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This Sagittarius season we can look forward to magic & miracles, jubilance & debauchery, sparking differently in everyone’s lives. After our shadow selves let loose all Scorpio season long (& was it LONG), our souls are feeling the most liberation we’ve felt all year, which really isn’t much and very short lived. On the contrary some are experiencing an escalating itch for freedom, to the point it can be painful. Scorpio season we were thrown into a worm hole that took us to an alternate dimension; now it’s like we’ve crashed our space ship on the foreign lands of an unknown planet. With Neptune still squared the Gem/Sag nodes, we’re increasingly becoming aware of any illusion we feed ourselves & the illusion we’ve turned civilization into. It’s time to take the red pill & pop the bubble. Until Saturn/Jupiter enter Aquarius come the beginning of Capricorn season, this next month is all about finding the higher truths we’ve longed to know, searching the horizons for our callings, and shooting our shot with a loaded clip. The truths we come to reveal will be unpleasant, but necessary in order to step out of dormant ignorance and a step closer to autonomy. We will see a rise in anarchists, freedom chasers & an extreme need to break free from any molds we’re trapped in either by our own accord or by the matrix. We cannot be defined by others any longer. Underneath the shadowy parts of our psyche (Scorpio) that we’ve just released resides the animalistic, savage, untamed side of us (Sagittarius) that is emerging now. Our inner selves no longer wish to align with external society, triggering our reptilian brain where survival begins. Be ready to watch things explode.

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i am strong. i tell myself that, push it into my brain with eyeliner and hard choices. maybe one day it will be true.

i have so much love to share. let me give you a piece of my pi, the never ending affection.

i know i shouldn’t love you like this.

i feel like i might be suffocating in your embrace. it’s too tight and yet i’m still slipping away.

i create ash with my words. i scatter it in the river like a burial and imagine i’m letting go.

i analyze the tenor of your voice for some sign. red light, green light, a poster on the wall. anything that will tell me what you’re thinking.

i relate to the euphoric pictures of tender embraces. i feel them in my soul, even if i’ll never feel it in the same way.

i desire nothing of you. desire is such a raw word. far too much confrontation for me.

i understand i will never understand, but i will still stand with you.

i utilize the ache in my chest, channel it into something useful. fooling myself that writing it into words is the same thing as accepting it.

i change the way i look every day. the clothes never fit perfectly, and i don’t know what i’m looking for in the fabric. i think i’d prefer to be a snake, shedding my skin as the seasons change.

i believe that when i die, i’ll be reincarnated as a tree. maybe you’ll rest in my branches, pick off one of my leaves. i’d let you.

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Here you go with this custom Sagittarius edition playlist to celebrate all of us wonderful centaur archers out there :

Strawberries+Cigarettes by Troye Sivan

Rumours by Heather LaRose

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

One Kiss by Dua Lipa

Pretty Savage by BLACKPINK

Black Magic by Little Mix

Roses by SAINt JHN and Imanbek

Hawai by Maluma

Let the Music Play by Shamur

Dreamum Wakeupum from the movie Ayyaa (what i like this song shut up)


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To my Fans. 24.11.20 🌍

Thank you guys so much for everything these past 3 years. I never knew I would be received with such open arms. I would like to start off by saying, continue to do whatever it is that truly makes you happy. For such a long time, I had to put aside the things that truly made me happy because I tried pleasing other people, but then I realized how stupid that was and life changed for the better. Every since that day in my dorm, my life has been dramatically different, but I’m appreciative none the less to be in a position to help so many others. After 4 years of pointless hate and racism, I would like to encourage my fans and even my prestigious critics to continue to look toward a futre where we all have say so. Nothing makes me feel more proud than to see how people, young boys especially tell me how my music really helped them see that it was more to life then their situations. I want to continue on that path and always show you guys that you have a voice, friend and role model in me and if Im wrong in anything, I’d rather be the first to hear it from you. I can’t express enough how you guys have really motivated me this past year to keep out doing myself. Nathaniel. shows just that, you are more than your name and how the world tries to paint you in the eyes of others. You are who you choose to be. I can’t wait for this next year of my career and to display all the growth I’ve been blessed with and just more creative awesomeness! I will continue to be a fighting force for everyone who listens to me and those who don’t. Change is good.



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♐️Sagittarius SZN♐️

Using my laptop as a backdrop today lol, not sure why it felt right. Maybe it’s the chaos of this firey ass season. But enjoy the little preview into my brain. Time for Sagi fire!

We have been deligently cleaning up the different departments of our lives. Closing out cycles with people and experiences, stepping up and being less passive about work and our passions. Scorpio szn was challenging af but all the shadow work we did (confronting and resolving these less than pleasant feelings) is about to pay off. Whether it was an intimate relationship or you quit a passion project you shared with someone, some of you who recently dealt with endings, are second guessing the choice or now living in the uncertainty of change. Spirit wants you to know that you just leveled up. This relationship was stifling your growth. You were guarded and scared to trust. Progress cannot come stagnation.


Now it’s time to channel all that energy you were giving away while accepting nothing, into yourself. Why mourn when you were so unfulfilled? Channel it into your new project. Channel it into that budding relationship you were afraid to give a shot. You are worried about being taken advantage of but you’ve just finished setting a new slate of boundaries. You know what you want and now you know what you won’t tolerate. Stick to them. However, don’t be so strict that you close yourself off again. Compromise doesn’t mean lowering your standards. What works for you might not always work in general. Don’t use this as an excuse to run away or end things prematurely. Give everything your best shot.


You might not be feeling it yet but the power that you’ve cultivated since Libra szn is starting to shine through. Others see it though and they will be more willing to work with you. Your passion is undeniable now that you’ve freed up some time + mental and emotional space. Tap into it and watch your manifestations…manifest! Do. That. Shit. Stand. Up. For. Yourself. Chase. Your. Dreams! It’s Sag Szn baby 🤪🔥

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me last year: why are some sag risings more like scorpio risings bc they are so cool and intimidating and fit the bad boy stereotype?

sagittarius risings in question: sidereal scorpio, jyestha nakshatra

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