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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#Sally Acorn

I didn’t realize that Tifa had changes in her new design but I went with the original from 1997.

Other than that. I sweated blood and tears on this one and I am actually proud of how it came out.

I need to play FF7 remake!!!!!!!!!!!! I can`t decide if I wanna get a switch or not cause not just Sonic, this game was also apart of my childhood.

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“Honestly, Sonic, it’s bad enough you eat SO MANY of those Chili Dogs, but do you have to do it so…loudly?”

“Oh wow, a Flux Capacitor, never seen one of those before.  Sorry, professor, but I’m afraid I’m just not impressed.”

“Mother of Mulberries, WHAT DID Y’ALL DO T’MY FLOWER BED?!?”

“AH-HA!  I have caught you in your little lie, my friend, and now?  I will see to it you are held accountable for your crime!”

((Figured I’d take the chance to play with your humanized designs for Sally and Bunnie, @wildwoodmage, hope that’s OK. <3))

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Sally: “Well there’s just one convict left. Whoever finds him wins.”

Sonic: “Yeah. I guess you could say he’s…The Golden Snitch.”

Sally: “Wait…was that a Harry Potter reference?”

Sonic: “It most definitely was. I started reading them ‘cause you love them so much.”

Sally: “AND?!”

Sonic: “YOU WERE RIGHT! They’re incredible! Remember when I called in sick the other day? I was at home reading Order of the Phoenix.”

Sally: “OHHH! This makes me so happy! How sad is it when Cedric dies?”

Sonic: “I was crushed. Literally. Crying. On. The toilet.”

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No. I just REALLLY don’t want Sally to come back. As much as I adore her, she’s a Mary Sue and a lot of characters got sidelines because of her.

Metal Sally was fucking dope though.

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