how you like the feeling of him curling into you after fucking you so many times, knowing eachothers bodies inside and out, but something he can never catch onto is when you squirt.
Always coming as a surprise to him and you. Not knowing what causes it, from it being him bottoming out, to just whispering dirty shit into ear while fingering your cunt. But he loves the look of relief painted on your face, the shame being long gone as you could only feel pleasure with him.
Your mind goes white, orgasm rushing into you while you tried to push his chest away with your feet. Sobbing as his fingers didn't stop, body thrashing. It felt so good, your daddy always making you feel so good.
But he just kept  going, fucking them into you even harder while his tounge flicked up and down on your clit, making you come harder and harder each time, resulting in a mess all over his chest and the sheets beneath you two.
Your blurry vision made out his handsome face, body soaked from you slick, both of you catching your breath as he wiped your eyes before kissing you, knowing how bad you wanted it.
Yes, it was a rule at first that you two wouldn't kiss, or do anything else too intimate, but that went out the window the night he was fucking you chest to chest, forehead to forehad, neither of you being able to resist the urge to connect them. And it hasn't caused any problems, yet.
He pulled back, taking in your appearance, still so needy, Your body adapting to his, as you could last for more than a few rounds now. “What you want doll, gotta tell me.” He looked with lust in his eyes as he waited for the answer, spreading your lips open watching the mess drip out of you.
“Fuck me, please, jiro,” you choked cathing the tears in your mouth, as he was quick to give you want youwanted, after your pretty voicedbegged for it, replacing his fingers with his cock. Resting it on your cunt, slapping your it on your clit a few times to see you squirm before placing his tip inside you.
“daddy s’too big” you whined as you bit down on one on of the fingers you put in your mouth, trying not to wince. You would've thought your cunt would've followed along with the rest of your body, but even when you were a soaking mess it still barely fit.
“Aww baby, but you're dripping so pretty for me, you gonna take it like a big girl?” Your eyes rolling back as he shoved it in more, pushing it back far enough to have you whimpering.
“fuck, sweetheart, so tight,” he groaned with your face in his neck while he was trying to ease you into him. Your whines getting more vulgar by the second, body finally taking him whole as his cock was kissing your cervix.
You wished you hadn't slept with those other guys trying to fill your void, them not even being close to getting you off, just wanting to feel someone's. Not knowing you prince charming was right in front of you all this time. 
 Did you regret the guy you lost your virginity to? no. Was he a bad person? no. Did he fuck you right...no. But at least you were slightly experienced, wanting to do your best to please him. Worried that he'd get tired of you one day and find someone else.
But he made you feel it all over again, the way his cock stretched you out as he gently worked his way into you. His vision shaking as his thrusts get rougher, your trembling arms reaching up for him as he just ignores them. 
“My sweet girl sounds so pretty when they're getting fucked.” he muttered holding back a groan, his thrusts getting faster as he knocked the breath out of you along with the word “my”. The possessive claim had your mind spinning while your hands gripped onto his skin so tight you know you leave a mark, not wanting to let him go.
“You love this cock?” You could feel him say against your breath, the soft vibrations of his lips catching your moans as you brushed your lips against his.
It didn't take you a lot to admit it, a “-yeah”, quickly escaping from your dry lips, covered in spit, a mix of his and yours soothing them.
“You love the way i'm splitting you open, pretty girl?” 
Getting overwhelmed by the pleasure, your emotions grew with it not being unusual for you to cry while he was fucking you.
 Of course you loved the way you could barely take his cock, the way just looking at it made you mind go hazy. Your legs shaking as you didnt care about trying to control them anymore.  You loved the way that you were the only one who could make him feel this good, doing you best to maintain it that way. 
“Yeah, fuck..L-love you “ you sobbed out, fat tears running down your face, not even registering in your brian what you said until you noticed he stopped his movement. It clicking after his eyes turned from hazy to clear, his expression in shock, only visible to you after all this time you've spent together.
“Fuck” you muttered, tears falling even more as you tried to move your limp body away from him. But he held you still, not pulling out, trapping you as your eyes grew wetter and wetter, nose sniffing from embarrassment.
“What’d you say?,” he asked, moving his body away from you. The feeling of disgust rising in you, hating yourself for letting those words fall from your mouth. The way he pulled away made you crumble, bringing your hands up to your face trying to hide the best you could.
Throat closing, your dry eyes swelling again, “m’sorry … fuck, i didn’t mean to say that aran.”
“hey....angel, look at me.” He said, stalling. Not knowing exactly what to do but wipe your tears, not wanting to see his precious baby upset, breaking his heart to see you so distraught. He stopped after you finally calmed down enough, his thumb still stroking your cheek as he moved your jaw to look up at him.
“Say it again.”
“Wha-” He pressed his lips against yours, “tell me that again, fuck baby. You drive me crazy, you don't know what you do to me. I haven’t been with anyone since we started fucking.”
 Your eyes red as your face slightly twisted in confusion, too tired to express itself fully. “Don't cry.” he whispered, foreheads close again. “it's okay, I got you.”
“C’mon baby, just tell daddy what you want and i'll give it to you.” he said, edging you on, wanting to prove it to you in the only way he could.
“w-want...you daddy” you mumbled after some time, wiping your eyes as your head was still tuned into your arm.
“Good girl” he muttered. “I'll make it all better.” his hand wrapping around the back of your neck to keep your eyes on him. “all you have to do is cum on my cock, you can do that for me, right?”
“yes, daddy." the only words to leave your lips as you try to be on your best behavior, knowing that bad girls didn't get daddys dick or get to cum. 
“still so tight, bunny.” He said, pushing himself into you again, lips besides your ear wanting to let you know good you made him feel. “already creaming on daddy’s cock”
“Who’s is this baby?” The question sinks into you along with his hands as his fat cock is splitting you open, his thumb tracing circles on your clit. Face flushed with a newfound pride growing along with the burning feeling under your skin. “Yours jiro, belongs to you daddy.”
“That's my good girl,” he cooed, kissing you open mouthed on your lips, lingering there before he pulled away. Your heart swooning at the affection and attention. He still fucks into you hard, his hands feeling up every inch of skin on your body, stopping at your soft tits, pinching your nipple as you whined out. 
“Look at you,” he huffed out, “Brain not working huh? You like my cock that much, sweet girl?”
“Y-yeah, like it... like you” you mumbled out, your words being slurred as you feel the heat rise with every stroke.
“I know sweetheart. Is that why you’re drooling all over the place? Does it feel that good, bunny? Having my cock inside you?” he smirked as a groan escaped his lips, slowing down making sure to hit every spot.
He drags out of your throbbing cunt so painfully slow, forcing you to feel every inch of him. His hips angling different, fucking you rough as thrusts back in just as slow, teasing. He pulls you closer, his cock pressing against your cervix
“Yeah, daddy loves you and this tight little pussy too.” His deep warm voice making you melt, your cries growing more erratic after every word left his lips. 
“Jiro, daddy wa- wanna come… together” you sniffled out, swearing you could feel the tip of his cock against your womb. 
“Yeah baby? You sound so pretty wanting me to stuff you full.” Your parted lips, eyes struggling to remain open, letting out silent moans as he was taking it all in, his ego rising knowing that he was the one who had made you like this.“don’t worry, sweet girl, daddys gonna take care of you, as always. just lay there pretty.”
“Ple-, p-please.” you begged, voice trembling, tears rolling down your cheeks as you clung onto him. He brought your legs up and pushed them towards your chest, folding you in half, as you tried to find a new place to place your hands.
“Wanna- cum, ple” you hiccuped, nodding off into the kiss. Mind in a whole new world body going limp again as he grabbed your arms and wrapped them around his neck hanging on there, wrists stuck together as his head is so close to yours.
He’s mumbling out some nonsense as you can feel him starting to throb inside of you, kissing up your neck until he’s tugging on your lips.“You gonna cum again, give me one more?”
You can’t even respond, letting out some deformed moan, because if it wasn't obvious your pussy belongs to him, you belonged to him.
You came together, feeling his cum rush into you nonstop, so hot. His cock jerking inside your soft body. Keeping his eyes on you loving how your thighs twichted and fluttered, his hand resting on your back arching as you let out your final cries.
You feel so weightless, the only thing keeping you grounded is his hands on you, his mouth on your cunt, not even realizing he pulled out, licking it up wanting to show you how pretty the mess you made was.
He comes back up to you, knowing that you wanted to be kissed and coddled as your emotions were foggy. Opening your lips with his thumb, his tongue covered in your cum making its way inside your mouth as you easily accepted it. His hands wrapped around your jaw as he finally broke free.
Your whole body was sensitive, so sore after being with him but this time even more, whining as he laid you beside him snuggling into his arm. He just chuckled, before giving you a gentle hug, already tired.
“You wanna wash up?”
You hide your face in his arm, using the cool feeling of the room as an excuse.“no, dont pull out.”
His laugh was soft as he turned you two onto the side so he could face you. “You’re so spoiled.”
“I wasn't lying earlier… I, love you.” He said, the weight on his chest feeling burdensome that he made you feel like this for so long. You stopped moving completely along with the hand resting on his chest. You turned and looked into his eyes.
“Well, why the hell did you say anything!” you pouted as you turned your messy worn out head towards his.
His mouth opening to apologise but you got to him before he could get a word out, kissing him so hard,that he couldn't breath. Your body now on top of his, your whimpers from his cock nudging inside thinking he’s being eaten alive, never wanting something more.
You finally give up as he turns disgustingly sweet, cupping your cheeks as he keeps pecking your entire face, staring at you like you were the only thing in the world, making you breath hitch. “I love you, too.”
“Baby?” he asks quietly after you two just laid there for what felt like hours. His hand tracing patterns all over you from your neck down to your back. “You here?”
“Yeah” you lied groaning out as you rubbed your eyes that you could already tell were swollen.
You looked up at him, his hand pulling your head into his chest, realizing he must've put the blanket over you two, feeling so comfy again that you were nodding off. “Hold on baby, lemme ask you something.” he chucked out sttoking your forehead
“Wanna be my valentine?”
You nod the fastest you have your entire life, a fat smile appearing on your face as you hid into the comforter as he let you cling to him all night, never being able to say no to you.  You breathing growing quieter and quieter until he can barely hear it, and that's when he can finally rest too. You loved him and he loved you.
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enqy · 3 months ago
Hi can I have a jade leech x male reader? Jade misses MC after MC has returned home (Jade hasn't determined his feelings for MC yet), he goes to the place where MC used to live, and discovers a diary left there. That diary wrote everything about the MC's feelings for Jade. Please make it angst at first and happy ending in the end, thank you very much!!!
jade leech crush hcs? scenario?
angst to fluff???
floyd goes by he/xem/xir & mc has a cat bc i said so
warnings: no actual confession takes place in thw writing but its implied that he confessed & it went well
a/n: i play the en twst so i cant play any chapters past 3-13, so most of this is going off jades personality & how he acts in other fics. now i dont know if you wanted mc to come back to twst or something along those lines due to you wanting it to be happy at the end so
a/n after writing: i dont know if you can count this as angsty or even as hurt comfort. its more of 'jade is sad, jade is no longer that sad' so sorry if this doesnt meet your expectations !!
Tumblr media
due to MC finding a way back home his friends missed having him around. one of those people being jade.
the normally calm jade was now on the slightly sad side, ofc he tried not to show it while working or while convincing someone to sign a contract. but it was obvious that he missed MC atleast a little.
now, jade was conflicted, while MC was here he wasnt able to tell if his feelings for MC were platonic or romantic.
Azul, who noticed that jade wasnt at his normal performance level that he was when MC was here, so Azul gave jade a break from work so he could rest.
Tumblr media
jade decided to go to Ramshackle Dorm while he had his break. he knew grim would let him in as long as he brought tuna. due to MC being gone grim wasnt very happy but his mood slightly improved due to tuna. it was enough to let people into ramshackle dorm.
walking into your room he realized barely anything was taken. your books, clothes, empty tuna cans(i wouldnt take them either), some games, and some other things. one of those things were the book you never let anyone touch. because you were no longer here he decided to take a small look, just a tin-
oh. when he took that tiny peak he just so happened to open the page that you write before leaving. most of it were things that werent very important to jade. as he skimmed through it he noticed his name at the bottom of the page.
after closer inspection jade knew what he felt for MC. his feelings were completely romantic. now he was even more sad knowing that he never had a chance to confess to MC. before leaving, jade made sure that the room looked the exact same as when he first arrived. he knew what he wanted to do.
jade went to Crowley to ask what he did that allowed MC to go back to his home. while Crowley refused at first as he didnt want another student to leave, he[Crowley] asked if he can still contact MC while hes back in his world. he could, bc MC took their phone from this world into his original world.
that was enough for Crowley to allow him to go to MCs world.
now the hard part, getting Azul & Floyd's approval. Floyd wasnt at all happy that his brother wanted to go to MC's world until xe was told that he could still could still contact jade. thats all xir really needed. Azul wasnt very happy as his best employee wasnt going to be there to work anymore but he realized that jade wouldnt be very good st his job if he wasnt happy. Azul gave in after a few days but made jade stay till he got a unfortunate soul to replace him. that was all he needed.
after getting confirmation that he was allowed to go, he left. while he was gone Crowley, Azul, & Floyd started working on a way to get them back just incase jade and or MC wanted to come back. Jade arrived in your bathroom through the mirror. apon further inspection, this was infact your house. you just werent home, you were at school[bc twst is full of kids & MC is no acception]. jade quickly noticed the presence of another living being, turning around he was confronted by your cat. your chonky & cuddly cat.
when you came home you had the suprise of your life. a wild jade cooking food while your chonk of a cat was on the counter next to him. "hello MC" was all jade said before he went back to cooking. after changing out of your dirty school clothes. you asked why jade was here
"hey jade why did you come here? wont your brother miss you?" you asked while laying your head on your cat. "i got xir confirmation to come here. we can still contact each other. and from what i know theyre working on a way to get me back home if me meeting you again went badly" he calmly said after finishing making food. but he didnt anwser your first question,, odd
it took not even a few days for jade to confess his feeling and the reason why he was there. after the confession they both realized that they like it more in the twst world. it took a bit but Crowley & the other 2 found a way to bring them back. they brought the cat with them and they lived in the twst world from then on
Tumblr media
cheesy ending. i cant make anything without a cheesy ending.
