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sassyshaina · 4 months ago
Mine to Guard by Kennedy L. Mitchell - A Review
Mine to Guard is the story of Texas Ranger Alec Bronson who will save Rae Chapin from the horrible monster that stalks her. Welcome to my review of Mine to Guard, an intense romantic thriller! My Rating: 5/5Genre: Romantic SuspensePages: 283 (Kindle)Publisher: Kindle Direct PublishingDate of Publication: 19 April 2021 Series: Protection #3 Trigger Warning: Serial Killer, Violence, Abuse,…
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shainamode · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello, I’m Shaina Mode. Despite the photo above, I play bass. I was diagnosed with short bowel syndrome at age 32, and I aspire to overcome the limitations and struggles because of this.
-Music: in general
-Collecting vinyl records / Record hunting
-Playing Bass and Synthesizers (keyboards)
-New Wave Bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, The Human League, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Johnny Marr, and more…along with current news / tours and such.
-The New Waves Zine: illustrated online zine of 80s new wave music, style, hair, fun facts, throwback 80s concert reviews, links to cool shows and more
-Designs by Truefaith88 Shop of band shirts & more!
-Guiding Points of Light Painting Gallery (amazing paintings by Artist Sandy D. K.)
-Other interesting stuff 😉
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critic-corner · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Selena Gomez in NYC : Selena opted for a black and white striped Shaina Mote dress with black ankle-strap heels and simple hairstyle. Nice!
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thestomping-ground · 2 years ago
The Big G Reviews: Netflix Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Episodes 1-6
What is It?
The latest addition to the classic 1980s shonen franchise. As opposed to the various spin off AUs IE Omega, Santia Sho or LC. SSKOTZ takes the story back to basics. But instead of just a remake of the original anime, this time it pulls influence from a variety of sources within the franchise as well as trying some new ideas.
What Doesn’t Work?
AS of right now the three big cardinal sins of this series are the lightspeed pacing. They plan to cover from the beginning through the Silver Saints in 12 episodes. Frankly they should have just saved the Silver Saints for Season 2...and dedicated the first 12 to the intro and Ikki. The characters, outside of Seiya, feel a little hollow and one note by episode 6. So some of the emotional beats come off flat. 
The over usage and half baked name changes. The Beta Bronzes get to keep their names but Shiryu, Shun, Hyoga and Ikki have to get their names changed to Long, Shaun, Magnus and Nero? The biggest sin for is changing Seika to Patricia? Like the fuck? Really? That one makes no sense. Hell changing Saori to Sienna makes more sense. 
The last sin, which as most probably know by now, is the gender bending of Shun to Shaun. Truthfully as much as the optics of it are bad...Shaun was actually decent in the show. Plus now the Fandom can do all the TransHCs and Yuri work with June :D. Silver Lining people. Always look for it. 
What Works? 
Some of the new original ideas that they’re bringing forward actually make sense. Plus I really did like the usage of a prophecy stating that this Athena is going to fail, and that both Sanctuary and the human bad guy are going to save the world on their own from Hades and Poseidon.  It’s give Saori a storyline other than “I’m Athena”. And what’s more Greek than trying to defy Fate? 
The characters come off very in character to me. Sure their new names are going to take some time to get used too. But they feel like the characters I grew up with. 
Also the animation was quite good IMO. 
Things to Keep an Eye ON
The new Tech based human antagonist who wishes to free humanity from the Gods is actually a pretty god idea on paper. Especially in a modern day set show. Which this is set in. 
One of the big things i’ve seen fans split on is the usages of the Female Saints masks. Marin wears one (for plot), while Shaina and Shaun do not. Especially for Shaina as her whole plot was based around Seiya breaking her mask. While at the end of their fight, Shaina did vow to fight Seiya again with her armor. It felt very different that their first fight. Well considering that Seiya/Shaina is my ship of ships, I’m pretty invested in this one. 
How much the show will pull from the Manga as opposed to the anime. 
SS:KOTZ is a flawed but still charming addition to the franchise. It’s worth checking out IMO. 
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fallenqueen2 · 2 years ago
My Netflix’s Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Review
As a warning, I grew up watching Knights of the Zodiac [with Bowling for Soup’s ‘I Ran’ as the theme song and it still is a fucking bop] on YTV and when I was older I watched and read Saint Seiya so I know all about this stuff. So I am actually rather bitter about the new Netflix version. 
