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#Seven kittens from a hat
the-rum-tum-hatter · 12 days ago
Aphrodite, crying: "Daddy!"
Tugger: "What's wrong, baby?"
Aphrodite, sniffling: "Uncle Munk asked me if I was beautiful, and I said I AM ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL!!!"
Tugger, sobbing with her: "YOU'RE RIGHT!! YES YOU ARE!!"
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amethyst-labyrinth · 19 days ago
I see your cryptid Misto and raise you cryptid Misto and his seven cryptid kitten siblings! Seven tiny kittens who look just like Misto with a hive like mind, raiser sharp teeth, and each with an individual power.
Tempest with power of weather, she enjoys making thunder storms.
Domino with power of illusion, he likes to play tricks on the adults making them see things that aren’t there.
Mystic with power to see into the future, she’ll cheerful tell you something bad is going to happen to you.
Drosslmeyer with the power of creation, he’s inverter who loves finding broken toys in the junkyard and putting gears in them to make mechanical, especially creepy dolls.
Sloeberry has the power to become boneless at will. She’s often in places even the tiniest of kittens shouldn't be able to fit.
Druid with power of making plants grow, he loves to making long twisting vines that climb all over the junk piles.
Brew who the power to heal others unfortunately it means taking the pain and sickness into her body for a time, but she’s leaning to make “medicine”
Misto thinks his little brothers and sisters are the cutest, sweetest most perfect kittens in the whole world and will fight anyone who says otherwise.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 27 days ago
They found Tugger by the empty milk crates as Demeter had said, but he was not alone. He was with seven tiny black and white kittens who look like tiny versions of Mistoffelees, all sitting in a row on am empty crate as Tugger was telling them a story. “And when he pulled off the the sheet, who do you think was under it?” Tugger asked the kittens. The Seven tiny kittens looked at one another before the first one said “Catda!” As the other six nodded enthusiastically. “No not Cassandra,” Tugger said. “Guess again and this time I’ll give you all a hint, it’s a cat we all know and love.” “Mama!” Said the second kitten as the other kittens nodded again enthusiast. “No, not your mama, it’s a boy cat,” Tugger told them. “Papa!” Said the third kitten as the other nodded. “Not your papa either,” Tugger told them. “Guess again.” “Boo-boo!” The fourth guessed. “Not your big brother, he was the one who pulled off the sheet remember?” “Umpoo!” Guessed the fifth as the other kittens agreed. “No not your uncle ether,” Tugger said. “Now remember it’s a cat you love very much.” “You!” The sixth kitten said pointing at Tugger as the six nodded. “You-you all love me?” Tugger asked sounding as if he was about to cry. “Fluffy boo-boo,” They said as they reached out to pet his mane. “Aw they called me Fluffy big brother,” Tugger gushed to himself. “Not it wasn’t me either. Any more guesses?” asked them and when the kittens shook their heads no, he continued, “It was Old Deuteronomy!” The kittens started blankly as at him before turning to each other in confusion. “You know Old Deuteronomy, he’s who the bad cat took away. He’s big, gray, and kind of fluffy? He has a nice booming voice, he’s good for cuddling and snuggling?” “Oh! Poo-Poo!” Said the seventh kitten with the other six once again nodding enthusiastically. “Yes, but his name is Old Deuteronomy,” Tugger told them. “Old Poo-Poo!” All seven kittens said cheerfully.
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amethyst-labyrinth · a month ago
*Misto is crying uncontrollably and Tugger is trying to comfort him.
Munkustrap: What's the matter?
Mistoffelees: My seven little siblings! My dear sweet litter brothers and sister! Are-are walking on their hind legs now! *Continues to cry and points to the seven kittens*
Seven Kittens *singing*: I got a new way to walk, walk, walk.
Munkustrap: Aw it seems like only yesterday they all were walking on all four legs.
Tugger: It was.
Mistoffelees: *Sniffing* Soon-soon they'll be all grown up and won't need me anymore!
Munkustrap: That's not true! Little sibling always need their big brother no matter old they get, right Tugger?
Tugger: Hun?
Munkustrap: You still need me your big brother, right?
Tugger *Dismissively* : Yeah sure, whatever.
*Misto looks at the two of them and and cries harder*
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amethyst-labyrinth · 5 months ago
Misto: Old Deuteronomy I have good news and bad news.
Old D: Tell me the good news first.
Misto: The seven kits stopped calling you Old-Doo-Doo-On-Me
Old D: And the bad news?
Misto: They're calling you Old Necromancy.
Old D: *Laughs nervously*
Misto: Mystic came up with the name. Said it's what you do.
Old D: Kittens...*Muttering* I only wanted my Aunt Mable's recipe Strasbourg Pie*
Misto: What?
