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#Sam Wilson
aynanasstuff · 3 minutes ago
Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar// Sam Wilson x Desi!Reader.
Tumblr media
Summary: Sam and y/n are childhood friends who drift apart as life gets in the way. However, in that moment,it's like no time has passed.
(Okay quick A/N:i've mentioned y/n is desi but just to further clarify, in this scenario y/n is indian desi. since the word desi encapsulates a lot of people from a lot of countries, i just thought id mention that y/n is indian here. thanks! hope you enjoy it!)
Sam's phone call was a surprise, to say the least. The man was off saving the world, being a hero, making headlines. It didn't make sense for him to be calling you out of the blue.
Growing up in Louisiana wasn't easy as a dark skinned desi girl. The red that some people adorned their values with bled through a lot, some of their beliefs didn't align with the red bindi your mom adorned. It was difficult finding a community, let alone one you could truly say were your friends. Sam Wilson, however, was more than eager to be a part of your colorful life. You lived right next door when you were kids and he seemed more like a blessing than a neighbor. You absolutely loved dancing and Navratri was a time where loud garba music was blasting in your house all the time. Curious little Sam couldn't help but wonder what was happening and walked up to your door, knocking on your door impatiently. You opened the door, looking at the little boy who seemed to be about your age, maybe older by a year or two. "Hey, um, what's up? I live next door, my name's Sam." "Y/n", you say as you extend your hand out to the boy, waiting for him to shake it but his eyes were stuck on you. You thought it was because something was wrong with you while he thought you were the most beautiful 8 year old in the world, in your little chaniya choli and a dainty maang teeka in your parted black bob and payals around your ankles.
"Beta,kya kar rahi hai? Bola hai na darwaza akele mummy ke bina mat kholna?!"(what are you doing,kid? Haven't I told you not to open the door without mommy?!) ,your mom yelled as she ran to the door, halting beside you. "Mummy, yeh Sam hai. He said he lives next door. Aur yeh mujhe khade khade bas ghoore ja raha hai".(this is Sam,he's standing here staring at me)
Sam, realizing he's been really impolite begins talking,instantly kicking in his southern manners, "Ma'am, I'm Sam, i live next door!" "Hi Sam, what can we do for you?", your mom asks the boy with a smile, her annoyance melting away. "Well, I heard really loud music and it's nothing like what the folks around here play, um not to say you're not a part of the neighborhood, I mean you are and I'm not here to talk badly about the music because I really like the music that's why I'm here and yeah I was wondering why you're playing the loud music, it's not that I have a problem with it or anything,like I said,"he finally finishes rambling, "I really like the music." Sam takes a huge breath in as he stops. You giggle in response and your mom smiles at him. "Well Sam, today is a very special day! We're going to be celebrating a festival called Navratri!", your mom replies, "It lasts for nine whole days! We dance a lot, we eat a lot, we pray to Goddess Durga and have a lot of fun,isn't that right,baccha?," she turns to you responding with a nod. "The music playing is called garba music, isn't it fun to listen to?" "Yes, ma'am, it is!," Sam replies excitedly.
"Sam! Where are you, boy?!" Sam perks up, realization hitting him. He was late for dinner and will now have to listen to his mom set him straight. "Well ma'am, I guess I'll leave now, my ma's calling for me, it was nice meeting y'all!" He does a little hat tip, smiling sheepishly. "Sam, come over sometime if you want! You can listen to as much garba music as you like!", your mom calls out to him. "Yeah Sam, I'll teach you how to dance!", you say, confident in your ability to make him your friend. Sam smiles, "Yes ma'am, I will! Oh and y/n, I really hope you do!" He almost has to hold in his excitement so as not to skip and give it away. That fortunate day paved the way for a beautiful, nurturing friendship. Your families became acquainted with each other and they, too, loved each other's company.
The friendship you shared with the boy with the toothy grin sooned turned into something more. You were both too scared to admit it, knowing that if it was unrequited, you'd both lose something that was far too precious to take a chance on. The day before Sam left for his first tour, the two of you spent a few choice hours in each other's presence by the dock, under the stars. "Abhi na jao chhod kar, ke dil abhi bhara nahi," you hummed under your breath as you fought tears knowing the distance would probably not sustain your friendship. It wasn't out of fear that you'd lose him, it was out of the fear that maybe losing him would be better than having to be so close and yet miles away from his heart. "What's that you're singing?", Sam asked, his warm brown eyes making you feel protected against the cold breeze over the water. You reply, with a twinkle of melancholy in your dark eyes, "Just a song."
