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House of X #1 - “The House That Xavier Built” (2019) interior ink by Pepe Larraz
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On a cold winter night 20,000 years ago in North America, the saber-toothed cat Smilodon fatalis declares its supremacy over its hunting ground with a roar to the starry heavens. Although saber-toothed cats like Smilodon were not true tigers, they probably were able to roar like modern big cats due to possessing a similar arrangement of hyoid bones attached to their larynx (voice box).

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Generations: Wolverine & All-New Wolverine

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History of Rogue Cheney

After “History of Sting Eucliffe” we have Rogue Cheney and his history.

From left to right:

Rogue as child
Rogue during Grand Magic Games
Rogue’s shocking face after talking with Levia
Rogue during Tartaros Arc
Rogue during Alvarez Arc in his Dragon Force
Rogue in 100 Years Quest

In the middle you have Rogue today!

I hope you like it.

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History of Sting Eucliffe

My next artwork to Fairy Tail with Sting Eucliffe and his history.

From left to right:

Sting as child
Sting during Grand Magic Games
Sting after “losing” Lector
Sting during Tartaros in his Dragon Force
Sting during Alvarez Arc in his White Shadow Dragon Mode
Sting in 100 Years Quest

In the middle you have Sting today! There will be also a “History of Rogue Cheney” very soon. Look into my upload schedule :D

I hope you like it.

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I summoned savannah so I decided to draw a transmog for her!

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In the dorm

Roxy was healing Ben’s right wrist as she sighed, “I can’t believe you fell into the trap.” 

Ben gulped and frowned at the same time as Roxy finished healing his right wrist, the burn mark had gone as Ben put his jacket on and Hawks walked toward her, “So you must be Roxy Uzumaki, right?”


“So can you tell us about the Phoenix?”

Roxy turned her head toward Team Mystery Heroes, X Men teens, Mystery Inc, Ben’s teammates and Marinette’s friends were staring at her as she commanded, “All of you stay here except Grey-san, Grey-san, with me.”

Jean nodded as walked toward Roxy and Hawks, as they started walking to the meeting room as Endeavor, Logan and U.A teachers were there as Roxy, Hawks and Jean sat on the chairs as Nezu arrived, he cleared his throat, “We have a serious problem with the villains so Uzumaki-san, can you explain about the Phoenix?”

Roxy nodded and she started explaining to the pro heroes and the teachers, “The Phoenix is a very mysterious cosmic force from space, and very dangerous. When the Phoenix finds a host and will control a host like a puppet, it will give you more power and be unbeatable. Jean Grey has the Phoenix, now…. that’s why the villains went after her.”

“So this girl has the Phoenix, how’s that happen?” Yagi asked as Logan sighed, “You see, we were in the rocket also I was there with X-Men and….. I saw it all. When Grey-san was knocked out, I watched the Phoenix go inside her and we arrived at New York but went into the ocean and we almost drowned but we did get out of the rocket, that happened…. Grey-san awakens the Phoenix. But she was unconscious when she turned into Phoenix, so we brought her to the medical room.”

“So she can handle the Phoenix?” Endeavor asked as Roxy nodded, “I taught her how to handle the Phoenix from awakening it.”

“Why did the Phoenix choose her as its host?” Cementoss asked as Roxy crossed her arms, “Because Grey-san is Phoenix’s first host.”

“Hmmm that’s interesting.” Nezu put his paws on his hips, Midnight asked Roxy, “Can you please explain more deeply about the Phoenix?”

“Of course, now listen very carefully.” 

In the dorm

Ben sighed and sat on the couch with Marinette, rubbing his right wrist as Marinette was staring at him as she put her hand on Ben’s left shoulder, causing Ben to get attention from her, “What is it?”

“I was worried about you but I’m glad you’re okay.” Marinette said as Ben smiled a little, Eri and kids rushed toward them and Katsuma asked Ben, “Can I…. see your watch?”

Ben smiled, showing the kids the omnitrix as the kids started touching the omnitrix as Kota asked him, “How did you get this watch?”

Ben was surprised as he noticed the Class 1A, Marinette’s friends, Mystery Inc, X Men teens and Hank were staring at him as Marinette nodded, Ben sighed, “Alright, you can sit and I will tell the story.”

The kids sat on the couch and Eri sat on Marinette’s laps as the teens sat on the floor, Ben cleared his throat and he started his story about how he got the omnitrix.

Roxy and the leaders arrived and they saw the teens were listening to Ben, who was telling the story as Roxy smiled warmly, but worried about the students and others. Logan put his hand on Roxy’s shoulder and he told her, “We will protect them from the villains.”

