#Sasha wolf AU
cutetanuki-chan · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Wolf Sasha AU
here’s more of this AU
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toonteller · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Belated Birthday gift of @cutetanuki-chan ! It was a bit late but hope you enjoy!
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violetscacti-art · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
AU where Anne is a cursed beast, Marcy is a witch and Sasha a werewolf
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kaseyskat · 5 months ago
wrote this little wolf sasha au ficlet for @cutetanuki-chan's au as a bit of a warm up after not writing all weekend! it's such a cute au if y'all haven't seen it yet please go check it out <3 anyways i hope you guys enjoy!!!
“Sash, Sash! You’ll never guess what I found!”
Sasha grumpily opens one eye, lazily watching as Marcy comes charging back into the cave that they’ve been staying in for the past few days. She’s drenched from head to toe- the soft pitter-patter of rain outside explaining why. Why anyone would willingly leave shelter to be out in the cold rain, Sasha has no idea, but she’s never been able to follow her idiot human’s logic.
The rain certainly hasn’t done a thing to dampen Marcy’s mood, though, and she holds up her satchel proudly, as though Sasha could see through it like some kind of superhuman. “Look, look,” she pleads, and she kneels in front of where Sasha’s curled up, digging through the bag until she proudly produces a couple of rocks.
Sasha levels Marcy with her most unimpressed stare.
“I know they don’t look like much, but I’m pretty sure this one is chipped opal! Most opal is found below ground, but sometimes erosion exposes veins of it above ground, you know-” Marcy chatters, and she sits criss-cross on the ground now, her eyes sparkling in the dim torchlight. She’s shivering, though, and her clothes are still drenched, and Sasha huffs before she sits upright, nudging at Marcy’s shoulder.
“Huh?” Marcy blinks at Sasha curiously, and then shivers again. “Oh. Yeah, it wasn’t raining when I went out. I was trying to get us some food, but I… got distracted?”
Sasha huffs again. Over the years, she’s gotten better at non-verbally communicating with her human; they don’t need words to exchange thoughts, not anymore. All she has to do is nudge a bit more insistently at Marcy’s shoulder, and she caves, crawling to press her face into the fur of Sasha’s neck with a sigh.
“I know, I know,” she murmurs, fondly. “I’ll freeze to death if I don’t dry my clothes soon. These ones are all I have, though- I’ll just have to snuggle with you to warm up.” There’s a teasing note in her tone, even as Sasha whines at her.
You need to warm up but we still need to eat, Sasha thinks, pointedly. Still, there’s little she can do but allow Marcy to curl against her, wet clothes pressed against Sasha’s fur. She can hardly feel it - her coat is too thick - but it’s still nice to have the comfort of someone she cares about so close to her, where Sasha can keep a close eye on her and make sure nothing bad happens.
She doesn’t know when she got so protective of Marcy, only that anyone would have to go through her to get to the human, and it would not be a fun fight.
Sasha never does go back to sleep. Instead, she lazily keeps one eye open as she rests, watching the way Marcy shivers and coughs, even when her clothes dry. It’s worrying- Marcy’s never gotten sick before on their travels, and Sasha’s never experienced human illness enough to know what to do.
After a few hours, she carefully nudges Marcy awake with her nose. Marcy’s eyes open, and she squints at Sasha dazedly before breaking into another series of coughs. “G’morning, Sashy,” she whispers, her voice hoarse. “Maybe going into the rain was a bad idea, huh?”
You think? Sasha whines in frustration, and then she shifts, nudging Marcy against the wall of the cave before changing into her human form. It feels strange, being in human form in this cave, but her paws are too clumsy to properly make a fire, and she has a feeling that she’s going to need to go out, anyways.
“What am I going to do with you?” Sasha says, out loud, but she can’t actually find it within herself to be angry with Marcy.
Marcy smiles sheepishly, and she’s still shivering, so Sasha works a bit harder, collecting sticks and dry bush to pile in the middle of the cave before plopping herself down. Marcy was the one that taught her how to make a fire without supplies- she had explained the process so carefully, placing her hands over Sasha’s own to guide her, and Sasha doesn’t think she’ll ever forget the way it had felt in her mind, having someone so close to her. It helps, because now she can recall exactly which way to position her hands, and she fumbles with the sticks for only a few minutes before they start sparking and catch flame.
“You did it!” Marcy cheers from her position curled up against the wall of the cave, and she’s beaming so brightly despite how pale she is, the way she’s still shivering.
“Come here,” Sasha instructs, ignoring the way the praise has her cheeks heating up. It’s just the fire, she tells herself. “You need to warm up.”
“Yes ma’am,” Marcy nods, and she carefully scoots forwards until she’s sitting by the fire, eyes wide. “It’s so warm…”
“It’s supposed to be; it is a fire, you know,” Sasha snickers, ignoring the wounded look that Marcy shoots her. “You’ve never gotten sick before; what else do you need?”
“I’m not really that sick,” Marcy says, and then sneezes so violently she herself looks scandalized. Sasha, for the millionth time, shoots her a deadpan glare.
“Come here,” Sasha says, again. This time, it’s to drag Marcy into her lap; this way, Sasha can feel Marcy’s warmth against her again, and Marcy eagerly drops her head into Sasha’s lap, sighing as Sasha clumsily plays with her hair. “Maybe this will teach you not to go into the rain on your own. Dumbass.”
“It wasn’t even raining when I left!” Marcy protests, but she’s easily silenced by Sasha’s nails dragging against her scalp. “But okay, okay. I’m sorry.”
Sasha smiles, smug and proud. “Good. Now sleep. We can go hunting when you wake up and feel better. Maybe we can trade that… uh…”
“Opal,” Marcy suggests.
“Opal,” Sasha agrees, “for some of that fancy human shit you like so much.”
“You’ll accompany me into a village for it?” Marcy glances up from her position in Sasha’s lap, her eyes big and pleading and stupidly fond in a way that melts Sasha’s resolve every single time.
“Only if you start feeling better,” Sasha nods, and she pokes Marcy’s cheek hard before going back to stroking Marcy’s hair. “So feel better.”
Marcy giggles - though Sasha doesn’t know what’s so funny - and then she closes her eyes, curled into Sasha’s lap. Like this, Sasha can’t transform back, but she doesn’t mind so much, sitting in her human form with Marcy laying against her, sitting in front of a warm fire. It’s definitely not the life she imagined for herself as a kit, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
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mayhw · a year ago
Tumblr media
Wolf’s Rain Attack on Titan crossover :v
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calamity-wolves · 7 months ago
Its time
Tumblr media
ASKS OPEN!!!! (IM very excited!!)
i will be Accepting asks directed at the calamity trio and co (Which will be in most cases answered in comic form) as well as asks directed at me (Ren/Ryder) about the story and characters (which in most cases will not be answered in comic form-)
No NSFW asks they will be ignored
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wolfinthesewer · a year ago
aot modern au: equestrian hcs (part 2)
Hello all! Here's a second part (that literally no one asked for) to my equestrian au because I have so!! many!!! thoughts!!! Here's three more characters! :D
minor language warning, though all for humor. modern au. little bit of jeanmarco sprinkled in cuz im a whore. no spoilers. ;D
Part 2: Jean, Connie, and Sasha
is the horse
horse jokes aren't funny ik, but i had to say it
A three-day eventer that competes alongside Mikasa and Eren.
Fights Eren constantly over placings and times. As mentioned earlier, Mikasa and Armin are the designated fight stoppers™.
Extremely bad sportsmanship towards any other dudes in the ring, during both shows and practice.
