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#Self Care
slfcare · 50 minutes ago
It sounds ironic, but the moment you stop filtering everything you say and do and stay true to yourself instead of trying to fit in and make people like you, you'll see such a shift in your social life. On the one hand you'll see who you clash with, and on the other hand you'll see that people are more likely to approach you because they see how genuine you are, which makes it easier for them to know if they want to be friends with you (or not). The scariest part of being who you are is finding out who won't like you for it, but the best part is finding genuine friendships with people who like you for you, and that's so worth it.
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shafangs · 22 hours ago
I see a lot of its never too early to ask for help posts so heres a its never too late post
even if you think you deserved what happened to you
even if it has been happening for months or years
even if youre used to it
even if youve tried to get help before and failed
even if your already recovering from a long downward spiral
even if you think its normal/you can endure it
even if youre mental health is inconsistent and youre used to dealing with it alone
even if it happened a long time ago
a helping hand never hurts
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nsaint1 · 21 hours ago
not showing up for yourself or making goals and not achieving them will eventually negatively impact your self-efficacy and your self perception. Stop wasting time, do what you said you would do, and show up for yourself.
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awholevibex · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bblgumc-nt · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gender: pretty boy
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nikasholistic · 22 hours ago
Start paying attention to your words, thoughts, and feelings. When you harmonize your internal world, your external world reflects that. Brainwash yourself for success, joy, and abundance. Affirm your desired reality and embody it at a vibrational level.
Speak, think, and feel your desired reality into existence. Stop merely allowing your thoughts to happen to you. Take charge of your mind. When you do this, you take charge of your entire reality.
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perfectfeelings · 19 hours ago
Sometimes I keep my feelings to myself because it’s hard to find someone who understands.
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marywilliams432 · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Am available tonight. For incall and outcall my #(415) 758-0454) text me anytime you need me for bj,oral and so on
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solitarygoddess · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hope you maintain your softness in this cruel world.
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st0nedinpar4dise · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
idk man i hated the way i looked all my life. ima post the fuck outta myself if i’m comfortable in doing so
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A thought: A, a cheerful whumpee who is usually the pep squad of the group. They always look on the bright side. A gets captured, and it's a while before their friends can save them. Luckily, A reports almost no damage; they got really lucky! The group is relieved, and they all disperse to get some rest. Smash cut to A huddled in their room, tending to seeping wounds they didn't let the others see for fear of being a burden, stifling pained cries as they try to treat themselves in the dark.
Goodness me. Right in le feels.
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sohoharlem · 23 hours ago
Join me a week from today!
Tumblr media
This break is something I do every once in a while, a norm for me as someone who is aware of the toxicity of too much social media, and the reason is not subject to anything specific. This is an encouragement post for those who want to join, but also for those who have never considered doing this or feel it might be not for them. Reconsider it, if possible. My 2020-2021 social medial break will take place on the dates below. Anyone who wants to take one with me, feel free to participate. Posting this a week early to give those of you time to prepare and also maybe consider if it’s something you feel you should do. For anyone who’s never done it before, I recommend you to at least try it once to see how it feels. I’ve done a cleanse similar to this before in the past, except that it lasted 6 months instead of just 36 days. For first timers: It will be hard at first, but it is possible to do, and it will leave you feeling amazing. I promise you. You could become happier, healthier, and more productive. You might also find yourself becoming less emotionally driven in your fandom which will benefit you greatly in the long run.
Social Media break duration: Dec 13th - Jan 17th
Below I’ve included, for those of you who would like to participate, what exactly I’ll be doing for the next next weeks. I’ve also included some great YouTube videos and book recommendations on why sometimes a break or detox like this is important.
What my break will consist of:
Tumblr media
• Logging out of Tumblr and not logging in for 36 days.
• Turning off notifications for a majority of my social apps, especially Instagram.
• I will only be going on Instagram twice a day for 1 minute each time for the first two weeks, then I will try to cut it out entirely. I will then delete the app and not go on until the 17th.
• I will not look at phone during work hours unless work or emergency related. I will keep it on a table or a distance away from me.
• If I feel like reading on my phone, I will read anything aside from fanfiction.
• I can use my phone for music.
