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#Saeran Choi

Mysme Fictober Oct 23rd

For @mysme-fictober​ 2020

Day 23: Freakshow

Couldn’t think of a single thing to write for today’s prompt so I just decided to put the RFA into the Freakshow:

Conjoined twins – Saeyoung and Saeran

Bearded Lady – MC

Strong Woman – Jaehee

Alabaster Statue – Zen

Fire Eater – Jumin

Body Suspension – Yoosung

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My one of my cousins looked at my phone and saw Seven and Unknown together. He got confused and asked me if I’m playing a My hero academia game. I said no, and he replied with:

“They look like Todoroki’s secret love children.”

And he paused for a moment and said,

“No wait, they look like Todoroki. Maybe he split himself and made one person have only a fire quirk and the other with only an ice quirk.”

I just looked at him surprised and started laughing XD

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Sure thing! I haven’t written a one shot for Saeyoung in a while so I’ll do him!

Saeyoung comforting an MC after they lost their cat:

It had been an awful week. Your cat got lost, and the planning for the party had been getting you súper stressful lately. Saeyoung quickly noticed that you weren’t acting like yourself, and it got worse when your cat suddenly disappeared from your home. You called Saeyoung at 3am, saying that you couldn’t find your cat anywhere, and that it had been more than two days already. Your cat used to disappear once in a while, but it never lasted this long. Once Saeyoung heard you sniffle through the other end of the line, he quickly left a note for his brother and got in one of his cars, quickly heading to your apartment.

When he opened the door he saw your red rimmed eyes. You had been crying. You were in your pijamas, and it looked like you hadn’t had a good nights sleep for a while. Saeyoung didn’t say anything as he quickly walked towards you and gave you a tight hug, where you finally released all of your emotions, and you cried for what seemed like a while. Saeyoung was always by your side, rubbing your back and giving you little forehead kisses while he whispered encouraging words into your ear.

“It’s going to be alright Y/N. I’m sure they’ll appear soon, after all, you were the best owner ever. They’re probably trying their best to find their way home right now, I mean, you treated them as if they were your own child. Please don’t worry. You’re doing a great job with everything, and remember that I’m always here to help you.”

You spent the whole night cuddling, and you didn’t realize it, but soon enough you were asleep.

The next morning you woke up alone in your bed. You saw that all the paperwork of the party that you had left on your table the night before. You let out a very tired and rough chuckle, and then you left your bed, heading towards the living room. You almost screamed in joy when you walked into the room.

Saeyoung was asleep on the couch, his glasses still on and crooked on his head. On his chest your cat was sleeping peacefully, and they quickly got up when they heard you entering the room. They quickly walked over to you and purred as they rubbed themselves in both your legs, their head up in a pointy and straight line, happy to see you. You smiled and pet your cat, unsbale to stop the tears. Then, when your cat was done with the cuddles, you walked over to Saeyoung and took off his glasses, kissing his forehead. He opened one eye and tiredly smiled up at you.

“I told you I could help you. Your knight in shining armor came in to the rescue!” He joked. You chuckled and got on top of him, hugging him as tight as you could and showering him with kisses.

Saeyoung blushed and pulled away to look at you. “Woah, if this is what I get for helping you with work I should do it more often!” He teased and you rolled your eyes.

“Thank you Saeyoung. I love you.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

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I really don’t think that there is a way to go and accidentally drink something that will literally taste like battery acid. Besides, what Rika does with the Elixir is use it in tandem with heavy psychological torture.

It takes countless sessions to break someone down and build them back up again in a way that she wants them to. It is so strong that unless they held you down in made you drink it, you’re not going to be able to get that stuff past your lips. You don’t just “go crazy”, don’t phrase it like that by the way. You are gas-lit, abused, and slowly but surely broken down with these two elements in the basement of this place. I won’t go into detail what I think unfolds when this happens but I think we all have a good idea.

I see what you’re trying to go is with this scenario but it’s just not one that I can rationally talk about. I don’t see that sort of thing working out at all. In Ray’s route, he doesn’t want you to drink it at all and he will go to extreme lengths to ensure that you don’t. Because he knows what it will do to you and that’s the last thing he wants to see happen.

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It was a mistake to take his assistant and trap her within briar and bramble. Her devotion to him was far stronger than her devotion to paradise, and the instant she knew that her boss wasn’t being given everything he was promised? She decided to destroy them all and repaint fate in his honor. No longer a scared princess, but a queen determined to bring about a new rule to paradise for her king.

Based on the Prologue’s Bad Ending. Canon Divergence to Petunia. A standalone fic that can read without reading any of the other stories in the series (It would help to have read Petunia but it’s not required.)