Really nice towards the girls, since it is a female-dominated sport, after all. ;D
The girls, of course, eat up the attention from this hot guy who can ride LMAOO
(Seriously, IRL, if there is ANY remotely good-looking guy at a barn, everyone will INSTANTLY fall in love with him. Except for me, of course. I'm gay. 👈🏻😎👈🏻)
movING ON-
Actually really nice to judges (unlike Eren, the little bitchass-)
Terrible at receiving criticism in regards to his riding. Will cry.
Gets compared to his horse, mostly by Eren, who is of course out to get him.
"Are you sure you guys aren't related? You practically have the same face!" "SHUT UP, JEAGER! ___*(  ̄皿 ̄)/#____"
Show jumping is his favorite, though he actually likes dressage as well.
Generally excels at all three phases.
Levi sees a lot of potential in him as a dressage rider, and has offered to privately coach him.
Trail rides with his boyfriend Marco sometimes. 🥺😇
On that note, Marco is trying to teach Jean how to ride western, and Jean is f a i l i n g.
"Marco, this horse is going to take off with me if I hold the reins with one hand." "Jean, this is a 20 year old quarter horse. You literally have to kick him to move."
Extremely well dressed rider. Has expensive riding polos that cost more than your life insurance.
His horse would be a: Thoroughbred or Appendix Horse
Seriously, mounted games is his THING!
On a team with Armin, Sasha, Historia, and Hange.
Uses his short height and speed to win relay races.
Relay races are his favorite!
Really good at pole bending and barrel racing as well.
He and Sasha lowkey carry the whole team sefsagfa
Hange's right-hand man 😎
Does show jumping as well because gotta go fast.
Scares the horses sometimes by how hyper he is.
"CONNIE DON'T RUN INTO THE PASTURE-" *Connie proceeds to get trampled by a group of terrified horses who mistook him for a creature**He's fine though, dw ;D*
Loves the horses and will hang out with Armin and Historia at the barn, just grooming the horses and giving them love. <3
Is not allowed to help with lessons.
Actually fearless and has no common sense when it comes to riding. He'll get on any horse, no matter how temperamental or green.
Thinks its fun when horses bolt with him.
Really wants to try trick riding but can't find a decent place to learn.
So, naturally, he tries to teach himself by watching YouTube.
Bunch of horses got loose? Broken halter in the middle of the barn? Probably Connie's doing.
Best friends with all the barn lesbians LMAO
If there's a dog or cat that always hangs around the barn, it's usually following Connie around when he's there.
Surprisingly good with horses.
His horse would be a: Appendix Horse, Arabian/Welsh mix, American Quarter Pony, or Grade Pony
This girl has done it all.
Her parents have multiple horses at home, and she has another one that she boards at Levi's barn.
She's been riding since she could walk. She was taught by her dad, and grew up on a farm with horses.
Her main focus is mounted games, but she dabbles in the equitation and jumper rings as well.
Best leg in the entire barn, second only to the instructors.
Part of the mounted games team with Connie, Historia, Armin, and Hange.
Has probably tried horse feed and horse treats out of curiosity LMAOOO
Sasha really wants to try mounted archery and mounted shooting! She's made DIY shooting courses for herself at home, and shoots arrows into trees as she goes out on the trail. (Think Merida from Brave LOL)
Rides with Ymir and Historia a lot, as well as Jean and Connie.
Feeds the horses treats ALL the time. Levi and Erwin have to get on to her constantly.
She shares her snacks with the horses, though nothing too bad, like a granola bar or fruit gummies. (Horses love Nature Valley Honey and Oats Granola bars!!! 😳Seriously, if you have a horse or are around them, give them one! They'll love you.)
"Braus, our $16,000 imports are going to be obese if you keep feeding them that shit. Knock it off." -Levi ofc
Very affectionate towards the ponies and gives them lots of pets. uwu
Her horse would be: Swedish Warmblood, Trakehner, Warmblood Mix, American Quarter Horse, or Appendix Horse. Lots of options. :)
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leonhardt-simp · 11 months ago
Out of all the werewolves who would be willing to play fetch?
Sasha, Hange, Connie and sometimes Pieck will indulge you in it but not always.
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lythecreatorart · 2 years ago
Finals finally over!!
Time to get back to the toons, BB&CB AU!!
Tumblr media
Bendy still a pain in the ass to draw, I somehow draw Boris and Sasha better than before (magic?).
I miss drawing Felix so much, I love him.
Even as I draw this, Ink still haunted in the back of my mind to go draw more Errorink and Star Sanses Studio, I love and hate that midget..
Oh god, is that mean I have two (unintented) big AUs project on my plate right now?!!
What did I got myself into!! TAT
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bbncb-toons · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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cutetanuki-chan · 4 days ago
want to make a post with all stuff that I have on Sasha Wolf AU
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Marcy meet Sasha in her human form for the first time
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Marcy came up with the name ‘Sasha’ cause of her favorite children’s book with princess with same name
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
complicated relationships between Sasha and Domino
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
here’s the story:
Marcy used to go several time into the forest that people usually avoid cause it’s dangerous and there are many rumors about the magical creatures living there but Marcy can’t hold her exploratory spirit and that’s where she meets Sasha for the first time
With ups and downs they’re start bonding, and with time they grow really close to each other, since Marcy not much content with life in her hometown, so she spends most of the time in the woods with Sasha, Sasha occasionally visits city in her human form to see Marcy, once after seeing other kids pick on Marcy, she jumps in front of them and starts growl, but since she looks like human she only gets laughed at as an outcome
When Marcy is 14 she decides leave/runaway from home and go explore the world, and of course she asks Sasha to go with her, so they start their adventure, in the process Marcy researching plenty of plants and creatures that helps with her studies with magic and potions, and parallel with the exploration of the world, they are trying to find any leads about any werewolves whereabouts cause not so long ago after Sasha’s birth, all other ones are disappeared (thanks to our beloved king but no one knows about it)
And that goes several years, until they helped to catch bursted into the city creature when they were visiting the fair in the capital and were noticed by the King. The King has a proposition - work for him, help him collect some magical creatures that ‘bother’ people around, Marcy’s thrilled to accept the job, but Sasha says she doesn’t trust him, to which Marcy brushes off like ‘you don’t trust ANY human’, but the King’s proposition goes with room in the castle and after years of wanderings they decides it might be nice to have a permanent place where they can return to, and free meals further strengthen this decision, so they take it
But after a few months, the true colors starts appear, and after unfortunate attempt to sneak in the King’s private room to grab one book, Marcy accidentally falls into a secret passage under it, and overhears crucial conversation between the King and someone else (Idk for now what exactly she hears and what exact King’s plans but after overhearing it she decides to steal very important for King’s plan thing and and she don't go unnoticed)
Marcy bursts into her room, telling Sasha they need to flee castle right now, and she has no time to explain, they're partly succeed in it but royal guards already on their tail, turned into a wolf with Marcy on her back, Sasha runs through the forest in the great storm (for the more effect) but she gets shot with an arrow what caused her to fall and knock off Marcy. With ground slippery from the rain, Marcy ends up holding on the cliff above the river, but her grip breaks and she falls into the water. Sasha dashes to the river, but all trying to find Marcy is in vain
Only a couple of days later, in a small village away from the capital, a girl with curvy hair during her routine finds unconscious Marcy on the river bank
Anne finds unconscious Marcy on the river bank during her morning work routine with Plantars. With Sprig and Polly's help, she drags her back to her house. Marcy sufferers from head injury and broken leg, so it takes time before she able to come to her senses, during that she probably couple times mistook Domino or Anne's hair for Sasha and tried to pat it. Once Marcy in her right mind, she is very grateful to Anne for rescuing her, to which Anne replies that she can stay here until she gets better. But soon Marcy has some explaining to do after Anne's parents spoted a wanted poster of her on village streets, so Marcy reveals all about about the King and why she's a fugitive criminal now. Anne is full head-on on believing Marcy, but mama and papa Boonchuy still skeptical about it, and not very much thrilled with the idea of one more kid living under their roof, who's also a bit shady. But their attitude changes after Marcy helps to fix and innovate some stuff at their house, and they grow to like her with time anyway (how can you not, it's Marcy), so later they're like 'would you like to stay forever?'
