#Same with the end of the first age
khaedis · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
“Then Maedhros alone stood aside, but Fëanor caused fire to be set to the white ships of the Teleri.”
I’m experiencing Silmarillion feels again somebody help
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · 27 days ago
Very emotional about the breakfast story in the Gospel of John. Simon, James and John, Thomas, Nathanael, and a few others are out together. Simon says he's going fishing, and the others say they're coming along. They spend all night trying to get a good haul, and they catch nothing. Dawn is breaking, and they see a man on the shore a long way off, but they can't tell who he is. He shouts to them, "You don't have any fish, do you?" They have to shout back a disgruntled, "No." The man replies, "Put the net on the other side and you'll catch some fish!" Maybe they roll their eyes a bit--they're the ones out on the water, and they have been all night, what would he know?--and the fish start flooding into the net.
And John looks at Simon and remembers: this has happened before. Three years ago, before everything changed--that voice had shouted to them the same instruction.
"Simon!!" he says, "It's the Lord!"
And it hits Simon like a thunderbolt. He frantically throws on his coat (he'd stripped for work) and plunges into the water. He'd walked on the water before to meet Jesus, what was swimming a hundred yards? So eager to reach Him he can't wait the few minutes for the boat to come in--and when it gets there, he has to go and help unload the fish anyway. But even those few moments with Jesus are worth the soaking wet robes and the exhaustion. And anyway, He already has a fire going--with some fish of His own. "Come and have breakfast!" He says.
And then they sit and eat together, just like they had done so many times over the past three years, and He's there with them, perhaps gently laughing at Simon, still dripping from his swim, and it's like He never left.
He never truly did.
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ryanguzmaan · 2 months ago
Soooo. Which one of Eddie's parents is dying/will die, huh?
#Go with me here:#this episode was very Oldest Sibling Eddie coded. Again I am a youngest sibling Eddie truther#but this is the first time we have seen Eddie interact with May or ANYONE younger than him in the capacity which he did tonight#Usually when Eddie interacts with someone younger than him they are MUCH younger than him (i.e. Christopher/Charlie) or only#a few years younger (i.e. Buck/Ravi) so that the age difference doesn't matter.#May is an adult in her own right but she's also significantly younger than him and he immediately assumed a Big Brotherly role#like it was natural to him.#Keeping that in mind and also looking at the call with the mother who died#Maybe I'm reading too much into it but Oldest Daughter/Eddie seemed to have stories that follow the same/similar trajectory#both with a parent who is there but not#who goes through life thinking Everything Is OK not even noticing that their child has pulled away from them#I said it before but an episode that so heavily centers around choices (sometimes bad ones) having parents making choices for#their children that they think are for the best but only end up hurting them#and placing enormous burden of responsibility on their eldest (even unintentionally)....#Maybe Eddie goes home to face his demons but while he's there he is going to learn that either Helena or Ramon is sick and/or dying#and he's going to be the first one of his siblings to catch it. And whatever death comes next is... probably not going to fix everything#between them. But it's going to clear the air enough that Eddie can heal in his own way#just like the Oldest Daughter whose mom technically died before they got any real emotional closure but whose last words were enough#to buoy and anchor her so that she could be there for her younger siblings#End of Season 5 and beginning of Season 6 is not going to fuck around#Let's talk about healing when the parent who fucked you up is too dead to even fully understand the grasp of what they've done#to you and how you rebuild when - for all you said - there is still so much you did not get the chance to say to them#Holy shit. If this is how they take this story.... bye <3#tv: 911#911: 05 x 15#911 spoilers#jack.txt
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heffrondriving · 3 months ago
james always on fire with the ruthless grampa kendall slander.....i feel so bad for laughing too much but also where's the lie,
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honeyluneridgeescape · 9 days ago
Okay played a bit of Ensemble Stars and though I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not for me I find the fact that the twin’s group name is “2wink” VERY amusing have a nice day
