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Scuderia Ferrari F1-75 2022 - Charles Leclerc
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Ferrari 430 Scuderia, a lightened and tuned-up F430.
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Charles Leclerc takes pole position for his home Grand Prix in Monaco
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mia-nonna-in-carriola · a month ago
Imola untold
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Before the circuit, Imola was still the centre of Italian racing life, at least on April 9, 1934. Here you can see the Scuderia Ferrari pit stop for that year's Mille Miglia. In the middle, there is Enzo Ferrari explaining -shouting- to Achille Varzi that he must mount wet tires (Gomme Pirelli ancorizzate) to beat Tazio Nuvolari on Veneto's rainy streets and achieve the victory.
In the end, Enzo's shouting worked, Achille says "yes", and he and the Scuderia get their first overall win at the Brescia-Roma-Brescia.
© unknow
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wrooom · 10 months ago
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Ferrari 430 Scuderia 
By Hunter J. G. Frim
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das-croissant · a year ago
Todays my 14th birthday (16th May)
Congratulation to myself with this picture:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Me as an racing driver
The first picture i drew in color that isnt shit
I drew the compleate outfit without actually wearing/owning it
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nhc1922 · a year ago
Ferrari 512 TR - 1992
Ferrari 512 TR - 1992 por Perico001 Por Flickr: 4.943 cc Flat 12 428 hp Vmax : 314 km/h Cité de l'Automobile - National Museum Schlumpf Collection 17 rue de la Mertzau Mulhouse - France July 2013
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articseaa · a year ago
➸ Charles Leclerc pack۱˳·↵
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animemascotoftheday · 10 months ago
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Today’s anime mascot of the day is…! Scuderia from Hitman Reborn!
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Charles Leclerc - 2022 - Scuderia Ferrari
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fromcruise-instoconcours · 4 months ago
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Ferrari F430 Scuderia
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l4ndoodie · a year ago
5am. - Charles Leclerc
hey everyone ❥ here’s an imagine with Charles, I already have a few more saved with Alex, Lando and Pierre which will be coming in the next few days.. I hope you like this ♡ 
Tumblr media
It was 5:22am when you startled out of your sleep. Your breathing was heavy and you felt sweaty as you tried to breathe in and out to calm yourself down. It took you several moments to breathe normally again as you leaned back against your headboard and looked throughout your dark bedroom.
You looked down to the space beside you and you sighed out as you rubbed your eyes. There was no way for you to get back to sleep anytime soon and you grabbed for your phone which laid on your nightstand. The brightness, as soon as you pressed on the round button, made you groan out immediately.
You went through your social media's, starting with Instagram as you scrolled through your feed. Different fan pages tagged you in postings and you pressed your lips together as you not left a like, like you usually do. You've read over the captions, everyone wondering why you weren't at the track this weekend. As you usually went to all races throughout the season. You can't blame them, it did seem kinda weird for out-standers. And it was kinda weird for you as well.
You usually flew out to wherever the race was with Chales at the beginning of the race week. You enjoyed doing some sightseeing of the places you went to, or just hanging out with friends of any of his or yours flew out as well. Or just meet up with the other girls of drivers, it were always the same girls and by the time you've spend at the track you've really gotten to know each other.
You received a few text messages of a few of them, asking where you were and if you'll be over in time for the race but you texted them back and told them you wouldn't make it due to you being sick. It was a lie but they believed it and you didn't text them any further.
As you saw a post of Charles after the qualifying you sighed out, biting down on your bottom lip. He tries to smile into the cameras, as he stands in front of the blue wall, holding his thumb up as he would start the race later on from p2. It seemed to be a good result for the team as they've struggled on Friday. You didn't watch the free practices on Friday, as they were simply too early for the time here. But you watched the highlights as you may still were mad at him but that didn't mean you wouldn't want to know how he did. You felt bad for him, as he or rather his team didn't seem to have a good day Friday.
