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oceano-de-letras · a day ago
Y la magia contigo era que no buscaba nada y al conocerte sentí que lo había encontrado todo, que eras todo lo que necesitaba este mundo, mi mundo; a ti.
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trunswicked · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wizard throwbacks
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plumzet · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alvin had come to spend the night at The Harris's household and a tragic event happened. Angela passed away killed by her actually pretty much loved murphy bed, she had so many things she still wanted to accomplish but Mr. Grim Reaper had other plans even though Cora begged for her mothers life.
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fandompariah · a day ago
I honestly wish Adam had gotten a seat at the table with Salem's actual Inner Circle
Not because I'm an Adam Stan who thinks he should have been the main tragic anything....Just because I wanna see how everyone reacts to him.
Hazel: Look, Blake and Emerald are around the same age as far as we know and Em reminds Hazel of Gretchen....All I'm saying is the second Hazel finds out about Blake, or Yang, or any other young women Adam may have terrorised goat boy is gonna be getting slapped from one side of Evernight to the other.
Tyrian: Has absolutely no respect for the White Fang..... But here's the thing, neither does Adam. Adam gives no shits about the actual movement and would have joined up with anyone who gave him an excuse to take his anger out on the world. Tyrian reads people to filth for fun and would have Adam pegged within five minutes of meeting him and would probably respect the fact he took over the movement just for personal vendettas and spite (I mean it's Salem's early MO on a budget) but would also love needling him, because Merc has a temper but Adam's self importance makes him an easy target....Adam would want to kill Tyrian and Tyrian would love for him to try.
Cinder: Cinder used fire as a threat and I am almost certain she knew about Adam's face and his burns when she did it, the urge to kill Cinder would be off the charts but I feel like the two of them would be forced into an uneasy alliance, basically a rebalancing of their previous arrangement when they realise that the two of them are the kids at the table and that they have a common enemy....
Watts: The smug, self important, entitled bastard from Atlas having to share a table and be considered on equal footing with a Faunus upstart from Mantle, one who has almost certainly killed people that Watts knew....It would be beautiful, it would also have worked as a precursor/twisted mirror to seeing Robyn dealing with Jacques and Ironwood
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ironpines · 2 days ago
Honestly the biggest threat factor of Salem is that she has complete immortality. Without that, Ozma in his earlier stronger days would have been the winner of there first fight since he managed to destroy her body and he was still breathing. Hurt but alive.
yeah like without her immortality, this issue would've been solved the day of their destructive fight because he literally got her ass into a paste. unfortunately she is immortal & why literally everyone with a single braincell defaulted to "okay, you don't have to kill her, you just have to stop her & it probably can't be oz who does" when oz asked jinn the question. unfortunately our mains do not have that braincell.
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mothercain · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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plumzet · a day ago
Tumblr media
Some mornings are still incredibly hard...
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strqyr · 7 months ago
salem holding emerald and yang like they’re just two disobedient children is exactly what i needed today
Tumblr media
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hadesisqueer · 6 months ago
Volume 8 is coming to an end so here's a summary.
Everyone clowning about a romantic Bumbleby goodbye before they separated.
“If you were one of my men I would have you shot” well there it is.
Tube Weiss and all the memes about it.
SNAKE WITH A MOUSTACHE (Robyn really getting better and better with nicknames).
Fiona, May and Joanna just being amazing.
“Grimm talked” “What?” “GRIMM TALKED”
All the theories and memes about Summer being the Hound that turned out to be half true.
Freezerburn divorce memes.
Nora no-
Lots of Nuts and Dolts moments.
Neath Oum's ominous tweets.
More Robyn Hill nicknames.
Jaune becoming the most mentally stable person in the whole group after volumes of him being self-destructive? It's more likely than you think.
My entire dash being everyone losing their fucking minds over “Yeah, Ruby”
Rematch between Cinder and Penny. Spoiler: Cinder loses... Again.
Neo deciding to fight against Maria, an old lady.
Neo getting her ass kicked by the old lady.
Everyone losing their fucking minds over the broadcast and the old faces.
The fucking hack. Everyone crying.
The fucking river.
Duct tape Winter looking as hot and as mentally unstable as ever.
More Neath Oum's ominous tweets.
More pspspsps are ya defecting son.
Cinder's backstory and a wave of people writing fics of her being adopted by Qrow or Tai or something guilty here
Oscar and Ozpin deciding to try and spread the seed of doubt.
“I lost my Penny in the tundra” “Harriet there's people that are dying” memes.
Ren's semblance evolution.
Ren calling out everyone.
“You care about your teammates. You're angry. This one doesn't want to be here. This one wants to go home too. You're all full of shit”
Emercury separation.
Canon Trans May Marigold! (it was already canon but it was great to see her talk about it and seeing it be treated in such a natural way).
Whitley :)
Seven weeks of hiatus. I legit have erased from my memory whatever the fuck happened there.
“This was the tame half” NO SHIT.
The Haunting of Bly Schnee Manor. Same amount of trauma and gayness.
Whitley :) I love this boy so much.
The Schnees are all just too cool.
Ruby and Blake! Having a meaningful conversation!
Oh there's a person inside that thing.
Everyone just going inside a whale.
The return of the sexy genie.
Yang punched Salem. On the boob.
“Her again?” Okay why are you so satisfied.
Me and a good bunch of the fandom crying over Hazel.
Bye Whale you will be missed.
Harriet don't snitch.
Watts dissing Cinder even if his tragic backstory was losing the science fair.
Neo being a little shit and everyone laughing about it.
Everyone screaming about the Beeunion.
“But Blake hasn't screamed yet” Shut the fuck up fandom.
“I am the very model of a genocidal general🎶”
Holy shit Jaune identified a romantic moment.
Ren booped Nora and everyone liked that.
Ruby and Yang being the adorable traumatized sisters they are.
Tsundere Emerald.
Everyone agreeing that Emerald and Oscar are now siblings.
Everyone agreeing that Robyn and Qrow saw Marrow and Winter in the elevator.
Where the fuck is Raven part 183828329
More Neath Oum's ominous tweets.
Everyone making ominous tweets actually.
Everybody going fucking crazy about the thumbnails.
“Blake hasn't screamed yet” Shut the fuck up.
The fight against Ironwood being just pure serotonin compared to the pain we were waiting for.
Winter suddenly becoming an Action Hero.
Penny :)
You know what's better than a sexy genie? Two sexy genies.
Cinder learned the power of friendship and used it for evil. No one expected that.
JACQUES SCHNEE IS DEAD... in the most anticlimatic yet fitting way possible.
Harriet what the fuck are you doing part 183828392
“Do not fall” and Yang took that personally.
All the memes that came after that.
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