Relationship: Choi Saeran/Original Female Character

Bad Ending. No Happy Ending.


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For @mysme-fictober 2020

Day 22: Serial Killer

“Close your eyes! Stop looking at me!” Saeran berated himself as those damned amethyst eyes watched him in terror. He should have left this one alone, but he’d become obsessed. Changed his pattern. Convinced himself that he was justified in taking him. But he clearly saw now that his infatuation with this one had nothing to do with his other proclivity.

Most people had secrets, and many of those secrets were evil. Evil enough to kill them for. It was easy to extricate them from his prey. Usually he already knew what that secret was, though there had been times when he’d gone with his intuition before verifying. His intuition was always right.

He didn’t listen to it in this instance. He’d grabbed the prey with considerable ease, but things had gone horribly wrong. He’d found nothing to justify killing him. In fact, Yoosung Kim’s history was pristine and kind of boring. Plus he wouldn’t stop looking at him with those damned eyes!

Saeran turned away from the man on the table. He’d tied him down and gagged him but couldn’t bring himself to cover his eyes. His chest was exposed, and it would be an easy thing to slide his thin blade through his ribcage and puncture his heart. There was a muffled sound coming from behind him and he turned towards the man. Those eyes penetrated him again. As if they could pierce through to his dark soul and shine a light on it. It made his skin crawl.

“I said stop looking at me!” he screamed in Yoosung’s face. The blonde closed his eyes, squeezing them tight, but only for a few seconds. He blinked rapidly and met Saeran’s gaze. Fear was what he expected, but that’s not what was reflected. Pity. Was that pity?

What he was trying to say was incoherrant through the cloth gag. With furrowed brows he slowly pulled down the gag. Yoosung licked his lips, never wavering in his focus.

“It’s OK.” He whispered. “Do it, please.” Saeran fell back as if slapped. He wanted to die? His eyes were sorrowful, pained, accepting of what was to come. That had never happened before. His victims always cried, wept, pleaded, promised to reform their evil ways. None had ever been ready to die, and had they been, Saeran would have gladly ushered them into that darkness. This was different. Yoosung was different. He didn’t deserve to die, he had never done anything wrong to anyone. The life he had lead for the past 21 years was free of any wrongdoing worse than perhaps arguing with his older sister.

“Why?” he moved closer, curious.

“It hurts to live.”

“Why?” he asked again more forcefully than before. Reaching out towards the dagger he took it in his grip so tight his knuckles turned white.

“I can’t live with this sadness anymore. I’ve thought about doing it myself, but I could never go through with it. Knowing what it would do to my family, to my friends. I don’t want them to feel any guilt for my decision.” He was calm, coherent.

“Why would they?” Saeran asked.

“Because they would blame themselves for not seeing how depressed I was. For not believing me when I questioned the information I was given.”

“You mean about your cousin?”

“How…how did you know about that?”

“I know a lot about you Yoosung Kim. I’ve been watching you.”

“Oh…well…yes…I don’t believe she killed herself like V said she did.”

“Ah, then that’s why you would prefer your death was at my hands? So that your friends and family will have nothing to question. Simply assume you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, am I right?”

Yoosung began to cry, unable to say anything, he simply nodded.

“I understand. But I’m afraid I can’t do that.” He set the dagger down and turned his back to the man.

“What? Why? Isn’t that why you kidnapped me? Do it! DO IT! YOU COWARD!”

Those words should have gotten a rise out of him, maybe even done what Yoosung wanted him to do without thinking. But he’d made up his mind. He could no more kill Yoosung than he could kill a cat. What to do then? He’d seen his face, he could go to the authorities. Would he though? There were things Saeran knew about him now that perhaps the blonde would not want known by anyone else. It was slim chance to hold on to, but it was a chance.

“No. You have too much life to live and you deserve to have it.”

Yoosung sobbed, knowing that his hope was finally dashed. Saeran untied him and helped him to sit up.

“I’m going to blindfold you and take you somewhere safe.” Yoosung nodded, uncaring what was about to happen. Saeran caressed his cheek, running his thumb across his bottom lip. “I will watch over you.” He whispered and kissed the side of his mouth.

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every time Zen calls men wolves, I imagine an AU where Zen is a werewolf and Jumin is a vampire and they just hate each other. Seven would be, like, a witch or something. I guess Yoosung could be a witch-in-training? Rika is a fae and V is a ghost who died a couple hundred years ago but can’t stay dead because Rika is his former lover/arch nemesis. Uh, Saeran could be a zombie? XD And Vanderwood and Jaehee are the only humans and very tired with all the supernatural shenanigans.

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