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#Sandra rants

Me, after seeing anyone hate on N: guess I gotta love him harder now

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my school schedule is forcing me to learn how to drive and honestly? I’m about to shit myself I am so scared but I guess this is something I have to learn

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I’m doing so well at my new job that my boss wants to give me a key to the office and ofc the negative anxiety thoughts creep in like, “when is the universe gonna snatch this nice thing away from me”

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someone: “who knows you best in life?”

everyone else: “my best friends/family”

me: spotify

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yall let me tell you something high school fucking SUCKS. favoritism so obvious it’s ridiculous. shoutout to my high school for proving that being a pretty idiot will get you a lot farther than being a hard working student.
good to know that my intelligence doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. wish I hadn’t wasted 4 years of my life staying up late to make sure assignments were done on time and making sure that i was prepared for my exams and nearly breaking down most of the time.
thanks for basically saying that im not good enough.

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rules: once you’ve been tagged you’re supposed to write a post with eighty-two truths and then tag twenty-five people.

tagged by @laiguanlin

name: sandra 
blood type: 0-
nickname(s): idk everyone calls me by my name i think?
zodiac sign: cancer
pronouns: she/her
favorite tv shows: parks and rec, sense8, gravity falls and rick and morty
long or short hair: i used to have really long hair but now it’s short and i kinda prefer it??
height: 176 cm (more or less)
do you have a crush on someone: on my boyfriend haha
what do you like about yourself: i’m coldminded and to me that’s a great way to be
right or left handed: right
list of three favourite colors: black, blue and violet

right now:
eating: biscuits (and i need to stop before it’s too late because then i won’t eat lunch)
drinking: i’m about to make tea so nothing yet
i’m about to: make tea
listening to: black widow by pristin
kids: nope
get married: i don’t believe in marriage, so i wouldn’t get married
career: i’m currently studying a mayor on german lenguage and literature so i hope someday i’ll be a translator

most recent:
drink: tea
phone call: my mom
song you listened to: black widow by pristin

have you ever:
dated someone twice: nope
been cheated on: i don’t think so
kissed someone and regretted it: hell yesss
lost someone special: two dogs :(((
been depressed: i am depressed lmao
been drunk and thrown up: too many times
kissed a stranger: i don’t get attracted to strangers so i don’t kiss them
had glasses or contacts: both, tho i’ve been using glasses more often than contacts
had sex on the first date: i don’t do this dating thing
broken someone’s heart: i don’t think so

turned someone down: yep
cried when someone died: yep (mostly my dogs and some fictional characters)
fallen for a friend: yep

in the last year have you:
made a new friend: nope
fallen out of love: nope x2
laughed until you cried: i don’t know tbh
met someone who changed you: nope
found out who your true friends were: yep although it was hard at first, no i realize how much better i am without them
found out someone was talking about you: don’t think so
kissed someone on your fb list: nope

which is better:
lips or eyes: both ffs
hugs or kisses: WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME??? but hugs i love hugs
shorter or taller: taller i guess?
romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
sensitive or loud: sensitive i hate loud people
hookup or relationship: relationship
troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant but a little bit troublemaker if that makes sense

best friend: this girl from school with whom i don’t even talk anymore
surgery: none
sport i joined: swimming
vacation: i don’t know??

do you believe in:
yourself: sometimes it’s hard but yes
miracles: no
love at first sight: no, it doesn’t exist, you don’t know this person you can’t love them just from looking at them
heaven: no

how many people from your fb list do you know irl: most of them 
do you have any pets: no and it makes me really sad :(((
do you want to change your name: when i was little i did in fact! but now i just don’t care, at least i don’t have an old person’s name
what did you do for your last birthday: went partying with my boyfriend and his friends and it was boring af and i almost died
what time did you wake up today: at 9:00
what were you doing last night at midnight: watching bojack horseman
something you can’t wait for: getting my finals done
last time you saw your mom: two weeks ago
what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: everything because i don’t like it at all
have you ever talked to a person named tom: ummm i don’t think so?? hahhaa
what’s getting on your nerves: teenagers 

tagging no one so feel free to tag yourselves!