But the both of you knew it was more than that.
The tours, the avenging, the war, the blip ; Sam Wilson still hadn't forgotten about you. You hadn't forgotten about him either.
You both had a way of staying with each other without having to be there in your form. You lived in each other's minds and hearts and mended each other's cracks with those parts of yourselves.
This didn't mean you had actually seen each other since that night by the dock. The both of you only had a couple phone calls keeping you connected after. But time did as time does and you felt yourselves drifting away.Neither of you tried to reconnect either. Sam felt it was the right thing to do, to spare himself some heartache; so did you. Your lives were vastly different after he left for his tour and the two of you wanted to disturb the balance in your lives after.
So as you sat on the sofa in your childhood home in Louisiana as the sun shone brightly, Sam's name on your phone made your heart drop to your stomach. What could he possibly be calling about?
So much had happened, in your lives, your friendship, the world in general, even the universe if you will. You couldn't help but wish he wanted to build the spark that always was a part of your friendship into a fire that gave you some much needed warmth.
"Hello?," you answer, picking up the phone. "Hey y/n, " you hear Sam on the other end and you find yourself letting out a sharp breath you didn't know you'd held in, " how you doin'? ". " I'm good, Sam. How are you? "you respond. He answers in a single word, "Good ". As much as this small talk felt like it was sucking the life out of you especially because you guys were once inseparable , you were okay with just hearing his voice after all this time. However, you couldn't just pretend this attempt at conversation by Sam and you was exactly normal between the two of you. So, you decided to tell him exactly how it is. "Sam, I-", he cuts you off" Open the door, y/n", "What?", "Open the damn door, y/n", you can almost hear his smile through the phone.
You walk towards the door, almost too fast, nearly tripping over your teapoy and you open the door, hands shaking with nervous hope. "Hey, you," Sam smiles at you with that same toothy smile you'd seen all those years ago during Navratri, "miss me?" You couldn't help but tackle him in a hug, distance and longing and silent innocent grudges be damned and in that moment all you could do was thank Durga Ma for bringing him to your door all those years ago.
Wow, that was a doozy and a half to right. This was my first ever fic y'all!! I'm so excited to publish it here! I really hope y'all liked it, this one means a lot to me! So enjoy it, like it, do whatever but DON'T PLAGIARIZE IT BECAUSE THAT JUST MAKES YOU PATHETIC!
Also tagging the besties:
@lil-stark @jacquessouvenier heyyyy
That's all! Byeee y'all <3
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slytherclaw2005 · 4 minutes ago
Sam: *Gently taps table*
Bucky: *Taps back*
Sarah: What are they doing?
Sharon: Morse code.
Sam: *Aggressively taps table*
Bucky: *Slams vibranium hand down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK-
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We all know the reason Sam wasn’t in the lifting Mjolnir scene in Age of Ultron was because the thing would have flown straight to him.
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tfatwsnonnie · 11 minutes ago
Barnes here,
We have been insanely busy, we apologize for the hiatus. (mods have been busy with IRL things, so we did not forget any of you.) 
We thank you for your kind messages and being such amazing people, we just havent been on. None of you have done anything.
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tiredweirdo · 14 minutes ago
Let‘s be completely real,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wannabe Captain America literally sounded like that one younger sibling thats going nuts because they don’t want to share their toy :,)
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marajadedameron · 15 minutes ago
I hope in this last episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier that Bucky says “let’s hear it for Captain America” for Sam like he did for Steve 😭
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slytherclaw2005 · 18 minutes ago
Bucky: *holding AJ and Cassie*
Bucky: I have only had AJ and Cassie for half a day.
Bucky: And if anything happens to them I’ll kill everyone on this god forsaken planet and then myself.