#Look look I couldn't get into Bandori because it has one linear story that follows the group i literally do not care about#and Ensemble Stars is the same way??#but like. it's that on top of the fact that there are just SO SO many characters that I was really hoping it'd be like prosekai dhgjndg#because Prosekai is like ''Hey bestie if you don't want to play More More Jump's story you don't have to qwq''#''just play the stories you care about we won't hold it against you qwq'' and that's GREAT dhjgknfg#because I can just sit and play everything but more more jump and i'm happy with my life and I don't even hate those characters just#their story doesn't interest me at all lmao dshjndg BUT ANYWAYS ensemble stars-#dude leveling up characters is way too complicated#there are just TOO many characters sdhgjdfg#All the songs are original to my understanding which is coll but not really for me i wanna play songs i know dhsjgkfhg#*cool#and like i knew getting into it that like all the characters are pretty boys so you KNOW the target audience is like straight teen girls#which is fine! but within the first 5 seconds of me having freedom to do what i want after the tutorial#i experienced SO much fanservice dshgjknfh#also the twins do that big/little bro thing which is SUCH a big pet peeve of mine you are the same age ehgjnfsb#anyways i'm sure it's a good game and if you enjoy it i'm very happy you have something that you can enjoy in your life!#and if this ends up int he main tags I apologize I was trying to ramble so it wouldn't lmao dgjdh live your best life#this one just aint for me chief. i'm gonna play prosekai then go to bed sgdhjnk
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cupidsbloom · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
being a god must be lonely yknow
#aphmau#mcd#still using the tags but ive been talking w mal abt a rewrite#minas art#i just think. itd work sm better as a slowburn like the slow realization that even reborn she still stuck in the same loop she was in when#she was irene like slowly building into her being a god#she wakes up shes just some girl another face in the village and fate just sorta being inevitable for her having 2 relive it over and over#watching her newfound friends have go thru it all again as she does but the difference is they get to rest. theyre humans at least more so#than she is. i do have like a vague image of what the end scene would be like though after everything settles and its her and zoey theyre#endgame btw :)) but like theyre old and aged sitting in pd overlooking the ocean and watching the sunset as you can see just how much has#changed from when she first wakes up in the world#even if she couldnt have truly experienced being a mortal in this time maybe the next time she tries she'll get it right and finally she'll#be able to rest#yk how it is <3#probs messed up some of it but im still tired#also hot take ill draw inevitably just 2 get it out there for the idea of a rewrite but. shad isnt aaron hes laurence it makes sm sense#i promise also also aaron just gets to be some dude just some guy who marries into one of the og werewolf tribes bc hes a traveling#fisherman who was originally from donnas ocean village also yip ties into this hes aarons adopted son after the descruction of#the werewolf village i just think itd be neat
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inklingofadream · a year ago
yes tell us the kid au
ok it comes with a title, which is "there is something wrong in this house." Also this is obscenely long and may not even make sense
and all the crack stuff is in the backstory, bc elias is the one doing it and the fics from the kids' perspectives. elias going "actually screw this, I'm making one from scratch" is a time-honored excuse to get lil baby Jarchivist, and it's what we're going with here. but, like, making a kid is a lot of effort, and they can't even talk at first, and Agnes didn't work out anyway
So he adopts. Attempt #1: Timothy Stoker, recently lost his whole family to a tragic accident, marked by the Stranger (he hasn't hit on the ritual idea yet but he figures that having some awareness of the supernatural to start with can't hurt. But for now it's all very normal). He can be very subtle about priming Tim to be Archivist, and what better way to ensure loyalty that to be Literally Family?
Unfortunately for Elias, we've seen how Tim reacts to grief in canon, and it's making drastic life changes and getting angry, depending on how much control he feels like he has and how much support he's getting. And not having control is a big theme in this, so he goes for angry. It rapidly becomes pretty obvious that Tim is not going to be a good Archivist.
So we try again, like within a year of adopting Tim. Sasha is Tim's age, and v lightly marked by the Spiral. She's great, Elias is v excited, Sasha is going to be Archivist.
But he still has Tim. And murdering a kid who's not even to double digits is a bit much, even for Elias. But Tim and Sasha bond hard and fast, which, y'know, Archivists do need Assistants. And connection to a beloved brother is probably a pretty good way to get your Archivist back if they end up in the Lonely or the like. You can't use them as cannon fodder, but he figures that Sasha can have one keeper and he can hire randos to fill the other assistant slots.
