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appleb18 · 2 days ago
When a Protagonist Never End Up With Anyone
Wherever a cartoon presents romance, they will always have the protagonist ending up with someone   
Luz and Amity 
Tumblr media
Catra and Adora
Tumblr media
Star and Marco 
Tumblr media
Kim and Ron
Tumblr media
Phineas and Isabella and many, many more
Tumblr media
However, there are only two cartoons where they have their protagonists not ending up with a major character that  they formed a very close bond with, but never form a romantic relationship and or had dated but ended up breaking up and they don’t even get back together, and they are
Finn Mertern from Adventure Time
Tumblr media
Mordecai from Regualr Show 
Tumblr media
Those shows took more of a realistic approach to romance by having it be more complicated than two people loving each other. It didn’t shy away from being messy and showing the audience that love isn’t simple, it requires a lot of work and that’s something you don’t see a lot in cartoons, especially in kid cartoons. Throughout the whole series, they were chasing after a girl for a long time, trying their hardest to be with them but failed, leading them heartbroken. 
Although they were heartbroken for not getting the girl they wanted, they have their best friends to cheer them up
Jake searches a new love interest for Finn for Princess Bubblegum is way too old for him 
Tumblr media
After Margret declines on becoming Mordecai boyfriend and leaves for univserity,  Mordecai becomes depress, but his friends help him get out of that funk and actually did cheer him up. 
Tumblr media
They did at one point had a love interest before, but they messed it up. 
Mordecai couldn’t decide to either be with Margret or C.J, so he decided to confess and break up with C.J during his friend’s wedding. 
Tumblr media
Finn manipulates Flame Princess by using her to fight Ice King for his own weird satisfying dream. When he told her the truth, they broke up 
Tumblr media
Thankfully, after a long time thinking of what they have done, they decided to make up with them
Mordecai and Margaret decided to stay as just friends 
Tumblr media
Finn finally realizes what he did was wrong and finally reconciles to Flame Princess, and her response was he grew up. They didn’t go back together but stayed as friends. 
Tumblr media
And then the boldest moves I’ve seen is they both ended with other people
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
While it would’ve been nice to have the characters ending up with their first-ever romantic relationship, but it shows them they finally moved on and had matured.
Regular Show and Adventure Time did what cartoons won’t do and is that having their protagonist not ending up with any other major character. It’s a good message to tell children, teens, and even adults that you’ll never end up with the person you share a close connection or having a romantic relationship doesn’t guarantee will last forever and that’s fine. It’s important to tell the viewers that and it’s something that I hope cartoons will do more in the future. 
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official-minecraft-bee · 21 hours ago
gay ppl b like time to watch she-ra! time to watch the owl house! time to watch gravity falls! time to watch adventure time! time to watch avatar! time to watch steven universe! time to watch kipo! time to watch amphibia! time to watch infinity train! time to watch star vs the forces of evil! time to watch the dragon prince! in the space of a week
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Catra: Get out of the chair.
Adora: Maybe you could reconsider how you're asking.
Catra: Get the fuck out of the chair.
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nameselect · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hey, I colored a thing again! I need to do more fun expressions.
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likeshe-raorleave · 2 days ago
Bakery Employee: What would you like your cake to say?
Adora: *Pulling away from the phone* Do we want a talking cake?
Glimmer: *Nods violently*
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dieraposa · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Catradora Anastasia AU
Check my Ko-fi page, commissions are open!
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werewolfteeth · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ok but I finished SPOP again and I’m sad.
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emi-anemone · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Introduced one of my friends to this show and now we're bonding over our love for Entrapdak
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mattzerella-sticks · a day ago
Thinking about the She-Ra Catra confession and how it is the complete OPPOSITE of the Destiel confession.
Both are reciprocal, however.
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Adora: Well you know what? Pain makes you a better person. And uh-
Catra: Is that true? I think it just hurts.
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expobeau · a month ago
Korra and Asami only held hands because Nickelodeon wouldn’t let them do more.  Nick infamously cancelled Korra and put out the rest of season 4 as a webseries only.
Marceline and Princess Bubblegum only kiss in the very final episode because Cartoon Network wouldn’t let them do more.  There are a ton of interviews with Pendelton and with the voice actresses where they talk about the CN censorship.
Steven Universe got as far as it did because Rebecca Sugar fought tooth and nail, and risked the show getting cancelled (which it did in many countries, if not heavily censored), because Cartoon Network wouldn’t let her.  Ruby was often dubbed over with a male voice, and Pearl/Rose interactions were completely cut.
She-Ra managed to do it largely because it was specifically on Netflix only, and even then, Noelle has said they had to build 4 seasons of storyline very subtly around it so they had enough ammo to convince the execs that Catradora was the only logical conclusion to this show they had already aired.  She didn’t just go in on Day 1 and make it gay; she had to plan many years in advance for how to set up her argument.  Her argument, y’all.
And now we have The Owl House.  Which is an absolutely wonderful show.  And it’s so amazing that we actually get to see queer characters get the kind of representation that so many straight characters get.  And it’s amazing we get to see the romance build up, instead of just a quick peck in the series finale!
Let’s not forget that in the US, it was illegal for gay people to get married until 2015.  Korra aired in 2012.  In Texas, it was a punishable felony to even be gay until 2003.  No, literally.  Just being gay was an arrestable offense here in Texas until 2003.  We have come a really long way in 20 years!
But don’t fucking dare disrespect any of these other shows by saying they didn’t try, or that their representation didn’t matter.  The Owl House is standing on the shoulders of giants.  Lumity is only where it is because Korrasami and Bubbline helped get them there.
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likeshe-raorleave · 17 hours ago
Perfuma: Let’s play 20 questions. You start
Scorpia: Ok, what’s your favorite color?
Perfuma: Zebra
Perfuma: Are you into girls?
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