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#Sam Wilson

okay y’all I’m updating “and they were roommates” tomorrow (well technically today since it’s 3 a.m.). like for real this time. legitimately only making this post so I can force myself to update because I procrastinate too much. if you want to be on the tag list let me know! love y’all! good night!

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Baby, why must we bleed?

Why can’t we just breathe?

Is this our downfall?

Is our love too malleable?

Have you, Sam Wilson,

finally fallen like an Icarus:

burnt, broken, and bested

by the sun?

Have I, Bucky Barnes, have

finally fallen like Patroclus:

arrogant, ambitious, and

apathetic to what could’ve

been if I had senses on my


Baby, why must we hurt?

Why can’t we just ache?

Is this where our empire


Is this where our stars


Baby, why can’t we just

forget the world and melt

into each other’s touch?

Oh, Bucky. We already have.

For my Sam Wilson, the greatest there is

Yours indefinitely, Bucky Barnes

ps. thank you for saying so. I love you, so much.

// a book of love letters for Sam x.

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the Continued Awkwardness of being an official “Non-Avenger” Avenger by Anti_Social_Headphones_Kid

Spidey’s gotten closer to the Avengers ever since they’ve returned, and everything seems to be going smooth- his identity is still safe, and he’s friends with the Avengers- it couldn’t get any better then that, right?

The Avengers on the other hand, have started to love having the Spider around- but their opinions on his identity are getting confusing, to say the least

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Chapters 1-25  Chapter 26  Chapter 27  Read It On AO3

Anita was about to get her first taste of travelling via the EXO-7, and Sam was nervous.  Which was a little strange, given that he’d transported all of the Avengers at one time or another, including catching Steve in mid-air (without a parachute, because Steve) during the battle of the Triskelion.  And Steve was heavy as fuck.  The thing was, the machine in Nicaragua was about as far from anywhere as it was possible to get, and they really didn’t have time to deal with normal forms of transportation.  The closest town, El Ayote, had a population just over five thousand, and had itself been no mean feat to reach.  So in order to reach the cattle ranch (really, Arias?) where S.H.I.E.L.D. said the machine was located, Sam was just going to fly them.  

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Ok but as much as I’ll riot if they don’t touch down on Bucky’s mental health in FATWS, I’ll riot just as much if they don’t acknowledge Bucky’s multilingualism (not just English, Russian and Romanian). The guy canonically knows most major languages, it’d be useful to him and Sam, but also hilarious to constantly switch languages to confuse Sam.

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cease intimacy

It wasn’t unrequited, it was mutual — mutual disagreement. Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes were friends, and that’s the end of the sentence, so is that why — is that why they hate this affection, hate this sentiment? You love him, but why is it him. Sam keeps forgetting his jacket at Bucky’s dorm, he’s too forgetful and messy! Bucky stays awake until the early dawn and doesn’t shave, he’s too last-minute and lazy! Why did it have to be him? How should I hide this?

rated: Teen

warnings/content: sambucky, swearing, college AU, friends to reluctant crushes to lovers, mutual pining, mutual disagreement, innuendo, idiots to lovers, social media AU

a/n: I am BACK on my bs and after, like, a chain reaction of posts (mostly going thru my writing inspiration tag) I came up with this in two days. I have no control,, oh my. I also wanted to give Sam the world, like, what else would I do after writing Indefinite!Sam? lmaoo

Some things you’ll find here because I recently (or yall always knew, I never shut up about it) found out I’m a sucker for the following: writer!Sam, Space nerd!Bucky, Sam yearning for Bucky (I don’t see much fics that do justice, but pls direct me to the way), Poet!sambucky, platonic “I love yous,” 🥰

There’s eight chapters, and I’m still figuring out the updating schedule. Tell me if y'all want every 1, 2, or 3 days in the notes!

reblog/say in the notes to get in on the taglist!

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