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Has anyone have thoughts on Steven Wilson’s upcoming album, The Future Bites based on the released songs (as of October 30, 2020 when I write this)? Personally, I feel like this is not gonna be my vibe considering I’m more used to heavier and softer but not electronic type of sound but I don’t mind it. My favorite is Personal Shopper because of its chorus (Just can’t get rid of it out of my head for some reason).

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Steven Wilson - EMINENT SLEAZE (Official Video)

Following the release of PERSONAL SHOPPER earlier in the year, a second track from THE FUTURE BITES is out online today. EMINENT SLEAZE is a wholly unethical life lesson strapped to a piece of grimy, low-slung funk, and as much a departure from Steven’s previous records as its immediate predecessor (watch Miles Skarin’s end times video for the track below). A limited edition 12” of EMINENT SLEAZE will be released as part of this year’s Record Store Day. It will be available in participating #RSD20 shops both in person and online as part of this year’s third and final RSD20 drop on October 24th. A limited edition CD single will also be released on the same day, along with a very limited merchandise bundle available for 24 hours only. Both CD and 12” feature exclusive tracks recorded during the album sessions EYEWITNESS and IN FLORAL GREEN.

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