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#Sandra Deel

She is:


- a woman in her early thirties or thereabouts

- a mutant with sound powers

- a survivor of childhood abuse and rape

- a recovering drug addict 

- severely mentally ill

- a survivor of medical abuse

- a survivor of prisoner abuse

- violently angry at society and humanity in general

- a remorseless serial killer

She is also:


- best friends with the most terrifying serial killer on the planet, who is a fellow mentally ill survivor of childhood abuse

- the only person Carnage loves and respects

- one of very few people who can kick the Carn’s ass

- able to kick most peoples’ asses and usually thwarted by a psychological breakdown rather than actually losing the fight

In addition, she is:


- a deeply maternal and family-oriented person, despite her horrific experiences with the family she was born into

- in the habit of adopting supervillains and deciding that they’re her babies now and she will cherish them forever 

- not always a great mom because of her aforementioned psychological problems, but genuinely willing to die for the people she decides are worth loving


Also she likes rock music and she’s great k bye

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mmmm yeah see tanis honey i’d feel sorry for you but you literally referred to shriek - ie. YOUR PATIENT - as a ‘maimed animal’ and while that doesn’t come close to making you the worst, most unethical psychiatrist in the marvel universe it is more than enough for me to utterly utterly loathe you :)

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