“Thank you, father.” Roxy smiled, the teens heard what she said to Logan and they turned their heads toward her, Logan was surprised as the teachers were surprised too. Roxy blinked her eye and she looked puzzled, she asked them, “Why are you staring at me?”

“You just call Logan “ ‘Father.’ ” Ben answered as Roxy realized and blushed in embarrassment and she walked away, Logan chuckled and crossed his arms. Roxy walked to her new room and closed her door behind her as she sighed and she started unpacking her bag as she put her clothes inside the drawer as she picked a small picture frame, she smiled, “I can’t believe that you were a student of U.A, but…. Why are you going to the island to marry my biographic father?”

Roxy put her small frame picture on the table, a picture of a beautiful lady with brown hair and silver eyes, she wore a red kimono like a kuīn. She smiled and started decorating her room a little as she picked her swords and unsheathed her swords, ‘Now it’s time to clean my swords.”

In the living room

Ben finished telling his story as the teens were awed as Ben chuckled, “I wasn’t born as a quirk user but I can use the omnitrix to protect and fight for the innocents. Any questions?”

“I have a question….. How did you get these mysterious powers?” Hank asked as Ben widened his eyes and he had a flashback of he was 10, his tears were rolling over his cheeks and a man held a syringe that had the liquid inside. 

“Ben?” Marinette asked as Ben snapped out of his mind and shook his head and he said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore your question, just…. I can’t remember.”

Ben smiled nervously and Logan furrowed his eyebrows in suspicion as Eri put her hands on Ben’s left hand, Ben blinked his eyes and turned his head toward Eri, who gave him a smile, “We are here for you, Mr. Tennyson.”

Ben got touched by Eri’s kindness words as he smiled, “Thank you, Eri.”

Izuku smiled as Marinette gave Eri a ruffle on her head as Eri hugged her, Ben chuckled and got up, he walked to the bathroom as he sighed and turned the water on, the water started running into the sink as he sighed, “Dammit, not that flashback….”

Ben threw the paper towel into the trash and turned the water off, he left to his bedroom as Logan was hiding and watching him. 

‘So he just likes….. us.’ Logan thought as he left, walking as Roxy noticed him, “There you are.”

“Ten seem….. tense.”

Roxy furrowed her eyebrow in concern as she put her hands on her hips and Logan smiled a little, “I’m glad you are okay, my daughter.”

Roxy halted when she heard Logan said “daughter” to her, Logan frozen too as he blushed a little and looked away, Roxy smiled a little and walked away. Logan turned his head toward her as he huffed out and smiled a little but frowned in anger when his friends were watching him and he growled, “Will you stop staring at me with your weird smiles?”

“So cute when you and her are like father and daughter.” Jean giggled as Hank and X Men teens nodded in agreement as Logan growled and left, Rogue smiled and stared at her.

At dinner

Team Mystery Heroes, X Men, Class 1A, kids and others were eating their dinner meals as Logan was sitting with Roxy, Roxy sat with Bakugo as Bakusquad sat with Ben’s teammates, Marinette’s friends sat with Dekusquad and X Men, Ben sat with Marinette, Marinette sat with the kids as Ben asked, “Midoriya, where’s your mom? I haven’t seen your mom.”

“She left for home.”

“Oh I see.”

“So Tennyson tomorrow you join us in the classroom, right?” Uraraka asked as Ben nodded, Roxy kept eating her dinner meal as Gwen asked her, “So tomorrow you will become a teacher like Mr. Aizawa?”

“Yes, you will become the students too.”

“But what about Zed, Doos and Blonko?” Yaoyorozu asked as Roxy turned her head toward Zed, Scooby, Scrappy and Rook, who were eating their meals as she said, “They will guard this school.”


“Say…. how did Magento, Emma and Sabertooth enter this dorm?” Logan asked as Roxy furrowed her eyebrow, “Now you mention it…. Possibly anyone who works with the villains is among us. We need to be more careful.”

Logan nodded as Sosaki told Roxy, “Can you take care of Kota, Eri and the Shimano siblings? Because maybe the villains will after these kids.”

“I have a idea. Doo will take care of them in the dorm.” 

“Good idea!”

After dinner

“Doo-kun, tomorrow I need you to take care of these kids.” Roxy commanded softly as Scooby smiled and nodded, “R’m rn rt!- I’m on it!”

“Well I need to set my hero costume for tomorrow.” Roxy walked away as she headed to her room as she found her hero costume and she put her hero suit on her desk, “It will do.”

