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#Sam Winchester

Holy crap! Well here we are at the start of season 15! If this quarantine is good for anything, it’s getting caught up on our shows I suppose! On a slightly more personal note I would be going insane if it wasn’t for this! Also the fact that ‘The Famous Finale Scene’ was used for the recap for the finale season about made me cry from the start.

So Dean, Sam, and Cas manage to take shelter in a mausoleum where they meet Belphegor who is using Jack’s body. Of course Cas is furious wanting to kill the demon immediately for using Jack’s body, but Sam and Dean stop him. I think there is a few reasons for this. The main and most important one is that they need help. They can’t get out of there on their own. An interesting thing about Belphegor is I think part of what he’s saying is reminding Dean of Alastair. After all Dean has just met the guy in all of two minutes and Belphegor tells him that he is a tormentor in Hell and he likes Hell, which we noticeably see Dean’s reaction to that statement. The ONLY demon up to that point that ever said they liked Hell was Alastair. Even Crowley, Meg, and many other demons expressed their extreme hatred of Hell so that is kind of a big deal. Belphegor does a spell to banish all the ghosts from the bodies because according to him, he wants to help Sam, Dean, and Cas because they all want the same thing. They all want the ghosts back in Hell.

After they move on and we see while they do the ghosts from before are beign a little busy. Constance killed the man that picked her up in the previous episode, Gacy slaughters all the kids except one and her mother at the birthday part (dark, even for this show), and Mary kills the two girls at the slumber party.  I’m actually kind of glad Gacy is back since taking him out last time has been far too quick and easy…but like Sam I’m also afraid of clowns so I was also not really excited to see it either.

Sam, Dean, Cas, and Belphegor are in the Impala talking about what to do when Belphegor suggests a spell that would create a massive salt circle a mile wide around the graveyard. After all some of the few billion souls have probably already moved on but most are still in the immediate area so it can contain the problem for a bit to give them time to figure out how to fix it. Meanwhile they see an abandoned car that Sam and Dean check out. How Sam comes to the conclusion out of every ‘Woman in White’ that must have ever been hunted and sent to Hell that that one would be Constance is beyond me, but Sam and Dean realize that since she was the first thing they took down together after being reunited that every ghost they have sent to Hell is back.

They arrive in the town and the original plan is for Dean and Sam to get everyone out while Cas helps the demon make the spell. Cas says he can’t even look at Belphegor and goes after Sam, leaving Dean with him. So they split up with two missions. Sam and Cas will evacuate the town and protect people from ghosts while Dean and the demon mix the spell to put up a barrier.

Sam and Cas split up where Sam finds a home with a woman and her daughter being chased by Gacy. He helps to protect them but gets significantly wounded. Cas arrives to save them and heal Sam but we see his powers are fading. Cas’ powers have been draining for a bit now and I wonder how much that has to do with Heaven losing power or Chuck just being a dick and making their lives more difficult. Also poor Carla because she gets a huge information dump in a matter of seconds that Cas is an angel, they were attacked by a ghost, and Sam is ‘just a guy’ who shot God.

Sam and Cas are trying to get Carla and her daughter to safety when they are approached by Gacy. Cas concludes it’s okay because it’s just one ghost. Two more show up and Cas changes that to ‘just three’ and I absolutely love him. The two of them take on like four ghosts while protecting the family and when the spell activates they get across it and Sam gets to tell Gacy to shut up!

While this was all going on, Dean and Belphegor are working on the spell. Belphegor really doesn’t know when to stop talking because he’s really frustrating Dean by calling him gorgeous and bringing up Alastair, which we see still bothers him. We also see that Michael still bothers Dean a lot too because Dean is actually nervous to learn that Michael’s door is open. This isnt’ the same Michael that tortured him and stole his body, but the Michael of their world was an ass to Dean too, and recalling ‘The Song Remains the Same,’ that Michael had made Dean nervous too. Also Michael has every reason to hate Dean so yeah, I’d be shaken too. We also see how much Dean has come to trust Rowena because this time it’s Dean who calls her for help. Usually it’s Sam and if Dean has any part in it, it’s just to suggest calling her. He actively calls her for help, even asking her to ‘move her exquisite ass please’ which was clearly her suggestion to do.

They find the sheriff dead and Belphgor takes his heart while Dean is attacked by Constance who remembers him from all that time ago. They are able to activate the spell and Dean drives him, Sam, Cas, Belphegor, Carla, and her daughter to the school. Dean and Sam talk about the possibility of God being gone for good after this if they can take care of all these souls and when Sam closes the trunk saying ‘we got work to do’ and it flashes back to the pilot…well I was not ready for that. I wasn’t ready the first time, and I wasn’t ready this time. Over all I do like this episode.