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captnjacksparrow · 3 months ago
Hey! In the wedding of Naruto and Hinata, there was a letter from sasuke that only says 'congratulations' but instead of having naruto get it, why did it have to go to sakura? Also what do you think did sasuke feel, and why did he not show up??
I'm an anti-ending and I really don't get why did it have to go that way, with them marrying women they don't even have love or have chemistry with.
I hope I can get your opinion, thank you.♡
Honestly, When I saw this ask in the notifications section...
Tumblr media
Like this...
My reaction was "Please Not again!!! I will never watch that Last Movie... Please don't ask me anything regarding that movie😩"
After opening it... "😌Thank God!!! That's not it"
So, to answer your question
Tbh, anything that comes after Episode 479 is not canon. So, to base our theories on filler episodes will always leads to Dead End, Anon.
SS peeps were arguing that Sasuke sent that Note to wish her on her Birthday... But someone in Youtube comment section said, He could've used the word Happy Birthday instead of Congratulations... 🤷🏻‍♀️
I heard that, by sending 'Congratulatory Note' through Sakura, it means... He wants Sakura to represent him on his behalf (as a Couple) and deliver it to Naruto. Atleast, through this way, they can confirm SS.
Do I believe this theory???
Hell, No.
The Sasuke created by Kishimoto would never do such acts. He didn't even wish Naruto on his Birthday after VoTE2 fight. Let alone sending a Congratulatory Note.
But inside Anime, that theory makes sense.
As for how Sasuke felt??
He must have been furious but eventually would have understood the reality...
The reason he didn't show up was because Naruto never invited Sasuke in the first place🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️. Throughout those last bunch of episode, I heard Naruto neven even brought up Sasuke's name at any point. So, probably he became a Horny moron in the Anime to neglect his 'Friend' to his wedding.
See, my answers don't even make sense to me😑😑😑 That's why it's difficult to speculate anything that was not drawn by the Author.
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darkalley-jk · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Yan! Professor Jungkook x Student Reader
Summary : you never knew that your gentle nature will be the reason to attract the worst monster you will ever meet ...
Warning : yandere themes , stalking , creepy jk , obssessive behaviors , animal abuse , age difference , manupilation , assault .
Part Two
You were so happy cuz you finally made a friend , jay was his name . a name youd probably not hear of some time soon . You met awkwardly in the hall , he approched you to confirm where the lecture of mr jeon will be and you helped him however he didnt go immediately he asked you if its okay if he will walk with you to it and you agreed , he was so fun to be around and gentle , you felt like you knew him in so long and so did he , your conversation went so smooth , you wanted to talk with him more but unfortunately you had arrived to your destination, you next sat next to eo , ignoring the existence of a fuming man , someone who wanted to rip him open and to hung you upside down and let you watch how he will cut him alive , let you hear his screams , so youll know that you are his only his , it was him who was supposed to make you happy to make you laugh only him you are his you were sent to him , even his toy , yes , he sould stop any men who wants to come near you he need them vanished , and he will .
He dismissed you eveytime you raised your hand to ask or answer he made you feel unimportant , you felt so bad , you barely had any courage to be this active in a lecture you had some courage cuz it was with him , you felt like a bit important to him , but here he is making you forget all that telling you again you are just a mere student that it was his habit to be this helpful , nothing more , i mean at the end of the day you are unimportant to everyone :) . He didnt glance at you even for a second , not only that but your only other source of comfort aka jay was kicked out because he heard him calling another student. he seemed so done , his eyes said it all and you for the first time felt so intimidated by him , you felt like you needed to apologize to get him to forgive you , or maybe youd run not to hear his yelling , you were on the verge, and kept feeling stressed all the time and he felt that , he was enjoying it so much , you should learn not to mess with his jealousy anymore , NEVER DO THAT NEVER , to always obey him and to never think to rebel , you shouldve been a more of a good girl .and he isnt stopping at this , not yet .
You tried to avoid his scary eyes you cant forget how when you were leaving you felt hard stares on you just to meet with his eyes , he looked so mad , you quickly averted your gaze , million questions inside your mind , but above them all stood your fear of this side of him , you tried to dismiss it but it was so hard for you to do so , you came home and cried a lot to relieve a bit of your stress then decide to contact jay to ask him , you hesitated but you decide to be the first caller after you exchanged numbers , yes talking with him really felt like talking to an old friend and that made you both exchange numbers well he asked first ...since you didnt see him all day after he get kicked you kinda missed him and needed to ask or maybe chat a bit who knows , you still didn't learn yet did you ? He was right you needed more to learn better and for longer , he was hearing your conversation with him , wait did he just called him a jerk ? And you laughed ? Yes you didnt agree and defended him saying he is usually gentle he felt good hearing this but why are you calling this intruder , laughing at his unfunny jokes instead of him , you both talked so much he is so fucking irritated , you werent supposed to do this not to him atleast . He will teach you better .
The next lecture he almost fought with jay again , he mentioned if it was for jay to call him a "jerk" at that moment jay looked at you questioning because as far as he remembers he only mentioned this to you only . Did you perhaps mentioned to mr Jeon everything he told you to get some etc points ? This was moving to how jungkook planned it he liked that questioning look , he still have something extra for you two . Wait for him .
After his lecture ended he told yall he sent your last time evaluation assignment to the administration theyve probably hung it by now , just for you to be surprised that you got way better than you expected ? Well it did surprise jay too but also confirming his doubt about you , just last night you told him you fucked it ? Did you do that just to save your sorry ass from being thrown in some low group ??? He then left , you didnt get it so you followed him "jay whats happening ?" " Whats happening ? Are you forreal ? Do i look stupid to you , you told him that i called him jerk and probably so many other wrong things , he almost killed me today because id if i were in his place getting that much disrespected by one of my students , then oops out of the shadow miss y/n had a good mark and now will chose a good group to work with the entire year after lying the entire night about how much you feared being thrown into a bad group, and me a very fucked up one way worse than what i expected which means im fucked the whole year " he was fuming , he was so angry , he wanted to cut you from his life , he hates manupilators , knowing he had a oast full of them , he hates to be manupilated so much especially if its something so dumb and low like this he thought you were mature enough but ohh , " no , what ?- " you couldnt think nor respond properly , you kept looking at him but your tongue felt so tied ." just as expected " than he left , you missed all the next lectures you went directly to your apparentment , you need to think no you wont cry , no youll think and so you did , maybe you shed some tears but no you didnt cry.
Days went buy like that , jay ignoring you and giving you cold stares , you failed some other tests , but you kept were on yhe verge , however jungkook didn't like the idea of you missing that idiot he saw it on your eyes , you were pleading for him to talk to you to give you a chance , no you were supposed to feel sorry for him , for hurting his feelings , for cheating on him . you still didn't get it did you ? Should he do that thing for you to learn . I guess he will
Going back tired as ever just to see some cats , playing with them made you feel good a bit they looked so cute and problem-less, you bought something for them then left to your apartment did your routine and slept you needed some escape and it helped you a bit . in the morning with heavy steps you approached the door to leave just to
Tw / animal abuse
The three cats that you played with last night were all slaughtered and placed at your door , you let out a high pitched scream and broke down , luckily your neighbors came and tried to take the matters in their hands even tho they themselves were so tired mentally seeing that and even called 911 telling them of them of everything that happened, but for you , you were horrified , your mental and emotional health both were at the rock bottom the past days and now this was on another level this was traumatizing , you didnt stop crying nor trembling , you couldnt take that pic you found them in out of your eyes whenever you closed them it appears again and you cry all over again uncontrollably , that was the most horrifying thing you ever saw , this was pure torture , youll never move on from this you needed a therapist . You needed professional help .
. Your mental health was drawning you kept having nightmares would check the door a lot of times to make sure everything was okay , you didnt go to university in days , you kept throwing up , anxious , anorexic you lost so much weight you were looking like a ghost , and as much he liked it , even masturbated to it , he couldnt see you die , maybe its his time to r-enter your life and save you from the hell he put you in ...
Note : hope you liked this chap , leave me some notes they motivate me a lot , im thinking either of finishing it in chap 5 or maybe extended to like sone 10 chaps , thank you
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plumsprincess-n-peaches · a month ago
Theororizing and Headcannon time!
Okay so there’s sometimes the headcannon or theory that everyone is La Squadra is actually using code names rather then their real names, as we never get last names for them with the exception of Risotto Nero, but one could argue he just happens to have a longer codename the rest. 
I don’t think these are codenames however, looking back on the fights between all the La Sqaudra members pretty much no one in Buccarati team even ever finds out their names, with the exception of Formaggio who literally just introduces himself as is. For most they would only ever know their stand’s names. Further more when Risotto is called by others, they only say Risotto, not Risotto Nero. However you could just say that they just call him Risotto for short rather then his whole codename, which would make sense. BUT When Doppio and Risotto fight, Risotto never introduces himself, or states his name instead Diavolo tells Doppio he is Risotto. Why would Diavolo someone who only cares for himself and his own identity being hidden use a codename to refer to someone? He also doesn’t say Risotto Nero, he just refers to him as Risotto.
Ofcourse the most obvious of all too is that all the other names from Buccarati Team we KNOW those are their real names, and while for some they are not really used italian names, Leone and Bruno being names, but not Guido Mista or Narancia Ghirga. However to confirm for sure that atleast for Narancia that is his real name we get this in the anime.
Tumblr media
His mother’s name is straight up just ‘apple’. In jojo in this universe to Italy it is perfectly common and acceptable to just name your child an Italain word for food and call it a day, or have a last name that is related to food instead.
Below are some names, the bolded parts mean that name has a food meaning.
Narancia Ghirga - Orange
Pannacota Fugo - Sweet Italian desert
Leone Abbaccio - Lamb meat
Bruno Buccarati - ( Bruccellati  is an Italian fig cookie )
Guido Mista - Non food name, but Guido is not a name, but slang for gangster.
The common sort of ‘rule’ here in these names is that either the first or last name is food related, (Risotto kind of falls under as exception, Nero is real italian surname, so it works both ways)
Due to their being japanese formal name calling and how one refers to others being expressed here it’s hard to say for SURE if everyone is La Squadra is being refered to by their last name or their first name, we can take away a few things from the Buccarati team though, that is I think they are being called their first or last name based on personal preference. 
In other Jojo parts, such as part 3 which involves world traveling and involves different cultures and names, despite such prominent characters as Jean Pierre Polnareff and Noriaki Kakyoin (or Tengo if you prefer the intended name he was supposed to be given) they are both always reffered to as Polnareff and Kakyoin and yet both call Jotaro, Jotaro rather then Kujo. This would be more understandable from Kakyoin, but Polnareff is French and you would expect with how proud he is of his nationality he would prefer his friends using his first name. By the submarine episode, Polnareff and Kakyoin are shown to have grown extremely close and friendly so you would expect them to drop the formalities with each other, but they dont, they keep referring to each other by their surnames. 
So what’s going on here?
Well I don’t think japanese formal name expression is being used at all, I think the Jojo universe, you have your first name and surname, and when you meet someone you introduce yourself with the one you prefer to be called regardless of how close or not close you are with that person. Regardless of it’s your first name or surname, just which ever one you like being called.
So then how can we figure out for La Squadra if these are their first or last names being used if foodnames can either be first names or surnames, and in the world of jojo we can’t be sure if someone is using their first name or surname name as their preferred name.
Well we can’t say for sure, anything after this is purely speculative there’s no way to know if these are first or last names at all. However there’s one that has some evidence to their name being a surname, and even showing their first name,
Tumblr media
In this manga panel Proscuitto is referred to as Fratello Proscuitto, AND I KNOW WHAT YOU MIGHT BE SAYING. Fratello is just a nickname Pesci uses for Proscuitto! That’s not exactly right though, Pesci only ever calls Prosciutto ‘Fra’ , he never even refers to Proscuitto by Prosciutto. You could just say that Fra is just slang Pesci is using, but with all the other weird names like Guido Mista, Guido being a slang word in real life, I think this is Proscuitto’s real first name. With his preferred name actually being Fratello or ‘Fra’ for short.
Everything under is now purely headcannon below you can check out if you were only interested in me theory crafting. Bold names are their preffered names.
Ghiaccio Capone (Capone is an italian surname meaning ‘arrogant’ or ‘large headed’)
Dante Melone (Dante meaning ‘lasting’ or ‘enduring’)
Fratello Proscuitto
Marino Pesci (Marino meaing ‘of the sea’)
Risotto Nero
Narciso Illuso ( Italian word for Narcissus from Greek Mythology)
Formaggio Russo (Russo meaning ‘red headded’)
Sorry if any of these meanings are wrong I just looked up Italian names and surnames.
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muffindaddystyles · 7 months ago
A/N: In the gross memory of staying 2 days in hospital and making a mess out of myself in the ER + not getting any Harry to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Y/N doesn’t have any idea how she reached here. Last thing she knows is, her joints and limbs were on fire and she felt like a chicken rotisserie; wrapped in a blanket and adorned with a shitface she called an Uber and that’s how she found herself in this hospital bed where someone’s hovering over her and some imbecile’s slapping flies away packed in corner she wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be her bestfriend.
