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Making small modifications to their designs for funsies

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Glimmer is going to be the biggest milf when she grows up 🥺 stan that ☺️

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💕 Final Preview: Mily Green 💕

Wedding time and our girls are dressed to impress in milygreenphie (twitter/IG)’s stunning piece. 

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A/N: Back at Palentines! I might go back and do the prompts I missed. Takes place post She-Ra season five and in the middle of EoA season 1 somewhere (I haven’t seen anything past episode 8 of EoA, please don’t spoil)


“So yeah, now I have this bad boy. Not the same sword, but it’s way cooler now that I don’t have to carry it.” Adora summoned her sword, spinning it around in her hands. Elena stared at it in awe.

“It’s so pretty,” she gushed.

The two princesses were walking through Bright Moon’s garden on a sunny morning. Elena was visiting for a diplomacy trip- her first outside of Avalor- and found Adora and her friends absolutely amazing. 

“I was just a little older than you when I found it you know. It was kind of crazy, being seventeen and suddenly questioning everything you’ve ever known.”

Elena pursed her lips. “Yeah,” she said after a moment. “I feel like everything’s so incredibly different now, and I can’t really fit in.” Adora had heard the story of the lost princess of Avalor a few times, but she thought they were just rumors and an old folk tale. The rest of the Princess Alliance passed the tale around at a sleepover once. She never thought she would meet that princess, but hearing the story from her side was so cool.

“I didn’t feel like I could fit in with the Rebellion at first either. It gets better though,” she assured Elena. 

Elena sighed and twirled a finger through her hair.

“So, tell me about your friends. I think you mentioned one in your story earlier?”

Elena’s eyes lit up. Just like Adora, she could talk about her friends and family for hours. 

“So, I met Mateo right after I was freed from the amulet. And we clicked right away. He’s a sorcerer, and now that he can practice magic freely he’s constantly casting spells to do the most mundane things. It’s kinda funny to watch him try to levitate things around. Don’t tell anyone else this but he’s not great at the whole magic thing just yet.” Elena giggled. “Then there’s Naomi. Naomi, well, she’s just amazing. She’s super smart and pretty and cool so I put her on my Grand Council! I think I’d call her my best friend, if Isa doesn’t count.

Adora wracked her rain for that name. “And Isa is again?” she asked.

“My little sister, Isabel,” Elena supplied. “And I’m close to my personal guard, Gabe, too. He’s not fantastic at his job, he got kidnapped on his first day, but I saved him, so it’s okay.” Elena winked at Adora. Adora laughed.

“They sound cool. I’d gush about my girlfriend but I’m not sure how to tell you she climbed on top of the bookshelves in the library for the third time last week and Bow and Glimmer spent half an hour chasing her around to get her down and still make that sound cool.” Adora and Elena both laughed.

“Wait, you have a girlfriend?!” Elena asked. Adora nodded.

“Yeah?” Elena was staring at her, wide-eyed. 

“That’s so amazing!” she finally said and Adora let out a sigh of relief. 

“Is it now? I never thought much of it.” Adora and Elena were approaching the palace once again now. They were about to be bound to hours of long meetings, and Adora dreaded it.

“Wait, which one is she?”

“You’ll meet her today. She was in Salineas working on rebuilding yesterday. Just, don’t freak out when you meet her like you did Scorpia, she’s half-cat.”

“I’m so sorry about that!” Yesterday, Elena’s reaction to seeing Scorpia had been… less than enthusiastic.

“It’s okay, I doubt you will. She’s a lot less intimidating. She tries to be, but she just comes out more adorable.”
Both girls laughed as they entered the palace. 

Elena and Adora sat next to each other in the meeting. Catra sat on the arm of Adora’s chair right between them. Elena was certain that Catra was the cutest thing she had ever seen, and she had seen Isabel as a toddler!

As the meeting went on, the other princesses kept giving Elena and Adora weird looks. Even Catra seemed to think something was off.

“So we’re just ignoring the elephant in the room?” Mermista asked at the end of the meeting.