So Elias' life is going great. Second part of plan: He needs to get rid of Gertrude... some day, but he wants the time to plan it, and she's still useful. But kids grow up, and he doesn't want to put Sasha in place until he's sure he's got a timeframe nailed down for his Ritual, and he doesn't want Sasha responsible for stopping Rituals. But kids grow up and get other careers and turn into their own people.
(Kids are already their own people, you say. Well, Elias barely treats adults like people sometimes. Obviously he's not going to be any better than the controlling and possessive and manipulative stuff we get with Jon in canon with people who also do not have the ability to fight back in the way adults can. Tim can't run away to Malaysia in this! He can't even get out of the city on his own!)
And Elias finds out that he really likes being a parent (this is not at ALL proportional to the quality of said parenting). He doesn't want to be done. And so he puts into use a lil Web artifact, which is that because I say so (and because the experience of being a child and not getting your opinion considered and all your stuff being filtered through what your parents think feels v Webby, to me) he has his kids take vitamins every night, some of which are normal and some of which are Evil Vitamins of Never Grow Up. (the Evil Vitamins have extensive world-building around how and when they're useful, they won't solve Jonah's dying issue bc they're playing on the kid thing, and he's not a kid. Also they are technically still aging, just v slow)
So Tim and Sasha just kind of. Stay 8 or 9ish. And kids that age aren't that observant. It takes them a looooooonnnng time to figure things out.
Meanwhile, y'know, Elias really does like having kids. And if one super-loyal assistant is good, surely more is better? And also, Tim leveled out when he had Literally Anyone besides Elias (because obviously your Vampire Kids have tutors, you can't exactly send em to school) to bounce off of, maybe another sibling will have the same effect. So if he were to find an entity marked orphan (or... not orphan. I think he straight up steals Martin), why not? So he basically acquires Martin and Jon the same way multiple people I know have ended up with extra kids, which is remembering how cute they are and deciding more is better. The kids take well to each other, and Tim in particular gets his big brother instinct activated hard.
And the thing is. Sasha was supposed to be Archivist, but no one really knows that. He didn't tell anyone. And he likes Jon. Jon is just as curious as Sasha, but also waaaay more susceptible to positive reinforcement (for a long time Elias is Jon's favorite as much as Jon is Elias') and reminds Elias of himself more, because boy. So now Jon is future Archivist and the rest will be his assistants. But for now they're all in Vitamin Limbo
And this all sounds very fluffy and goofy, but the actual matter of the story (though it's maybe more a series of vignettes) this is for is from the kids' POV, with them gradually realizing that there's something subtly not right with Elias, and exploring how they feel trapped, how they catch on to little things, and how each discovery has to be pitched to the other three, with varying success. And then focusing on how Jon especially just. Refuses to see it. And trying to convince him otherwise just puts distance between him and the rest and makes him closer and closer with Elias. And tonally it's kind of like a haunted house story? Only the ghost is what Elias is planning for them, and what he's already doing/done to them. Eventually at least Tim stops taking the vitamins, and then that worsens for him because he has more and more idea of how wrong things are, and can't convince the others, and can't take them all away from Elias if he can, and he feels this overbearing need to protect them all but he can't
#tma#the magnus archives#there is something wrong in this house#elias bouchard#jonathan sims#tim stoker#sasha james#martin blackwood#this is basically using the same stuff that i usually use for jonelias stuff in a family context instead#the time period is loose but the kids end up raised v proper victorian seen and not heard and all their toys are kinda that age#and they dont like. watch tv. so theyre even more isolated#also when things are good theyre v family von trapp just a lil line of adorable doll like children#also tim is the only cis kid. elias may be a regency dude planning to use these kids to start the apocalypse but he IS trans positive#thats part of what makes the realization hurt is that hes the first one to Get It for the younger three#age order is tim>sasha>martin>jon with tim n sasha being the same age give or take half a year adn martin and jon are the same#until they start not taking the vitamins and the age gaps get all wonky and longer#like tim ends up in the 12-15 range and jon is like 7#when before it was more like 9 or 10 and 7#and that gap is maintained once jon is allowed to start growing up a bit#(this happens thru elias getting a plan together but also spy vs spy with tim stealing jons vitamins)#also probably this should instead all be written as#jonah magnus#bc its a p long time scale but whatever#if i chuck the web concept for the vitamins they end up flesh instead#and start kinda. draining the kids. so i can have consumptive waif vibes for jon as things Get Dangerous#asks#mine#writing#concepts