To avoid being noticed, Marcy stays on the territory of the Boonchuy's house for all time, and she is physically unable to go much further with her leg. In between helping around the house, she's inspecting the thing she stole from the King, it appears to be some kind of puzzle and she remember seeing King open it, but due to her head injury, she can't quite recall how exactly he did it (she did crack the puzzle but she's missing the key element to make it work)  
Meanwhile, Sasha trying to find any signs of Marcy but water washed everything and it's impossible to catch even a glimpse of her presence. After a failed attempt of using her smelling senses, she thinks that maybe guards could already have found Marcy or know where she might be, so she knocks out one of them and steals their clothes, then cuts her hair for better disguise. Talking to the other guards hasn't made much progress in her search for Marcy, but at least she knows they haven't found her either, and it's easier to question those around you when you're in uniform. After weeks of searching, she thinks she has finally caught a familiar scent, but upon reaching her destination she sees not Marcy, but another girl, bewildered, she follows her home. And only then, taking off the upper part of the uniform and with the picture torn off from the wanted poster, she goes to confront the girl and asks about Marcy, to which girl baffled at first, but noticing the bit of clothing in Sasha's hand, she brushes her off telling 'she never seen this person before'. With further pressuring, Sasha gets only more lies and eventually a door slam into her face, understatement to say, she's not happy with such outcome cause she knows for sure Marcy's there and what if Marcy’s in trouble
Waking up at night, Anne noticed her cat meowing anxiously next to the door. She only manages to say 'hey, what's wrong buddy?' how monstrous beast, twice her size, bursts through the door and knocks her on the floor with hit of a claws, scratching her arm. Anne is scared as hell, and when an enormous jaw a meter away from her, Marcy breaks in between them with outstretched hands and shouts 'STOP', all commotion makes Anne's parents worryingly to come down too And here's Marcy, on one hand with uncontrollable Sasha, who without any chances will be able to turn into human in the near time, and one the other - wounded Anne and her parents, who are ready to make a new carpet for a living room, so the only reasonable solution that comes to her mind, - shout 'GO AWAY' to Sasha
And at this moment Sasha's heart breaks, cause the person who has been with her all her life, the person who she genuinely liked, the person whom she has been crazy looking for all the last weeks, not knowing if she is even still alive, the person whom she finally finds again after all this time and thinks she's in danger, yells at her to go away. Sadness gives way to anger when she hears Marcy screaming 'GO' again, filled with rage she runs off, breaking some stuff in the process. After Anne's wound taken care of and atmosphere is calm down a bit, Marcy apologized for what happened and tries to explain everything. Once sun starts to show, took one of her smell tracking potions and a bit of fur that stayed on the stuff, Sasha crushed into, Marcy goes to the forest to find her. Their reunion is not pretty, Sasha's still furious, keeps growl, and whatever other sounds wolf can do, at Marcy and crushing everything around. Only after a several tearful apologies and explanations that this family took care of her and she could not allow them, nor Sasha, get hurt, Sasha let Marcy to help her calm down. Once Sasha is able to turn into a human again, she doesn't speak, to defuse the situation Marcy tries to ruffle her hair saying 'I see you a got a new haircut' but Sasha only brushes her hand away. She agrees to go back with Marcy but she's still very much hurt
stuff from twitter:
When Marcy and Sasha first met, Sasha didn't talk, she intuitively understood some of the stuff Marcy's saying but most of the time she had no idea what she was babbling about but she didn't mind listening, Marcy didn't sound threatening
Marcy was to first one to braid Sasha's hair, she's also went through a bunch of different hairstyles but Sasha stooped at braid
Marcy build a little swings in the forest for her and Sasha
After Sasha and Marcy bonded a bit, Sasha saw a small scar on Marcy's hand that was left after her bite in one of their first meetings and she felt guilty, so Sasha tried to pressure Marcy to bite hers hand in return
In first winter Marcy was so afraid Sasha will get cold no matter the fact that she went by fine last winters, so Marcy brought her several blankets and some old clothes
In Sasha's first visit to the city she was overwhelmed with all new and unfamiliar smells
Sasha is more comfortable in her wolf form and more often sleeps in it
Sasha can’t turn into a human when she’s in the state of rage
Marcy nailing the potions stuff very well (she made potion for Sasha from fleas)
they almost always sleep next to each other, Marcy often just buries herself into Sasha’s fur
Sasha wasn't feeling very intimidating in her human form so Marcy got her a dagger
Sasha loves cutting stuff from the wood using this dagger
They had to switch bed to just a mattress on the floor in the castle room, cause the previous one crashed under Sasha's weight
Sasha on the daily basis has to brush Marcy's glasses from her forehead back to her nose bridge, cause Marcy will squint at the book, forgetting that she's not wearing them
One time Marcy with the words 'watch and learn how to make some money' jumped on a table in a pub with her violin and in the next second fell off it along with the table
Sasha afraid of thunder, Marcy hugs and holds her close during storms
When they wander in the woods separately, like Marcy goes exploring stuff or Sasha goes hunting, and something goes wrong, Sasha can just howl and Marcy will hear her, but Marcy doesn't have such a powerful voice range, so she always carries with her a small vial of spearmint essential oil, and if there's a danger of some sort she will open the vial or simple crash it, depends on situation, so if Sasha will sense a sudden familiar sense means something's up. But Marcy also accidentally crashes it or pours it out couple times, Sasha would huff at her in annoyance when she realizes nothing is wrong, after sprinting half of the woods, but she's glad Marcy is okay
After Sasha and Marcy got separated, all Sasha had left was Marcy's half thorn cape she found in the river
Marcy faked amnesia when she woke up at Boonchuy's so she won't have to tell them she's most likely considered as a kingdom's traitor at present moments, until wanted posters appears
Marcy mentions Sasha a lot of time while talking with Anne but she forgot to mention she's a werewolf so Anne has very ambiguous image of Marcy's friend until she meets her
Anne afraid Sasha will eat her cat
For a while Sasha keeps trolling Anne a bit about various stupid ways she can become werewolf too
Sasha grown to like Mama Boonchuy, she taught her how to do some of the house work
When Sasha and Marcy more or less reconciled, Sasha in her wolf form decided to go in the room where Marcy was sleeping to curl up next to her but she got stuck in a doorway
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kingdom-of-unity · 4 months ago
Ok hear me out Milla is a Mute Mountain Lion
I am hearing you and I am loving the idea.
0 notes
zayeaw · 3 months ago
𝐬𝐡𝐞'𝐬 "𝐨𝐮𝐫"𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥
Tumblr media
Featuring: Jean x reader x Eren
General warnings: college au/fem bodied reader/porn with plot/not proof read
Content warnings: Threesome, mention of friends with benefits, dirty talk, fingering, assplay(?), double penetration, dry humping, slight degradation, oral sex ( male receiving), anal+vaginal penetration, small mention of orgasm denial.
Word count: 4.4k
Authors note: like always this isn’t proof read because if I ever do that I will end up deleting the entire thing.
masterlist .
Tumblr media
“dolling up for jean?”
You look at sasha through the full length mirror you were facing,she was looking at her phone scrolling through it.. the red lipstick you were wearing still in your hand you turn around and bring forth your most confident voice.
“ I didn’t know he was coming.” You say widening your innocent eyes
That was a lie. You knew he was coming. you overheard sasha talk to jean about it.