“Oh are we, I couldn’t tell?” Catra shot back, glaring at the princess.

“What? I’m confused,” Adora said.

“Do you guys not hear it?” Perfuma asked, looking at Elena and Adora. After a moment, they shook their heads.

“Ugh, your voices! You sound the same!” Mermista said.

“OH, that’s what we’re talking about, okay, yeah,” Glimmer said.

“I don’t think they sound the same,” Elena said.

“Yeah, me neither.” Adora agreed.

“Isn’t it true that you don’t hear your own voice the way other people hear it? Because you two definitely sound the same,” Scorpia said.

“Not exactly the same. Adora’s voice is a little deeper, Elena’s has a more airy quality to it, like she sings a lot. Do you?” Entrapta asked.

Elena nodded. “Yeah, all the time.”

“She also has more of an accent than Adora. She pronounces words differently. What’s your first language?”

“Espanol,” Elena answered.

“Still so peculiar that you sound so similar.” Entrapta began to rattle off about statistics or something, but Elena had become distracted by Catra, who had gotten up and was sitting on the windowsill watching birds outside. 

She looked between Adora and Catra. Adora was staring lovingly at her girlfriend. 

The meeting was suddenly dismissed for lunch and everyone filed out except for Adora, Catra, and Elena.

“I can feel you staring at me, both of you,” Catra said. Elena and Adora exchanged a look.

“You’re cute,” Adora said.

“Am not. Your voice thing is kind of creepy. I’m just going to assume Adora said that and not the child princess or else I’d be slashing her face open.”

Elena gasped.

“She wouldn’t,” Adora told her.

“I’m also not a kid. I’m technically older than both of you combined.” Elena crossed her arms over her chest.

“Whatever, kid.” Catra rolled out of her perch and left the war room, headed to lunch. Adora and Elena watched her go before following her out.

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I was watching a video about Entrapta and Internet was bad so it stopped here


And I can’t stop thinking Hordak’s shadow looks like a cat

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Okay everyone get ready this is gonna be another long one. If you’re one of the people who think season 5 was perfect and is likely to get triggered if told otherwise I suggest you turn back here and do not read anymore.


Originally posted by brigh17

Now with that out of the way…

I find it interesting how season 5 of She-ra handles apologies. Mainly the difference between Glimmer’s and Catra’s.


When Glimmer apologizes to Bow it feels very sincere (yes i had to google how to spell that) She acknowledges her actions and how much they’ve hurt him, her intention is not to ask for fogiveness.


She says “maybe you will be mad at me for a really long time” “maybe we will never be friends like we used to be”.

She’s apologizing because she knows Bow deserves to hear it, and as much as it hurts her, she is ready to accept a possibility that the consequences of her actions include Bow never being able to trust her unconditionally again.

And she promises that while she doesn’t expect anything from him in return, she still cares and is there for him if he needs her, and is willing to wait for him if he ever chooses to try being friends again.


“Okay” is Bow’s response to her apology. Not “it’s fine” not “I forgive you” just “Okay”. It’s not forgiveness, it’s not a promise of friendship. It’s acknowledgement and acceptance of Glimmer’s apology. He’s saying ‘I understand you and while I am not ready to forgive you yet I am no longer angry or upset’.


And it makes her so happy (im mostly including it cause Glimmer is adorable here and Bow is as always a saint) .

What I find interesting is that while what Glimmer did was wrong and ultimately a mistake, it was never done to hurt Bow. If anything she believed she was protecting him. Now I am not saying that it is a valid excuse. I am only pointing out that Glimmer’s offence was not personal.

And that leads me to Catra. I am not gonna mention her apology to Adora cause that’s a whole other can of worms. Instead I am going to focus on Entrapta and Scorpia.


First, Entrapta. She did a lot to her. First, she manipulated her into believing her friends never cared for her, treated her pretty badly (the treatment of Entrapta by other characters in general is… yeah), blamed her for the princesses shutting down the portal so that Hordak doesn’t question why she’s gone and of course the big one, sends her off to basically die on Beast Island. Which is ironic since in the previous season it was Entrapta who saved Catra from the same fate.