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chiribomb · 12 days ago
Two that things bother me about GoF that I have not seen people talk about:
1., why the FUCK did Dumbledore/Crouch think it was a good idea to tell Igor Karkaroff at his parole hearing or whatever it was (plus everyone else there) that Snape had become a spy? He didn’t need to know that information. For that matter, why tell him how ANY of the names he named stood? Just take what he has to say, say you’ll investigate, confer behind closed doors, and tell him if he’s being released. He does not need to know who has died or who has been successfully getting away with what up until this point. It doesn’t matter if he believes it or not or if he thinks Snape is a double agent. Why would you give out information like that to ANYONE but least of all a convicted Death Eater in a public court (apparently accessible to reporters, too). On a related note, why does Voldemort say he has only one faithful Death Eater, stationed at Hogwarts, when he is referring to Crouch? Doesn’t Voldemort think Snape is loyal?
2. WHY is 18yo Viktor Krum interested in 14yo Hermione. EW. I think it must have occurred to me before, but it just never sank very deep into my brain with the movies because I forget they’re all older than Harry and because I think of Krum as “another student” and therefore in the same age range. And then Rita Skeeter and half the school think Hermione is, in Ron’s words, a “scarlet woman” who must be somehow magically manipulating MEN. She is a CHILD. The difference between 14 and 18 is huge. It is not weird that she have a crush on him but it’s super weird that this adult who has girls throwing themselves at him is romantically interested in someone barely into puberty. Grossss.
#I don’t even like the ship pairs of any of the child characters with any of the adult characters set in the far future#I get physically creeped out by ships where the young character is like 30 or 40.#I saw that post joking about what each of the major ships said about you#and it was like ‘snamione means you want to fuck your teacher’ and I’m like 🤢#bc to me I don’t think about it from the POV of the young character with wish fulfilment#I think of it from the POV of the older character and I’m like EW WHY DO YOU WANT TO FUCK A STUDENT WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU#I wouldn’t have an issue with older hermione/Krum bc they are only 4 years apart and are both students#and it’s weird to call an 18yo a man because to me an 18yo is still a child#BUT not the same level of child. yuck.#idk I am uncomfortable with age gaps period and it’s hard to explain#I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of that kind of attention but it’s not that it triggers feelings of victimisation#it triggers feelings of. like. extreme protectiveness.#combined with the deep resentment I have about having to take responsibility for someone else’s safety#like I see a kid and I’m like that’s not my problem but if the kid is trusting or in danger I’m like ah fuck I have to look out for them. 😤#I seriously think it’s why I have no idea how to interact with children#it’s so uncomfortable to feel responsible for them#and I’m like godDAMNit you are making be an adult and I hate that#so it’s not about whether it’s moral of JKR to write about it in a kid’s book. I just think it’s really gross.#I would have a hard time being involved with someone much younger than me despite being of consenting age#like I’d feel like I was doing something wrong. failing some duty I didn’t want in the first place.#with kids/teens it’s like…/I/ know I’m not going to do anything inappropriate but I don’t want you to trust adults either#which I guess just speaks to my paranoia but like. no. kid. don’t trust me. I’m an adult. do not trust adults.#I would be doing you harm to make you think that it was safe to trust people#this is why I will never be a parent willingly lmao could you imagine#I’d raise them to be like me and the world doesn’t need any more of that#ok this went off track didn’t it
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emile-hides · 11 months ago
No touchy
I am having way too many thoughts about Principal Nezu out loud to my discord and they, with their big brains, came out with a concept I just couldn’t leave alone. So here’s some Nezu angst. First angst I’ve ever posted really.