She looks up and smirks. “well he is.”
You nod. “okay.”
“ you can stop pretending you know, everyone knows you both are fucking behind everyones back.” Sasha says.
Your entire body stiffs up for a hot second and you pray that she did not notice it. You quickly laugh and turn back around to continue putting on the lipstick.
“that’s a lie.” You say ,staring at your own refection . “ and why would I even fuck a player like him.”
Sasha dosen’t say anything and you look at her through the corner of your eye.she makes eye contact with it. Maybe that was too rude to say.. you keep forgetting jean’s a very close friend to her.
“you’re gonna give every man a boner with that black dress you’re wearing.” she finally says and you’re surprised but thankful for the change in topic.
“ you like it?” you ask her smiling and twirl around to give her a full view of it. It was a knee length body fitting black dress which make your ass and tits look great .And well, you did infact look boner-giving wearing it.
Sasha looks up at you and smiles. “I’d fuck you .”
You roll your eyes and lend out your arm.
“let’s go?”
“to fuck?”
You laugh “unfortunately no. to the party”
Tumblr media
Armins house was super crowded with music blaring so loud you and sasha had to shout to hear each other. “why is it so crowded!” you ask her, motioning connie to reduce the volume.
“Dunno!” Sasha says looking around and points toward the far right .you look that way and the view you saw made your heart contract. Jean was sitting on the big couch with five girls on either side of him, gushing over and touching his chest ,leaning toward him and laughing loudly at whatever he’s telling them.
You try to ignore the feeling and follow sasha. Jean looks up at you like you’re a nobody when he sees you and you shoot him a look.
“(name)!, come sit here!” a familiar voice called out and you looked at the couch opposite to jean to see armin, holding a glass of beer waving at you.
You muster up a huge smile and wave back, walking toward him
“damn, you look hot.” He says and you roll your eyes.
“I always look hot.” You reply sitting down next to him ,ignoring the girls sitting next to jean giving you dirty looks.
“is annie here?” sasha asks armin as she leaned back against the couch with her legs propped up.
Armin took a moment to swallow his beer before answering her. “oh no, she said she can’t come, she has work to do I guess.”
“annie’s not coming?” you ask
“well yeah. I told her I’ll postpone the party to another date but she said she can’t this entire week and no one’s free this next week or the week after next so I decided to go with it.”
As sasha keeps asking him questions about annies work, you kept nodding as if you were listening. You were trying so hard to not look at jean sit there but it was difficult considering the fact that girls sitting next to him were howling like wolfs.
You were distracted when you felt a hand on your shoulder.
“that’s a dress alright.”
You turned around to see the familiar green eyes. Eren was smiling from behind the couch you were sitting in. his usual white tshirt sat tight against his body.
“aren’t you always so early” sasha grunts and eren runs his hand on his hair.
“i fell asleep.” He says giving armin an apologetic look, his hand still on his hair. You were looking at his biceps.
Eren looks at you again and you give him a small smile. You weren’t really close with him. The only time you hang around with eren was when sasha, jean and connie were with armin and mikasa, which was also very rare nowadays.it was mostly because they go the different uni than you three and all of them were childhood friends while you just came into the scene a few years back. But eren was always nice to you, giving you kind smiles whenever you met and he always laughed at the very lame jokes you made.
“hey eren” you grin to which he grins back.
“you look pretty” he says a soft pink spreading over his cheeks.
You laugh, ignoring your cheeks which had begun to heat up and you could hear sasha mummer from behind you “…bitch really rolled her eyes at us when we complimented her” to which you stab your elbow against her ribs.
“wanna grab a beer?” he asks you and you nod.
Sasha slaps your ass as you get up from the couch and give her a look before pulling down your dress. You stare at erens man bun as you began to follow him. His hair was always so silky and pretty.
“hey don’t walk behind me. Come here.”eren says motioning you to walk alongside him and you do. He grabs open armins refrigerator and pops up two bottles of beer and gives you one.
“you’re studying (----) right?” he asks as he pulls out a chair from the kitchen counter.
“yeah, but its much harder than I expected it to be.you also took the same subject didn’t you?” You ask him ,sipping the beer in your hand.
“damn yeah but I wouldn’t know ‘cuz I never attend classes.” He says, now sitting down on the chair.
“that’s a fucking lie.”
Eren stares at you before laughing “ why is that a lie?”.
“you’re smart and I know you armin and mikasa always had the highest scores in school and still do in college.” You say as you jumped up to sit on the table, the dress you were wearing sliding up a little.
Eren takes a sip of his own beer, his eyes lingering on your thighs for a more than what you call appropriate. He looks back into your eyes. “ I never said im not smart I just don’t attend classes.” He smirks as he stands up from his chair and moves closer to where you are sitting on the table.
You both began to talk about armin and annie and before you both knew it you both got drunk and the laughs you had turned into soft whispers and his forehead somehow ended up on yours, with your hands over his neck. You were sitting on the table , with his face against yours, laughing against each others lips, and you began to run your hands on his soft hair. His hands began to graze the sides of your thighs when you heard sasha.
“Um. Sorry to disturb you both but eren, armin needs your help to bring something.” she says, looking bored, still sipping on her mojito.
You suddenly break away from his touch and eren blushes at being caught but sasha looked like she couldn’t care less.
“i..ill be back.” He says, not looking at your eyes and you smile at him ignoring the butterflies in your stomach.
You smile to yourself. You always thought eren was someone who played with women’s feelings and maybe he still is but the genuine smile he had on his face told you otherwise. the soft touch of his brown hair still lingered in your hands and you jumped down the table to see what they were upto when a hand suddenly grabbed yours.
“you’re having fun I see.”
You recognized that voice in an instant.It was jean. Your eyes widen for a moment. His height towering over yours, you get reminded of the way he was sitting with those girls. You ignore him and try to break free but he pulls you toward him.
“ armin, is your guest room free?” jean asks an armin who was putting down a bottle on the sink.
Armin is confused for a second but then he looks at you standing next to jean . he blushes and nods a yes.
“j-jean! “ you protest trying to break away from his grip as he dragged you to the guest bedroom. As if you weren’t thinking about getting railed by him the entire night. But you were still pissed at him.
Jean pushes you inside the room and closes it before turning around to look at you, his grip on your hand now loosening.
“what do you think you’re doing.” His voice is low. He sounds pissed.
“what was I doing?” you mock him, “ I don’t think I was doing anything.”
“what were you doing with eren.” He repeats his voice still low.
“hm dunno, he was giving me attention while you were having fun with your many girlfriends.”
Jean leaves your hand.” That isn’t the same, erens my best friend and-“
You interrupt him to mimick those girls “Oh my god jean! Hahahaha, you’re so funnyyyyyyy, can’t wait to feel your dick inside me hahahaa-“
You couldn’t complete what you were saying because before you knew it jean pushed you into the wall interlocking your hand over your head with his. “ I think I really need to remind you of the way you need to speak to me.” His face was inches away from yours. You could feel his breath on your lips.You gulp .ignoring the throbbing in your pussy, you break eye contact with him. His sharp eyes were doing the thing again, that look was enough to drench your panties completely.
Jean scanned your body like how a predator scans their prey, he locked his eyes on your breast and you suddenly felt self-conscious. He brought his other hands to your boob,softly circling its sides before grabbing it with his entire hand making you gasp. “ dressed like a slut aren’t you. Look at you showing your tits off.You’ll take attention from anyone.” He whispers squeezing your boobs.
your legs tremble at the sudden touch and jean puts his knee between your legs. His thigh was now inches away from your heat, his lips inches away from yours. He had you in such a vulnerable position that one slight touch in your panties and he’ll be able to feel the drenching wetness that has collected there.