Roxy picked her necklace from inside her shirt and she took a look at the mirrior, staring at her necklace, “But…. This necklace must be inside my hero suit to balance my demon and human blood, if someone broke this crystal of balance for demon hybrid humans like me…..”

She put her necklace inside her shirt, then she headed to the female restroom and checked her right eye, she still has a demonic eye. Her right eye has blue irises with black slitted pupils and light blue sclera as she muttered, “I broke my eye when I awakened without the crystal of balance…..”

Roxy heard a gasp came from beside her as she turned her head toward Eri, who was shocked to see her right eye as she walked toward her, Roxy picked her in her arms as Eri touched the swordswoman’s cheeks, “Is your eye hurt?”

“No. I broke my eye, but now my eye is okay.”

“Wow…..Your eye is pretty.” 

“Oh thank you, but please don’t tell everyone about my eye.” 

“I won’t tell everyone.”

Roxy smiled and covered her right eye with her hair bang as she hugged Eri, Eri hugged her back, they didn’t know that someone was overhearing their conversation, the shadow figure shaped like a puppy, smiling so darkly and showing white teeth and fled away.

In living room

Ben was chatting with Dekusquad and Bakusquad as Roxy was chatting with Ben’s teammates and X Men, Izuku was chatting with Marinette’s friends as Marinette was chatting with Aizawa, Hizashi and Kayama as Ben finished talking with Dekusquad and Bakusquad, he walked toward Kevin, about to put his hand toward Kevin’s shoulder but he halted when he had a flashback about he was wirefox, trying to kill his best friend. Ben widened his eyes in horror and put his hand away as Kevin noticed him, “Oh hey Tennyson. What’s up?”

Ben blinked his eyes then he looked away from his best friend and put his hand on the back of his neck, “Oh nothing…. I need to go to sleep.”

Ben walked away as Roxy knew that he had a guilt about killing Kevin when he was wirefox, as she announced, “X Men, Mystery Inc and Tennyson kun’s teammates, you can share your friends’ bedroom.”

“But what about the kids?” Izuku asked as Roxy nodded, “They can stay here and under our wings.”

“I want to sleep with Deku.” Katsuma raised his hand as Eri raised her hand, “I want to sleep with Doo.”

“I want to sleep with Dupain-Cheng.” Mahoro raised his hand as Kota raised his hand, “I wanna sleep with Deku.”

“Okay, you can sleep with them.”

The kids cheered as Shaggy walked toward her, “We can handle this girl and protect her.”

“Okay and be careful.”

After chatting with students, teens and adults, they headed to their bedrooms.


Ben’s bedroom next to Adrien’s bedroom, Adrien’s bedroom next to Scott’s bedroom, Scott’s bedroom next to Shaggy’s bedroom.


Jiro’s bedroom next to Luka’s bedroom, Luka’s bedroom next to Juklea’s bedroom.


Uraraka’s bedroom next to Marinette’s bedroom, Marinette’s bedroom next to Alya’s bedroom.

Bakugo’s bedroom next to Kevin’s bedroom.


Yaoyorozu’s bedroom next to Gwen’s bedroom, Gwen’s bedroom next to Daphne’s bedroom.

Kitty’s bedroom next to Sato’s bedroom.

In 2F

In Ben’s bedroom 

Ben was sleeping on the bed, his jacket was on the chair as his school uniform on the desk.

In Adrien’s bedroom

Adrien slept on the bed and Nino had a spare bed on the floor and they had their school uniforms on the desk.

In Scott’s bedroom

Scott was sleeping without his sunglasses and Kurt was sleeping on the spare bed on the floor, their school uniforms on the desk.

In Shaggy’s bedroom 

Shaggy was sleeping and he had a dream about his future as master chef, Scooby was sleeping on the floor with Eri and Scrappy, Fred was sleeping on the spare bed as Shaggy’s and Fred’s school uniforms were on the desk.

In 3F

In Luka’s bedroom

Luka was sleeping on the bed and his school uniform was on the desk.

In Jukela’s bedroom

Jukela was sleeping on the bed and her school uniform was on the desk.

In 4F

In Uraraka’s bedroom

Uraraka was sleeping on her bed, Kagami was sleeping on the spare bed, her school uniform was on the desk.

In Marinette’s bedroom

Marinette and Mahoro were sleeping on the bed, Jean was sleeping on the spare bed, Tikki was sleeping inside the purse, their school uniforms were on the desk.

In Alya’s bedroom

Alya was sleeping on the bed, her glasses and school uniform were on the desk.

In Kevin’s bedroom

Kevin was sleeping on the bed, Zed was sleeping on the floor and Rook was sleeping on the spare bed, Kevin’s school uniform on the desk.  

