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Ya’ll seen naruto’s new form with kurama? Kurama’s full power to guarantee Naruto’s death? Yeah man thats all nice and good but they gotta keep something consistent here and thats to kill Sasuke off too. They cant kill Naruto off and let Sasuke live. THEY CANT MAKE SASUKE ALONE AGAIN.

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In the valley of the lost;

Naruto: Why can’t you just love me?!

Sasuke: I can’t love you in this lifetime, not while we’re alive to be judged by others..

Naruto: I would DIE without your love!

Sasuke: Then die, and I’ll meet you in the afterlife, where we can be together..

Naruto: … I’ll see you there, Sasuke.

Sasuke: Naruto, wai-

Naruto: *jumps off Hashirama’s statue*

Sasuke: NARUTO!

Naruto: Goodbye, Sasuke. See you soon.. I love you…!

It’s dumb, I know! But I got the idea and wanted to jot it down before I forgot. Enjoy my tag. *look down

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Person A: “This is supposed to be a stealth mission so please, don’t touch anything.”

Person B: “Fuck that noise. I’m gonna throw this steel ball at that pile of pans.”

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i had a little crush on this guy and he posted on his story “dont tell me naruto’s gonna die” so i replied to him “nah bro the whole boruto universe is cancelled” 

and he replied, very audaciously, “the boruto universe IS the naruto universe”

straight men are always disappointing.

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Why are blogs that do nothing but repost asian artists’ art (and without written permission on top of that) the most popular blogs on this hellsite. These posts get hundreds, thousands of notes.

I tried to message one of those blogs but they have made messaging impossible from people who aren’t their followers. 🤷

Why, why do people not care about artist’s feelings?

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