Sam: 0_0
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loveyhoneydovey · 20 minutes ago
Dating Sam and Joaquín headcanons
Tumblr media
Note: I was trying to write headcanons and I couldn't pick which one of them I wanted to write about, so I was like "why not both?" So here's the result, it's a mess and I wrote this at 3AM, I'm so sorry 💀
All my stories are written with a bisexual reader of colour in mind, but anyone else is more than welcome to read them
Warnings: slight mention of injuries, SMUT (lots of filth i'm sorry)
· listen omg, constant entertainment from all three of you, like one of you is always up to something
· ok so i think it started out with only sam and torres
· they had been dating for a while before they first met you, their new neighbour
· you know how torres was fanboying over sam?? yeah, that was nothing compared to how you felt when you first met them
· like maybe you were struggling with the boxes you were carrying during your move because they were so full
· sam and joaquín were on their way home from their morning jog when they saw you, and what kind of people would they be if they didn’t help their cute new neighbour
· when they first introduce themselves, you’re just grateful to see the people in your new building are nice. You also felt like they looked super familiar
· they could see the gears turning in your head when they’d first introduced themselves. Both theorizing about how long it would take you to realize
· and then after like 2 minutes, it hits you, and you feel so dumb
· you try to remain calm and collected since you didn’t want them to think you were crazy or feel like they couldn’t be comfortable in their own home
· they were super chill too, you noticed joaquín was the more talkative one, while sam was content with letting his boyfriend take charge of the convo
· by the end of it you ended up agreeing to hang out together, you promised them baked goods as a thank you for their help
· you’d totally stuttered a few times, and half the time you were staring at them with heart eyes (which joaquín was not used to but sam was jngercewdc have y’all not seen the way torres looks at him whenever they interact?)
· you end up forming a relationship with them, which eventually morphs into something more
· none of you had ever had more than a partner before, so you were all figuring it out together
· torres would be so chaotic. So organized on the field, yet so clumsy at home
· sam is the one that has his shit together (not always but definitely most of the time)
· and when you start dating them, they quickly realize you’re even clumsier than joaquín, and sam’s like “oh no, there’s two of them now”
· ok let’s talk about the good stuff now
· so many freaking cuddles
· post-mission cuddles are a thing in this relationship
· just the three of you laying in bed, holding each other, tracing patterns on each other’s skin, enjoying each other’s presence
· both of them LOVE having their hair played with. only difference is sam has a bit of difficulty asking for it while joaquín will put his head on your lap and put your hand on his hair
· if they come home with minor injuries, you help them clean treat their wounds. The first time this happened, you only had avengers themed band aids (which torres LOVES), so from that point on you only buy those
· on lazy days, after some lazy morning sex, all three of you like to spend the day baking new recipes and eating them in bed
· joaquín getting whip cream on the corner of his lips and on his cheek
· sam making fun of him before you tell him he also has some on his nose
· sam putting whip cream on your face when you least expect it to get revenge
· tickle fights, they used to team up against you until an elbow was once accidentally thrown and someone got a black eye
· you and joaquín love taking cute pics of sam when he’s not looking. He noticed it eventually but never said anything because he thought it was adorable
· both you and joaquín coming home with stray animals and trying to convince sam to let you keep them
· and of course he’s gonna say yes, you two had perfected your puppy eye technique
· he’s that kind of person who says no to getting a pet, then ends up spoiling it more than you and joaquín combined
· you never need a blanket when you’re around them, especially around sam because they’re always so warm
· movie night dates always ended in the three of you doing anything but watching the movie
· both of them flying you with their wings at least once
· you calling them captain and lieutenant in public to tease them
· messing with them by acting like a fan who’s never met them
· like at one point you buy a poster of each one of them and go up to them and you’re like “i’m a big fan, may I get an autograph”, which makes them roll their eyes
· dude they’re also both so playful. Always cracking jokes and even competing to see who’ll come up with the best joke
· the three of you always know you have a home with the two others, and that you can always openly talk about your problems and insecurities without fearing each other’s reactions
· I think sam is the one that has a harder time asking for help. so you and joaquín are more attentive to his body language and any other signs that might reveal that he’s feeling down
