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dear everyone who’s questioning their sexuality and/or gender right now,

congratulations! thats really exciting, and there is a whole new world ahead of you. but it can also be scary. really scary. and its okay to feel that way too.

i just want to remind you, that even if it feels like you’re all alone and nobody cares, i do. i may not know you or what you’re going through, but you’re valid and everything’s gonna be okay. you’ll make it through this, i promise.

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yall mfs saying coronavirus is homophobic bc u cant see ur s/o when its actually the most homosexual thing this planet has ever experienced. think about it. all that longing… all that touch starved-ness….. we are all living in a 150k word fanfiction tagged mutual pining and long distance and you know it

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Hey you know what I fucking hate? LESBIAN ERASURE!!!!!! Why is it that when people are hyping up the Diviners (great book series btw, needs more love) people always mention that there is a gay character and an asexual character (which is amazing, we love to see it) but NEVER MENTION THAT THE ASEXUAL CHARACTER IS ALSO A LESBIAN!!!!!!!! It’s not a spoiler at all so I truly don’t understand why people don’t talk about it. It is so obvious in the books too, even I caught it and I never catch anything. Seriously, I’m actually really upset about this, lesbians are never remembered and are often looked down upon in our own community even though we are the first letter in the acronym 😞

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I really do be vibing with:

  • It’s 12:30 am and I still need to do the dishes
  • It’s thunderstorming and it sounds lovely. I really want to go outside
  • I’m playing my playlist that consists of mainly Sapphic songs at a medium volume because my earbuds are unavailable right now and I can’t blast the music because my brother is sleeping. (Imagine)
  • Dancing stupidly but overall I’m just enjoying it
  • My candle is smelling lovely and I’ve been burning it basically all day
  • Imagining having a significant other and just feeling lonely but okay about it because my time will come
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in the time it took to do these studies I started trying to come up with a story for them because ballet always looks at least a little romantic. Anyway they’re competing leads who don’t interact much at first but secretly admire each other from afar. They both get a little wine drunk at a party and kiss and end up having mini existential crises about it. It’s all much more melodramatic than it needs to be before they work it out.

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