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sooo i just made me a kpop twitter account but i’ve got no idea who to follow, so if you want you can send me your @ so i can follow you 💫💫

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Why are the Steroline shippers so upset that Stefan cried because of Elena’s death? Honestly, i would be upset if he didn’t. I mean who wouldn’t cry if they found out that they wouldn’t see their friend EVER again? What kind of person would that make Stefan? It’s not like he wasn’t worried sick about Caroline. But then she was better and his BROTHER was in danger so because he knew that Valerie would be watching Caroline, he left to save his brother from getting KILLED and then he asked Damon why he’s doing this and he told him that he burned Elena. Of course that was a shock for him and he was sad and cried. That’s what every normal person would do in this kind of situation. I know a lot of people don’t want to acknowledge that Stefan and Elena are friends BUT THEY ARE. I’m so sick of people ignoring the stuff that happens in a show just because they only care about a ship…

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It’s so nice to come to my dash on here and find so many people that i follow using my self-created icons :) it makes me so happy to see that people like them and find them good enough to use ‘em :)

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i have finished high school and passed all my subjects i’m soooooo relieved!! now i have to study for my university entrance examination but i’m sure i’ll make it c:

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please kill me before i kill myself in the middle of my kant exam

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So I got a job interview for the Parks and Rec department in my city. 

And let me tell you how hella excited I am. I have worked at Barnes and Nobles and I am currently working in library. Don’t get me wrong, I love books but Jesus Christ I cant take working at a library anymore. The majority of people who come in are homeless. (Being homeless isn’t the problem, its the fact that they harass a lot of the female staff members.)

A library is supposed to be a great place for learning and reading and resources. But no. It’s a place where old men go to hit on women.

I get hit on or “flirted” with at least 2 times a day and it’s terrible. 

Creepy guy that comes into the library often: Hey, are you pregnant?

Me: Um.. no….

Creepy guy: Oh…sorry. *A couple of minutes later* Do you wanna go some place with me.

Anyways, my point is I have a job interview at parks and rec Thursday and I am going to fucking WOO them. I AM GETTING THAT JOB IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO MOTIVATED IN MY LIFE TO GET A CERTAIN JOB. 

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I see posts where it’s said that Circle!Bethany was put in as a way to say “The Circle isn’t a bad thing,” and…I don’t think THAT’S the case.

Circle!Bethany is put through the Harrowing immediately after her capture and she passes with flying colors. She’s made an Enchanter and put in charge of young mages. Bethany Hawke is no weakling.

Ella, the apprentice you help in Dissent, mentions that Bethany told her the Circle wasn’t all bad, especially after Ser Alrik is killed. But think about what Bethany has had to do her whole life. She’s had to survive in hiding, and now she has to survive being placed in one of the worst situations imaginable. She’s aware of the corruption and abuses and resolves to protect herself if she has too.

Circle!Bethany is a survivor trying to make it in a situation where she’s basically a prisoner. She takes the Circle’s rules and uses them to become something amazing by the time The Last Straw rolls around.

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I hate my dad atm, like he is such an ass to me, he is complaining and saying shit about me because I got a job at subway, because I didnt get a job that has something to do with sewing
I have never had a job before just finished my 2 semester out of 4 or 5 in the basics of sewing stuff, and I just wanted a job to get my self through school and to actually have some money to pay for therapy, BUT NO im a failure cus the first job I ever got is working at subway, because I want job experience, just because the first job he ever got he stuck with it his whole life thats what im going to do, no thats not how things work dad
But no Im a horrible failure and now im never going to make anything out of my life and im gonna be stuck with the same job my whole life and die poor, im  horrible failure that is wasting my education because my FIRST job EVER is at subway

God I hate this all my life he has always said to me that if I dont get an education I will be poor and live a horrible life and die, he has always complained about everything I do that isnt up to his liking, he has no idea how stressing it was for me to go on that interview because of all the things he has been saying to me since a kid

And guess what just the cherry on this fucking crappy rant, every time he said those things he was ether drinking or smoking weed or both in his underwear at any given time of the day, talking about failures, hypocrites 

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you know why the friendzone bullshit drives me nuts? besides the obvious?

because there is nothing just about being friends. people assume that if you’re not in a relationship with the other person, its not good enough and that drives me fucking nuts.

there is no such thing as just friends, because being friends is motherfucking magic and if whiney bitches think its not good enough for them they can kiss my queenly ass.

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A lot of times, i miss watching shows like the vampire diaries, pretty little liars, glee and greys anatomy, because of my favorite characters/ships. But i see the story lines and the character assassinations that are happening and it doesn’t make me want to start watching it again. It actually makes me happy that I’m not seeing the disaster that it has become.

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Congratulations shitlick, you managed to ruin a perfectly pleasant evening for me and made it awkward for everybody else because you’re a delusional butthurt with no real purpose.

You managed to screw my evening over. What an accomplishment. I hope you get home and write this down in your diary so that you can look back to your days of glory and tell your children “Yes, that’s right. I made her spend a miserable evening. High five.”

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but honestly now how come landlords seem to never send up any fucking heat during the winter

there was barely any heat in my old building, and barely any here

it’s idk about 25 degrees right now and I’ve been depending on this space heater every winter for years

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