With a pounding head she tried to peek through narrows slits painstakingly if she’ll be honest the first thing she was smacked with was green eyes, too bright and shiny and assuring yet concerned for the girl who’s comically surprised as if she woke up on the lands of Mars and the second a little name tag that was too hard to read with such fuzziness.
“Hi, honey. ‘M Harry Styles, your assigned nurse.” He greeted her tucking her reports and her vitals clipboard in his armpit, pressing a button to elevate her bed to make her feel comfortable.
“How long I’ve been out?” She asked groggily. Vision blurry and throat parched with tiniest bit of drool on the corners of her mouth.
His brows raised begrudgingly from where he’s concentrating down on her reports. He slowly moves his eyes to set on her, smiling at her softly, he’s got dimples and all those pretty boyish stuff Y/N would have squealed over if she wasn’t feeling this sick, “You fainted on the doors of ER. don’t worry I got ya strawberry blanket safe and secure in one of your lockers.” Her head quickly bobbed down to take a look at herself finding herself in a hospital robe cheeks tinting with embarrassment from either the information.
She tilted her head in the big pillow to wash away her own awkwardness asking him teasingly, “Was I heavy to lug around.” A rum of cackle mingled with the sound of air conditioner running low and Harry shook his head matching her wit even though they both know stretchers exists for a reason.
“Jus’ a sack of rice.” He quips moving his eyes away from Y/N who's giggling tiredly with a pout to glance back at one of the lady nurse bringing a tray of food and Y/N’s medicines for the day. He grabs the trays from the older nurse and thanks her politely before sitting it at the wooden palette.
“Y/N do y’want t’a go to washroom before having your meal? It’ll be better if you do.” He asks watching gears going maniac in her brain for the littlest of thing. She does want to. She just doesn’t want to make a mess out of herself.
“I feel wobbly,” She murmurs trying to sit up and Harry immediately comes to her side unhooking her IV carefully and helping her up with his hand spanned on the length of her shoulder, “’M here for a reason. You not worry and jus' relax.” He coils his arm around where his hand was previously and uprights her on her feet towards the washroom.
“Will you be okay on your own inside? Do you want me to call some lady nurse?” He twisted the door-knob for her easily and she just shakes her head passing him a weak smile, “I’ll be fine. Thank you.”
He was pouring a glass of water for her when she trotted back and helped putting her feet back on the bed when she struggled to, “I look like some vampire sucked all blood out of me.” She murmured shuddering at the cool air hitting her wet face.
“Mosquitos are eviller than vampires.”
“Malaria?” She asks, her suspicions already confirming at his pity-filled eyes.
“Out of all people, these nasty bugs had a personal issue with me?”
“What a personal attack!”
“Quite personal because your platelets are low and you mightyy have to spend a week here, atleast you’ll get alot of rest.” He fills her with the news slowly and cautiously not sure how she’ll take it because most patients tend to cry at the spot— but she paints a brave expression on her face and nods curtly.
“But what about my UNI? They’ll have my head on plate.” She rolls the peas and if not for Harry’s deterred careful gaze on her she’d have move to the pomegranates already.
“We’ll take care of it, yeah? The only way you could heal early is to rest and relax got it?”
“Rise and shine, love. How are you feeling?” Next day in the morning he comes with a tray of food and her medicines in a cup himself.
“Proper dog poop.” She knuckles at her eyes, voice barely audible and when she sits up with much tug and war she sees galaxies everywhere.
Her time has finally come.
“Harry. . .” She calls him from where he’s checking her reports from last night and Harry’s head snaps up quickly, scurrying towards her worriedly when she flops back into the pillows weakly— her groans and whines filling the room.
“M-my ears, they are.. buzzing and I couldn’t see a thing.” She sniffled grasping onto his wrist in panic and Harry rubs her arms, “’S okay you’re okay.” His voice calming and tranquil and Y/N wonders how many patients had just healed from his rasp alone.
“It’s hot in here and ye' blood pressure is high from all of the medicines– did you ask to turn off air conditioner last night?” He adjusts her to lay a tad straighter on the pillows and she nods feeling her tongue swelling up, “Was cold.”
“It’s okay. It happens from suffocation, you’ll be good in a second lemme just—” He didn’t realize he was gripping onto his pager with such force as he rushed to roll the curtains to let the sunshine in and turned on the AC setting it to a low temperature.
“Take a huge breather f’me, honey.” He croons. Heart stringing at the gloss in her eyes and she follows the rise and fall of his chest.
“Have breakfast. Ten minutes later, I’ll give ya your medicines and take a nap. If you’ll be able to walk we could go outside and sit on one of the benches for fresh air, yeah?”
He notices the tremble in her fingers trying to grab onto her fork and without a word takes it from her weary grasp and tears the french toast bringing it to her mouth.
Never in her life Y/N thought she’d be treated such as a royalty moreso from someone who’s this darn handsome.
“How are you feeling now?” Though, the white dark circles are prominent on her. Her lips and nails pale and her cheeks missing its plumpness, she still manages a tiny murmur that makes Harry smile.
It’s her fourth day in the hospital today. Harry visits her four times a day how much she assures him it’s not necessary and but he scolds her that’s she’s equally important as other patients. Bonus points are him tagging along her doctors checkups and waving her sneakily with his arms folded behind him and passing her a small shy smile.
She’s already bored to hell. Quite sure if her bestfriend would’ve been here the days would have passed in a span of light but due to covid restrictions visitors aren’t allowed and y/n doesn’t want to be selfish and put her friend in danger.
She isn’t allowed to use her phone, not any conspiracy behind it but Harry had strictly demanded her not to. It sores your shoulders and makes you more sick than you already are par him (he’s worst than her mom who believes in WhatsApp remedies alot and thinks that phones are rooted to every problem), she doesn’t watch telly because it cranks her neck and it got the same episode of kardashians running on loop making her want to scoop her eyeballs out because they already burn alot so when Harry brought her a puzzle she was surprised and over the moon to busy herself solving it.
Until now, as she couldn’t put it together and she slams her fist with a pout.
Her eyes heavy and her body turning lethargic, “Think you really wanna have fight with me.” She grumbles softly and he just chuckles collecting the puzzle to put it away and she flumps back crossing her arms atop her chest.
“Nope.” His eyes flits over her adorably grumpy features as he tucks away an extra pillow from behind her and lower her bed, “Whyyy.” Her whine sloppy.
“’Cos I know I wouldn’t even last a round fighting you.” He says nonchalantly whilst checking her thermometer and even though he tries to keep himself grounded but the last few days he has grown fond of her which's very not him when tending to patients.
“Would hurt my poor ego, wouldn’t it, love?” He asks. Adoring gaze on her trying to fight the sleep away, her mouth parting and her eyelids drowsy as she folds onto Harry’s side.
“What did you put in my cherry slurpi?” She asks him not sure why out of blue she feels so sleepy and ready to knock out.
“Drugs.” He deadpans. He’s not wrong though.
“Sneaky enough.”
Her next innocent question, hitches his breath and blows his pupils away.
“Would you be there when I wake up?” She asks drowsily. Trying to brush away the annoying strands of hair falling in her eyes away.
“’Course, love.” Harry promises her tucking her hair behind her ear and gives a little pat to her head.
That night Harry stayed past his shift to fulfil his promise and got teased from the HR staff for being whipped for the girl that’s equally very fond of the brunette.
“Harry...?” She sure couldn’t believe her eyes, her sick eyes when Harry makes his way inside not to wake or startle her.
He’s not in his nurse scrubs. Wearing a bode corduroy shirt and brown pants, his hair aren’t gelled as they usually are instead they’re tousled into cream ribbons and he’s such a sight for sore eyes.
They both wouldn’t admit it but they missed eachother terribly especially Harry because Fridays were his offs and he wanted to make sure Y/N was okay.
“Hi. How are ya?” He asks sheepishly and Y/N laughs. It’s the first time he has listened her sweet laugh and she bobs her head, “Do you even rest? Or I’ve been a major reason fo’ your nightmares?”
“Could never.” He simpers sitting on the couch near to her and how he’s gonna tell her she’s more in his dreams than his nightmares, he kept flipping restless whole night thinking if she’s okay and a lady nurse comes with steel tray of Y/N’s daily injection giving Harry a knowing smile and Y/N doesn’t want to be rude but it’s the first time someone else will do it except Harry and the anxiousness is obvious on her healing face.
“I’ll tend to her, it’s okay Mrs. Bright.” Noticing her unease Harry flies to latch on trays quite theatrically making nurse Bright shake her head at the foolish sweet boy in disbelief.
No words were exchanged as he snapped the latex gloves around his wrists filling the injection with the medicine, “This ones gonna sting.” He tells her softly and she rolls her bottom lip in anticipation bolting her eyes shut as he taps the spot before inserting the needle in her delicate skin.
She wheezes a breath, that catches Harry’s slightest attention and he smiles when she tries to distract herself with the round circles on her arms he’s marked with a pink sharpie, like giving a fussy kid stars to make them happy, “Why do up keep tattooing me Mr. Styles.” A lilt of tease and waver of pain in her voice.
She hisses when he carefully takes the needle out, “It’s to make sure I wouldn’t inject you in the same spot again.” He watches her curling her toes because damn it actually stings like a bitch.
He soothes her with sweet hushing, rubbing her arm that numbs for a second and she breathes out a chuckle, “Fuck.” Tears blossoming the corners of her eyes.
“You’re okay, ‘s alright, ‘s okay.. woul you like some cherry slurpi darling, hmm?” He croons sweetly, smiling how her eyes brightened up at the mention of slurpi.
“Yeah I’d love.” He’s already jabbing the straw in the tiny straw and wrapping her fingers around the packet and tapping the end of straw against the smiling slope of her lips.
“I’ll be a half nurse when I’m stepping out from here.”
“Good. ‘cos trust me nursing schools are pain in arse.” He discards his gloves away and goes to sit closer to her, making her tummy absolute butterflyyy she blames it on her sickness.
“You’re the best, y’know tha’?” She chews onto her straw nudging his thigh from where he’s sitting parallel to her and he tugs at her toes, “Boosting my ego aren’t you?” He grins and she doesn’t hesitate to agree.
“You still don’t want to have a lil fight with me? C’mon ‘m bored!” She sways and closes her fingers into a fist as she’s ready to take him down any minute slumping in defeat when he shakes his head with a giggle.
“Don’t you want to fight for this pillow fort and these beeping machine kingdom?” She grins lethargically now sure he actually got some drugs in this slurpi because one sip and she feels like a blob fish.
“I’ve got this hospital castle all to myself why would I want your small cottage?” He teases, massaging her calves and hesitates when she breathes heavily but soon she's purring into her pillow ready to drowse off and Harry squeezes her ankle wishing her a good sleep.
It was past midnight and Harry frowned, he hasn’t left her side and he feels quilty for his feelings coming in between his profession but then he gives himself the excuse of Fridays are off card and every guilt washes away.
He frowned. Heart tugging in concern when Y/N woke up with a scared gasp and a cold sweat searching blindly around the bed in the mellow light of lamp.
He’s turns into a puddle of floss when she murmurs his name sleepily and hoarsely, “Harry?” Before it got any louder he scooted towards her wiping sweat away from her forehead and caressed a thumb up her cheek.
“’M here... ‘m right here, darling.” He whispers carding his long fingers through her hair and in haziness she feels the chillness of his rings she has never seen on his fingers before, “Can you ... “ She gulps, eyes fluttering in slumber, “Will you cuddle me, please?” She curled into him shivering with the chill of her sweat drying.
“You’re so warm... “ She murmurs when Harry wraps an arm around her and pushes her closer to him, cupping her head to make her nuzzle in his chest. His lips quirks up when Y/N whines again cuddling into him like a touched starved kitten, “You smell nice too. I smell like hospital, meds and Vicks balm.”
On her discharge day. She was bummed she couldn’t find Harry anywhere she just wanted to thank him and a sad pout sat on her lips, too shy to ask the receptionist about him.
She was walking out of the hospital when a loud heavy pant of her name stopped her in mid-tracks, a beam of thousand suns adoring her face as Harry gleams at her endearingly.
“Y/N ...” He breathes with a wide mouthed simper ducking a little from running all the way to her.
“Harry ...” She grins, taking a step closer to him and feeling her insides swarm with giddiness at his gentle hold to her wrist.
Her eyes falls over her strawberry blanket and the lily scenting bath bombs (hoping it might help her get rid of hospital smell) he has wrapped in a gift bag with a ‘ready to fight me?’ tag which he forwards towards her, scratching the back of his neck.
“Thank you, Harry.” His heart hiccups in his chest when she tiptoes to plant a soft peck to his cheek and his warm loving hand spreads on the lower of her spine instinctively.
“Will you gimme your number already, or I’ve to come back to collect you myself?” She teases him, taking his beloved gifts happily from him and twirls the tag feeling his nose running down her hairline.
“I hope not. Seriously, no.” He grimaces petting her hair and she smiles shyly as he writes his number down on her palm.
“Fridays are off, right?”
“Fridays are off.” He nods with a grin.
“Meet you Friday night?”
“Meet me Friday night.” He’s already waiting impatiently and excitedly to meet her out of hospital premises.
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pufflocks · a year ago
Hello again Zen! First I just wanna say that you don’t need to apologize about what happened to the other fic. If you ever feel like you wanna reattempt it, just tell me and I’ll send it again. This request is also smut like the last one and I hope that’s ok!
