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She-Ra characters as dragons! I’m not totally happy with some of the color schemes, but it’s kinda too late now, I guess.

Some notes:

The idea for different dragon breeds just kinda happened???? Dunno where it came from but here we are.

Princesses are bigger and stronger than most odinary dragons when they’re connected to a runestone. (Adora is the exception to this rule, her She-Ra form is HUGE but otherwise she looks pretty ordinary)

Shadow Weaver can fly, but it looks like she’s levitating (her wings aren’t, like, really wings anymore???? So after the spell of obtainment she doesn’t move or flap them to fly, she just spreads them and drifts around menacingly). She also wears this armor stuff that sticks to her body to hide the scars, and she DOES have a mask, I just don’t know how to draw dragons that wear clothes. Her mane and wings get all big and movey when she’s pissed.

Moon dragons are rare, and Angella may honestly be the only one left. (Haven’t decided yet)

Adora is the only etherian dragon with pterosaur wings. Nobody knows what to make of it. Everybody thinks that she’s just a weird sea/fire dragon and nobody thinks much of it or cares until the whole “you’re actually a First One” reveal. I figured that since she’s technically an alien she should have some weird non-Etherian characteristics but still look Etherian enough for it to be a big shock.

Angella glows faintly. Glimmer’s horns also glow (blue normally, purple when she uses her powers.

I wanted She-Ra to look a little like herself but also mostly like some mythical ancient being that isn’t really Adora because She-Ra was harnessed by the First Ones for evil and I guess I kinda want a vibe of “it’s the idea of She-Ra, one based more on an idea and a plan than on Adora herself” I guess???? I’m not sure how to explain it, but I hope that whatever it is worked out. Next I’ma draw a fullbody for S1-4 She-Ra (and Adora) and then I’ll move on to the next nine characters. Frosta, Entrapta, Hordak, Kadroh, Scorpia, Catra, Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle are all up next.

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Person 1: We should have them be based around some sort of element

Person 2: We could have one of them be based around the sea who wears blue and controls water and is kind of like a mermaid

Person 1: Great

Person 3: How about some based around ice and plants?

Person 1: Excellent

Person 4: How about a moon princess who can teleport and blast with light

Person 1: Cool. I think 4 seems like an awkward number though. One more…

Person 5: How about a fire princess-

Person 6: How about a scorpion who shoots red lightning?

And so Scorpia was born

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Summary: Occult manifestations in Brightmoon have been on the rise, and Catra swears Weaver’s behind it. She’s spent every waking moment of the last six years trying to prove that her former guardian is involved in dangerous cult activities. Can Catra figure out what’s behind the manifestations before it’s too late? And more importantly, can she get Adora to believe her?

Love in a Liminal Space by All_Is_On 

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I drew Horde Prime a looong time ago, but every time I came close to posting it, I’d notice mistakes here and there and had to go in and fix it. And then I’d just forget about it until it popped up again in my digital art folder. I really love the character designs in She-ra and I’m a sucker for a delightfully hate-able villain. 

I also have a TON of Glimmer fan art because I LOVE her redesign and I really like her character too. Maybe I’ll post some Glimmer soon?

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