And just like how he read your mind he begins to grind his thigh on your pussy.
“you’re a bigger whore than those girls back there you know that?”
“n-no j-jean don’t..dont do that” you almost moan. You try to look at him in an attempt to intimidate him but it ended up looking like it was a helpess plea to bend you over the sink and fuck you.
He pauses for a second“ okay. I wont” he says smirking and stops grinding. His thigh still there without making a movement.
You look at him helplessly” no!” you hated yourself for sounding so desperate and horny but you felt drunk. You don’t know if it was the effect of the alcohol you drank but you highly doubt it was.
Jean ignored your plea and began to circle your nipples through your dress stimulating you.he pinches it and you jerk your body backward in pleasure and your pussy rubs against his thigh.
“fuck” you do it again. You began to run your clothed pussy on his thigh, starting slowly you grinded against his thigh like there was no tomorrow. You were desperate now and fuck, this felt so so fucking good. Jean was circling and pinching your nipples, his boner now evident through his pants as he watched you in awe.
“ look at you getting off on my thigh like a bitch in heat” he laughs and even though it was so embrassrasing you didn’t care. It felt like you were gonna cum from his grinding on his thigh alone.
“mm’ feels so good jean” you moan , your voice making jean even more hornier than he was before.
“what were you saying before?” he whispers, pushing his body against yours, his thigh now pressed up against your cunt making it easier for you to grind on him. You don’t stop. You continue grinding faster, your breath becoming heavier and heavier making jean move in so close that your noses were brushing together.
Before you knew it his tongue was sliding against yours, your tongues dancing together for a while before he started to lick the insides of your mouth. You were drunk, so drunk on him that you didn’t even notice him dragging you to the couch until he dropped down on the there sitting with you in his lap breaking the kiss for a moment.
You try to get up to sit on his lap facing his face but he pushes you down.
“sit there” he murmers dragging his fingers up your inner thigh.
“j..jean” you moan as he slides up your inner thigh trying to discard your panties. Hurriedly, you help him remove it and now you were, sitting on his lap wearing nothing underneath.
“so wet” he teases as his fingers explores your heat. “ you’re so wet for me hm?” he whispers against your neck sending shivers down your spine
“y-yeah only for y..you” you stutter closing your eyes, you were drowning in ecstasy, you couldn’t think straight , his fingers were doing were doing stuff to you ,you could never do to yourself-
“What the fuck” you hear a voice and open your eyes with a jolt.
Eren was standing there with one hand on the door handle and his other hand holding a box. His cheeks were flushed. You take a second to realize that you’re sitting on jeans lap with his hands on your legs. You try to get up, heat pooling in your face, so embarrassed but jeans grip on you is strong.
“ eren.” Jean acknowledges, you could feel him smirk. You wanted to run away. God this is so embarrassing.
“ you were flirting with her” jean says as a matter of fact. “ but shes on my lap right now and not yours”
Eren just looks at you. His face was revealing nothing. He stood next to the door desperately trying not to look at your body.
“bet you wanna fuck her too”
Your eyes widen in surprise, “jean!”
“why eren? You don’t?” he smirks again pushing your legs away from each other so that eren could get a clear view of your leaking pussy. “it looked like you wanted to fuck her so bad”
You struggle trying to break away from his grip but you couldn’t.
You heard eren leave a breathy” fuck”.
Your pussy was getting wetter with each growing second, the heat in your face increasing you felt like you’d pass out.
Jean slowly runs his finger through your wet pussy separating the folds with two of his fingers and you could feel the cold air hit on there. You were sitting on jeans lap with his fingers separating your pussy folds giving his hot best friend the entire view of your most intimate area.
The thought made you go insane.
“she’s got the prettiest pussy, right?” jean says his middle finger tapping on your bud making you squirm against his lap.
“baby you wanna fuck him?” jeans nibbled the your ear lobe, watching eren’s pink flushed face turn into hunger.
“its okay we know you’re a slut.” He says, his breath was hot against your ear ,
You dared to look at eren with lidded eyes and you could see his cock hardening under the sweatpants he wore , straining against the material begging to be let out. He was taking small steps toward you and jean let go of your pussy and leaned backward on the sofa with one hand over the the backrest.
“e-eren,” You mumble in embarrassment as he approaches you. He was standing in front of you now, his waist a few inches above yours and you could see the bulge getting bigger. Eren trails fingers on your neck spine and you felt yourself getting aroused again.
Eren let out a small laugh. “ I didn’t know you were such a whore when I saw you back then” you break eye contact with him as you felt jeans clothed cock rubbing against your ass.
“i-I don’t know” you stutter, ashamed. not knowing what to say you stare up at eren who began to smirk. “ you okay with me fucking you girl jean? “he brings his soft fingers to your lips and puts his fingers inside your mouth and you leave a small moan. “she is your girl right?”
“go for it” jean’s says beginning to rut his cock against you, “shes just a slut who wants her filthy cunt to drip both of our cum,” he says ,hands coming up to palm your breasts .
Eren watched as your mouth opened to moan against his hand his friends lewd words, your head falling back onto jeans shoulder as he continued to manipulate your body. Your cunt was clenching tightly now, you wanted both of them to use you. To ravage you.
Erens expression now changed into arousal. “fuck. C’mere” he whispers pulling your face toward him tugging his sweatpants down to reveal his fuck, his thick fully erect cock with pre-cum oozing from his tip.
Jean brings back his fingers to your cunt and presses two fingers in , curling them to rub against your inner walls as you whimper, the thought of what you were doing sodirty not leaving your head.
“put that pretty mouth to good use baby” eren says his voice so low that it felt addicting and before you get a chance to respond he pushes your mouth into his dick, burying his entire dick to the base.
You gag unable to breathe for a second you pull your mouth out to take in a breath and when you were done you began to run your tongue against the tp of his dick, teasing him before moving your in your mouth to his length.
Your hand moved to erens balls, your thumb circling it in slow, as he pushed his head back leaving breathy “fucks”.your mouth gently pumps his cock as jean continued to rut his hips against your cunt.
Jean pushs you away from his lap to the couch, chest down. Erens cock slipped out your mouth and you desperately pulled on his sweats to bring him closer so that you can put it inside again.
“so filthy” jean slaps your ass and the view of it bouncing got his boner mad high that he took his took his cock out of his pants to run his fingers along it. You looked back with erens cock stuffed in your mouth, and eren ran his fingers on your hair before harshly pulling it“focus on sucking it baby” and you nod with your doe eyes before continuing to bob your head along his length.
Jean watched you suck erens cock for a few minutes as he fisted his own length smearing his pre-cum along his girth, trying to imagine how you would look stuffed with two cocks inside your body.he looked at you flattening your tongue to swipe along his bulging head as eren was leaving soft breaths murmuring words of flith,jean was losing patience now and his brought his sliding hands towards your heat.
“damn eren, look at her shes dripping” jeans fingers stroked your folds, he circled them before pushing two fingers into your cunt.
You whined around eren’s cock, your fingers still on his balls and eren pushed your further into his cock, thrusting into your throat now and jean began to thrust his digits inside you, deliberately curling them, “bet you can’t wait to have us in here.”jean teases as he bends down to kiss your hole , your insides tightening at the touch.
Jean pulled his fingers out of your slick coated hole and brought his fingers to your asshole
“wanna get fucked in your ass too?” erens eyes snap up in delight and his cock begins to twitch in your mouth watching his best friend tease your ass
“such a slut,” eren growled fucking your mouth harder now as he began to cum, causing your cunt to quiver around nothing at the sound he makes while you drained his balls dry, with his cum running down your throat.