Pro’s: The Opening and Ending Theme’s- Actually really good? Not as good as ‘I Ran’ but still very fun. 
The armour [also known as Cloth] upgrades are A+ even if they all still need to wear their proper helmets/headpieces lol
Their overall looks in the new animation are staying true to all the OG styles for each character. It does look like something from a video game cut screen, but not as annoying as I first suspected it to be. The old animation was still damn good and I will still love that style the most. 
That they managed to combine the YTV version with the original Saint Seiya storylines and the name, which is appreciated. 
Con’s: SHUN BEING A FUCKING GIRL! - Don’t get me wrong I am a female and I love the idea one of the Bronze Knights being a female (also why did they get rid of Shaina’s mask? There is history and reasons behind those masks!), but Shun was the was an emotional, feminine guy with long hair and didn’t want to fight [making him the opposite of the others in the show and respected in his own way by the viewers]. THAT WAS THE POINT OF HIM! By them making Shun a female [to show representation and all that, which I do get) with short hair instead of the original long hair, but literally changed nothing else about Shun [even the bullying stayed the same] thus this gender change was pointless and stupid! 
Names: They are mispronouncing Shun’s name. They call Shun ‘Shawn/Shaun’, they are pronouncing the ‘A’ way too much and in the description of episode 4 or so has Shun’s name written the proper way but no one in the show is saying it right and wow I’m annoyed by that on many levels. Dragon is not known as Long in any version, it’s always been Shiryu. Swan is not Magnus [I can see them getting that from Cygnus, but that’s no excuse] he always has been Hyoga. Also, NERO instead of Ikki, are you KIDDING? Seiya’s sister wasn’t taken by Gold Knight Leo and was NOT named Patricia, in fact, the old dubbed anime they got it right. Her name is Seika. The plot: I get that they are trying to modernize it, but Vander and his army and trying to take on the Gods themselves? Add in that the Black Knights were created by him destroyed the point of the Black Knights and them being evil copies of the Bronze Knights. Just everything with Vander and his tech and army and how humans are now aware of all of this? Not how it works when it comes to the Knights and Gods, like ever! It was unneeded on many levels and now just an annoying side plot, which it will become when Sanctuary really starts to get involved. Hyoga working as an assassin from Sanctuary? The hell was that BS? Sanctuary is the BIG BAD for so long until Hades fully comes into play much later on and even when Seiya trained in Greece, he wasn’t forced to work for Sanctuary and Hyoga definitely never worked for them. (I can admit when I'm wrong and I was reminded this did happen in the manga but keep in mind I haven't read the manga in well over 10 years, but my point still stands lol)  The whole Seiya has the power of Pegasus inside of him since he ever? Not how it works, they all have to train to harness those powers as they showed in the OG versions, all potential knights have that inside of them, but proper training is fully needed to bring it out. Those powers don’t just randomly appear when you’re in danger.
That’s all, I just wanted to say I was in actual pain for most of these 6 episodes and most likely will not keep watching. My childhood shows are ingrained in me and when you do them wrong, I am not impressed. 
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swisssadge · 2 years ago
Saint Seiya Netflix review
Tumblr media
I'm trying my best to keep this spoiler free for those who haven't yet seen it. But here goes. n.n
 Well, it is not bad. Sure, it is not perfect, but it is not bad, either. After you get over the changed names, it's actually an enjoyable watch. Even female Shun doesn't bother me so much. Shaun is a nice character. And I am less frustrated by it since most other characters got other names too. The only one I think should have kept her name is Seika, who is called Patricia in this show. Because she and Seiya are Japanese, after all, they should have stuck with her original name. And because Seiya got to keep his name. Well… it did take two or three episodes to get used to the others' new names. However, they do bring something fresh into the series. And Netflix never claimed to make a 1 to 1 adaptation, right? They said they'd do an own story. And after the first six episodes, I can say they have some interesting directions they're going. That prophecy about Athena, and that military guy (sorry, forgot his name) as a second front they have to fight on raises the stakes, kinda. I am really interested to see where this goes. And the armors look cool, too. I was never a big fan of the first versions of the Cloths in the first place.
Oh, and Saori/Sienna isn’t as big a douche at the beginning like she is in the original series. I guess that’s a plus too.