So Bakugou, known by the public as the pro hero Dynamight, has been having it tough at work the past 2 weeks. He knew that technically it was partly his fault. You see, Bakugou is in a secret relationship with one of Japan’s most mischievous villains. Y/n L/n. (Male Reader) Y/n was in reality not necessarily a villain. He was seen as one, but he had never actually killed anybody. He was more the type to steal, start some fights/trouble and occasionally blow up some place. He was more mischievous than evil. Though Bakugou knew that Y/n wasn’t as bad as everyone thought, and he knew that Y/n did love him. He just had a bit of history.. With that being said: Bakugou had been having it rough lately because his secret boyfriend had been at it like crazy. He also knew that Y/n was intentionally making things difficult for him. So when he was on his patrol and got an emergency signal about trouble just a few blocks away, boy was he ready to hunt Y/n down! Once he saw him he immediately chased him into an alleyway. Y/n had escaped and ran into an abandoned apartment. He thought he was safe. But when he turned around, he wasn’t so lucky. Shit.. Bakugou was ready to completely ravage and take out all of his frustrations on Y/n, as he had him trapped with nowhere to run.
This one could be considered Revenge/Angry S*x. It’s not non-con since Y/n clearly knew what he was in for, and Bakugou wouldn’t do anything incase Y/n seriously stopped him. The request was kinda long, sorry about that lol. If you don’t feel like writing it then it’s fine, and if you’d like to switch some things up then feel free to do so! Also, don’t feel rushed and take your time. Have a nice day/night! :>
Summary: I'm not a dark blogger, but this req is honestly too amazing. I will change some things as to not make it exactly dark though— And thank you for being patient with me and the recent incident. 💛
Tumblr media
Warnings: NFSW • proof read • Aged up • mild angst{?}
Cast: Villian!M!Reader x Pro hero!Bakugou
Tumblr media
Y/N L/N. A name that was a hassle to spit out. Your name was spoke like a horrid sickness spreading west to east. All you were was some mildly lowlife starting cat fights on the streets of Japan. It usually happens at night, and that's also when you strike 24 hour open corner stores. Quite fun to be honest. Your skill being up to par of a spy since your original outing clothing you were seen with was mostly black. Your hair was dyed a certain way after a long past incident though, kinda making you stick out overall you camflouged into the night.
Your pro hero, hot headed, stress filled, boyfriend however, was gold spoon in it's prime. A pro hero who was rich with fame. Oh god he had it all in your eyes. You sometimes cried with tears of joyfulness just at the mere slick thought you were dating him. Not no female who just as good looking, like Creati. No, none of that. It's not like he would change that spite his efforts of frustration with your recent activities these part two years.
The streets are terrific to you for these two years though. Everything is nearly breakable and easily fixed with community money. You would think it was community money atleast. All is good since you made sure to leave your mark with explosives.
Hence your love and passion for your lover, you would smuggle cheap fireworks and set them off at random areas of the late hours. The most recent one being pulled off near a school and and anyone could imagine how the headlines went. The news was erratic with wow and terror of where the explosion even came from, who set it off. Little did they obviously not know —
It was pro hero, Katsuki Bakugous boyfriend.
On to other things. Bakugou was in a meeting. Apparently he was being caught up with some warning of a manic villain roaming the streets and city alone.
"So what ?" The room was silent as all eyes transferred front to the back where he sat. Eye bags slightly visible of how stressed he really was after the news confirmed he was.
A co-worker of his, Kirishima raised his hand in apparent anxiousness. "Um", he coughed into his fist before speaking again. "Well, Bakubro he has been going at it for nearly 2 years. No one even know what he looks like, hell man." Starting to get his voice back he finally said, "We probably don't even know if he is a he !" The rooms tension was held up to a few more minutes before Bakugou just got up and walked out.
Another co-worker of his, Mina sparked up and said, "Where are you going !" Her words fell on deaf ears as he was already gone.
Heavy weighted footsteps of his boots were heard along the agency's hallways as people made sure to step out of his way. Grabbing his stuff most important for his next move being his car keys. His brain hurt of how fucking frustrating it is to be held back from work because of his delinquent boyfriend wants to treat the world as a damn playground. He couldn't take it! The stress and anxiety he kept for 2 years was just high enough for him to fuck one out. And he might just.
Just because those assholes didn't know where to find you, doesn't mean he can't. You were always close to a rundown apartment in an alleyway doctoring up a new firework of your own or anything remotely for distruction.
And there you were. In a damn corner completely unaware of the 6 foot presence behind you. Horny and exhausted was a nasty mix for anyone and Bakugou is a worse case as he grabbed you by your arm turning you around.
Alert entered your mind as you nearly, by a measly hair burnt him with a match you had. Why was here was all you could ask yourself, feeling his dramatic hot pants near your neck.
"Why-" No time for speaking when he was highly eager to ravage your ass. You knew how he was from time time since you've met him and because of this you have gotten the worst and the best of him. Sex and life alone was hot and dangerous between the both of you.
His lips marked yours up with a grunt of his own making it seem as if he was feasting on your chapped ones. The dryness making it sting sweetly only adding to the arousal you now felt for yourself. Kissing him. Him not taking his time as he will easily swallow his food without chewing.
"I'm fucking pissed." He snapped. This version of him was the only version you couldn't take. No type of convincing could make an outsider believe your actions to one another was not non consensual. His slightly bigger form compared to your own was trifling as it was pressed up to your chest.
After minutes of searching eachothers mouths with fever and rush he finally stripped himself from his pants. You caught a rare glimpse of how hard he really was. Now this was irritating you at this point. You were no sore loser, but if someone ever took something from you like candy it would easily be endgame.
"Stop fucking pouting. I just got out of a meeting early", he adjusted his position a bit. "To fuck your meddling ass." He closed the space between you two as his cologne and natural scenticked your senses. A shiver went down your spine like a fresh cold drop of sweat as you backed away into the corner. He followed that and smirked. You couldn't be serious.
"Turn around. I wanna see it." He huffed, impatiently. You obviously did what you were told. No time in making him even more pissed. He admired your obedience when it came to your relationship. Only if you could follow that up in turning yourself in. Sadly you were too prideful, probably why you both have an odd ball bond with eachother.
Like lightning your pants were down just like his as he slapped your ass with a strikingly heavy hand. Watching your arse slightly move was guilty enjoyment of his own.
"Ah !" You covered your mouth quickly in fear of his scolding. Number 1 rule of him when frustrated was that on all accounts. Don't. Fucking. Make. A. Peep. That reminder did not fail to make you turn back with pleading eyes with him looking back at you with pliant disbelief.
"Yer' really trying to fuckin' test me, yeah ?" He asked. Not loud how he usually is, but a lower octave with a nonchalant expression. He was tired. Tired of your prideful denial of going to jail. Tired of these late damn meetings at the agency. Tired of his parents calling him because he was doing this to himself. He was fucking exhausted of it all. His top tier was you especially.
That's completely fine though. He can sex all of this out on his handsome villain boyfriend.
Y/N fucking L/N.
Tumblr media
I hope this is fine, again I'm not a dark blog so if I wrote this along with the req it would get a bit dark. { I love dark blogs so it would be a whole series 💀. }
Tumblr media
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purplecandygerl · 10 months ago
— Levi x Reader
— angst, fluff, mention of death, cursing
— summary: Levi never let his fear get in a way of his decision yet for this moment he did
— word count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
It’s that time of the month once again, when Squad Leaders were given a tremendous quantity of paperwork to be finish in an unfair amount of time, Levi is unexcluded to this time but even worse for his part. A list of cadets where handed to him early on.
The list consist of mostly from the 104th cadets and his eyes soften at the familiar name included on the list. (Y/n) (L/n). All your efforts and hardship within the past month has finally paid off, he knew about your unspoken goal of wanting to be part of his squad long time ago. He couldn’t be much prouder of you ever since, considering you to his squad would definitely increase his time with you, he can already see himself having you by his side.
Content with list of candidate given to him, he decided to set it aside as he move on to another paperworks, his calloused hand reaches to the papers near him. The thick cursive heading made his breath hitched
Certification of Death
It felt like a hard slap to him as memories of the recent expedition flash before him as he passed through the forest seeing nothing, but the bloody corpses of his members brutally killed by the Female titan as tried to protect Eren till the end.
Worries began to fill him, he couldn’t bear to see you in those situation, this is the only thing that matters to his life and one wrong situation can slip you out of his grasp in a matter of seconds, yet he couldn’t afford any distraction in the moment of the expedition as the lives of the soldiers lies on his own hands, reaching for the list of candidates once again before crossing your name before stacking another paper above the list.
“Levi?” the sound of his name being called out as the door of his office shut close, revealing his (h/c) haired lover “not done yet?” he shook his head, “I see” he notice the lethargic tone you release as you sat on his lap, wrapping your arms around him as you buried your face at the crook of his neck indulging on his scent. He lean onto his chair caressing the tresses of your (h/c) hair. “Did something happened?” he questioned, which you shake your head
“It’s nothing, I just want to ease your stress somehow” those words never failed to cause his heart to leap in adoration, he always thought there will be times that you would finally leave him seeing that he always lack of showing his affection to you, yet one year after \here you are showering him with affection at first, he would stiffen at the unpredicted kisses you place on his cheek during your private time until it become something that enlightens his sour mood daily.
Placing a kiss in your forehead, he wishes for you to forgive him for what he was planning to do. He could take all your anger at him if it meant to keep you alive by his side.
The final members of Levi’s Squad was finally announced, the rush excitement you felt were shattered to piece as the roll out of names ended without getting your name called, the combination of anger, frustration and disappointment were enough to put you on the edge, clenching onto your fist as you tried to fight off the tears threatening to fall down your cheeks.
“Are you alright (Y/n)?” you heard your friend worriedly asked as you both head back inside the castle, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine” you immediately answered. “You should head first, I’ll catch up”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’ll see you” bidding a goodbye before heading to a certain office for explanation.
“Captain” you called out from the outside of his office, giving his permission for you to enter.
“Why?” The first word that left your lips were the conclusion of messed up emotion you were trying to endure. You knew that he knows what you were talking about, you know that he would be the person who gets to decide on the final list of the members.
“There are more suitable soldiers fitted in my squad”
“So, I’m not suitable for your squad. Is that it?” you hissed, how could he say that when he knew how much you work hard to be part of his squad
“Yes” you stared at him in disbelief as your whole body began to tremble holding yourself opening your lips only painful laughter were able to leave your dry throat, which surprised the man in front you.
“Fuck you, if that was the case you shouldn’t have gotten my hopes since the beginning, you shouldn’t have fucking care if I work myself up if that was the FUCKING CASE, WERE YOU LAUGHING JUST LIKE THEM WHEN SAW WATCH ME FUCKING STRUGGLES FOR NOTHING” you snapped out
“FUCK OFF, (Y/N) ISN’T THE ONLY REASON YOU WANTED TO JOIN WAS TOO HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO FUCKIN LAZED YOURSELF AROUND ME” He spat off, his mind was screaming at him to tell the truth already yet anything that left on his mouth is nothing truthful. He was spouting to stand for his decision. For a second, he tried to reason himself it was for you own good, it really is. Until his gaze returned back to you. He watched how tears drenched down your cheeks for the first time in his life he saw you cried. He could only stand on his feet frozen as you tried to brush off the tears blurring your vision.
“it was never about that case, I--” biting your inner lips, there’s no use for you tell him everything what’s the point of everything at this point, giving up. You only turned your back at him before shutting the door close.
As the sound of the door clicking shut was the only time he realized he fucked everything up, he wanted to follow you back yet he remained frozen on his feet, the silence on his office only left your voice echoing in his mind, every word you left a stabbing guilt and regrets on him. Was everything really necessary? For the sake of keeping you alive he had to hurt you in the process.
“were you laughing just like them” clenching his fist, how his way of showing his affection were seen in a different, only then he realized someone was thinking so lowly of your effort yet it only returned back to him knowing you think he was just like them.
A knock on his door, snaps him back to his thoughts. “What?” he didn’t bothered hiding his irritation to the soldier disturbing him “S-sir, Commander Erwin called you to his office sir”
“What do you mean my squad would be on standby? I thought we would be leading for the clearing up tomorrow?” Erwin sighed, it turns out only two squads would be leaving tomorrow to examine the behaviour of the titans before clearing up the titan near the wall.
“I see, then who’s squad would you be sending instead?” he asked, taking a sip on his tea, surprisingly glad he had a free time which he would dedicated on asking for your forgiveness.
“(L/n) William’s Squad”
It was supposed to be a clear up for the remaining titans roaming across the abandoned city, only expecting atleast twenty or less titans left, yet when you encounter a horde of abnormal titans gathered in the deeper corner of the city, you knew this can be the last of something. Right now, the titan’s attention were averted from you with the quantity they had you wouldn’t be able to take them all with the lack of gas and blade, if you fire the flare gun to sign the soldiers around you, the titan’s attention would directly be place to you which would lead to the first option. Lastly, if you tried to escape you will most likely lead them to the other soldiers.
Not only your choices are limited but everything is too risky for you and the other members.
“Fuck this shit” firing your flare gun instead of pointing the gun at the sky, you fire the flare at the titans instead before releasing your hook leading back to where your squadmates are, in the center of the city you found a familiar figure the vibrant red covering him.
“William!” You shouted turning his gaze his eyes widen as you fired your hook on the concrete walls in attempt to carry him “Wait no! AT YOUR BACK” he tried to warn, before you can process his warning a giant palm slaps your body like a fly.
the impact of being thrown inside of a building breaking the window in the process, a static rings across your ears as every part of your body is throbbing in pain, opening your eyes only to feel a burning pain with a blurry eyesight reminding you much of the arguments yesterday, recalling back the words you let out that time. Maybe, maybe they were right,
“Just this last time, let me see them” you speak to yourself, trying to stand up every movement you make felt like you were being electrified in pain, stabbing your blade on the ground using it as foundation for your footing. Feeling the ground continuous shaking, losing balance, hitting the concrete floor hard, a sharp pain once again pierce through you, causing you to whimper in unbeknownst to you a sharp wood stab through your abdomen, leaving you crumbling in pain on the ground the sight of shards of glass soaked a puddle of blood. was the only thing you have seen before blacking out
I was never suitable to be here in the first place.
