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been wanting to draw this gal for a while now, so here she is!

honestly, she’s pretty but she also scares me…. a lot.

also whoever she’s talking to is in for a really bad time i’m sure

@tomahachi12 :)

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I bet Owl House fans are feeling left out since Big City Greens has new episodes and Amphibia is coming back soon with new episodes

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Sun Sapphire Adoptable [OPEN]

Base by Tia-Moon78 (DeviantArt)

Available for $5

Sun is very posh and concerned about appearances, but also rather oblivious and kind.

- first come first serve, unless someone else has a higher offer and I haven’t confirmed anyone yet

- PayPal ONLY

- I don’t do holds

- PLEASE DO NOT RESELL- once she’s yours you can change her how you like, except for her personality blurb above

- credit me the first time you post/draw her

- once you pay I’ll send you an unwatermarked png

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This isn’t finished but I’m probably never going to get it done so here she is

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I finished steven universe future today and ohhh my god. I don’t think i have ever cried so hard in a show in my entire life. I’ve been a fan of SU since middle school and watching steven grow up and everyone change around him was aaaakldsajf. I’m sad to see this show go but oh my godd it was so good. (btw i know it was released like last year, but i still wanna talk about it so >:3 )

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ah, the main boy.

STEVEN DIAMOND UNIVERSE, more info about him under the cut:

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Chely audi +garnet + amethyst + pearl + Spinel = meteorite.

Meets meteorite, the fusion of Chely audi, garnet, Amethyst, pearl and spinel.

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Priyanka Diamond from Jungle Moon episode, a character that I feel was left really underappreciated.
This is literally Tired Mom Energy²

Trying out new brushes and coloring style. I’m still learning. No hate pls. 

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