I also find it a nice nod towards the manga that they included that scene where Ikki met Shaka for the first time, back on Death Queen Island. Which Shaka erased from Ikki's memory.
At times, though, I wished they would move a little more slowly, to elaborate a bit more on the characters' backgrounds. That point comes a bit short. It's a shame that the ten (okay, nine) Bronze Saints meet for the tournament without any prior connection to each other. It makes them work together a bit forced, or rather, out of nowhere. So yeah… a bit more background would work wonders. And another point of critique is Shaina. Where the hell is her mask? And that they decided to give her the markings on her mask as some kind of tatoo/ face paint, was not one of the better decisions.
The best part? THEY HAVE ACTUALLY A GERMAN DUB!!! As a native Geman speaker, I almost freaked out when I started watching and the dub was actually in German. The shame about Saint Seiya is, that it's almost all in Japanese. The only other language which got a lot of dubs is Spanish (and Portuguese?). Not even the entire original series got dubbed into English, which for me would have been the second best thing, since I understand that language quite well.
So yeah. I enjoyed what I saw so far, and I am looking forward to the next six episodes. If one can look over the few, mayhaps a bit unfortunate parts, it's quite a nice watch.
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sassyshaina · 2 months ago
A Thin Disguise by Catherine Bybee - A Review
A Thin Disguise is the story of Leo Grant, an FBI agent who falls for the amnesiac Olivia, a woman with a dark past. Thank you to Grey’s Promotions for giving me the opportunity to promote the release! My Rating: 5/5Genre: Romantic SuspensePages: 348 (Kindle)Publisher: MontlakeDate of Publication: 30 November 2021 Series: Richter #2 Synopsis: Olivia, or she who has no memory for about half…
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fourteenacross · 2 years ago
hadestown - 5/26/19, 3pm
We also saw Hadestown while we were in the city for Octet!
Sooooo, as I mentioned before, I saw Hadestown off-broadway at the NYTW in the spring of 2016. I had previously been familiar with the album, as Orpheus and Eurydice is a particular favorite myth of mine. I can't 100% remember, but I think that someone told me to listen to it when I was writing my X-Men Orpheus&Eurydice story? Either way, when we found out it was going to be playing while @pearlo was in town, we got tickets, along with @littledust and @anachronistique. And it was great!! I truly enjoyed it! I've been listening to bits of it regularly ever since! (Ish. There was like, a good eight months where all I listened to was podcasts, books, and Ghost Quartet.)
I'm saying all of this because this review is...pretty critical? And I want to make it clear that I do love this music and enjoy this show and I had a good time and I would recommend it, probably! But I wasn't as in love with the production as I was with the NYTW production for a few reasons that I'll get into below the cut.
So, usually I go song by song, but I feel like the things I have to say are largely broader than that, so I guess I'm just going to jump right in.
The cast is largely excellent. Patrick Page and Amber Gray could murder me and I'd be okay with it, tee bee aitch. Patrick Page does a thing with his face that just makes me cry, I don't know how he does it. Sorcery, probably. And Amber Gray is an actual goddess, for reals, how is she even real?
I loved Eva Noblezada's take on Eurydice! She had this sharp, broken energy to her that was truly incredible. She was like...spunky. And it was excellent.
I loved Andre De Shields' energy. His movement was unreal. His voice didn't work for me in places, but that could have just been the sound design of the show--there were bits where it was really hard for me to make out what he was singing.
Jewelle Blackman is AMAZING, as are Yvette Gonzales-Nacer and Kay Trinidad. They've really turned the Fates into a more menacing presence, and while I ADORE Lulu Fall and Shaina Taub and missed seeing them, I didn't MISS them, if that makes sense.
Reeve Carney. Oh. My dude. You are certainly a white boy with a guitar.
And here's where it really starts to break down for me. I have two major issues with the show, and the first one is that I find absolutely nothing exceptional in Reeve Carney. I cannot understand why this cagey, feisty girl who's been hurt before would throw everything in with this weirdo, IMMEDIATELY POSSESSIVE kid who's singing her a song? Lisa framed it as, "She's nineteen and she's literally never met a nice man before," and I can kind of see it through that lens, but I also don't think that's the lens that the show wants me to see it through. It wants me to frame this as a beautiful, epic love story, but I don't buy that she's in love with him. Maybe I'm too gay for it or maybe it's the writing or maybe it's the acting, but it doesn't connect for me, and once that connection is broken, the whole show sort of falls apart.