“you’re gonna be a good girl and swallow it right?” eren patted your head and you grinned up at him, happy at the praise as you swallowed his cum down. His hot, cum was travellind you’re your oesophagus as jean continued to play with your asshole.
Eren pulled out of your mouth, leaving you drooling mess. God if you look into the mirror you were sure you’d never be able to recognize the person staring back at you. Eren was tugging on your dress, and you raise your hands so that he could remove it. The tight making your boobs bounce as it was free from the cloth. Eren kissed your chest, sucked and kissed on your nipples as jean continued to jerk himself off.
You suddenly felt a sharp jolt on your ass and you turned around to see jean press his cock against your slick and you began to lower yourself on his dick. Eren watched jeans cock disseprar inside your cunt and he felt like he’d burst into pieces if he waited a second longer. Eren settled himself behind you as began to ride jeans cock, sultry moans leaving your lips, your chest pressed against jeans.
It was eren’s turn to play with your asshole now.You whine as jean’s cock found your g-spot and began to thrust in faster. Your boobs were bouncing on him and your fingers were digging onto his back.
Jean couldn’t stop himself from rolling his hips into yours, your tight cunt giving his cock the relief it needed, he groaned whenever your cunt tightened from erens fingers inside your ass. “f-fuck, she gets tighter when you do t-that.” Jean grunted
“do you baby?” eren asks you as he pressed the head of his cock against your asshole.the sudden fill in your asshole hurt you and jean started kissing your cheeks to distract you from the pain. Eren guided himself inside you carefully as he tried hard not to cum from of the tightness of the hole.
“can I fuck your ass now?.” Eren asked you and you nod against jeans chest. eren slowly began to thrust into your ass as jean continued to rut his hips up into you, your cunt swallowing up his cock like it was made to be inside your pussy.
you felt so full. Both men thrusting into you so hard, so good , you felt heavenly, being trapped between both of them . eren’s hands move up to your chest againt o play with your nipples and jean spanks your ass.
“how does this feel? You wanted this didn’t you. Played with both of us so that you could have both our cocks inside you.”
Your core clenched at his words. Jean gives your ass a hard slap, making you yelp out in pain.
“you enjoy this don’t you, you dirty girl.”
“y-yes, i-do! I love being stuffed, I love your cocks inside me it makes me feel so good,” you moan which makes the men thrust in harder from both the sides. “you’re such a slut aren’t you.” Eren groans and you nod. “faster p-please!.”
Their pace fastens continuously hitting your g-spot from both the sides and you moan so loudly that a slight panic struck you thinking sasha and all would hear.
“Shit, fuck, im gonna cum” jean says his breath broken as he found his release, hips still jerking up through his orgasm, his cock throbbing inside you
Eren cums the same exact movement your ass milking his cock as he groaned and continued to thrust just like jean did so that you can find your orgasm.
“you are such a slut you don’t deserve to cum but-“
“you made us feel so good –“
“so we’re letting it go this time”
“I’m gonna cum,” You whined ,convulsing against their bodes, screaming each of their names as the pleasure ate you up, swallowing you as a whole as your vision filled with white. Your lower body was shaking and your cunt was squeezing both their cocks as you came undone.
You lay in bed, panting and exhausted as the two men pulled out of you. They were panting too but evidently had much more stamina than you did. Eren’s fingers trailed around your face and you smiled up at him.
“that was good yeah?” he asks and jean gets up from the bed.
“we should do that again.” He says
“so it was true huh. That you both were fucking behind everyones back” eren asked jean as he cleaned himself off you.
Jean smirked. “ for that pussy even you’d do that.”
Your face heated up and you covered your eyes with your hands. “my beautiful girl.” Jean whispered as he kissed you.
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Tumblr media
@cutetanuki-chan‘s wolf sasha au!
this au combines two of my favorite things, amphibia and wolves, how could i not love it
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caesthetix · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
↪ Jean Kirstein mini-series
↪ content; canon universe, description of violence, season 4, reincarnation!au, heavy angst
Tumblr media
Was it three? Four? Jean didn't really count how many years had passed since the last time he saw you. It was the happiest day of his life when he finally married the woman of his dreams, the first love from his previous lifetime, and his forever more in this one, too. How romantic. To love the same person over and over again.
The venue was decorated so prettily, and he wanted to thank you along with his wife for creating such a blast. You were the best wedding organiser out there, at least to him, you were. Ever since he bumped into you inside the antique bookshops, spending about five years with you as a dear friend, he knew he could count on you.
So imagine his surprise when there was only your assistant idling around by the end of the day. With a folder in her hand and a notebook with your handwritten tucked inside. Something for him. Just him, not the others, and of course not for Mikasa.
He needed time to understand the reason. Reading page by page for a bazillion of times since he was afraid he missed some information. He hoped you hinted where you would go or what you were going to do in between the lines as his heart skipped a beat faster. Thinking that maybe you tried to say something.
But even after he read it every day before he fell asleep, Jean learned nothing from it except a little fairy tale that was now engraved in his brain.
There was a little girl. So naïve — not knowing what kind of danger lingered outside the wall.
Walls. Titans. Such a bizarre story you had written there. About survival, friendship, different beliefs and so many more condensed into your notebook. There were some sentences he felt so familiar with, especially when the girl interacted with her best friend. Some promises, the banter and how they teased each other.
Jean had a smile plastered on his face every time he read it, as if he was reminiscing some old memories. One that he could never forget with how precious it was to him.
One that he eventually did without him being aware of it.
"I am ready now." Turning around, he couldn't help but wolf-whistle when he saw how gorgeous his wife was. "Do I look good?" She twirled around, raven hair floating in the air as she showed off her emerald body-con dress, hugging her body so perfectly.
"Babe, all men would be jealous of me to have you in my arms." He let out a small chuckle and pressed a deep kiss on her lips, leaving a wet smack sound when he pulled away. "Let's go then. I am betting the others are waiting."
Mikasa Ackerman, now Mikasa Kirstein. The smugness on his face every time he remembered how his friend gawked at him never faltered. Even after years went by, he was still proud of having such a pretty lady to be called as his wife. The days that went by felt like he was newly wed all over again since she never once changed.
Something that made him want to wake up every morning, knowing how perfect his life was. Yes, perfect. But not complete, never complete.
Jean didn't know what else he needed. He had a wife that loved him so, a stable job in such a prestigious law firm, and an adorable dog that had become their kid for the last couple of years. Marco once told him that maybe he wanted a baby, but even when he knew Mikasa could not bear children, he didn't feel disappointed at all.
That was what made him decide to travel around the world in his free time. Taking his wife with him as they went on a random journey every time. He tried to find the meaning of life, what could have possibly made him whole. Some said he needed to be grateful. He did, he always did, with what the world had bestowed upon him.
Yet, after a few years went by, and he still had that gap in his days, he ended up taking it as some kind of redemption, perhaps an atonement over his sin in the past life.
"Goodness, is that Sasha?" Mikasa pointed at someone who was now standing in front of the restaurant with her husband, Niccolo, right beside her. "She smuggled something‌ inside her bag. She never changed, Jean." A small giggle slipped from her lips, followed by a deep chuckle from him as he parked the car.
A reunion. Just a small one in between him, Connie, Sasha, and Marco. The golden quartet, you once said. And the four of them thought it had become a quintet ever since he brought you into his house and introduced you to them. But now, it was back to just them, never once changed as no one actually fitted in as easily as you.
Taking a deep breath, he felt a shiver down his spine the second he was out of his car. Winter was never kind to those who went out, they knew that, but it wouldn't be them if they were not being stubborn. After all, three years had passed ever since Marco moved to New Zealand, and since he was coming back, they had to celebrate.
