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donteatdoves · 2 hours ago
you’re laughing. guys on tiktok are using a minecraft youtuber’s voice for thirst traps because they think he sounds hot and you’re laughing
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myanmardoesnotexist · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
In begging any artist to please draw the dream team based on this. Like gnf as the guy in the blanket dre as the guy in the phone and sap as the guy yelling PLEASE!
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dreamyygeorgenap · 11 hours ago
Dream fanart strikes again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so sweet <3
(xdnf) (meetup) (dreamnap)
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sexhavershq · 5 hours ago
does anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with these minecraft men but if you met them in person you would absolutely turn the other direction because it would simply be too embarrassing to look the person you posted about choking you in the eye?
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incorrectmcyt · 7 hours ago
Sapnap, to George during a manhunt: Dude, I’ll tell you what. If you get me killed again, I gotta tell you, this time I’m gonna be a little pissed
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latte-cant-spell · 18 hours ago
Every day I’m thankful that the Dream SMP didn’t exist during the hight of popularity in the commentary community. Y’all think Dream antis are bad now 💀Can you imagine getting called a “Dream Stan” by a Leafy fan? It’s making me want to vomit just thinking about it.
“Hey guys, today we are going to be talking about Dream Stans and how annoying they literally are” Leafy pls come back and make a video like that I need something to laugh at
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a-bit-very-confused · 20 hours ago
sapnap: why should i make my bed, when i’m just gonna unmake it to sleep in it anyways? 
bad: why should i feed you if your just gonna die anyways? 
sapnap: i’ll go make my bed-
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sallysalmonkin · 6 hours ago
if Scott allows Dream Team to be together because he’s doing fun teams that is excellent we will all be overjoyed. If Scott decides he wants a balanced MCC All-Stars then there is no way those three can be teamed which is understandable and I’m sure the three of them will be fine with it. If the Dream Team aren’t teamed and I see any hate towards Smajor it’s an automatic block (for any team actually but you get my point) 
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gnfonly · an hour ago
do you guys ever stop to think about how a 5/5 dtqk irl stream would be like because after tubbo's recent halloween stream and a lot of streamers meeting each other in the u.s, i can only imagine how the vibes would be. quackity and karl would definitely carry the stream because they're the ones with more experience on doing irl content, while george also has experience i think he would just be a menace to society and try to make the boys do dangerous stuff that could potentially put their lives at risk, while dream has to be the voice of reason and stop sapnap, karl and quackity from doing it. a cooking stream with all of them would never happen because dream would see quackity and karl cooking and he would've to be taken to the e.r because of his blood pressure going up.
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yesdudestuff · 18 hours ago
George: so top or bottom?
Dream: top obviously
George: ugh but I wanted top
Dream: to late, I already called dibs
George: I don't want bottom
Dream: oh you'll love it, trust me.
Sapnap: ...
Sapnap: wtf are you talking about?!
Dream: our bunk beds
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a-bit-very-confused · 23 hours ago
quackity: “let me get this straight”, more like let me run something bi you
sapnap: let’e pan this out ;D
karl: let’s ace-ess the situation.
george: i’m gay.
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dreambutstupid · 20 hours ago
This is a 4 am rant post and I have a 9 am lecture so let’s go! This is how I think the marble game in Squid Game would go down for the different duos in the Dream Team. Disclaimer: this is the personas they show on camera and should no way be seen as a reflection on their actual relationships to eachother as we have no idea
Dream and Sapnap: Sapnap would 100% sacrifice for Dream. He’s always idolised him and I feel like he would say some shit like ‘it was always meant to be you’ in the sense that he felt like Dream should stay because he has this prevailing greatness. Dream would fight tooth and nail to stop him but Sapnap is determined and we all know he doesn’t stop when he’s determined, leading to them playing the opposite of what the game implies and instead just giving eachother marbles instead of taking them
George and Dream: Dream would throw. It would be less so them actually trying to play the game and more a general discussion of how they should solve it. I feel like whilst George was distracted he would purposely throw the game so that George would live and because we all know George isn’t the most observant: he wouldn’t realise until it was too late
George and Sapnap: George would throw. They would play the game and get competitive but would mean none of it; they’re just trying to have some fun with their competitive natures and make light of an awful situation. George at the end would probably throw last minute but not make it obvious so Sapnap would still feel as if he earned his place in the game. Sapnap would get angry that George lost and ask why he didn’t do better and George would say Sapnap was just ‘too good’ to beat and would jokingly quip that his ping didn’t allow him to do as well
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doveyeellie · 6 hours ago
you don't understand if dteam+karl happens on mcc all stars we'll get to hear them all say nimrom wimrod and all the others directions and maybe they'll wear their Hogwarts skins again as a throwback
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oddluver · an hour ago
Dream hearing about Sapnap and Punz going trick or treating without him:
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solarsleepless · 8 hours ago
dream smp characters as quotes from the puffychu discord
niki: We’ll see if I lose my mind over this and have a mental breakdown
puffy: kick ass, eat grass, and kiss girls
techno: i just need to be adhd and say "I liek de anarchy"
philza: imagine being a sinner couldn't be me 🙄
purpled: I’m going to stage a mutiny
wilbur: wario moment
ranboo: nyas ominously
quackity: I will cuss you out in so many foreign sentences
jack: same except I’m exempt from class because I’m mentally ill
karl: I take bath and you guys have a mental breakdown or smt i dunno
sapnap: arson is fine, i'm also fine with murder but to the people i care about, ahah no. that crosses the line
dream: im an impatient bitch and want it right again now
george: I’m pretty sure sleeping gets u away from death
hannah: Why the fuck am I listening to video game cult music
tommy: I will be a gorgeous raccoon
tubbo: if yall wanna stay safe from the boom boy apocalypse
slimecicle: As long as it takes for the darkness of the unconscious void to take me
bad: when u fren ded
skeppy: I probably consumed quarter raw chicken without knowing but its good lmao
awesamdude: "safety hat - because god knows i need it-"
ponk: Not related but. pop corn with lemon.
tina: murdering won't exactly solve anything
eryn: Attempted Child murder is so girl boss
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