I don't recall having this problem with the NYTW version. It could be that since that version started with the two of them already in love, it was easier to wave it off as some off-stage wooing that already happened and accept that there were reasons they were together. It could have been that Nabiyah Be's Eurydice was a little softer and more naive. It could have been that I empathized more with Damon Daunno's Orpheus. Whatever it was, I found it much easier to accept that they were in love, which made Orpheus' neglect feel so much more painful and Eurydice's choice so much more desperate and all that followed so much more heartbreaking.
Basically, most of the stakes stop being so high if you don't buy into their love, which I just...did not.
My other major issue, to get that out of the way up front, is the pacing is still not great. Although I didn't write up notes after Hadestown in 2016 (I saw it literally hours before I saw Hamilton for the first time), I remember talking with my friends about how the beginning is very tight and the middle-to-end are kind of a mess and bloated. I didn't follow the show closely while it was out of town and I guess I kind of hoped that it would have been tightened up more, but no. It was not. It still feels very over-full and there's now this number where Orpheus gets beat up by the Hadestown workers that's like...comically over the top. In my heart, I really feel like this could be a one act show, or at least a two act show with much shorter acts. "Wait for Me" is SUCH a good act one finale, but you lose some of that energy moving to "Why We Build the Wall," which I think would work just as well as an opening to act two, as much as I love the way "Our Lady of the Underground" is staged.
Anyway, all that being said, I still enjoyed it and still cried, so what do I know, right?
Road to Hell: I liked this as an introduction overall, and loved the little intros for all of the characters. It really sold me on Andre De Shields, too, esp because I loved Chris Sullivan so much.
Any Way the Wind Blows: This is such a great song and god, I loved the way Eva played Eurydice. The candle thing was a nice touch.
Come Home With Me: I can't believe I'm supposed to care about this kid.
Wedding Song: I liked the new twist on this, although I think I like it better a more earnest song. Still, Eurydice using this to sort of mock Orpheus about being a broke artist was a cool twist and Eva sold it.
Epic I: This was fine. It's explained either here or earlier that spring and fall have more-or-less disappeared because Persephone is being forced to spend more time in the Underworld and is being brought back down sooner. The implication, as we get further along in the story, is that Hades doesn't know how to connect to Persephone any longer and is keeping her around more both a) as a show of power and b) because he doesn't know how else to express himself to her.
Livin’ It Up On Top: I would absolutely kill for Amber Gray. This version of Persephone is drinking to cope. A LOT. It paints this sad, lovely picture of what she's been feeling.
All I've Ever Known: I just do not buy that they're in love, sorry.
Way Down Hadestown: The staging and set of the show are fantastic. There's a panel at the center of the stage that rises and lowers as needed and the visual of Persephone and Hades, stony faced both, sinking back into the underworld is perfect.
A Gathering Storm: The through line about the weather mostly works for me, but honestly, I was so distracted by how annoyed I was at Orpheus during this number that I was pulled out of the moment.
Hey, Little Songbird: Skipping ahead a little, Patrick Page is perfect, in case you were wondering. I tweeted something like that after NYTW and he clearly found it in a vanity search and replied very humbly, which I find quite charming. But yes, I adore him.
When the Chips are Down: This is one of my favorite songs in this show and the Fates kill it here. Their slightly more sinister characterization makes it more haunting than taunting and I'm into it.
Wait For Me: The lighting in this number deserves a Tony all on its own. Jesus Christ, that's art. The set is also incredible. As Orpheus moves down into Hadestown, the stage splits apart from an intimate cafe into a larger, more industrial space. Very cool.
Why We Build the Wall: Again, Patrick Page is excellent. This works really well to pull Eurydice in, as well. We see her slowly starting to accept this way of thinking as she listens to Hades. And, of course, Persephone's act-ending line is perfect.
Our Lady of the Underground: Amber! Gray! Is! Wonderful!
Flowers: My actual favorite song in this show. Eva nails it, it was beautiful and poignant, on the heels of her slow realization that this isn't what Hades said it would be at all, that she's forgetting her name and who she is as she slowly is sucked into the capitalist machine.
Then in here is some more Orpheus stuff, including the ridiculous fight scene where he’s beat up by the workers?