· it breaks your heart because he was always taking care of you, joaquín and everyone else, and you needed him to know he was important too
· you decide one day that the three of you should go on vacation every once in a while, because you’d all been working so hard and deserved a little peace
· (also bc shitless sam and shirtless torres)
· imagine eventually they’d give you their dog tags as a way of proposing 🥺 i’m melting
· you had a little ceremony while on a tropical vacation with your closest friends and your pets and had the time of your lives
· you knew you technically couldn’t legally get married, but that didn’t matter. You wouldn’t have it any other way
NSFW headcanons
· now let’s get into the filthy stuff
· whenever you act up, you usually do it around joaquín, because you knew he’d have a harder time saying no or disciplining you
· and he knew you were using that to your advantage, he saw right through it
· yet most of the time it worked
· sam was more of a no nonsense type of person, so if you wanted to break the rules and act like a big girl, he was going to treat you like one
· sam is the ultimate brat tamer and you can’t convince me otherwise
· as a punishment, he loved making you ride his thigh (have y’all seen this man’s thighs? three course meal), but not letting you cum
· whenever you’d whine or pout, he’d remind you that you brought this on yourself
· while joaquín would try to get him to go easy on you, because he took pity on you and kinda has a soft spot for you
· until one day you made the mistake of pushing him too far
· maybe you’d felt like they weren’t giving enough attention, so you threatened to go get it somewhere else. Maybe you even brought up how you could go to that one friend who had a crush on you (you definitely weren’t going to, but you knew how to push their buttons)
· whether you were planning on following through with that threat of not didn’t matter
· you got the punishment of your life on that day
· he’d edged you for hours, to the point where you were crying and trembling and begging him to cum
· so he made you cum, non-stop
· “you wanted me to let you cum, didn’t you? Now take it like a good girl”
· even sam is SHOOK, now he almost took pity on you
· by the time they’re done with you you can barely remember your own name
· they took you to pound town 😌
· ALSO, you’re all switches, and sometimes you enjoy cuffing one of them or being the one giving out the orders
· I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, torres has a praise kink and LOVES being called a good boy
· Sam has one as well, but it’s more discreet
· likes being told how good he’s making the two of you feel, how no one else can do it like him
· ok but aftercare with them would be so soft
· you’re all super attentive to each other’s needs and usually know if it’s time for a bubble bath and cuddles or if you want to be held and drift to sleep
· lazy morning sex!!! just the three of you taking your time, exploring each other without a rush and not worrying about the outside world
· if they’re on a mission together and have a bit of free time, expect lots of nudes and teasing
· or sometimes even videos, which you find not fair because they have each other and you’re all alone
· NFJDNVEF imagine you buy them one of those clone a willy kits as a joke 💀💀💀 but you end up actually using them
· you know how they gave you their dog tags? yeah it drives them crazy whenever they’re fucking you or you’re riding them and they see the tags bounce
· especially those times where you’d wake them up in the middle of the night because you had a wet dream and couldn’t wait till the next morning. Where the only light entering your room would be provided by the moon, sometimes shining on the tags they gave you
· … imagine sometimes two of you decide to team up against the third and compete to see who’ll give them more orgasms 👀the loser has to do whatever the winner wants
· Jdfvfds lord this is such a long mess i’m so sorry
· in conclusion, there would never be a dull moment with those two and they’d be the sweetest, gentlest partners
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battlships · 22 minutes ago
Sambucky au where Sam starts getting some very uhhh enthusiastic fans (AS HE SHOULD) and he loves that but these fans are starting to cross some lines until suddenly..... nothing. Sam just assumes they lost interest until he finds some new crossed out names in Bucky’s book.
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slytherclaw2005 · 22 minutes ago
AJ and Cassie: Why are Uncle Sam and Uncle Jamie sitting with their backs to each other?
Sarah: They had a fight.
AJ and Cassie: Then why are they holding hands?
Sarah: They get sad when they fight.
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learnyourlessonswell · 27 minutes ago
imagine, if you will, bucky getting up early to make sarah and the boys pancakes for breakfast, but he can't find a spatula so he just flips them with his metal arm like a latina abuela making tortillas and sam comes in and just goes "dude.... did you wash your hands?" and bucky goes "please enlighten me as how in the hell i'm supposed to wash a metal arm with water but yes i did lysol it" and sam just goes ._.
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