Levi anxiously waited on his seat, no matter how much he tried to focus on the meeting between regiments he found himself drifting back to your situation, despite already reminding a soldier to immediately call him when your group arrived, yet several hours have passed and the meeting is already reaching its conclusion.
“Captain!! They’re here” A soldier barged inside the office, disregarding Erwin calling him out he wasted no time to leave the meeting,
“They’re at the Medical Bay for now.” the soldier reported,
“How are they?” he noticed the grim look on the soldier confirming his fear all at once
“one of the squad were completely leaving only one soldier in critical condition” dismissing the soldier he immediately head to the medical bay, every step he make felt heavy as if the world had collapse at his grasp. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
“Levi” a familiar voice called out, hanji was waiting in front of the medical bay door, “Is she?” the jumbled emotion he’s feeling couldn’t continue the question he needed answers for, luckily Hanji quickly understand his struggles
“It turns out that there were more titan than what was initially reported, their squad had to face a horde of abnormal titans as we split up. We only found her inside of a building after a flare was shot. She was thrown by a titan trying to save her brother, a large wood pierce through her abdomen at the same time she already lose too much blood, the moment we found her” Hanji saw the grim expression from Levi, as he quietly listen the events that had happen, the fear, guilt, and regrets shown directly to his metallic irises. For once, Hanji saw a vulnerable side of Levi, a man so close losing a part of him leaving him once again alone.
A few hour has passed, when the door has finally opened as a doctor step out of the room, looking around the doctor only find him alone waiting.
“Captain Levi, are you perhaps the relative for Miss (L/n) (Y/n)?”
“Yes” leading him inside the medical bay, his eyes quivered at the sight of your figure wrapped in white pristine bandage up until your neck and another to covering your eyes. your pale like skin made it you look like “the progress of the surgery were slightly complicated due to the loss of blood but overall, the surgery was a success” Levi felt a relief wash over him, hearing how his lover is still alive felt like a heavy burden were lifted from his shoulder,
“at least that’s the good news, but the condition of her eyes had receive a different outcome”
“What do you mean?”
“Not only her abdomen where severely injured but also her eyes, shards of glass were able to damage her pupil that may became a permanent blindness, overall she needs to stay bedridden in three weeks before we can discharge her” the doctor explained, Levi remained stiff on his feet, his mind tried to comprehend the information given to him, blind? You wouldn’t be able to see anything from now on? You wouldn’t be able to see him?
Sitting beside your bed, his hand grasp to your bandage covered hand, entwining his fingers to yours, the coldness of your hands gave discomfort to his, it felt like he was holding onto a lifeless body the coldness of your body felt uncanny it might be because he was used to having your warm hands to his cold calloused hand. Pressing a kiss to your knuckle seeing the pattern of your chest rising and falling, was the only thing he need for now. Your alive that’s all that matters to him.
Despite how much he doesn’t want to leave by your side yet with the constant nag from Erwin, it’s the third week you’ve remained unconscious, your temperature had increases in the spam of time yet it still frustrated him seeing no sign of waking up. He wanted nothing more but to hear your voice again. Placing a kiss to your forehead as he whispers his goodbye.
That was several hours ago, the sound of someone screaming from the top of their lungs had reached from the hallway he was in, either way he continue onto his path back to medical bay reaching closer the screams become clearer.
“IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU HE WOULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE” the woman angrily yelled out, nurses already had their hands around her preventing the woman from getting closer
“MISS PLEASE STOP SHE’S STILL RECOVERING” one of the nurses begged at the woman “NO LET ME GO” she demanded wanting to remove the grasp around her, she was able to pull you out of your bed earlier leaving you on the floor. Her hand was able to reach to your hair tugging it off roughly pulling you to her.
“what do you think you’re doing?” Levi intervened slapping the woman’s wrist away sending a glare at the older woman while holding you at his arm protectively, the people The bandage on your eyes has already been removed, showing those eyes he long for were finally wide and awake.
“I don’t care, your daughter is already adult enough to know what’s best for herself. you two” he called out the two-soldier passing by.
“guide the guardian her way out of the castle” obeying the captain’s order, the two already hand their hand to the exit, waiting for the woman to follow looking back at the two of you, clicking her tongue in irritation before following the soldiers.
After your mother left, his attention immediately turned to you carrying you at his arms placing you back to your bed, no words were exchanged during that time. Hugging your knees, leaning your head at the top. He wanted to say something, anything yet he couldn’t bring himself to left words out afraid he might hurt you once again.
“Let’s end this here, Levi”
Levi’s eyes widened.
“What do you mean?” He mumbled, afraid his voice might cracked any moment.
“There’s no point on continuing this”
“How?” your hand clutches on the white blanket covering your lower half, holding back the tears from building on your cloudy eyes.
“CANT YOU SEE?! I LOST MY EYESIGHT I’M ALREADY USELESS AT THIS POINT” snapping at him, the frustration you’ve been feeling since the moment you woke up and being informed by your condition finally took its last trigger and burst.
“I’m sorry” feeling his warm calloused hand at yours “I thought removing you from the list would keep you safer than the circumstance we had. I’m scared (y/n), I cannot bear to see you the same position that my old squad had that time, you’re an amazing soldier. I never mean what I said before”
“It doesn’t matter now, I can’t be a soldier anymore” removing his grasp from you
“Please just leave”
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punkx2 · 5 months ago
jealousy headcanons
written by: cutie
Tumblr media
.xiao, albedo, itto, zhongli
.hi hi! I’m a freshly new writer—this is my first work, I hope you enjoy <33 ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡° ) tumblr can you work now..
Tumblr media
Xiao…knows he’s jealous, accepts it, understands it. If you, or anyone asks him if he’s jealous. He’ll say yes. Now most people don’t think he’s be straight up, and he’s run away from his feelings—but I think differently. He won’t directly tell you he’s jealous, though. You’d have to figure that out on your own. He will confirm he’s jealous if you ask, but won’t tell you on his own.
Other then how he handles his jealousy—I don’t think the yakasha gets jealous easily anyway.. even if he did get jealous. He’s too busy to deal with such dramatic emotions. He knows he trusts you, but he knows he can’t stop that feeling bubbling up inside of him when he sees you in liyue being a little too friendly with that harbinger..
If his jealousy ended up getting the best of him, he would accidentally take it out on you. Then instantly disappear for atleast 24 hours, in a result, leaving you confused, and conflicted on what the heck just happened. Because his out burst will be quick and snappy, then he’ll be gone. After he comes back, he’ll most likely climb in threw your window when the sun just has set, and apologize to you. <33
Tumblr media
albedo…he’s quiet, observant, slightly agitated, and antsy. Slowly starts to figure out he’s jealous, the first time he got jealous he only realized he was when he was at his breaking point. He gets antsy when he’s jealous, more paranoid and observant of things as well. It’s kind of weird—but he works better when he’s jealous?
He just can’t sit still, and comprehend how timeaus (how do you spell that man’s name- ),=) is so friendly with you..how your both shoulder—touching close when your helping him, how the man sometimes eyes you up and down. Albedo can see every little thing timeaus is doing, and he despises it.
once he actually gets to his breaking point—he butts in to your guy’s conversation. Kind of like how a dad makes room for himself in between his daughter and her boyfriend on the couch? yeah that’s albedo. stares at the person causing the problem (timeaus i’m sorry) not in a glare type of way—more in an annoyed type of stare. Will tell you later why he acted out like that. He’ll chuckle that he actually got jealous—laugh with him, it’ll make him feel better. (WITH him..not at him babes😔)
Tumblr media
itto…aggressive, possessive, oblivious, and non rational. We would definitely get possessive and upset—he doesn’t want someone messing around with his territory. Every rational thought in his head just- leaves..it walks out the exit doors. All he can think is ‘huh? i feel upset, that person bad, MUST FIGHT’ haha i like silly giant himbo man. Also, he doesn’t realize he’s jealous, he didn’t know what it meant..
How is he not supposed to be jealous when that stupid Thoma keeps being all friendly with you!? He's stealing the spotlight!! (no hate to Thoma I love him ): ) your attention is supposed to be on him only, not anyone else !!
it could go multiple ways when itto finally breaks. A: he could either go over to you shove the other person away from you then drag you away. B: he could just throw you over his shoulder and walk away. or finally, option C: challenges the other person to a fight(=…yeah..If it ends up being option C—you most likely patch him up after fighting the other person. Keep talking his ear off when you patch him up, even if your scolding him, he just wants to listen to you talk to him instead of anyone else.
Tumblr media
Zhongli…annoyed, aggravated, and possessive. He already lost his love in the past—he doesn’t want to go threw that grief again. I feel like he would be calm at first, but as the jealousy grows, and the more that his ginger haired friend kept getting close to you—and leaving lingering “friendly” touches on your skin. He knows he’s jealous, but he just doesn’t care lol.
It’s not a common occurrence for him to be jelly..but not a rare incident either. Normal, ya know? Once his jealousy piles up. He also lashes out, not on you though, poor tartaglia over there gets his with zhongli “I will have order-“ sorry childe :,). Prob doesn’t get over his jealousy quickly after, it takes him 24 hours to cool down. Just reassure him that he’s your one and only—His evil thoughts will go away a bit quicker ;)
Tumblr media
zhongli’s was shorter then expected—oops
7:10. am 12 - 8 - 2021
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meenah-chan · 11 months ago
This can be part 2 or a stand alone story you can read this as is or check:
Part 1 (Safe Haven) | Part 3 (Safe Haven ~Epilogue~)
Safe Haven ~Another Story~
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A Diavolo Barbatos x GN! MC fanfic
1.92k words
Genre: angst
Trigger warning: Insane deadly stunt but not suicide, please don't read if you have this triggers. And please don't try this at home... or anywhere
As long as the most precious people in his life are happy, it is enough for Barbatos.
Yet, a flame inside him keeps on burning... more... And more...
He won't say it. Seeing as that person is so enraptured with the man he called his master. How his master treasured their company. He is just happy as the two smile, hand in hand.
He couldn't remember when it all started. When was the time his spring bloomed? Was it when he got a glimpse of their smile, the time they and the prince were secretly fleeing for their safe haven? Was it when they would help him tend with the preparation and cleaning after the afternoon tea? Or maybe the times they always insist on lending a hand on the endless work he had? Maybe after learning how keen their eyes are, being able to distinguish when he is at his limit despite hiding it so well? Or probably when he witnesses the fire in their eyes, their passion in everything they do? He had a means to confirm it, shouldn't Diavolo forbid him from using it on such trivial things.
Disobeying the future king's order is out of question. It's not like he has any plans in doing so. He doesn't have any reasons to. Everyone knows how loyal he is to his liege. A logical subject who wants nothing but happiness and the best for him and the Devildom.
Yet for a moment, he thought of telling them the bond Diavolo kept on disregarding without even meeting the lady. Without looking through his vision, It doesn't sit well with him. Like it will all go wrong once the glass is tipped off and make a big mess on everything around it.
But he didn't. Not when Diavolo commanded him to keep it a secret. Not when it is going so well with the two; when they have each other as their safe haven.
Barbatos won't deny the sour taste in his mouth whenever he sees them holding hands. The sting every time they embrace each other. The pang squeezing his heart whenever he would witness them kiss passionately, hovering over the cliff beside the blinding sunset. He won't admit it either.
Gazing at a flower nourished with care from a distance is better than plucking it and keeping it to yourself. The flower is blooming so beautifully, cultivated with the sunlight and nourishment.
With no way of extinguishing it, the flame inside him kept on burning stronger... Stronger...
The only way to quell it is to convince himself his master and the one who brought him his bittersweet spring, is satisfied with each presence.
Until it is not.
Princess Rosa showed up that night. She took Diavolo's heart by storm. Diavolo did the same. The gear of destiny was returned to where it was supposed to be.
The glass was tipped. The flower, oblivious, was stained with the murky liquid, losing its vibrant colors. And without being able to do anything, it was deprived of warmth and care. It was withering, in darkness, in chilliness.
"They should see the light at least." Barbatos decided to defy Diavolo for the very first time. To do what he thinks is right.
"I hate to break it to you but the lady you met back then, is the Young Master's... fiancée and his soulmate." How Barbatos wished they just spilled their tears, seeing how the fire in their eyes died instead. He is the one who snuffed it out. He killed the fire that he had loved.
"I... see... Thank you for telling me this." It broke him into pieces, seeing as to when they should have been seeking comfort, they chose to act strong.
"... I'm sorry I brought trouble to you." And as sharp as always, they saw through him, and thought of him even at a time like that.
"Thank you, really..." Barbatos couldn't do anything but watch their back fade from his view. How could he offer relief, if they kept that face and silently wished for him to believe they are a strong person? How could he?
"What is the meaning of this, Barbatos?" Of course Diavolo is displeased. He's been a loyal butler until that moment.
"I truly apologize, Young Master. I will accept any punishments." The upset prince stared at him as he calmly stood his grounds. He did what he did.
"I see... I'll let this one slide. But remember, I don't want any mishaps like this in the future. Keep your hands off Y/N."
"I will, Young Master." Diavolo didn't bat another glance at him before heading to his study.
Diavolo found him out. And his last command made him unable to do anything for them.
All he could do is watch his flower lose its hue. Cast in the shadow he witnessed, how rather than growing a stronger stem, it developed thorns. He witnessed how their orbs full of light became a pitless abyss when they thought they're alone.
Yet, Barbatos also saw how this flower kept on blooming facing Diavolo's farewell. Their sun waning from their horizon. Fighting the impulse to ever lash and make anything harder for him.
Just like how they could read him, he knew everything about them.
The day had come. It's a joyous occasion, when Diavolo was finally crowned as the King and... tying the knot with Princess Rosa.
It's not like Barbatos isn't glad for his lord. He found true love. The kingdom finally has it's official Rulers after a fairly long time.