The second he went inside the restaurant with his wife, a loud cheer from Connie and Sasha resonated throughout the place, making some pairs of eyes turn to face him. Mikasa could only chuckle at that, always loving the warm atmosphere every time the two rascals were around before she pushed Jean to get them.
He didn't waste a time and just ruffled his best friends, feeling so light as he felt like this was the only moment he felt almost complete. When their friends surrounded him, tears pricked the corner of their eyes from too much laughing, making fun of each other to no end to the point they were embarrassing each other.
And for a split second, he thought about how everything could be much better if you were still around. If only you were not gone without a trace.
"Starting the reunion without me?" A smooth, angelic tone that belonged to the only sane person in the group stopped them from killing each other. "I thought we were here to celebrate my return. Guess not, huh?"
"Oh, come here Mr Bodt!"
The husband and wives of the quartet knew ‌it was time for them to enjoy their time, giving their loved ones some moment to reminisce about life. Three years wasn't short for Jean, Marco, Connie and Sasha, who used to spend their time together for probably the first fifteen years of their life since elementary school.
Jean felt like the night was perfect. The fact that one of his best friends returned to Paradis was also a plus. Knowing they could hang out like they used to, having back the routine he once lost, maybe after this, he would feel complete.
And oh, he felt exactly that. He felt in every fibre of his being the second Marco leaned away and cleared his throat to reveal someone else that went with him to the reunion, someone that Jean thought would never see again.
There was you, in all your glory. With the same smile he remembered the last time he saw your face. He couldn't move his body, lips slightly parted as he thought ‌his eyes deceived him. You were here. You were coming back to them, to his life.
He wasn't able to grasp whatever Marco said as the ravenette patted your shoulders. His pupil followed you around, looking at how you kissed Sasha's cheeks and tried to calm her down since she was crying by now. Connie just had his jaw dropped to the ground, saying no way! repeatedly underneath his breath as it grew louder and louder.
You fitted back in so easily. Just like that. Here again as if you never left in the first place. There were so many questions he wanted to ask, so many things he wondered. Jean felt happy, fuming, hurt, all at the same time because he longed to see you, to have you in his life. He had lost you once before. He didn't want to lose you again.
"Hello, Jean." You waved your hand in front of his face, snapping him out of his reverie. "How are you? I saw Mikasa before. She's as pretty as ever! Bet you have been treating her right with how much she glows."
"Oh, you know me." Of course you did. He didn't need to explain or say much since you were the one who knew him best, after all. "I always treat those I love with everything I can give to them, anyway."
The missing piece of the puzzle appeared out of nowhere. Slipping back into his life and making his time searching for it came to waste. It was you. Always did from the first moment he tugged your wrist. The person who was so important that he felt like he had lost something when you were gone without a trace.
You kept your hands on your lap as you sat beside him, with Marco on the other side as he asked what you wanted to order. Jean couldn't help himself but pointed at some dishes on the menu, things that he felt so sure you liked. If those four years you went missing didn't change you, you would pick one of his recommendations.
And the night rolled on without a hitch. No one thought it was weird to see another lady in between the rowdy quartet. Yes, you always belonged there. Not even one spouse thought you weren't supposed to be among them.
Sometimes Connie and Sasha would ask what you had been doing. After all, even though you could click right in with them so easily, they were still curious about what happened in the vast gap of years they missed you. Whether you were happy, whether you missed them too, whether you found someone —
And when you smiled and glanced in his direction. The two immediately kept their lips curled into a soft smile.
They didn't need to ask more. They understood without you needing to elaborate with words. But Jean? He did. He needed to hear you spell it out for him.
However, when stupid banter and over the top jokes replaced the somewhat serene atmosphere from before, he stopped himself. Maybe he could ask you later when the two of you were alone. You were always more open around him, and he hoped a few years apart didn't change that part.
It was almost ten, and they were the only crowd who stayed in this restaurant. The only customer left. Marco felt like it was time for them to end the night, much to everyone's dismay, since tomorrow was Monday anyway.
They had to get enough sleep so they wouldn't get hazy in the morning for work. At the reminder of that, the rest of the group could only groan and nodded, dispersing to get fresh air since there was some alcohol flowing in their blood.
Jean thanked Mikasa for accompanying him, smiling all the way to his ears when she gave him a kiss and told him she would be the one who drove. It was really nice indeed, a surprising night since he didn't expect you to be here again, to appear with his best friend and grace him with your presence that was long gone.
Walking towards the balcony, he lit his cigarette to clear his mind. And lady luck seemed to be on his side tonight the moment he saw you leaned in at the railing with a glass of water in your hand.
"I thought you were going home."
"Hm? Not yet, Jean."
He leaned his back on the railing, puffing out some greyish smoke into the air. Five feet apart, because he knew you disliked the smell of the burned cigarette.
You didn't even turn to face him. Not a gesture of surprise could be seen as he stepped inside your space. He wondered what you were thinking, and most importantly, he wanted to know why you came back after all those years.
"I read your notebook every day." But if he wanted you to tell him everything. He needed to play his card right. "Before I sleep. Every day, ever since I received it."
Jean didn't let you question his commitment. Clarifying what he had done for the last four years. He wanted you to know how much your existence meant to him, and how the past years without you there had been consuming him little by little. Even though you were just his best friend, he cherished you as much as he did for his wife.
"I see." He glanced at you, wanting to see your reaction. You only twirled the mineral water around, not even an ounce of emotion changed your neutral visage. "What do you think, then?"
"It was heartbreaking."
"Of course. It's not really about rainbow and—"
"But also nostalgic, in a way."
Your pupils dilated at his words. There, the exact emotion that he couldn't fathom. You stopped responding; you stopped whatever words you wanted to say and merely — existed. Hell, sometimes he thought you didn't even breathe when you were like this. "I wanted to ask you something. No, a lot of things, actually."
As he took a step closer towards you, it almost made him falter when he saw the way you leaned away. Four years have changed you. He was aware of that. But he still needed you to clarify something, if that was possible. He just needed to know why. He wanted to know what he did wrong for you to leave him in the dust.
Not just him. Connie and Sasha would often ask where you were, and if everything was alright while Marco comforted them. The three of them would be crazy thinking about your whereabouts if only the ravenette didn't calm them down.
"It's late, Jean." You took a deep breath, shutting your eyes for a second there before it laid upon him. "We can talk tomorrow. I am going to move here again so we can catch up anytime we want." That smile on your face. He frowned when he realised it didn't reach your eyes. "After all, your wife waited for you, right?"
It felt like he had been in this place before. In the same situation where he was so close to knowing, to learn about something between you and him, and yet it always dispersed into nothing as you assured him he shouldn't be worried about it.
As if you didn't want him to know. As if you tried to hinder him from finding out the truth.
"Why did you always push me away...?"
He sounded so broken when he threw the question, and you gaped at how vulnerable the intonation that lingered there. "Do you know something? Have you seen any memories from the past? Is it that bad with me?"
"Jean, no. I—" You wanted to calm him down. Your palm was hovering right in front of his chest, but you stopped yourself. It looked like you were scared to touch him. "I can't. Please know that I can't talk about this. There's a reason and maybe one day you could understand. But I hope you didn't. I really hope you never did."
"So you actually see the past." He snorted in disbelief. All those times he tried to tell you about the awakened memories. All those years, he thought you were clueless and just another normal human being. It was a lie. "Then you know? On my wedding day, I was so close to see it through but you didn't let me, you — you lied to me!"
"And why is that, huh? Am I turned out to be such a despicable person? Is that the reason ‌you moved away, telling no one about it?!"
"No! You don't understand! The past few years also tortured me! But I did it because I must evade you, Jean. I did it for you—"
"Everything's okay?"
