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At first, the mission to retrieve the vial of mists from the Kree seems to have accomplished by Quicksilver, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Lockjaw until Carol Danvers as Warbird ruined it as she comes swaying in her drunken state. The drunk Carol fires the blasts at all directions in an uncontrolled way that one of the blasts hit Lockjaw and caused the poor Inhuman dog to break his leg. Then, Carol fires a blast at the generator, causing the Kree hideout to collapse. Quicksilver was tempted to leave Carol behind in a collapsing building for inadvertently hurting Lockjaw but he saves her anyway. Fortunately, Lockjaw was still awake to teleport Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye out of the collapsing lair despite his broken leg. 

- Quicksilver v1 #10, 1998

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Originally posted by mistressvera

Requested by @werewolfnamedraven​ and I decided not to add Pietro in as the reader’s twin since I could fit it in. I hope you enjoy!

  • You two aren’t very exclusive on your relationship, it’s not because you’re embarrassed or ashamed about it, but more because you guys seem not to interact much…according to your classmate’s at least.
  • In reality, you just used to your magic to create a private mind-link with Tokoyami. You two can choose to shut off that mind link and activate it anytime you wish so while your classmates have only seen you guys talk once or twice, you two literally know each other better than yourselves with how much you ‘talk’.
  • Tokoyami likes how similiar you are to one another. From interests to powers and even to personalities. After all, both of your powers are affected greatly by your emotions so you two tend to be closed off from others.
  • Not with each other, though. I mean, he trusts you enough to allow you to set up a mind-link with him, and you cherish that trust.
  • Both of you also work very well together, since you can use your reality-altering powers to create a darker area for him to fight in, although you have to do it a distance since a drawback of your quirk is that you have to focus on whatever it is your trying to use your powers on so being in a dark environment isn’t exactly good for your focus.
  • No one knows you guys are dating until you guys are chosen to spar with each other during training, the battle didn’t last long since Tokoyami used his darkness to blind you, but at the end, he was quick to make sure you were okay.
    • “Are you okay? I’m sorry if I hurt you.” He apologized.
    • “You’re fine, Fumikage, it’s just training.” You assured, caressing the side of his face with your hand.
    • Meanwhile, the class is watching with wide-eyes and Denki just sorta laughs a bit, “Heh, kinda looks like their dating.”
  • Then the realization hits them all like a brick when they put 2 and 2 together.
  • Even Aizawa is surprised but he’s not gonna pry or ask questions, considering it really doesn’t matter, but he’s kinda confused about how that happened.
  • Meanwhile, it’s all that everyone could talk about in class that day. Interrogations happening in the Girls and Boys locker rooms about when, where, why, and how you guys started dating.
    • “We have literally only seen you guys talk once and that was to ask for a pencil!” Mina exclaims. You finished buttoning up your uniform jacket, “We had established a mind-link a while back, we both found it…romantic, I suppose.”
    • “It’s romantic but it’s kind of creepy,” Ochako shuddered.
    • Then you had to explain how the mind-link worked but they still kept voicing their disbelief that you and Tokoyami were dating.
  • It wasn’t any better on your boyfriend’s end either considering that some of the boys in the class were…a little bit perverse.
    • “So, like, if you imagined her in a sexy costume or something then she’d see it?” Sero asked.
    • Tokoyami blushed heavily, “U-um, no, we both can control just how much of our thoughts the other can see.”
    • “Sounds kinky.~” Mineta purred, earning him a sharp glare from Tokoyami.
  • This brings us to the subject of someone flirting with one of you. The only one who is dumb enough to do that is Mineta but even then he knows your powers and how strong they are so you’re not worried about him, that and Tokoyami can be quite intimidating when he wants to be.
  • Another reason no one flirts is that everyone now notices that if one of you is in a room, then the other is not too far away or is lurking about, but only because you two don’t like being apart from each other.
  • Dark Shadow will constantly want Tokoyami to see you or be near you, feeling the ease and security you bring to the both of them, so he’s often asking and urging Tokoyami to find you or make sure you’re alright.
    • “Do you think I can borrow a hoodie? Dark Shadow tends to miss you a lot so maybe that’ll make him feel better.”
    • “Just Dark Shadow?”
    • “…I suppose I miss you as well…”
  • That’s why the mindlink is so handy but sometimes Tokoyami would much rather just spend time in your presence, even if there was no talking or anything, as long as he’s with you.
  • He’s not keen on PDA, finding it a bit immodest, but he’d make an exception for it in scenarios where you lose control of your powers and need someone to reassure or comfort you or if you begin to doubt yourself and your chances on becoming a hero.
    • “You’re going to be a great hero, (Y/n),” He assured as he cupped your face in his hands, “and you should never doubt that.”
    • You put a gentle hand over his before pecking the tip of his beak, “Thank you, Fumikage.”
  • Another thing is nicknames, no one ever hears you guys address each other by a nickname in public, but that’s because you guys are kind of embarrassed to address the other by their…admittedly cheesy nickname in public.
  • For Tokoyami you often call him things along the lines of: My Raven, My Crow, My Shadow, Darling, or different Sokovian terms of endearment.
  • For you Tokoyami often calls you things like: Beloved, Dear, Starlight, Dove, and a bunch of things with ‘my’ at the beginning.
  • Both of you would die if someone caught you guys saying that.
  • He’s ashamed to admit it but sometimes he feels his love for you become so strong and overwhelming that he ends up writing a poem about it and he will go to any length to make sure you don’t ever see them. Little does he know, you often write letters you will never send him that explain just how much you adored him.
  • No one should doubt how much you love each other based on how little you two interact during the day because they don’t understand how truly intimate you and Tokoyami are.
  • You share each other’s thoughts, each other’s passions, and love.
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Immediately after dealing with Ultron, Tony is less than eager about the idea of Wanda joining the team and living with them. It’s difficult to bring himself to trust her, to feel comfortable around her after everything. It doesn’t help that she dislikes him. Steve does what he does best though, and settles Tony’s fears, and convinces him it’s for the best. Tony can admit when he’s wrong (sometimes.)

Just something short and a little random? Lowkey world building I guess?

Read it on AO3.

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