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the knife flip I- 馃檴馃敟
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
SEBASTIAN STAN Endings, Beginnings dir. Drake Doremus
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Look at him!! 馃槏
Repost from @roadshow on IG
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Sebastian Stan + satisfying sips 馃憣
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Snow (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Part 4: The Praise
Story summary: Tired of your constant bickering, Sam sends you and Bucky on a mission alone. When the worst possible outcome happens and you鈥檙e forced to spend several days together in a small cabin, you finally get to see a different, more pleasurable side to the man whose flesh you鈥檝e always had a thorn in.
Note: Wow, you guys are amazing. Thank you for your support! This is amazing! Unfortunately, I cannot tag more people but I鈥檒l make sure to figure out something else for those who鈥檇 still like to be added to some sort of taglist.
Warnings: cuties being cute and a whole lot of sexual tension!
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Tumblr media
You woke up feeling strangely lonely the next day, already missing the warm body that had been pressed up against you for the better part of the night but at some point during the early hours of the morning had slipped away and disappeared. Eyes still closed, you thought about the peaceful evening you and Bucky had shared last night, how he'd smiled softly at you as you'd walked back to the cabin side-by-side, how he'd chuckled warmly and safely grabbed hold of your arm when you'd slipped on the front porch, and how you'd sat down close to each other on the sofa, talking quietly into the calm night as you鈥檇 both fallen asleep in front of the crackling fire.
Wondering where he was now, you slowly opened your eyes with a small, sleepy whimper and took in how the entire cabin was wrapped in a darker light than yesterday, the sky outside grey and gloomy as the wind howled against the moss-covered walls, slowly filling up the muntins of the windows with a thick layer of fresh snow. Swiftly, your eyes scanned the room for Bucky, disappointment growing hot in your stomach when he was nowhere to be found, and you had to take a deep breath to convince yourself that he wasn't freaked out by your sudden closeness but probably just was out looking for something to eat again.
You waited a bit, ears listening sharply for a sign of him in the near vicinity, eyes darting impatiently towards the door every ten seconds until you couldn鈥檛 handle the anxiousness any longer and glumly shoved away the image of a smiling Bucky barging in through the door with his arms full of food. Instead, you pushed the blankets from off your body and determinedly headed over to the kitchen cabinets where you pulled out everything from the dusty shelves in the hopes of finding something - anything - to eat. Today, however, there wasn't even a single stale cracker hiding in one of the corners, so you dejectedly settled back in in front of the fire and patiently waited for Bucky to show up as you tried to not let the crushing disappointment of him being gone bring down your otherwise rather uplifted spirits.
How you managed to stare into the flames for several monotonous hours without going insane, was beyond you, but when you finally heard the heavy hinges of the front door squeak open, it was with a relieved smile that you turned around and faced Bucky. He was completely covered in snow from top to toe, carrying two bottles of honey-brown liquid that he sat down on the table in front of you before stepping over to the front door again, careful not to get everything wet. "Fucking shit weather," he mumbled under his breath with a small sniffle and dusted off the snow from his arms before discarding his jacket.
"Where've you been?" You asked curiously from the sofa, examining the bottles in front of you with a suspicious look. 鈥- Did you find something for us to eat?鈥
"No, I鈥檓 sorry,鈥 he sighed despondently and ruffled the snow out of his hair. The rapid movement accentuated his huge biceps so nicely that your eye involuntarily ran over the thick muscles lined with large veins, making you slightly lightheaded. 鈥淚 went back to the Quinjet to check for spare fuel," he groaned as he plumped down on the sofa cushion next to you, grabbing one of the bottles from the table in the process. "- found rum instead," he shrugged and yanked out the cork. "...wanna drink?"
Excited that you finally had something to do apart from staring into the flames all day, you quickly grabbed the other rum and pulled out the cork with a loud 鈥渄o I!鈥 before clinking your bottle against the bottom of his. Still looking at him excitedly, you carelessly took a large swig, your nose scrunching slightly at the sharp taste as the liquid ran over your tastebuds and settled warmly in your stomach. "Gaah," you exclaimed loudly with your tongue hanging out of your mouth like a golden retriever, and it made Bucky laugh heartily.
"You don't like it?" He asked, his entire face lighting up like the sun.
"Not really," you fanned your tongue, desperate to get your tastebuds back to normal as you took in his amused face with the small happy wrinkles dancing around his warm eyes. Mesmerised by the soft laugh falling from his lips, you wondered why he鈥檇 never given you the chance to see him like this before.
"You know what?" he pondered while looking over at you, "Come to think of it; I don't think I鈥檝e actually ever seen you with a drink in your hand before..."
"Well, it's not something I usually do," you carefully had another small sip, trying not to let your discomfort at the sharp taste show on your face.
鈥淩eally?!" he arched an eyebrow, "- you better be careful then,鈥 he nodded towards your bottle. 鈥淟ow tolerance and an empty stomach usually don鈥檛 mix that well with hard liquor.鈥
"It's okay," you nodded, brushing away his concern, "it鈥檚 not like we have somewhere we have to be, right? So what if I get a little tipsy.鈥
鈥淎lright," he sang, "- just don鈥檛 say I didn鈥檛 warn ya鈥,鈥 he chuckled and shook his head, having a sip of rum himself. 鈥淪o how come you normally don鈥檛 drink?鈥
鈥淚 know it sounds weird but鈥 it sort of clashes with my running schedule."
"Your running schedule?鈥 he asked incredulously, 鈥測ou take it that seriously?鈥
"Not because I want to, trust me!鈥 you sent him a sideways smile, "but please bear in mind that I鈥檓 teamed up with Captain America on one side and a demigod on the other. I have to stick to a pretty tight training schedule if I want a chance at keeping up," you shrugged nonchalantly before freezing, realising what you'd just said.
Bucky's eyes snapped over to yours in an instant and from the amused smile that slowly spread on his face, you could tell that he too had heard your blunder. "Now hold on a second," he cocked his head with a smirk, "- did you just compare me to a demigod?"
"Oh God鈥 Please don't start," you groaned, rolling your eyes to the back of your head to avoid his amused gaze. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a figure of speech!鈥 You tried but he wouldn鈥檛 accept your feeble lie.
Instead, his face split in a massive grin, "oh darling!" he mockingly drawled out and threw his head against the backrest of the sofa, clutching his heart theatrically as he let out a feral moan that immediately had your hands sweating, your heart pounding faster. "What - a - compliment!" He underlined each word with a little cute nose scrunch.
"Don't get used to it!" you chuckled and threw a pillow at him to hide the fact that you actually liked the way he'd called you darling and moaned. "We're still enemies, you know!"
"Yes of course!" He nodded, "I meant 鈥榙arling鈥 in the most condescending way possible, I know how much you love that.鈥
"Yes, I simply cannot get enough," you shook your head in amusement, still thinking about your terrible Freudian slip. 鈥淥h God,鈥 another groan escaped you, 鈥淚 cannot believe I just compared you to a demigod鈥︹
鈥淵eah, I鈥檓 never letting you live that one down!鈥 he continued to chuckle while rubbing the sharp angle of his jaw with his enticing metal hand. 鈥淏ut鈥 If it helps; I don鈥檛 exactly feel like one,鈥 he smiled wryly, "- I highly doubt Achilles was so vulnerable that he had to be cuddled at night just to keep the images of what he'd done at bay,鈥 he tried to keep the sentence light by chuckling, but the look he sent you was a mixture between pain and embarrassment and it nearly chipped your heart in two.
"Barnes," you cocked your head and sent him a reassuring smile while bumping your knee against his to make him feel better. 鈥- Please don鈥檛 be so hard on yourself鈥 You鈥檝e been through hell and back, of course you have nightmares. The need to be held just proves that you鈥檙e more than the things terrorising you," you nodded. "Being vulnerable is a good thing, okay? I, for one, am grateful that I鈥檓 not stuck out here with someone as one-sided as Achilles."
His eyes were glued to your connected knees, his teeth biting at his inner cheek, and you examined how his anxious ticks slowly disappeared in time with your soft-spoken words, a proud, yet bittersweet smile replacing them as he carefully skirted his gaze upwards to meet yours.
鈥溾hanks,鈥 he hummed after a couple of seconds of warm, intense eye contact, 鈥- that鈥檚 very nice of you to say," he licked his lips and slowly ran his eyes over your face.
"I mean it!" you nodded slowly while warm patches spread across your face. "- you鈥檙e one of the good ones, please remember that鈥 Your vulnerabilities don't scare me away."
"Yeah, that reminds me鈥 Uhm -," he breathed hard, the vibranium in his hand whirring as he drummed his fingers against his thigh, the look on his face nervous as if he was about to say something gutsy, "- you don't have to keep sleeping up against me if you don't want to," he said quietly, his words softer than satin. 鈥淭hough it鈥檚 nice, I've been handling the nightmares on my own for years. Don't feel obligated to deal with it just because we're out here."
You looked into his gentle eyes, surprising yourself by thinking that you didn't want to miss out on another night without his warm embrace. 鈥淚t's no trouble. I guess I find comfort in it too," you admitted, your voice more in a whisper than anticipated, your breath hitching slightly in your throat when Bucky shot you a bright smile as he quietly gulped and gazed warmly at you.
You felt how your pulse began rising quickly, your fingers prickling uncomfortably at the thumping silence passing between you. The air was thickening like black treacle, moulding itself around you so fast that you felt yourself drowning in it while gazing into the clear, bright eyes before you. He shifted quietly around in his seat, his fingers awkwardly rubbing his thigs and he was careful not to look directly at you as you had a large sip of rum to hide your bewildered face.
"鈥s it growing on you?鈥 he asked gently after a silence that seemed too long, 鈥- the rum, I mean.鈥
Shaking the intense moment of suffocatingly gentle eye contact off of you, you held up the bottle in front of your face, examining how you鈥檇 already gulped down half of its contents. 鈥淎pparently,鈥 you mumbled and felt how the realisation came with a distinct rush of tipsiness washing over you. 鈥淚 do blame it on the empty stomach, though.鈥
鈥淔uck, don鈥檛 remind me,鈥 Bucky threw his head against the backrest of the sofa with a tired groan. 鈥淚 would give anything for a piece of roast chicken right now!鈥
"And you're telling me about it?" you laughed with a playful groan matching his. "- That's a dick move, Barnes!"