The two heads whipped towards the source of the voice. Marco raised one of his eyebrows before scrunching his forehead since he would never have thought to see you and Jean having a heated argument. "It's late. I think both of you drank too much liquor. If there's something you both need to talk about, I suggest tomorrow."
He strode right beside you, standing so close, as if he tried to shield you from Jean. The taller man could only look down at his best friend with disbelief before grumbling a bit underneath his breath.
A ravenette, always a ravenette. The one who blocked him from unravelling his own memory was Mikasa back then, and now it was Marco.
"Fine, then."
"Good. I am sure Mikasa is waiting for you, too."
Marco smiled at him, and the tension Jean felt slowly lifted off his shoulder. His best friend was right, he had to go back since Mikasa had been so kind to wait for him. What a perfect woman indeed, and he gave a small nod towards the freckled man.
From your words, you were really going to stay here again. So if by chance he could grab a coffee with you, he would continue this conversation then. Completely sober because he didn't want to mess things up. "We will see you later, Jean. Goodnight."
"Yeah, pal. Good—"
"You know, Jean?" He was barely done replenishing the gas for his manoeuvring gear when Marco sat beside him. "I think you are not really in love with Mikasa."
"What?" Jean stopped what he did. All the shouts of excitement from another cadet were muted as he could only hear his best friend's voice. Marco had the audacity to have a smirk on his face, not facing him still as he fixed his boots. "Oi, how come you say that?"
"Because it's the truth. You actually put your heart in your sleeve, Jean."
Jean immediately stood from where he sat, forcing the freckled boy to look at him because of his abrupt movement. He didn't know where the ravenette got that idea from. And surely he didn't expect him to say it now when they were going to climb back on top of the wall after retaking the headquarters. Couldn't he wait to discuss this? Something as — important as his heart?
"No, I am not." He jutted his lips out, something that only elicited a chuckle from his best friend. Something that made Jean scowl even more now. "I adore her entire existence, Marco. She is the prettiest woman out there. So brave and the greatest soldier in our ranks. Shit, even when all she could think of was Eren, I still want her!"
"Are you really?" Those light brown orbs fixated on someone behind him, one that he immediately followed since he wanted to know what Marco had been trying to say to him.
Sasha slumped herself towards you, practically crying and wailed some gratitude on your chest. You were not even trying to get her off you, understanding how shocked she would have been since a titan almost got her. If you were not there to kill the one she was assigned to before, maybe Sasha wouldn't even be here right now.
You and your gentle nature, so nurturing to those around but at the same time could be such a clown around them. Jean only let out a small chuckle at the sight of the two girls, and when you realised ‌he had been looking at you, he could feel his cheeks heated.
But he didn't look away, not feeling embarrassed that you caught him, not at all.
"I couldn't really hide things from you, huh, Marco?" He whispered out underneath his breath, just enough for the ravenette to hear him. "Since when did you know about it?"
"Since the first day, maybe." Turning around, he faced Marco once again, who was now down with the preparation. "You always talked about her, telling me about her stupid antics. And of course, that soft smile on your face, Jean."
"Yeah, can't help it when she always makes me feel like I am..." He chuckled. The smile reached his eyes in the middle of this hellish time from just the thought of you. "...whole."
Jean didn't want anyone to know, actually. About how he was secretly in love with his best friend, someone who knew him like the back of their hand. He once asked Connie to nudge the idea of him liking you, but the bald boy said you only fake gagged and walked away, a sign that Jean took for him to take a step back.
The world only needed to know that Mikasa Ackerman rejected him. One person was enough. He didn't need them to know you also did.
"Why do you hide it away, though?"
"Oh, come on, Marco." His chuckle now turned bitter. "I am not risking what I already have with her."
Jean swallowed an enormous lump before turning around, beckoning his best friend to follow suit, as he didn't want to talk about this anymore. With Mikasa, it was fine because they started as strangers. But with you? He clicked with your mind and taste in joke, practically chose you as his ally since day one he saw you tamed Sasha.
He didn't want to throw the dice, wondering if maybe he could have more with you. So he decided to just love Mikasa, continuing his admiration while still ‌keeping you close.
Because he was aware, he wouldn't feel complete without you in his life.
Jean sucked a deep breath, not believing himself or what he just saw. Everything, everything. It felt like time stopped as all the memories from his past life came into him. Not just a glimpse, not just a spark or anything he had seen before when he was with Mikasa or anyone else he met before.
It was just a playful pat from Marco on his shoulder, but he swore it made his legs wobble for a second there as if the freckled man tried to push him off the balcony. He couldn't breathe, not knowing where the oxygen in his lungs went with ‌these memories came to him like a hurdle of waves, trying to drown him out.
He wanted to reach out towards you and the ravenette who was already walking away. Marco had his left hand intertwined with yours, practically pulling you away from him and it just — it wasn't fair and it hurt.
Jean called out to you, feeling so relieved when you stopped walking and took another look at him. Right now, there was only you in his eyes. You, the one who knew him best, maybe the same or even more than the man who stood behind you.
There were so many things he wanted to say. So many words that were left unsaid after the whirlpool of emotion came crashing down at him. And when you pursed your lips, when he saw tears glossed your eyes despite you tried to keep it at bay, he had a feeling that you knew.
Oh, you knew that he knew.
The promises. What he had said before in the life where the two of you were reckless soldiers, everything went up to the surface after being buried by nature.
So this was the reason ‌you always had some kind of subtle reaction when he talked about Mikasa. This was the reason ‌you ended up moving to another place without telling him, the thing that pushed you to go away and settled your heart somewhere else.
Because you realise the promises had been broken the second he said I do, four years ago, in front of Mikasa Ackerman.
"I promise, I promise I will find you one day."
He did. He found you here in this lifetime. A place without titan, without the two of you having to be afraid that every moment would be the last.
"We will be happy by then."
However, it was nothing like the one he had in mine. Not the one you had been waiting for. The two of you didn't meet and fall in love, not married to one another and have kids or anything you were supposed to tell him. The house he bought in previous lifetime and this one — it wasn't for you. Not for you to take a shelter in with him.
He could have that. If only in this life too, he was willing to gamble his friendship with you. Maybe you were the one who had his last name instead of the woman who now waited for him in the driver's seat.
But the two of you were aware that maybe, no matter what kind of world he resided in, this was how it would end with you.
"Y-Yes, Jean?"
With him to live and fall in love with someone else, and you to stay in his life as nothing more but a dearest friend.
"Congratulations on the engagement, both of you."
Tumblr media
↪ Back to Wall Maria
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Kasey's Tumblr Fic Masterpost
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My Hybrid Eldians AU for 10/03/22
Desert Fox!Armin ✅
Wolf!Jean ✅
Fox!Sasha (X Niccolo)
Royal Stag!Eren
Roe!Colt (feat Roe!Falco and Bear!Gabi)
Pitbull!Porco ✅
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Destress Sketches with toons (mostly Fel)
Tumblr media
With Little Spoiler fro BB&CB AU comic
Tumblr media
Some of this reference is Fel arc’s plot point
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B Bros & Casino Bros: the Quest to the Ink Machine AU Chapter 2 Part 3
NOTE: Pardon my bad grammar and hand writing, I try the best as I can and English is my second language.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some little in-site to Swing Sisters and B Brothers’ relationship a bit in this AU.
Sasha (of @theinkymystery ) and Sally!!!
I been listening to Sally Swing song from original Betty Book’s episode as I first write for this AU. When I know that she only appear in that one episode and gone, which is very sucks since not much people know about her too. I’m really like her. So I want to add her to the B Brothers’ story since for some Bendy is associate with Betty. And this will be one of the time that I want to make her the star of the stages!!
Another part is coming right up, be right back!!!
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fantasy AU where Sasha can turn into a wolf :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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