In 5F

In Gwen’s bedroom

Gwen was sleeping on the bed and Rouge was sleeping on the spare bed, their school uniforms were on the desk.

In Daphne’s bedroom

Daphne was sleeping on the bed, Kitty was sleeping on the spare bed and their school uniforms were on the desk.

The students and teens were sleeping calmly.


“So these heroes are living in the dorm….. But I am not interested in fighting against them, I am only paying a visit to my own children, I know where my children are inside the rooms.” A female voice smirked so darkly, she disguised herself as a hawk and went flying to the dorm as she landed on the roof, she disguised herself as Kitty, and went through the door, walking quietly.

In Roxy’s bedroom

Roxy was sleeping quietly, she was lying on the bed and her necklace was locked with her. 

In Hank’s bedroom

Hank was sleeping on the bed and muttering about teaching the students.

In Logan’s bedroom

Logan was sleeping on the bed as he opened his eyes when he heard the footsteps, sat up and he wore white tank and blue sweatpants, sniffing the scent as he cringed and furrowed his eyebrows, “Mystique….”

Logan got up quickly and got out of his bedroom.

In the hallway

Kitty? was walking to look for their children by using Kitty’s power as she put her head through the door, she found Kurt as she turned back to her true form, she had red long hair, wore white top crop, white pants and boots.

“Oh my son, you are safe with your friends.” Mystique smiled warmly as she kneeled on the floor put her hand on her son’s head softly, “I’m sorry about not being there for you…..”

Mystique got up and walked to the desk, put the small present as she disguised herself as Kitty, went through the door and looked for Rogue, but halted when she saw a sign on the door, the sign said “Tennyson.” She entered through the door and saw Ben, he was sleeping as she turned back to her true self and she said, “I remember you….. You were there as a child….. poor child… you were trapped in that mad man’s hands.”

Ben was sleeping as Mystique felt sad and sorry about this boy who was suffered by that wicked man, she disguised herself as Kitty and left Ben’s bedroom as she walked as she found Gwen’s bedroom, she smiled and entered through the door she disguised herself as Kitty, went through the door and she found Rogue and she entered Gwen’s bedroom and she transformed back to her true form again as she smiled, “Rogue…. I was so worried about you but I’m glad your friends are protecting you.”

Rogue looked so peaceful when she was sleeping, Mystique put the small present on the desk,  and disguised herself as Kitty as she was walking to the room with the sign, it’s said “Uzumaki.”

She smiled and entered but….

“Not so fast.” Logan whispered, crossing his arms as he was protecting Roxy from Mystique, who transformed back to her true form as she smiled, “Hello, Logan.”

“Why are you here?”

“I am here to check on my son and adoptive daughter, to make sure they are ok. Also that boy….”

“You mean Ten?”

“Ben. He was with other kids when they got kidnapped by that mad man.” 

“I was sent by Henry to rescue them.”

“But you got unconscious by him.”


“Anyway, I’m glad that they didn’t get experimented on by that mad man but….. this boy…..”

Logan remembered when he was being experimented on by that scientist as he shook his head and he stared at Mystique, “I will make sure if Ten goes rage, I know what to do with him.”

“Of course. You can, also I am here to warn you about….”

Mystique started talking to Logan, Logan furrowed his eyebrows in seriousness as he sighed, “Thank you for warning me.”

“Oh, last thing.” Mystique picked the small box and threw it toward Logan, Logan caught it as he took a look at the small box, “What’s for?”

“Christmas present for our sweetie.”

Logan blushed a little because Mystique loves Roxy as her daughter, Mystique giggled, “How cute when you and Roxy are like father and daughter.”

“S-Shut up.” 

“Oh? Are you going cold on me? Oh well, I will leave without harm to them.” 

Mystique transformed into a bat as Logan opened the window for her and she left the dorm, Logan closed the window tightly and he took a look at Roxy, who was sleeping as he touched her hair, “I know you dislike her but….. I’m not a good father to you.”

“You are not….” Roxy’s voice softly startled Logan, Roxy put her hand on Logan’s right hand, She was sleeping and talking, “You are a good father to me…. and please be careful…..”

Logan smiled and chuckled softly as he kneeled on the floor and he put his forehead on her forehead, “Thank you.”

Roxy released Logan’s hand as Logan smiled and left, closed the door behind him and left to bed.

In Marinette’s bedroom

Jean was sleeping as a flame colored glowing surrounded her as a shape of a bird, staring at Marinette. A flame colored bird went toward Marinette and inside her, Marinette still sleeping peaceful like a princess.  