"Sorry, sweetheart," he sent you a broad, heartwarming smile, and it made you realise that for the first time ever, he had called you one of his nicknames without sounding the least bit condescending. The soft pet name was dripping warmly from his lips and it made small butterflies flutter awake at the pit of your stomach as he grinned boyishly and continued; "- though when it comes to me, you can't really say you're surprised...鈥 he cocked his head. 鈥- I haven't exactly been on my best behaviour around you.鈥
"Mmh," you took in his soft expression as he dreamily stared up at you. "- why exactly is that?" you asked, careful to not get lost in his handsome features. 鈥淒id I offend you at some point?"
"No sweetheart," he shook his head, and ran his deep eyes over your face before finding your gaze again. "You've been nothing but sweet."
"Come on," you mirrored his position on the sofa and threw your head against the soft back cushion as well, sending him an embracing look to signal that he could tell you even if it wasn't all that flattering, "- you can tell me if I did something stupid,鈥 you urged him to go on as you carefully took in the small details of his face that were closer than ever before.
You鈥檇 never noticed the dark indigo ring surrounding his pale irises, had never seen the light-brown freckle below his left eye, or the small scar dancing tantalisingly above the curve of his upper lip.
"Don't worry," he shook his head, a blissed-out smile on his face as his eyes never left yours, 鈥測ou haven't done anything wrong.鈥 His cheeks were slightly blushed, his lips still parted in a mysterious smile, and you thought to yourself that he'd never looked more beautiful.
Never wanting to look away, you cocked your head and examined the way he continuously clenched and unclenched his jaw as he looked at you. There was something he wasn't telling you, something eating at him. 鈥淭hen why has it been so difficult between us?"
"I don't know," he blinked slowly, his chest heaving steadily, his nostrils twitching every time he filled his lungs with air.
"It's just..." you licked your lips and saw how his beautiful cerulean irises with the captivating limbal ring travelled down your face, briefly coming to a halt on your mouth before they snapped upwards, suddenly locked on yours again. "I like your company," you said flusteredly and chewed your cheek, "- when it's... like this," you examined his huge pupils and could feel the familiar warm patches spread on your face as his gaze was softer than you鈥檇 ever seen it before, his plump, pink lips closer than ever. His long eyelashes were twitching underneath hooded eyelids, the strong, stubbled jaw slowly lowering as his soft tongue showed behind his teeth and cautiosly licked a thin stripe over his lower lip.
Suddenly, you felt how the desire came rushing in over you in warm waves, his ambrosial scent pulling you under the sea of black treacle as he breathed hard and with rose-tinted cheeks scrutinized you. It was a craving stronger than ever before, the syrup in the air thickening even more as it consumed everything inside of you apart from the primal urge to get lost in his eyes, to run your fingers through his hair, to feel the stubble on his chin. Your fingers and feet were prickling, your insides squirming in your belly, the hairs on the back of your neck rising as you looked at him - your entire body was buzzing with his presence, he was all you could think about: you wanted to reach over and kiss him!
鈥淢e too,鈥 he mumbled to your statement, his slowly-blinking gaze still locked on yours, every now and then slipping down towards your lips before they obediently came back.
The intense eye contact you shared only lasted a couple of seconds, but the sexual tension was unmistakeable; you were both thinking the same thing.
Slightly befuddled, you broke the attraction crackling like a massive bonfire between you by sitting up straight and brushing a strand of hair out of your eyes while Bucky slowly turned his gaze towards his feet, his cheeks a delicate shade of pink as a self-satisfied smirk tugged at the corners of his mouth.
"Uhm," you cleared your throat and took a gulp of rum. "Sorry about that," you carefully looked over at him again with an awkward grin.
"Don't worry, darling," his eyes found yours, and you shivered slightly as his gaze pierced straight through you, making you sure that this time, he definitely did not miss how his whispered pet name had caused a reaction in you. Face warm, and eyes panickly looking everywhere but directly at him, you faintly heard him chuckle beside you as he examined your face with a broad grin, "- so, it's okay to call you darling?" He smiled triumphantly.
"Yeah, sure, whatever..." you breathed.
"Is the line drawn at princess or at sweetheart then?鈥 he chuckled.
鈥淎ctually..." you gulped, "it's not the names I have a problem with. Never was," your cheeks were getting hotter and hotter as he scrutinised you. "It's the way you say it."
"The way I say it, huh...?" he arched an eyebrow.
鈥淵eah...鈥 you nodded, embarrassed by yourself.
He took a minute to carefully ponder your statement before his face cracked open in a charming smile, his mouth spreading wider and wider on his face. Triumphantly, he looked you square in the eye, and when his voice came back it was softer and huskier than ever before; thick, viscous honey dripping from his deep baritone as he shot you a look of intimacy, a flirtatious spark in his eye: 鈥測ou like cute names, don't you, sweetheart?鈥 he drawled, his voice like silk in your ears 鈥- that's why you don鈥檛 like the way I say it; you want me to be sincere鈥 Right doll?鈥
"No," you gulped in a desperate attempt at controlling your squirming insides.
"It's okay, peach,鈥 he teased.
"Stop that," you groaned.
"If you admit to it," he said casually and scooted closer, pressing his muscular thigh up against yours again, "- princess."
鈥淏ucky, stop!鈥 you tried to ignore the tingling sensation in your lower limbs as you uncomfortably flexed your toes and buried your face in your hands, blaming the intense reaction on the strong alcohol coursing through your veins. Fuck, you should've listened to him and slowed down on the rum!
鈥淐ome on,鈥 he whispered teasingly, moving his torso closer to you, 鈥- you can tell me, sweetheart.鈥
You could feel your stomach getting warmer and warmer, your panties wetter and wetter with each whispered pet name, the image of his soft lips more and more clear behind your closed eyelids - and you realised that it couldn't go on like this. He was your teammate who up until a few days ago had hated your guts. You had to stop him before you did something rash and uncontrolled.
"Barnes, you鈥檙e an ass!鈥 you chuckled awkwardly and put the cork back in your rum, not entirely able to hold back the embarrassed smile that crept over your face as you purposely avoided looking directly at him.
"Come on, I'm just teasing," he laughed and leaned back against the sofa, his lips finally at a safe distance. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay you have a praise kink.鈥
鈥淚 do not have a praise kink!鈥
鈥淏ut you do,鈥 he laughed, 鈥渋t鈥檚 okay. I'm just teasing - baby.鈥
鈥淎lright, that's it,鈥 you stood up and wrapped a mouldy blanket around yourself before lying down on the sofa, 鈥-I hope you鈥檙e happy!鈥
"Come on," he laughed, "it was too easy, I couldn't help it! I鈥檒l be good from now on!鈥
"Good night," you sang, 鈥測ou really only have yourself to blame for this.鈥
鈥淵ou鈥檙e actually going to bed?鈥
鈥淎w, come on. You still have to finish your rum.鈥
鈥淵ou finish it, I'm going to sleep. Have fun with your nightmare, Achilles.鈥
Immediately, you felt him push his enormous body down beside you and how he wrapped his huge arm around you, his warm fingers coming into contact with the lower part of your ribs as he settled in and snuggled closer.
"Get that hand away from there, Barnes!" you swatted him away with a chuckle.
"Come on, I'm vulnerable," he laughed, "I don't want to live through another nightmare, I need someone to cuddle me to sleep and you鈥檙e literally right there! I need to be reminded that I鈥檓 still one of the good ones!鈥
"Right now you鈥檙e one of the worst ones," you laughed and pushed your back further into his chest.
"Yeah, somehow I don鈥檛 really care," he laughed and ran his warm fingers over the fabric of your tight tactical suit.
"Goodnight, asshole," you chuckled and closed your eyes, trying to block out the thought of his warm lips so close to your skin.
"Good night my sweet, sweet girl," he whispered teasingly and pulled you a tiny bit closer, as you tried to lie as still as possible.
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Dollar, Dollar Bills
Tumblr media
Nick鈥檚 manipulative, obsessive and absent, and you, you鈥檙e his butterfly in heels.
Word Count: 3.2K
Warnings: Smut. Filth. Deranged filth with our newest obsession. Guns. Gun play. Power Play. Obsessive behaviour. Manipulation. Lying. Strippers. Semi Public Sex. Dominance. Slight S/M play. Possessiveness. The only price you get is good dick(and a wad of cash too). Light Angst. Face Fucking. Oral. Did I mention guns? Did I mention THAT scene---?
A/n: My first Nick Fowler Fic!! This man has me in a chokehold from the moment the film came out and I鈥檝e been drooling over gifsets for so long, I had to write this. My submission for @geminixevans @fineanddandy聽 @jamalflanagan @cocobutterqween @syntheticavenger @sunshinexsin @boxofbonesfic 鈥榮 Aphrodite鈥檚 Manor Challenge.
Fic Library is @chaashnifics
Hot pink nails curled around your second free drink of the night, you rolled your shoulders, the delicate body chains wrapped all around your body and looped over your bralette sparkling as you sauntered towards the man, his sharp cheekbones and eclectic blue eyes drawing you in closer.
It was easy to forget you were the temptress when it came to Nick Fowler. Beautiful as he was, his words held an engaging darkness, struggling to rip free, crossing you in your own game and luring you in every time he decided to visit you.
"Nick Fowler." You eyed him up and down, eyes lingering at his belt, lingering at the gun he had strapped in there before snapping back to his lustful ones, keening to see that you were the object of his attention. Even now. "What brings you to me, huh?"
His chuckle was dark and expensive, just like everything else about him, the lustrously ardent eyes flickering with darkened flares as he sized you up and down, looping an arm around your bare waist, fingers itching to caress the lace of your bra. "Nothing can ever keep me from you, printesa."
You rolled your eyes, keeping your glass on one of the tables and pressing your palm on his chest, walking away, swaying your hips with grace, just the way you knew he liked. Somewhere behind you, you knew he had a tick in his jaw, his fists clenched. You could almost feel the roll in his eyes as he followed you, eyes trained on your legs. Even in the booming, lush tunes of the strip club, you could hear him thinking of ways to rip off the nylon stockings and stake his claim over your skin, tear down the curvatures of your body with his touch, mark it, brand it.
Of all the things about Nick Fowler, his possessiveness was what you understood.聽
Possibly because you were always looped in an uncertain web of its existence, the coils which held you hostage loosening and tightening according to his convenience, but never really setting you free. Like a trapped butterfly, Nick let you flutter your wings all you want. He'd have no qualms with you dancing the night away, swinging from man to man all through your shift at the club, but the moment you'd get too close- intimately close- his words, not yours, he'd riot.