• I will focus more on my mental, spiritual, and physical health. (Spiritual = Optional)
• I will try to lower my phone usage by 90%.
• Build a healthier daily routine that does not involve me holding onto my phone for/during social interaction or always looking down at my phone.
• Go to sleep every night at 9PM.
Tumblr media
Tips for those of you who would like to participate with me but find that the above might be difficult for you:
If you have a hard time trying to stay off Tumblr, try taking control by minimizing your minutes you spend on it by day or amounts you open it per day until your usage gets lower and lower. You can also just log out of your account and visit your favorite blogs once or twice a day to see updates the first two weeks, but try to cut it down as much as you can. If you can cut it out entirely until the 17th, a win.
If you find trouble staying away from gossip sites or blogs because you feel the itch to know what is always happening, think about how it actually applies to your own life. Chances are, it doesn’t affect it. It’s also a cool tip to remind yourself that if you’re constantly looking to find out if something happened, chances are it’s not happening every two minutes. Try to check twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Chances are you did not miss much. Again, eventually try to cut it down so much you don’t look at all. It will be hard, but eventually will become easier. Think about things that actually apply to your life and think about how you could be using that time to do something for you.
• If you are having trouble staying off on Instagram and do not think you can cut it out entirely, try this: Turn off your notifications and try using it just 10 minutes a day. Then, 5 minutes a day. Cut it to twice a day, 2 minutes each. Try to then delete it entirely. It’s a common and normal occurrence for people who do this to find themselves deleting and reinstalling the app a few times a day. Eventually, you won’t find the need or itch to keep installing it anymore if this does happen to you. Try to not go on for at least the last two weeks of your break.
• Distract yourself from your phone by focusing on work, on errands (what you need to get done), your friends, and your family. Remember that texting and phone calls/FaceTime are allowed. You aren’t isolating yourself.
• If you find yourself needing something to do and you don’t remember what you did before social media during down time, try watching your favorite movies or tv shows. Binging is always a nice distraction. Don’t let your fingers itch for your phone. That’s what it wants.
• If you are having trouble setting up a healthy sleeping schedule because you can’t fall asleep, try leaving your phone on your nightstand or anywhere far from you before bed. Set up on your phone so that it changes from blue light to orange at a certain part of the day. Blue light affects your sleep cycle.
• (cont.) Try not to feed into things on your phone that might keep you up longer than you plan - book, YouTube videos, a news article, a late night text from your boyfriend, etc. Take appropriate melatonin gummies 30 minutes before, if you can, and are not allergic etc. Try not to look at your phone first thing in the morning when you wake up. Instead, make your bed, brush your teeth, and continue with your normal routine.
This is optional, but I found some great videos on YouTube for you guys to remind you while a social media break/detox might be something you might need. I’ve organized them by category. I would definitely recommend you giving them a watch if you are considering taking this break with me. They might even motivate you if you weren’t considering it.
Tumblr media
Reminder on how Social Media affects us:
Things on Social Media are often fake and an illusion:
Is Social Media taking control of your life?
Results of taking a Social Media break/detox in your life:
How to quit/distance from Social Media:
How quitting boosts our productivity in life (getting more done, using time more wisely, etc):
Fandom related - Dangers of Parasocial Relationships (Parasocial relationships are one-sided relationships, where one person extends emotional energy, interest and time, and the other party, the persona, is completely unaware of the other's existence. Parasocial relationships are most common with celebrities, organizations (such as sports teams) or television stars. - Google definition) (this one is more of a podcast)
Is it too far?
Reminders that things on social media should not take a hold of you and take away your focus from what actually affects you and matters to you in your life
Practice self love
What is Anxiety and how to stop it
How to stop overthinking/anxiety
Good books/audiobooks for feeling better about yourself and also more on anxiety and how to stop overthinking (two of my faves that I’ve read or listened to):
Hardcore self help: F- - -k anxiety by Robert Duff
Bitch don’t kill my vibe by Reese Owen
Something that I truly recommend everyone to watch is The Social Dilemma on Netflix.
Tumblr media
Good alternatives for fanficiton instead of Tumblr/AO3/
I can’t wait to take this much needed break and I’m looking forward to some of you taking it with me!
My inbox will remain OPEN during that time.
- SH
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