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I keep seeing these and I couldn’t help but make one of Victor!! And yes I used one of the most evil possible pictures because I love it

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For SaberDrift from deviantart! || Cinnadogs/cats Closed Species © Lesboys

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In the subway

Ben was sitting with his teammates and Class 1A boys, Marinette was sitting with her friends and the Class 1A girls, Shaggy and Scooby with their friends and X Men teens as Ben sighed, “Why am I becoming the leader of all of you?”

“Because Roxy chose you as her successor so that’s why she chose you to lead us.” Marinette told him as Izuku, Shaggy and Scooby nodded in agreement with her. The train stopped as the doors opened, the teens went out and walked to the mall, Ben put his face mask on so people couldn’t recognize him as he announced, “Okay you guys, we have our money and you can split up to buy Christmas presents.”

The teens nodded and left, Ben was with Bakusquad and other students as they started walking together, Ashido asked Ben, “So you became Uzumaki’s successor, what does she teach you?”

“Oh well…. She trained me with sword fighting and spar battle. To practice to get better and stronger.” Ben answered as Mineta was jealous that a beautiful lady like Roxy, training Ben as Jiro was thinking about Luka as Bakugo asked Ben, “Oi, Quirkless Green. Why are you always with Silverblue?”

“Because she chose me as her successor, like Marinette as intern leader.”

“Huh, like the Big Three.” Sero smiled as Ben turned his head toward him, “Big Three?”

“Mirio, Tamaki and Nejire. I’m sure they will meet you.” Yaoyorozu smiled as Tokoyami nodded a little as Aoyama thumbed up, “They’re nice and so strong!”

Ben smiled as he cleared his throat, “Anyway, let’s split to buy the presents for our friends.”

The Bakusquad and other students started splitting up to buy as Ben started walking alone and put his jacket off and tied around his wrist, “It’s too hot for me…”

In the U.A

“Tomorrow is school, you should wear your hero suits when you become the teachers.” Nezu told Roxy, Logan and Hank as Roxy nodded, “Of course, but… I must wear a mask?”


Aizawa walked toward three of them and he told them, “You can stay inside the dorm to protect the students because the mysterious figures will kidnap one of the students.”

“I will. My teammates, their friends, Howlett-san and his friends are like my family to me.” Roxy nodded as Aizawa, Roxy, Logan and Hank started walking together. 

“So I was worried about our friends and the students, will they be ok?” Hank asked as Roxy nodded, “They will be under Tennyson-kun’s, Dupain-Cheng-chan’s, Midoriya-kun’s, Rogers-kun’s, and Doo’s wings. Say…. Where’s Ororo-san?”

“Oh, she stayed inside the X-Mansion.” Hank told her as Roxy raised her eyebrow, “I see.”

“So are you sure that your teammates will be safe?” Logan asked as Roxy chuckled, “Never underestimate my teammates because I trained them.”

In the first floor

Ben was walking alone as he passed people, he sighed and kept walking and put his hands inside the jacket pockets as he kept walking, suddenly….

“HELP! A THIEF STOLE MY PURSE!” A brown haired lady with purple dress shouted as Ben jerked his head toward a purse thief with black hoodie, who was running as Ben started chasing a purse thief, a purse thief ran right as Ben followed him. A purse thief smirked so darkly.

In second floor 

Shaggy, Scooby and Dekusquad were walking, Shaggy was thinking about a present for Velma as he asked Scooby, “What does Velma like?”

“Rmm…. Rhe rike r rook.- Hmm… She likes books.”

“Oh yeah, she does like books. We will find a bookstore.”

“She likes books?” Uraraka raised her eyebrows as Shaggy told her, “I remember clearly, when we were kids, Velma loves books about science and technology.”

“So you know Mystery Inc since childhood?” Iida asked as Shaggy nodded, “We existed Mystery Inc when we solved our first case as kids on Halloween.”

“So how did you meet Scooby?” Torodoki asked, Shaggy answered, “I met him first when we were young kids, I had no friends because they’re thinking I’m a weird….. But I got new friends.” 

“Reah, re ret rs rest friend.- Yeah, we met as rest rriends.” Scooby nodded as Tsu asked shaggy, “Do you have family, ribbit?”

“Oh, I have a baby sister, Sugie.”

“Oh I didn’t know you have a baby sister.” Uraraka smiled as Torodoki noticed Shaggy, looking so sad as he put his hand on the master chef’s shoulder, “You ok?”

“I’m fine…. My parents don’t like me.”

Dekusquad was surprised as Scooby whimpered in sadness, Shaggy shook his head, “But Mystery Inc and Team Mystery Heroes are like family to me.”