Your pussy would burn and sting all through the next two weeks if you ever directly indulged another man's advances, especially when you were done with the transactional elements of your job. Ethics, he called it, often using it as his excuse to get away from stuff. Disappearing randomly for months? Work stuff. Classified. Wouldn't disclose because of 'ethics'. Making you slip pills into the drinks of potential targets so he could take them away from getting interrogated? You were helping the country. Ethics.
Ethics was the reasoning he gave when he wanted you to snoop on men who arrived at your club, jokingly calling you his 'asset', all dressed in lace and high boots, ready to kill if he asked you to.聽
"Where do you think you're going?" He caught your wrist, spinning you around and pulling you flush to his chest before his hands were on your hips, pushing you against one of the booths and pressing his body to yours.
He wasn't mad. Not yet. His pupils blown wide, you could barely discern the cerulean ring cuffing the exterior of the black pits as he hungrily took you in. Holding the same vehemence in those irises when he was buried inside of you, his glare was cutting through your lashes and searing into your brain, leaving you helpless in his hold.聽
"Away from you." You bit back, hands pressing to his chest in an attempt to get away from him, legs sliding between his to aid you in your struggle but Nick just held on tighter, chuckling darkly.
Condescending. Mocking. Lying. It still made your cunt weep, and you would still be furious at yourself for letting him leave traces of himself all over you when you'd wake up in an empty bed.
"That's never going to happen. Not until you unload a gun in my chest."
You scoffed, glaring at him. "Don't take your chances. I will."
Nick chuckled a little more, looking down at you like the very idea was amusing and childish in the least, still holding you close to him.
"And I wouldn't appreciate you taking the chance to run when I'm not finished talking." His knuckles ran down the apples of your cheek, sliding down to your jaw from where his thumb reached over to your lips, smirking as he smeared some of your lipstick out of the corner, onto your skin.
You rolled your eyes, removing your hands from his chest and backing up against the wall, tilting backward in your heels. "And you think you're the fucking President that I would listen to you?"
He shook his head, clicking his tongue and placing the fault of his palm over your stomach, his nails digging into the skin, leaving tiny crescents in their trail. Marks. He loved placing them on you, from his hands, his teeth, his rings. Sometimes his belt. He had his ways to make you bend, be it the leather flogger you kept in your bedside stand or his thick cock being drilled up your walls.聽
The choice was always for you to listen, or so he claimed. You didn't believe him.
Nick Fowler was a fucking liar. You told him so, spat it at his face only to be held tighter, like he was apprehensive you would bolt right after, a steelier look in his eyes, assuring you he wouldn't let you get too far.
He had you addicted to his lies. To his touch, more possessive than a wolf's, he trailed you like a predator circling its prey, always out of sight for you to find him, always too close for you to erase him.
"Son of a bitch." You cussed, eyes tracing the hard line of his jaw, the flare of that nerve on his temple, the twitch of his fingers. "Agent or not, I'm not going to help you find dirt on your gangs. Not for that dick of yours."
He claimed he was a secret agent. Showed you a CIA card too for assurance and somehow sharing the little secret with him caged you in further, like he had set the tracks of his confession to manipulate you to find your way back to him. Wait for him. Stay for him.
Nick cursed, pinning you to the wall of the booth, some giggles from inside letting you know at least someone was having a good time. "You're being a brat."
You rolled your eyes, snorting,the palm of your hands digging to his abs and succeeding in pushing him a few inches away, much to his chagrin. "C'mon Nickey boo. " you taunted, "You handle so much, you've got to work. Disappear for weeks and come back like you own me, which," you raised air quotes, "Newsflash- you don't."聽
The murder in his eyes, the feral madness which haunted you whenever you were out in the streets and someone got a little too close to you, radiated out of him with such intensity you had to take a moment to shut up, before your eyes were lighting up again, fuelled by the outrage building in his eyes.
"Can't you handle me being a little brat? Think you can't control me?" You contemplated mocking him some more before you shook your head, looking straight into his eyes. "I'm not doing shit for you. Find someone else to do your dirty work."聽
With that you ducked, attempting to sweep out from under him and go back to the business area, find a potential client to grind on, even take one home because you had already lit the spark, you could as well have some fun before the incoming explosion tore everything down.
Nick had other plans.聽
A hand clamped around your throat before you could even swoop down, hauling you into the booth and pinning you to the wall behind, his gun pressed under your jaw. Behind his broad frame you saw the group of inebriated friends get up from their happy bubble, confused and frankly scared out of their mind at what they were seeing.
"Leave." You ordered, glaring at them, overall salty at the few couples in there who were all over one another.
They had something you could never.
"The fuck are you waiting for? Out." Nick barked, the barrel of the gun digging into the skin of your exposed waist, his hand tilting your chin up, glaring deep into your soul.
"I know someone who has connections with someone who can help. Seemingly stole a lot of money from him and loves to gloat about it. He can help you. Leave me out of this." Nick had come back for business, hadn't he? If he wasn't getting his dick wet, he was asking you for favours, requesting you to find more about people he was supposed to do whatever with, and you had done it. Out of infatuation, out of the sheer need for the dollar bills he handed you. You were not going to do that again.
"Oh babygirl," Nick chuckled, shaking his head. Your eyes followed the gun as he raised it up, snapping back to his feverishly fanatic ones as he ran it down your face, digging it right under your jaw, using it to angle your face upwards.
"Stop trying to find your way out of this and do as you're told." Voice silky and cuffed with restraint, barely comparable to the unhinged look in his eyes, you felt the heat in them drip right to your core, your anger from being abandoned stemming into arousal with each rough action of his.
You still said nothing, keeping your face on a frustrating neutral, unphased when he brought the gun over to your lips, a soft gasp betraying you when his hands curled around your jugular. "I've been going too easy on you, isn't it?"
"That shouldn't be a surprise when you're never around, dipshit."
"On your knees. Another word and I cut out your tongue." He wheeled you around, away from the wall you were squashed against, slowly reducing the pressure on your jugular, domineering eyes beckoning you to follow his orders and melt under his control like the obedient girl he wanted you to be. Deeply ashamed of yourself for having ruined your panties over this, you lowered yourself down to your knees, your heels clicking against the tiles as you reposition yourself, keeping your thighs spread open the way he liked you.
"I expect to make a whole lot of money out of this, you get it?" You sassed, rolling your eyes at him, ignoring the way you were frothing in the mouth as Nick unbuckled his belt, his hand curling around his semi while he pointed his gun at you, pressing the barrel of it to your cheek.
"You'll get it." He slid it down, pushing the muzzle past your lips into your mouth, precum dribbling out of his cock. "Just a few dollar bills, a few orgasms and you can do anything I want you to do, isn't it?"聽
He pushed the gun deeper, watching your lips roll over and then pulling it out, a feral look in his eyes. "You know what to do."
Inching forward, you curled your digits around his cock, stroking the length before spitting on your hand, expertly smearing it all over the length. Nick's hand buried itself into your hair, the body chains sliding along your body and getting entangled with one another as you leaned forward, licking a teasing stripe over his tip, smirking at the hiss above you.
"Your dick's the only good thing about you" you sassed, not waiting for a reaction before slipping him into your mouth, hollowing up your cheeks and stroking your tongue all around him, taking him halfway and bobbing your head. Nick cursed as you broke the line of spit connecting his cock to your lips, his hands digging into your shoulder, past the chains and the lace, marking you up again.
"Being a bitch isn't getting you out of this."
"Oh, I fucking know." And you were deepthroating him again, revelling in the way his hands clung to your shoulder, his gun thrown to the side as he grunted, your tongue and mouth on him. You liked how this was the way you could exercise some control on him, however fleeting and frail. It was satisfying, watching such a man, dangerous and obsessive with having the upper hand crumble right under your mouth, your touch, your lips.
The hand tracing your collar bones curled around your throat, pulling you up and flipping you around in the blink of an eye, your tiny skirt flipped up. Bending you over the very table where the couples had been exchanging filthy love promises. One hand caging your wrists, keeping them pinned behind your back, Nick ripped the nylon off your ass and thighs, his hand striking against the flesh. Hard.
You could almost feel the handprint form on your ass.
Thinking you'd go back home with that, his cum full inside you, possibly plugged up, evidence of him mapped all over your skin, had this intangible thrill burn through you. Only Nick could give you that. That was your twisted reasoning, the lust of that unachievable fire he possessed in his deranged veins, that was exactly what kept you hovering around in his clutches.
"Been too fucking long, isn't it? My beautiful princess needs me to come around more, give her more." He let go of your hands, grabbing fistfulls of your ass with both bands, kneading and rolling them. "Needed my attention so bad didn't ya? Wanted me to come back, toy with you a little and have you crying, bent over something. Isn't that it?"
You gasped, shivering as Nick dropped to his knees, his hands lifting your hips up and placing your dripping cunt right over his face, eager hands ripping off more and more of your stockings, till your calves were exposed and under the mercy of his demanding fingers.
"You were gone. For weeks." Your accusations felt weak when they were melted in a sea of pleasurable moans, his tongue teasing your nub and snaking against your folds with such ease, like he knew exactly what would have you squirming, like Nick had never left.
Buried between your thighs, he groaned, smacking his lips over your clit and sucking it filthily, his moans vibrating over your cunt, your grip on the edge of the table hard, your face pressed against the wood.
"Doesn't take long to get you squirming." Nick spoke right over your pussy, words muffled by your moans as the vibrations rung through you, a sob stretching out of your lips. "Cause you're mine. Your body knows that. Your mind accepts it too."聽
He landed a smack on your ass, smiling against your dripping lips at your startled gasp, shoving his tongue into your hole. "You think I don't see it? Past that bratty little mouth?" This man, your nemesis, chuckled, tongue lapping up your juices as you squirmed and moaned, "I know how much you want me. Letting me fuck you in a club, where your silly little friends can see you get fucked stupid. Your dipshit customers too"
The hard smack on your pussy had you barrelling forward, and you felt Nick stand behind you, his meaty thighs landing on each side of your hips, hands dancing over your back to the sides of your boobs. "I know you want it. Being claimed by me? You love it. You love how feral I am for you, how much I hate being away from you."
His hands danced over the thin strips of lace holding your bra together, loosening it and sliding under the body chains over to the side of your boobs. "Will be marking them up later. All night long if that's what is needed for you to remember."
As you cursed under your breath, Nick lined his cock against your folds, teasing the tip all the way down your length before sliding an inch into your hole, chuckling darkly when you tried to push your hips back on his cock.