This weekends race was in Japan and due to the taifun that was rushing towards Suzuka or rather Tokyo, they've cancelled the third free practice and Qualifying on Saturday, putting it on for Sunday morning. You knew how much the race in Suzuka meant to Charles, emotionally at least, as Jules was the one to crush at this race 5 years ago as the weather conditions were horrible. He wasn't who liked talking about this but you knew him inside out.
You sighed out as you closed your eyes for a split second, you weren't tired anymore, instead you felt quiet awake as you felt anger boil up inside of you. Just thinking about last week Sunday made you press your lips together, shutting your eyes together as you furrowed your eyebrows together. It started out as one of your usual Sundays, meeting up with Charles family to have a chat in between the race weekends. You always enjoyed hanging out with his family, they were all so sweet and you liked hanging out with them, especially his brothers as they weren't much older and his younger brother just a little younger than you. And Charles seemed fine there, well in the group he seemed fine. But when you went home and were on your own it all went down.
He started from commenting on you acting with his brothers, to you talking with boys in general to every god damn random thing a couple could fight about. Charles and you have dated for quiet a while and you've always seemed to be the couple who never have a fight. But this one, this one blew out huge. You can't remember ever fighting with Charles like this. There's only ever been a few small dissensions with him, when you wanted to watch two different tv shows. Or when you would rather fly home to your family with him and he would have liked to stay here in Monaco. But nothing that a few hours couldn't fix. This time it was even worse. He left your shared apartment almost right away and there wasn't any contact shared between you two for the whole rest of Sunday. He came back home late that night, only to sleep on the couch and leave you sleeping in your bed.
You walked in the kitchen the next morning and saw him sitting at the counter eating his breakfast. He looks up and your eyes met for a second but you quickly looked away. There wasn't much talking and you didn't plan on being the first one to speak up. You were still mad at him for what he did yesterday. Of fighting and the yelling and him not apologizing did not make this any better.
So he left that Monday flying over to Japan rather early instead of staying here for a day or two longer with you. He did ask you if you were still gonna come with him but after he didn't apologize you just left the room.
It was getting earlier into the morning and the race was about to start. You actually didn't wanted to watch it, because it was early and you really didn't wanted to set yourself an alarm just to see him face. Well you would if things were normal. But if things were normal you wouldn't be here in the first place. You sighed out as you grabbed your tv remote and turned your tv on, skipping towards the sports channel that would show the race. The last interviews were been made and it were just minutes until the lights were out.
As Charles was shown on your tv screen you sighed out, feeling your heart ache a little.
The start was a rather turbulent one for Ferrari and Charles slightly crushing into Max Verstappen's car didn't help to this at all. The Red Bull spun around and Charles continued driving with a damaged front wing however. He stayed out for a couple more rounds and you anxiously bit down on your bottom lip as you continued watching. He came into the box much later than what you expected and fell behind on P17.
This didn't look quiet good for him but he continued making his way through and actually drove a pretty good race. The race was a mess anyways, for Ferrari as the Mercedes seemed to be as dominant as ever. It wasn't easy and Charles managed to finish P6 as his accident with Max was still under investigation. You didn't care to watch the ceremony any longer as Charles wasn't on there.
You really wanted to go back to sleep, but even though your eyes hurt and yawns left your lips you couldn't go back to sleep. You spend more time on instagram and see Charles getting his penalty for the incident and him staying out longer with his broken front wing. You could only imagine how he must feel like.
You didn't knew when he would actually be back or if he even planned on coming back here. You didn't knew what he thought about all of this since he hasn't talked to you at all during this week and you didn't text him either. This didn't mean you didn't thought about him, because you did, every single day.
You manage to go back to sleep a little later, sleeping for half of this Sunday. It was the late afternoon, or rather early dinner time when you woke up and you decided to have some sort of breakfast to continue your day. You knew you wouldn't be able to sleep at all during the night, you were too awake now and always had trouble going back to sleep when taking naps during the day. You sat down on the couch and turned the tv on, watching a rerun of your favorite tv show which you started again this week as some kind of support.
The next hours fly by and you've lost your feeling of time as you're watching the episodes. As suddenly the front door clicks and opens, you hear foot steps coming closer and gulp as Charles suddenly stands in the door frame. He looks exhausted as eye bags covered his under eye area.