This story involves Age Regression, specifically Age Regresser Aizawa, and a slight description of a panic attack, so please read safely!
Nezu was a smart man. Mouse. Bear. Dog? Perhaps cat.
Whatever he was, he was smart. Above intelligent, and attentive. He was observant above all else, even when he didn’t particularly want to be. He took in mannerism, small signals a person may give without even knowing it themselves. The littlest hint of change he could detect.
It made him tired.
Sure, it was a more than useful skill, as a pro-hero and as a boss to a handful of emotionally scarred 30-something, but the downsides more than outweighed the blessings.
He couldn’t relax, no matter how much soothing tea he’d sip, cigarettes he’d smoke, there was always something to see, to hear, to witness and note as a possible threat. Weather it was the animal instincts he’d been born with or the trauma developed living as a lab rat to someone else’s experiments he could never tell. Both were simply exhausting.
He wished more than anything to simply take a breath that didn’t ache his stressed heart, and rest.
Instead, as Nezu made his way down the halls of his beloved school, he found one of his previously mentioned emotionally stunted employees laying by a large hall window atop his bright yellow sleeping bag, stretched out on his stomach.
Nezu approached and gave a calm tilt of the head, a smile as always as he greeted, “Aizawa, you really shouldn’t nap here. You’re a tripping hazard.”
His words were not met with the grumble of a freshly awoken 30-something like he’d expected, but instead a whine of complaint. Nezu was a little startled by the sound and gently knelt beside his employer, who looked up at him with a sleepy expression, roughly rubbing one of his eyes as he stared.
When the man fully awoke, he stared at Nezu with a look only he could distinguish, a wide eye, kitten like stare of pure innocence and curiosity. The stare of someone who hadn’t yet lost so many dear friends, who hadn’t fought crime for 30 years in dirty back alleys. The stare of someone yet to face their own demons. A child laid before Nezu, barely a year old, basking in the sun after a long day of teaching.
“Ah.” Nezu stood back up, though it barely made a difference in his height, “Shall I call Kayama then?” He spoke to Aizawa, as if the little one could understand him, before taking out his phone and making a call to his resident CG.
“Shouta dropped too??” Kayama exasperated upon hearing the news over the phone, “He and Hizashi must have some psychic link, I’m in the dorms dealing with him now.” Though he words sounded sharp and tired, she really did adore caring for the two, being a big sister really was her own way of relaxing.
“How long would it take you to get here?” Nezu now stood much farther down the hall then when the phone call started, Aizawa left on his make-shift playmat with a ring of keys to jingle to himself.
“Hizashi’s hard to travel with,” Kayama started, “I can send All Might, but he’s on the track right now, I don’t know how long it’d take him to get there.”
Nezu gave a glance down the hall as he let out a slight sigh, “Well, that’s better than nothing.” Little Aizawa suddenly threw the keys, pouncing after them like a cat before sliding, his feet unsecured on the fabric of the sleeping bag. The entire motion made Nezu flinch, his smile forcing just a little hard than normal, “Tell him to hurry for me.”
Kayama gave a simple “Yes sir” before hanging up, leaving Nezu to stare at his phone. He glanced back at Aizawa, now rolled on his back, tangled in his own capture weapon like a cat in yarn, staring wide eyed and curious at Nezu. 
Something twisted in the principal’s throat, but he swallowed it down, returned him smile, and reapproached the little one. “Kayama’s a little busy at the moment, but All Might should be on the way soon.” He explained calmly, untangling and removing the capture tape from Aizawa’s neck.
Aizawa continued to stare at him. He was certainly aware of Nezu’s existance, and recognized him as someone safe, but little Aizawa’s eyes had hardly ever perceived the principal.
That was on purpose, of course.
Nezu found being around regressers uncomfortable in a way he couldn’t quiet describe. He’d done his research on the topic of Age Regression, he fully understood it was a completely natural, and even encouraged part of the healing process for trauma victims and those under stress.