Barbatos is glad for the Devildom. But knowing someone he loved is suffering, he can't bring himself to be truly happy.
He glanced around and saw them walking towards the married royalties. They seemed normal, equally celebrating the event.
They were smiling, placing a hand on their chest, "Congratulations to your Wedding, our new King and Queen. I wish nothing but prosperity to the land of Devildom and... happiness to the both of you." A lie. It was a lie, hidden beneath their bowed head. Inside the pair of abyss only the butler knew.
As much as he wanted, it is impossible to keep his eyes on them the whole time, as the place is as busy as it can get.
Soon, Barbatos' heart jumped out of his throat. They... disappeared from the scene. He swiftly searched for Lucifer to leave his post to him and scanned the party once more.
Nothing. He couldn't find them. Leaving them alone is the last thing Barbatos wants to do. They are in no state to be able to watch for themself.
However, if they really want to be alone, there is only one place they would run to.
He found them there. In their safe haven... or atleast, used to be.
Even from a distance, he could feel it. The wrath flaring from them. Pain, sorrow, rage, envy. All of the dark emotions they kept to themself. The feelings only this secret shadow knows beside the person themself.
"WHY?! What did I do to deserve this?!" He may not be able to understand everything they say. The pain and sorrow of being unable to be with someone you truly love. To express what you really feel for them.
He watches them move to the forget-me-nots they once took good care of. It was still vivid to his mind. How they would carefully water it and tend to it almost everyday. How they would gently caress it. With tender gaze they would mumble Diavolo’s name. And presently, how they suddenly… ravish it.
“What useless plants!!” They yank it from the roots; tear it with fury, not minding the cuts and splinters it caused on their palms.
"True love?! It was only me from the very start!!" He couldn’t do anything. He can’t disobey any more of his master’s command. He could only peer as the flowers were torn into pieces. His flower… and two hearts break ruefully, dreadfully.
When the flowers were no more, they cried, they screamed, piercing through his ears-- stabbing through his heart.
As the sky is covered with the familiar hues of red, they looked at the tip of the cliff. Each step they took towards it increased the drumming inside his chest. Bit by bit, he could feel his throat dry up.
When they faced their back on the deadly cliff, his breath hitched.
"Wha..." It was a dejavu. At times he would feel something more than a tingle on the base of his foot. The moments he would repeatedly want to jump to the sheer drop whenever they do. He barely manages to stop himself every time, knowing Diavolo is there for them.
But there’s no Diavolo. There’s no one who will save them.
No one.
They will die.
“... No...” it was a soundless howl, as if a jab hit his lungs.
Barbatos has never been as fast as he is at that moment. To hell with Diavolo’s command. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that phrase would cross his mind.
As they lay onto nothingness, Barbatos reached their spot. And without wasting a second he reached for their hand stretched towards the golden and red sky; reaching for the hue they love so much.
Just for today. He’ll curse Diavolo, just for today. For being unable to stand his words. For falling for someone he said he won’t be able to. For breaking a human’s heart. For giving them false hope.
For robbing them of their safe haven.
“Please don’t do this...” this time he'll protect them. Unlike his master, who neglected them.
"I pledge I will never leave you. You don't have to suffer alone anymore. So please, will you give me your permission?" After a moment of them being a crying mess, Barbatos finally asked, letting go from the embrace to gaze at their face.
"I—there's no way you..." Shock, confusion and concern were plastered on their face as they tried to peer in his orbs to no avail. Their eyes were too puffy and vision was too fuzzy. "...but why me?"
"Why can't it be you?" but he returned it with another question, wiping a remnant of tears on their completely red and swollen eyes.
"I'll only hurt you. You'll only feel miserable for choosing someone who doesn't love you."
Removing his arm around them, he knelt on one knee and gently yet firmly, grasped their palm between his own. "The only dream I truly had in this long life I had is to be able to touch and take care of the flower I have always been watching from afar. And it’ll break me so, to see it wither all over again. So, will you let me cherish and support the most beautiful flower I have ever seen?"
All the words were blocked in their throat as sobs were threatening to spill again. They were too overwhelmed with the sensation. It was the familiar heart-warming, compassionate feeling they’ve longed for seemingly an eternity. They felt so happy yet distressed… for at the back of their mind, something is this hoping that the prince was the one holding them.
With one hand Barbatos pulled a handkerchief, to wipe the tears flowing from their eyes again, the other hand still holding their’s.
"...Bar...ba–" they couldn’t even utter his name between their sobs. I don’t want to hurt you… Unconsciously, they also clasped his hand in theirs, pulling it to their trembling lips.
"To bring back your smile will also be my happiness." Barbatos smiled softly from the gesture, as he pulled them for another embrace.
"I will be your safe haven."
Part 1 (Safe Haven) | Part 3 (Safe Haven ~Epilogue~)
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satoryouiki · a year ago
14. "ONE LAST TIME" + Langa Hasegawa x fem!reader.
•Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff
•Requested by @haililegit
•A/n: The character is aged up in this post.
Tumblr media
Your heart dropped, eyes staring into oblivion at the news. How can he not tell you that he is moving to Japan?
"Langa!", you barged into his bedroom. A confirmation when you saw his room almost empty, just a couple of suitcases standing in corners and him packing stuffs.
"So it is true. How can you not tell me?", you ran closer to face him.
"You heard it anyways right?", there was something off. He wouldn't show his face.
"What do you mean by that? We've been dating for months now. You can't just throw this away like that.", you stated, trying your best to hold back your tears. When he didn't answer, you gripped his arm, twisted his torso so he can face you.
"I want answers from you Langa!-"
"BECAUSE I FUCKING DIDN'T WANT TO BE THE ONE TO TELL YOU OR LEAVE YOU! THERE.", he yelled bursting into tears which caused you to do the same.
"Baby", you cupped his face in your hand, "please don't cry", but he still continued to.
You pressed your lips on his to stop him from sobbing. His eyes closed just embracing your every touch.
You ended the kiss pressing your forehead against his. "I have a request".
He nodded in response.
"Can we...? One last time?", you meant it. Despite being so close and dating for months, the bond was still not strong enough that you can make this work in long distance.
His heart sank at the word 'last' but this was the most he could do for both of your relationship.
"Ya but there's not a bed anymore here", eyes gesturing to the empty room.
"Let's atleast manage this if we can't do the same for us", you smiled at him.
He took you in the corner, near the balcony, over the matress lying. His hands placed you in his lap, lips embracing deep and long kisses as you proceed to strip each other.
Thumbs parting your thighs as you grind against him.
"You're so hot", he moaned in your mouth. "Too bad you won't be able to see anymore of this", you thought a joke will light him up but it made him grip you tighter as if he didn't wanted to let you go yet.
He grabbed a condomn from his wallet.
"Let me do the honors", you snatched it and placed it on his cock.
You hopped up on him, slowly trying to take him all in. Despite of having sex most of the time, your pussy was still not used to his long shaft.
"Ahh", you moaned, both of your eyes focused on the way you were struggling.
He held your waist, other hand stretching you apart to make you sink in.
The empty room was now filled with only your moans. Fingers clenching his hairs and his wiping the tears away from your cheek bones, no idea if that was from the pain between your legs or the pain in your heart that he has to leave.
"Y/n", he cooed in your ears.
"Y-ngh...Yes", hands gripping hairs tighter.
"If it wasn't for the circumstances, 'this' would have been something really better for me. For us.", he hid his face in your temple, the tears trailed down your shoulders, making it obvious that he was crying. Your walls throbbed, swallowing him in, denying to let him go as you both hugged tighter, as you climax hit you. Langa stroke your back, fisting air, locking your body with his as your pussy was milking his cock. You both cried each other's name, chest pressed against one another.
You guys stayed in each other's arm for a few minutes silently, each one of you denying to speak. Langa broke the awkward silence.
"Y/n. If I come back someday, will you still be this good to me?".
"No matter whenever you arrive, you're still going to be someone special to me so yes. I will welcome you in my arms....", a relief appeared on his face, "..obviously after punching you in your guts".
"Isn't that being mean?", he frowned.
"Well...that's my way of greeting an old friend. Take it or leave.", you smirked with eyebrows up, eyes red from the tears from earlier.
"I'll gladly take it mam.", you both smiled before embracing each other in your arms tightly once again.
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manikas-whims · 11 months ago
A Tantalizing Surprise
[Read on AO3]
for Kanej Week (@kanejweek) Day 5: Love (domesticity)
It took around eight years and a lot of mutual support to achieve this level of intimacy. But he was glad they never gave up..
• Friend 1: write Inej in a silk dress and some sexy Kanej moment Friend 2: No! Write injured Kaz being patched up by Inej Me: *an unbiased friend* mixes both requests into this fic ~♥ • I headcanon Liddies being a gang run by women :)
Tumblr media
Kaz Brekker utterly despised private parleys. Majority of the time they were a farce. Excuses crafted in order to get him alone and put an end to his reign forever. Everytime a haughty barrel boss offered him a drink or a condescending mercher invited him for dinner, it wasn't for the sake of striking amiable business deals with him. But to drive a knife through his rotten heart or shoot a bullet into that scheming head of his.
And yet he had agreed to meet the leader of the Liddies in a small coffee house on the bustling streets of the East Stave. They were stirring up too much ruckus and if left unchecked any longer, they'd embolden every other gang to go against the Dregs. Dirtyhands couldn't let that happen, now could he?
As suspected, no pleasantries were exchanged. The door was jammed shut immediately upon his arrival.
Their lieutenant, a burly, middle-aged brunette, attacked first. She tried smashing her wooden bat into his face but thankfully Anika blocked in time with a crowbar. Two other females followed, swinging rustic metal pipes at him which he managed to counter with his cane. Roeder was struggling on the other side, engaged in a one-on-one with their spider.
"This ends tonight, Brekker." Their leader howled from her perch atop a stool. "Barrel needs a queen."
"Barrel already has one." He responded calmly.
"The little whore? The one who's barely in this city?" she grinned sharply, getting up.
"Careful." His gaze turned steely and his gloved fingers flexed tensely onto the crow head of his cane. "I can gut you and your ladies for insulting my Wraith."
"I'd like to see you try." She sneered, madly lunging at him with her bare hands.
He sighed. This was going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
The fight lasted for an hour. Liddies finally ran off when more Dregs arrived on the scene and broke down the coffee house's door.
Kaz dictated his gang to double the security around the Crow Club and his other establishments just in case. He then dug his fingers into his right leg in hopes of quelling a little of the ache there as he dragged himself back to his place. Not the slat anymore but a luxurious mansion on the Geldstraat. He had purchased it under a pseudonym after Councilman Hoede had passed away three years ago.
Blame Wylan for making him waste his kruge on a deadman's house. Though the dark wood walls and coffered ceilings looked amazing upon his first visit, he did get a few things renovated. Such as converting the dilapidated Grisha workshop into an ordinary shed and the addition of wild geraniums to the vast variety of flowering plants in the gardens.
Despite his habits, he pulled out a key that he kept within the hidden pocket on the left side of his coat and swiftly unlocked the large, black, entrance gates. The next few minutes of the long walk through the front stone pavement didn't feel regal, atleast not to his leg. He retrieved another key upon reaching the main doors. It was an odd experience every time— to enter a house this big without utilizing his skills in lock-picking.
He didn't stop to admire the blown glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling or the stolen DeKappel displayed mockingly on the opposite end of the hall. He simply braced himself for the walk up the long staircase leading towards the more private quarters of the mansion.
His steps came to a halt only when he reached the master bedroom. And that too, not because it had been his destination all along but because he felt her presence.
He shook his head in disbelief. Maybe six months of being apart were taking a toll on him, playing tricks with his senses. Or maybe it was just an effect of blood loss due to the cut he'd taken during the fight with the Liddies.
He turned the knob and entered, the room same as ever. A bookshelf tucked in the left corner from the door, a vanity table with a full-length mirror right next to it; a door leading to the balcony and another door to the bathroom on the other end. And of course, the king-size bed atop which his eyes found her tantalizing form, aglow under the golden flame of the dimly burning lone candle.
Kaz regarded her silently. Her lithe frame was covered in a purple, silk nightgown that left barely anything to his imagination. Or rather, it was exactly the sight he envisioned every night. An ideal reverie where he pulled her onto his lap and kissed down the delicious curve of her neck. A fantasy where he relished in her whispers of his name. A fantasy where they did all the unholy things they're capable of now. A fantasy he had been yearning for yet kept locked in the darkest recesses of his twisted mind.
But this was different. This woman in his bed had longer hair and was far more breathtaking than any imagery he could will his mind to conjure. This was real. She was real.
"Saints!" She slid off the bed. "Kaz, what happened?"
Yes, she was real.
And she had chosen an interesting outfit for their reunion.
But it was unusual of her to dock in Ketterdam and not send a runner to let him know. Not to mention, she had somehow managed to sneak into their mansion without any keys.
"You're hurt!"
He scoffed at her concern and proceeded to discard his coat. After all the times they've fought and bled together, she should be used to witnessing him a little roughed up.
He peeled off his gloves with methodical ease and tossed them onto the table. Then he tentatively reached for one of her hands, his thumb stroking along the pulse in her wrist. There was no harm in confirming she was real and alive.
"Welcome back, Wraith."
She freed her wrist, completely ignoring his greeting, and placed her palms over his stubbled cheeks. Fortunately, no waves lapped up his skin. So he let her turn his face this way and that to check for any signs of injuries. When she found none, she smiled in relief and pulled his face down so their lips could meet. His arms immediately snaked around her waist. And he was glad her only reaction was a soft sound of contentment, not tensing or vanishing in his hold. It took around eight years and a lot of mutual support to achieve this level of intimacy. But he was glad they never gave up and worked together to get accustomed to one another's touch.