"Hey," Charles clears his throat as he speaks up and you stared at him a moment longer.
"Hey," you reply, pressing your lips together.
He's quiet for a moment, as he looks down and it's like he thinks of what to say next. And you can't help but still stare at him.
"Did you uh watch the race?" he asks as he plays with his thumbs and looks up to meet your eyes.
You slowly nod as he sighs out. "I'm sorry."
"That didn't go as planned," he says. "I pushed too hard, it was my own fault. I've ruined a good result for the team."
"You need to stop being so hard on yourself," you press out.
You kept talking to him even though you wouldn't need to, because you were still mad at him and you still haven't talked to each other about this. But you felt so bad for him, looking at him like this.
He shakes his head as he looks down to the ground. It's silent for a moment and suddenly a sob left his lips and your eyes went wide as Charles still stood in the door frame. He hid himself behind his two hands as he started crying. You immediately went up from the couch and walked over to him, wrapping your arms around him and letting him muzzle his head in your neck. More sob left his lips and you tried to calm him down by rubbing his back.
"Oh Charles," you say, closing your eyes for a moment after you felt tears welling up in your eyes as well. You hated seeing him like this.
"I'm so sorry," he brought out in between his sobs.
"It's okay, everything is going to be okay," you tell him.
You stand there for a few more minutes before he has calmed down and you pull him towards the couch. He sits down while you sit on his lap, cupping his face as you wipe the tears away from his face.
"Charles," you say, as you slightly shake your head.
"I'm sorry," he says. "I'm so sorry."
"It's okay," you tell him, not wanting him to be any more sad.
"No it's not," he shakes his head. "I'm sorry for how I acted towards you last week. That wasn't me and I shouldn't have said what I said. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I'm sorry."
You sadly smile at him as you caress his cheek.
"I don't know what has gotten into me. But I, I guess I was just nervous about going back to Japan and after all those critics and everything I just- wanted to do good. I wanted to proof myself. This is why I pushed too hard today and ended Max race," he says, shaking his head slightly.
"Charles it's okay," you tell him. "I hate fighting with you and I never ever want to do this again, okay? I forgive you."
He half heartedly smiled at you as he bites down on his bottom lip.
„Can you do me a favor?" you ask and he looks at you, furrowing his eyebrows together.
"Can you forgive yourself as well?" you ask him. "I know how difficult it was for you to fly over there. And I'm sorry I wasn't there to support you. I know the race didn't go as planned and you have space to improve but you'll always have something to improve. And some race days are better and some are worse but you'll always learn from these things. Next time you know to not push that hard anymore and rather stay out of it. You just learn that stuff with more races going."
He looks you into the eyes as you speak, his brown soft eyes staring back into yours.
"And about the critics, there's always people who will hate on you no matter how good you will do. So the only thing you can do is race, because that's what you love the most and nothing will stop this okay? You can't listen to them and you shouldn't be reading any of it. Haters gonna hate," you tell him and he softly smiles.
"I love you," he says as soon as you've finished and you softly smile at him as you lean in and he wraps his arms around you.
"I love you, mon amour," you sweetly smile at him before you lean in to press a kiss to his lips.
"Can't wait time have you back with me and get my good luck kiss before the races."
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vroomvroomvettel · a year ago
Am I the onlyone who designed, for the time i mabey will be rich af, an f1 car for my own f1 team
My teams name is: Scuderia Scuderia
And I present: The Scuderia Scuderia Scudi 13
Tumblr media
It has more rainbows than marzipans car has russia flags
And its colorful
It would probably drive with ferrari engine cause of my ferraristi heart
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wrooom · a year ago
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MAT New Stratos Coupé - 2009/2019 
"Manufattura Automobili Torino"
By Perico001
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articseaa · a year ago
➸ Charles Leclerc icons۱˳·↵
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hififotos · 12 months ago
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Dark horse.
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Scuderia Ferrari F1-75 2022 - Charles Leclerc
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