He understood the principle, and he’d seen the execution, All Might even gave him a book on everyone’s routines and needs while regressed and yet...
Looking down at the blissfully ignorant and innocent eyes of Shouta Aizawa, a man he knew to drink 5 black coffees first thing every morning, filled him with a feeling he’d rather not face.
Nezu’s paw found Aizawa’s head without thought, gently petting though his hair, his pink pads silking down the little’s jet black hair. 
Envy seeped into his stomach as he felt Aizawa lean into his touch, watched the little close his eyes as he relaxed, a soft purr like sound coming from his throat as though the man was in fact actual a cat. The pure bliss on his face.
“I...” Nezu’s voice shook as his paw reached the back of Aizawa’s head, “I wish... I could be like you...”
Nezu without a smile is a rare sight.
“I would give anything to have this mindset you are in...” His paw began to move back up to the top of Aizawa’s head, his stare blank at the little before him, “To be so vulnerable, so ignorant, to just... forget and be... small...”
Nezu’s body gave a shake, his paw giving unsteady rubs, mussing up Aizawa’s already tangled hair.
“I want to be pet...” He spoke so quietly he could barely hear himself, “and held and hugged.. What I’d give to have a moment of blissful innocence like you...”
Nezu took a breath, sucking in his emotions. He’d let it all slip. He could see his paw shaking. He quickly retreated, counting three steps back and he began to forcefully regain his composer.
Aizawa couldn’t fully recognize what’d happened. Why did Mr. Nezu get so sad all of a sudden? Why did he stop petting Aizawa? Had Aizawa done something? Did Mr. Nezu want something from Aizawa?
He wanted...
He wanted...
Panic spiked Nezu’s ears as a ripple of shock ran from his head though his tail, he froze dead in place, stiff and wide eyed. Aizawa’s hand rested just behind his ear, gently stoking back and forth along the fur.
“There, there kitty....” Aizawa spoke softly, his voice small, infantile.
And yet it sent nothing but fear shooting though Principal Nezu.
Nezu found himself unable to respond, he couldn’t even move. He was trapped, forced stiff by the hand on the back of his head giving gentle scratches just below his ear.
So, so gentle
Back and forth
‘That’s a good boy... Relax now... This won’t hurt a bit...’
“Shouta!” Toshinori’s voice echoed though the hall, followed by racing foot steps. Aizawa was quickly snatched from the floor, his affections finally releasing Nezu from his frozen shock, “I thought I told you, we don’t touch Mr. Nezu.” All Might’s scolding tone was soft and truly left no real lesson learned.
“Are you alright, sir?” Toshinori shifted to hold Aizawa more securely, looking down to Nezu with concern.
The principal smiled with ease, his paws now firmly gripped together behind his back, “Right as rain.” He answered, chipper, “Now you two best be going. I’m sure Yamada is waiting.”
“R... Right....” Toshinori nodded, grabbing Aizawa’s sleeping bag from it’s place on the floor. As he walked Aizawa looked over his carer’s shoulder back to Mr. Nezu, who still stood stock still in place, a plastic smile splitting his fuzzy face.
Principal Nezu was a smart man. Attentive. Observant.
Such brilliance is what made him the man he is today, allowed him to nurture young minds and help others in ways only one with such a mind could.
And yet in moments like these
‘there, there, little one, you’re alright’
He would give anything to be rid of it.
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madebysimblr · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Raina: Do you want to stay the night?
Cordy: Absolutely.