"Fuck me properly, asshole." You seethed, knowing how his expression would go all sinister and mean after this, eyes clouded with the feral unhingedness you seeked in every man you performed for. His hand dug into your hair, pulling the roots harshly, some tears pricking into yours.
"That's what you want, babygirl?" Without another warning, he snapped his hips, drilling his cock inside, the moan dancing at the tip of your tongue knocked out in full force as he began thrusting in hard and fast, leaving you panting and drooly as you tried to match back to his thrusts. Holding your hair still, he chuckled when your boobs slipped out of your loose bra, your curses incoherent in the sea of pleasure. Rolling his hips, Nick slowed down, only to cuff the back of your neck and press his digits into the dip of your collarbones, plunging his cock in, tearing some sobs out of your lips. He chanted his claim away, mouth mapping down your bare back, tongue caressing every dip and freckle of your skin, claiming every spot that made you shiver as his.
Nick filled you up the moment you had stopped convulsing from the effects of your orgasm, mouth latched over your shoulder, your face smeared with tear tracks and mascara lines, perfectly disheveled.
"That a good enough homecoming present for you, Princess?" He asked cockily, taking in your face, scoffing at the smirk you gave him.
Now's your time.
The gun he had thrown carelessly aside now rested in your hands as you managed to slip out and flip around, pointing it at him. Nick looked unphased for the most part, a little impressed at most.
"What do I have to do to get you to stay?" You implored, the gun pressed to his forehead. Nick chuckled, shaking his head.聽
"I'm never gonna leave, babygirl."
"You love the way I lie," he smirked, pulling the gun out of hold easily, one of your boobs exposed. His hands went to your nipple, twisting it darkly, chuckling when you winced.
"And I love it when you stay here and wait for me like a good girl." The gun pressed to your cheek, he toyed with your breasts, tweaking your nipples and swatting them. "You'd do that for me, wouldn't you?"
You nodded. This was a losing game anyway, so you set your sight on the wad of cash he placed next to you, your second best bet.
"Good -fucking- girl."
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nowadayz a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
SEBASTIAN STAN as CHARLES BLACKWOOD in We Have Always Lived in the Castle 2018 | dir. Stacie Passon
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babymarvelbunny a day ago
Adult Slumber Party
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: Going on missions was something you and Bucky were very familiar with, but this situation you both were currently in.. well, that was new.
Warnings: Profanity. Minors DNI. Kinda filth.
Word Count: 2K words
A/N: This happens to be the first fic I鈥檓 posting on this account so please be nice about it, also please let me know if you like it. I can make a part 2 if y鈥檃ll want.
Tumblr media
You had never been one to play nice when it came to missions. You liked to get in, get the job done, and get out. Simple as that. Maybe that's why you and Bucky made such a good team. You both had never failed a mission before. Until now.
This mission was meant to be simple. Get the file and leave, you were told that the building was going to be abandoned, vacant. With the position you two were currently in. Clearly, that wasn't true.
"You know this never would have happened if you had just listened to me," you grumbled while glaring at the side of Bucky's face. He hasn't looked up from his phone for the last hour.
"If I had listened to you we both would be dead right now sweetheart. Do you really think those men back there weren't going to kill you?" He sighed, clearly exhausted while still looking down at his phone.
"If you had just let me finish the plan properly we wouldn't be walking to the safe house right now, we would be on the jet going home." You bit back rolling your eyes. You knew this was partly your fault. Bucky was right about those men, they definitely would have killed you eventually. But you would never admit that to him, you were just tired and your feet hurt from all this walking. You wanted nothing more than to be sitting on the jet on your way home to your warm bed. Instead, here you were in the middle of nowhere walking with Bucky in the woods trying to locate the safe house Steve had told you two to find if the mission went wrong.
"Do you think that you could just stop talking for maybe ten minutes? that would be great." He mutters while holding his phone up in the air to get a better signal. "I think we're almost there, it should just be up this hill a bit more."
"Well for your sake you better hope your right, I don't think I can walk any further." You grimace thinking about the state your leg muscles will be in tomorrow. You can practically hear Bucky roll his eyes at your comment.
"Maybe if you joined Steve and me in the gym instead of skipping training every morning you wouldn't be complaining so much right now," Bucky looked up from his phone to smirk in your direction.
This man really had the nerve to criticize you, was he wrong? no, but that doesn't give him the right to bring it up.
"Maybe if Steve didn't make the training time six in the fucking morning you would see me there. I need my beauty rest." Bucky scoffed at that- he actually scoffed. Oh, this fucker is about to get it. "I'm sorry, is there something you would like to say to me?" You glare at the side of his face, you're giving him a chance to explain himself, he better not fuck this up.
He shakes his head, "I just think if you went to bed earlier then maybe it wouldn't be so hard for you to make it to training in the morning. Your room is next to mine you think I don't hear you shuffling around all night?" what-
You glare at him, "If you can hear me every night why didn't you say something earlier? It's not like I'm loud or anything." If he can hear you even when I'm trying to be quiet what else can he hear...
You didn't notice Bucky had stopped walking until you slammed face-first into his back, stepping around him to see why he stopped you noticed the little cabin in front of you, great, this had to be the smallest cabin you had ever seen. It doesn't even look big enough to have a bathroom.
Deciding to take matters into your own hands you stomp towards the door, with or without Bucky, you needed to put your feet up. After pushing for what felt like forever you finally got the door open.
"Jesus... I'm gonna smack Steve the next time I see him. What the hell is this place?" Looking around the cabin you noticed it must have been set up for one person to occupy.
Bucky walked up behind you to see what you were talking about. You felt the vibration of him hum against your back. "At least there's a bed, it could be worse."
You rolled your eyes at him, you knew this was going to suck. You just pray that Steve notices that you guys should've been home by now and is on his way to pick you guys up.
Walking inside all you could smell was musty wood and dust, you glanced around the room and noticed the bathroom thinking that maybe a shower would be good for you. "I think I'm gonna take a shower, you should see what's going on for food here, hopefully it's not all expired." Your snide comment made Bucky chuckle and shake his head.
"Don't use all the hot water," Bucky shouted as you shut the bathroom door.
Turning to look at yourself in the bathroom mirror you noticed how miserable you looked. Blood and dirt coat your face, some strands of hair out of your ponytail. You looked like a real mess. Shaking your head you walked over to the shower and turned the water on hot, thinking maybe that would help the pain in your muscles.
Undoing the zipper of your suit that had been clinging to your body for hours, you let it fall to the floor as you stepped into the shower. Feeling the hot water flow down your skin washing away all the dirt and grime of the day you can't help but rest your body against the side of the shower wall and take a second to relax.
Damn you can't wait to get home and out of the woods.
Finishing up in the shower you stretch to reach the towel hanging on the wall beside the shower. As you dry your body off you freeze as you realize that you don't have a change of clothes to put on. Shutting your eyes you let out a groan. Just perfect.
Shuffling over to the bathroom door you crack it open taking a peek outside into the hallway, the coast looks clear. Deciding to make a break for the bedroom in hopes to find clothes to change into you pray you won't run into Bucky.
Opening the door to the bedroom your body slams into a hard chest, surprised you look up and lock eyes with a shirtless Bucky. Catching your breath you stumble away from Bucky and sit on the bed "Jesus you almost gave me a heart attack, what are you even doing in here?" you breathe out trying to not let your eyes wander down his chest.
Bucky, on the other hand, has no shame in letting his eyes wander down your damp body covered in a small towel. "I came in here to grab a change of clothes before taking a shower, which is something maybe you should have done." He smirks while letting his eyes linger on your thighs.
You scoff "Okay well now that you have your change of clothes why don't you go ahead and take your shower so that I can get changed."
Bucky chuckles at your comment. "Don't let me being here stop you from dropping that towel babycakes." You squeeze your legs together at his comment. praying that he didn't notice. Of course, he did, he had been starring at her legs for longer than he probably should've been.
"Bucky, get out so I can get changed. Now." You mentally slapped yourself as you could hear your voice shake. Perfect.
Bucky couldn't help but smirk as he walked out of the room. "Alright, I'm going. I might have to take a cold shower now though. Gotta get the image of your legs out of my head." Bastard.
After getting changed you walked out into the hallway heading towards the kitchen. As you passed by the bathroom you noticed the shower wasn't running, Bucky must be done in the shower.
Glancing around the kitchen you decided to check out what food is in the fridge, praying for something good. As you open up the fridge door you hear Bucky exit the bathroom. Deciding to ignore him and keep your eyes on the fridge you notice there's not much in here. Obviously, nothing that would expire quickly like milk or eggs. You did spot a jar of pickles in the door, delicious.
After grabbing the jar and turning towards the counter you try and twist the top of the jar off but it just wouldn't budge. You could feel Bucky's eyes on you. "Did you need some help with that? Or did you just want to keep struggling there?" He smirked.
You gave him a dirty look, "I don't need your help I'm perfectly capable of getting the lid of this jar, it's just taking a second." You refused to accept his help. You're an avenger for god sake, you can open a fucking jar. It's just this jar in particular is stubborn. Deciding to hold the jar between your legs and twist as hard as you can the lid finally pops off. Ha- that'll show him. Lifting your head to glance in Bucky's direction you hold up the now open jar in one hand and the lid in the other. "See, I told you I didn't need your help."
Smiling to yourself you reached your fingers into the jar and pulled out a particularly big pickle. Not thinking anything of it you bite the tip of the pickle off and suck out some of the juices. Suddenly remembering Bucky is in the same room you freeze. Shit.
With the pickle still in your hand, you turn your head towards him, it鈥檚 almost like his eyes have gotten.. darker? 鈥淵ou enjoying that pickle doll?鈥 He asked, his voice as lower than normal. You gulped. oh god. 鈥淵eah, I love pickles鈥 You鈥檙e not entirely sure what to say in this situation. You didn鈥檛 entirely mean for him to see you sucking on a pickle.
Bucky smirked walking towards you 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you come over here, I have something better you can suck on.鈥 Your eyes widen at his comment thinking maybe you heard him wrong. 鈥淪o- sorry.. what did you say?鈥 Of course, you had to stutter. Great. He chuckled walking closer to you until he was right in front of you, you tilted your head to keep eye contact with him, eyes wide.
What is happening right now?!