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You know, being out of the Supernatural fandom loop for so long but occasionally still seeing edits is wild because like I haven’t watched in like over five years and I see a ship edit and I’m like????

Is that Sam and Crowley’s mother???? Were they a thing or is that just a ship??? 

And then I think of that meme but in this format like

Crowley: Did you fuck my mom, Moose?????


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Tied up in a shapeshifter’s den, arms above your head, you have a lot of time to think. The monster left you for dead, as monsters do. You thought about the numbness in your arms and the hollowness of your stomach, but mostly, you thought of the Winchesters. You wondered where they were, what they were doing, or if they were even looking for you.

After days of nothing but silence, you finally heard footsteps. You wanted to sit up and say something, anything, but your fighting energy had left you by now. Your muscles protested from hours spent kicking and straining again the bonds. Time at this point was meaningless, but soon it claimed itself over you, putting you through its trials. Dehydration could cause one hell of a headache.

The Winchesters found you bloody, two days too late. And God, they probably were beating themselves up about it. They ran in, guns blazing, but there was only you, half awake and feverish.

Your vision was tunneling, only making out two dark shapes in the dim sewer light. At first, you thought it was the shapeshifter and one of his buddies, coming back to ruin your life with your best friends’ faces. It was just enough to make you weakly pull at your bonds, shaking your head.

But warm hands cupped your face, and you looked into their eyes, and their eyes were full of fear. Fear for you.

“Dean, she’s alive!”

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a.k.a, sam and dean finally have a conversation

also on AO3 @koedeza  

When he comes stumbling home, he doesn’t know how late it is. 

Illumination only comes from the street lights, fluorescent and flickering as he lumbers into the driveway of the Winchester’s rented bungalow. It’s shoddy and falling apart, but it’s the closest thing they’ve had to a home in months.

Dean careens onto the front lawn and lands in a patch of mud, vaguely aware that motor skills are a thing that exist. As he lays there, sticky from the shots that spilled down his chin and all the Modelo, he knows that Sam is somewhere close by. It’s Sunday, or Monday, or who the fuck knows, but Sam has school tomorrow, and still Dean can feel him like he can feel his own heartbeat. 

“Look,” The voice comes from above. For a few seconds, Dean thinks it could be a demon, or an angel or the fucking loch ness monster, but then he hears a textbook slam shut and he knows it’s definitely Sam. 

“It is the ass crack o’ dawn, and I would like the chance to go sleep for a few hours.” 

A tiny smile spreads across Dean’s face.


“Ok?” The front steps creak, old wood struggling against the weight of a 6’2 seventeen-year-old. “Ok? I have an AP calc test tomorrow. I needed to sleep.” 

“Hey, m-man,” Dean slurs from his spot on the lawn, desperately trying to be funny. Everything will be better if he can make a joke out of this, Sam won’t forever hate him if he can pretend this is a one-time occurrence. “I made it home at least,” 

“And what a tragedy it would have been if you hadn’t.” Sam’s hands are suddenly under his armpits, long hair in his face as he drags Dean across the lawn. 

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How would Sam (SPN) be with a shy, timid S/O like she’s afraid to speak up for herself, ask for things or instigate things?

Originally posted by helpimanspnfan

🔹 Is very understanding and comforting towards you which also makes him a lot more protective over you, especially if he knows you won’t stand up for yourself and just take any complaints or criticism, like if a friend or family member criticize you or give you a hard time often.

🔹 He is very quick to stand up for you and defend you any time anyone begins to criticize you or talk down to you in any way. He won’t even tolerate others teasing you if he knows you will take the teasing seriously. 

🔹 This can really make him seem over protective at times, but he really can be because if he knows you will not defend yourself, he will for you. He will not stand by and witness anyone talking over you or talking down to you or making you feel bad about yourself.

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Hey @ Cw , Could we have a quarantine episode ?