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thepixelelf · 4 months ago
Title: the price of existence
#ideas.tpe#kpop boy (kb) is immortal#and hundreds of years ago some oracle or something warns him of someone who is destined to end his immortality#'they will wear many faces and be given many names; but in one life or the next; or the next; or the next; they will bring about your end.'#reincarnation of a destined soul#'they will live as many lives as it takes to fulfill this destiny. none will look the same; but you will know who they are'#this TERRIFIES kb who spends centuries literally murdering every reincarnation of this soul that he meets#until this time; this turn of the century; when it's you#and he doesn't know why he doesn't just kill you#he keeps telling himself it's because modernity makes it harder and harder to get away with it#but still; he can't find himself /wanting/ to hurt you in the first place despite knowing exactly who you are- what soul you carry#and blah blah blah he falls in love with you and you with him#and after a while he wonders why you haven't killed him yet#that's your destiny isn't it? to end his immortality? to end him? to finally make him pay the price?#and maybe years pass; and he realizes slowly that... you have. he's changed a little. his bones sometimes ache from overuse; he bleeds#he's aging. you didn't kill him; but you have ended his immortality by making him want to grow old with you#he doesn't want to lose you to time like he has with every single other entity in his life#he'd gladly pay the price of existence for you — impermanence#for you; he'd hold your hand as he chooses not to stay
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duodusk · 9 months ago
i was talking to a friend about c!Sam and we realized that "Hero" from RW/BY is like the perfect song for his character
i could probably post all of the lyrics and they'd all work but it just feels like such a fitting song for him as the Warden
Take my hand I'm here to protect you Nothing will stop me Understand There's no sacrifice that I won't make I'll risk it all to keep you safe Trust me to be strong I'll be your hero, just hold on
I will fight For you no matter how I am despised Portrayed as cruel and heartless, I am might I am power, I'm due process, I will smite
Hearts and minds may not agree Emotions topple strategy You can't believe in honesty That your children can win a war
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explorerspack · 9 months ago
feeling really headinhands about. kobus on the rooftop with mina, auberon as a weasel curled up on montery’s back and then in the forest with sabin, fásach walking among and commending the soldiers, cerise holding calista and making plans with elliot and just quietly sitting with the other sorcerers, cami celebrating in the streets with all the people of the city....man....
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aro-aizawa · 9 months ago
oh how the hell did i manage to make such a great piece of art like my dp pride piece in the exact same set up i have now but im struggling so much more right now. it does NOT make sense.
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scrawlers · a month ago
Each of my romances in the three Dragon Age games has been like:
Lyra Mahariel/Zevran Aranai: Decided to use sex as a distraction from trauma, caught feelings by accident
Briar Hawke/Isabela: Heard “be gay, do crimes” and took it very literally
Devana Lavellan/Josephine Montilyet: Oblivious lesbians having their first real romance
#i like that all 3 have had very different flavors tbh. it fits w/ the different personalities of all 3#Lyra & Zevran are both traumatized in different ways + are keenly aware how close to death they are at all times so they're like#''nothing matters! let's just work out restless energy + distract ourselves!''#and then they caught feelings & were like ''well fuck (and not the fun kind)''#(but kind of went w/ it bc it was the end of the world so like . . . why not right)#Briar & Isabela had instant attraction & chemistry & both use sass & humor to deflect things so they also got along great on that front too#+ both being rogues + both being criminals etc etc just a ton of things in common tbqh#the feelings came along organically & though Briar was the first to admit it to both herself & Isabela she also never pushed#bc she was fine with just seeing how each day unfolded (esp since wild shit happened every other day so. why try to plan)#so they just kind of live in the moment & the chaos & go w/ with it. with feelings involved despite Isabela's best efforts#and then Devana & Josie are just . . . hopeless. literally took Leliana intervening to get them to go anyway smdh#Devana at least has never had a romance before ever & honestly despite Josephine's fury at Leliana saying she's innocent in love#I'm pretty sure the same goes for her. she is oblivious too. but since it's a first romance they are so sweet & soft & fluffy#just cuddles and handholding & kisses for the time being. feels scandalous even though it is anything but#so in a way it went from like - most angsty (Lyra/Zev) - balanced (Briar/Bela) - fluffy (Devana/Josie)#something for everyone tbh#dragon age
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ace-no-isha · 2 months ago
you ever realize how close one piece is getting to the end of its story and start going mildly insane cus you don’t know how ur gonna live without it one day haha me neither i would never