Bucky grabbed the pickle that was in your hand and put it against your lips 鈥淪uck.鈥 He spoke, voice clear and deep. Jesus. Your brain must be malfunctioning because all you can do is stare up at him wide-eyed. 鈥淒o I need to repeat myself baby? You seemed to be doing fine earlier, come on, open that dumb little mouth of yours and suck鈥
Opening your mouth Bucky shoved as much of the pickle in your mouth as he could manage. You obeyed him instantly sucking on the pickle while maintaining eye contact with him. 鈥淲hat a good little dumb bunny you are baby, doing what you鈥檙e told.鈥 You just hummed and bobbed your head on the pickle.
Bucky pulled the pickle out of your mouth setting it against the counter. He grabbed you by the hair and slammed your mouth against his in a heated kiss. He shoved his tongue in your mouth. There was no battle for dominance in this situation, he already had it. You basically melted into the kiss.
Bucky pulled back from the kiss to look you in the eyes. 鈥淐ome to the bedroom with me doll, I promise you won鈥檛 regret it.鈥 He smirked while grabbing your wrist and tugging you along.
This should be fun.
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none like you (ii)
鈥 football player! bucky barnes x sports physio! reader
summary || Bucky Barnes has it all 鈥 money, success, looks, fame, women. But when he falls in love with the only woman who doesn鈥檛 love him, he starts wondering if he really has it all.
warnings || idiots in love. friends with benefits. fake dating. unprotected sex. sensual sex. oral sex. love making. petname (pumpkin). jealous bucky. possessive bucky. smut. angst. fluff. (the holy trinity) 鈥 MINORS DNI
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
* Feel free to send drabbles, requests or asks about this series!
this is one of favourite things I鈥檝e ever written and I really really hope you like this ;)
series masterlist
Tumblr media
You groaned and buried your head in the pillow as your phone rang loudly on the bedside table. Your hand blindly searched for it until you finally found the buzzing phone.
You were dead asleep when the phone had started going off. You checked the time on the digital watch and the red digits blared 1:00.
You picked up the phone only to see the last person who鈥檇 ever call you at this time 鈥 Bucky Barnes.
鈥淗ello!鈥 Your voice was a little scratchy after sleeping and you cleared your throat a bit. You were still on your stomach as you held the phone to your ear lazily.
鈥淏e my girlfriend!鈥
You choked on your spit when you heard Bucky mutter those words. You turned around in your bed and rubbed your eyes, 鈥淲hat?!鈥
鈥淚 know this sounds super weird, but I really really want you to be my girlfriend.鈥 You could hear your heart beating in your chest when you heard him say this.
鈥淏ucky, are you drunk? Or have you fallen on your head?鈥 It had been around three days since you two had fucked in the locker room and after that you hadn鈥檛 heard anything from him and now this call.
鈥淵ou know I don鈥檛 drink!鈥 Bucky was very health conscious and you did know that he didn鈥檛 consume alcohol. 鈥淚 know Bucky, but I didn鈥檛 really take you for a man who鈥檇 propose right after I slept with you one time.鈥
鈥淣o it鈥檚 not that. But for the next two days I just need you to pretend to be my girlfriend.鈥 You suddenly became somewhat upset that you just had to pretend.
鈥淲hy?鈥 At this point you were confused with the unfolding events. 鈥淯mmm, my mom is coming here to visit me and鈥 Uhh, I kinda lied to her about鈥 you know,.. dating someone a few months back and.. now I need someone to pretend to be my girlfriend.鈥
You couldn鈥檛 stop the laugh that bubbled up in your throat. He was so bashful and shy while asking, unlike you had ever seen him before. Also it was a shock that a man like Bucky lied to his mom about some trivial matter like dating.
鈥淩eally Bucky?鈥 Okay so you lied to your mom about you dating someone and you want that someone to be me? Are you serious?鈥 You chuckled.
鈥淵es I am serious! I told her I date this beautiful, intelligent, gorgeous, kind, amazing, wonderful pumpk鈥. girl. And I want it to be you!鈥 You could hear his desperate in his voice.
Also you noticed how he was about to say pumpkin but stopped himself from doing so. 鈥淏ucky, I鈥檓 neither one of the characteristics you just explained.鈥
鈥淣o. That鈥檚 not true. You鈥檙e all of those characters personified. I mean you鈥檙e the smartest person I know and you鈥檙e so beautiful I could just鈥︹ he trailed off.
鈥淢y god Bucky, you鈥檙e stroking my ego so hard right now. But back to the topic, why do you want me? You could have any professional actress play that role!鈥 Bucky had dated some actresses before.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 hire someone like that, I mean after what happened with Nat, my mom was actually worried for me and I kinda lied to her to back then and since then I鈥檝e continued that lie.鈥
Natasha Romanoff was Bucky鈥檚 ex girlfriend and a famous actress and though he wasn鈥檛 madly in love with her, the relationship ended on a bad term.
鈥淧lease pumpkin, please say yes!鈥 He begged and you were honestly unsure as to what to do. 鈥淏ucky鈥 umm, why don鈥檛 you just lie that you broke up with your girlfriend?鈥 Your sleep was long gone now.
鈥淥h about that,.. my mom is smart and she asked me if my girlfriend was still with me and I lied about how much in love we are and the she suddenly dropped that bomb that she was coming to visit me tomorrow.鈥 He sounded more worried than you had ever heard him.
鈥淚 already like your mom.鈥 You said smiling to yourself. 鈥淪o is that a yes?鈥 Bucky鈥檚 voice was suddenly hopeful.
鈥淯mm鈥 I鈥檒l think about it.鈥 You said teasingly. 鈥淧lease, pumpkin. Don鈥檛 do this to me, please say yes!鈥 You were loving to see him so desperate.
鈥淗ey, don鈥檛 cry, I鈥檒l do it!鈥 You heard him give a sigh of relief. 鈥淭hank you pumpkin! You had no idea what you鈥檝e done for me.鈥
鈥淥kay okay fine. Just tell me what to do.鈥 You weren鈥檛 going to tell him but you were excited for it. 鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you come to my house first thing in the morning and I鈥檒l tell you the rest?鈥
鈥淵eah. That sounds like a good thing!鈥
You and Bucky both pounced up from your seats when you heard the doorbell ring. His family was supposed to arrive in the morning, but their flight was delayed and by now it was almost afternoon.
Apparently, it wasn鈥檛 just his mom but rather his younger twin sister Becca and her two kids, Marty who was around seven and Maddy who was four years old.
While you had seen his mom once, you hadn鈥檛 ever seen his sister and you weren鈥檛 really shocked to see she was a carbon copy of Bucky, after all, they were twins.
The instant they stepped their feet in the house, both Marty and Maddy jumped up to Bucky and hugged him tightly. 鈥淲e missed you so much Bucky!鈥
Both of them were perched up on each of his arm. 鈥淚 missed you too!鈥 He kissed both of their cheeks and it was utterly refreshing to see Bucky as a family man.
鈥淚t鈥檚 so nice to finally meet you.鈥 Bucky鈥檚 mom, Winnie, smiled as she took you in. You were feeling nervous and fidgety under her gaze while Bucky chattered away with the kids.
鈥淏ucky has told us a lot about you.鈥 His sister said. They鈥檙e just saying the regular dialogues, Bucky sure hasn鈥檛 told them about specifically you, right?
鈥淗e told us that you love calzones, so I had made them just for you because I happen to make the best ones in town.鈥 You looked at Bucky while she continued.
鈥淭hey were supposed to be hot and fresh when we arrived, but by now it鈥檚 too late and the kids ate it while waiting. But don鈥檛 worry, I鈥檓 going to make them tomorrow.鈥
So Bucky had really told them you and that meant he hadn鈥檛 told them he was dating someone, he had told them he was specifically dating you.
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 have to take all those efforts. But I鈥檓 so glad that you made them for me, I鈥檇 love to taste your calzones.鈥 You were still reeling from the fact that Bucky had declared you as his girlfriend.
鈥淭he calzones were tasty!鈥 Maddy exclaimed as she came running towards you. She waddled up to you and tugged on your pants in an invitation to pick her up.
鈥淚鈥檓 so sorry, mom made them for you but the kids got hungry on the way because of all the delay and鈥︹ Becca seemed worried and you stopped her midway.
鈥淚t鈥檚 absolutely alright!鈥 Maddy was now resting her head on your shoulder as she sat on your hand. 鈥淭he ride was so tiring though. The kids are so sleepy by now.鈥 Winnie complained.
鈥淎nd that is why I tell you to travel by a private jet.鈥 Bucky said finally joining the conversation. 鈥淏ut Bucky it鈥檚 yours, not鈥︹ Becca started but was once again cut off midway.
鈥淚鈥檓 not taking any excuse this time.鈥 Bucky casually placed his free hand over your shoulder and it had started feeling a bit too homely.
鈥淗i. You are very pretty, pumpkin!鈥 All the heads snapped at Marty when he said this and Bucky gasped. 鈥淗ey buddy, only I call her pumpkin.鈥 Bucky playfully swatted Marty.
鈥淏ut I don鈥檛 know your name! And Bucky always calls you pumpkin!鈥 Laughing, you shared your name with the kids. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so possessive Bucky.鈥 His sister teased.
鈥淥h come on! Are you guys tired?鈥 Bucky whined and you all collectively laughed. 鈥淲e are actually very tired and hungry and you better show us our rooms!鈥 His mom playfully scolded him.
鈥淚 cannot believe this!鈥 You screamed once Bucky entered his bedroom. You had come here sometime earlier than him after having dinner, so he could get some private time with his family.
Bucky鈥檚 family was much more accepting and warm than you had thought. And it seemed as if they were more than overjoyed that you were his girlfriend.
鈥淏elieve what?鈥 He casually asked. 鈥淪top acting all innocent Bucky! You told them you were dating me, not some vague person!鈥
鈥淥hhh that..鈥 suddenly the realisation seeped in Bucky. 鈥淚 know I lied to about you without your permission and I know it鈥檚 bad but I had no other choice.鈥
鈥淔or a year? You鈥檝e told your mom we have been together for a year and you didn鈥檛 even think of telling me? Not even last night? What did you say then?,, yeah, you鈥檙e dating someone intelligent and gorgeous like you could鈥檝e just told me that it was me.鈥
鈥淏ut then you wouldn鈥檛 have come!鈥 You couldn鈥檛 believe how well Bucky knew you. If he had told you the truth last night, you wouldn鈥檛 have come today.
鈥淚鈥檓 sometimes afraid of how well you know me.鈥 You shrugged. 鈥淒on鈥檛 be afraid! I mean I really didn鈥檛 know you wear bugs bunny pajamas to bed.鈥 He teased you.