In first floor

Kevin, Zed, Gwen, Rook, Scott, Jean and Marinette were walking together, Marinette was thinking about Ben, who was smiling as Jean read her mind and she teased, “Oh? Is Marinette falling in love with Ben?”

Marinette snapped out of her thought and she turned her head toward Jean, who smiling as Kevin picked money from his pocket, “Dammit, Scott.”

“Told you, Marinette is falling in love with Ben.” Scott chuckled and took money from Kevin, Rook wondered, “Is a love between Ben and Marinette?”

“Of course. Ben and Marinette are in love with each other after Julie broke up with him.” Gwen replied as Marinette gave Jean and Gwen an angry pout, Jean cooed, “So cute.”

“Stop it.” Marinette pouted as a blush appeared on her cheeks, Gwen chuckled, “We will help you find a perfect present for Ben.”

“Really?” Marinette gasped as Kevin, Gwen, Rook, Scott and Jean nodded.

“Okay, let’s split to buy the presents for our friends.”

Ben’s teammates and teen X-Men started splitting to buy the presents as Marinette sighed, “They wouldn’t tease me.” 

In third floor

Izuku, Marinette’s friends and Mystery Inc were walking together as Fred asked Izuku, “You need help to buy a present?”

“Yes, I need to buy a present for Uraraka.” Izuku answered as Daphne blinked her eyes and she asked, “Are you….. love her?”

Izuku halted and blushing so hard, put his arms to cover his face as Adrien chuckled, “So you love Uraraka….”

“But we respect you.” Velma amiled as Izuku turned his head toward the teens, “Really?”

“Yes, I love Daphne.” Fred smiled as Daphne held Fred’s hand, Adrien held Kagami’s hand, Nino held Alya’s hand, but Luka and Jukela didn’t, Luka told Izuku, “Juleka and I are siblings.”

‘Oh, make sense. So you can split up to buy the presents for people you care about.” Izuku announced as the teens started splitting up as Izuku smiled and he started walking alone.

In first floor

Ben kept chasing the purse thief, he panted as the purse thief went right and entered the parking area as Ben entered and he halted, panting as the purse thief halted too. 

“Stop….. right now….” Ben panted as the purse thief turned his head toward the omnitrix user, he pulled his hood, Ben cringed, “It’s you….. Tomura Shigaraki!”

“Ben Tennyson…” Shigaraki smirked as Ben was about to scroll the omnitrix but he felt the hand gripped his right wrist, Ben took a look who gripped his right wrist, it’s Dabi.

“Hmph, a quirkless boy with a weird wristwatch.” Dabi smirked as he slammed Ben onto the wall, Ben grunted as Shigaraki put his hand toward Ben and four fingers curled around Ben’s neck, only pinky finger uncurled as Dabi put Ben’s face mask off and burned it, Ben gritted his teeth in tension. 

“Whoa, a fanged boy! He’s so cute!” Toga squealed and she showed up, Twice, Mr. Compress, and Spinner showed up.

“So you must be Midoriya’s buddy, are you?” Shigaraki smirked so darkly as Ben furrowed his eyebrows in frustration, “What do you want from me?”

“Ah, I have an alliance with other villains and the two members.” Shigaraki answered as the footsteps went closer and closer, a same lady who had stolen her purse, she turned back to her true identity, a silver haired lady,  and another lady showed up, Ben widened his eyes, “Charmcaster and Rojo!”

“Hello, Tennyson.” Charmcaster walked toward Ben, Shigaraki handed the purse to Charmcaster, her purse turned back to her Magical Charm Bag, she took her puse with her and she touched his cheek, Rojo scoffed, “That pretty little girl….”

Charmcaster wore a purple coat over her dark purple mini dress with black leggings and boots just like a witch, at the top of her dress, she has a fuchsia gem with a gold border. Her low ponytail hair and blackish purple lips, she wore her Magical Charm Bag around her waist.

Rojo wore a biker jacket with red shoulder armors which have spikes, black fingerless gloves,  black leather pants and boots, she has red mohawk hair and red lips.   

“What was that?!” Charmcaster growled and took her hand away from Ben’s cheek and marched toward Rojo, Toga giggled, “He’s so handsome to have fangs!”

Ben was about to move his left wrist but he felt a sharp pain, Dabi activated his quirk a little and he said, “If you move again, Shigaraki and I will destroy you with our quirks.”

Ben stopped moving his left wrist, he gulped and Twice laughed, “How weak you are! A quirkless boy can’t fight against us and people who have quirks.”

Shigaraki wore black hoodie, black shirt, black pants and shoes. 