There’s also this subplot that the workers think that if Orpheus can get out, they can get out too, so he’s leading like, a whole little revolution? Except that isn’t really expanded on at all and kind of falls away. It also, imo, takes these weird steps towards turning it into a different story than it is. If you’re pushing that it’s a love story, a love song, so much and then at the last minute paste on this “also a revolution is happening????” and then drop it for the emotional climax like...what are you doing, why is this here?
But also, there's this bit where Hades says "Have a drink!" to Persephone and she says something like "I'm done with that" and it is a real (pun not intended) sobering moment for the two of them. Ugh, I just really love them and the complexities of their relationship.
Epic: Patrick Page's face is very good at acting. The rest of him, too, I guess, but even from the cheap seats, I got SO worked up over Hades' quiet slip into acknowledging the despair that he feels over his inability to connect with Persephone. The guy on Naomi's other side was full on crying, even more than me. It was honestly glorious.
(I have a lot of thoughts about Hades and Persephone, and, to be honest, they’re my main draw to this show. I’m fascinated by their relationship here and the way it’s broken in a way they’re not quite sure how to fix. Against all odds, I’m rooting for them, I want it to work for them, if only because they both seem to remember this time when they were in love and nothing else mattered. I think that’s part of why the parts of this incarnation that don’t work for me...don’t work for me. I’m already more invested in Hades and Persephone than Orpheus and Eurydice, so when I have to work ten times harder to feel for their relationship, it just doesn’t seem worth it, especially next to one that I’m sucked into almost against my will.)
Doubt Comes In: I will give Reeve Carney this--despite knowing how this story was going to end, I still felt the creeping tension and dread in those moments leading up to him turning around. A woman behind Lisa said, "Oh no!" out loud, even.
Road to Hell (Reprise): And this is the other place where I cried, of all things! This number ends up being about how we know that this is a sad story and we know how it ends, but we keep telling it anyway, because that's what stories are there to do. I got weepy, who knows!
I Raise My Cup: So they moved this to after the curtain call??? I....don't know if it works like that, tee bee aitch.
ANYWAY, those are my thoughts, mostly I'm tired of typing this and the deadlines that I started writing it to avoid are looming, SO. I enjoyed it a lot, despite the things that bothered me, but I would probably not spend $150 to see it again. Rush tickets, maybe.
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talesofmundanemagic · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
According to its reviewers, Tales of Mundane Magic is "A collection of delightful short stories that enchant the reader and built a believable world of magic and science intertwined" and "a ray of sunshine to brighten your day."
Another reviewer writes, "Bridget, armed with her magical eye, and Gertie, armed with her collection of magical hats, seem to be magnets for magical hijinks, but are good-hearted and maintain a healthy sense of humor about the situations they find themselves in."
To quote another reviewer, "Treat yourself to a magical time and give it a go!"
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fecakink · a month ago
[Kindle] The Carrow Haunt download
The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates
Tumblr media
The Carrow Haunt
Darcy Coates
Page: 384
Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
ISBN: 9781728221724
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Download eBook
Ebooks pdf download free The Carrow Haunt 9781728221724
The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates. 1-3. Audiobooks The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates"The dead are restless here"Remy is a tour guide for Carrow House, a Carrow Haunt, Paperback by Coates, Darcy, Like New Used Carrow Haunt, Paperback by Coates, Darcy, ISBN 1728221722, ISBN-13 9781728221724, Like New Used, Free shipping in the US "Remy is a tour guide for  The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates - Goodreads THE CARROW HAUNT is the latest novel from author Darcy Coates. This novel had so much in terms of genre-overlap! We have horror in many forms:  The Carrow Haunt - Publication Publication: The Carrow HauntPublication Record # 659070; Author: Darcy Coates; Date: 2018-03-26; Publisher: Black Owl Books; Price: $4.99; Format:. Shaina's review of The Carrow Haunt - Goodreads Edit: This was a dynamic haunting story. I loved it. You had your medium ( not fake), the tour guide, the skeptic, the tag-a-long, and your rich girl  The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates | Goodreads | Read books Dec 23, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Elizabeth Means. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The Carrow Haunt, Book by Darcy Coates (Paperback) | www Buy the Paperback Book The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates at, Canada's largest bookstore. Free shipping and pickup in store on  Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® Remy is a tour guide for the notoriously haunted Carrow House. The old place is a haunt for the superstitious, but Remy hasn't seen any proof  Carrow Haunt - Bookshop Welcome to Carrow House. The dead are restless here For readers who love haunted house fiction and scary novels; Perfect for fans of V.C Andrews and Bill  The Carrow Haunt by Darcy Coates | Audiobook | Discover The Carrow Haunt as it's meant to be heard, narrated by Amanda Leigh Cobb. Free trial available! Book-O-Ween Day 6: The Carrow Haunt by Darcy - YouTube Book-O-Ween Day 6: The Haunt by Darcy Coates | Horror Book Review#horrorbook #bookreviewpurchase
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critic-corner · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Dakota Johnson at Panthere De Cartier Party : Dakota opted for a super simple Shaina Mote dress with matching ankle-strap Gucci shoes and JW Andeson clutch. I’ve been fan of Dakota’s fashion for some time now, so hopefully she’ll up her game soon. It’s getting pretty boring lately!