鈥淭hey are comfortable and soft and I won鈥檛 tolerate a word against my pjs. By the way, you make fun of me for wearing this, what do you wear while sleeping?鈥
鈥淚 sleep naked.鈥 Bucky gave his usually asshole smirk. 鈥淓www鈥.鈥 You pretended to gag and Bucky pouted. 鈥淣ow you didn鈥檛 say that three days back.鈥 He wiggled his eyebrows and rolled your eyes.
You jumped on the fluffy bed, which was much softer than yours, and closed your eyes. 鈥淚鈥檓 tired and I don鈥檛 know about you, but I鈥檓 sleeping. Good night!鈥 You aptly changed the topic.
Bucky was silent for a few moments before he started undressing. 鈥淏ucky are you really getting naked here?鈥 You pulled up the covers and sighed contently as you were warm from head to toe.
鈥淚t鈥檚 my room and it鈥檚 my bed!鈥 Bucky declared before joining you on the bed. 鈥淏ucky go sleep on the couch.鈥 You protested.
鈥淭he bed is big enough for both of us to sleep comfortably, so go to sleep pumpkin.鈥 He patted your head and swatted his hand away.
You weren鈥檛 worried about maintaining distance, you were worried about controlling yourself. Bucky was laying naked within close proximity and the memories of your past encounter weren鈥檛 really helping you in not getting aroused.
You both lay still on the bed in an awkward silence before Bucky spoke up. 鈥淵ou wanna have sex?鈥
It was a fairly casual question, as if didn鈥檛 carry weight at all. You knew you should鈥檝e thought more about it but the word left your mouth before you could stop. 鈥淵es.鈥
The next instant, Bucky鈥檚 warm body was draped over yours. His hands slipped beneath your sleep shirt and he groaned when he realised you weren鈥檛 wearing a bra.
His hands tweaked your nipples before pushing back the covers. He pulled down your pants and discarded your shirt leaving you as naked as him. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so beautiful,.. god, I鈥檝e waited so long to see you.鈥
His voice was deep and you shied under his gaze. His lips attached themselves to your neck before trailing sweet soft kisses all over your body.
鈥淏ucky鈥︹ your voice was a breathy moan by the time he reached between your legs. He gently spread your legs apart and settled himself in between.
He kissed and nibbled on your inner thighs but refused to touch where you needed him the most. 鈥淏ucky, please!鈥 You tugged on his hair and he seemed to have gotten the message.
You whined when his hot wet tongue licked a stripe straight from your quivering hole to your throbbing clit. His hands held your thighs and kept you from wriggling.
You nearly screamed when his lips wrapped around your clit and sucked. 鈥淪hhh鈥 you don鈥檛 want to wake up everyone else, do you?鈥 Bucky said and you could clearly see his lower face drenched in your juices.
You shook your head unable to speak. 鈥淕ood girl.鈥 It shouldn鈥檛 have affected you like I did but you felt yourself growing wetter.
His mouth kept sucking at your clit and his tongue flicked it while his fingers prodded at your hole. He pushed in two fingers at once and you arched your back.
The stretch of his thick fingers and the attention he was paying to your clit was making you delirious with pleasure. 鈥淏ucky鈥 I鈥檓 gonna cum!鈥 Your voice was barely above a whisper.
鈥淐um for me. Be a good girl and cum for me.鈥 When you came, it was unlike any other time. It was as soothing as a hot knife melting a slab of butter.
Your mouth was open in a silent scream as you breathed rapidly. Bucky finally came up from between your thighs and licked his fingers wet with your slick all while maintaining an eye contact.
The sight was so erotic you thought you could cum just from it. You ran your hands from his pecs to his abs, despite his hard look, his body had a soft give to it.
When he kissed you, it was soft and gentle. You two weren鈥檛 fucking, neither were you having just sex, this moment had somehow turned into soft lovemaking.
He stroked his cock to relieve some tension before guiding it to your pussy. He teased you again by rubbing his head on your clit and over your hole but never entering it.
鈥淏ucky鈥 please!鈥 His blue eyes were deeper than vast pools of endless oceans as he stared into you. 鈥淧lease what?鈥 His voice was strained too.
鈥淧lease,.. fuck me!鈥 He gave a pleased smiled before entering you. You suppressed your moans by kissing him as he slowly thrusted into you.
Unlike previously, he wasn鈥檛 possessive, it was almost as if he knew you were his. His thrusts were deep yet soft, this time it was more about intimacy than sex.
You nibbled and sucked on his neck leaving little marks of possession to which he didn鈥檛 protest at all. If anything, his moans were indication of how he loved it.
Bucky grinded his hips into yours, rubbing all the spots just right and you moaned a little louder. The next thing you knew, Bucky鈥檚 hand was on your mouth as he rutted into you.
The house was a bit too big and you knew your voice wasn鈥檛 going to reach the other rooms by any mean, yet the forbidden nature of this act was turning you on even more.
It didn鈥檛 take much time for you to reach your peak again due to Bucky鈥檚 firm thrusts. You tried telling him but all that came out was a muffled moan.
Bucky could feel that you were about to cum and he held you on the bed with his other hand. Being held down while being fucked was apparently a new kink you hadn鈥檛 yet unlocked.
Little tremors passed in your body as you orgasmed. You held on to Bucky tightly as you floated on the clouds of overwhelming pleasure.
You didn鈥檛 realise tears were slipping past your eyes until Bucky wiped them off with his thumb. You could tell he was close as he his movements became erratic.
His fingers pressed into your skin a bit tighter when he came inside you and his hips stuttered without a rhythm before pressing deep. Your legs tingled again when you felt his warm cum fill you up.
He laid back on the bed and pulled you close such that your head was resting on his chest and you could hear his heartbeat.
There was a moment where you two just stared at each other without saying anything. It wasn鈥檛 an awkward silence, rather it was a very comfortable one.
There was a serene bliss over both of your faces. Something that came only when you found peace. And you had found your peace in each other.
You pulled up the covers and placed your hands around Bucky just as he did he circled his hands around you. Together you fell asleep, wrapped up in your cocoon of affection.
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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
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SEBASTIAN STAN as FRANK Endings, Beginnings I 2019
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SEBASTIAN STAN The Devil All the Time dir. Antonio Campos
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#humble hero 馃ぇ
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Captain America 4 - Fan Poster (Anthony Mackie Movie)
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Stealing knives and little lies-B.B.
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don鈥檛 be afraid to send me asks as well. I鈥檓 not currently taking requests(i鈥檒l occasionally ask for ideas though!), but i鈥檓 always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: Stealing Bucky鈥檚 knife gets you into some trouble- but the kinky kind.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, bucky barnes, female!reader, smut, some humping, knife play, soft moments, pet names- sweetheart & babydoll, mentions of bruises/hickeys, a little dirty talk, let me know if i missed anything.
All mistakes within this fic are my own!!!
You didn鈥檛 do it. 鈥業 didn鈥檛 do it, I didn鈥檛 do it. Sam did it鈥,yeah, he鈥檒l believe that. Sam took it!鈥 You walk through the door of your shared apartment reciting those words in your head with Bucky鈥檚 knife in your hand. He鈥檚 not here yet. You almost always get home before he does, which is a great thing for today because鈥.you stole his most special knife while he was out today with Steve. Why鈥檇 he leave it at home? Well, he woke up late, very very late, and Steve had somewhere to be so Bucky tagged along. He must鈥檝e forgotten it, and you did not have work today, you went and did a little knife practicing- hence why you took Bucky's precious knife. It鈥檚 nice being retired- even if you鈥檙e really not that old- from the avengers. You have a normal job, friends, a social life. So you can pretty much spend your spare time doing anything, and who would you be if you didn鈥檛 still practice your knife skills?
You walk into his bedroom and place the knife in the exact same spot he had it in this morning on his bedside table, and if he asks- 鈥業 saw Sam go in there when he stopped by earlier today.鈥 Easy, that鈥檚 easy! You walk back out and put the rest of your things down in their usual places when you get back from knife practicing, and you go straight to the sink to wash your hands. You scrub them and then dry them off before looking through the cabinets to see what鈥檚 going to be for dinner. Once you finally find some stuff, you hear Bucky鈥檚 loud combat boots with each step he takes. Then the door opens and you smile, 鈥渉ey Buck! I鈥檓 fixing to make dinner, anything you request?鈥
He sighs and pulls off his jacket. He runs a hand through his hair and then starts to take off his boots, 鈥渁nything鈥檚 good with me, sweetheart. Cook whatever鈥檚 on your mind.鈥 He says with a smile, then he heads to his room.
You get to cooking, something simple but absolutely wonderful in your book- tacos. You know that Bucky takes a shower when he gets home, so that鈥檚 why you usually start dinner when he comes through the door so it鈥檒l be hot when he gets out. It鈥檚 an unspoken agreement that at any time you come home and he鈥檚 here before you, it鈥檚 a take out night. When you get home before him, it鈥檚 up to you to cook or not. He never pressures you to do so, infact, he pressures you to do the opposite. To just sit down and let him do something, but you hardly ever do.
Dinner is nearly ready to be served when you feel eyes on you as you鈥檙e fixing the tacos up. You hear Bucky take a deep breath and then you turn around. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 You ask softly, your eye brows furrowed together as you scoop the meat into the shell for the taco. 鈥淲ho touched my knife?鈥 You act normal- completely normal. 鈥淲ell Sam came by earlier around鈥.I think one? He went right straight to your room, so probably him if it鈥檚 been touched.鈥 You reply to him in a sure tone as you finish the last taco up, and then you start to clean the pan so you don鈥檛 have to wash it afterwards. 鈥淪weetheart鈥.Sam wouldn鈥檛 try to put it back in the exact same spot it was already in. He鈥檇 just carelessly toss it and leave. Anyone else come by or鈥?鈥 Bucky鈥檚 playing into your little game, and your luck is- he鈥檚 the one person that you鈥檝e never been able to lie very well to. 鈥淣ot that I can recall. I left around the time Sam did.鈥 You respond as you鈥檙e scrubbing the pan.
You hear Bucky hum, but he knows it was you who touched it. He lets it go for now, just wanting to enjoy dinner, so you finish cleaning the pan and then serve the food. He grabs some drinks and you two sit and begin to eat. 鈥淲hat was Steve up to today?鈥 鈥淗e had uh鈥.a job interview with this big company. He wanted me there as good luck so i just stuck around and went into some shops. He got the job on the spot so we ate lunch and then went to a movie to celebrate.鈥 Bucky smiles as he talks, and you smile only because he does. 鈥淪ounds like you had fun.鈥 鈥淲e did, I did. It鈥檚 always nice to spend time with people that you love.鈥 You agree, and continue to eat.