Toga wore a seifuku school uniform coupled with a red scarf as well as a dark blue skirt. Her socks are knee-length and she has a pair of shoes that are commonly worn as a part of a school uniform, with additional support gadgets including a large black mask styled with a metallic smile, there are three needle canisters attached to both sides of her mask. She also has green utility boxes attached with a belt around her waist as well as two on her legs containing blades.

Twice wore a black and gray bodysuit that covers his whole body, along with gray boots. The upper half of his signature mask is gray with white eye sockets and the lower half covering his mouth is black.

Dabi wore black torn jacket and rolled his sleeves, white shirt, black pants and boots.

Mr. Compress wore dark yellow, double-breasted overcoat with buttoned shoulder tabs and a high collar, which reached below his knees, and a silver cane with a gold handle.

Spinner wore a sleeveless shirt and dark, baggy pants, along with black shoes and pale, metallic knee guards. He wears a long striped cloth mask, a red scarf and bandages wrapped around both his arms. He carries a huge sword on his back and wears goggles on his forehead.

‘Dammit….. If I move, they will kill me without my friends and others knowing…..’ Ben thought as Shigaraki asked Ben, “Do you know about the Phoenix?”

In the second floor

Shaggy and Scooby bought the present for Velma, suddenly they got blocked by a big, fat man. He wore white tank with black sweatpants as Shaggy said, “Please excuse me.”

“Nah, I won’t let you.” A big, fat man smirked as a female voice giggled, “He’s right, we will not let you go.”

Shaggy and Scooby turned their heads toward a lady wearing a red shirt, blackish red pants and black boots, black hair with red streaks and a man wore a silver shirt, black pants and silver shoes, a short man, look like humanoid toad and he wore green shirt with blue pants and black shoes.

“Who are you?” Shaggy growled as a silver haired man smirked, “I am Pierto Maximoff and she is my sister, Wanda. This big man is Fred and the other one is Todd.”

Fred smirked as Shaggy clenched his fists as Wanda giggled so darkly, “We mean no harm, but we are here for the Phoenix.”

“Phoenix?” Shaggy raised his eyebrows, Scooby growled as Pierto chuckled, “Well, seem you don’t know about the Phoenix…. but I will tell you.”

In the third floor

Izuku was walking as he had bought a present in the bag as he sighed, “Oh well, for Uraraka.”

Izuku kept walking, suddenly he felt the floor started shaking a little, causing Izuku got unbalance and fell on the floor as a boy walked toward him, he wore black leather over his white shirt, black pants and boots as Izuku asked him, “Who are you?”

“The name’s Lance Alvers, You’re Izuku Midoriya, a member of Team Mystery Heroes.” Lance answered as Izuku got up and ready to fight but Lance raised his hand to halt, “I don’t need to fight but do you know where the Phoenix is?”

“The Phoenix? A fire bird?” Izuku furrowed his eyebrows as Lance nodded, “That’s why we are here to target the Phoenix.”

 In the dorm

Roxy was chatting with Logan and Hank, suddenly she halted and she heard something as Logan halted too.

“What’s the matter?” Hank asked as Roxy and Logan shushed, Aizawa, Hizashi, Kayama and the Wild, Wild Pussycats were puzzled, Roxy closed her eye to hear something…. So familiar, Roxy jerked open her eye and she shouted, “Put the kids to safety! We’re not alone!”

Aizawa and his friends, the Wild, Wild Pussycats took the kids to safety as Roxy unsheathed her swords as Logan activated his claws, Beast was ready to on action, suddenly Logan yelped and he was floating, then slammed onto the wall, pinning on the wall as Roxy jerked turn her head to see what’s going on as a older man showed up, he wore red bodysuit with purple cape and gauntlet gloves, black boots and a beautiful lady wore white bodysuit with white cloak and boots showed up.

“What….. Magento and Emma Frost!” Roxy shouted as a huge man showed up, stood in front of her, “Hello, Logan’s little girl.”

“Don’t you dare to be near her, Sabertooth!” Logan roared as Hank was about to attack Sabertooth but Emma punched him in the stomach and Hank went unconscious, Sabertooth wore black long back jacket over his black bodyguard and boots as Magento walked toward Roxy, Roxy furrowed her eyebrow, seeming calm.

“Roxy Uzumaki, the successor of Logan Howlett.” Magento said calmly as Roxy repiled, “Magento.”

“We are here to not fight against the heroes like you, But we are here to find the Phoenix.” 

“The Phoenix? No. We do not have.”

“Then we will have to find the Phoenix among you and your friends.” 