The contact overwhelmed him everytime, in a good way of course. It was exhilarating to be able to brush his lips against hers. A common gesture for most couples but a very big accomplishment for them. Just like everything else.
Everytime they shed a piece of their armor, touched longer, touched more, they counted it as a new milestone. He was thankful to their patience and to whichever of Inej's saints had blessed them for their persistent efforts.
The kiss deepened with every passing moment, all those months of separation provoking their dormant desires. But as soon as his tongue slid past her mouth, he felt a twinge of pain in his abdomen and broke away. "Fuck! What the hell, Wraith!?"
In trailing her hands along his torso, she had accidentally discovered the cut wound on the left side of his lower abdomen. She glared down at the small dot of blood staining his clothes. "You have absolutely no sense of self-preservation!"
He laughed at the furrow of her brows as she pushed him back until he was seated in a chair. "Takes one to know one."
He heard her huff before she disappeared inside the bathroom and returned seconds later with a roll of bandage, cotton swabs, and a disinfectant.
The blade of the knife had torn past both his vest and shirt but fortunately, barely grazed his skin. The cut wasn't deep or life-threatening, only seeping slow trickles of blood. However, that didn't stop his fiercely gentle partner from worrying. She began undoing the buttons on his vest and in the heat of the moment, he joked. "Someone is eager."
This time she glared at him directly and resumed her task. She was cautious in shrugging off the vest. Even more whilst removing his sweaty shirt.
As soon as the disinfectant-soaked cotton pad grazed his wound, he pressed his lips into a thin line. "Care to explain why I wasn't informed of your arrival?" He gritted out through the light haze of pain. He wasn't mad. But had he known, he would've cleared his schedule for her. Denied that parlay altogether and avoided being injured.
Her hands hesitated in cleaning the blood. "I wanted to surprise you."
Now his brows quirked.
"And was this part of the surprise?" He stared at the thin slip of nightdress snug on the curves of her beautiful body. His voice lowered an octave. "You put this on for me?"
She chewed on her bottom lip, a small action he had noticed her doing when in contemplation. "My intention was to doll-up for the King of the Barrel."
He shook his head, tugging on the hem of her dress. "Seems to me the Queen of the Seas was intent on arousing me with her alluring silks."
She punched his shoulder lightly. "You're bruised and bleeding and this is what you think?"
"Inej," He spoke earnestly, his ardent gaze focused on her as she continued bandaging him, "I always think about you."
"Aside from when I'm out there making money." He added as an afterthought.
She giggled.
He waited until she was done tying the last knot of the bandage to stand up. His fingers disappeared beneath her dress, glided tenderly over the flesh of her thighs in the moment he lifted her up. Her legs naturally came to wrap around his waist and she looked at him. "Kaz?"
He responded with a soft, lingering kiss before pulling back, his breath fanning her lips. "Still in the mood to surprise me?"
She nodded, her eyes averted shyly for once as he carried her towards the shower.
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squeiky · a year ago
!!!List of papyrus things!!!
(Update 3! mini update.)
For anyone who needs more info on the guy! Since you usually dont see alot of info about him!
A list of stuff thats just papyrus's tid bits i've collected overtime!
(Disclaimer: some things can be taken off of memory, though I did search most of the stuff up, so you dont have to worry too much. But if your feeling unsure, search it up! And correct me while your at it.)
his room doesn't play/have music.
(If you have reunited playing at enter his room, it'll disappear forever. Untill you go back and let it play again. Even without reunited, a song that plays no matter what room your in, doesn't play any music.)
Never takes off his battle body.
(According to sans, he only takes it off if he has no other choice too. Otherwise he'll just put clothes ontop of it, or just repaints it if needed. He does how ever, change his pants but never takes off the top.)
the minute "royal gaurd " is out of the picture, he's got nothing.
(It was the one thing he worked up for. When the royal gaurd disbands He says he "working hard on doing absolutely nothing". Then again this can be interpreted as papyrus does say he is working on something, despite not being a royal gaurd yet.)
He lies. (And can manipulate)
(Though he is really bad at lying, he seems to manipulate just fine, though its usually not out of malice. He gets undyne to befreind you by mentioning "challenge", which is a weakness of hers, since she never can turn down a challenge. And has lied about floweys name to her to. Has lied to sans or atleast mislead him about the things he knows about. Pretended he didn't know what a lab was during a call in hotland, but if you call him when sans isn't there, papyrus mentions the lab as if it was common knowledge instead of saying "Labrador-y?" As if he had no idea.)
Changes up his attacks
( if you get captured a few times, you see variation in his attacks. If you do it right, you can get him too skip half of his entire attack.)
Calls his own puzzles "Awful"
(This happens after battling papyrus, he says "WHO KNEW THAT ALL I NEEDED TO MAKE PALS... WAS TO GIVE PEOPLE AWFUL PUZZLES AND THEN FIGHT THEM??" This could be interpreted in many ways.)
Spikes, fire, traps, fencless bridges: are all safe for children, according to papyrus.
Has "talked" with asgore before.
(Sadly, asgore and papyrus has crossed paths. Asgore advises him not to but dangerous puzzles around town, for the children. Papyrus wants to put dangerous puzzles around town, for the children. This results in them bickering over saftey laws, with papyrus usually winning.)
Tried to start a flowey fan club
(On multiple occasions calls flowey "his best freind" and shows genuine love for the little guy. He even gave flowey a little red scarf to match his, during the 5th anniversary winter alarm clock.)
Has photo-graphic memory for phone calls.
-call in the room where undyne chased you. He seems nervous, or atleast stressed out during this call. I'll leave any and all interpretation to you.)
(Ps: papyrus has bad memory, but good photographic memory?)
His disliking for grease
(Says this during a call with undyne in grillby's place. Undyne says she loves grease, and he quickly dismisses his opinion in favor of hers. Of course, papyrus HAS visited grillbys before, as the dogamy and doggeressa mention him with sans. )
Calls alphys "great"
(During the first tile puzzle, he praises alphys by calling her "THE GREAT DR. ALPHYS" )
Knows about undynes crush on alphus
(He teases undyne a few times on this, leading to the "hot voice" and "audible wink" papyrus lines. He's not oblivious to the things around him, unless he chooses to be.)
Put limes in his eyes!
(Conversation in hotland! The guy thought limes where cucumbers and stuck them in his eyes. When. He thought it wasn't working he put more limes. It burned like hell but he says it was all to have "mettaton's bishoning eyes")
Knows about mtt's eyes
(Nobody seems to know that mettaton has eyes?! Undyne confirms this fact. Papyrus is the only one who outright mentions it.)
He got mettaton to do the tile puzzle thing
(FOR SOME UNEXPLAINED REASON- mettaton was the tile puzzle robot alphys built. The puzzle robot papyrus had during his own tile puzzle. Infact, during mettaton's tile puzzle in hotland, he says that you'd is this a few hundred rooms ago. If you call papyrus, he starts rambling on all the instructions again. Hehe.)
he likes dinosaur oatmeal
(According to the undertale tumblr, flowey response to "whats papyrus's favorite food?" Is DINOSAUR OATMEAL!! YAY!)
really enjoys mtt's show and mtt in general.
(and mtt even helped him with a tile puzzle)
enjoys cars
Owns a car bed
(Want to drive one)
really freaking artistic!
(Paints a whole bridge, makes a snowpapyrus, made his own costume/battle body, built a okay replica of a sentry station)
The red book on the table in the skelebro's house is infact his!
(For specifics, the quantum mechanics book with infinite books inside of it. It isn't specified who reads it, but both brothers should be capable as jokes and puns are not out of papyrus wardrobe.)
has his own shed and tools.
(Also known as "the punishment shed, doghouse, cpature zone, guest room, a garage" or undyne's pun which was "the coolshed". Ah, to be enriched by shed puns... Wonderful.)
tried to learn the "horoscope"
(Got "stumped" according to sans)
thinks junior jumble is harder than crossword
wants a 6 pairs of hot pants and 6 pairs of legs to wear those pants
has a dream of owning a shop where he just sells flames
(Call near in waterfall, near the turtle man shop.)
He's very influential
(If he's the only one killed in a neutral run, even without undyne, a revolution will still occur. Look into it yourself if need be.)
Called himself a genius
(During the instance, where he talks to you after turning the light on in sans's room.)
Can't really tell when someones mad
(He couldn't tell when undyne was mad at him during a call. He asks us too.)
Doesn't watch anime.
(He thinks its like cartoons for babies. Jokes around with undyne for awhile before taking it all back once he knew she watched anime.-during one of the calls.)
Brutal kind of guy
(He says this himself, i don't exactly know WHY he thinks this of himself, but he does.)
Owns a bookshelf
(He has a book Its where his vast dictionary comes from.
Knows about the time and space manipulation tactics sans uses.
believes you can be a better person, if you just try.
(And he's right. Even if you kill him he still believes this, beacuse well.. Its true. Undyne wont forgive you and try to kill you, sans won't fight you, bht he's still right either way)
Knows about river person
(He asks about how river person is doing. No body seems to know about river person, and its unsure if undyne knows about their prescence.)
The days in his date scene (Monday, Tuesday, weekday, Thursday,e.c.t ) changes depending on your computer. Even though the date in undertale is always Monday.
(River person has a scheduled thing that matches up to your computer date as well, but this is about papyrus, not river person.)
Weird abilities
(Flying and super speedy twirling, flying backwards. He doesn't even hide it.)
He's pretty freaking tough!
(According to undyne, the person who defeated asgore.)
His "absolutely normal attack" is a giant cluster of bones.
(In theory, his attack could be the size of the entire area, including the giant bone at the end.)
Papyrus can lower the giant bone at the end of his "absolutely normal attack"
Has Collection of bones (or was planning to make one.)
(The room behind the sink was made for.. His attacks/bones. Before toby(dog)came in and made a shrine instead.)
Is annoying dog's favorite target.
Has a cannon, spears, fire thingy, and a dog at his disposal.
(Displayed during the bridge scene)
One persistent dude.
Likes to say "NYEHEHE!"
Has alot of MTT items.
Owns makeup!
(Mtt brand of course!)
Never dated anyone before.
(He says it himself.)
owns a dating manual
Not much of a sleeper.
(To the point where he just calls sleeping "naps" which aren't that long. He outright says he's always working, so he doesn't sleep.)
Dislikes hotland
dislikes hotland x2
Dislikes hotlands puzzles
Dislikes hotlands ethics.
Doesnt know much about hotland
(Says he knows it like the back of his hand!)
Says he never taken off his gloves, so he has no idea how his hands look like.
(He wears gloves or mittens on top of his gloves. And refuses to take it off, like his "battle body")
Calls hotland's steam puzzles garbage.
Dislikes hotlands conveyors
Thinks L1 and R2 stand for left and right
( Of course, it takes him awhile. He starts making puns, and tries to compare the words to pasta, and THEN comes to the conclusion that its left and right. Its Trail and error.-)
Knows about death.
(Said he wanted to meet death one time during a waterfall call.)
He pauses when speaking as a lost soul.
("I MUST CAPTURE A HUMAN! THEN EVERYONE WILL. ...." This is unusual as he is the only one that pauses. This can be interpreted, but it is rather interesting nonetheless)
Alright this is a bit more interpretive. Things may not be 100% facts down here.
Disclaimer: i will be putting "Interpretive" in red coloring for things that have may my interpretation or opinions in! Please do be mindful in your search, and take it with a grain of salt. It doesn't make it comepelty wrong, it has facts! Just muddled with oppinions.
self-worth problems.
( can be called interpretive: He always feels very unimportant, as if he doesn't actually matter. During a call in waterfall, with the puddle hallway, papyrus talks about not letting it "get to you" or something along the lines of that. Since undyne speaks from her experience with the puddles, then i'd assume papyrus would too.)
(I think its just a sign of self doubt or insecurity. Someone once said its dysphoria, which is a cool headcannon for paps or something. What ever it is, he has some demons that he doesn't want to let out.)
( according to the genocide description)
( Interpretive: Other than that, he's not even noticable. Though, there are a few people that appreciate him, most dont really acknowledge him. Unless you kill him of course!)
( interpreitive as well:Before the human showed up, sans explains how his brother was feeling quite down lately. We see a.. Happier side of papyrus through out our journey.. He vents out to us, the player/human, about things he dislikes, or troubles he faces. Hes like a froggit. Life is hard for a froggit.)
Smiles through things.
("This is where I tried to capture you! What a bad memory." -quote he says as he smiles through it all. He does have a sad emote, but so far i have only seen it during a call in hotland, where the CORE was shown. As your adventure is coming close.. To an end.)
Uses his playful "OUCH!" emote when you straight up kill him. Instead of his hurting/in pain emote when flowey catches him off guard before absorbing everyonesones souls.
(The reason is unkown, but that emote is normally associated with more of "light taps." Examples are, toriel's fireballs at asgore and flowey. Unless... Cutting off his head was considered a "light tap" then, but flowey wrapping him in painful vines is considered more painful than getting his head chopped off and still having enough consciousness to joke about it.)
He knows his cooking sucks and that nobody likes it.
(He's not naive. He knows. He even says it. "Nobody has like my cooking before!" - QUOTE. This isn't some hidden fact. He's trying his best, "mabye next year, he might even make something edible." -sans quote.)
That was all the stuff i gathered for now.
Feel free to tell me anything i haven't added! :)
yeah, hes a pretty cool dude, ain't he?
(Edit: i've added some new things to the bunch, and fixed/deleted ome opinions or unrelated junk. Please, continue helping me add!)
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xiaoyue-is-addicted · a year ago
☆*: .。. .。.:*☆ Don't cry for him.. ☆*: .。. .。.:*☆
Characters : ( all modern AU ) Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng.
My main blog : @sizhuyu
.。.:*☆ Wei Wuxian ☆*: .。.
