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#Senku Ishigami

He’s such a great voice actor/seiyuu.

As Arthur (Enene no Shouboutai), he’s funny. Like, “poker face funny”, one of my faves <3.

As Senku (Dr. Stone) he’s is cool (also, sarcastic kind of funny), but as SUBARU (Re:Zero) OH MY-

Lord. He has to really overdo it with him LMAO (and another type of funny: the tsukkomi one who also happens to have such bad luck sometimes -not the dramatic part here though!. My absolute top funny LMAO).

To sum up, he’s perfect for comedy and loud characters, but also for drama and intelligent characters <3

He’s such a good actor <3

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Senku stood in the shed of science at his telescope, staring into the sky besides it. He was contemplating on how the past couple days have gone…

Tried to break love to a science
In an act of pure defiance
I broke her heart

You had approached Senku earlier that day in his laboratory as he mixed a couple chemicals to make more antibiotics. He had noticed your cheeks were a little more red than usual and worried you may have gotten sick like a couple other villagers have. You stated to him that you just wanted to be by his side, your words stuttering out but keeping yourself standing straight and staring into his gorgeous red eyes. He was staring back into your (e/c) ones, his mind racing with multiple thoughts before he let out a small chuckle and ruffled your hair. No, it couldn’t be that…

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Do you think Senku would be with someone that's not smart like him? Because I like him but I don't think I'm a good match for him T︵T

It’s okay to like Senku at any age! He’s our fictional science genius who’s super sweet even if he’s awkward with showing it. Senku isn’t just about liking people based on how smart they are, he’s not that guy. Otherwise his friendships with his current friends ex. Taiju, Yuzuriha, Kohaku, Gen, Chrome, Kinro, Ginro and everybody else in the story wouldn’t exist. Senku likes people based on who they are, hence why the battle between Tsukasa and him began was a difference based on morals. My personal thoughts is Senku is Ace and Aromantic, but if he does like somebody, he’d like them for who they are, so it’s possible he’d be with you anon! :)

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Okay I just wanna discuss bc I’m so unsure and I don’t wanna do something that could potentially be problematic. Is it wrong to be 18+ and have a crush on Senku? Because before petrification he was 16. But once he broke out he was technically over 3,000 years old, yeah? So is that still wrong or? Like I genuinely wanna know other people’s opinions on it but I’m afraid to just come out and ask.

Hmm..hard to say
At the end of the day the story is a work of fiction so it’s not bad to crush on a fictional character so long as it’s understood.
Otherwise my thoughts would be even though 3700 years have passed and he’s technically 3716 when he broke free, he didn’t age much by body or mind. In legal terms since the time has passed he has broken the legal barrier (along with anyone else that’s survived that long) but otherwise he’s still just a teenager going into young adulthood with the brain of a genius in their 100′s and been through everything life could throw at them.
To me, I still look at him as the teenager-young adult that jumped through time into the future. That’s kinda how I see the story since so many people didn’t survive the petrifaction. It’s not bad to have a crush on him and as the story progresses he will be over 18 outside of the pause of petrifaction too. Many of us crush on our fictional characters of all ages and that’s totally fine! Recommended advise is don’t let it consume you. :)

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sengen ahaha see i liked the sketch too much and i knew lines would make it worse so the obvious solution is just. do not do lines. so i colored it with a trick i learned on tiktok

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