No writing needed, Just confine Jared, Jensen and Misha in the bunker, install many cameras, let them live there for 3 or 4 days while being filmed, doing daily normal things while pretending to be Sam, Dean and Cas 🤷‍♀️

(Also No Plaid and No trench-coat)

Just imagine :

The episode would be called “Four Days” and would be like “baby” 2.0 (the episode) but with Cas this time 😍

Would be filmed with many close ups , the production would install a trampoline , a babyfoot , a pool table , a piano …

Jensen would take his guitar…

We would see Dean and Cas cooking together, dancing, washing the impala 😩

we would have so many Destiel and Sastiel moments 😍

Oh God, i want this now 😩

This is the goodbye gift we all deserve (well one of them 👀)

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List your favourite Supernatural ships from top to bottom? :)

Well, depends… how many? Because when it comes to ships I love basically almost all of them, I’m gonna try to list the first ones that come to my mind right now…

1. Sastiel (Sam Winchester x Castiel)

2. Wincest (Sam Winchester x Dean Winchester)

3. Sabriel (Sam Winchester x Gabriel)

4. Crowbriel (Crowley x Gabriel)

5. Suby (Sam Winchester x Ruby)

And I also like ships like Jared x Jensen Or x Misha but I see that as au, as characters inspired to their personalities or events on set.

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A/N: Here it is guys. The final part of Falling to Temptation. I have had fun writing this and challenging myself to keep it as neutral as possible so you, the reader, could “Choose the Brother”. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have. Now without further ado……

WARNINGS: smut, PWP, cheating, angst, P in V, P in A, medical issues, medical speak, car accident, injuries, killer cliffhanger but don’t worry I have a plan, did I mention smut, I think this one is more angst though, a smidgen of fluff (if you squint)

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How about Magnus Bane and/or Sam Winchester, with the Bisexual and Nonbinary flags? Please and thank you!! Xoxo!

Of course! I hope you like these 💙


(Please credit me if you use these)

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Sam, slamming the door open: We say ‘bone dry’, even though bones are constantly covered by wet tissue, because bones are incredibly porous and thus if you touched them they would immediately soak up the moisture from your fingers making them dry.

Dean: It’s 1 am, get out of my room.

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What’s up, folks? Hope that quarantine isn’t treating you too horribly! Here’s a real short fic who’s inspiration came from a scene in Netflix’s Lucifer. Indirectly, but inspired by it nonetheless. Hope you enjoy and comment so that I can caffeinate and contemplate!

Warnings: really none, a bit of swearing and terrible writing, and some indirect teasing


Originally posted by jaredandjensen

“Devil dick?” Dean’s voice reeked with the confusion evident in his crinkled-up eyes and slight pout.

“Devil dick.”

“And it means… what again?”

“Really good sex with a guy. Like, sinfully good. So good that you’d think it’s the devil who’s fucking you, and you honestly don’t care. It’s that good.” You were butchering this explanation, but sex was bloody hard to describe sometimes. Especially good sex.

And this sex had been amazing. There was nothing to complain about, even this many years after the encounter. The way he had moved, touched, felt. It had been heaven on Earth for a solid few hours. Or hell, depending on how one would describe the torture that the week before the incident had been.

“Right. So, have you ever had sex like that?”

“Once, couldn’t walk for days after.”

Not that you had wanted to.

Dean smirked, nodding his approval. He was the kind of man to appreciate a good one-night-stand, and boy, had that been a good one-night-stand.

“Who was the lucky man?”

And the lucky man had chosen that exact moment to enter the motel room. You glanced up, making brief eye contact with him. Your cheeks reddened when his hazel eyes stared into yours with an unguarded intensity, and certain parts of you pulsed when he gave you a small but sincere smile.

“Speak of the devil.” You muttered, turning back to Dean. He spluttered and started laughing, trying to cover his chuckles with a coughing fit. It wasn’t long until your whole body was shaking with loud joy too; the happy sounds just growing in volume whenever you and Dean made eye contact again.  

Sam’s eyebrows met, converging to create a deep crease of concern, probably because you and Dean looked like you were going insane.

“What was that about?” Sam said, when at last the two of you had calmed down and reassured him that you weren’t, in fact, crazy.

“Y’know,” Dean chuckled again, “it works. He was possessed by Lucifer, and Lucifer is literally the devil.” 

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I was rewatching I know what you did last summer (season 4, episode 9) and I was honestly surprised when I saw the Sam/Ruby sex scene again. 

Sam is telling Dean about how he and Ruby got so close when he was in hell. And we see that Ruby is trying to kiss Sam and he rejects her, clearly having his doubts about getting it on with a demon. And you know when he finally crumbles? When she says to him “Because it’s wrong? And it’s bad? And we shouldn’t?”. The moment she is done speaking he lifts her up and… well, you know how it goes.

I’m just saying… maybe Sammy has a thing for wrong, and for bad, and for shouldn’t

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