Tumblr media
You never ever saw this side of him... "Y/N! Why are you running? I thought you will NEVER run from me..” You kept on running till you were caught in a dead end.. “Nowhere to run now Y/N dear..” He says to you in a tone you never once heard from him.. What has your hushand turned into?.. “W-why d-did.. You.. kill him?.. He was my friend!” He just laughs at when you mentioned his victim “And? Your mine.. I don’t want you to ever run away from me.” You were scared of him.. Your carefree and kind, loving husband.. Turned into a man you don’t recognize at all.. “You are not Wei Wuxian!” You shouted at him “ha.. Haha... HAHAHA!... I’m not Wei Wuxian? Look at me Y/N dear...” he gently caresses your face. “Y-you are not the man I know...” You push him away and just angered the man standing infront of you "Y/N.. Why did you push me?? That man I killed was just your friend right? Though he was pretty much a pain. Always stealing you away from me-" He was cut of when you said "Still! You had no right to kill anybody!” You shout at him already crying tears looking down at the floor.. “Y/N... Don’t cry for him...” He was already holding your waist leaning in for a kiss. You let him since it felt like the man you fell inlove with was still inside somewhere.. You thought to yourself as it began to rain and he took out a small umbrella from his bag “Here let’s share! Don’t mind the dead man there! Because he is not important!” He smiles at you as he tightly grips your hand so you won’t run off again. You wanted to shout help but he is the only family you have now and so you stay by his side..
.。.:*☆ Jiang Cheng ☆*: .。.
Tumblr media
He hasn’t done this before.. You thought in horror seeing him all covered in blood “Wanyin!” You shout at your husband “What did you do?!” He laughs at what you said “What have I done? What do you mean Y/N?” He calls out your name he walks to you with blood in his hands. You wanted to run but you can’t it’s like your body is frozen “Y/N.. Don’t run away please...” He says holding your hand gently “Y/N I love you, you know that right? So please don’t run away like my brother...” You remembered what Wei Wuxian did.. He ran away from the Jiangs, basically considered as betrayal. After all you knew he was with Lan Wangji now and he is happy. “Wanyin.. Please don’t do this again.. I won’t leave you if you stop.” He nods and hugs you despite the blood staining your clothes “Thank you love. I promise I won’t do it again.” With that confirmation you knew you weren’t sure about it anymore. Who was he even, why is he like this?, obsessed.. You began to ask Wei Wuxian for help in Jiang Cheng’s condition right now but of course he never knew as he never acted like this.. “He was never like that.. I neved knew he had this side.. I ran away because I would be accused for something I never did..” Thoughts circle your brain through the night when Jiang Cheng held you closer to him as if that was his last hug. You weren’t allowed to do anything unless you ask him for permission or atleast with him. “Wanyin can I go shopping with Yanli?” In truth you actually wanted to meet with Wei Wuxian and Yanli about what to do incase he kills someone again.. “Sure just let me go with you.” You nod and instead you text Yanli about it and said to schedule it another time or use codes. You didn’t want him to go to jail or leave you, but after this incident you make sure to keep an eye on him.
☆*: .。. .。.:*☆ Fin ☆*: .。. .。.:*☆
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raveneira · 6 months ago
What are your favourite ships from other animes you like ?
Oh I have a bunch, but I’ll try to name/show as many as I can think of
Tumblr media
Fena x Yukimaru
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Haru x Futaba
Tumblr media
Ash x Eiji 😭
Tumblr media
Rebecca x Asta
Tumblr media
YujiKiri, its canon idc.
Tumblr media
Edwin, one of my fave OG pairs.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kisa x Hiro...I just love them ok.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hak x Yona
Tumblr media
Yato x Hiyori
Tumblr media
Saito x Louise
Tumblr media
Eremin, controversial I know but its canon fars Im concerned, its way better than the actual canon thats for danm sure.
Tumblr media
Banri x Linda, this should’ve been endgame idc what anyone says.
Tumblr media
Haru x Ellie
Tumblr media
Alice x Ryo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yusuke x Keiko
Tumblr media
Kaname x Sosuke
Tumblr media
Ash x Serena
Tumblr media
Jimmy x Rachel, yes I prefer their Americanized names lol
Tumblr media
Darien x Serena, once again I prefer their Americanized names lol
Tumblr media
Killgon, I dont actually SHIP it ship it but I definitely see the potential and I do believe Killua may have a slight crush on Gon, altho Im not sure if Gon reciprocates lol
Tumblr media
Takaki x Ashton, LEAVE ME ALONE 😭
Tumblr media
Mikazuki x Atra
Tumblr media
Yamagi x Shino, LEAVE ME ALONE 😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kohaku x Rin
Tumblr media
Ritowa, I know this ones a bit controversial and I despise Yashahime but I do genuinely find their relationship cute and its possibly one of the few good parts of this god forsaken sequel. Of course I dont want them together currently because of the age gap, but Towa only has 4 years left till she turns 18 so as long as nothing serious happens between them till then Im totally for this ship. Atleast shes not a literal child he raised and is a teen old enough to atleast comprehend this sorta thing and know whats appropriate and what isnt.
Tumblr media
Mikayuu...leave...leave me alone please 😭 Im still greiving
Tumblr media
Karma x Nagisa, I dunno why I just always found them cute together
Tumblr media
Asch x Natalia, they both lived happily ever after the end LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
Tumblr media
JoshNeku, I cant fully explain why but I always really liked this messed up ship, theres so many layers and complexity to it that makes it so intriguing and conflicting to ship lol but overall I genuinely do believe Joshua cares for Neku and saw value in him in the end, not as just someone he manipulated in the game and gambled on, but genuinely sees him as a friend after witnessing him selflessly risk his life trusting Joshua when he had every reason to pull the trigger. To me I feel like these two have alot of unresolved issues they need to talk out but Joshua isnt willing to face Neku nor admit he actually cares and wants to be friends for whatever complicated reason he cant. But I believe if whatever wasnt holdin him back he would have joined Neku and the others and the two would’ve reconciled, which is mostly my basis for shipping it lol.
Tumblr media
Sormik, its literally canon nobody can convince me otherwise, they have every bit of confirmation minus only an official statement sayin their endgame but honestly who needs that? anyone who’s played the game and watched the anime KNOWS these two are way more than friends and way more than brothers.
Tumblr media
Kokichi x Shuichi, like JoshNeku this is a very complex and complicated ship, theres alot of flaws in it but also a ton of possibility. I feel like these two had a chance but missed it because Kokichi was such a constant liar and Shuichi never actually tried to understand him or give him the benefit of the doubt despite him trying to be a better detective, he failed to properly investigate Kokichi and get to the bottom of why he is the way he is and what his true motives were and instead rushed to assume the worst of him, doubting him till the very end. This ship is even more tragic than JoshNeku whereas Joshua and Neku ended up genuinely caring about eachother despite their messed up history, Shuichi completely gave up on Kokichi and vice versa, but you could tell the two did genuinely wanna get along with and get to know one another but simply couldnt because of the constant misunderstandings. Shuichi got impatient with Kokichi and gave up and Kokichi lost hope in befriending Shuichi and gave up on letting anyone in on his plans and resolved to die alone hated by everyone even the one person he had hoped would understand him. Their story is super tragic with so much untapped potential I cant help enjoying it. You could say Im over analyzing and sure maybe in a way I am but thats just how I see it.
Tumblr media
Videl x Gohan, this one needs no explanation we all know this is one of the most healthiest if not THE healthiest non problematic ship in the entire DBZverse, its just so wholesom and pure theres really nothing bad to say about it. The one gripe I and many others have is Videl losing her drive as a fighter and retiring to being a housewife, not that being a housewife is bad its just given her potential beforehand and this being a shounen manga its not unusual for us to have expected more for her than just being a housewife. As for Gohan he is father and husband of the year, a million times better than his father was, this is why ppl need to stop sleepin on Chichi because she raised her son right, to be a real man and take care of his family. Gohan may be rusty and takin Ls now on the battlefield but atleast when he comes home he tends to his family instead of going to 10 different planets and mentors trying to get stronger while neglecting his wife and kid in the process.
Those are all the ships that comes to mind right now, sorry for giving so many but there are alot of ships I enjoy lol
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beebubb · 10 months ago
How about when y/n and Isaac first meet and get together?! 😳😊😊
It took me a bit to come up with an idea of where y/n would meet isaac but i just couldn't get this idea out my head, so i hope you like it! 😊
(Also the story of how you meet might be kinda long)
Also here y/n is a bit of a wallflower at a party in a bar and gets really.
You two would have met in a place you wouldn't expect him to be.
A bar
Let's just say that always being in search of the clown that killed him and trying to find his great grandson takes a lot of enegy out of him and is obviously stressful.
So him, not expecting there to be a lot of people there. He went to the bar. He needed a drink to atleast relax for a bit.
But slowly the bar started filling up with more people.
He was more annoyed than anything. With all the people, loud music, and seeing all the guys there trying their best to get laid.
That's untill he saw you.
You weren't dancing at all. You were just standing by the wall just holding your drink close to you and looking down at your feet and had a worried look on your face.
He didn't pay much attention to you. He would just take sips of his drink and glance at you from time to time.
He had to admit though. You were stunning. But he wasn't going to make a move sense he had the "i don't have time for relationships" mentality.
he started seeing people there trying to make their move on you, Offering you to dance or buy you a drink, but saw you were clearly uncomfortable and just shifting to the side more and more just trying to get away. Untill you were close to where he was sitting.
"would you like to take a seat?"
You didn't know if offering you a seat was an attempt of him trying to flirt with you or was just being nice but, you were tired of standing against a wall all night, so you accepted
He was quiet but was a bit surprised that his appearance didn't drift you away.
Isaac: so what's your name?
y/n: I'm y/n... And yours?
Isaac: isaac. Nice to meet you
Y/n: nice to meet you too...
There was a bit of silence between you two
Isaac: so why aren't you dancing? You've been glued to that wall the whole night
Y/n: I'm just... Not big of a fan on parties. I came here with a friend but they went out with someone so... It's just me now..
Isaac: i see. Why don't you head home? Do you live far from here?
The worried look came up on your face again
Y/n: my friend was my ride home... I haven't seen them and my phone is dead. So I can't even call them or an Uber atleast.. My house isn't that far but I'm... Um...
Isaac: scared to walk alone?
You didn't want to admit that to a complete stranger but he was right. It was really late already and completely dark out. Zalgoid and criminals attacks were getting really common these days and it was definitely dangerous to be out alone at that time of night.
Isaac: it's fine, if you don't mind, i could walk you home.
It was a tempting offer. You didn't want to go alone but you barely knew this guy
You thought for a bit but soon accepted his offer. You did have a pocketknife, so, you were a bit secure.
Y/n: yes! I would like that, thank you!
Isaac: lets go then
He drank the last sip of his drink and got up.
You two headed out and made your way to your house
You two were walking quietly next to each other.
Isaac: i apologize for not being able to call an.....oober? Oover? Is that how you call it?
Y/n: it's an uber, and it's fine.
How did this guy not know what an uber is? It is literally the most common thing that everyone knows of
Isaac: ah, well, sorry for not getting an uber, i don't really know how
Not know how?
Y/n: it's quite simple actually, you can just get the app on your phone
Isaac: i don't have a phone
You were dumbfounded. Not have a phone? Everyone has one, even the oldest of creeps has one, even if it's just a flip phone.
You found it kinda silly and thought he was just joking so you gave a slight chuckle and made a small joke
Y/n: were you born in the victorian era or something?
Isaac: yes
You were surprised at his answer
You knew that there were older creeps in the under realm that were from the 1980's but, the victorian era?
Before you knew it, you were home.
Y/n: ah we're here. Thank you again for bringing me here.
Isaac: no problem
You wanted to thank him but it was a really inappropriate time to offer food or drinks. Cause come on, it was almost 2am
Y/n: maybe you could come over for a drink here sometime? Maybe some coffee? Or come over for breakfast?
Isaac: oh no it's fine.
Y/n: it's the least i could do!
He finally agreed. He saw where you lived now so there was no point in giving him your number (not like there was that option anyways)
getting together
You two thought that the next day he came over for breakfast, would be the last time you two would ever see each other but nope
You two ended up liking each other's presence.
So you started hanging out more and more
He loved the sense of peace you gave him whenever he was with you
Your presence made him relax. Which he enjoyed after always stressing so much over "that damned clown"
He didn't really think of ever falling in love with you at first but he slowly started realising his feelings towards you were stronger than just a friend
I mean, why else would he be really possessive when it came to you? And why else would he get easily jealous or annoyed whenever you talked to other people or someone tried flirting with you?
Whenever someone asked for your phone number or tried asking you on a date, he would literally wrap his arm around your waist and say "I'm their boyfriend"
Also sense he was literally from the victorian era, he would talk to you about how different everything was compared to now
He would even teach you the way they used to do things and how they would dance (he is a really good dancer)
And lets say that the first time he held your hand to teach you to dance with him. Was what made him confirm his feelings
Having you so close to him, seeing you smile and laugh whenever you messed up in a dance step and having his hand with yours. Just made him feel things he never had before.
With time he would even grow frustrated at himself.
He wanted to focus on his main goal. LJ and will
But he couldn't stop thinking of you. He wanted you. He needed you.
And the idea of you being with someone else infuriated him.
And how would he confess?
He did what he does best. Write a letter
It took him a bit for him to convince himself to give it to you. But he did it.
While you two were out for a walk, he suddenly stopped you
Isaac: y/n, I want to give you something
He would hand you the letter
Isaac: please just read it and tell me what you think
You took it and started reading it.
Everything he wrote would bring up a shade of pink on your cheeks (what can I say? He has a way with words)
He let you read it and pretended to just look away but was more nervous than ever and was looking at you from the corner of his eye. Just looking for a reaction.
But when you were done reading and you looked at him with a smile on your face. He knew it was a good sign that you would accept being with him
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