“So nice to see you again…. Little brother.” Sabertooth laughed as Logan growled, Sabertooth, Emma and Magento left as Roxy watched the villains left. Logan yelped and fell on the floor as the teachers rushed to see if Roxy, Logan and Hank were okay, Roxy nodded, “It’s okay but…. What does he mean Phoenix?”

“I think he means Red.” Logan whispered as Roxy gasped as she turned her head toward the teachers and Wild, Wild Pussycats, she asked, “Do you have telepathy?”

“I have.” Sosaki nodded as Roxy cleared her throat, “Team Mystery Heroes, Mystery Inc, X Men and Class 1A! We have a serious problem and please come to our dorm immediately!”      

In the mall

Team Mystery Heroes, Mystery Inc, X Men, and Class 1A halted when they can hear Roxy’s voice in their minds by Sosaki’s telepathy. 

In parking area

“So you went after the Phoenix, it’s just the myth….” Ben said as he felt another sharp pain from Dabi, Charmcaster started explaining, “The Phoenix is a mysterious cosmic force to choose a new host who will possess one and can destroy anything and living beings like us and animals.”

“HEY!” A voice boomed, causing the villains turned his head toward a huge man, he wore a tight, navy turquoise bodysuit with lines of flames streaming across his chest, upper torso, arms, and most prominently his shoulders. He uses his flames as a makeshift mask around his eyes, the back of his hands are grill handguards, shoulder pads and the tall boots, his belt is a stylized kanji for ¨Flame.”

A man showed up, he had red wings and he wore yellow in colour and lined with white fur. He wears a black top underneath which has a golden pattern, along with a yellow-tinted visor to protect his eyes, as well as black gloves and boots, also he was wearing headphones.

“Endeavor and Hawks….” Dabi said calmly as he released Ben’s right wrist, left a burn mark as a portal appeared as the villains started leaving, Endeavor tried to stop the villains but Shigaraki waved his finger, “Not so fast, if you try to capture us…. Ben Tennyson will die by my quirk.” 

Endeavor noticed Ben, who was taken hostage by Shigaraki as Hanks furrowed his eyebrows as the villains finally left as Shigaraki released Ben, he smirked, “It’s nice to chat with you.”

Shigaraki smirked and left, the portal went disappeared as Ben grunted in pain and he had a burn mark on his right wrist, as Hawks walked toward him, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just got a burn mark.”

Hawks took a look at Ben’s burn mark on his right wrist, Endeavor asked Ben, “What did the villains say to you?”

“They were talking about the Phoenix, but I don’t know what they are talking about…. but they said that Phoenix is a mysterious cosmic force.” Ben told Endeavor as the door opened, Ben, Endeavor and Hawks got attention, Izuku and others were standing and Marinette gasped when Ben got burned mark on his right wrist as she rushed to take a look, “It’s look so bad, we will go back to our dorm and Roxy will heal you..!”    

“It’s okay, Marinette.” Ben smiled, but Class 1A, X-Men teens, Marinette’s friends, Mystery Inc and Team Mystery Heroes furrowed their eyebrows and shook their heads as no, Endeavor noticed his son as he walked toward his son, “Shoto….”


Ben, X Men teens, Marinette’s friends, Ben’s teammates and Mystery Inc were surprised that Endeavor is Torodoki’s father, Izuku said, “We need to go back to the dorm.”

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Fairy Tail episode 326

Natsu : *speech about friendship*

Me :

Sting and Rogue : *speech about friendship*

Me :

Other Fairy Tail members : *speech about friendship*

Me :

Cobra : *speech about friendship*

Me :

Me : … wait what ?

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Even though I found it hard to pump out art this year, the art that i DID manage to get finished was totally worth it. I’m really proud of myself this year and I hope y'all enjoyed this years worth of Moonie content !!
I hope i can make 2021 even better art and content wise !! Commissions are hopefully gonna be better since I will have less on my mind in 2021 (don’t jinx it..).


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i wanna splash water with you too Sting!! 🥺✨ he so cute i cant 👉👈🤍

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Sabertooth base [FREE TO USE]

Png file:

A big feline base that can be edited for tigers or lions!

+Please read the rules:

-Do not remove my logo

-You DON’T have to ask to use it.

-If you wish, you can show me what you did with it.


-You can alter the lineart to have other expressions/tails/hair/ears/wings/nose or finger number.


+How to fill the base:

-Fullview/download & SAVE AS PNG.

-Open the file in an art program (Paint tool sai, gimp, photoshop [even MS Paint]…)

-Create a layer under the lineart.

-Select zones with wand tool on the lineart layer.

Color in the other layer

-Credit me in description so other can use it

Hope it helped you, good luck!!

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