鈥淲hat did you do today?鈥 He suddenly asks and he watches how your hands freeze for only a fraction of a second and that proves him to be correct. 鈥淚 went and hung out with some friends.鈥 鈥淢hm鈥hat did you guys do?鈥 You swallow a little and then take a sip of drink, 鈥渟hopped, one had to do some grocery shopping so we did that, and uh鈥lanned our next hang out.鈥 You reply with a head nod before you begin eating the last taco on your plate. Bucky just hums as he completely finishes his. 鈥淭his was good, sweetheart, thank you.鈥 He then gets up and goes to wash his things and you finish up. You get up and he takes the dishes from you before you can tell him to move so you can wash them, but you let him. You stand by him and start up another conversation. 鈥淲hat movie did you two go see?鈥 鈥淚 honestly can鈥檛 remember the name, but he鈥檚 really been wanting to see it so he dragged me into the theater. It was pretty good, pretty funny.鈥 You chuckle and notice that Bucky is done washing the dishes l, so you help him dry them.
Once you鈥檙e both done with that, you wipe down the counters and put everything else away. He wipes the table down and then this is when you two usually depart to your rooms, or one of you asks the other to watch some tv. You sense that tonight isn鈥檛 the night for tv, so you go to walk out, but he grabs your hand and pushes you up against the nearest wall. His other hand connects with your throat and his face is dangerously close to yours, so is his body. 鈥淲hy do you even try to lie to me, babydoll?鈥 His voice is rough, his eyes dark. 鈥淚鈥檓 not lying-.鈥 鈥淏ut you are. Sam didn鈥檛 come by, he was with his girlfriend all day. He told me and Steve they had a date for the day.鈥 You sigh and curse under your breath. 鈥淲hy鈥檇 you take it, babydoll?鈥 You swallow, your eyes never leaving his, and it鈥檚 hard for you to breathe- not because of his hand around your throat, but because of how close you two are.
鈥淚- because I went practicing鈥.wanted to use it.鈥 He slowly nods and his other hand reaches into his pocket and takes the knife out. He flips it and then takes the leather cover off of the blade with his metal hand. 鈥淵ou know you can鈥檛 lie to me.鈥 鈥淚 know鈥.I suck at lying to you.鈥 You mumble as you close your eyes, and your heart is beating so fast that for a few seconds you feel like you鈥檙e about to throw it up. 鈥淭ell you what, babydoll鈥..what else have you lied to me about in the past couple of months?鈥 Bucky鈥檚 voice dances in your head because you鈥檙e getting light headed from how close he is to you and you can smell his shower gel and his shampoo, along with his cologne that he puts on every fucking night even when he鈥檚 staying in and it鈥檚 making your head spin. 鈥淲-what do you mean?鈥 Your voice, as shaky as it is, finally breaks through and he chuckles. 鈥淲hat did I ask you around two months ago?鈥 Your head rummages through thing after thing and finally- you have it. 鈥淏ucky鈥.鈥 You whine and his hand tightens around your throat, his face only gets closer. 鈥淲as that a lie too? Because i鈥檓 almost certain that it was and it鈥檚 funny because i believed you at that moment but the more i think about it every day the more i鈥檓 pretty sure you lied to me.鈥 A small smirk appears on his lips and you swallow hard. Bucky isn鈥檛 pissed, he鈥檚 being a tease.
鈥淚 did. I did lie to you! Okay? I lied!鈥 鈥淚 wanna hear you say it, babydoll.鈥 There鈥檚 a rumble in his chest when he says that, and it makes your panties dampen. 鈥淚-okay鈥 do like you鈥.I鈥檝e liked you for a while now. I like you a lot Bucky鈥ore than just as friends.鈥 The biggest smirk you鈥檝e ever seen on this man鈥檚 face appears and your heart- it鈥檚 doing that thing again where you feel like you might just hurl it up.
Suddenly his face gets closer and closer and closer to yours, then his lips just almost touch yours. You have to close your eyes because 鈥榯his has to be a dream?!? right?!?鈥. 鈥淭ell me to stop, and I will. You only have to say-.鈥 鈥淣o! Please, please keep going.鈥 You whimper and he chuckles before his lips touch yours, and oh god the feeling that flows through your whole fucking body is euphoric. It鈥檚 something you鈥檝e never, ever felt before, and you feel as if you鈥檙e floating on pretty, white, fluffy clouds. He steals your breath but even when he pulls away he comes in for more, not even letting you catch that breath of air you need. Your hands finally gain back some control after just staying by your side and staying still for the past few minutes. You moan and then you feel something slicing through your shirt. 鈥淩emember, just tell me to stop and I will.鈥 He mumbles against your lips before your shirt is fully removed. He doesn鈥檛 hear you say stop, and you don鈥檛 say stop, so he lets it fall to the floor. Next, he takes the tip of the knife and runs it from your sternum that鈥檚 barely covered, and down your tummy to the band of your jeans. He places the handle in his mouth and keeps eye contact with you while he undoes your jeans, you even wiggle a little to help him out when he鈥檚 pulling them down your thighs. When he finally gets them around your ankles, he stops. He doesn鈥檛 bother taking them off further, but instead he takes off your bra, slipping it off of you and onto the floor as well.
He takes the knife back into his hand and teases your nipples with the flat side of the blade. He does that to each breast before he takes the sharp side and trails it down your body again. This time, you spread your legs and he chuckles from how needy you are. 鈥淚f i knew you鈥檇 lied to me two months ago鈥.this could鈥檝e happened a lot sooner, babydoll.鈥 His voice is gruff and heavy as he speaks, but it only makes you wetter. He then flips the knife in his hand and his metal hand holds the blade of it while he circles the handle around your clit and through your folds, repeating the motion.
Your breath hitches, and your body jolts at the feeling. 鈥淏ucky鈥.that feels so good!鈥 You moan, your eyes focused on what he鈥檚 doing with the knife. You even hump a long a little, and Bucky is extremely careful to not hurt you. 鈥淪o needy鈥.so pretty while being all needy though. I knew you would be.鈥 His lips kiss the side of your face while you messily and sloppily hump the knife鈥檚 handle. Your little moans spill out like a symphony- music to his ears.
鈥淵ou trust me?鈥 You nod, but it鈥檚 not enough. 鈥淒o you trust me, babydoll?鈥 鈥淵-yes! Please鈥o whatever you鈥檙e gonna do!鈥 You whimper out in need and want. It鈥檚 not enough to get you off, but it鈥檚 enough to edge you and it鈥檚 so fucking painful. 鈥淥kay鈥.good girl. I got you. You鈥檙e not leaving until you cum.鈥 He whispers against your ear before his right hand- that was around your throat, leaves and goes to your clit while you spread your legs more, stepping out of the jeans with just one foot in, and he slips the knife鈥檚 handle into your cunt. You mewl out, your hands flying to his hair as his face becomes buried into your neck while both of his hands please you down below. 鈥淥h shit! Mm, oh鈥.yes, Bucky please don鈥檛 stop, that feels amazing!鈥 You moan out, your hips still moving to the same rhythm he is moving the knife. 鈥淟ike I said, I don't plan on letting you leave until you cum.鈥 He nearly growls out before he starts back sucking and nibbling on the skin of your neck.
Your head is tossed back against the wall now as he speeds up the thrusts of the handle. His fingers dancing against your clit make you moan louder and louder. He gives it a good pinch and your whole body trembles. He smirks agaisnt your neck when he notices what effect that has on you, so he does it again. He even slaps it a couple of times and Bucky can feel how weak your legs are getting. 鈥淚鈥檝e got you鈥.cum for me, babydoll. I want to remember everytime I鈥檓 using this knife, that your pussy has been fucked with it.鈥 His breath is hot against your skin as he speaks and your eyes roll back.
You can鈥檛 form any more words, you鈥檙e not capable at the moment, so you settle on digging your nails into his back as you get closer and closer to that high that you鈥檙e desperately craving. You feel him continuing to make bruises on your neck, you feel his painfully hard cock against your thigh too, and all of that makes your brain spiral. The wet sloshing sounds of your cunt make you keen and he moans because of it. 鈥淪o so wet, babydoll. God, just listen to that. So pretty for me.鈥 He mumbles out, and you feel his cock twitch as he humps your thigh a little faster- not realizing that he was even doing it before, but fuck if it鈥檚 not hot. Your moans increase and your nails dig into his back even harder, his skin nearing the breaking point. His moans in your ear are breathy and weak, but his movements don鈥檛 falter. 鈥淏ucky鈥.Bucky!鈥 You moan loudly and his lips move to your jaw as you cum, shaking and being held up by him in the best way possible. Your walls clench and flutter around the handle of the knife, and his hot breath tickles and fans against your skin as he cums in his sweatpants. His cocks twitching and his hips are stuttering as he slows his movements down on your pussy. His hand leaves your clit and he braces you- holds you up- better than before. 鈥淪hit babydoll鈥..aren鈥檛 you just amazing.鈥 He mumbles as he breathes a little heavy before he kisses your lips and you openly welcome it.
When the two of your finally settle down a little, he pulls the handle from your cunt and groans when he looks at it. He happily licks most of it off and isn鈥檛 ashamed not one bit. Your cheeks are hot with slight embarrassment, and you rub your face. 鈥淒on鈥檛 do that. Swear you have the best pussy I鈥檝e ever tasted before.鈥 He mumbles before he kisses your lips again. 鈥淧lease tell me you cleaned that before you put it inside of me?鈥 You ask him neither a small laugh, and he laughs as well, 鈥渄uh? I鈥檓 not tryna get you sick.鈥 He then hoists you up and you wrap your legs around him. He totes you just like that out of the kitchen and into his room. He sits you on his bed and you lay down, exhausted now from the extreme orgasm that he just gave you.
You hear him washing the knife off and then you hear him running water again. He comes back and cleans you up, then changes into clean shorts. 鈥淵ou okay to sleep in here tonight, babydoll?鈥 He asks softly before as he crawls into the bed. You nod sleepily with a hum, and he smiles as he adjusts you two under the covers comfortably. 鈥淪weet dreams, sweetheart.鈥 He mumbles as he wraps his arms around you. 鈥淪weet dreams, Buck.鈥
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Soft daddy.