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cherylblossomgf · 3 months ago
cassandra clare was really setting out to expand her shadowhunter universe beyond tmi and she was just like huh. what if it ran in the family. and then she just went wild with that
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cherry-shipping · 3 days ago
SOMETIMES i get a little sad (only a little) about how my undertale s/i has nothing to do with the events in undertale whatsoever, and just. have no idea nor could never fully understand what frisk and everyone else went through down there. like, sure, they can tell stories and possibly even visit the underground (i assume some monsters wanted to stay down there, too) but like. they have no way of grasping everything that happened to everyone. and im happy with my s/i the way it is so i guess there could POSSIBLY be an au where they fall down WITH frisk and go through the story together, but. well that has a lot of plot holes LOL
#cherry chats#NOT THAT PLOT HOLES MATTER AT ALL LMFAO#i just like to be Concise#so like. its an au that works in theory if i dont think about it too much.#but either way its part of my self inserts universe that they dont fully understand everything that happened#like thats kinda........ a huge part in their relationship with all the others#esp with sans who was to a certain extent aware of resets (i mentioned the growing deja vu in that other post a little while ago)#and a big part in us coming to trust and understand each other better was when he told me about that#(dont ask why i just switched from talkin abt my s/i in third to first person just now btw)#and a really important part of that was the fact that i couldnt ever fully grasp what he meant or how that would feel but still#believing him and comforting him about it. cause he thought he was making no sense at all#and i dont even wanna imagine what would happen if TWO human souls entered the underground at the SAME TIME#ALONG with flowey who i assume would still be able to reset#cause i imagine any human would be able to reset due to having significantly stronger souls while also being trapped behind a magic barrier#thereby making their access to their soul along with its powers much much easier#while most humans dont even know they HAVE a soul. so utilizing the powers in this new world MADE of magic would take like 0 effort#i assume this is also why flowey can reset cause in a way he still holds charas soul (kinda)#UMM THIS ISNT WHAT I WAS GONNA TALK ABOUT AND ITS 7:30AM LOL. UMMM. I BET IM RUNNING OUT OF TAGS TOO#OK WELL IM DONE NOW I REALIZED I HAVE WAY TOO RICH A FICTION IN THE SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION OF SOULS AND MAGIC IM SURE I COULD GO ONFOR AGES#IF TUMBLR CUTS OFF HALF MY TAGS AND I END UP MAKING NO SENSE BTW. WELL THATS JUST HOW THE COOKIE CRUMBLES I GUESS#LMFAO BYE
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reidsacademia · 9 months ago
blog rule update that you may or may not care about:
dms are now open to 16+ mutuals !! (previously 18+ only) of course, i only ask that we don’t discuss anything nsfw ever, not even in my public ask box. i’ll include an explanation in the tags as to why i’m changing this/why i had my previous rule in place, if there are any concerns <3 much luv
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sneez · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
here are all the images i frankenfaxed together, working through the night with welding torch and scalpel to painstakingly craft The One True Fairfax, my masterwork, the big sad man supreme. behold
Tumblr media
#fairfax#ghost post#hark!!!!#the sixth image is the one leeds castle sent me :-D#i know all these pictures look the same i know the differences are subtle in the extreme but i can TELL#the image i made is by no means perfect (it is after all several images stacked on top of one another) but i think it is the one which best#conveys the Expression and [youth voice] Vibe of the original miniature#the picture i had before (the first one with the red background) is close but he doesnt have the same mildly interested expression that the#original has. i feel like he is leaning forwards in the original and making ‘hmm oh yes mm do go on’ noises#and i think the new one captures that :-D and also his little smile. crumb#i was going to say crumbles to dust but i will just leave it at crumb i think that does the job#anyway :-D here he is......big googly eyes and all#he looks so young in this particular portrait and especially in the new version......little small (6 foot plus) man#i have never been able to find out when it was painted but i am guessing it was sometime in the 1640s given that he is depicted in armour#and as i said last time it supposedly captures his likeness well :-D things which make me so very happy#and his silly little fringe pieces. beloved#the fifth image is also one i had to frankenfax because i found it on the cover of a book (the wilson biography) but it was at an angle so i#had to overlay it on top of the first picture and distort it until it lined up and then mess around with the colours for ages because the#original picture was a photograph from ebay in very had lighting#and then he ended up a bit wonky anyway! but no matter. frankenfaxing is a hobby of mine :-D
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