Old D: I said kittens say the darnedest things.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 6 months ago
Munkustrap: And what do the seven kittens call you? Fluffy mane leopard spots?
Tugger: No they call me Fluff Fluff Fluffer! *Shakes out his mane* And I love it! I'm already rewriting my song accordingly.
Munkustrap: I'm not changing my name to Munkustripes.
Tugger: And you wonder why the seven kittens don't like you.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 6 months ago
Misto: Good news the kittens stopped calling you Monkey Cat.
Munkustrap: Oh they can pronounce my name correctly now?
Misto: Not exactly, they call you Munkustrips now because you have strips, so that's your new name now.
Munkustrap: I am not letting your little brothers and sisters rename me.
Misto: *offended*: Fine! Have a name that makes no sense!
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amethyst-labyrinth · 7 months ago
To Macavity after he tried to kidnap the seven kittens.
Mr. Mistoffelees: Big brothers... you know why they're born first? To protect the little ones that come after them! *Unleashes hell on Macavity*
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amethyst-labyrinth · 7 months ago
Misto: Okay, kits Victoria is the white cat.
Seven kittens: No she's not!
Brew one of the seven kittens: She has gold highlights!
Misto *Putting his paw over her mouth*: Shh! We don't talk about that.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 8 months ago
Seven kittens: You Rum Dumb Tugger!
Tugger: Hey!
Mistoffelees: Don't call him that!
Seven Kittens: Fine! You Dumb Dumb Tugger!
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amethyst-labyrinth · 8 months ago
I just can’t stop thinking of the seven kittens getting mad at Tugger and calling him Rum Dumb Tugger.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 8 months ago
Skimbles: Doesn't it bother you that those seven kits keep mispronouncing your name?
Old D: No.
Skimbles: But they call you Old Doo-Doo On Me!
Old D: When you were a kitten, you used to call me Poo-Poo.
Skimbles: I-I did not!
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amethyst-labyrinth · 9 months ago
Seven Kittens: Where's your Papa?
Tugger: You mean Old Deuteronomy?
Seven Kittens: Yes.
Tugger: He's home.
*The Seven run over to Munkustrap*
Seven Kittens: Do you know where your Papa is?
Munkustrap: No.
Seven Kittens *Ominously*: He's home!
*Munkustrap bursts into tears and starts to cry*
Demeter: What's wrong with Munkustrap?
Tugger: He just misses dad, that's all. *To Munkustrap* Come on let's go have nice visit with dad at the vicarage.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 9 months ago
Mungojerrie: Hey Misto, do you know what your little brothers and sisters have been calling Teazer and me?
Misto: What?
Rumpleteazer: Rumpletjerrie and Mungoteazer!
Misto: That's because they can't tell you apart, so according to them no matter what they'll always get parts of your names right.
Mungojerrie: So why don't they say Mungoteazer and Rumpletjerrie?
Misto: Ladies first.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 9 months ago
Demeter: Don't you kittens want to grow up big and strong like Munkustrap?
Seven kittens: No!
Demeter: Why not?
Seven kittens: He stands funny!
*Munkustrap standing with his legs far apart*
Mistoffelees: They do have a point.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 11 months ago
Tugger: Kittens, do you know why I'm always with your big brother?
Seven Kittens: Yes, because you have no little brothers and sisters who love you.
Tugger: What?
Tempest one of seven kittens: And you want to live vi- va- vasectomy, though Quack-So.
Tugger *tearing up*: It's true! I don't have any little brothers and sisters love me! I wish I was your big brother so you all would love me too!
Seven Kittens: Would a hug make you feel better?
Tugger: Yes. *The kittens hug him*
Tugger *Alarmed and confused: Vasectomy?!
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amethyst-labyrinth · 11 months ago
Munkustrap: You kittens can call me Uncle Munk.
Seven Kittens: But you're not our Uncle.
Munkustrap: What do you call Rum Tum Tugger?
Seven Kittens: What?
Munkustrap: What do you Rum Tum Tugger?
Seven Kittens: What?
Munkustrap *getting annoyed: Just tell me what you call Rum Tum Tugger.
Seven kittens: A terrible bore!
Misto: They thought you were telling them a joke.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 12 months ago
Little stories featuring Mistoffelees little seven kitten siblings the ones from the hat and the rest of the Jellicles.
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amethyst-labyrinth · 12 months ago
Mistoffelees: Okay kittens, this is Old Deuteronomy, can you seven say hello to him?
Seven Kittens: Hello Old Doo-Doo-On-Me
*Mistoffelees and the other Jellicles look horrified*
Old Deuteronomy *burst out laughing: HAHA! It's been a long time since any kitten mispronounced my name! I feel young again!
Seven kittens: You're a silly old thing.
Old Deuteronomy: Indeed I am! Indeed I am!
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