Tumblr media
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Captain America: Civil War (2016) / Avengers: Endgame (2019) / The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021)
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SEBASTIAN STAN as CHARLES BLACKWOOD in We Have Always Lived in the Castle 2018 | dir. Stacie Passon
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Sebastian Stan's back
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don't blame me | nick fowler.
pairing: soft dark!nick fowler x reader
summary: people should know not to mess with nick fowler's favourite.
warnings: dubcon, blood, smut (18+), dirty talk
Tumblr media
don't blame me, love me crazy. if it doesn't you ain't doing it right.
There were two things people were certain about Nick Fowler. One, nothing they heard about him could be fully verified as true or false and two, he had a favourite within the CIA. That much was what they knew about the enigma that was the undercover agent, anything were merely antidotes or myths that surrounded him. The favourite agent? A new recruit who mostly did on site work, rather than go on the field. To him, she was the cutest thing to ever walk through those doors, perhaps a bit too naive, a bit too nice. Mostly a location expert, Nick had taken a particular pleasure in training her in hand to hand to combat. Ever since, he had decided to ensure she remained nice, remained in the illusion that the world was a nice place. After all, someone needed to have some faith in this damn organisation, he thought to himself.聽
聽 聽 聽 - Morning, Agent Fowler. - she popped her head through the half opened door, her little pearl earrings dangling from her ears. - I got you coffee.聽
聽 聽 聽 - I thought we鈥檇 discussed you could call me Nick.聽
聽 聽 聽 - I know. - she walked into his office, carrying a paper holder with two Starbucks cups as she did every morning. - But everyone else calls you Agent Fowler, they might get the wrong idea.聽
聽 聽 聽 - And what would that be? - he leaned against his chair, raising an eyebrow at a question which he knew the answer to.聽
聽 聽 聽 - I got you black coffee. - she changed the subject, fidgeting with her hair before putting his cup on his desk. - They were out of creamer, sorry.聽
聽 聽 聽 - You shouldn鈥檛 be getting coffee for me. You鈥檙e an agent, not an assistant.聽
聽 聽 聽 - Yes but the coffee machine is always calcified. It can鈥檛 be good for anyone in this office.聽
聽 聽 聽 - So you鈥檙e allowing the rest of the office to be poisoned but the two of us?
聽 聽 聽 - No, that鈥檚 not what I meant. - she avoided his gaze. - I just get coffee for myself every single day so why not?
聽 聽 聽 - You鈥檙e too sweet.聽聽
聽 聽 聽 - I have to go. I鈥檓 gathering some intel for Mark and I want to finish early.
聽 聽 聽 - If I don鈥檛 see you at the lunch hall, I will come get you, Y/N.
She smiled shyly at him before leaving the door, leaving only the scent of her perfume to be a reminder of her in his office. She smelled like amber vanilla, a mere result of her usage of Black Opium, a fragrance which he once saw in her gym bag and the one whose ads now merely reminded him of her. She was his dream woman but more importantly she was his woman. He鈥檇 fantasise about her when he was alone in his office, of how she might look outside those smart clothes she wears, of how her lips would feel wrapped around his cock. Fuck, that fantasy alone had him jerking off in the shower this morning. He attempted to chase those thoughts away, focusing on his work instead.
Unlike Nick, Y/N didn鈥檛 have her own office. She shared one of the buildings floors with other newly recruited agents and secretaries; nevertheless, she had her little cubicle, a computer and noise cancelling headphones meaning she could do her work in peace. She usually was in training with various senior agents, but Mark had asked her to look through some information and other paperwork for him. She didn鈥檛 mind, at least she didn鈥檛 mind too much. Too busy with her work, she didn鈥檛 notice upper management had circled round her until they pulled her headphones off.聽
聽 聽 聽- Miss Y/N, could we have a word?
聽 聽 聽- Sure, what鈥檚 wrong?
She should鈥檝e never asked, she shouldn鈥檛 never asked. Everything went so fast, from being sat in her desk to now being in a closed room, accused of espionage. Her feet hitting the ground was the only sound in the room for what felt like hours until the metal door was pushed open. Nick entered, mumbling something to one of the senior agents before the door was shut behind him.聽
聽 聽 聽- I didn鈥檛 do it. - she immediately said. - I don鈥檛 know how to do espionage. I don鈥檛 even come across confidential material that often.
聽 聽 聽- Are you alright? - he took steps towards her, his hand caressing her arm which she hadn鈥檛 noticed was shaking. - Did they do anything to you?
聽 聽 - I didn鈥檛 do it, Nick. You have to believe m ...
聽 聽 - I know. - he interrupted her. - I know you didn鈥檛 do it. I will fix it for you.
聽 聽 - Really?
聽 聽 - Of course. I got you some clearance to go home for the evening so you go home and you don鈥檛 leave until I tell you to. Okay?
聽 聽 - Okay.
This wasn鈥檛 her fault. She wasn鈥檛 even allowed to look at confidential data and even if she was, she would鈥檝e never passed it on to someone. She鈥檇 taken a vow of secrecy and now was being treated like a traitor. She鈥檇 learned about traitors back in school, she wasn鈥檛 one yet here she was, being stripped of her ID card and accompanied by security to her home. Someone of them merely poked fun of her, teasing her and throwing insults at her. Others whispered about Nick just putting in the good word to allow her to go home. She wasn鈥檛 guilty, she knew she wasn鈥檛. At least someone believed her.聽
Even home, she couldn鈥檛 stay still, she didn鈥檛 feel safe. There were two agents outside her door and a few more surrounding the building as if she wanted to run. She didn鈥檛 want to run, she just wanted it all to be gone. She hadn鈥檛 done it, yet no matter how many times she said it, they just thought she was some nefarious being. She was done walking circles around her kitchen island when she heard the two agents guarding her door leave. The silence settled in her small studio flat for half an hour before her door opened.聽
Nick walked in, his usually pristine white shirt stained with blood splatter, some of which had gotten in his face. She stopped, hand slightly shaking as she wondered if he was alright or if he was here to take her out.
聽 聽 - Agent Fowler ...
聽 聽 - Don鈥檛 worry about it. - he interrupted, taking long strides towards her. - I fixed it for you.
聽 聽 - What do you mean?
聽 聽 - People should know not to mess with what鈥檚 mine.聽
She looked up at him, her bottom lip slightly lower than her top one. Nick too looked at her, a mix of prey and protector emotions over flowing him. No one messed with what鈥檚 his, if they do they pay the price and Mark had paid the price. Simple as that.聽
There she was, looking at him like she always did when she was near him. She wasn鈥檛 afraid, he couldn鈥檛 really tell what was going through her mind but it didn鈥檛 mind. She was here, for him. Her usual smart clothing was nowhere to be seen, instead she was wearing an old oversized t-shirt. No bra, her nipples poking through just teasing him, taunting him to do something. Nick leaned down to catch her lips in a kiss, his hand holding the back of her neck.
A little whimper of shoulders escaped her lips as she held onto his shoulders afraid her legs would give out on her. Not that she had to worry as once his lips left hers, he looked down at her with lust in his eyes before pushing her against the kitchen counter.聽
聽 聽 - You know, I tried to be nice. - his hands moved sensually from her calf to the middle of her thigh, meeting the hem of her shirt. - But you鈥檙e just always being a little cocktease, all the time.聽
聽 聽 - I鈥檓 not. - her cheeks heated up at his comment, his language and at the way his hand felt touch her skin, pulling her shirt all the way to her waist giving him a good view of her black undies.聽
聽 聽 - Always bringing me coffee, wearing those way too short skirts and way too tight skirts.
聽 聽 - It鈥檚 uniform.
聽 聽 - No, it fucking isn鈥檛. - he growled near her face before smiling. - You just want my attention, isn鈥檛 that right, baby? You want me to take care of you and that is fine. I will take care of you, baby.聽
Before she could respond, his hands wrapped around her waist, turning her around against her kitchen counter. Her hands splattered against the cold marble while his warm hands traced the inside of her inner thighs like she was a statue. Any time she thought he was gonna touch her where she needed, his hand would go back to caress her thigh.聽
聽 聽 - You鈥檙e not even trying to hide how much you want it. - his hands trailed once again to her inner thighs, massaging them before he rose his hand to spank her. - I鈥檓 not gonna give it to you, princess. Cockteases don鈥檛 deserve foreplay.聽
聽 聽 聽- Nick ...
聽 聽 聽- Oh so now it鈥檚 Nick? - he pulled down her panties, his hand massaging her ass before spanking her again. - Here I was thinking you鈥檙e some shy, little agent but you鈥檙e just a whore aren鈥檛 you?
聽 聽 聽- No. - she whined.
聽 聽 聽- A good girl shouldn鈥檛 be getting this wet. - his fingers traced a straight line over her core, collecting her wetness in his fingers. - A good girl shouldn鈥檛 want to be fucked by me in this state? Does that turn you on, baby? Does it? A big bad bloody man fucking you in your kitchen?
聽 聽 - Yes.聽
聽 聽 - I knew you were a slut. - he thrusted into her swiftly, taking the words out of her mouth. - My little cockslut, mine.聽
聽 聽 - Fuck ... - her hand clenched over nothing as he started to move in and out of her. Fuck, this was just how he imagined she鈥檇 feel like, nice, warm and tight just for him. Now, now he was not letting her go. His little cockslut.聽
Her hips moved at the speed of his thrusts, his cock leaving a mark he鈥檇 hope she could remember when she woke up. He no longer cared, he was done being the nice guy and if his price was feeling her tight little pussy contract around his cock, then he鈥檇 happily be the bad guy.聽
聽 聽 - Fuck, you feel good, baby. - he spanked her. - This is how you should always be. Filled with my cock. That鈥檚 what you want, isn鈥檛 it?
聽 聽 - Yes. - her mouth was wide open, moans and whimpers making music for him as his thick cock continued moving in and out.
聽 聽 - Fuck. - he moved out of her, turning her around. - Wanna see your face when you come on my cock.
He thrusted back in her, his hand gripping her tits over her shirt. He swore he could take a picture of this, her moaning for him like his own little personal whore. However, the faster he went, the more she contracted against him until he came inside of her. She leaned her head against the cabinet, swallowing in the saliva which had accumulated in her mouth before looking at him. Nick smirked, his fingers collecting some of his cum which was dripping down her thigh.聽
聽 聽 - Suck. - he weighed his fingers on her bottom lip. She opened her plump lis, taking his fingers in her mouth and licking the cum of them. - Look at you, my good girl.聽
He removed his fingers from her mouth, a string of saliva connecting them before he kissed her again.聽
聽 聽 - No one messes with my girl.
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