So yeah there is A LOT to apologize for and how does she do it? She says “Thank you (for removing the chip) and… I’m sorry”

And how does Entrapta react?


She pats her on the head and forgives her.

While I don’t have as much of a problem with Entrapta’s response, I do feel like that is in character for her, I don’t like that it’s all we get from Catra.

If it was just a start and we saw Catra maybe helping Entrapta out a lot, and showing that she sincerely cares for her for the rest of the season, I could’ve taken it as Catra just not being good with words and apologies at this point. But it is not what ended up happening.

(Because of that I can’t help but feel like it’s the writers patting her on the head here instead of Entrapta i can almost hear them saying Good job! Who’s a good girl?)

What’s even more annoying? It’s a trend with Catra, because you know how she apologizes to Scorpia?

She doesn’t.

(Not on screen at least. And if it doesn’t happen on screen it doesn’t really count.)

Legit, I realised it a few days ago, Catra tries to apologize twice but is interrupted each time.


This time she didn’t even finish saying the words and she got a hug.

Remember how I said Glimmer’s offence was not directed personally at Bow? Well nearly all Catra’s offences directed at Scorpia were very, very personal.

Like with Glimmer, her intentions and motives don’t really matter. BUT don’t you find it… odd, that a character who was mean towards her friends for a while and made a mistake out of pressure to protect everyone- gets this in depth apology scene and takes a while to be forgiven, while a character who straight up abused Scorpia and Entrapta and nearly destroyed the world OUT OF SPITE TOWARDS ONE PERSON- gets a pat on the head and a hug for just saying sorry (not even that in Scorpia’s case)?

IF ANYTHING that scene between Bow and Glimmer, as much as I loved it, should’ve gone to Scorpia and Catra. Would be great if we got it in both cases but I guess we can’t have everything.

I would say that the apology scene between Glimmer and Bow frustrates me beyond belief, because it proves that the writers know how and CAN write great apologies. But didn’t bother with Catra for whom aguably they should’ve bothered the most.

And honestly? Out of everyone in the fanbase the people who should be the most dissapointed should be Catra stans. Because to be frank with you, I think she’s the character who suffers the most because of season 5 (alongside Adora) and it’s execution.

Instead of rushed Catradora, Catra’s arc for the season should be making up for her mistakes. It would be difficult to make up for everything she did to everyone, like civilians and everyone indirectly harmed by her actions ON TOP of resolving all other plot points of the show, yes. But I think if they focused on Catra making it up to people she personally hurt like let’s say Scorpia, Entrapta and Adora, giving some indication towards Catra trying to make up for all the war stuff (maybe saving some civilians from Mermista’s kingdom while Mermista was chipped? Idk just a quick suggestion from the top of my head) they could’ve pulled it off. As a redemption arc and a begining of Catra undoing her mistakes (because she hurt A LOT more people)

And a great way to start that would be to have Catra properly apologize to those three people she hurt the most. Because while saying sorry isn’t enough in itself a proper apology is a perfect starting point.

But again, I guess we can’t have everything.

Have some Best friends squad to cheer you up <3


Have a nice day and drink a lot of water! (AND GO TO SLEEP IF YOU ARE READING THIS AT NIGHT!)

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Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: “And even less with those soft cheeks that you both have, Perfuma and Mermista! Of course, I don’t forget about the fact that we all need to be fine and ready to fight the Horde, too!”

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Here is a Glimmer design I made for my redbubble! This one was suggested by my friend @pulminee ! She really likes Glimmer from She Ra so I made both her versions!

There are a lot more items with this design, so if you like it you can pick them on my store!

I hope you like it!!

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Glimbow Playlist

like or like like - miniature tigers

sweet creature - harry styles

can’t fight this feeling - reo speedwagon

every little thing she does is magic - the police

paper rings - taylor swift

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shoutout to adora for being basically a god and still being genuinely afraid of ghosts

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