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europeanexperience · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
23 July 2018 Today I was definitely in my happy place-nothing like kayaking out to the caverns near S’Agaró, Spain, putting on my mask, and diving into the depths of the Mediterranean for an underwater adventure. Reading reviews prior to booking our excursion, my expectations weren’t high in terms of biodiversity after living in the Virgin Islands, but I must say, I was quite impressed. Waking up at 8:00, we ventured over to Plaça d’Antonio López, where we met Elana, our Barcelona Excursions tour guide, who took twenty-two other adventurous hikers and snorkelers as well as us an hour and twenty minutes north of Barcelona to S’Agaró, Spain. Upon arrival, we broke up into groups and met our kayaking guide, Davíd, who took us with a group of seven others out in sea kayaks into the open, clear, crystal waters of the Mediterranean. The water was surprisingly 73 degrees, so we didn’t have to wear wetsuits-like we had in Iceland-and enjoyed the rays of sun. We were in double kayaks heading out to sea and I was paired with a girl from Orlando, Florida named Rosie, who was also backpacking Europe, while Zach and Shaina were in the other kayak. We made our way to Cala Maset-igneous rocks sticking out of the deep blue water, where we moored our kayaks and dove in. I saw an abundance of wildlife-from sea cucumbers, anemones, and even starfish-which I wasn’t expecting, so I was quite impressed with the biodiversity of a large sea that does not change with the tides. We snorkeled around the rocks and narrow canyons-which reminded me of Hawai’i-before cliff jumping. Although it was not as high as some other rocks I have jumped off of, it did give me an adrenaline rush. We then got back in the kayaks and had to paddle through some rougher water to some caverns, where we even kayaked inside the dark abyss-It was really cool! Making our way back to the beach two hours later, we stopped at a beach bar and had a local lunch served to us (which was included in our package). We met a couple from Melbourne, Australia, so we struck up a conversation with them after being there two years ago, and also a couple from the Netherlands. The girl did her high school exchange in Alabama and was obsessed with Wal-Mart (remember there is no such store here in Europe, you have to go to each individual speciality store for what you need). She thought it was hilarious that you could buy your bananas and a rifle at the same store, when we as Americans don’t really think anything of it. Haha. After lunch, we relaxed on the beach for an hour before driving back to Barcelona-where we grabbed another Açaí Bowl from Barcelona Fruit Express before walking by the closed Picasso Museum as well as the Santa Maria Del Mar Church. We even witnessed a boy who looked to be around eleven or twelve years old nonchalantly riding his bicycle and smoking a cigarette-Not something you would see in the States. We finished the evening with some souvenir shopping and dinner at La Fonda-another local restaurant Carlos recommended where I finally got to eat my tapa-a very popular Spanish dish to start your meal. Tomorrow morning we’re off to Nice, France in the French Rivera!
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sassyshaina · 3 months ago
The Prosecutor by Nichole Severn – A Review
The Prosecutor is the story of former FBI bomb technician Jonah Watson and deputy district attorney Madison Gray. I’m so thankful for being a part of the Syndicate! Nichole Severn writes some of the best romantic suspense. My Rating: 5/5Genre: Romantic SuspensePages: 163 (Kindle)Publisher: Harlequin IntrigueDate of Publication: 01 March 2021 Series: Marshal Law #3 Trigger Warning:…
Tumblr media
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