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#San Luis Obispo

It has been awhile. She hasn’t written in about a month and much has changed. Corona Virus or covid-19 has run wild all over the world. It is a flu pandemic. She stopped working two weeks ago. All the major cities have been shut down. It is something out of a sci-fi novel. Streets are empty, businesses closed, the government failing us - people are hoarding cleaning supplies, masks, and toilet paper. It is a weird time to be alive. Meanwhile, she is moving again. Third time this year, second state, and the first time she’ll be living in SoCal. She is excited - nervous and scared - but excited, none the less. She has never lived south of San Luis Obispo, visited many times though. She hasn’t been to where she’s moving, it’s kind of like the desert she guesses. She really hates hot weather. This will be an interesting move. It always is. She has absolutely no idea what to expect. She is moving in with him and she knows it will be great, just a big adjustment. They cancelled all his classes and all the schools and non-essential work are closed, so it will be them - once again.

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